Detecting Werewolves Among us

It’s not as easy detecting the werewolves among us as it to hunt down the vampires lurking in the shadows. Perhaps the most essential difference between the two creatures of the dark side is the fact that the werewolf is not a member of the undead. When lycanthropes are not in the throes of transformation precipitated by the rays of the full moon or the wearing of the magic wolf belt, they walk about the bustling streets of the city or the pleasant country lanes appearing as any normal human. Werewolves have no need to scamper off to a coffin before the rays of the rising sun begin to burn welts into their hide. Werewolves can don shape, lie out on the sunny beach and work on their tan if that should be their pleasure.
Mirrors offer no problem for werewolves. They can straighten their neckties or apply lipstick without worrying if they are casting a reflection.
Crucifixes are of no concern. Werewolves might even wear the sign of the cross themselves, attend church services and perhaps even serve as members of the clergy.
Some old traditions do offer certain advice when it comes to detecting the werewolves among us. As early as the 17th century, Paulos Agina, a physician who lived in Alexandria, described the symptoms of werewolfism for his fellow doctors.

· Pale Skin
· Weak Vision
· An absence of tear or saliva, making the eyes and the tongue very dry.
· Excessive thirst
· Ulcers and abrasions on the arms and legs that do not heal, caused by walking on all fours
· An obsession with wondering in cemeteries at night.
· Howling until dawn

Many old traditions insist that the hands may provide the biggest give away. Check the palms of a suspected werewolf and if his or her palms are covered with a coarse, stiff growth of hair you had better avoid his or her company on the nights of the full moon. And while you would rightfully argue that any reasonably intelligent werewolves would be careful to shave their palms –especially female lycanthropes- if you are reasonably observant you would be able to notice that the flesh of their palms is rough, perhaps even a bit scaly from repeated razor scrapings.
According to a vast number of ancient traditions, another certain sign of the werewolf is the extreme length of the index finger. If you should notice a man or woman with an index finger considerably longer than the middle finger, you have quite likely spotted a werewolf.
Then there is the matter of the eyebrows growing together. If they should meet in the center of the forehead, there is cause for genuine concern that you have encountered a werewolf. Once again if it is obvious that the area us regularly shaved, beware of walks in the moonlight with this individual.
A good many traditions regard the pentagram, the five-pointed star, as a symbol of witchcraft and werewolves. Some werewolf hunters of old believed that the sign of the pentagram would be found somewhere on a lycanthrope’s body, most often on the chest or the hand. It was also an aspect of that belief structure that the shadow of the pentagram would manifest on the palm or forehead of the werewolf’s next victim and would be visible only to the monster’s eyes.
And speaking of the eyes of the werewolf, while they appear normal at all other times, when the curse is upon them, their eyes glow in the dark, most often with a reddish hue.
Perhaps with tongue firmly in cheek, the following test for detecting the werewolves was posted in Tina’s Humor archives on the Internet. Although some of the items on the list are actually traditional determinants in the folklore of werewolves, others are a bit off the wall. Allegedly compiled by a scholar who has been studying werewolves for over 50 years, here, edited and condensed, is Dr. Werner Bokelman’s test for determining if your friend or neighbor is a werewolf:

· Werewolves have extra glands that emit unpleasant odors. Therefore, if your friend or neighbor smells like a mixture of stale hay and horse manure, he or she could be a werewolf.
· Doctors in Denmark have declared that a certain mark on the werewolf is evidenced when he or she possesses eyebrows that meet in the middle of the forehead.
· The arms, legs and bodies of werewolves are extremely hairy, especially the backs of their hands and the tops of their feet.
· Werewolves reach sexual maturity 5 years ahead of normal humans, so keep an eye on that neighbor’s child who seen unusually attracted to children of the opposite sex at the age of seven or eight.
· Cheek the ring finger of both of the suspected werewolf’s hands. Experts have determined that a long ring finger is an certain sign of a werewolf.
· Does your neighbor own large pets that are always disappearing, only to be replaced by others? Because werewolves have demanding appetites that require large amounts of raw flesh, they may be devouring their pets.
· If you hear strange howling and moaning sounds at night in the neighborhood where there is a full moon but no dogs around, you are quite living next to a werewolf.
· Have you noticed his or her skin slowing changing color? It may take a few hours for a werewolf to transform from human to animal form, and the first sign of the coming metamorphosis is a gradual darkening of the skin.
· If you spot your neighbor wandering around graveyards and mortuaries and often appearing at the scene of fatal accidents, he or she may be a werewolf scouting for fresh corpses.
· If you have the courage to be near a werewolf in the daylight, you might follow him into a public restroom to see if his urine is a deep purple color-another sure sign of a werewolf.

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Spells to Ward off Werewolves

A practitioner of magic who had set up a retain outlet in order to supply witches, sorcerers and magicians with the genuine articles needed for occult research admitted to duplicating and disseminating ancient potions and spells. The practitioner, who shall remain anonymous, had completed worldwide travel and an enormous of research and experimentation over more than 20 years. Because of his extensive research, he was able to offer potions and mixtures that were absolutely identical to the ancient, original formulas.
In his opinion, superstition and ignorance had given ceremonial magic a bad name:
If one approaches the occult from a strictly objective viewpoint, it will prove to be one of the most fascinating subjects which one can study. There are so many ramifications and complexities that no one person could master the occult in one life time. In our coven, we had each member specialize in certain aspects of magic, while, at the same time, maintaining a general knowledge of the entire field. In this way, we always have an expert at hand.
Sorcery does not have to be evil. Sorcery and ceremonial magic does involve the summoning of beings and forces from other planes as a general rule, sorcery us used for self-gain, but it can serve other purposes just as well. We feel that it is the purpose that counts, assuming no harm is attendant. The most ideal usage of magic is the gaining of knowledge. Those who are sincere follow this path. Naturally there are pitfalls and dangerous areas, but is this not also true of every day mundane life?

For whatever the following may be worth-as werewolf repellents or entertaining curiosities-such spells as these have been used traditionally to keep one’s household from lycanthropes when the moon is full.

An invocation to Diana, the moon Goddess, to keep one safe from Evil Entities-Specifically werewolves
“ ‘Tis ___(name the date)____ now, and at an early hour
I fain would turn good fortune and safe passage to myself,
Firstly at home and then when I go forth.
With the aid of the beautiful Diana, Goddess of the moon,
Great Huntress with her pack of she-wolves
I pray for protection from evil werewolf fang and claw
Ere I do leave this house! May her guiding and protective hand kept me safe until my return.”
Three of drops of oil are now required to be slowly fed to the flame of a candle in propitiation to Diana with the supplication that she remove any evil influence that might be lurking about in the shadows of the night.

A spell to repel werewolves
“Wee-protected may I be as I go forth to roam,
for Diana, beautiful, Diana, I walk abroad with thy blessing.
I do implore thee to keep all evil from me;
I do beseech thee to drive all werewolves away from my path.
May you change deadly wolf intent and savage heart
Back to the human form of gentle man or woman.
May you quench the lust for blood
And transform it into love for thee.”
At this point drip three drops of oil into the flame of a candle in propitiation to Diana.

A prayer to ask light beings for protection
As you recite the following, be prepared to sprinkle drops of perfume over the flame of a candle or a small tin of burning oil.
“I dedicate to you, o ye angels of light and all heavenly spirits, these drops of aromatic perfume to send a sweet smell that will inspire all goodness. Receive the prayer from my heart to keep me safe from evil and from those beings who transform their human flesh into the unholy bodies of wolves and monsters. Receive these drops of perfume from my heart to quench the foul stench of demons and shape shifters who would do evil to me and to others whom I love. Receive these drops of heavenly perfume to cover the putrid odor of evil and to cleanse my household from demonic influences. Keep our home safe from evil, o Living God of the Universe and all angelic beings of light. Amen and Amen.”

Spiritual Shape Shifting

Among the stone etchings and 416 Paleolithic paintings recently discovered in a cavern in the Ardeche Gorge in southeast France are a number of depictions of creatures with animals heads and human legs. The term of archaeologists examining the ancient art works in 1998 felt that rather than representing monstrous beings, the bipedal were animals indicated that the people of 32,000 years ago sought to incorporate the animals’ spiritual and physical strengths within themselves.
Decades ago when the ethnologist Ivar Lissner entered the caves that sheltered the paintings of the Franco-Cambrian artists of over 20,000 years ago, he also pondered the mystery of two-legged beings with animal heads. Lissner suggested that the stone age artists were portraying themselves in the guise of intermediary beings who were something more than ordinary humans and able to penetrate more deeply into the great mysteries of existence. He wondered if the ancient cave paintings might not be saying that the path to supernatural power is easier to follow in animal shape and that the spirits can best be reached with an animal’s assistance.
Lissner also believed that the Shamans and creative thinkers of long ago were not trying to turn themselves into wereanimals, but were seeking to shape shift on a spiritual level. Rather than transforming themselves into monsters, these ancient wise ones wished to absorb the strength, agility, nobility and spiritual power of the animals that they most admired and respected. As it is written in the Book of Job (12:7-8) “Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you…or let the fish of the sea inform you.”
When traditional Native Americans supplicants receive their totem animal in a vision quest, they acquire the spirit helper that will steadfastly serve as their guide on the path that the Great Mystery perceives as their destiny.
In order to accomplish this exercise in spiritual shape shifting, you will need a time and place in which you are certain to be undisturbed for at least 40 minutes. The technique requires you to be in as relaxed a state as possible in order to receive suggestions and to act upon them with maximum effect.
You may wish to have a family member or friend read the relaxation process and the guided visualization to you in a soft, soothing voice. If you use music as background make certain it contains no lyrics for they will be certain to distract you from attaining the full benefit from the technique. You can also use your own voice to guide you through the process by pre-recording and then simply playing back the recording.

The Relaxation Process

· Assume a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down that you can maintain for 40 minutes and not be interrupted. Release all worries…all tensions…all problems. Take a comfortably deep breath…and begin to relax.
· With every breath you take, you find that you are becoming more and more relaxed. With every breath you take, you find that you are becoming more and more peaceful.
· Any sound that you might hear- a barking dog, a slamming door, a honking horn- will not disturb you. Any sound that you hear will only help you to relax…relax…relax.
· Visualize that at your feet there lies a soft rose-colored blanket. The color rose stimulates natural body warmth and helps to induce sleep and relaxation. The color rose also provides a sense of well-being and a marvelous feeling of being loved.
· Imagine that you are mentally moving the rose-colored blanket slowly up over your body. Feel it moving over your feet, relaxing them. Feel it moving over your legs, relaxing them. Feel it moving over your stomach, removing all tensions…over your back, removing all stress. Feel the rose-colored blanket moving over your chest…your arms, relaxing them.
· As the rose-colored blanket moves over your neck, relaxing all the muscles, visualize the blanket transforming itself into a hood that covers your head like a cowl. Now you are completely enveloped in the beautiful rose-colored blanket, and you feel the color of rose permeating your psyche permitting you to relax…relax…relax
· With every breath you take, you find that you are becoming more and more relaxed with every breath you take, you find that you are becoming more and more peaceful. Any sound that you might hear will not disturb you. Any sound that you hear will only help you to relax…relax…relax
· Now imagine that there lies at your feet a soft blanket of green, the color of Mother Earth. The color green is a cleanser, a healer, that will help you to relax even deeper. Visualize yourself beginning to pull the green blanket slowly over your body.
· Feel it moving over your feet, relaxing them, healing them of any pain or discomfort. Feel the lovely green blanket moving your legs, relaxing them, healing them of any pain or discomfort. Feel the green blanket moving over your stomach, ridding all tensions. Feel the green blanket of Mother Earth moving over your chest, your arms…relaxing, healing, relaxing.
· With every breath you take, you are becoming more and more relaxed…more at peace…more and more at one with your body, mind and spirit. With every breath you take, you are becoming more and more relaxed…more at one with Mother Earth.
· Feel the healing color green moving over your back, relieving all stress along the spine. Feel the healing color of green relaxing, healing, relaxing your entire body.
· As you move the green blanket over your neck, relaxing all the muscles, visualize the green blanket of Mother Earth transforming itself into a hood that covers your head like a cowl. As you pull the green blanket over your head, feel it calming all your nerves, your anxieties, your stresses. You are now completely enveloped in the healing color of green, the healing energy of Mother Earth, and you feel it permeate your psyche, relaxing you…calming you…healing you.
· Nothing will disturb you nothing will distress you. All concerns are being left behind…as you become more and more relaxed…relaxed…relaxed.
· Visualize now at your feet a blanket the color of blue, the color of the Sky Father. Blue prompts psychic sensitivity. The color of blue will aid you greatly in receiving dream or vision teachings of a positive and helpful nature. The color of blue will aid you greatly in achieving your spiritual shape shifting into a wolf.
· Imagine now that you are willing the blue-colored blanket more and more relaxed. Nothing will disturb you, nothing will distress you. All concerns are being left behind…as you become more and more relaxed…relaxed…relaxed.
· With every breath you take, you are becoming more relaxed…and more prepared to be at one with the Great Mystery.
· Now feel the blanket moving slowly over your chest, your arms, your back, your stomach, removing all tensions, all stresses. Everywhere the blue blanket touches you, you feel a wonderful relaxing energy moving through every cell of your body. Everywhere the blue blanket touches you, you feel relaxed…relaxed…relaxed.
· As the blue blanket moves over your neck, relaxing all the muscles, visualize the blue-colored blanket of the Sky Father transforming itself into a hood that covers your head like a cowl. Feel the energy of the Sky Father and the color of blue permeate your psyche and give you the wisdom to experience spiritual shape shifting from the Great Mystery. Know that the color of blue will accelerate all your psychic abilities. Now feel the beautiful blue cowl of the Sky Father envelope you completely in its peaceful, loving, relaxing energy.

The Shape shifting exercise

· As you relax under the blankets of rose-colored well-being, green-colored Mother Earth and blue-colored Sky Father energy, you being to feel a new, warm, tingling energy moving throughout your entire body. You feel the energy moving through your brain, and you feel your unconscious level of reality becoming activated. You sense the energy moving down your spine, bringing power into your entire being. This is the energy of transformation.
· Now you feel the energy of transformation moving to the very center of your being, your most secret innerself. You feel the energy of transformation activating the left side of your brain, your conscious reality.
· You feel the energy of transformation as it surges through your body, you are aware of the warmth that brings strength and power to every cell. You feel yourself becoming warmer as exciting waves of pleasure move throughout your entire being. A heightened state of ecstasy is mounting within you, growing higher and higher.
· The energy of transformation is vibrating every cell in your body. You feel new energy, new strength, new power moving trough your thighs…your chest…your loins…your feet…your hands. You feel the energy rhythmically pulsating deep within your body…deep within your spiritual essence. Your head, your mind, your body are one. You are on with the energy of transformation that allows you to shape shift into the spiritual essence of the wolf.
· The energy of transformation fills your brain with the image of wolf. The energy floods your inner vision with wolf, the independent spirit…wolf the teacher…wolf, the strong and powerful…wolf, the caretaker of the forest…wolf, the loyal, the faithful, the dependable.. wolf, the fearless, the magnificent.
· Your inner vision has become crystal clear. Your hearing is keener, sharper than it has ever been. Your sense of touch is more sensitive than you knew was possible. Your nostrils are experiencing new aromas, previously far beyond your normal spectrum. Your eyes are perceiving dimensions once impossible to see.
· You are hearing sounds that only a great wolf can hear. You are seeing, touching, smelling, feeling sensations that only a great wolf can experience. Enjoy the new muscular sensations. Feel the sleek power of the wolf that you are.
· Your wolf body is sinewy and strong. You are a magnificent creature, spirit, and you have great wisdom and insight.
· Visualize yourself moving effortlessly through the forest. See yourself being joined by other wolves. See a full moon overhead that enhances the silhouettes of others of your kind. Feel a surge of power as you become part of the pack. Feel blood course through your body, you legs, filling you with a pounding need to race wildly through the darkened forest. See yourself running as a wolf in wolf abandon. See yourself doing that now! (Pause here for at least 2 minutes to allow the spiritual shape shifter to experience the wild abandon of running with the wolf pack.}
· When you have enjoyed all that you desire to experience, you have the ability to return to your normal state, knowing that you may return to this pleasure state of being whenever you wish by allowing yourself to relax and permitting your psyche to become one with the spirit of the wolf. All you need to become one with the spirit of the wolf is to take 3 comfortably deep breaths and say softly “Mother Earth, Sky Father, Great Mystery, wolf, wolf, wolf.” At that time you will feel the strength, the power and the ancient wisdom surge through your mind, body and spirit. (If it is so desired, the spiritual shape shifter may have more time to enjoy the experience of being one with the wolf essence. After a few more minutes, conclude the exercise with the following words:)
· Now you are returning to your present reality as a human being named (fill in the name). At the count of five, you will return feeling better than you have in weeks and weeks. At the count of five, you will return to be filled with the awareness of your spiritual oneness with Mother Earth, Sky Father and the Great Mystery. At the count of five, you will return with the strength and ancient wisdom of the wolf, viewing all your fellow creatures with respect. You are not coming awake: one…feeling very good in mind and body. Two…feeling confident and centered in new awareness. Three…feeling very, very good in mind, body and spirit. Four…coming awake filled with new insights and knowledge. Five…wide awake and feeling great!

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