Werewolf. In mythology it says that werewolves are humans, but shape shifters that can change into animal form during certain lunar aspects that infect their DNA.
Definition of werewolf- {in folklore and supernatural} A human being that has changed or been changed into a wolf or is capable of assuming the form of a wolf, while retaining human intelligence. There have been people that have in fact seen werewolves, but werewolf sightings are not that common as vampyres. It is also common as Werewolves to be a vampyre's familiar. There are ancient scripts where werewolves cleaned up the mess after the vampyre is through with drinking their blood. Werewolves normally want dead flesh, but they have been known to eat still living flesh and drink the blood.
Old English werewulf meaning man-wolf, according to an ancient superstition a man who is transformed, or who transforms himself into a wolf in nature and appearance. The werewolf, sometimes transformed under the influence of a full moon, roams about at night, devouring infants and corpses. Stories of such writers and the superstition was common throughout Europe in late Medieval times, when many men were accused and convicted of being a werewolf. The term lycanthropy refers to the delusion that one has become a wolf.
And then there is Lycanthropy; it is a delusion that one has become a wolf. The assumption of the form and characteristics of a wolf held to be possible by witchcraft or magick. It is also a disorder, where in Mexico studies have showed where fur was growing over bodies at a certain time of the month. This gene that causes this lays dormant for several centuries. It can also be passed in the 'X' chromosome.
Lycanthrope, capable of never changing shape as a werewolf, but acts the same and is considered very dangerous.
From a Greek lykoi {wolf}, anthropos {man}, a delusion that one has become a wolf. The assumption of the form and characteristics of a wolf held to the possible by witchcraft or magick. In folklore, the magickal ability to assume the form and characteristics of a wolf.

Werewolves are immune from aging and constant regeneration of their physical tissue. Can be killed by any wound that destroys the heart, brain or any form of death that causes brain or heart damage, aka hanging or other oxygen-deprived methods. {Makes a person think that if I was hanged or beheaded I know I would die}
Becoming a werewolf, to be given the power of shape shifting through sorcery, being cursed by someone who you have wronged in some way {called Lycaeonia Curse}, being bitten by a werewolf and being born to a werewolf. Each case the blood becomes tainted or cursed. Damnation, becoming one against your will is not completely damnation until you taste human blood. Once done your soul is eternally cursed. As long as the taint lies upon their immortal soul they cannot enter Heaven and will remain chained to the mortal plane til death, if blood does not touch their lips.
They do sometimes travel in packs, they can also live alone, and most do because they grow tired of belonging to something. The head werewolf is called an Alpha while the remaining wolves are Beta because they became werewolves through the bite of the Alpha and carry's the Alpha's tainted blood.
If an Alpha is killed the Beta that killed him has the cursed lifted but an Alpha cannot harm a Beta because like all bloodlines what they do to a Beta so does happen to the Alpha, but only Alpha's bloodline.
The earliest sightings of a werewolf have been around the year 75,000 B.C.
How to kill them are simple: silver, cold iron, salt, holy water, anything silver, opening of the skull, salt can kill only certain bloodlines the same as holy water.
The different spellings of werewolf are: warewolf, wahrwolf, wchrwolf, MOH, werewolf, and werwolf.
A person transformed into a wolf in form and appetite, either temporarily or permanently, whether by supernatural influences, witchcraft, or voluntarily; a lycanthrope. The belief in werewolves is general, but vampyres seem to be a better thought throughout the world

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