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Yugioh Characters

Yami Yugi

After the Millennium Puzzle is activated, Yugi becomes filled with its magical energies and transforms into Yami Yugi, his extremely powerful alter ego. His confidence and courage coincide with his master dueler skills.
Yugi Motou Yugi is the main character and the hero of Yu-Gi-Oh! He was given the Millennium Puzzle by his grandfather, Surogoku Mutou. Yugi then proceeded to solve and complete the Millennium Puzzle, thus accessing the hidden powers that awaited in it. Within the puzzle, Yugi gained a hidden spirit, an ancient spirit that comes out whenever Yugi plays a game. This is what is known in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series as Yami Yugi, or "Dark Yugi" in English. Yami Yugi is the only "good natured" spirit of the Millennium items and continually helps Yugi through all the tribulations set before him.Starting with the Duelist Kingdom Story Arc, Pegasus J. Crawford, the creator of Duel Monsters, found out about Yami Yugi defeating the uncontested champion, Seto Kaiba. Pegasus knew Yugi had some kind of Millennium item, and in his quest to bring together all seven items, he lured Yugi into a major tournament held on an island named Duelist Kingdom. Pegasus lured Yugi, by first trapping him into a Shadow Game, in which Yugi lost due to the duel having a time limit. Since Yugi lost the "Shadow Game", Pegasus inflicted a "game penalty" to Yugi, thus stealing Surogoku's soul. This was the "bait" Pegasus needed to lure Yugi, as well as Bakura to the Duelist Kingdom, because Ryou Bakura was after Yugi's Millennium Puzzle as well. With Yami Yugi taking over when the duels started, Yugi passed through most of his obstacles in the Duelist Kingdom, beating several challenging opponents. While doing this, he played with honor and skill, unfortunately, most of his opponents did not. He faced devastating opponents such as the sea duelist, Ryouta Kajiki (English name: Mako Tsunami), Inspector Haga (English name: Weevil Underwood), Player Killer (English name: Manik), Mei and Kyuu (English names: Para and Dox, the Paradox brothers), and Seto Kaiba, right before Pegasus' castle, where Kaiba unleashed one of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s most perilous and powerful monsters, the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Once Yugi got in the castle and was named one of the Duelist Kingdom finalists along with Bandit Keith Howard (Nickname and Eng. name: Bandit Keith), Mai Kujaku (English name: Mai Valentine), and Katsuya Jounouchi (English name: Joey). He faced Mai in the Duelist Kingdom semi-finals and won, unveiling his counter to the Blue Eyes White Dragon, the Black Luster Soldier, also known as the Chaos Soldier. In the finals, he faced a surprising Jounouchi, where they had an extremely impressive duel. Jounouchi waited for Yami Yugi to play Demon Summon (English: Summoned Skull), and with a quick combo, fused Summoned Skull with his own Red Eyes Black Dragon, creating Black Demon's Dragon (English: Black Skull Dragon). Yami Yugi got past this ordeal though, taking advantage when Jounouchi used his Time Magician's effect to turn Baby Dragon into Thousand Dragon. Unfortunately, for Jounouchi, he didn't know it would also turn Yugi's Black Magician (english: Dark Magician) into Black-Robed Sage. Yugi eventually beat Jounouchi, let Jounouchi take the claim to the prize money so he could help his sister, and Yugi went on to duel Pegasus. Yugi and Pegasus laid high stakes on the line. Pegasus said he would free Seto Kaiba, Mokuba Kaiba, and Surogoku Mutou if Yugi won, but said Yugi would become entrapped and would lose the Millennium puzzle if he lost. After seeing and surviving Toon World and the Thousand Eyes Sacrifice, Yugi finished off Pegasus with the Magician of Black Chaos (Likely English Name: Magician of Dark Chaos). Yugi later went on to help Kaiba fight the "Big 5" (the people who tried to take over Kaiba Corp) and encounter Otogi in the Dungeon Dice Monsters. Currently, Yugi is participating in the Battle City tournament and wields the god card, Osiris, as well as Jounouchi's Red Eyes Black Dragon (see the situation in later updates, and in Jounouchi's bio, how he lost Red Eyes). Yugi's Duelist Kingdom deck, or rather, Surogoku's deck has a Black Magician Theme, with support from a ritual theme. Surogoku's deck is very ingenious at first, but when Yugi loses Exodia, and gives Jounouchi his Time Magician, it strictly becomes a basic Black Magician Deck supported by ritual monsters. Yami Yugi, being the great duelist that he is, constructed a new deck for the Battle City Story Arc, and so far, it has worked to satisfaction, leading Yugi far into the tournament finals. While it still centers around the Black Magician, Yugi has added a few counters to his new deck to the Blue Eyes White Dragon, such as the Buster Blader, and when Jounouchi refused to take his Red Eyes back when Yugi won it back from a Rare Hunter, Yugi kept it in his deck. So now, with Red Eyes and Demon Summon both in his deck, he can fuse them into Black Demon's Dragon (Eng. name: Black Skull Dragon).

Maximillion Pegasus Japanese name Pegasus J. Crawford Pegasus is the creator of the Duel Monsters card game. He gained the idea for the card game from ancient "games of darkness" (English: Shadow Games) that were played in ancient Egypt. Pegasus owns the Industrial Illusions company that manufactures the Duel Monsters cards. He also wields a Millennium item, the Millennium Eye, which gives him the power to see in other people's minds as well as an opponentís hand during a duel. With this distinct advantage, he defeats several major duelists in the span of the Duelist Kingdom Story Arc. Once Pegasus hears about how Yami Yugi defeated Seto Kaiba, the uncontested world champion in Duel Monsters, he assumes Yugi has a Millennium item, and decides to go after him. Within a video tape containing Yugi's dueling glove and two starchips, he forces Yugi into a Game of Darkness (English: Shadow Game). At first, Pegasus takes the early advantage, and burning time by explaining to Yugi the origin of the Millennium Items and the Shadow Games. Yugi realizes that Pegasus can see the cards in his hand because he can read the minds of others via the Millennium Eye. It is then that Yugi starts playing cards straight from the deck and makes a comeback with the Black Magician (English name: Dark Magician). Pegasus, somehow, takes control of the Black Magician (Eng Name: Dark Magician) with his No-Faced Illusionist. Yami Yugi notices that this has left Pegasus wide open to a physical assault, in which Yugi summons the Demon Summon (English name: Summoned Skull). Since the duel had a time limit, unfortunately, before Summoned Skull connected with its attack, the timer ran out, leaving Pegasus with more life points, and giving Pegasus the right to inflict a "Game Penalty" on Yugi. Pegasus took Sugoroku's soul (Yugi's grandfather) which forces Yugi to go to the Duelist Kingdom tournament. Pegasus does a lot of scheming during his story arc. The "Big 5", otherwise known as Kaiba Corp's executives, struck a deal with Pegasus, that if he defeated Yugi in a duel, disposed of Seto Kaiba and captured Mokuba, he would have control of Kaiba Corp's virtual technology. With Yugi already at Duelist Kingdom, he sets up many different obstacles for Yugi to overcome. Of course, Yugi does manage to enter the castle only to see Seto Kaiba already dueling Pegasus. Pegasus soundly defeats Kaiba with Toon World, and using Kaiba's own Deck Destruction Virus of Death (English name: Crush Card Virus) against him. Once Yugi defeated Mai and Jounouchi to duel Pegasus, the final duel of the Duelist Kingdom tournament was underway. First, Pegasus strikes a deal with Yugi. If Yugi would happen to win, Yugi would gain Pegasus' sixty percent share of his Industrial Illusions company. If Yugi were to lose, his soul would be entrapped in a card, just like Seto Kaiba, Mokuba, and Sugoroku. As the duel starts, Pegasus is basically laying the smackdown on Yugi via his Millennium Eye. Pegasus then turns Yugi's Demon Summon (English: Summoned Skull) into Toon Demon (English name: Unknown) by taking control of it and playing Toon World. As the duel goes on, Yugi realizes that there is a little "lag time" for Pegasus to read someoneís mind. This causes Yami Yugi and normal Yugi to start shuffling forms because Pegasus can't read the non-active Yugi (e.g. If Yami Yugi is presently dueling, normal Yugi is not, so Pegasus can't read normal Yugi's mind. Then to play the card, Yami and normal switch). Yugi starts making a comeback with the Black Magician and the Magical Silk Hats magic card. Yugi destroys the toons by destroying Toon World. As this happens, a Game of Darkness (Eng: Shadow game) setting starts to appear. Pegasus counters Yugi with a ritual monster, Sacrifice. Pegasus fuses Sacrifice with the Wicked Lord of a Thousand Eyes, which has the ability to absorb Yugi's monsters. Yugi finally ends the duel with the Magician of Black Chaos. After this whole ordeal had been finished Pegasus restored all that he had taken. Unfortunately, for Pegasus, since his shadow powers had been used up dueling Yugi, Bakura went in and proceeded to "take" Pegasus' Millennium Eye. Pegasus has not been seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series ever since. Pegasus' real intentions were found in his diary after the crew found it. While Pegasus was gone, Anzu (English name: Tea), read his diary. He wanted Kaiba Corp's virtual technology to make his long lost love Cyndia alive through a card. Cyndia was supposed to be Pegasus' wife, but she died before they could get married. Pegasus, then, went to Egypt where he had heard about the Millennium items. He encounted Shadi, who forcefully "gave" him the Millennium Eye. Shadi wields the Millennium Ankh. Pegasus' deck is mainly a Toon/Thousand Eyes Sacrifice deck. He plays the most of his monsters with the magic card Toon World, which allows his monsters to attack directly. After that, his backup strategy is using cards like Thousand Eyes Sacrifice to absorb his opponent's big hitters and attack with them.

Joey Wheeler Japanese name Katsuya Jounouchi He is one of Yugi's best friends and slowly develops himself into one of the best duelists in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Along with his tight pack of friends, Yugi, Anzu (English: Tea), and Hiroto Honda (English name: Tristan Taylor) they journey to the Duelist Kingdom and Jounouchi, despite not being invited, is lent one star chip by Yugi and officially becomes part of the Duelist Kingdom tournament. He duels for his sister in this tournament, because she has an eye disease that will eventually cause her to go blind. With an expensive operation though, she can be cured. On the boat to Duelist Kingdom, Jounouchi is lent the rare Time Magician (English: Time Wizard) card when Yugi sees he has traded for the Baby Dragon card. Jounouchi trades for some really major magic cards that save his behind later in the Duelist Kingdom tournament. When they first land on the island, Jounouchi dueling skills are a joke, and not only that, but his first duel is against the skilled, Mai Kujaku (English: Mai Valentine). She starts to pretend she has psychic abilities and starts to mentally put Jounouchi off his game. With some help from Yami Yugi, Jounouchi eventually realizes Mai just put different perfumes on her cards, and with a quick play of Time Magician, aging Harpy Ladies, and turning Baby Dragon into Thousand Dragon, wins one of Mai's starchips. Jounouchi then comes across Dinosaur Ryuzaki (English: Rex Raptor), who is pushed to duel Jounouchi because he wants to duel Mai. In this duel, Ryuzaki starts pounding through Jounouchi's deck with pure dinosaur beatdown. Jounouchi eventually draws the Flame Swordsman, and starts slicing through Ryuzaki's dinosaur sub-types. Ryuzaki then draws his Evilknight Dragon (English: Serpent-Knight Dragon) and disposes of the Flame Swordsman. Jounouchi eventually plays Barbarian #1 and Barbarian #2 (English name: Lava Battleguard & Swamp Battleguard) which repels Evilknight Dragon's attack and destroys itself. Ryuzaki then plays one of the most popular cards in Yugioh and perhaps one of the most feared, the Red Eyes Black Dragon. Not only that, but Ryuzaki attaches the Dark Dragon Claws, raising its power to 3000, the exact Blue Eyes atk strength. Red Eyes incinerates the Barbarian duo, and Jounouchi is backed into a wall, while Ryuzaki strikes a bargain with Jounouchi, saying whoever wins gets the cards on the field. Jounouchi agrees and is reminded of the Time Magician on the field. He uses it, and Ryuzaki loses the duel. Jounouchi then comes across some other tough situations including his duel with Ghost Kotsuzuka (English name: Bonz/Bones), where he uses the Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand (English: Sword and Shield) magic card to dispose of Kotsuzuka's undead type monsters. He then tags with Yami Yugi versus the Labyrinth Brothers, Mei and Kyuu (English: Paradox Brothers, Para & Dox), where Red Eyes fuses with Summoned Skull and forms the Black Skull Dragon. Jounouchi makes it all the way into the finals, where now he is a seasoned duelist. In the Duelist Kingdom semi-finals he faces Bandit Keith Howard (English: Bandit Keith). In his Duelist Kingdom semi-final match, he encounters Keith's Machine deck. At first, Jounouchi tries to fight with his magical monsters, but finds out machine monsters have a natural resistance to magic monsters (Note: Applies only to anime, not CCG). This puts Jounouchi in a tight situation. Keith then reveals his Devilzoa monster card along with a trap, Metal Conversion - Magic Reflex Armor (English: Unknown, it could be Metal Force or Metallize). This turns Devilzoa into Metal Devilzoa, with the insane strength of 3000. This is when Jounouchi makes his comeback, activating Pit Trap destroying Metal Devilzoa, and then starts going through Keith's deck. Jounouchi plays Baby Dragon along with Time Magician, aging Keith's Revolver Dragon (English: Barrel Dragon), and turning Baby Dragon into Thousand Dragon, but Keith activates his Time Machine trap card, bring back Revolver Dragon and annihilating Thousand Dragon. With a quick play of the Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon and Dark Dragon Claws (Atk str: 3400) he kills Revolver Dragon. Keith destroys REBMD, but Jounouchi uses Grave Digger to copy Keith's Time Machine trap, reviving Red Eyes and defeating Keith. Jounouchi loses to Yugi in the Duelist Kingdom finals, but Yugi gives him the claim to the prize money if he wins so Jounouchi can help his sister. Yugi goes on to defeat Pegasus, and Jounouchi gets the operation done for his sister, Shizuka Jounouchi (English: Serenity Wheeler). He helps Yugi in the side story arcs between Duelist Kingdom and Battle City, and eventually participates in the Battle City tournament. He faces a Rare Hunter from the organization that wants the god cards, and Rare Hunter defeats Jounouchi because Rare Hunter plays with an Exodia deck. Yugi duels and defeats Rare Hunter and getting Red Eyes back, but Jounouchi doesn't accept it. Jounouchi plays with a basic Warrior/Beast Deck, with a mix of luck cards like the Time Magician. Red Eyes immensely helps him in Duelist Kingdom, but in Battle City he gains some really awesome cards for his deck. He gains Android: Psycho Shocker from defeating Esper Roba, and Legendary Fisherman and Fortress Whale from Ryouta Kajiki (English: Mako Tsunami).

Tea Gardner Tea is the mother figure of the group. She is extremely positive and encourages everyone to believe in themselves. She will do anything with her friends that stands up to reason.

Tristan Taylor Japanese Name Hiroto Honda Hiroto Honda is Jounouchi's best friend along with Yugi. He doesn't play a spectacular role in the series, but like Anzu (English name: Tea), goes with Yugi and Jounouchi (English name: Joey) to the Duelist Kingdom tournament to provide moral support. Honda is known to have some Duel Monsters cards but doesn't duel anywhere in the series. Like Jounouchi, he has a quick temper, but is very supportive of Jounouchi, and is quick to remind Jounouchi of his sister when Jounouchi loses control of a situation. Although Hiroto doesn't duel two of his cards are featured in the Duelist Kingdom Story Arc. His favorite card, the Commander (English Name: Cyber Commander) was entered into Yugi's deck when Yami Yugi faced off in a Game of Darkness (English name: Shadow Game) with Yami Bakura. Yami Bakura trapped all of Yugi's friend's souls into their favorite cards which were entered into Yugi's deck. They only escaped because Yami Yugi dueled and defeated Yami Bakura. The other card featured from Hiroto's deck was the Barbarian #2 (English name: Swamp Battleguard) which Jounouchi entered in his deck with his duel against Dinosaur Ryuzaki (English name: Rex Raptor). It helped Jounouchi's Barbarian #1 (English name: Lava Battleguard) repel Ryuzaki's Evilknight Dragon's (English name: Serpentknight Dragon) attack. During Battle City, Hiroto again is nothing but a cheerleader although he does help on the sidelines guiding Jounouchi's sister, Shizuka (English name: Serenity) through Battle City while her brother duels and eventually goes on to fight in the Battle City Semi-finals where Jounouchi is barely defeated by Malik in a Game of Darkness.

Mai Valentine Japanese name Mai Kujaku A pretty female duelist, she came to the Duelist Kingdom tournament for the prize money and other selfish reasons. After meeting Yugi and the others, she starts to contemplate about letting her guard down and accepting them as friends. She duels Jounouchi (English name: Joey) once, Yugi once (in the Duelist Kingdom Semi-Finals), and Anzu (English: Tea) once. Mai holds the record for most starchips gained in the Duelist Kingdom tournament at sixteen, six of which she gives to Yugi to enter the castle after Kaiba defeated Yugi.

During her duel with Jounouchi (English name: Joey), she starts to notice Jounouchi's determination and dueling because he is dueling for his sister rather than material things. At the start, she takes the early advantage, ripping through Jounouchi's earth-based monsters with her Harpy Ladies. She throws Jounouchi of his game mentally by pretending to be psychic while really she sprayed her cards with different perfumes. With Yugi's help, Jounouchi notices this and defeats Mai with his Time Magician (English: Time Wizard) / Baby Dragon combo. Time Magician turned Baby Dragon into Thousand Dragon, and wiping Harpy Ladies off the field, Thousand Dragon took Mai's life points down to 0. She cons Dinosaur Ryuzaki (English: Rex Raptor) into dueling Jounouchi for her, but Jounouchi defeats him and gains the powerful Red Eyes Black Dragon. In the Duelist Kingdom semi-finals she takes Yami Yugi by surprise and takes an early advantage. She reminds Yugi that he is thinking too much about Pegasus and to concentrate on their current duel. She attacks with various cards like Harpy Ladies, Harpy's Pet Dragon and different magic cards. Yugi acknowledges her statement and annihilates through her cards with his answer to the Blue Eyes White Dragon, the ultimate soldier of legend, the Black Luster Soldier. Mai plays a decently big part in Battle City. Her duels aren't covered as much, but she is now friends with Jounouchi, Yugi, Anzu (English name: Tea), and Hiroto (English name: Tristan). She loses to Malik in a Battle City duel. Since it was a Game of Darkness (English name: Shadow game) Malik inflicts a game penalty, and she has been unconscious ever since. Mai's Duelist Kingdom deck basically revolves around her Harpy Ladies. This makes it a Harpy's Theme Deck. She plays Harpy Ladies and uses various magic to boost them up. In Battle City she still uses Harpy's Ladies, but also plays with her new Amazoness cards.

Seto Kaiba He is Yugi's main rival, and an extremely good duelist. He is the Duel Monsters World Champion, and has only lost three times in his life. He loses to Yugi before Duelist Kingdom because of Exodia he then loses again to Pegasus, and finally loses in the Battle City semi-finals to Yugi. While extremely cold on the exterior he has a soft-spot for his little brother Mokuba. Seto inherited Kaiba Corp from his father that adopted him. The Kaiba brothers were adopted when he beat Kaiba Corp's former chairman at a game of chess. Kaiba's "father" trained him to be cold, which is what turned out to be Kaiba today. Seto Kaiba goes to the Duelist Kingdom to rescue his little brother Mokuba, when Pegasus kidnaps him in a plot for the "Big 5" to take over Kaiba Corp. After the duel with Yugi, in the Duelist Kingdom, he is seen dueling Jounouchi, and then duels Yugi again to gain entrance to Pegasus' castle. Kaiba wields the mighty Blue Eyes White Dragon, and although people think itís the strongest non-fusion card in Duel Monsters, it is far from it. When Kaiba duels Jounouchi to test out the prototype Duel Disk system, Kaiba horribly beats Jounouchi even though Jounouchi started to make a comeback with Red Eyes. Then Pegasus forces Kaiba's hand, and Kaiba must then duel Yugi for entrance into the castle. At the beginning of the duel, the match is pretty even with Kaiba summoning Lamp Spirit: Ra Djinn (English: La Jinn) and Vengeful Swordstalker (English: Swordstalker), while Yugi used his Curse of Dragon and Black Magician (English: Dark Magician). Kaiba then plays his Saggi: The Dark Clown / Deck Destruction Virus of Death (English: Crush Card Virus) combo, infecting Yugi's deck for the remainder of the duel (Note: In the CCG, it only infects your deck for three turns). Kaiba then fuses all three of his Blue Eyes White Dragons into Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, one of the most powerful duel monsters in existance. Yugi counters with the ultimate defense, using a Kuribo / Multiply combo. With that, Yugi fused his Mammoth Graveyard into BEUD, reducing BEUD's attack by 1200 each turn. When Yugi finally weakened it below 1400, he summoned Retrained Elvish Swordsman (English: Celtic Guardian) and killed one of the BEUD's heads. Kaiba went to the psychological game and threatened to jump off the castle if Yugi won the duel. Yugi conceded and lost the duel. Kaiba then loses to Pegasus in their duel to settle Mokuba's fate. Pegasus' use of Toon World, and then his use of the Copycat (English: Mimicking Illusionist) to copy Kaiba's Deck Destruction Virus of Death card, was too much for Seto in the end. Pegasus then trapped Seto's soul in a card, like Mokuba. Yugi then went on to defeat Pegasus, thus releasing Kaiba's soul. After the Duelist Kingdom ended, Kaiba turned his wrath on the Big 5. They challenge him to a virtual game, and with Yugi, Jounouchi, and Mai's help he wins. This is where the two most powerful cards in the game are revealed, The Five-god Dragon, and the Master of Dragon Knight. After this ordeal with the Big 5, Kaiba is given the god card, Obelisk, by Isis Ishtal, so an organization called the GHOULS don't achieve getting all three god cards. Kaiba then sets up the Battle City tournament to attract the controllers of all three god cards to the tournament.

Mokuba Kaiba The pure innocence of Mokuba blinds him of the dark side to his brother Seto. Mokuba idolizes Seto, and will protect him at any cost, for he cannot see any harm done to his brother.

Grandpa aka Sugoroku Mutou Sugoroku doesn't appear much in the series except to explain the origins of the Millennium items. In the very beginning, he trains Jounouchi (English name: Joey) to be a duelist, and he also gives Yugi his deck. He loses to Kaiba, but Yugi soundly trounces on Kaiba with the unstoppable Exodia. Sugoroku had been on studies and archeological digs to Egypt, which is where he found the Millennium Puzzle, and his friend Arthur gave him the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon (which Kaiba eventually ripped up). Sugoroku's deck mainly involves Sealed Exodia, which Yugi used to defeat Kaiba. It also has some ingenious combos involving the Black Magician. It also involved the Time Magician (English: Time Wizard) that Yugi gave over to Jounouchi. Sugoroku doesn't make any appearances to Duelist Kingdom, but in the side stories between Duelist Kingdom and Battle City he does.

Bakura Japanese name of Ryou Bakura Bakura is a new transfer student into Yugi Mutou's high school class. The normal Bakura is a kind hearted person who encourages Yugi and Jounouchi through their duels in Duelist Kingdom. The bad part to Bakura is that he is the wielder of another Millennium item. He wields the Millennium Ring, contrary to Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, Pegasus' Millennium Eye, and Malik's Millennium Rod. Bakura's Millennium Ring contains a very evil spirit that takes control of him and has very dark ambitions, that rival even Yami Malik's ambitions. The Millennium Ring has the power to locate other millennium items with its various pointers. Yami Bakura is first seen when Yugi is challenged to a Game of Darkness (English: Shadow Game) by Bakura in the Duelist Kingdom. Bakura entraps normal Yugi, Honda (English: Tristan), Jounouchi (English: Joey), and Anzu's (English: Tea) souls into their favorite cards inserted in Yugi's deck. Yami Bakura then proceeded to claim the Millennium Puzzle in which Yami Yugi stopped him. Yami Yugi won his duel versus Yami Bakura with a quick use of his shadow powers. He switched normal Bakura's soul with the soul of Yami Bakura in Bakura's Change of Heart card to send Yami Bakura to the graveyard. At the very end of Duelist Kingdom, Yami Bakura makes a return appearance by "disposing" of Pegasus and taking his Millennium Eye. When Battle City rolls around, Bakura is still with the group, but Yami Bakura shows his true intentions of taking the Millennium Puzzle. He duels Yami Yugi again in a rematch, during Battle City. Yami Bakura took an early advantage using a combo from his Occult Deck, involving the Dark Necrophia (English name: Unknown) and Ouija Board. As long as Dark Necrophia was in the graveyard, Yugi had 5 turns left in the duel to finish it, otherwise he would lose. If all 5 turns of the Ouija Board are passed, spelling D-E-A-T-H, Yugi would automatically lose (Note: In the CCG it is different, you need 5 magic cards to assemble to win). With a quick combo, and one turn left, Yugi manages to summon the god card, Osiris. Bakura gets hit with Osiris' Thunder Force attack and falls unconscious. Currently in the magna, after this duel, Yami Bakura faced Yami Malik in one final duel. The game penalty to the loser would be that whoever lost would disappear forever. As it seemed, Bakura loses, via Malik's summoning of Ra, and the revealing of Ra's final ability, the Hand Phoenix. This allows Malik to sacrifice all his LP but 1, and transfer all LP sacrificed to Ra's attack and defense stats. As Ra uses his Breath Cannon to wipe out Bakura, Yami Bakura says, "I may have lost, but I will definitely be back, and I will kill you. This is because I AM the darkness." Bakura has not reappeared in the series, magna or anime, since that duel. Bakura uses an Occult deck which is a mixture of dark main type monsters, and fiend monsters. He is pretty good at dueling with this in his Yami form. His main combo is the Dark Necrophia / Ouija Board combo, but if not he has some strong backup monsters lying in wait.

Dinosaur Ryuzaki (English name: Rex Raptor) He is mainly known in Yu-Gi-Oh! as a dinosaur duelist (his deck is PURE beatdown) that came in second in the regional tournament before Duelist Kingdom. He is nothing but pure power with his monsters. He duels Inspector Haga (English: Weevil Underwood) in the regionals and loses. He also duels Jounouchi in the Duelist Kingdom tournament and loses his Red Eyes Black Dragon. Dinosaur Ryuzaki also loses in Battle City to Esper Roba (due to Roba cheating of course).

Inspector Haga (English name: Weevil Underwood) Well, the biggest cheating duelist of them all. Inspector Haga uses an insect deck, as his name states, and finished number one in the regional tournament. He is the one who threw Yugi's Exodia cards over the side of a boat, and consequently enough, the first one Yugi stomps on and eliminates in the Duelist Kingdom. Inspector Haga is one of the first eliminated in the Duelist Kingdom, and in Battle City, he tries to cheat, infecting Jounouchi's deck. Jounouchi soundly defeats Haga with the Iron Knight Gear Freed. In Duelist Kingdom, Haga's main hitter is the Great Moth, or Fully Evolved Great Moth. In Battle City, it is the Insect Queen.

Ryouta Kajiki (English name: Mako Tsunami) He is the number one ranked Ocean Duelist in Duel Monsters. He promptly makes an appearance in Duelist Kingdom where he duels Yugi. At first he catches Yugi off guard with his dueling tactics, ripping through Yugi's Pharaoh Imp and Silver Fang. Yugi ends up winning by destroying the "moon" and reversing the tides. He finishes off Ryouta by playing a Curse of Dragon / Burning Land combo. Ryouta also duels against Jounouchi where he loses, and gives up his Fortress Whale and Legendary Fisherman rares. Ryouta duels because he is searching for his long lost father. Bandit Keith Howard (English name: Bandit Keith) Bandit Keith, like Haga (English name: Weevil) is a cheater, although not as bad. Keith plays for vengeance on Pegasus, because Pegasus humiliated him at the Duel Monsters intercontinental championship. Pegasus used his Millennium Eye and called over a little kid to defeat Keith and his Garnetia Elephantes. Keith duels Jounouchi in the Duelist Kingdom semi-finals, where he reveals he has a Machine Deck. He gives Jounouchi a challenge, but nothing Jounouchi can't handle. Keith reveals monsters like Metal Devilzoa, Revolver Dragon (English: Barrel Dragon), and the TM-1 Launcher Spider. Jounouchi counters everything Keith had to offer and even revealed the mighty Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon. After Keith lost, he complained and threatened Pegasus for the prize money, and Pegasus sent him into the ocean with a press of a button.

Malik Ishtar (English name: Unknown) Malik is the wielder of the god card, Ra, and the Millennium item, the Millennium Rod. The Rod allows Malik to possess people, brainwash people, and can also be used as a dagger. Malik makes his appearance in Battle City in his quest for all three god cards. With Ra, the most powerful god card, he is an extremely dangerous duelist. He defeats Mai in his quest, and got lucky versus Jounouchi. Jounouchi was about to beat Malik, but fell unconscious due to the stress it took, since it was a Shadow game. Currently, in the magna of the Battle City finals, it is Yugi versus Malik.

Isis Ishtar (English name: Unknown) She is Malik's sister and the former wielder of the Millennium Tauk. The Tauk has the ability to see into the near future. She duels Kaiba in the Battle City tournament, but her strategy fails her, and she loses to a White Lighting attack by Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon. She gives Yugi the Millennium Tauk, since Kaiba altered the future and it lost its powers. She is the person responsible for giving Kaiba the god card, Obelisk.

Millennium Puzzles

This section will cover the seven millennium items covered throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. When the Shadow Games were put to a stop in Egypt by the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh enclosed the magical energies into seven millennium items. The wielders of these seven millennium items are more than likely endowed with special abilities, and some contain ancient spirits that sometimes take over the wielder's body. Here are the millennium items:

Owner: Yugi Mutou
Abilities: Mind Crush, ability to return souls to their rightful place.
Spirit: The Ancient Pharaoh that first enclosed the energies within the items.
Summary: This ancient millennium item is wielded by Yugi Mutou. It was a puzzle given to him by his grandfather to solve. Sugoroku felt Yugi was "destined" to have it. Yugi completed it, and now whenever he duels, he transforms into Yami Yugi.

Owner: Ryou Bakura
Abilities: Soul Removal, ability to locate other Millennium Items with its pointers
Spirit: An ancient thief
Summary: The Millennium Ring was given to Bakura by his father. As with Yugi, his father also thought Bakura was destined to have it. This has the ability to locate other items with its pointers. Unfortunately, the spirit within the ring is an evil thief who steals souls and has dark intentions to get all seven millennium items.

Owner: Pegasus J. Crawford (later: Ryou Bakura)
Abilities: Soul Removal, ability to read one's mind or look through one's eyes
Spirit: Unknown
Summary: The origin of the Millennium Eye is some merchant in Egypt who caught Pegasus' eye. Shadi forcefully made Pegasus take the Millennium Eye and this is how it remains to this day. Pegasus uses it to see his opponent's hand in duels, or to just read their mind. He also uses it to steal souls. At the end of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, after using all his shadow powers to duel Yugi, he is helpless to Bakura coming in and stealing the Eye.

Owner: Shadi
Abilities: Ability to see into one's heart and mind to figure out one's personality
Spirit: None
Summary: This item is wielded by Shadi. It allows him to figure out one's personality so he can "judge" them.

Owner: Shadi
Abilities: Can judge a person based on personality and can punish if the person is dishonest
Spirit: None
Summary: The main ability of this scale is that if the owner asks a question, if the person answering is dishonest the Scale has the power to "punish" that person.

Owner: Isis (later: Yugi Mutou)
Abilities: Can show the near future, although a wielder of another Millennium Item may alter that future
Spirit: None
Summary: Isis Ishtal wields the Millennium Tauk. In Battle City she uses it to show the past and near future to Kaiba and Yugi. When Kaiba alters this future, the Tauk loses its power, so Isis hands it to Yugi.

Owner: Malik Ishtal
Abilities: Can take control of a person's body, and can be transformed into a dagger.
Spirit: Possibly Yami Malik
Summary: This Millennium item is wielded by Malik Ishtal, the psycho bad guy from the Battle City story arc. He uses it to control people or as a weapon. Either way, Yami Malik is one psycho character. He makes Pegasus look like a baby.

Yu Gi oh the series

1 The scary green eyed white dragon
2 Dreamer, the trap with no face
3 The lost Astina
4 War begins
5 Get ready, the best demon
6 The beautiful Harpy Lady
7 Mr. Lebai
8 Green eyed White Dragon
9 The resurrection of the Magic Hat
10 The counter attack of the Green Eyed White Dragon
11 The power of friendship, Barbarious 1 and 2
12 Dark 5 Red Eyed Black Dragon
13 The trap of shape changing hat, the danger of the sword fighter of flame
14 The duel in the dark. The city hiding in the dark
15 Breaking off the darkness with the sword of brightness.
16 Exciting battle! Red eyes and pink eyes
17 Terrible, the call between death & existence
18 Shield in right hand and sword in left hand
19 Maze: Combat in the darkness
20 3 become 1! Door protector
21 Black devil Dragon
22 The designated battlecombat Yu Gi Vs. Kaiba
23 The strongest and grandest of dragons
24 The horrible ending
25 Duel in tears, friendship
26 To rescue Muk Ma, Kaiba Vs, Pegasus
27 Kaiba stumbles, the invincible world of toys
28 On the eve before the challenge, Pegasus' deep secret
29 The lost road! Image of deception
30 It's said the strangest warrior: Cassowen has descended
31 The brutal heavy machine combination
32 Go past the time! The real red eyed Black Dragon.
33 The battle of friendship! Yugi Vs Wheeler (Part 1)
34 The battle of friendship! Yugi Vs Wheeler (Part 2)
35 The final Duel. Yugi Vs Pegasus
36 Attacks ineffective? The invincible army of Toons.
37 Starting the counter attack! Mind shuffle.
38 The wicked eyes open! Sacrifice descends.
39 The fusion of light and darkness! Black Chaos descends.
40 King of Duelists
41 The girl from America
42 Deadly shadow ghoul
43 The big 5's trap. Duel Master's quest.
44 Duel Master's quest 2. The legendary Hero, Yugi
45 Duel Master's quest 3. Master of the Dragon Knight
46 The mysterious transfer student, Ryuji Oiogi.
47 Showdown! Dungeon Dice Monsters
48 Yugi's terrible battle. God Orguss' Fierce Assault
49 The miracle dimension. The black magician is summoned
50 Challenge from the past. The terrifying Zera
51 The broken Millennium Puzzle
52 The lost memory of the pharaoh
53 ?
54 The city will become battle city
55 The Ghoul's attack. They're after the Red Eyes Black Dragon
56 Curtain's Up. Ready to play.
57 Turn over, Chain Destruction
58 Superman Lushan, Terrible Psycho power
59 Bet on the courage. Swirling spider
60 Pandora who uses Black Magician
61 The soul of the black magician
62 Magician's disciple Black Magician Girl

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