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by Isabela Bautista

What is a vampyre/ vampire/ vampyer? There is no difference in the meaning of all of these different spellings; they all meet up to the same meaning, in the end. A vampire, not the Hollywood, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, stake in the heart, crucifix fearing, Holy water poisoning, Hallow ground vampire, but the 'real deal', as some would call it goes back to the battle of the Heavens.
When the revolt began in Heaven, and Lucifer (Almayus)(roughly translated) began his decent, he, as well as thousands upon thousands of archangels, set upon the earth, and he,(Almayus), sculpted bodies for each and every one of these angels. He then ordered them to go outward, and to love, and to feast, and to impregnate the Daughter of Man. In the beginning, God was unmerciful, and vengeful, and punished the angels, for their followings, and their stupidity, by not cursing them, but their children. He cursed their children to be children of the night, and to feel a hunger never felt before, the hunger for living blood. In addition to this, the Lord God, also made clear, that the end of the world, (Armageddon) will not come, until the last of vampiric kind is dead, and at that moment, when it (the vampire's) last breath dies, the savior shall come. He saw fit this punishment, for the angels, for they, as followers of Almayus, will have to watch their children, their sons and daughters be hunted, and killed off, and then sit outside the Heavenly gates, for all eternity.

Vampyre Solstice

? In blood vampires:
The vampire solstice is when the vampire body re-cycles itself. The vampire "Regeneration” cycle runs about every 5 years usually during the month one was born or embraced. The equinox/solstice (E/S) is when a type of cleansing occurs, where the body re-establishes its animal-nature: the jaw reshapes if necessary, the canines grow at a faster rate, and the muscles in the face, the reflexes quicken (even after training them to be slower), the eyes regenerate what sight has been injured, the thirst cravings double (at least), etc. It is most similar to the human female menstrual cycle, except that it happens in men and women. The E/S puts the body into a motion of cleansing, flushing out all the old blood cells and weakened virus cells. It "preps" for about two months before and one month after, but the actual drastic changes last for only about two weeks. It is painful at times–not to any extreme, more of a discomfort. There is not a special place a vampire has to go to experience the E/S–it comes when it is time, however many vampires take time off work or obligations during this time. It has been rumored that, in some
dhampirs, the virus can return to its dormant state.

More stuff on Vampyrism By Niota Nyght (me, another screen name, identity on the net and also my Native American Name)

Vampyres are like that of a human being they can die like a human they have the same life span of a regular human. Sunlight does not kill them although some cannot tolerate going out into it, garlic has no affect over vampyres, period. Holy water is just stagnant water that does not have any effect and all those little things you learned from Hollywood and myth just toss them out the window.
Now to kill a vampyre or a thus one that thinks they are a vampire considered to be wannabes, a stake: which of course one takes a piece of wood and jabs it into your heart I assure you, you are going to die. That goes with any vital organ, decapitation, etc.
Now we don't sleep in coffins, cemeteries, native soil, closets, under beds, caves, basements, {although there are those that have apartments in basements, not a lot of windows, etc} but I do sleep in as dark as possible room and if the lil bit of light is showing I get fussy with the curtains and blinds until I am satisfied.
Now the truth to becoming a vampyre there is a huge controversy over that one. No actual humans cannot become a vampyre through a bite or blood transfusion and blamo you're a vampyre.
You can, however, become a vampyre through being bitten triggering that you need to be awoken, being born, being awoken later on in life, or being born and then later awoken. There is also astral travel and other methods thereof.
Now the not so fun part. To be an actual vampyre one must deal with the constant hunger and thirst. Some turn to eating hoping that will quench the thirst and it does not. So thus they turn to drinking blood in small areas and experimenting until they get a taste for thus blood and need more and more until finally they come dependent on it like a drug, i.e. caffeine, mary jane, etc.

Vampyre by CatWoman6969

Vampire, also spelled Vampyre, is believed to be a mutated creature of the night, mainly in folklore. Vampyres are believed to suck fresh blood out of humans to obtain the red blood cells they lack, called "heme." There is a certain medical condition, a rare disease, called Porphyria, that won't allow the body to produce those red blood cells. This disorder would produce symptoms such as an Iron deficiency, which would cause a "craving" for blood and sensitivity to sunlight, which causes paleness and dis-figuration of the skin. The symptoms were believed to be alleviated by drinking fresh blood in order to obtain the Iron they lacked, since blood has so much iron. In ancient times, humans with this disease were thought out to be vampyres.

Now DON'T tell me vampyres don't exist because I happen to have this disease. And if I don't obtain iron, whether through blood transfusions or merely drinking it myself, I will die. So now you know what a vampyre is! End of the discussion!

Vampyre bats-3 species of which exist in Mexico and central and south America, has become the modern myth of vampyres and bat symbolism is inseparable from current iconography of the contemporary vampyre. Bats are only mammals that can fly. There are almost 1,000 species, nearly one-fourth of all the mammalian species now on earth. The largest has a wing spread of several feet. Much of their time is spent sleeping upside down or having a position from which they can drop into space and easily begin flying (note: all bats flying out of a cave, will fly to the left). Teeth are small razor sharp teeth (incisors) with which they can cut into their prey. Instead of sucking they let it flow and lap it up with their tongue, somewhat like a cat drinking milk.
Satanism evolved to explain where the first vampyre came from.

Dhampir-gypsies believed that some vampyres have an insatiable sexual appetites and will return from the grave to have sex with their widow or a young woman of their choosing. The vampyre’s continued visits could lead to the woman becoming pregnant. The product of such a union, usually a male, was called a dhampir. It was believed that the dhampir had unusual powers for detecting and destroying the vampyre, a most important ability. Some modern dhampirs among the gypsies of Eastern Europe placed most of their value in their ability to locate the vampyre, which was simply shot with a pistol if located outside of its grave. Some individuals believed to be dhampirs supplemented their income by hiring themselves out as vampire hunters. The dhampir was otherwise a normal member of the gypsy community, though some people believed that a true dhampir possessed a slippery, jelly-like body and lived only a short life, a belief derived from the understanding that vampyres have no bones.
The powers of the dhampir could be passed to a male offspring, and ultimately though a family line. While vampyre hunting abilities could be inherited, they could not be learned. Scott Baker wrote a novel about dhampirs that tied them to a dhampir lineage, within the family of Elizabeth Bathory.

Hematomania—a blood fetish (sexual pleasure and other psychological needs of persons with this condition are met by the regular consumption of human blood, occasionally injection with the eating of human flesh.

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