I gathered this from countless hours of research so place take the time to read all that I have gathered it is about the artifacts that were used in earlier slayings and other common knowledge as to where they might have evolved. . That is all the myth and facts that I have scattered about here about vampyres and vampyre hunters.

Various people and groups, who for whatever reasons, believe that no vampyre maybe or should be allowed to continue to exist. Some of these people are just sick and confused, looking for any excuse to hurt someone else and others may be in the grip of some powerful delusional system. {Some might be said of many who call themselves vampyres} Sometimes these groups of hunters can be extremely organized and very systematic in their operations, however, insane in motivation.
These are the things that vampyre hunters of myth used to kill a vampyre
Holy water {stagnant water}
Holy Wafer {cracker}
Blood of Christ [optional]{Grape Juice}
Neck brace or iron collar

As I have gathered from actual slayers these are the items needed to kill a vampyre.

Any method to kill a 'normal' person kills a vampyre.
Any gun
No religious artifact will protect
If a vampyre bites you won't become a vampyre, but might die from lack of blood
Faith in yourself
And Faith in what you do
Crucifix was not until Bram Stoker's Dracula that the crucifix was considered to have power against the vampyre.
Wafer {cracker} Once again Bram Stoker's Dracula brought about the need of the wafer to kill vampyres. Before the book priests buried wafers with the dead to worn off evil spirits.
Fire Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles brought about the idea on how to kill a vampyre by fire.
Garlic has been used since the dawn of threat of vampyres about the early 1300's. In Dracula Van Helsing used it to tie around Lucy's neck to ward off Dracula. The Lost Boys and Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles disregard it as a viable form of defense.
Stakes been used for hunters for years. Normally staking a person through the stomach and back or any vital organ.
Sunlight Vampyres can walk in sunlight, even in Dracula Van Helsing notes the vampire walking around in daylight. Forever Knight, Nick can walk out in daylight, but only if he does not touch his skin. Anne Rice Chronicles the sunlight is one of the few methods to kill a vampyre.
The following are some definitions that might be of some interesting. All these definitions come from the Webster dictionary and I did not alter then much.
Slayer- To kill violently, want only, or in great numbers, broadly, to strike down, kill. To delight or amuse immensely, murderer.
Hunter- a person who hunts game (vampyre, witch) one that searches for something, searching out for persecution of personís accused of vampyrism or witchcraft. {I would like to make a personal note here that, there are in fact, real witch slayers as well as vampyres slayers}
Watcher- One that watches. One that sits upon or continues awake at night. A person who closely follows or observes someone or something. The next definitions are mine own, if you don't want to read the truth then skip on by or go to another place to learn the truth.
Psy-vampyre- a vampyre that could not even is a vampyre. To gain one's psy is a great gift and does not deserve a name. It is someone that instead of relying on blood for energy they use others psy for energy to gain. Energy can comes from a storm, other people, courtroom, parties, dances, concerts, etc.
Vampyre- someone who seeks the truth and cannot find what they need. A lost soul seeking to find the missing link that is not there. Hoping to die only to be born and repeat the reality of their own hell all over again or deny it all.
Vampyre/Vampire slayer/hunter- a delusional person who has lost their grip with reality and resolves to killing people because they are led to believe that vampyres exist and they are evil and immortal. Cannot be trusted and are feared because they have and are considered very dangerous.

I told you that the above was not pretty. But now for the ways to spot a slayer and a vampyre. But I should tell you that on the note of spotting a slayer, the chances are a majority are fake ones. While there are a few out there. Take your pick as to where they belong, but a majority cannot and do not do these things.

How to spot a Slayer- does not alert to how many vampires he/she has killed. Can be a vampyre as well because over all the years of slaying the thrill of the kill has drove them to the love of blood, normally has a real job while by night they slay, some slay by day. Will not tell others where they have been for the past few days/months/etc. But they can disappear out of the blue and might never come back. Some can sense a vampyre and kill without remorse or care, pretends to be a vampyre to learn more about them to kill them, stalks to learn more.
Their clothing is mostly normal clothing and all black to make as less of target as possible while the wannabes wear a trechcoat or long jacket to conceal the weapons, has a crazy look in their eyes.

How to spot a vampyre- Look for all the media has placed to be vampyres and you have a vampyre wannabe or a Goth. Look instead for family and laid back, easy going 'normal' person and you have a vampyre. Will not run up to strangers and call themselves vampyres. They will stay in the shadows and not associate themselves with their food.
Although you should be aware when hunting a person is considered a capital crime and the punishment could be by death or life imprisonment depending on where you killed them. You might think that you are riding the world of evil but in the process you are also damning your soul. Leave the real hunting for the police who have taken countless classes to see and learn what a real vampyre looks like and their 'vampyre coven' or 'clan'...
I hope this helps you in your understanding of vampyre hunters a little bit more. If not I am sorry. I can only provide the info that I can consider not to be rpging because that seems to be the most major thing to RPG at besides a vampyre. It seems that the vampyre wannabes are being killed by fake slayers because they are leading them to believe them to be real vampyres. But a real vampyre will not wear a trench coat and paint their faces white and lips red/black and paint their nails black and add onto their teeth so they can pierce the skin. A majoring of vampyres will hide because it is in their nature to because they have been hunted for so long.

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