I, one night, sat down to do some research on witch hunters and I came across a wide varity of things. I was amazed as some of the things that people have done and still do in this time of all times.
There are diverse sets of religions here on earth but only 20% of that is actually Christian. The other makes up from Pagan to Vampyrism even Wiccan.
Witchcraft started out first to being a woman's religion. There are several reasons for this. Most did it because it was something the men were afraid of. But not all witches are evil, just some of them that want to practice the darker side of their religion.
Witch hunters see witches as those who were ugly and hurt small children and kill livestock. They saw them as making whole towns go mad.
Once a witch was captured by these witch hunters they were often subjected to torture. Their faces battered and bruised so they would confess their crimes.
Witch hunting started around the 1450's to early 1400's and they carry on until this very day. Around the 1600's started the American Witch Trials, the Salem Witch Trials to be exact.
There are several methods of torture that the elders of churches nation wide would do to make them confess and some were not all that pretty. And those methods are:
Tying up a suppose witch and throwing him/her into a lake. If they sunk they were not a witch. If they floated then they were trailed as a witch.
Placing a woman/man on scales while on the other is a stack of books. If they weighted more than the books they were trailed as a witch.
Tied up and weighted with a huge rock and tossed into a body of water. They sink there were not a witch and if they floated they would be trailed as a witch.
Letting water slowly drip down on a dry rag in his/her mouth making them gag. If they said they were a witch, 24 hours later they might have been asked again.
Hot oil being poured over the body.
Body was being tied up to two areas and those limbs being slowly pulled apart.
Water being poured down the throat.
Being pulled a few feet off the ground and left there to dangle like a fish on a hook.

Most did not make it our of confession. Some died during the time it took for them to confess because they did not stop when they did confess or not hear them. If they did confess there life was ruined and the things that happened to them then was:

Beheading and burning
Burning alive {started around the 1600's in Salem}
Hanging and Burning
Dieing in the torture chamber

Over 500,000 Souls were lost in the witch trials the number grows bigger and bigger every day. People are dying because of someone's fear. If we would only question people instead of judging them so quickly then maybe innocent lives would not have to be ended because they are different than us.
Most witch hunters are Christian based groups acting on the 'Will of God to end all evil' to stop the world infestation of witches who are seen as 'evil and diseased fawns of Satan' and must be stopped in all aspects before 'they infest our children and make them their slaves'. They do act in large groups of at least ten that take the bible too far into advance and will torture a person until they confess and they will normally end their life 'swiftly and justly'. In most confession places in the early turn of the century they do a number of things to the people like:

Placed in dark areas and made to confess
Barely feed and bathed
Most died under torture

The priests of that time had ways of getting money for their 'project' as they called it. Some was getting a scene together and watching. That was a major time in the town folks' day was to gather and watch them kill people mostly innocent.
Some, almost all, were stoned, had bread thrown at then, food, manure, or anything else that the onlookers could get a hold of.
If they turned in other names sometimes they were sent free after signing everything over to the church.
Church, after killing a witch or found someone with a lot of money at that time that had died awhile back, they would dig up the body and condemn their soul to Satan and take their money and all that they had. It made you wonder who was the right and wrong in that era. Even today everyone has trouble being aware of what is real and what is fake.

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