"Curbing Psychic Vampyrism..."

What to do? Not easy. Firstly, try to educate those closest to you, and teach them elementary shielding. This requires a great deal of tact and caution when dealing with non-pagan types i.e. work colleagues. Sierra told us that crossing ankles and wrists while seated prevents you being drained. Get people into this habit. If they develop varicose veins, check holistic healing 101.
Secondly, where possible, avoid direct eye contact. Fixate on a mouth or nose, but do not look directly into the eyes for extended periods. Enlist the help and permission of a loved one. No cure is possible without their assistance.

Symptomatic description of vampyrism:
Be warned. If isolated from a source, without being able to draw from earth energy is highly dangerous. The feeling of energy depletion is akin to a diabetic with a severe sugar problem, and a condition similar to diabetic coma can occur.
Vision is the first to suffer, the sight blurs, becomes double imaged, and out of focus. By this time the brain, in an effort at defense, has reversed all the normal "fight or flight" responses. If allowed to continue severe tremors rack the body. This is the result of the polarization of the salts necessary to maintain a synaptic reaction in the cells. The body reserves of glucose and dextrose are rapidly utilized to attempt to maintain brain function. To this purpose blood is diverted from the limbs and the digestive process is greatly accelerated to obtain energy.
Nausea and great fatigue follow, and a deep sleep results. A "hung over" dry mouth feeling, with a feeling of not having rested follows a severe depletion, with severe depression and unjustified anger.
After a severe depletion, the physical body feels weak and sick, and may take days to recover.

Behavior modification:
Learn to shield, center and ground. Learn to use your energy.
Secondly, have a good hard look at your diet. Using the booster type drinks that athletes and persons convalescing use will give a little help. Boost on carbo loaders for the period that you (the vampyre) are undergoing modification. As stated earlier, the help of a loved one is essential. They will know when you start to tap them. You will NOT. Get them to tell you it is happening now.
You must start a serious self-examination of what you are doing. For example, proximity, your body stance, body position, where you were looking, what was your focus, what did you feel, and a million more questions. After notifying you, and giving you a few seconds to evaluate the above, your loved one must cut you off by the crossing of limbs, avoidance of eye contact, etc.
Now, you know you are in need of energy. After all, you just started a tap off, and were stopped. Get away from people, take your safety valve (an isotonic drink or beverage) with you, and get into the outdoors, away from people. Deplete your natural energy a little by a brisk walk, and a little isometric exercise. Technically, if you were near anybody now, you would tap him or her. Now apply what you have learned and draw earth energy, seated, through your spine, and out the top of your head. If you do it right, the isotonic drink can be stored for the next time.
If you feel shaky or any of the above symptoms appear, take the drink!! It takes a vampyre longer to learn to draw what others do naturally. A big hit when needed from a handy source, instead of slow and continual draw from nature. When allowed to tap from her after failing to draw from natural sources taught me a great deal of the mechanism involved. Radical behavior modification on my part followed, and the rest was easy.
As a matter of interest, I work for long hours at my computer, where I continually burn a candle. A handy tap off, and more energy lessons. Today, I find after casting a circle for a working, I remain energized for hours afterwards, even after the feast, and grounding my palms on the floor. I just seem to pop back up, spontaneously. This surplus energy gets sent to the cauldron, always in need of some power.

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