I thought that I might create a webpage about psy draining. I find more and more people are trying to ask questions about it and there are people out there that do no quite understand it. So I hope that this web page helps you to succeed and learn more from it. And by all means if the questions are not answered in this web page all you have to do is email me.
Everyone is psychic and everyone can psy drain or referred to as life force draining by others. Some people think this to be evil but with everything, if the gift is abused or done the wrong way it can and will be evil.

There are two types of energy; there are several ways but only two major:

Pranic- or touch energy, the hardest form of energy to drain from

Emotional energy-when a person feels the stronger emotions of aggravation, anger, fear, hatred or they are feeling rushed or panicked they actually broadcast out energy to let others know to leave them alone

To feed by line of sight and not by touch. If you take too much or too quickly you could hurt and even kill them. It is safer to fed from groups of people instead of from only one person. With crowds a little is taken from several people whereas with a single person they could become too weak and even put into a coma.
When feeding it is best to walk through a busy shopping area and feel their energy swirling together in a funnel around you. All you need to do is imagine or picture or feel this funnel being made of water and simply drink in some of this “water”
Some do the breathing method. Breathe in and they breathe in some of the energy. Breathe out and they donate or give some energy to someone who is depleted or sick where they can get better or not feel/be as week.
If we feed too heavily from someone it can cause clinical depression, sickness and eventually cancer to death or some other fatal disease. This is why we do not keep a ring of donors like the sanguinarians or blood drinkers do.
We can drain by touch but it draws attention. It is normally a “hollow” or place where there is a hole. We can also drain from someone when we don’t want to be touched. Can be done in self-defense, casual contact like a handshake or even during sex.
Normally the right hand with the palm touching. Do not place hand over the heart while draining by touch, it could give them a heart attack and kill them.
Overtime we tend to intimidate most people because of how strong and self-assured we are perceived to be. Since we are feeding on them we suddenly appear to be stronger then they are, which frightens them.
Overtime you can take on the personalities as well of those we feed from, one of the many reasons that only one person should not be feed from.
One can also drain from nature, it is the most pure and it is good when no one is around to feed from or need that quick burst of energy but it has been known to give you headaches.
Don’t drain pets because they don’t have much energy to being with and that is why they sleep a lot. When an animal has been drained a lot they are not good protectors, but if one gives them energy they are great protectors and in some cases become smarter and take on human characteristics.
Don’t feed on children. They need all their energy to fight off illness and to the wrong assumption kids don’t have the energy that they let on.
Psy also have the ability to scan {look, feel} and empathy or feeling what others feel.
We “drink” of the aura/life force of a person. When we scan someone’s aura we do not see the color but we are aware of it. We feel things but do not see them. We can also sense other vampyres around us as well before we can or do see them.
Shielding is the most important thing to learn. Both to keep other psy-vampyres/awakened humans/un-awakened humans out and to prevent you from being overloaded with the emotional responses and feelings and feelings of the people around you.
Reshape your aura or imagine a “shield” {color of choice} surrounds you and keeps you safe. Safe from draining unaware and being drained from. It does not take extra energy only an imagination.
When someone is trying to get through your shield do not feel anger or frustration because they can use that against you to get through your shield, but avoid the color blue, this is the color used to amplify the emotions around us to ease feeding from them.
You can “bounce” their scan back to them by imagining that it is bouncing off of you and returning back to them like you are a mirror or another reflecting material.

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