Wind Magic
By James Kambos

Long ago before the footsteps of human or beast were heard on Earth, there was the wind. And it was magic. It whistled over the hills and sang as it soared above the mountain peaks. So great was its strength it even penetrated the dark virgin forests, whispering its secrets to the majestic trees. When our earliest ancestors first encountered the wind, they were in aue of its great invisible power. After all, it has chiseled great masses of stone, creating canyons and other unique rock formations in all parts of the world. In the deserts, the winds created the eerie beauty of constantly shifting sand dunes. And in the snowy regions, wind pushed the snows into mounds of ice crystals. Air and wind gives our planet life. The ancients, thus drawn to the invisible energy of the wind, made it part of early folk magic. Sailors of the Aegean Sea believed the wind power could be captured by tying knots in their shipís sails. When a gust of wind was needed, the knots was untied, releasing a breeze, which allowed the ship to move on. Such early magical beliefs prefigured the use of wind magic in much folk magic tradition. The Four Winds Understanding the four winds lays the ground work for performing wind magic. Each wind corresponds to each of the four directions, or quarters of our Earth.

These are, the North, South, East and West winds. In different parts of the world, the wind patterns vary, so you must adjust this to your magical needs. The following list gives the attributes of each wind according to the weather conditions of North America and Europe. Remember also, when we speak of prevailing wind, this means the direction from which the wind is coming. That is, the east wind is the wind blowing from the east, not towards it. The North Wind In magic the north wind of the mysteries, for it comes from the darkness of the north. Use it in spells when you wish to banish a bad habit, destroy a disease or rid your life of any negativity. It is a cold and barren wind. Its season is winter, its colors are black or the deepest navy blue. Its element is earth and its hour is midnight. The South Wind This is the hottest of the four winds. Use it in spells, where you need a sudden burst of energy or change. But be careful, the south wind can bring you more than youíve asked for. It is a hot, dry wind associated with summer. Its colors are brilliant white, yellow and orange. Fire is its element, and noon is its time of day. The East Wind The east wind comes from the direction of the sun rise and moon rise. The east wind is the wind of renewal. Use the east wind in spells where you need a fresh start, a new job, career change, new home and so on. It is a warm fresh wind its season is spring. It belongs to the element air. Crimson and warm pinks are its colors and dawn is its time of day. The West Wind Cool and moist best describes the west wind. It is the wind to use if you are casting a love or fertility spell. Its element is water, and its colors include green, blue and misty gray. Autumn is its season. The est rules the hours of twilight, so it is potent wind for spirit contact or seeing into the future. Working Wind Magic Before calling on the winds in your magical work, you mist prepare yourself. Wind magic is simple, but most of us have lost touch with its power. Stop and think about this for a moment. When was the last time you truly listened to the wind? To appreciate the wind, try getting away to a rural area, a garden or a park.

Begin by sitting and emptying your head. Next breathe deeply. Lastly let yourself feel the wind in your hair or on your skin. Try this technique as often as you can and at different times of the day or evening, calling upon the winds. When you summon the winds to aid in casting a spell, first clear your mind. Focus on your own desire.

Write this wish down on a piece of virgin white paper. Cast your circle, outdoors if possible, and begin by facing north. Ask the winds for their help, speaking words of power such as: North wind, wind of mystery, clear away any negativity that would prevent my desire from coming to me. Thank you. Turn east and sayĒ East wind, the wind of renewal, bring this change into my life, with harm to none. Thank you. Face south and say: South wind, I ask you to melt away any obstacles that would hinder my desire, with harm to none. Thank you. And lastly face west saying: West wind, the wind of emotions, fuel my desire. Bring my wish to me here and now, with harm to none. It must be. Thank you. Burn your wish paper and sprinkle the ashes in a circle, starting at the north and moving clockwise. Thank the winds and release your circle. Let the winds carry your wish to the divine. You can ask the winds to assist in almost any type of magic. Remember to ask politely when seeking the windís help. Never be demanding. The four winds are ancient and powerful.

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