I have had several ask me why do we spell 'vampyre' with a 'y'? I suppose after countless looking for things here is the only answer I have for this. 'Vampyre' is the older spelling of the word 'Vampire' and was used predominantly during the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. It is used in groups today for a more 'gothic' feel-plus it makes it harder for those lovely snerts to locate us.
Vampyres {as I call them as well} do travel in groups or they do attend to be loners and practice alone. But I am more towards the group thing and my 'masters' as I like to call them to make them feel more happy about themselves, 'sire' by others, several people have called their elders by several names and I just like to call them master, {after the things that I have done, anyways}. And as I am now an elder myself then I have taken certain things into consideration and I do know of several things and talents. I also have gathered some talents and I am well aware of things that people tell me as lies...
Looking around on the net I have found that there are vampyres out that worship either God{s}/ess {es} or the Devil I have even gone so far to find someone that worships both sides of the field, how they manage that one hard telling. I have to lean more to God because I did not lose anything with Lucifer or other god{s}/ess {es}.
There are rumors out that there are 'slayers', 'hunters' and others that go by different names. They do exist and they are very well known to hunt down and kill vampyres. Mostly they kill only the ones that have killed before, but when I talked to a real hunter once he told me "that would defeat the purpose if a stalker/hunter {as he called himself} to kill after the other had killed." I guess these words meant, 'death to all vampyres'.
Now for the means of killing us are quite simple. You can kill us by: burning us with fire, decapitating us, killing us with bullets, staking us, running us through with a knife, I am getting to the point that anything used to kill a mortal/human kills a vampyre.
We are not killed by: Sunlight, garlic, religious stuff {because I love crucifixes and take them everywhere I go}, leaving out grains of things for us to count while you decide to kill us {i.e. sugar, rice, etc.}, also let's just say that whatever kills a vampyre cannot kill us.
We are after all, human just like the others, with a strong urge towards blood. Which leads me to another point where vampyres do grow stronger from the blood that they feed from either donors or other means of gathering. Some also take to eat flesh, it is sort of salty and it all but melts on your tongue, but it is a "sin".

There are also different types of vampyres. There is a psy-vamp that feeds from just the living life of a person. These types of vampyres are very dangerous because they drain the life force and the energy from a person. There is the traditional vampyre that feeds from the blood from either living or the dead. Those are the only two I know. There are also those type of vampyres that are called Balic, they are little creatures that feed from the people and they are strong sexual urges, when I know more then I'll let you know. And once I find the Vampyre Bible, I know it is true, I shall tell you where to get it. But as the time passes I might be able to find out more forms of it.
I have run across many pages on the net of people that are 'wannabe' vampyres. That is they dress like us, drink blood like us and pretend to be just like us, but be fare warned those are probably people that want some sort of attention. Don't supply them with access to some sick idea or the likes. I, on the other hand, do not want anyone's attention, matter of fact I just want to stay in the shadows. And I did create this web page because I thought that the world might want to know the truth of the matter and not be fooled by others.
I know you question my sanity that leads me forward to stare that I am in my right mind. I am not crazy nor do I try to be, because I know what happens to people who break the laws and create a bother for everyone. I have broken a few laws in my day, but I am not about to go there at this time. If you feel that you must know than email me privately and we can talk about things. Also as I said earlier about methods of killing us, well would not anyone die by those methods? Which leads us to another finding, there is such a thing as immortality, but my friend has never told me invocation that must be preformed to become immortal. I feel that in this time of chaos that would want to live forever. {Long live Freddie Mercury!!}
Looking past all these things I suppose that some day I may marry and settle down, but as I step into the future of the paradox we do see, I would rather die an old maid. I suppose that is all the information that I have at this time, but I know that I'll find more, because I always do. Research is never fully finished until the mind feels brave enough to put things out there for others to see.

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