When you grasped a difference in each part, you are easy to understand ZOIDS show! To tell the truth, Anime ZOIDS parts in three. Each part is delicately different.

Classic ZOIDS, (ZOIDS Chaotic Century) (Series 1, #1-#35)A hero is the boy of the name of "Bang". "Irvine" appears with the supporting role. It's called another name, "ZOIDS Dai-Ichibu (Series 1)" or "Mujirushi (No mark) ZOIDS".

Classic ZOIDS, (ZOIDS Guardian Force) (Series 2, #36-#67)It's story after 2 years from #35, has been going on from former Classic ZOIDS show (#1-#35). Therefore, characters are almost the same, too. It's called another name, "ZOIDS Dai-Nibu (Series 2)" or "Mujirushi (No mark) ZOIDS".

ZOIDS Shinseiki /0 (ZOIDS New Century Slash Zero) (#68-#93)It's story after 4000 years from former ZOIDS show (#1-#67), therefore, #68 isn't connected with #67. It's called another name, "SURAZERO (/SLASH ZERO)". You may think this show of another thing at all. But this show is some relation to Classic ZOIDS show. Incidentally, "Irvine" and "Bit CLOUD" have never appeared together. Because, "Irvine" appeared to #67, but "Bit CLOUD" appeared from #68.

Zoids Fuzors is the new series that has made an appearance and it's episodes are #94-119 that has been released so far. I do not know the names of some of the episodes sorry.

Classic ZOIDS - Main Character Profile

He is the hero of Classic ZOIDS episodes.
"Chaotic Century (#01-#34)" - 14 years old. He is from Wind Colony. He is an earnest character. His goal is great "ZOID-nori (The pilot of ZOID)" like his father. He takes a trip with looking for "ZOIDS EVE" with the fellow. He operates ZOID "Shield Liger" with white organoid "SIEG" (Zeke). (Incidentally, "Freiheit" means "Freedom", "SIEG" means "Victory" in German.) "Shield Liger" evolves halfway to "Blade Liger". His favorite food is the fruit of "Papao" (form looks like a pineapple), lemonade and cafe au lait. He always says these phrases by preview, "Yo! Ore Bang!" (This phrase means "Hi! I'm Bang!" in Japanese.) and "Kondo mo mechakucha ugokimakuruze!" (This phrase means "The next time I will work recklessly!" in Japanese.)

"Guardian Force (#35-#67)" - 18 years old. He operates ZOID "Blade Liger" with organoid "SIEG" (Zeke). He belongs to Guardian Force, and fights against abused ZOID.
Incidentally, it takes the name of "Bang" from "Yaban". ("Yaban" means "barbarous" in Japanese.) But he is not barbarous!!

Fine (Fiona) / Elesine Rine
She is mystery girl was born with SIEG (Zeke) from the capsule of the remains. She has the strange power. She investigates ancient remains with Dr.D for two years. Her favorite cooking is coffee with the salt. Incidentally, "Fine" means "Final" in Italian.

"Chaotic Century" - 18 years old. He is a very smart and neat thief. He had approached "Bang" as an enemy at the beginning, it became the friend unawares. He is continued to trip with the group of Bang. Though he is reckless, he is reliable man. He operates ZOID "Command Wolf". His affected tone is impressive. To tell the truth, He had the young sister "Elena", but she died of a fever when they was children. Incidentally, the age of Irvine is 22 years old by the materials of ZOIDS SAGA (GBA game).
He likes his coffee black.

"Guardian Force" - 22 years old. Irvine wears a wig of blond hair appears in episode #40 (Zoid Hunting), we call him "Zura-bain". ("Zura" + "Irvine". "Zura" means "Wig" in Japanese slang.) After that, he is compelled to cooperate with Guardian Force. He feels a strong attachment for "Command Wolf" dies halfway, but he overcomes this tragedy and operates new ZOID "Lightning Saix". Incidentally, the age of Irvine is 24 years old by the materials of ZOIDS SAGA (GBA game).
(We are calling him "Ah" ("Irvine") or "Bain" ("Irvine").

She runs the mover of the Wilds. Bang and Moonbay are relations between the bodyguard and the employer. She operates ZOID "Gustav". She has repertory of song. "Watashi wa kohya no hakobiya sa..." (This phrase means "I'm the mover of the Wilds...".)

- The Side of Guylos Empire -

Emperor Rudolph
"Chaotic Century" - He is the Crown Prince of Guylos Empire. He succeeds to the throne after Zeppelin the II. He seems to be assassinated by Prozen. He travels with Bang group.

"Guardian Force" - 14 years old. Emperor's duties are handled.

Major Schwarz (Karl Lichen Schwarz)
"Chaotic Century" - He is hoping for the compromise of the empire and the republic. He operates ZOID "Iron Kong". His favorite is black lily. (Incidentally, "Schwarz" means "black" in German.)

"Guardian Force" - 27 years old. He is the older brother of Thomas. He is endowed with both beauty and intelligence. Probably he will be worry about younger brother Thomas. However, he likes the younger brother.

First Lieutenant Thomas (Thomas Richard Schwarz)
He is the younger brother of Karl. He always respects the older brother Karl. He is very familiar with mechanism. But, he is poor at the cute woman, and has unrequited love in Fine (Fiona). He operates ZOID "Dibison". Incidentally, he appears from "Guardian Force edition". Pay attention to him because he is funny. His favorite phrase is "Megalo Max FIRE!!".

Excellency Gunter Prozen
He is Excellency Gairos Empire Army. He has strange powers. He is the key person of the episodes to the end.

Zeppelin the II
He was the only relation of Rudolph. He died of the senility.

Major Marcus
He worships Excellency Prozen, but he hates the sight of Schweiz. After that, he is killed in the pursuit of his duties. His peculiar sideburns are characteristics.

Mary Ann
She is the fiancee of Rudolph. She is bubbling.

- The Side of Helic Republic -

President Lewiz Teresa Camford
She is the mother of Rob Hermann.

Captain Herman (Rob Herman)
He is the President's son. I think he dislikes being called "the influence of his mother". His hairstyle is like a needle stands.

First Lieutenant O'Connell
He is Herman's bodyguard. He is always beside Herman. He is promoted to the captain in "Guardian Force edition".

Colonel Kruger
He reverted to wage war against Empire thouth he had retired from the service. He was an acquaintance with father of Bang long ago.

Lieutenant Colonel Ford
He is an attendant of Kruger.

- Enemies

Raven "Chaotic Century" - He is the rival of Bang. He is cold-hearted. Her mate is black organoid "Shadow". He operates ZOID "Severe Tiger", "Geno Saurer" and "Geno Breaker". His parents were killed before by the organoid. Prozen took him in when he was in trouble.

"Guardian Force" - 18 years old. He hates the person who can't operate ZOID. But, he will change soon. There is a big scar in his palm.

He is mysterious young man. He is cool, and he has a brutal nature. His mate is red organoid "Ambient".

Liese (Raise)
She can control person's heart like puppets on strings. Her mate is blue organoid "Specular".

- Others -

Dr. D
He is the scientist was in the republic long ago. He is a man of great knowledge. He produces a strange invention.

He is the boss of the robber group "Deserto Arcobareno" (This word means "Desert Rainbow" in Italian). He plots Rudolf will be kidnapped. Members of Deserto Arcobareno is composed of the follow, Rosso (Red), Viola (Violet), Nero (Black), Bianco (White), Blu (Blue), Giallo (Yellow) and Verde (Green). He will appear again later "Ala balone". ("Ala balone" means "Balon Wing".)

He is the soldier had the assassination of Rudolf commanded by Prozen.

Delis & Lort
They are Metternich's men.

She is the older sister of Bang (Van). Incidentally, there are no parents at this moment.

He is atrocious prize winner. It is a little strange guy.

The father of Raven
He is killed by Ambient though he was researching of organoid.

He awakes Liese to the truth. He was the person whom Liese trusted only.

Heinz Beldor
He is bad guy attacked with his fellow.

The father of Bang/Van (Dan FREIHEIT)
He was being called famous "ZOID-nori (The pilot of ZOID)" before. Regretfully, he is already dead.

ZOIDS Shinseiki /0 - Main Character Profile

- Team BLITZ (BLITZ Team) -

16 years old. He is a hero of these episodes. The boy travels inside of the world with running a junk shop. He had love at first sight done by "Liger ZERO", and he joined a member of Team Blitz with the course. He operates ZOID "Liger ZERO". His favorite phrase is "Bitto Shiyo-ze!!". This phrase means "Cheer up!" or "Don't let it get you down!" in Japanese.

Rinon TOROS (Leena Toros)
16 years old. Dr. TOROS' daughter. Though an appearance is cute, she has rough character. It is a cheerful girl. She operates ZOID "Dibison" and "Gun Sniper". Her favorite phrase is "Rinon-chan icchiban!". This phrase means "I had the best!" in Japanese.

Ballad HUNTER (Brad Hunter)
17 years old. He was employed by Team Blitz, and he joined. He is professional prize-winner. He does the function which corresponded with the amount of money. He operates ZOID "CommandWolf AC" and "Shadow Fox".

Jemmy HEMEROS (Jamie Hemeros)
14 years old. He is the genius of the strategy, but his mind is weak. He serves as the Dr.Toros' assistant. He operates ZOID "Pteras" and "Raynos". When it exceeds sound speed, his character changes very much. His favorite phrase is "Boku no Pteras". This phrase means "Oh! My Pteras" in Japanese.

He is the older brother of Rinon. He served as the leader of Team BLITZ before. He does whatever he can for the members of team. He operates ZOID "Shield Liger" and red "Blade Liger". He decided to leave Team Blitz and goes for a journey of the training himself.

Dr. TOROS (Steve Toros)
38 years old. He is father of Rinon and Leon. He is the supervisor of the team, and has even a scientist. When he thinks about things, he stands on his head.

- Team CHAMP (CHAMP Team) -

He is the heir to fortune of Champ Foundation. He is rich, and has many ZOIDS. He is in love with Rinon. His favorite phrase is "Ore no Na wa Harry CHAMP. Ouja to narubekushite umareta Otoko". This phrase means "My name is Harry CHAMP. I am a man destined to be king" in Japanese.

Sebastian and Benjamin
The servant robots of Harry. They have a sharp tongue. Sebastian falls in love in Judgeman on the way.

She is the older sister of Harry. She is aggressive, it is a spoiled young lady's appearance.


She is the warrior of Team Fluegel. She is called another name "Akaki Senkou (the Red Comet)". She operates ZOID "Gun Sniper".

Kiyomi & Kazumi
They are companion, who are scouted by Naomi, because she wanted them to take part in ZOIDS battle.


17 years old. He is affected gambler and prize-winner. He operates ZOID "Lightning Saix".

Chris and Kelly are sisters. Team Lightning won against Team Blitz promoted to the A class.

- Team TIGERS (TIGERS Team or ZABERS Team) -

Kirkland, Omari and Lineback
They speak the Kansai dialect, of course, this program was on the air in Japan. They operate ZOID "Severe Tiger". (I think this team name was taken from Japanese professional baseball team "Hanshin Tigers" in Kansai district, Japan.) Incidentally, Kirkland is the leader of Team Tigers.

- Gang BACKDRAFT (BACKDRAFT Group include ELEPHANDER Team and GOLD Team) -

He is the executive of gang. He is looking for ZOID which has the unknown power.

Captain Stoller (Major Stoller)
He is Altair's man and Sanders' superior. He retired, but he reverts to the team battle. He operates ZOID "Elephander".

He is Captain Stoller's man. He operates ZOID "Elephander".

Pias (Pierce)
She is under Altair's direct supervision. She operates ZOID "Zabat".

He serves as the leader of Team Molt (GOLD Team) in Gang Backdraft. Incidentally, this gang fouls and confuses ZOIDS BATTLES.

He is child, but he is skillful at operating ZOID "Berserk Fuhrer (Berserk Fury)". He has attendant whose name is "Sarah".

- Team FUMA -

She serves as the leader of Team Fuma, secret butchers of Gang Backdraft. They begin "Dark ZOIDS Battle" by Altair's order, but they are defeated.

Koga, Negolo and Ehga
They are the members of Team Fuma.

- Motorcycle Gang SAND STINGRAY -

He serves as the leader of motorcycle gang Sand Stingray. He operates remodeled ZOID "Sinker".

Byers, Jubon and Kishon
They are the members of motorcycle gang Sand Stingray.


He is father of Jemmy. Long ago, he was skillful at operating flying ZOID. He has retired since it was in the accident. At present, he is a fisherman.

Dr. Laon
He is mysterious man, who has hate between Dr. Toros, Laon, Oscar and Toros were good friend at school days. His favorite phrase is "Koppa-Mijinko!". This phrase is compound word. "Koppa-Mijin" means "Smash into smithereens", and "Mijinko" means "water flea".

Mechas aka the Zoids

Zoid: Liger Zero
Pilot: Bit Cloud
Type: Lion
Height: 8.3 meters
Weight: 85 tons
Length: 24 meters
Max Speed: 307 km/h
Model: RZ-041
Armaments: duel shot impact cannon, hardened alloy strike claws and teeth, twin boosters,
Attack: Strike laser claw
Zoid: Dibison
Pilot: Leena Toros
Type: Buffalo
Height: 10.8 meters
Weight: 230 tons
Length: 20.6 meters
Max Speed: 130 km/h
Model: RZ-031
Armaments: seventeen 150mm mortar cannons, forward facing triple impact cannon, two 8-shot rocket pods, 4-barrelled grenade launcher, various 20 mm and 30 mm cannons, hardened alloy horns

Zoid: Command Wolf
Pilot: Brad Hunter
Type: Canine
Height: 10 meters
Weight: 66 tons
Length: 14.7 meters
Max Speed: 200 km/h
Model: RZ-42
Armaments: twin 80mm cannons, quad rearfacing smokescreen generators

Zoid: Pteras Bomber
Pilot: Jamie Hemeros
Type: Pterosaur
Height: 8.2 meters
Weight: 21.6 tons
Length: 10.3 meters
Max Speed: Mach 2.2
Model: RZ-010

Armaments: 16 mm nose cannon, twin duel rocket pods, two air to air/ air to surface missiles

Zoid: Shield Liger
Pilot: Leon Toros
Type: Tiger
Height: 9 meters
Weight: 92 tons
Length: 21.6 meters
Max Speed: 250 km/h
Model: RZ-007

Armaments: twin 20 mm cannons, twin 30 mm cannons, twin 8 shot rocket boxes, hardened alloy strike claws and teeth, triple impact cannon, two heavy beam cannons, force shield defense mechanism

Zoid: Gunsniper Pilot: Naomi Flugel
Type: Velociraptor
Height: 7.2 meters
Weight: 25 tons
Length: 11.9 meters
Max Speed: 200 km/h
Model: RZ-030

Armaments: forward facing 80 mm cannon, rearfacing 144 mm cannon, duel pivoting 40 mm gattling cannon, duel 8 shot mortar rocket pods.

Zoid: Saber Tiger
Pilot: Tigers Team
Type: Tiger
Height: 9.1 meters
Weight: 78 tons
Length: 15.6 meters
Max Speed: 240 km/h
Model: EZ-016
Armaments: various 20 mm cannons, twin 30 mm cannons, hardened alloy strike claws and saber teeth, triple impact cannon.

Zoid: Rev Raptor
Pilot: Major Palta
Type: Velociraptor
Height: 7.56 meters
Weight: 23.5 tons
Length: 11.4 meters
Max Speed: 210km/h
Model: EZ-027
Armaments: Hardened alloy claws and talons; Dual Scythe Cutters

Zoid: Helcat Pilot: Major Palta
Type: Panther
Height: 5 meters
Weight: 24 tons
Length: 13.2 meters
Max Speed: 330 km/h
Model: EZ-028

Armaments: Twin forward-facing 20mm Cannons, Pivoting/elevating twin 20mm cannons, New Stealth Technology

Zoid: Dark Horn Pilot: Harry Champ
Type: Styracosaurus
Height: 13.5 meters
Weight: 115 tons
Length: 20.8 meters
Max Speed: 130 km/h
Model: DPZ-10
Armaments: 60mm hiblit vulcan cannon, twin 80mm anti-aircraft cannons, tri-barrel artillery cannon, various 20mm and 30mm cannons, and rocket pods

Zoid: Liger Zero Jager Pilot: Bit Cloud
Type: Lion
Height: 10.8 meters
Weight: 132 tons
Length: 24.1 meters
Max Speed: 330 km/h
Model: RZ-041
Armaments: dual shot impact cannon, hardened alloy strike claws and teeth, ion booster

Zoid: Lightning Saix
Pilot: Jack Sisco
Type: Cheetah
Height: 8.8 meters
Weight: 65 tons
Length: 18.4 meters
Max Speed: 325 km/h
Model: EZ-035
Armaments: twin forward facing lightning beam cannons

Zoid: Elephander
Pilot: Capt. Stigma Stollar
Type: Elephant
Height: 10.8 meters
Weight: 180 tons
Length: 21.6 meters
Max Speed: 130 km/h
Model: EZ-038
Armaments: twin forward facing 40mm cannons, 80mm anti-aircraft cannons, 75mm artillery cannon, various 20mm and 30mm cannons, energy shield mechanism Zoid: Cannon Tortoise Pilot: Harry Champ, Champ Team Type: Tortoise Height: 5.8 meters Weight: 33 tons Length: 9.9 meters Max Speed: 100km/h Model: RZ-013 Armaments:Heavy Republic Mortar Cannon, Twin Dual 20mm Cannon stations

Zoid: Ultrasaurus
Pilot: Zoid Battle Commission
Type: Ultrasaurus
Height: 27.5 meters
Weight: 507 tons
Length: 50 meters
Max Speed: 50 km/h
Model: RZ-037
Armaments: four 225mm cannons, 4 surface-to-air/surface-to-surface missiles, two 6-shot rocket pods, dual twin 50mm forward-facing cannons, forward-facing grenade launchers (8 tubes), various 20mm and 30mm cannons

Zoid: Sinker
Pilot: Sand Stingrays
Type: Ray
Height: 3 meters
Weight: 26.6 tons
Length: 10.8 meters
Max Speed: 60 knots
Model: EZ-032
Armaments: 4 homing torpedoes, twin forward-facing 30mm cannons

Zoid: Hel Diggunner
Pilot: Sebastian
Type: Iguana
Height: 5.8 meters
Weight: 48 tons
Length: 25 meters
Max Speed: 130 km/h
Model: EZ-011
Armaments: Quad forward-facing 20mm Cannons, 72 mm Anti-aircraft gun, Aquatic Cluster Cannon

Zoid: Liger Zero Schneider
Pilot: Bit Cloud
Type: Lion
Height: 10.1 meters
Weight: 135 tons
Length: 24.1 meters
Max Speed: 310 km/h
Model: RZ-041
Armaments: duel shot impact cannon, hardened alloy strike claws and teeth, twin boosters, 4 high-output thrusters, 2 shoulder-mounted high-output thrusters, and 7 laser blades
Attack: Buster Slash, Seven Blade Attack

Zoid: Iron Kong
Pilot: Harry Champ and Team
Type: Gorilla
Height: 21 meters
Weight: 209 tons
Length: 19.1 meters
Max Speed: 170 km/h
Model: EZ-015
Armaments: shoulder mount heavy Imperial hyperbeam cannon, twin TVM long range ballistic missiles, concealed 10-shot rocket pod (in left shoulder), twin 105mm wrist cannons, various small-caliber weapons, twin two-stage missiles of unknown type

Zoid: War Shark
Pilot: Puma Team
Type: Fish
Height: 4.2 meters
Weight: 32.2 tons
Length: 17 meters
Max Speed: 61 knots
Model: EZ-040
Armaments: forward-facing 40mm cannon, subsurface sea-to-air missile launcher (4 tubes), hardened alloy tail-fins

Zoid: Red Horn
Pilot: No Specific Pilot
Type: Styracosaurus
Height: 7.6 meters
Weight: 94 tons
Length: 20.8 meters
Max Speed: 130 knots
Model: EZ-004
Armaments: twin 80mm anti-aircraft cannons, tri-barrel artillery cannon, various 20mm and 30mm cannons, and rocket pods

Zoid: Zabat
Pilot: Pierce
Type: Bat
Height: 3.7 meters
Weight: 25 tons
Length: 10.2 meters
Max Speed: Mach 2.8
Model: EZ-044
Armaments: twin forward-facing 30mm Cannons

Zoid: Raynos
Pilot: Jamie Hemeros
Type: Pteranodon
Height: 7.3 meters
Weight: 30 tons
Length: 17.3 meters
Max Speed: Mach 3.3
Model: EZ-039
Armaments: two 40 mm cannons, three forward-facing 30mm cannons, high strength alloy wing claws and talons

Zoid: Spinosaurus
Pilot: No Specific Pilot
Type: Spinosaurus
Height: 6.8 meters
Weight: 23 tons
Length: 11.5 meters
Max Speed: 105 km/h
Model: RZ-043
Armaments: four forward-facing 20mm cannons, rear-facing 80mm cannon, hardened alloy claws and talons, collapsible laser excavator disc; retractable laser saws; high-intensity halogen searchlights

Zoid: Blade Liger
Pilot: Leon Toros
Type: Lion
Height: 12.2 meters
Weight: 124 tons
Length: 25.9 meters
Max Speed: 305 km/h
Model: RZ-028
Armaments: twin repeating blaster cannons, dual Impact cannon, hardened alloy strike claws and teeth, twin laser blades

Zoid: Storm Sworder
Pilot: Pierce and Major Palta
Type: Pteranodon
Height: 12.9 meters
Weight: 47 tons
Length: 10.1 meters
Max Speed: Mach 3.2
Model: RZ-029
Armaments: hardened alloy wing cutters and retractable forehead spike. Each wing is also fitted with either hardened alloy tri-claws or (more commonly) dual 40mm cannons.

Zoid: Liger Zero Panzer
Pilot: Bit Cloud
Type: Lion
Height: 9.7 meters
Weight: 145 tons
Length: 23.3 meters
Max Speed: 285 km/h
Model: RZ-041
Armaments: duel shot impact cannon, hardened alloy strike claws and teeth, twin boosters, twin hybrid cannons, 4 micro missile pods at each shoulder
Attack: Hybid Cannon, Burning Big Bang

Zoid: Shadowfox
Pilot: Brad Hunter
Type: Fox
Height: 8 meters
Weight: 52 tons
Length: 17.3 meters
Max Speed: 290 km/h
Model: RZ-046
Armaments: retractable AZ 30 mm laser vulcan cannon, AZ 70mm electromagnetic net cannon, smokescreen generators
Attack: Strike laser claw

Zoid: Hammerhead
Pilot: Puma Team
Type: Hammer Head Shark
Height: 6.6 meters
Weight: 66.5 tons
Length: 17 meters
Max Speed: 65 knots
Model: RZ-033
Armaments: twin dual missile pods (forward-facing); two twin 30mm cannon pods; dual 30mm chain cannons, subsurface sea-to-air missile launcher (6 tubes)

Zoid: Maccurtis
Pilot: Backdraft
Type: Crawfish
Height: 2.7 meters
Weight: 12 tons
Length: 10.8 meters
Max Speed: 120 km/h 32 knots
Model: EZ-047
Armaments: ?

Zoid: Demantis
Pilot: Backdraft
Type: Mantis
Height: 7.2 meters
Weight: 6.48 tons
Length: 10 meters
Max Speed: 370 km/h
Model: EZ-048
Armaments: quad 20mm cannons, 20mm gatling cannon, strengthened-alloy front claws

Zoid: Berserk Fury
Pilot: Vega Obscura
Type: Tyrannosaurus
Height: 12.3 meters
Weight: 127 tons
Length: 22.7 meters
Max Speed: 340 km/h
Model: EZ-049
Armaments: supercharged particle cannon; twin AZ 185mm beam cannons with "Buster Claw" electrostatic shield generator arrays; hardened alloy strike claws, teeth, and array blades

Zoid: Gojulas
Pilot: ?
Type: Dinosaur
Height: 21 meters
Weight: 230 tons
Length: 26 meters
Max Speed: 75 km/h
Model: RZ-001
Armaments: Twin Republic Supercannons, Quad Heavy Cannon Pod, Twin 70mm Repeater Cannons (two pods), various 20mm and 30mm cannons

Zoid: Geno Saurer

Pilot: Puma Team

Type: Tyrannosaurus

Height: 11.7 meters

Weight: 112 tons

Length: 23 meters

Max Speed: 390 km/h

Model: EZ-026

Armaments: superheated plasma flame breath; hardened alloy claws and talons,twin 120mm cannons; 20mm and 30mm nose cannons


ZOIDS Chaotic Century
#01 Wakusei Zi no Shonen (The Boy from PLANET Zi)
#02 Nazo no Bishojo FINE (The Mysterious Fiona)
#03 Kioku (Memory)
#04 Futari no Yojinbou (The Protectors)
#05 Sleeper Trap (Sleeper Trap)
#06 Tobe! SIEG (Jump! Zeke!)
#07 Red River no Tatakai (The Battle of Red River)
#08 Kyowakoku eno Michi (The Road To The Republic)
#09 Mamono no Sumu Yama (The Valley of the Monster)
#10 Yume no Furu Yama (The Mountain of Dreams)
#11 ISELINA no Kiri no Naka de (The Fog at Iselina)
#12 Kuro no ORGANOID (The Black Organoid)
#13 Gekisen! CRONOS Toride (The Battle of Cronos)
#14 Mezamero SIEG! (Wake Up! Zeke!)
#15 ZG Hatsudou! (Deploy The ZG)
#16 New Helic City (Chaotic Century)
#17 Kyowakoku no Ichiban Nagai Yoru (The Longest Night of the Republic)
#18 Shuto Kobo (The Defense of the City)
#19 Prozen no Inbou (Prozen's Conspiracy)
#20 Yomigaeru Maju (The Resurrection Monster)
#21 Kaden-ryushi-hou (The Charged Particle Gun)
#22 Aibou no Shi!? (Farewell To A Friend)
#23 Koutei no Yubiwa (The Imperial Ring)
#24 Tooi Yobigoe (A Voice from Afar)
#25 Shin LIGER (The New Liger)
#26 Zi no Kioku (Memories of Zi)
#27 Tasuketa Otoko (The Saviour)
#28 Hashire WOLF (Run, Wolf!)
#29 Oozora no Yusha (Heroes of the Sky)
#30 Kimi no Waltz (Moonbay's Waltz)
#31 San-nin no Kishi (The Three Guards)
#32 Hametsu no Maju (Deathsaurer Revived!)
#33 Shukumei no Taiketsu (Predestined Confrontation)
#34 Teito Enjou (The Destruction of the Capital)

ZOIDS Guardian Force

What's Guardian Force? Guardian Force is the organization solves the problems and the crimes which the state can't deal with. The authority of GF is strong, and GF is free from national structure. Then, GF can be active. The condition of the member of GF is "Specialist of ZOIDS". When an order from the upper levels of GF is taken, the member can investigate with the individual judgment. Incidentally, when it becomes the member of GF, it can get a medal or a pendant as the member's proof.

#35 Gokuhi Shirei (Secret Orders)
#36 Sniper (The Sniper)
#37 Aoi Akuma (The Blue Demon)
#38 Koutetsu no Yagyu (Dibison)
#39 Miezaru Teki (The Blind Enemy)
#40 ZOIDS Gari (Zoid Hunting)
#41 Akuma no Meikyu (The Demon's Labyrinth)
#42 RAVEN (Raven)
#43 Koutei no Kyujitsu (Emperor's Holiday)
#44 Kiji Daigekitotsu (Duel of the Organoids)
#45 Shikkoku no Tsubasa (Jet-black Wings)
#46 Kaitei no Akuma (Demon from the Depths)
#47 Maju Shinsei (The Monster Reborn)
#48 Koroi Inazuma (Black Lightning)
#49 Tooi Hoshizora (The Distant Starry Sky)
#50 G Houimou (G Encircling Net)
#51 Iseki no Shonen (Remains of a Little Boy)
#52 BANG no Chikara (Van's Power)
#53 PHANTOM (Phantom)
#54 G FILE (G File)
#55 Onsoku no Kettou (Sonic Duel)
#56 Cerberus (Cerberus)
#57 Akumu (The Nightmare)
#58 Yokuryu Geigeki (Intercept Pterosaur)
#59 Shuto Houkai (The Capital Falls)
#60 Chou Kyodai Yosai (The Great Fortress)
#61 Kyoryu Daikaisen (Naval Battle)
#62 Juryokuhou (The Gravity Cannon)
#63 Daikessen! (Decisive Battle / The Final Battle)
#64 Kodai no Kioku (Ancient Memories)
#65 ZOIDS EVE (Zoids Eve)
#66 Horobi no Toki (Endgame)
#67 Asu eno Kikan (Return to Tomorrow)

ZOIDS Shinseiki /0/ ZOIDS New Century Slash Zero
#68 Sentou Kaishi! Liger ZERO (Commence Battle - Attack Liger Zero)
#69 Futari no Shori - Akaki Senkou Naomi FLUGEL (New Partner vs Naomi and the Red Comet)
#70 Ouja toujou - Harry CHAMP (The Prince Arrives - Harry Champ)
#71 Yami-BATTLE - Nazo no BACKDRAFT-dan (Unsanctioned Battle - The Mysterious Backdraft Group)
#72 Kosoku Taiketsu - ZERO JAGER (High Speed Battle - Transforming into Zero Jager)
#73 Yami no Kyozou - Kyoteki ELEPHANDER (The Dark Giant - The Invincible Elephander)
#74 Gekisou no Koya - Hover Cargo Kiki hyappatsu (The Desert Gang - The Hovercargo's in Danger)
#75 Mouko Shurai! Kansou! ZERO SCHNEIDER (Invasion of the Fierce Tigers - Transform to Zero Schneider)
#76 Jotei toujou - Mary CHAMP (The Princess Arrives - Mary Champ)
#77 Sabaku no Kiba - WARDICK Kyoshu (Desert Tusk - Assault of the War Sharks)
#78 Mittsu no Senpu - Saisen LIGHTNING SAIX (The Sensational Three - Rematch with Jack Sisco)
#79 ZERO Godatsu! - Fire Death Battle (Zero is Stolen - The Fiery Battle)
#80 Arawashi no Yusha - REYNOS tai ZABAT (The Brave Wild Eagle - The Raynos Vs The Zabat)
#81 Rinon Zekkyou - Jusan-nichi no Nokogiri-ma (Frightday the 13th)
#82 Laon Futatabi - Han-juryoku Catastrophe (Laon Returns - Anti-gravity Catastrophy)
#83 Akaki Kotekishu - Leon TOROS Kikan (The Red Rival - Leon Toros Returns)
#84 Senshi no Kyushoku - Futatsu no STORM SWORDER (Warriors on Vacation - The Storm Sworders)
#85 Koisuru Senjo - Itoshi no Judgeman sama (Love on the Battlefield - My Love the Judge)
#86 Dai-san no Kansou - ZERO PANZER Shido! (The Third Conversion - Zero Panzer's Debut)
#87 FOX - Uragiri no Ballad (The Shadowfox - Brad's Betrayal)
#88 Ouja no Sainan - Laon Hakase no Kareinaru Wana (Harry's Disaster - Dr. Laon Traps Toros)
#89 Umi ni Hisomu Ryu - Ultimate X wo Sagase! (The Dragon Under the Sea - In Search of the Ultimate X)
#90 Mezameru Ryu - Beserk Fuhrur Sansen (The Dragon Awakens - The Beserk Fury Enters the Fray)
#91 Yusha no Saiten - Kaimaku! ROYAL CUP (The Tournament of Heroes - The Royal Cup)
#92 SURVIVAL - Ultimate X no Nazo (Survival - The Mystery of the Ultimate X)
#93 ZERO no Kiseki- Kaze to Kumo to Boken to.. (The Miracle of Zero - The Wind, The Cloud, and Adventure)

Zoids Fuzors
Blue City is a bustling, modern metropolis where Zoid battles are held within a stadium. As with the Zoid battles of Zoids New Century Zero, there is money to be won by the strongest team. A strong Zoid was one with strength, quick maneuverability, and sometimes a specialized changing armor system (CAS). However, something new is happening Some Zoids are able to merge as one This complex integration of one or more Zoids form a far superior machine.
Enter RD...a young, skilled Zi fighter who has aspirations of being the best Zoids pilot on Planet Zi. What is his relationship with the unsavory group called Savage Hammer and especially a member named Blake? Also, what is this legendary Alpha Zoid that RD's father sought so desperately? Those answers should emerge as the series progresses.
Zoids Fuzors is basically the fourth season if you consider Chaotic Century (1st), Guardian Force (2nd), and Zoids New Century Zero (3rd). Even though it is a Japanese Anime, the series is making it's premiere on Cartoon Network. There is no date (yet) when this series will air in Japan.
The character designs are by Keisuke Watabe (Crest of the Stars), and believe me this series is not lacking in the eye candy I've noticed that what is gained in eye candy is, unfortunately, lost in plot and excitement. Hopefully, before the series ends, so many open ended questions will be answered.

Mach Storm Team

RD is quite obviously the main character of this new Zoids series. Although he is the youngest Zi fighter within Mach Storm, he is probably the most skilled. He pilots his Liger Zero using quick thinking and fancy maneuvers. When he discovers the Fire Phoenix is able to fuse with the Liger Zero, his fighting skills increase considerably. In fact, few are able to defeat him, which is good, because RD dreams of being the greatest Zi fighter on the planet Zi.

RD knew very little of his mother and father. His father left him when he was just a child in order to seek out the legendary Alpha Zoid. RD has been told by many that he acquired the skills of his father...it's in the genes.

Mach Storm headquarters is basically RD's home. Sweet has, more or less, been acting as his stand-in mother since they were both children. Obviously, Sweet is very fond of RD, but it's too early to tell how RD feels about Sweet.
The blue-haired pilot of the Liger Zero. He doesn't get much respect, and has a job of delivering orders from town to town. His rival is Blake, who pilots the Berserk Fury.

Sigma has been a Zi fighter with Mach Storm for a few years now. As a young rookie, he was trained by Marvus whom he idolized (that is, until Marvus went bad). Sigma has a very high regard for Helmut as well.

Sigma is seen piloting his Boldguard in the first several episodes. He was devastated when his zoid was destroyed by Keith and the stealth zoid while working for Haldo. Haldo took a liking to the young man and awarded Sigma with the Leo Striker a.k.a. Blue Lightning. Turns out the Leo Striker is special as it has the ability to fuse with Helmut's command wolf producing the Command Striker

Sigma's personality can go from brash and conceited to sensitive and caring depending on the company he keeps. One person that seems to irritate him often is RD, however, as episodes progress it appears Sigma is gaining respect for the boy's talent.

Hop runs the business affairs of Mach Storm. This involves not only distributing the prize money when a battle is won, but scheduling those Zoid battles as well.

Hop is normally a very pessimistic, however, he enjoys a good celebration when things work out.

She's a member of Mach Storm, but it's sometimes hard to decipher in what respect. Her desire for more money and luxuries have gotten Mach Storm into some sticky situations. One thing is certain, many of her teammates (Dan...definitely, Sigma...possibly) wishes she was their object of affection.

Amy pilots a Konig Wolf Mach II. Before coming to Mach Storm she was partners with Keefe (remember him from episode #7?) until they suffered a miserable defeat, and the Konig Wolf was almost completely destroyed. It may not look like it on the exterior, but Amy can be quite tough.....heed this warning...don't get in the way of her left hook

Appropriately named, Sweet is generally kind and gentle. Although RD has a tendency to annoy her, Sweet cares for him a great deal. She has been acting as a stand-in mother since their childhood.

Sweet and RD joined Mach Storm about a year ago. Along with her other duties, Sweet often cooks for everyone. She's not exactly a Zi fighter, but you will see her piloting a Gustav Transporter from time to time.

Helmut is the veteran member of Mach Storm and a very skilled Zi fighter. He uses his experience and knowledge to plan strategies for the team's Zoid battles. He is usually the calm voice of reason.
Helmut often assists the Peace Keeping Bureau in apprehending the criminals of Planet Zi. One such criminal (a former teammate) killed a very close friend of Helmut's....this is why you'll see him placing flowers at a grave site in several episodes.

Helmut pilots a Blue Command Wolf, however, in episode #10, we discover that the Command Wolf has the ability to fuse with Sigma's Leo Striker creating the Command Striker. With his experience and powerful Zoid, Helmut is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Dan (a.k.a. Danny T) is a brilliant Zoid Mechanic and computer wiz. His repairs and/or upgrades have increased the power and capabilities of Mach Storm's Zoids. He came to Mach Storm when his vehicle ran out of fuel, which resulted in a chance encounter with RD and Sweet. His favorite Zoid (of course) is the Liger Zero, so he offered to help RD in the battle with the Dark Assassins. The rest is history.

Dan is normally confident when it comes to Zoid repairs often calling himself Dan The Man . Unfortunately, his confidence with women is another story. He has a huge crush on Amy, but thus far, has neglected to tell her so.

An excellent technician and mechanic. He helps RD improve the Liger Zero, and is their biggest fan.

Young Matt is first seen in episode #5. He is energetic, friendly, and very impressed with Zi fighters. He idolizes RD and the rest of the members of Mach Storm. He also, learns very quickly as it didn't take him long to get accustomed to piloting the LeoBlaze. Matt's only problem is that he trusts strangers too quickly, and that has gotten him into trouble.

Matt's mother is dead and his father went off to work in construction so money could be sent to keep the apartment. After the incident with the Savage Hammers, Hop invited Matt to stay with them at Mach Storm....a much safer place for the boy.

Savage Hammer
Blake : He pilots the Berserk Fury, and seems to be aloof from the others. His rival is RD.
Sandra : A rich blonde girl who really likes jewels and will even resort to stealing them.
Burton : Pilots a Lord Gale and works with, but also argues with, Blake.
Luke : Pilots a Buster Eagle and is Blake's Fuzor partner.
Dunno his name : Pilots an Unenlagia which is part of the Savage Hammer Team's Matrix Dragon.
Dunno his name : Pilots a Mosasledge which is part of the Savage Hammer Team's Matrix Dragon.
Dunno his name : Pilots a Nightwise which is part of the Savage Hammer Team's Matrix Dragon.

Peace Keeping Bureau
Gummie : The cowboy-ish pilot of the Giga Gojulas. His job is to keep the peace.
Ciao : A girl who pilots an Arosaurer.
Dee : Pilots a Gorhecks.

Dark Assasins Team
Rattle: Pilot of the Killer Dome.
Milloy: Pilot of the Dark Spiner.

Rastani : Leader of the Black Impact Team, and pilots a black Blade Liger. His team consists of Billy and Jackie.

Rastani is the cocky, yet adored, lead Zi fighter of the Black Impact Team. He skillfully pilots an impressive black blade liger. His overconfidence could be attributed to the fact that he is the pampered son of a wealthy business tycoon.

Until the Dark Assassins came along, Rastani and his team (Jackie and Billy) felt they were invincible. Fuzors proved that wasn't true, and Black Impact suffered a devastating defeat....one that resulted in injury to Rastani. Once recovered, Rastani participated in Battle Royals, which are kind of like demolition derby's replacing cars with Zoids. From experience, he is well aware of the power of a fuzor, and wants to see them destroyed...even if it means using unfair tactics. In future episodes, it will be interesting to see if a fuzor partner exists for Rastani's Blade liger.
Haldo : Pilots Gustavs. He knew RD's father, and gave Sigma his new Leo Striker.
Keith : Pilots a yellow Holotech Saber Fang and once terrorized the Zi Fighters in an attempt to imress Amy. He used to pilot Amy's Konig Wolf until he ditched it from the Holotech Zoid.
Marvis: Pilots a Shadowfox. He was once friends Helmut and Sigma, but then went crazy and killed a guy. He came back for revenge after Helmut defeated him, but lost once again and is now on the run.
Jean/Jon Holiday : Pilots an Arosaurer. Worked in a circus with a sidejob of stealing Zoids. Was caught by Ciao.
Dunno her name : Pilots a Raynos. Fought in a Battle Royal with RD.
Dunno his name : Pilots a Geno Saurer. Fought in a Battle Royal with RD.
Dunno his name : Pilots a Red Horn. Fought in a Battle Royal with RD.
Tracey/Traci/Tracy : Has a crush on RD and appears to be a news reporter.
Dunno their names : The guy pilots a Brachio Zilla and the girl a Missile Tortoise. Their Zoids are Fuzor partners.
Dr. Pierce : A scientist who apparently knows a bit about fuzors.
Jamie and Julia : A random couple that pops up a few times. Jamie is an ace dart thrower.


1. Knockover on Planet Zi
2. 1 + 1 = ?
3. Enter The Fire Phoenix
4. Fuzors Combine Liger Zero Phoenix
5. The Kid Called Matt
6. Ambush In The Wasteland
7. Unseen Enemy
8. Blue Lightning
9. Good Work, Peace Keeping Bureau
10. Visitor From The Past
11. Brutal Battle Royal
12. Matt Battled R.D.
13. Three Teams Face Off
14. Lost Worlds
15. A Close Friend
16. Nightmare In The Sky
17. Who Gets The Glory

Season 1

1. The Boy from Planet Zi
2. The Mysterious Fiona
3. Memory
4. The Protectors
5. Sleeper Trap
6. Jump Zeek
7. The Battle of Red River
8. The Road to the Republic
9. The Valley of the Monster
10. The Mountain of Dreams
11. The Fog at Mt. Iselina
12. The Black Organoid
13. The Battle of Chronos
14. Wake Up Zeek
15. Deploy the ZG
16. New Helic City (1)
17. The Longest Night of the Republic (2)
18. The Defense of the City (3)
19. Prozen's Conspiracy
20. The Resurrection Monster
21. The Charged Particle Gun
22. Farewell to a Friend
23. The Imperial Ring
24. A Voice from Afar
25. The New Liger
26. Memories of Zi
27. The Saviour
28. Run, Wolf
29. Heroes of the Sky
30. Moonbay's Waltz
31. The Three Guards
32. The Doom Machine (1)
33. The Battle for Survival (2)
34. The Capital Ablaze (3)

Season 2

35. The Secret Mission
36. Sniper
37. The Blue Devil
38. The Steel Bison
39. The Invisible Enemy
40. The Zoid Hunters
41. The Devil's Maze
42. Raven
43. The Emperor's Holiday
44. Assault of the Mega Monster
45. The Wings of Darkness
46. The Devil of the Sea
47. A Monster Awakens
48. The Black Lightning
49. The Distant Stars
50. Attack of the Geno Breaker (1)
51. The Boy from the Ruins (2)
52. Van's New Power
53. Phantom
54. G-File
55. Supersonic Battle
56. Cerberus
57. The Nightmare
58. Attack of the Winged Dragons
59. The Capital Collapses
60. The Giant Fortress
61. The Great Sea Battle
62. The Gravity Cannon
63. The Final Battle
64. The Ancient Memory (1)
65. Zoid Eve (2)
66. Endgame (3)
67. Return to Tomorrow (4)

Season 3

68. Commence Battle: Attack Liger Zero
69. New Partners vs Naomi; The Red Comet
70. The Prince Arrives: Harry Champ
71. Unsanctioned Battle: The Mysterious Backdraft Group
72. High Speed Battle: Transforming Into Zero Jager
73. The Dark Giant: The Invincible Elephandor
74. The Desert Gang: The Hover Cargo's in Danger
75. Invasion of the Fierce Tigers: Transform to Zero Schneider
76. The Princess Arrives: Mary Champ
77. Desert Tusk: Assault of the War Sharks
78. The Sensational Three: Rematch with Jack Cisco
79. Zero Is Stolen: The Fiery Battle (1)
80. The Brave Wild Eagle: The Raynos vs. the Zabats (2)
81. Fright Day The 13th
82. Layon Returns: Anti-Gravity Catastrophe
83. Red Rival: Leon Toros Returns
84. Warriors On Vacation: The Storm Sworders
85. Love on the Battlefield: My Love, the Judge
86. The Third Conversion: Zero Panzer's Debut
87. The Shadow Fox: Brad's Betrayal
88. Harry's Disaster: Dr. Layon Traps Toros
89. The Dragon Under the Sea: In Search of the Ultimate X (1)
90. The Dragon Awakens: The Berserk Fury Enters the Fray (2)
91. Tournament of Heroes: The Royal Cup (1)
92. Survival: The Mystery of the Ultimate X (2)
93. The Miracle of Zero - The Wind, the Cloud and Adventure (3)

94. Knockover on Planet Zi
95. 1 + 1 = ?
96. Enter the Fire Phoenix (1)
97. Fuzors Combine Liger Zero Phoenix (2)
98. The Kid Called Matt
99. Ambush in the Wasteland
100.The Unseen Enemy (1)
101. Blue Lightning (2)
102. Good Work, Peace Keeping Bureau
103. Visitor from the Past
104. Brutal Battle Royal
105. Matt Battled RD (1)
106. Three Teams Face Off (2)
107. Lost Worlds
108. A Close Friend
109. Nightmare in the Sky
110. Who Gets the Glory?

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