This comes from the Japanese anime and not manga of Witch Hunter Robin. I might add the manga at a later date or I might not. It all depends. But I hope that you like what I have thus far on it.

Witch hunter robin


Initially, the premise of Witch Hunter Robin is to hunt down and capture “witches” to keep society safe from the baddies they aren’t aware of. The story revolves around Robin, a 15 year old Craft user with a mean fire attack who grew up in a monastery in Rome under the watchful eye of Solomon Headquarters where she was taught to control her powers. Solomon is the worldwide organization that captures witches who have lost control of their powers and harmed/killed members of society. Normally they kill the witches, but the Japanese branch, STNJ, uses a green substance called Orbo to contain a witch’s powers long enough for them to contain them in The Factory. They believe containment is more humane than a death sentence.

WHR opens with Robin being transferred to the Japan Headquarters to replace a member of their team who died during a hunt 6 months ago. The missions of the initial episodes are to hunt down and contain witches. Witches are people with extraordinary powers, a trait that usually is hereditary. Usually, their power lies dormant for a period until one day it awakens suddenly. Witches usually snap and start killing others if they are mentally unstable in the first place or they are looking to scare or enact revenge on someone. To keep a heads up on possible witches, STNJ keeps a database of all known witches and their lineage. Families that are likely candidates, called SEEDS, are watched closely for any kind of abnormal power.

The first few episodes of the show follow Robin as she attempts to fit in with STNJ. She is partnered with Amon, who isn’t one for playing games and tends to keep to himself. His first impression of Robin isn’t favorable, and from the first episode, he criticizes her for not being able to control her powers. As the episodes progress and Robin learns to control her powers, the two work as partners with the other members of STNJ.

Things begin to get particularly interesting when Robin meets another craft user who begins to question if Robin isn’t hunting her own kind in the same fashion that those responsible for the historical witch trials hunted witches because they are different. That sparks a chain of events that presents everyone in a different light than we’ve seen them previously. It seems that everyone has secrets and that no one is who we thought they were… From this point forward (around episode 11) the series switches direction from a new murder case each episode to a continuing saga that builds from previous episodes.

I think that this is one of the best animes currently out right now. I admit, from about episode 3-8, the series lagged in my opinion, but I think it was necessary to show how STNJ conducted their hunts on a day to day basis. From about episode 11 onwards, the series really picked up momentum and to the point where I've anxiously waited for newer episodes to be released.


Amon can come off as pretty cold at times, all but ignoring his partner, Robin, when she first arrives. He is also the one to criticize her for her lack of aim when using her fire power. He’s not one to complement, and there have been hints that he also has power, but it has not yet been unlocked yet.

Chief Kosaka
The chief of STN-J has a crazy temper and it seems would really like to fire Doujima if he could. He must have high blood pressure as he's upset and screaming all the time.

Doujima is apparently a member of a very powerful family and that’s what got her the job with STNJ and allows her to be so lazy/irresponsible and not be fired. Doujima doesn’t take her job nearly as serious as everyone else, and if she can cut out early, she will.

Karasuma has the power to sense the positive and negativeness of thoughts when she touches something, so she tends to be the psychic of the group. She's pretty laid back, but if something is bothering her about a case, she'll follow through until she is satisfied. She and Amon have been with STN-J the longest, dating at least to 5 years, so they are pretty comfortable working together for the most part. Her partner, though, is actually Sakaki.

Master Harry
Master runs Harry's place, a restaurant by Raben's Flat where the various members of STN-J go when they're not on duty. Harry's a quiet type, very mysterious, but fairly pleasant.

Michael joined STNJ when he was caught hacking into their systems. He pleaded for his life, offering to help them in their hunt. Now, he is an essential member of the team, but still not completely trusted and must wear a device to ensure he cannot leave STNJ headquarters.

As a favor to Amon, Nagira becomes sort of a father figure to Robin and looks out for her as she develops her powers. He runs Nagira Law Offices and also seems to do some shady work on the side. He is also sympathetic towards SEEDS.

Robin is pretty reserved for a character of her power. She was born in Japan but raised in a monastery in Rome to control her power over fire. She’s very young for a hunter and at times takes a more warm approach to getting to know her co-workers than they appear used to. As a witch, when she tries to use her powers to their fullest, she loses a portion of her eyesight and therefore must wear glasses to fully control it. There have also been hints that Robin could be more powerful than her current level and may go Super-Saiyan at some point in the future.

Sakaki seems to be less experienced than the rest of the team, and finds himself in situations where the chief isn't too pleased with his actions on the last hunt... We don't really know what his powers are yet, but he isn't great with his gun and tends to be weaker than the rest of the group, relying heavily on Orbo as protection from witches.

Touko is Robin's roommate. The two get along pretty well, although Touko seems older than Robin and sometimes becomes irritated when Robin uses her fire ability in the house. Touko also isn’t much of a clean freak… There are also hints that she and Amon may be seeing each other, but the relationship is sporadic because Amon isn’t the warm and open about sharing feelings type of guy.

Zaizen is fairly mysterious and only seems to converse with Amon over secretive issues such as the awakening of Robin's abilities. He seems to be higher up than the Chief.


Episode 1: Replacement
STNJ is attempting to capture a witch. Karasuma is chasing him. The witch attacks and his pursuer tries to shoot, but he escapes. The witch tries to hide atop a building, but another of STNJ’s members, Amon, finds him and captures him

The next day, Robin is to arrive. She goes to Raben’s Flat, the Japanese headquarters. A guard tells her to wait. Upstairs at headquarters, the chief lectures Karasuma on using bullets in the city because they’re difficult to find. They don’t want to arouse suspicion. They then discuss the case. The witch that they captured was Nishigama Kento. He apparently had an ally, Higashi Yuuji, who is 25 years old and unemployed. Nishigama supposedly got him powers from Higashi. Doujma walks in late and informs them that there is a girl waiting for Amon downstairs. They tell the guard to tell her Amon already left. Robin goes out to kill some time. Headquarters calls and tells them the replacement boarded a different plane. They learn she has gone missing at the airport. After a few moments, they realize that the girl downstairs was probably Robin.

STNJ members set out that night to catch the witch. They enter a warehouse with sigils on the floor. Amon and Haruhito search for the witch. They find him in a corner and he attacks psychically by binding the power with the yellow spirit. They try to sedate him with a glowing green substance called Orbo, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Robin enters the warehouse and observes the sigil. It’s Ogham, a style of writing based on rings and marks used by the Celts, with the symbol, Hagal, one of 24 runes from the Elder Futhark alphabet. It is one of the runes of the second Aett, Heimdall Aett, and is the equivalent to the letter “H”. She says it isn’t complete and sniffs it as the chief and Doujima watch from behind.

Robin confronts the witch and tells him she’s changed the Ogham symbols in his field to hers. He attacks as Robin attacks with her fire power. Everyone shoots at the witch and he goes down. They tell Robin that it is more humane to capture witches than kill them. Amon, however, is not impressed with Robin and her flame ability. He asks if she can’t use her powers in a more constructive manner, as it is difficult to put out fires.

Episode 2: Addicted to Power
The case of the episode is Kazuya Misawa and his trial. He was suspected of killing his business partner, Yukihiro Watanabe. The murder allegedly took place in a building Misawa owned. The cause of death was internal bleeding caused by bruised internal organs. Witnesses testified that Misawa didn’t touch Watanabe, but killed him with a curse. Even the medical examiners said the pressure came from the inside. However, the officer in charge of the case had to make up some stuff to bring the case to trial. The police then arrested Misawa for hitting the victim with a blunt weapon. They were intent on capturing him because of his prior record of battery, which went unpunished. If the cause of murder is a curse, it can’t be tried in court, as the public doesn’t know about the power of witches. Once Misawa realizes he can get away with using his power, they fear his crimes will escalate.

Since Robin is new, they explain some of the basics to her as they do things a bit differently than Headquarters. They use a substance called Orbo, which neutralizes the enemy’s power. It also has the effect of weakening the Hunter’s power. They tell her that she is to capture not to kill. She agrees, but refuses to use the Orbo.

Amon learns that Misawa was to marry Ms. Nakamoto. Karasumu and Sakaki investigate her posed as members of the press. Karasumu has the power to read the thoughts of others. Through this, she learns that Ms. Nakamoto desires attention. She is not concerned at all about her fiancée’s trial. Karasumu asks if she can have exclusive coverage of the wedding, and Ms. Nakamoto tells her that she’ll get back to her.

The wedding is to take place at night. Members of STNJ are stationed about. Doujima asks Misawa to wait for his bride in the chapel. The prosecutor comes in with a camera man and attacks Misawa, wanting to get the curse on videotape. Misawa uses his curse to kill the prosecutor and poses for the camera. Meanwhile, Doujima knocks out the cameraman and the Hunters surround Misawa shooting him with Orbo and eventually capturing him.

Ms. Nakamoto gets her time with the press, as she has decided to continue running the company despite Misawa’s missing status. She crys as she states that it is the only connection she has to him now.

Episode 3: Dancing in Darkness
A man runs though a tunnel. Suddenly a swarm cloud overtakes him. In the distance, there is a silhouette of a man with a sigil on his hand.

Michael calls Robin at 4:20AM and tells her to be in the office by 5. At the office, they learn that the body dried up like a mummy. The man’s license identifies him as Katagama. He was 22 years old, but his body now appears far older. Robin investigates and finds a bug.

There is an attempted hack into STN’s computer system, but Michael assures everyone that no one can break into his system. They call a meeting to discuss the case. There were two other cadavers previously found that similar to the one found this morning. One was a 33 year old male and the other, a 28 year old female. A DNA test has confirmed that the man found this morning is the same guy as the id they found. All were descendants of witches registered with STN-J, but none had yet recognized their power.

Upon further investigation, STN-J learns that there are several examples of mummification dating back to one in Europe 120 years ago, one in Japan 80 years ago, and the last in America 40 years ago. All victims were witches or the descendents of witches, and each death was thought to have been caused by a witch. The incident in Japan even names a suspect, Kazuma Kurata. His body has never been found.

Kurata has one known relative still living, his grandmother, who now has Alzheimer’s disease. She is senile and talks as if Kurata hasn’t aged as she became older.

Another incident reveals another mummy. Kurata was captured on the security camera, but he still looks 30, not the 110 he should be. They wonder how he can not age. Kurata has a scarab tattooed on his hand. To maintain eternal life, he has the ability to absorb the virility of other witches, but he must do so once every 40 years. They hypothesize that he must have been the one to try to hack STN-J’s database to find new victims. About the scarab, scarabs are powerful in ancient Egypt. There are also some cases of witches who were able to borrow power from animal familiars. They speculate that may be a source of his life.

The hunt is on for Kurata, but he is able to escape. Robin confronts him as well, but she is not quite accurate with her fire power and misses, trapping the STN-J members behind a wall of fire. Amon is concerned that maybe Robin hasn’t yet gained full control over her powers.

At the nursing home, Kurata’s grandmother has died. They take the picture of the photo she has hoping Michael may be able to identify the location and possibly find clues to the whereabouts of Kurata.

Meanwhile Sakaki has been attacked by Kurata and is growing older. When the other STN-J members arrive, Kurata attacks with his swarm of insects. Luckily, Robin can hit this target, and as the insects burn, Kurata ages.

Later that night, Robin brings Michael donuts and coffee. He tells her that he once was a hacker (not a cracker). He was able to enter and navigate even the most advanced security systems to reach all kinds of protected data. He never harmed the data, just left a calling card. One day, though, he hacked the wrong computer network - that of STN - and got trapped inside. He was traced and people were there immediately. Zaizen allowed Michael to work for them in exchange for his death sentence, and ever since, he’s been collared. He can’t even go outside without permission.

The next day STN-J learns that Kurata died at the Factory. His body turned to sand.

Episode 4: Stubborn Aesthetics
A body lies dead in the park as birds surround it. Elsewhere, Amon has decided it is time Robin wears glasses and hands her a pair. Robin assures him that her eyes are fine.

On her way home from her daily visit to church, Robin walks through the park and meets a girl who sits alone, painting a landscape. The two engage in a theological discussion, as the girl, Sayoko, has noticed that Robin often visits the church.

When Robin returns to STN-J headquarters, Amon is quick to hand her files to look through. They are unsolved murder cases from the last two years involving suspicious circumstances. The murders may or may not have been caused by a witch. The murder at Yotsuya Pond Park may be tied in with the other murders. Similarities include the victims all bled to death from external wounds and that the weapon was never found. All victims were cut alive and there was no evidence of them being sedated or tied up. There was also no evidence of a struggle. Therefore, it is hard to believe that a witch wasn’t involved. One murder occurred just four months before Robin joined the group.

Later, Robin and Karasuma sit at Harry’s. Robin asks Karasuma to read her. Karasuma touches her and describes Robin’s confusion and loneliness. She cannot understand why Amon asks so cold to her and ignores her upon occasion. Karasuma explains to her that Robin is coming across crystal clear and that she didn’t have to use her powers to see that. She can only read thoughts and vibes directed at a particular thing. She’s not a mind reader. Robin then asks about her rank. Karasuma is an S-Class, while Robin is only an A-Class. Karasuma assures Robin that if she was able to accurately aim, she’d move to S-Class immediately. Robin confesses that she doesn’t know why she can’t aim accurately.

Together, Robin and Karasuma investigate Yotsuya Pond Park, but the two split up as they look for clues. Robin visits Sayoko while Karasuma investigates a trail of bird feathers. When she touches the feathers, she sees Sayoko. Meanwhile, Robin watches as Sayoko becomes annoyed with the crows around her. She tries to frighten them away with her power, but Robin steps in and demands that she stop. In the process, Sayoko’s easel is knocked over, which sends her into a rage. She repeats over and over that Robin has contaminated her. She then attacks, but Robin ducks behind a tree just in time. Robin unleashes her fire attack but misses and hits Sayoko’s painting. She starts towards Robin, but Robin has her glasses and has gained some accuracy with her aim. As Robin attacks the girl, Amon and Sakaki appear and shoot her to contain her.

Episode 5: Smells Like the Wandering Spirit
Amon and Robin have spent the last two hours getting her vision checked. The conclusion – when she uses her ability to its full potential, her vision deteriorates for a moment. He insists that Robin gain control over her powers.

Meanwhile, there’s a missing witch, Shouji Takizawa, 46 years old. He disappeared even though he had a nice house and was working for a top ranking company. Strangely enough, when he left, he didn’t take any money, so the group picks homeless shelters as a likely place he might be.

Sakaki investigates one of the box homes at the shelter to find a bunch of photos. Suddenly, a man grabs his head and becomes paranoid. He runs out of the shelter and into the street where he is hit by a truck. When STN-J investigates, they find that the man was not a witch. One weird characteristic of the dead man was that he had a fragrant olive smell that disappeared before he arrived at the factory. Regardless, the chief isn’t happy about this recent turn of events and reprimands Sakaki for his actions. Robin asks why Doujima didn’t get in trouble with Sakaki because the two went together. She is informed that Doujima has high status parents.

As the group ponders the recent events, Karasuma describes a similar situation that happened to her about a year ago. They hypothesize that some witches possess the power to control another’s mind. It is called the Single Eye. Witches send strong feelings of fear into human’s minds but they can’t control them completely. Michael believes that the witch is able to magnify the anxiety and fear that lies within. The greater the anxiety and fear a person starts with, the greater they will be effected by the witch.

Meanwhile Sakaki and Amon are out on another investigation. A man by Sakaki starts losing it and as Sakaki tries to calm the man down, a flock of birds taking off scares him and he starts running away. Luckily, Amon is able to catch him before anything bad happens and the two recognize the man as a decoy.

STN-J decides to investigate the homeless shelter with the photos from earlier. While there, Sakaki is attacked and Robin is left to calm him down. Again, there is a scent of olives in the air.

Robin and Amon discuss the case at Harry’s later that day. She asks how he knew about Single Eye. He explains that Harry knew of it. That people with Single Eye can only see out of one of their eyes. Robin realizes then that she had seen the man at the shelter. He was the one who bumped into her.

Episode 6: Raindrops
Robin has been practicing her technique with her new glasses and is now up to 98%. Everyone is impressed except Amon, who tells her to go home.

Later Robin is riding her bike presumably far away from her apartment. She notices a storm coming. Luckily a woman is driving by and offers her a ride home. The woman, Eiko Yano, and Robin briefly discuss the role of working on the drive home. Once home, Eiko-san hands Robin an umbrella.

After the woman drops Robin off at home, she goes to visit an employee who didn’t show up at work that day. The girl continues to wash dishes as Eiko-san reprimands her. She then warns the girl that she had better come to work on time tomorrow. On the drive home, Eiko-san sees a silhouette of a girl in her rear view mirror. She swerves the car and it crashes.

When Robin learns of the accident, she is deeply concerned. She asks Karasuma to use her power to scythe the area where the car crashed. When she doesn’t sense anything, she and Amon go to the girl worker’s house posing as Eiko-san’s boyfriend and little sister. The girl, Chie, shows no remorse about her boss’ death.

Upon investigation, they learn that Chie once had a CAT scan of her brain. She had a concussion and was taken to the hospital where tests revealed that she had multiple personality disorder. The odd thing was that personality two never showed up. Karasuma is angered by this and accuses Robin of pursuing this because she wants to show off her powers. The chief then finds them and reprimands them for unauthorized personal access to data. He then sends Robin home and everyone else to work. Amon asks Michael to continue his search back 6 generations.

Michael’s research discovered that three years ago, Chie’s boyfriend died. He had his achilles tendon and artery severed and died from blood loss. It appears that the boyfriend was a playboy, but she had an alibi so she was never a suspect in the death. There is also a witch in her lineage.

Amon takes that as enough evidence to go back to the girl’s house. She’s not home, but one of her dolls notices Amon in the house and calls Chie. She believes that he came to uncover their secret. As Amon drives home, the doll attacks him.

Meanwhile, Robin goes back to Chie’s place to do some investigating of her own. A doll attacks her, but she is quick to flame it. Suddenly more dolls appear, telling Chie to kill the intruder. Amon comes in just in time to shoot Chie with orbo and Robin torches the remainder of the dolls.

Later, as they discuss the case, they learn that only 49 of 50 dolls where found. Robin is somewhat disturbed, as she as always wanted to believe that the death of someone would be felt by those around them…

Episode 7: Simple Mind
Robin’s curiosity gets the best of her and she asks Touko about her relationship with Amon – are they seeing each other? Touko replies yeah, right…

A wrecked car is pulled out of the water. The driver was Ryouji Kasai, 32 years old. He was notorious for stealing 20 million yen last month, and many of the serial numbers of Kasai’s money matched that missing. He had been working for a cash in transit firm until three months before the incident. The police take over the investigation from there.

The culprit appears to be Tsuneo Tazawa, 37 years old. Doujima and Karasuma decide to go to his place to investigate but find no one home. They hear a car start and drive away outside and decide to follow. Unfortunately, Tazawa is one up on them and is able to crush their car, as they narrowly escape.

Meanwhile, Robin and Sakaki try to prevent a car crusher at a junk shop to stop crushing Tazawa’s car. There is a kid inside the car. Tazawa put him to sleep before he tried to kill him.

STN-J speculates the motive for the recent events. They hypothesize that witches demonstrate their ability to either threaten others or because they are mentally unstable and can’t control the power. Both men involved in the robbery had gambling debts, so maybe Tazawa snapped and decided to take all the money for himself.

The boy found in the car was Mamoru Kudou, 7 years old. His parents died and his uncle, Tazawa, had custody of the boy for the last six months. A neighbor lady of Tazawa also mentions that Mamoru had the ability to bend spoons. Suddenly things begin to make more sense. Tazawa isn’t the witch, Mamoru is. Unfortunately, when they go back to the hospital to find the boy, he’s missing.

Tazawa returns to the place where the stolen money had been stashed. He is chased by the police, but Mamoru shows up and destroys the police cars. He then confronts his uncle. He and Mr. Kasai were trying to steal his money. He then accuses his uncle of trying to kill him and attempts to kill his uncle by smashing two train cars together. STN-J appears and capture the kid.

Episode 8: Faith
A man doesn’t have enough change to use the vending machine for a soda. He demands that a bystander give him change. He threatens and a man comes from behind him and gags him with a rag soaked with chloroform. At a local hospital, a man named Kurosawa heals a girl by laying his hand on her wound. His hand glows. A colleague calls him the Chosen One.

At the diner, Robin appears to have a cold from working long hours in the rain. The waiter offers her hot ginger water and gives her a referral to the Touto Taka no Dai General Hospital. Robin sees a doctor who gives her a prescription and then mentions that wrapping a green onion around her throat may work better then the medicine.

Mizutani Kumi, the girl from the operation the night before, awakens from her successful operation quite happy. Risa Kayama, is another patient with an operation next week. Kirihara asks if Kurosawa will heal her as well. Kurosawa responds that if healing the sick is his destiny, then he will continue to follow that path. However, it appears that in order to perform the operation, a donor must be found. Kirihara tells him that they have found one that isn’t useful to society.

At headquarters, the group discusses the investigation of a witch, who had a heart attack according to police reports. However, STN-J found different results from another autopsy they performed. The cause of death was necrosis of the heart, something they believe could have only been caused by witchcraft. Michael found a similar case from three years ago. The coroner was the same in both cases a guy named Kazuhiro Kirihara, who now works at the hospital Robin visited. The group becomes suspicious of him when they learn that he autopsied several members of the Japanese mafia and named the cause of death as a heart attack or stroke in many cases as if he was able to erase his victims legally.

Kirihara plans a dinner meeting with a member of the Japanese mafia. After several refills of saki, the mafia guy is sound asleep. Kirihara leaves and tries to drive him away, but STN-J follows. They realize they are being followed but the mafia guy pulls on the steering wheel, sending the car crashing into a wall. The doctors escape into a nearby building.

Sakuri follows, and is ambushed by the doctors. Luckily he has the green stuff so the Kurosawa’s powers won’t work properly. Robin comes to his rescue. Atop the building, Robin uses her powers to threaten the doctor to surrender. He agrees to, but Kirihara jumps down on top of Robin causing her to land on unstable scaffolding and severely hurting himself in the process. Kurosawa asks her if there are others like the two of them. Vowing to fulfill his destiny until the end, Kurosawa sacrifices his own life for Kirihara’s. His final wish is for Kirihara to save Robin.

Episode 9: Sign of the Craft
Robin gets a phone call in the middle of the night asking her to meet. Someone is dead, burnt from the inside out like a microwave. Amon and Robin investigate. The victim is Tatsurou Oikawa. His father is chairman of a small company.

Robin asks why someone who is totally normal would one day just commit such an act. Amon asks her if she was born in Japan. She answers yes, although she moved to Toscano when she was little. Even so, she may have relatives in the country. Michael comes in to tell Amon and Robin that Sakaki and Karasuma are on the trail of the witch. He notices that Robin does not look comfortable.

Outside the house of the witch, the four begin the operation to capture the witch. The Factory’s computer decided they must inquire about Aki Yoshioka, to find out if her power has awakened. Amon and Robin enter her house to find her dead. They find a pile of sand on the floor and her computer still on.

Back at headquarters, Michael examines the computer to find a message: “Oikawa Tatsuhiro, Matsunaga Kiyoshi, Aramune Seiichiro. I am the one who killed these 3.” It was signed by Aki Yoshioka. Michael does a search for the other two names.

Meanwhile, another incident occurs. A man is driving at night. Suddenly a woman appears in his car. Startled, he crashes the car and the car explodes into white fire. When Amon and Robin arrive, they are perplexed, as according to Michael, the DNA of the person found dead matched that of Aki Yoshioka. Robin mentions the sand she found on the floor of Yoshioka’s apartment. Sand is north. It expresses the position of Earth. South is fire. West is water. East is Wind, and circle is Space.
When they arrive back at the apartment, Robin investigates. Apparently, Yoshioka used the Rastral’s projection method to break away from her body. The person that tried to interfere with her will was probably the person that killed Oikawa and the others. They ask Karasuwa to try scrying for it.

Michael reports back that he found something during his search for Oikawa and Matsunaga. Both did some volunteer work with a man named Aramune previously. They helped victims of domestic violence and those at rehab centers. That may have been a front, though, because the place was closed down after an investigation. Aki Yoshioka also interned at this facility. Michael asks if Karasuwa was able to find anything left of Aki Yoshioka’s will. No, her will was completely removed. They hypothesize that maybe the one who performed the ceremony took it with her. Michael then remembers that Doujima found a strange record when searching the database. It appears as if there are 2 Aki Yoshioka’s.

Amon and Robin request an appointment with Aramune, but are refused. Aramune has a flashback to the clinic. In Aramune’s office, a little girl accuses the men of selling bodies. They tell her that she is mistaken and that they are only trying to cure her diseases. She retorts that there was nothing wrong with Hiroshi and Suzu’s bodies, but even so, they were sent overseas to a foreign hospital and came back differently. The girl sets fire to a paper on the desk. In the present, the little girl appears in Aramune’s hotel room.

Michael has discovered that the Aramune’s facility sent children overseas under the guise of them undergoing an operation. The children then became donors to a foreign transplanting business. Among the list of those currently dead, Michael found a strange name - Saki Yoshioka. Aki Yoshioka had a twin sister.

Amon and Robin visit the current location of Aramune’s facility. When they arrive, they find a female witch casting white fire. Robin and the woman have the same power. The woman becomes upset, and walks towards Robin chanting that only her sister has the same power as she. Amon fires the green stuff and the woman falls.

Aramune tried to seal Aki Yoshioka because she knew of his past. He feared that she would speak out during his election campaign and bring his past into the light.

Amon and the director exchange words about the incident, insinuating that they are investigating Robin and any possible connection to the two witches.

Episode 10: Separate Lives
Robin picks away at ice at Harry’s bar. She’s dressed in a skimpy waitress’ outfit. Doujima is also apparently helping out.

At headquarters, Michael is checking up on surveillance at the bar. Karasuma asks how things are going. Nothing yet. A man walks in and is caught on surveillance. His height and weight match the ones they were sent.

The man is Takano. He notices that Robin and Doujima are staring at him and asks the bartender if he’s finally hired waitresses.

As Robin and Doujima sit bored out of their minds for the lack of customers at Harry’s, chief Kosaka enters, incredibly angry that they are slacking off. Harry informs him that they weren’t neglecting their duties, but are just taking a break.

Amon asks Michael what time the suspicious man (Takano) came in at Harry’s last night. 9:30. Amon watches the tape a couple of times and notices a man turn around as soon as Takano entered. He had the same build as Yutaka Kobari, the man they’ve been looking for, so it appears that there may be others looking for Yutaka Kobari besides them.

Yutaka Kobari became STN-J’s target about 2 years ago when he was identified as a witch. The informer was Harry’s owner. He was betrayed by his own father. He escaped from STN-J and disappeared to America, where he joined an organization to become an assassin. About 8 days ago, Headquarters informed STN-J that he had returned secretly to Japan.

Amon calls Robin’s roommate, Touko-san. He is lonely and is thinking of her. She thinks it is weird that he would call and say such things. He tells her that it’s best for them not to see each other. She wondered when he would say that.

Michael informs the others that the suspect is leaving. Harry lets everyone go home. He then confronts Yutaka Kobari, who has pretended to be sleeping. At STN-J Headquarters, Michael informs Amon that the man left quite early today and that the others went home. Amon demands to see the videotape. Harry asks Yutaka if he still has a grudge against him. He says yes. He didn’t like being treated like a stranger and then abandoned because he had special powers. He wanted to kill him when he returned to Japan. But it was different when he returned. Harry confesses that he tried to think of his son as a normal human being, but his power was too great to control. He had to break the spell that runs in his veins. Yutaka understands. His power can only be used to kill. He received a wound earlier and is dying. He betrayed the organization because he wanted to see his father and apologize. Yutaka dies in his father’s arms. Amon walks in. Harry confesses that he abandoned the boy because he was scared of his power.

The next day Doujima doesn’t show up for work. Robin asks Harry what he thought of Yutaka. He tells her that even though it’s been a long time, Yutaka was still his son.

Episode 11: The Soul Cages
A man staggers down an alleyway. Two men chase him. He trips over a trash can and falls. When he gets up, he notices a woman from the shadows who chants “Wven the eternal lights shine upon him. The inhabitants of the land of the deadare initiating everlasting power.” on the man. delivered form this world soon. He then psychically attacks them using the electricity from above.

Sakaki talks to Michael. He’s curious as to why the Factory has moved so quickly on this. Everyone seems to be doing this by the book. Amon investigates. Apparently this case is similar to a previous case where the witch could use microwaves. Robin sniffs some of the blood and notices the light bulbs above.

The previous case happened 22 years ago, but the circumstances are almost identical. Michael is confused because there doesn’t seem to be any way the previous witch could have had a child. Meanwhile, Robin sits with the light bulb she found at the crime scene. Doujima can’t believe she took it without permission. They decide to investigate the scene.

Michael scouts the area. 150,000 people live in the area. Michael thinks it will be next to impossible to find the witch. Robin sniffs around the scene a bit more. The old woman from the night before notices her and tells her that she won’t be able to find the person by doing that. Robin is interested that the woman knows what she is trying to do. The woman warns that since Robin’s not from around here, she should leave. Robin tells her that she’ll be ok. The woman replies that maybe she will be, but the surrounding people won’t be. Robin receives a call and walks away.

When she arrives with the others, they tell her that the victims have been taken away. They also notice that a bunch of people are watching them from various buildings around the area. They decide to wait for reinforcements. Karasuma can’t sense anything, but Robin notices another light bulb on the ground.

The man from the previous night is still trying to escape. He remembers using the electricity from the light bulbs above to kill the two men after him. As he gets upset, he blows up a car headlight with that power. The old woman watches from the shadows.

Sakaki has been trying to investigate, but none of the people will respond to his questions. Amon asks where Robin and Doujima have gone. He tells them they went to the lab to investigate the light bulbs. Through investigation, they determine that like Robin, the witch they are looking for isn’t in complete control of his powers because he burned his surroundings in the process. Amon calls Michael and asks him to investigate the electricity system around the crime scene to see if there is any place that may be able to discharge more than standard electricity.

The man walks through a hallway of electric cables. Amon hypothesizes that the first victims were residents who went after him, but now the witch is paranoid and may believe that everyone is out to get him. Michael calls and gives them the coordinates of the high voltage area in the area.

The witch sits alone. Another man comes after him threatening to kill him. The witch uses his electricity power against him and as a shield against the man’s bullets. He begs for his life. Just as he is about to kill the man, Sakaki and Robin show up. Robin engulfs the man in fire, but he is able to shield himself with his electricity. The old woman carves an x on the floor and the electricity in the place goes out. Sakaki and Robin utilize the moment to capture the witch.

Amon researches the witch. Robin walks in. She wants to know more about him. The witch was Jyuuzou Narumi. He was 33 years old. He was a distant relative of the witch Michael researched. Robin thinks its weird that his power would have awakened all of the sudden. She then realizes what the old woman may have been warning her about.

The woman chants alone that in the end, the power you inherited from the dead was too much for you to handle… She carves a rune into the ground with her cane.

Episode 12: Precious Illusions
Robin walks around the area from the previous episode to find the old woman. She asks who the woman is. Robin steps on a rune the woman drawn. The woman disappears and tells her that time is like a prison and has been accumulating in this hellish world since a very long time ago. That is her.

Amon identifies the rune as the witch’s crest (or what we would call the Norse rune ansuz/ansur). It was carved into the body of accused witches in Salem during the witch trials in America. (I have no idea if that’s an actual fact or if it’s part of the mythos of WHR. Can anyone confirm/refute this?) That symbol had been sent repeatedly to STN-J for the last day. Karasuma investigated only to find that they’ve been coming from Robin’s terminal. Michael is investigating, but no one knows what happened to Robin.

Robin is still searching out the old woman. She is a witch from Salem with the witches’ crest. She tells Robin that time doesn’t flow the same for everyone… at least to a small group of people.

Robin isn’t answering the phone. The group has no idea what happened to her, and but are equally concerned with how someone was able to hack into STN-J’s system. Michael has been working nonstop to find the culprit and has been in a bad mood ever since. Amon and the head chief discuss the crest, calling it a scarlet letter. They trace the hacking incidents back to a week ago when they were hunting Narumi. The chief suspects a connection to a witch that may be able to increase another’s abilities.

The witch questions Robin’s decisions about lending her powers to Confraria (?). What does she do if it isn’t called witchcraft. The woman then asks if she’s a descendant of Satyr. The last witch hunt in England was1717 AD, in France was 1745 AD, in Germany was 1775 AD, and finally in Poland in 1793 AD. The woman wonders how many innocent people were killed. Some say up to 9 million witches were burned to death. But there are still some who hunt witches. Robin explains that the witches they hunt are those whose hearts were taken over by evil intentions. The woman explains that she’s heard the same explanation for 300 years. She decides to show Robin the truth.

At Rabin’s place, all the computers are displaying the witch’s crest. None of the systems will respond to Michael’s security.

The witch takes Robin on a tour through history. She shows her a cave drawing of bulls that the devout called god. Robin refutes this claiming that is the devil, not god. She sees a vision of a young girl who explains that while she may want to call the bull the devil, it is the oldest form of god that humans knew about. The first god.
Michael has figured out that the hacker is hacking in through the communication system. No one knows where Robin is, but Amon suspects Gold City. Sasaki and Karasumi have found Robin’s vespa there.

Meanwhile Robin refutes the witch, saying that the demon was drowned by his own greed and fell from the sky. He cannot be god. The witch asks how she can be sure that the demon was the one who fell? The ones who hunted the witches of ages past were also so-called gods. Robin says that they were doing it to rescue the misguided people who took the wrong path. The witch responds that it wasn’t for in the name of peace but jealousy - they were jealous of those who possessed strong powers. It was for that reason that caused these now so-called gods to kill the same race that they once were. The fallen god became known as a “witch” even though they were once of the same blood. The so-called gods then brainwashed the masses to instill doubt and then killed innocent people. The witch tells Robin that she has the same blood that witches do.

Michael asks if Amon happens to know what Methuselah’s witches are. Amon asks if they are the Cow Clan. There is a possibility that they can control other people’s powers.

The witch shows Robin the last prayer of a girl who will be burned. The girl has Robin’s face. Robin flashes back to all the witches she’s hunted. She screams that she is not a witch. The woman counters that the truth always has two faces. The history of the witch hunts still continues with Robin and STN-J. The witch returns to her old woman form and then vanishes with fire. At last she has passed on her knowledge of 400 years.

Amon enters and explains that Methuselah was a witch who was given eternal life as a duty. She could only be killed with fire. Robin asks if that is why she called her… to end eternity? Amon asks Michael if he’s found any more traces of the attack. He says that it appears that the attack was done solely to call Robin and to find out more about her. Amon explains that in Greek mythology, doubt made the satyr believe that his own child would steal his position. In the end, he killed his own child and ate the body. Those were the words the witch left to Robin.

Robin receives a message that the relic that might possibly be the secret of the Craft was recovered. She is awaiting further instructions.

Episode 13: The Eyes of Truth
Amon and Robin are waiting for Inquisitor Koushon, who shows up 20 minutes late. He introduces himself and asks to be his guide. The Inquisitor observes that the air feels heavy.

Sakaki and Michael are working on something as Karasumi tries to sleep. They are researching the inquisitor who is supposed to be coming. Michael can’t access the information, meaning this man is definitely important. It appears to be a heresy inquiry.

The Inquisitor asks Amon to stop at the next traffic light. He gets out and observes the ground where a rune (similar to Norse hagall/hagalaz) has been placed.

The inquisitor has come to find a particular man, Shiro Masuda. They work via different principals similar to the Middle Ages. They are trying to determine if this person can be used as a hunter, but the final decision must be made by a human. That’s what inquisitors do.

Robin goes to the Inquisitor as he is setting up his equipment. He has expected she would come. He asks her if she remembers the symbol he gave her when she was Inquired by him. Hagaru’s 8 fruits - a sacred ceremony connected to the Craft’s secret technique, but also a forbidden fruit granting them the power of god… to be able to separate lambs into angels and corrupted angels. There is a flash of the rune (hagall) and Robin responds God’s power, Shiva. At the time, Robin didn’t seem to understand the significance of the Fruit of Intelligence.

Amon enters, having brought Shiro Masuda. They will start immediately. Two years ago, a horribly crushed corpse was found in Tokyo. The police labeled it an accident and closed the case. The Inquisitor tells him that he knows what that man was crushed by. He responds that he doesn’t know. The Inquisitor slides a stone tablet across the table with another rune on it (nauthiz/neid) and calls it the Stone Axe of Hagaru. This is the evil symbol which he, Sefer Jazira, used according to the creation book of Gematria (ie Hebrew numerology) The Inquisitor continues that destruction, annihilation, and revenge where what lurked in his heart and he acted on those desires. He asks further if crushing a human body made him feel good. He answers that was only trying to protect himself and the man was not human. If he didn’t kill him, he would have been killed. The Inquisitor calls him a servant of the devil… he demanded god’s power and became a servant of the devil by his own will. He commands the man to show his true power. Shiro Masuda begs him not to make him do this. He’ll end up killing him. The witch powers up, but is calmed down by the Orbo in large cylindrical containers nearby. He swears he didn’t want to kill anyone. The Inquisitor declares the Inquiry over.

Robin and Amon discuss what happened later. Everyone has some amount of evil in their hearts. Masuda showed some intent, the Inquisitor cleared him. Amon explains there is a difference between gray evil and pitch black evil. Robin has a flash back to her younger self in the monastery as she is enduring her Inquiry. Her Inquisitor tells her that overwhelming power will guide people to eternal darkness. That’s why they need endurance. When one’s power awakens, they must endure any treatment received from others if the person wants to keep living in this world. In the end, that is impossible, though. Robin asks why anyone would want to do go though the motions. He asks her why she does.

They’ve done some research and found that Shiro Masuda hasn’t held a steady job for the last 2 years. It appears that Solomon made that happen because he could potentially become a hunter. They used him as a tool. That night, three people try to mug Masuda. He unleashes his power. Amon and Robin come to the rescue but Masuda kills two of the kids before Robin confronts him. She calls him a fallen angel and then incinerates him. As she does, a tear rolls down her cheek as the Inquisitor stands up in the distance.

The stone monument with the rune was a memoir of a martyr who was betrayed by his followers. Probably a witch. The chief and Amon discuss Robin. Elsewhere, the Inquisitor tells her that she seems like she’s finally awoken to the pleasures of the craft. Robin asks him who he is.

Episode 14: Loaded Guns
Very bizarre episode...

Amon and Robin are on a hunt. They examine the room to find Ogham’s Circle. Robin touches it but it disappears before her and another sigil emanates from the floor. 12 and 12. There are two covens surrounding her. The Inquisitor is there watching her.

The Inquisitor explains that there were 1000 powers lost 1000 years ago, but the fallen descendants of God are still inheriting them. This is the power that is sealed within the darkness. She imagines Amon shooting her with Orbo.

Amon’s voice wakes her out of her vision. They are looking for someone in the storage area. Another Ogham’s Circle is drawn on the floor. Someone shoots at her, but she can’t figure out where it’s coming from. She runs up the stairs to the top of the room to find bullets lying on the ground and wonders if this is it - Andread’s Loom? Amon calls to her as another Ogham’s Circle appears below her feet.

After the incident, Robin and Amon discuss what happened. He thinks she is lying about the gun shots and tells her to go home, but not to let this happen again. Robin takes the bullet she found to Michael and asks if he can look into it. She also asks if he can keep this a secret from Amon. As Amon drives home, he throws a handful of bullets out the window of his car…

When Robin goes home, she takes a bath and notices a bruise on her wrist. She recalls the incident again with Amon. Michael learns that the bullet Robin found was used to defeat witches. He wonders why Robin has it. Michael asks Karasuma to examine the bullet. All he was able to find was that it is 5 years and 3 months old and was forbidden to use. He asks her because only she and Amon were working there that long ago.

When Karasuma tries scrying, she can’t sense anything. Michael says the bullet was once used to hunt witches. Both Karasuma and Sakaki are concerned and ask if Amon knows, but Michael tells them that they need to keep this secret from Amon. The bullet and the “phantom witch” scenario of yesterday concerns Karasuma and they go after Amon and Robin. Karasuma thinks it may be a trap.

Amon drops Robin off at home. She checks the mail to find a letter addressed to her.

Karasuma is concerned about Robin. Amon didn’t even brief her about yesterday’s failed hunt. Robin enters her house suspecting that Touko may be there, but very cautious because her shoes have been neatly placed beside the door of Touko. When Robin turns on the lights, she finds Touko tied up and gagged with a Rag’s barrier sigil surrounding her. The lights go out and bullets start firing at Robin. A couple of men fire and appear to hit Touko in the process of trying to hit Robin, as she is powerless to fight back with the Rag’s Barrier in the way. A bullet gets through Robin’s fire shield and hits Robin. Karasuma and Sakaki enter Robin’s apartment and help her out. When the men flee, Robin decides to go after them, but runs into Amon. He tells her not to move. She faints from the bullet. Touko is taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.

Michael, Karasuma, Sakaki and Doujima discuss the situation. Karasuma thinks the timing of everything is really coincidental to the Inquisitor’s visit. After all, they didn’t know his true intentions. She thinks this incident is all to similar to what happened to Kate… what happened 8 months ago. Doujima thinks it is suspicious that Amon would be there at the scene. Michael asks if she’s accusing him and warns her not to jump to conclusions.

Amon's boss is really pissed with him and starts repeatedly kicks him, claiming that if Amon had only obeyed him, Touko wouldn’t have been harmed.

Episode 15: Time to Say Goodbye
WARNING - If you haven’t actually seen this episode, I suggest that you don’t read further as this is one of the major drive the plot forward episodes…

Robin lays on the floor remembering/envisioning several scenes. Of Karasuma asking if they all thought Amon kill Kate. Of Methuselah who asks if she is a descendant of Saturn. Of the Inquisitor who tells her they will meet again. Of Amon standing over her.

Amon looks in on Touko as she lay in critical condition in the hospital. He tells her he’s sorry.

Chief Kosaka is in a mad mood as usual. He can’t understand why everyone is spending so much time at the office. They protest, saying that Robin was attacked. He tells they he knows, but they don’t have to stay there.

Michael traced the ammo used in the attack back to three suspects, all of which are classified as top hunters. He can’t dig any deeper. The security is just too tight. They decide to start looking into who may have just arrived in Japan. Chief calls in a request to the police department find the information dating back to the last 3 years.

Amon’s boss, Zaizen, stops in to see Touko. He thinks of himself as a father figure to Touko.

Michael does a DNA search and comes up with Yevgenny Kitajenko. His name and face are now different, but it is the same man. He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and has been living in Japan for the last two years. There is no departing record. He must still be in the country. Doujima starts giving orders, asking the Chief to investigate as much as he can with the police.

Master Harry stops in to visit Robin. He mentioned that Amon informed him of what happened and of Touko’s condition. He says Touko is still unconscious, but she’ll definitely get better. Robin still doesn’t understand about Amon. Master Harry tells her not to lose trust. He says to believe in Amon. He would never betray anyone. To cheer her up, he’s brought her a special lunch.
Doujima did some investigating to find that Yevgenny Kitajenko was killed just after he entered the country. The DNA id matched. Karasuma decides they should investigate Amon, as he would be the only other person to be able to use that kind of ammo. Kate was hunted by someone she knew well too. And Amon hasn’t shown up yet today. Robin is still influenced by Master Harry’s words and protests, but Karasuma is determined.

Amon goes back to Robin’s apartment to investigate. The security check recognizes an intruder from Worm and the guards decide to initiate the operation.

At Headquarters, several men break in, shooting the man at the front desk. Upstairs, everyone is working hard on the investigation. Robin makes them a cup of coffee as Headquarters is stormed. The door is shot in as Michael, Karasuma, Sakaki, and the Chief all get shot. The SWAT team then heads after Robin. Suddenly, there is an explosion and Amon steps in to save Robin before she is shot. He tells her to come with her and the two make their escape. As they run, Amon tells Robin that she’s being hunted because it was decided that her powers are dangerous. She asks if Amon was the one who hunted Kate. He tells her he was - she was trying to steal STN-J’s secret because of her own greed. She betrayed them to escape herself. She saw herself slowly losing control over her powers and knew that she could no longer restrain her Craft. She realized that soon, she’d be on the other side of the hunt, but she couldn’t deal with that and would rather die than live with that growing fear. Robin asks about the trust between partners… didn’t he feel bad about hunting his own partner? He responds that there was no trust between the two. She asks him if he believes in her. He tells her that he was ordered by Zaizen to oversee her hunt but he couldn’t do it. He doesn’t think of her as a witch. He tells her to go and slips a piece of paper into her hair. He tells her to escape down the underground passage and stays on the surface to cover for her. She hears gunshots from above. Amon falls to the ground.

OMG - I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’VE JUST KILLED EVERYONE EXCEPT ROBIN Well, we don’t know exactly what happened to Doujima, and maybe everyone else isn’t dead, just lying on the floor wounded... but wow, what an upsetting episode.

Episode 16: Heal the Pain
Robin rides down the street on her bike...

Everyone (except Amon) seems to still be alive and recovering at headquarters - the atmosphere is somber. Sakaki’s leg in a sling, but no one else appears to be hurt. The Chief thanks Doujima for working late. He’s not his usual, angry self. Karasuma asks Doujima to help investigate yesterday’s unnatural death. Sakaki comments that no one has mentioned Amon in the last month… “if only Amon was here.” The comment is met with silence. (I suppose that means that one month has passed since the last episode.)

Zaizen is in his car trying to find out information. He tells whoever he is talking with on the phone to restart the production of Orbo. He mentions that headquarters still gives him the same response about Amon, and that no one, not even headquarters knows the whereabouts of Robin. There have been no orders to search for her. Apparently the incident was not about Robin - the men who attacked were after the Orbo, not her.

Robin arrives at a building in the city called Pierrot. She speaks to the lady at the reception desk, who is gossiping away on the phone. She has a delivery from Nagira Law Offices. As Robin waits in the reception desk, she notices a small boy peeking out from a door. She smiles at him, but a voice from behind tells him not to do that, and the door closes. The reception clerk accepts the package and Robin leaves. When she returns to her bike, a man is trying to pick the lock. He runs away, but on the other rise of the street, Robin notices Doujima enter an alley. Three men follow.

At Nagira Law Office, a woman, Kana, and a man discuss engage in small talk. Kana teases the man about his young lover, who is late again. Maybe she ran away from him. The man questions the phrase “young lover” and then walks out of the office to go buy more cigarettes. Kana asks him to do some work. Since she came into the picture, he’s only ever gone after her. The man responds that she was the one who came to him.

Doujima walks though the back alley. She seems to notice she is being followed and runs to her car. A man comes up from behind her and grabs her. As she reaches for her gun, another man grabs it and forces her to drop it. A third man walks up and accuses her of probing them secretly. He commands him men to let go of her and then does a psychic attack (obviously a witch…) Robin attacks him with fire to save Doujima. She tells Doujima to contact them immediately and then walks away.

Doujima and Robin talk at a local restaurant. Doujima is disappointed that she’s being hunted by a witch. She was after the missing Seed and got tailed along the way. Robin asked what happened to everyone. Doujima tells her that everyone is fine. The people who attacked them used plastic bullets. Everyone is back to normal except Sakaki, who broke his leg. But STN-J is now limited without Robin and Amon. No one knows the whereabouts of Amon. They thought he was with her, but apparently not. Since that incident, Zaizen hasn’t shown up either. No one knows what’s going on, especially Robin, who seems hurt that they decided to hunt her. Doujima reassures her that STN-J hasn’t received any orders to continue the hunt. She’s glad Robin’s ok. Robin tells her that Amon saved her. Doujima is delighted, but Robin asks that she doesn’t tell anyone about her or Amon. Doujima requests one last favor. Because Sakaki can’t move and Karasuma is trying her best to replace Amon, Doujima may again be forced to hunt alone. Will Robin come with her? Robin refuses. She can’t put anyone else in danger by giving anyone her contact address.

Before she leaves, she asks Doujima if anyone knows anything about the incident. Doujima reports that the Orbo guns and data were stolen. Michael assured them that the data was safe because of the security system he loaded. No one knows what that means.

Robin returns to Nagira Law Office and is welcomed by Kana, who informs her that she’s late. She explains that she went for a cup of coffee, and that the counselor was worried, so he went out looking for her.

Robin has a flashback to her and Amon’s last scene when he slipped the contact information into her hair. She tells him she’ll wait for him, but she doesn’t want to just wait.

Karasuma is out on a hunt (by herself). The witch spots her but attacks and almost strangles her. Karasuma is able to shoot him as he is on top of her.

Kana goes up to Robin’s room and informs her that the counselor has requested dinner with her. He asks if anything happened to her while she was out. She says no. He then informs her that he is only taking care of her because Amon asked, and that he has no intention of risking his life for her. She confesses that she did meet one of the STN-J members coincidently but did not reveal her contact information. She just wanted to see if she could find info on Amon. The counselor assures her that Amon told him that he would contact him. He then asks Robin to take a look at a photo and identify whether the man is Zaizen, STN’s boss. The picture is of Zaizen and Touko. Robin confesses that the girl was her roommate, who got dragged into the situation because of her. The counselor informs her that Touko is now in a sanitarium… her body healed, but she still hasn’t recovered from the shock. Touko is Zaiken’s only daughter, the daughter of the wife he divorced which is why they have different last names, so they are taking all precautions to make sure she’s ok. Robin questions whether she can trust anyone… except Amon. Robin asks why he is investigating STN. He answers that he hates those witches and Seeds who try to restrain others.

Karasuma sits at Harry’s after work. Harry senses that everyone has changed. Doujima arrives. Karasuma greets her and acknowledges that she’s scared of what is happening, but hopefully if nothing else happens, she and Doujima can work together tomorrow. Doujima can’t keep Robin’s secret and blurts out that she was saved by Robin. She assures them that Robin is safe.

Episode 17: Dilemma
Karasuma tries to read a scene, but her powers are weakening.

The witch they are hunting is Keiko Muramatsu, 23 years old. Michael investigates but thinks that with the length of the list, it will take them 30 years. Sakaki is anxious to get back to work, especially with the lack of manpower since Robin and Amon left.

Robin continues with her delivery job.

Karasuma and Doujimo discuss asking Robin to join them again on the hunt. Doujima knows how hard Karasuma is working to take Amon’s place, but it’s been hard on everyone. They speculate that the people that attacked to find the Orbo were Solomon.

Doujima goes out looking for Robin and sees her in a car. Robin is babysitting for Nagira. Doujima tries to follow but blows up her vespa in the process and has to give up her quest.

Robin feds the little girl octopus, which people on the other side of the sea call devil fish. The little girl mentions that her father was taken away by men who called him the devil. The little girl makes a shiny doro dango, a mud dumpling, and as she constructs it, strange symbols appear in the dirt. Robin grabs the girl and asks what she’s doing, and the girl drops the mud dumpling and begins to cry. Doujima rides up in her vespa and sees the scene. She creates a reconciliation ritual where Robin must apologize to the girl, Minori Yoshida. They made up.

Robin asks Doujima to return. She replies that it’s not safe for them to be in contact. Doujima asks her to return - that if Solomon Headquarters really was looking for her, they wouldn’t have left her alone for an entire month.

Karasuma calls headquarters reporting that she found the witch and is on the trail. Michael tries to contact Doujima, who is still with Robin. Robin can’t leave her responsibilities to babysit Minori. Meanwhile, Karasuma catches up with Keiko, who starts attacking Karasuma with objects from the environment. Suddenly, Robin shows up with Doujima and starts attacking with her fire power. She sends Doujima after the witch to shoot her with Orbo.

Robin sticks around to chat with Karasuma. Karasuma is happy that Robin is safe and thanks Robin before she leaves. As Robin and Nagira eat, Robin asks him if he is involved with helping witches that STN hunts, such as the little girl Robin babysat. She asks why he takes care of her, even if she and Amon are his enemies. Nagira tells her that he lived with Amon for three months as a kid and that he is bound by his friendship to him.

Episode 18: In My Pocket
A man runs. He says he doesn’t know anything about a “Piece of Knowledge.” A witch follows and kills the man.

Robin sits awake in her room thinking about Doujima. She is called downstairs to deliver a package. Once she is on her way, Nagira pulls out a gun from his drawer and leaves the office.

Nagira meets up with a strange man in an alleyway who offers his information in exchange for some money. The man knows of the woman who was rumored to have eternal life that used to live in the place nearby. The lady left a “Piece of Knowledge” before she died and Solomon is after it. Nagira speculates that it must be interesting if Solomon is after it. He then commands the man to find out what this “Piece of Knowledge” is.

Robin is sent to a convenience store near Touko’s house. She has a flashback of the hunt that night.

Doujima walks in to work to find Michael and Sakaki already investigating a murder case. The place is Wald City (where Methuselah lived back in episode 12). It seems that another witch may be working the area. Actually, it may be that a group of witches are fighting each other, or at least Michael speculates that to be the case.

Robin sits and reminisces that night. She realizes she forgot about the letter addressed to her. How could she forget? She decides to go back to Touko’s old place. It’s still a mess. The letter, however, is gone. Robin has a panic attack and runs out of the place.
Nagira is still questioning the man for information. Solomon isn’t the only one looking for information… the cautious Professor (?) is as well. It must be valuable. As Nagira leaves, he notices two cops investigating the scene. The rumors of the murders must be true…

Nagira asks Robin about the old lady who died in Walk City, specifically if Robin knew of the “Piece of Knowledge.” Robin refuses to talk but asks why he’s so interested. He replies that he doesn’t like to see people die and that Solomon is now involved. That night, Robin lies awake thinking about the Secret technique of the craft - the “Piece of Knowledge.”

Meanwhile, Karasuma has decided to investigate the murders at Wald City herself. Doujima is worried.

Nagira is taken to the Professor in the depths of Wald City. The Professor makes an attempt at his life obviously a witch.

Robin sneaks into STN-J through the pathway she escaped from. She explains the situation to Michael, who is currently enjoying a snack break in the basement, and asks him to try to trace Nagira’s cell phone. He tries through Karasuma’s cell phone.

Back at the Professor’s place, Nagira lies tied up as the Professor taunts him. Robin enters and the Professor attacks her. Her shield protects her and she makes short work of the Professor, who disappears into flames rather quickly. After freeing Nagira, she confesses that not all the power she used was her own… some of it came from the sacred tree branch Methuselah gave her, the Craft’s secret technique and probably the “Piece of Knowledge.” Suddenly Nagira realizes why so many people are looking for it. He proposes that was probably the reason Robin was attacked.

Episode 19: Missing
Excellent episode for driving the story forward

Nagira questions Robin on the Piece of Knowledge. He wants to know why she has it and what the craft’s secret technique is. He gives it back to her, confessing that he’s not sure that is the right thing to do. He asks her if she can control its power. She doesn’t know.

Nagira takes Robin to meet a man who may be able to help her. His name is Anosaki and his wife is Hitomi. They show them the tree branch and ask their opinion. Anosaki asks to touch it and then defers to his wife who is more knowledgeable than himself on this. She, however, is acting really weird and denies that she knows anything about it. The entire meeting seems to be a waste of time, but is weirded out. She thinks the woman kept staring at her oddly. Nagira thinks she’s being too self conscious, but Robin is convinced that there was something strange about the entire ordeal. Suddenly, Nagira gets and email from Hiraoka Momo asking him to meet at the same place as usual. He leaves.

Nagira goes to meet the information man who has some info on the situation. There is a rumor of a man named Lazaro who served under Methuselah. He might know of the Piece. He claims that Methuselah revived him when he died once.
Robin wakes up from a dream. She was taking the bus when Amon appeared beside her. He didn’t speak but when she asked him why, he burst into flames and disappeared. Hitomi gives Robin a call the next morning and asks her to meet. She greets her and offers her tea and orange cake. She also got her a white, one piece dress like she wanted - size 9. Her husband comes home and tells her to stop it. Robin is not Aya. Anosaki asks why Robin came over. Robin replies that Hitomi had told her she remembered more information about the Piece. He tells her to come with him. They go into their daughter’s room. They don’t know what happened to her, although she was probably hunted as a witch. He tells her that the place is being watched and it is best that she doesn’t associate with them anymore.

Zazen greets two men in an office. They ask if he’s heard anything from Solomon. He answers that he hasn’t. The rumor going around is that since the attack on STN-J, Solomon Headquarters has abandoned him. The men are worried that they will lose their sponsors if these rumors continue to spread. He asks them if they want to replace him. They try to explain that they just believe that outside actions should be performed more secretly. They don’t want their place attacked. Zazen tells them that it’s time to act. When Solomon Headquarters sees the results of the upgraded Orbo, they will take notice. There will be no need to borrow power from witches. This is the first step towards their ideal world. The two men confirm that in simulation, they’ve attained 97% of their ideal results. They will put it into action when Zazen gives them permission to collect data from actual warfare. He agrees and offers them the STN-J hunt list. They are to start preparing.

Nagira goes in search of Lazaro in the sewers. He uncovers what he thinks is the sleeping man only to find a corpse and to be shot at by a figure in the darkness. He demands that if the figure is going to kill him, then he should do it now. It appears to be only a warning as the figure shoots the water below him. Nagira demands the cleaning fee… from Amon.

Robin stops by Hitomi and Anosaki’s place. She is delighted to see Robin. Anosaki thanks her for stopping by. This is the first time Hitomi has been happy since their daughter left. Aya’s power awakened three years ago. It was very small, bearly enough to move a pencil. They did all they could to make it disappear, but to no avail. One day, Aya went to school never to return home. The family was named Seeds by STN-J and are kept under constant surveillance. If Seeds obtain even the slightest bit of power, they are turned in. They looked for her for months, but everyone ignored them… everyone except Nagira.

As Hitomi prepares dinner, she drops a tray full of food. Anosaki uses his power to restore the dish. Hitomi asks how long he has had that power. He apologizes and tells her that he may not be able to stay there for very long. Robin puts the white dress on and has dinner with the family.

Zazen visits Touko and tells her she can go home. She asks about Amon. He warns that she not go chasing him. She asks what he wants with Amon. Zazen tells her he’s different from them. She replies that he’s human. He tells her he has a duty to protect people with pure hearts and offers her a new life.

Robin leaves the couple’s place but realizes that she left something there. The power goes off and a team surrounds the house. He tells Hitomi to escape through the back door. She refuses and holds his hand.

Robin knocks on the door to find no one home and that the place has been destroyed. She cries and as her tears hit certain parts of the environment, they create glowing teal lights. She confesses to Nagira that she was sent by Solomon Headquarters to Japan to collect the Craft’s ultimate technique. The hunter position at STN-J was just a cover up for that. The mission was to collect the ultimate technique and give it to the messenger from headquarters. Then her mission would be complete. But then STN-J was attacked, and it wasn’t because of the secret technique. If they wanted it, they could have just gotten it from her. She doesn’t have clearance to know what the secret technique really is. She asks him to keep it for her because in her current state, she won’t be able to restrain its power. They seal it away in a safe.

Episode 20: All I Really Ought To Know
Karusama and Doujima are hunting a particularly powerful witch named Muroi. He attacks to escape them and then jumps onto the rooftop of a nearby building where a freaky man looking like a gothic Puritan stands waiting for him. Without hesitation, the freaky witch deflects Muroi’s attacks and kills him. He leaves a calling card behind, an origami swan.

Meanwhile, Robin heads down to the basement of STNJ headquarters to see if Michael has heard anything recently, particularly about Amon. Robin is sure that he’s still alive. Michael has heard that Solomon Headquarters is sending another hunter to STNJ, but not as a replacement. Michael finds it peculiar that they were able to get the info on him so easily. The hunter’s name is Sastre. The mere mention of the man’s name flips Robin out as she recounts bits and pieces what she knows about Sastre.

Nagira learns that Sastre has left a calling card for Robin. The swan that was left beside the murder victim last night was engraved with her name.

Zaizen’s men have been researching the effects of Orbo on ordinary humans. Unfortunately, the results aren’t as promising as they had hoped. There is a cap to the effects it produces and there are side effects. They conclude that there still may need witches for a while after all.

When Nagira returns from his information session, he informs Robin of the origami swan. She again looks distraught as she explains that Sastre is one of Solomon’s hunters. He likes to warn witches he intends to hunt by going after another witch first and leaving a paper swan engraved with the true target’s name on it.

After some soul searching, Robin decides that the only way to protect herself is to use the ultimate technique. She walks downstairs to the safe and finds Nagira sitting beside it. He reads her intentions and understands where she’s coming from, but someone stole the Piece of Knowledge. He blames himself for being so careless and believes he know who may have taken it. Later, at Walled City, a witch lets it slip to Sastre that he knows of the Piece of Knowledge.
Sakaki’s leg has healed and he joins Karasuma as they investigate the latest witch murder. Michael radios in and informs them that the witch had business in Walled City and that they should head over there.

Nagira waits for his info man in Walled City, ready to kill him for spreading rumors that the Piece of Knowledge was at his place. The man admits to telling a man named Chisai. He and his men have started looking for information about Methuselah’s secrets and head through the sewers to her place. When they arrive, Sastre is already there to greet the men.

Robin arrives as soon as she can and together, she and Nagira go down to Methuselah’s place. Sakaki and Karasuma follow independently. When Robin and Nagira arrive at their destination, they find Sastre has killed everyone and is waiting for them. Not only that, but he has the Piece of Knowledge with him. He pulls it out and burns it in front of her.

Nagira tries to shoot Sastre, but his bullets have no effect. Robin tries her flame, but again, no luck. Her shield is powerless against his attack. Nagira tries to shoot again, but his bullets are stopped in mid fire and dropped to the ground. Robin has incredible difficulty shielding herself against Sastre’s psychic attacks until suddenly, she realizes that she can see them. He is manipulating the element of air against them. Suddenly, deflection is a piece of cake as she realizes that the true power of the craft is the ability to see elements. Robin has a Dumbo moment where she realizes that she didn’t need the Piece of Knowledge all along. The power has always been inside her. Soon, she has turned the tides of the battle. Her fire becomes stronger and stronger until she is able to engulf Sastre in flames. When she is sure he is out of the game, she collapses.

Karasuma and Sakaki witness the event and start to head towards her to make sure everything is ok. Amon mysteriously appears from the shadows and warns them to let her go. Because Robin just killed a hunter, she is no longer one of them… she is a witch.

Episode 21: No Way Out
Robin stares at her reflection in the mirror. She recognizes that she is now considered a witch and will be hunted. She knows what Amon is thinking… Suddenly, the little girl she babysat in episode 17, Minori Yoshida, comes up behind her and asks Robin to eat Takoyaki with her. The girl runs off and disappears, as Robin vows to live as a witch.

Nagira has been investigating the immigration patterns into Japan searching for clues to Amon’s whereabouts, but to no luck.

Zazen is at STN-J lab headquarters when new information about Amon comes in. His wound was treated at Solomon Headquarters, but rumor has it that his wounds have completely recovered. He might be back in Japan now and siding with Headquarters. Zazen seems worried, but not too worried because he hadn’t confided any confidential information to him. The Orbo Project has been continuing as planned.

Robin is trying to understand the magnitude of her situation. Sastre won’t be the last hunter sent after her, so how can she fight them off? As she wonders, Methuselah appears to her and tells her that the answer lies within her. Robin replies that she knows.

Amon learns that the next hunter is now in Japan, an Earth craft user.

At STN-J, everyone is in a drab mood. Michael also learns about the new hunter and realizes that the hunter is probably out to hunt Robin. They wonder why they weren’t contacted about it, but realize that if they were invited to share information, they’d probably be responsible for the hunt too. None of them are ready for that. Karasuma believes that Amon and Robin are on opposite sides now. Sakaki can’t understand why Amon doesn’t show up for work anymore.

The earth hunter has been leaving runes in several locations. Nagira has been trying to dig up information on Amon. As Robin walks home, Nagira greets her and the two eat dinner together. Robin tells him about her problems and her plan to evade them. Nagira tells her that she’s changed. She now knows what has to be done and what she must do. Nagira suggests asking STN-J for help since she already knows that she will be hunted again. She’s embarrassed because they saw her kill a hunter in front of them, but Nagira assures her that they will still help her.

Nagira learns that Amon entered the country with his own name. He’s been using his own bank account, as if he’s trying to tell Nagira where he is. He can’t figure out why Amon is trying to lead him to him.

Amon is tracking the hunter. The hunter sits alone in the part staring at a rune in the shape of pi and coughing. Michael is still trying to dig up information.

Robin heads out on her bike and runs over one of the runes the hunter placed. It starts glowing and signals him. Robin heads down to STN-J to talk to Michael. She asks him about hunters from Headquarters. He asked if she’s going to fight them. She tells him that she hasn’t changed, but Headquarters labels her as a witch now because she learned the Ultimate Technique. Michael tells her that Headquarters did indeed send them information on the hunter, which is a bit strange. Robin recognizes that it wasn’t Headquarters but Amon who sent the heads up.

Amon has been following the hunter. As Robin leaves, she crosses his path. The hunter doesn’t appear well and continues coughing as he stands over his rune. He attacks and tries to bind Robin in a circle. He then uses her fire power against her. He tells her the circle sigil is an eternal maze that deludes people forever with an endless shadow. The rune, hagalaz, is in the center. He then attacks and Robin and appears to disintegrate before her eyes as she thinks the earth is about to cave in. In real time, Amon watches as Robin stands motionless, mesmerized by the Ogham’s barrier, and the hunter walks closer to her.

Meanwhile, Robin is fighting fire and earth as it tumbles atop her. She suddenly realizes that it is an illusion and uses her power to find the hunter’s presence. He appears before her and attempts to strangle her but she breaks free and sends a gush of fire at him, which engulfs and kills him. Amon leaves without letting Robin know he was there watching & makes reference to his “big brother.”

Episode 22: Family Portrait
Amon stops Doujima and calls her a traitor. She asks how he can say that when he helped out Robin as well. Amon declares that he will not betray his associates.

Nagira knocks on Robin’s door and asks to come in. He believes he has finally found someone who claims to know something about Amon. Apparently, he’s been keeping a close watch on a particular house recently. Nagira and Robin decide to investigate but it turns up a dead end. An old woman lives there. Nagira lashes out verbally at Robin in frustration and then calms down, reprimanding himself for being too overconfident up until now. He decides to take Robin’s advice and investigate if Amon was looking for someone the woman knew.

Chief Kosaka has apparently filed a report about STN-J and inferred that Director Zaizen hasn’t been showing up. His Superior is interested in discussing the matter further and asks for more details. Kosaka admits that he hasn’t heard from him in a month, since the incident. He must be very busy. The Superior explains that there have been some issues between Zaizen and Solomon Headquarters, and at this point it looks as if they may be replacing Zaizen at some point in the future. They aren’t looking to act immediately, though. They feel it is best to wait a bit - to give them the opportunity to observe his strategy. They want Kosaka to cooperate with them.

At Zaizen’s labs, he learns that his project budget has been cut by 40%. He demands to speak with CFO Sugimura immediately. Unfortunately, no one in the financial department will answer their phones. Zaizen at first suspects they are putting pressure on him, but when he receives an email announcing that they are sending a hunter, he immediately assumes that Solomon is after his head.

Nagira learns that the lady had a son, Toudou Hiroshi, living with her for awhile, but he died 15 years ago. Robin and Nagira start tracking the son until Nagira finally starts to see the bigger picture. Toudou once was a professor, but he retired when he got involved with a European enterprise, FZ Genetics. The company was known to have connections with Solomon.

Zaizen learns that the hunter’s name is Willem Hasselbyke. He is 42 years old and from Holland.

Nagira and Robin decide it’s time to visit the old woman. He poses as a former assistant of Professor Toudou, but to his surprise, the woman asks if he is Nagira. She was told he would come. The woman looks at Robin strangely and then invites them inside. She shows them Toudou’s room and explains that she hasn’t moved anything since ‘that’ happened. Nagira and Robin are a bit confused, but they take the woman up on her kindness and look around. As Nagira reads an old diary, Robin uncovers a photo of Toudou and a woman that bares a striking resemblance to her. She declares that it’s time to go and runs out.

At STN-J headquarters, Doujima asks Michael if he knows anything about Solomon’s genetic research team. She asks him if he can dig up anything on the subject.

Zaizen’s men have confirmed the suspect and send an armored vehicle complete with a Factory swat team after him. Willem uses earth and immediately uses ground attacks to try to stop the vehicle. He then shields himself with a mound of dirt, but soon the team has captured him. In the vehicle, one of the team members starts flipping out, apparently from the secondary effects of the Orbo they’ve been working on. Zaizen recognizes this as Solomon’s declaration of war. As Doujima walks home, she sees the Factory’s van take off and investigates the area.

Nagira has been reading Toudou’s diary that he took with him. A symbol that looks like omega or pi appears repeatedly throughout the pages. “…the analysis of pi’s genomes has been completed... pi becomes a gene… thus, the way to control the abilities has opened.” Robin realizes that must refer to Orbo and asks if there is anything written about a priest named Juliano in the diary. Apparently, there’s not and they decide to call it a night. Robin is still upset that there is such a resemblance to Toudou’s girl in the picture and stares at her own reflection contemplating the connection, and particularly the appearance of Juliano in the background of the photo.

Nagira, on the other hand, runs into Amon on his way home. He tells Nagira that he will hunt Robin because she’s now a dangerous witch. Nagira reprimands him for believing the arbitrary descriptions of Solomon and then accuses him of carrying the memories of his mother. He tells Amon that Robin may have great power, but she is still the same girl she was when Amon brought her to him. Trusting someone is about whether you can trust their heart, not their past. Just as Nagira vows to protect Robin, he is knocked out from behind as Amon looks on emotionless.

Episode 23: Sympathy for the Devil
Doujima and Amon discuss her recent discovery. Doujima is curious to know just how much information Headquarters gave him on Zaizen. She informs him that Zaizen’s real objective is to make ordinary people witch hunters through the use of Orbo. Amon appears shocked at the idea, but after considering it, he doesn’t see how it’s all that much different from Solomon’s original doctrine. Doujima isn’t ready to offer her opionion just yet. She wants confirmation that the Factory has indeed been experimenting with the effects of Orbo on ordinary people, and Amon is quick to take on the job as a knocked out Nagira lays in the back of their car.

Robin, meanwhile, has been reading though the old diary and realizes that pages have been torn out. She again wonders why Juilano was in the picture that so resembled her…

At one point, Solomon was dedicated to genetic research, and it appears that they were the first to decipher the human genome five years before it was published by a rival organization. Solomon never publicized their results and abandoned their research project soon after. No one is quite sure why, but Sakaki and Michael think it might have had something to do with the Orbo experiments. Karasuma reflects on this and asks if they think Headquarters was responsible for the ambush… and if Headquarters is just using STN- J for to suit their own purposes.

The next morning, Nagira doesn’t show up for work. It seems that Amon & Doujima kept him at in a hotel room overnight. She chats with him, joking about some of Robin’s misuses of fire without her glasses until Amon comes in to talk more with his brother.

Zaizen has been keeping an eye on STN-J. It appears they hacked into the main computer a few days ago, but they haven’t moved on it to date. A lab scientist comes in and informs him that the Orbo is causing some type of disability in their experimental subjects. Apparently part of the test subject’s personality remains within the Orbo, which causes some type of mismatch when the Orbo is used against witches.

Amon and Nagira discuss matters concerning their father. Amon is still bitter with him for choosing a SEED to be his mother. Amon remembers her as very gentle. He never realized she was a witch, until one day she revealed her powers. From that day forth, she was no longer the person he knew. Amon fears the day when his powers will one day awaken. Nagira is apparently fully human, and sees witches and SEEDs as humans. But the real question is what to do with Robin. Amon thinks Robin is keeping a secret from Solomon and that is why they are hunting her. Nagira doesn’t think that she, herself, knows what that secret is. Amon can’t hunt Robin until he knows the true reason behind the hunt. Nagira gives in and tells him that Robin is now his responsibility.

Amon arrives at her place and threatens her not to use her powers. He was ordered by the man who brought Robin up to hunt her… Juliano Colegrie. Amon pulls out the letter that Robin never received back on the day when Touko’s apartment was raided. Because he read it, he was able to save her. The letter is from Juilano, and reads as a confession for one who is about to die. Robin can’t understand why he is afraid of her. He appeared to be torn between wanting her alive and wanting her dead. Amon wanted to find out the truth, so he traced Robin’s past back to Toudou. With that, Robin tells Amon that she believes in his heart. She then closes her eyes and waits for him to shoot her. Amon then puts his gun down and accepts her answer.

Suddenly Doujima calls tells him the Factory attack squad is on the move. Amon asks Robin to join them, and everyone heads off to find out what the Factory is up to. Robin can’t understand how Zaizen is using ordinary people to hunt witches.

It appears the attack squad is after Sakaki. Doujima, Robin, and Amon arrive in time, but the side effects of the Orbo seem to effect several of the SWAT team members and soon they retreat. Sakaki is kind of pissed that the Factory is after him. He then gets even more annoyed when he realizes Doujima has been keeping her meetings with Amon and Robin from STN-J. Amon asks where Karasuma is, and soon she becomes the major concern.

Episode 24: Rent
Doujima calls STN-J and asks Michael about Karasuma. When he gets off the phone, the Chief enters and tells him that they’ve reached a crossroads - should they protect STN-J or follow the Director till the end?

The rest of the group heads over to Harry’s. He asks about Robin’s health in their first meeting since the incident and welcomes her back.

Karasuma isn’t answering her home phone or cell phone so the group immediately thinks the worst. She always made sure someone could contact her at any time. Apparently Zaizen wants to eliminate hunters by developing an Orbo that can give ordinary humans the power to hunt witches. Solomon is against it, but it may look like STN-J is the hindrance to Zaizen’s ideal. The incident a while back also appears to have been staged by Headquarters to find out what the secrets they were keeping in relation to Orbo.

Sakaki is suspicious of Doujima and accuses her of knowing way too much about the current situation. She apologizes and tells him that she was sent to locate facts concerning Orbo. She was Solomon’s agent. Sakaki gets mad, but Robin takes her side and admits that she, too, was sent by Solomon to look for certain secrets concerning witches in Japan. Amon decides that it would be best if they infiltrate the Factory. The rest of the group is surprised, and even more so when Michael shows up at Harry’s. They can’t believe that he made it out of STN-J. Michael admits that the reason he agreed to stay locked up at STN-J was to stay alive, but that really wasn’t ‘life’. Now that Sakaki and Karasuma were attacked, staying on Solomon’s good side doesn’t really mean anything anymore. He could still be killed working for them. He asks if they have a plan of action for rescuing Karasuma, and they admit they don’t yet. He tells them that they can use STN-J as their base, as the Chief is already on their side.

Zaizen is immediately aware that STN-J has motioned to oppose him and is working without direct orders from Headquarters. He now wants enough hunters made to take over STN-J’s current work.

STN-J speculates that Zaizen was following up with Toudou’s missing records. Toudou’s mother confirmed that he did stop by 15 years ago, and they believe it was to follow up with his core research. Their current mission is to find out what he had been working on and how he disappeared, as well as what the current dispute is between Headquarters and Zaizen.

Zaizen, meanwhile, has just gotten another report on the previous hunt. Apparently another was wounded through the effects of the Orbo. He can’t figure out why it causes humans to become psychotic.

Michael discovered that there is a man held in a cell for the last 15 years who was accused of atrocious crimes. He was actually a former researcher for Solomon. Zaizen has been collecting information on him since yesterday evening. Amon asks if it is possible to meet that guy. It looks like he will be transferred to Europe tomorrow by direct order from Solomon.

As the prisoner is being transferred, a SWAT team tries to intercept the vehicle. STN-J is there to stop the hijacking. Amon and Robin enter the vehicle to find a researcher in great pain. He takes one look at Robin, calls her Maria, the Devil’s Child, and then mumbles to himself that Toudou actually built it. He then dies before them.

Amon and Robin visit Toudou’s mother once again. She agrees to see Amon, but not Robin. She won’t answer any questions about the girl, but as he walks away, he mentions that her son was married to Maria. The woman starts crying and shuts the door. He can hear her denying the statement from inside, where she calls Maria a witch.

Episode 25: Redemption Day
Robin brings Nagira food and then runs out the door. She whispers thank you to him before she gets in the car with Amon and drives off.

Michael is trying to register three people for police security. The chief is concerned that Zaizen might attack again.

Zaizen’s scientists have been working on Toudou-shi’s ROM, which reports that 80% of the data was deciphered 15 years ago, but much of the data was omitted from the report under the guise that it had nothing to do with the genetic research. That data was deleted to prevent any kind of disclosure, but Zaizen’s men expect to finish re-deciphering it today.
Doujima and Sakaki keep watch over the Factory. Sakaki asks her about what the Solomon researcher said about Robin… how she was the Devil’s Child. He wonders what that means. Doujima tells him to ask Robin himself.

Meanwhile, Robin has been pondering that very same thing. Because she acquired the Secret (Ougi) of the Craft, they came after her. But Juliano’s letter made her feel something different. She wonders if Maria, Toudou’s diary, and the Devil’s Child all refer to her. She wonders if she never should have been born.

When Robin gets to STN-J, a Juliano is waiting for her. She agrees to meet him, and bows down before him when she sees him. She confesses that she has committed a sin and asks that he reveal the sins that were erased from her memory. He asks if she’s ready to accept things, and she replies that she needs to know. She prays that God grant her the courage to accept what is told of her. Then she asks if she was created as a Witch. He confirms that she was created from genetic fragments that were intended to create a Witch. Juliano explains that the intoxicating aroma from the Fruit of Wisdom leads men to a forbidden desire. After Solomon gave up genetic research, Toudou continued his work and created Robin. She asks about Maria, and he confesses that Maria was his daughter.

Doujima walks in and informs Michael and Amon that Headquarters just received a call and Solomon’s assault team will be on the move soon. They need to move by tomorrow at daybreak if they will have any hope of rescuing Karasuma.

Juliano reassures Robin that she is not the only one burdened by sin. Robin asks why he didn’t hunt her from the start if he knew she was a witch. She should have never been born. He agrees that when he found out about her birth, he had to hide it. So with that in mind, he went to Maria but couldn’t kill her. She was a Witch, but he found out that her lifespan was shortened due to a genetic error at the time of her birth. He didn’t want to lose her. When he heard that she was going to have a baby with Toudou, he was happy and felt that God still smiled upon him. But Toudou deceived him and used Maria as a test subject. She died giving birth to Robin. Juliano could only embrace the baby.

He admits that as soon as Robin left his side, his heart was full of doubt and feared that her Witch powers would fully awaken one day. That fear spawned his decision to hunt. He admits now that his fear was misplaced. He hands her the missing pages to Toudou’s diary and tells her that the truth she seeks may be hidden within. He asks what she will do when she learns the truth, and she vows to take her own life. Before Juliano leaves, he tells her that Maria called her Hope. Juliano doesn’t understand, but he thinks that seeing Robin unchanged is a key.

Zaizen checks the newly deciphered data and learns of Project Robin. Outside, STN-J and Nagira defeat the Factory team and head inside. Inside, Zaizen’s men can’t decipher all the data quick enough. They say it will take until tomorrow. He tells them that’s not good enough. Doujima and Sakaki make it passed security at the Factory. At STN-J headquarters, Chief gets a call from the police station and goes over right away. Inside, STN-J make it into the first level of the Factory and head downstairs via the elevator.

Downstairs, there is a door that won’t accept their access. Michael hacks it, and they enter an area that he didn’t know existed. It appears that they’ve discovered the place where Orbo is made. Robin sees bubbles rising from a tank and gets a strange feeling. Michael, on the other hand, can’t seem to find a Witch containment area anywhere.

Robin accidentally hits a button to reveal a hidden tank with human beings inside. The group recognizes them as witches they’ve hunted previously. Robin whispers that Karasuma is here.

Episode 26: Time to Tell
Michael reminds Doujima that Solomon Headquarters was going to raid the place very soon. If they don’t stop it, the self-destruct feature on the device will be activated. Doujima can’t get a signal, but knows they are set to attack as soon as her signal goes down.

Zaizen realizes that there is a raid by Solomon, but he is still focused on Toudou’s ROM. He asks to be informed of any new progress immediately. A scientist informs him that one member of the team tested negatively to the Orbo. Zaizen gives him permission to use him as a test subject.

Doujima and Nagira head back upstairs, while Robin and Amon stay put. Robin still has something she must do while she’s here. Michael gets the elevator to work, but Zaizen has noticed and orders security guards to secure the elevator.

Meanwhile, Karasuma is with Zaizen. He tells her that Robin is the ultimate Witch and must be destroyed. She is different from the rest, and people with her power can’t be allowed to live and oppress the weak. He gives her a gun and asks: Will she stay with Zaizen or be hunted like Robin? Karasuma asks where she is, takes the gun, and leaves.
Doujima and Nagira finally make it upstairs and are greeted by a stream of bullets. They wait for the first round to finish and then run out into the light. Robin and Amon confront Zaizen. He is amazed that she still wants to know the truth.

Zaizen plays the ROM for Robin. Toudou speaks. Zaizen, or whoever listens, by the time anyone receives this message, I will no longer be in this world, but I can’t allow my research to be buried. My work on the Genome that has not been passed to Solomon was to create the perfect Witch, named ‘The Robin Project’ after the king of Witches. My colleagues laughed at this, calling it the ‘Devil’s Child’ project and concluded that it was impracticable. If I hadn’t met Maria, the project probably would have never begun. Unfortunately, I was too engrossed in my own research to notice that Solomon had cut the funding for the project. The results were much different from what Solomon had originally intended. Fortunately, the project was able to continue to its final stages without attracting attention, because undoubtedly, Solomon would have disapproved of that existence. But I was unable to fool her father, Juliano Collegrie.

Robin asks if that is all that Toudou left. Zaizen receives a call from his men that they have more and to watch his monitor. Again, Toudou speaks: To Solomon, the success of the Robin Project itself signifies the rebirth of the Devil. Her existence is the past which must be eliminated at all costs. In ancient times, humanity was ruled by a new breed of men known as ‘Gods’. Their servants who wield special powers, Witches, were no different from Gods to us back then. But a sudden variation within the genes of a certain god born 3000 years ago changed their fate and ours forever. The god who lost the power to directly pass on his genes to his successors lost his position as the successor of mankind. Mankind, now having the acquired authority, feared the resurrection of the god. They put his servants under control by labeling them as devils or witches and oppressed them. That is the truth behind Solomon. Research was the one thing that made those brands of heresies completely useless, so Solomon abolished all of it.

Zaizen can’t believe it. How can humans be servants to witches? He orders that all data be eliminated. Karasuma enters the lab and orders the scientist to continue the playback. Toudou speaks again: I, in order to create a Witch with their original power, the power that would be passed on to their servants... Maria’s body is weak and can’t be saved. But from within her womb came a new life that may change the future. I feared that the child may become the Witches’ ‘Eve.’

As Toudou speaks, Zaizen asks if Karasuma will also betray him. She said that she feared that she was slowly transforming into a Witch, but she hasn’t believed a single word he said from the start. As the dialog progresses, pauses in Zaizen and Karasuma’s exchange allow Toudou’s voice to break through the silence. When Zaizen hears Toudou’s line “to change the future,” he proclaims to Robin that the future is a place where she doesn’t exist. She cannot be the Witches’ ‘Eve’. Witches are nothing more than impure droplets that disturb the purity of mankind and must be eliminated. Robin asks even if witches were God’s chosen as well? He replies that wasn’t it because Witches were unsuitable to become the successors of mankind? Because their existence was forsaken by God? Amon answers that God forsakes no one. Zaizen declares that he will not accept that witches will become the successors to humanity.
Suddenly the alarms sound. The Witches in the Orbo tanks have started to lose control, and the abnormal levels may activate the self-destruct option. Zaizen asks if it was Robin’s existence that awoke those spirits. He then vows that she must be buried with Toudou’s research. He points a gun at her that contains the highest concentration of Orbo and fires. Amon steps in front and takes a bullet from her. She tries to use her flame, but the Orbo is too strong. Suddenly, the Orbo’s side effects start to take effect. She thinks it’s ironic that he’s defeating witches though the Orbo created from the Witches themselves. She can’t forgive him as she steps forward, stopping each bullet he fires. She tells him that Maria had called her hope.

Zaizen backs up and heads into the elevator questioning his motivations. Karasuma runs up and grabs Robin, warning that the building is about to collapse. Robin just about collapses from the weight of everything she’s just learned. Inside her body flows the blood of Witches unfairly oppressed for a very long time. She knows not just of that power but of sadness. That is why she is ‘hope.’ The Witch that understands the emotions of others including sadness may be able to live side by side with humans. That’s why she believes she should live. Amon agrees that she should do what she feels is best, but if she does change, he will kill her.

As she leaves, she hears the crying of all the contained witches. Taking pity on them, she sets fire to them, putting their spirits to rest.

Toudou’s voice again: Maria once said that if there was a power within her that could change the future, she would like to pass it on to her child. As a final gamble, I leave the unborn baby in Juliano’s hands. Will he be able to kill Maria’s child? The child may have a small chance, but he will never be able to forgive him.

Doujima contacts headquarters and notifies them to hold the attack. Everyone seems to have made it out alive as the building collapses behind them, but Amon and Robin aren’t there. Doujima asks Karusama if she knows where Robin and Amon are. She replies that it was an accident and a miracle… but she doesn’t know where they are.

In the end, STN-J’s daily lives returned to those days of the Hunt. A new hunter even joined STN-J. They believe that Robin and Amon left this world along with the Factory, or at lease that’s what Doujima says, but Michael doesn’t believe it. Amon and Robin have to be alive, right?

One day Nagira reads his horoscope. It tells him a wonderful meeting, lucky color black. Afterwards, a car pulls up by STN-J headquarters and the foot of a girl in what looks like Robin’s attire steps out. I suppose that's her replacement...

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