The purpose that I created this webpage is to help those people out there that has a lot of anger and hate and they can't control it. This webpage is designed to help those help others when they see this kind of action in other people and stop it before it is too late. And this webpage is dedicated to all those kids and adults that have lost their life due to the fact from those people that could not control their anger. Not all the time is it puberty, sometimes it is heredity and it can be helped and under control but only if people cared enough to let that happen...

Potential warning signs for violence in children

Have many tantrums as toddlers and preschoolers in a single day or several lasting more than 15 minutes. And often cannot be calmed by parents, family members or other caregivers.
Has many aggressive outbursts, often for no reason
Is extremely active, impulsive and fearless.
Consistently refused to follow directions and listened to adults
Does not seem attached to parents, i.e. does not touch, look for or return parentís in strange places.
Frequently watches violence on TV, engages in play that has violent themes, or is cruel to other children.
During school age they have trouble paying attention and concentration
Often disrupts classroom activities.
Does poorly in school
Frequently gets into fights with other children in school
Reacts to disappointments, criticism or teasing with extreme and intense anger, blame or revenge
Watches many violent TV shows and moves or plays a lot of violent video games.
Has few friends and is often rejected by other children because of their behavior.
Makes friends with other children known to be unruly or aggressive.
Consistently does not listen to adult
Is not sensitive to the feelings of others
Is cruel or violent towards pets or other animals.
Is easily frustrated
During the preteen and teenage adolescent they are consistently does not listen to authority figures
Plays no attention to the feelings or rights of others
Mistreats people and seems to rely on physical violence or threats of violence to solve problems
Often expresses the feelings that life has treated them unfairly
Does poorly in school and often skips class
Misses school frequently for no identifiable reason
Gets suspended from or drops out of school
Joins a gang, gets involved in fighting, stealing or destroying property
Drinks alcohol and/or uses inhalants or drugs

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