There are different types of vampyres with everything there comes a flavor and those are:

Astral vampyres-are vampyres that feed via astral planes

Balanced vampyres-is someone that carry both traits of blood and psy drinking

Blood vampyres-blood drinkers or sanguinarians

Psy vampyres-people/vampyres that feed on the emotions or psy/life force/aura of a person

Pranic {touch} vampyres- that gain energy from touch, from a friendly handshake to sex

Vampyres are the subjects widely varying legends, which are nonetheless repeated worldwide, most of these legends antedating contacts between the various cultures, which have formulated and continue to express these legends. We might try to establish concordance between widely scattered legends devoting from widely scattered cultures, in search of commonality of there or import.
In most cases people that know a lot about vampyres say very little whereas the ones that know very little speaks a lot and are not quite aware of what they are stating they are just stating them because they think that it’s the right thing to state because they have only researched one set of rules and not taken everything into consideration.
Sometimes people go on what they were taught to be actual and truth. It is hard sometimes to believe others were raised different on the subject from others but with researching and going to other sites you must remember that just because the stuff there you don’t agree with don’t attack the owner the site just read, learn and accept.
Some states vampyres to be manlike beings or some sort of DNA altering retrovirus, new species of man-apes or other kinds of rumors are believed and said about these mysterious creatures.
It is based on the person as to how they deal with their evolution. Some are gentle as a bunny rabbit or deer whereas others can become rabid and be the threat to human kind.
Most vampyres keep to themselves and they do not go about telling people who or better yet what they are. It is normally someone you’d never suspect.
The online is full of so-called vampyres, but the real vampyres do not talk as freely as they do online or sometimes not at all. Because the real ones fear the human race not to be fully evolved enough to understand. Although in most cases vampyres led a normal life, they go to work; they go to church, grocery stores, the mall and other places of gatherings. But the secret life consists of hidden secrets. Fear of what would happen if people would learn of their secrets. Real vampyres do not kill strangers on the street, at one time yes but with the threats of diseases then they take on donors because vampyres are not immortal and they can die if they catch something. After carefully scanning or searching for the right person that is to accept them and then going to the point of screening their blood for diseases. If you believe yourself to be immortal then seek help now. Sunlight only hurts those that think it to damage them subconsciously the same as crosses. Although vampyres do heal faster but not in seconds.
Some consider vampyrism to be a cult or something different. In most cases there are hunters and sadly they go after these types of people instead of the real because wannabes or posers are more open to be or fall into the victim or stereotype.
The hunger or thirst or many other things by different people is just that. It is also more of a physical feeling so to speak rather then a real hunger it just feels like it that is why in some cases real vampyres are overweight, they eat in hopes to stop the hunger. When blood touches one’s lips that has the hunger they care and feel satisfied until it is needed again.
If this hunger is not fed it’ll go away in time but when it does return it is twice as strong/bad/fatal as before. Some believe this hunger is brought about from a disease others believe this hunger comes from the awakening or “thirst for life” no one truly knows at this time, why there is a thirst/hunger and blood seems to calm {instantly} that thirst.
Some of the symptoms of a mortal vampyre are more along the symptoms of someone that is suffering from withdraws to a drug, alcohol or other know substance. Those include: headaches, sleep deprivation {at times}, stomach problems, some light sensitivity, clumsiness, hunger {not all suffer from this symptom} and more. Just because you have some or all that does not make you a mortal vampyre, it could be just a fetish. But in some cases it’s true and it’s up to the person as to if they believe themselves to be a mortal vampyre or not.
Some state several issues about becoming: bitten, born, coming out during puberty or the likes. Since no one truly knows any or all and more could be true about how to become a vampyre. But in some cases I have ran across to learn from, they are stated that they would rather have not been born with this set curse or had it not awoken.
When suffering from mortal vampyrism one tends to lose their identity. Thus a mortal vampyre shall go through life thinking or feeling that they really do not belong in today’s society. The reason not really being that they are monsters like the movies portray although some of the fear remaining “in the coffin” results from bringing trouble to oneself because society could not accept them or does not want to accept them. More along the lines is they feel like outcasts, unaccepted, feel inferior and the list goes on. Mortal vampyres have a hard time making and finding friends because of such fear.

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