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Psi Report by BadCarma247

Psi-Vampirism is a very controversial subject in the vampire
community. One reason is because most people do not believe it to be
"true" vampirism but more of a form of Empathy. I'm here to tell you
from first experience that it is in fact a form of vampirism albeit a
quite common form of vampirism. In essence a Psi-Vampire is the same
as a Sanguine in the fact that they need energy to live, the only
difference between the two is the method by which they feed.

To start I will explain a little about the process of awakening.
Awakening is a process that every vampire goes through whether it is
Sanguine or Psi. Many vampires do not know what is happening to them
when they begin to awaken. And a lot of times it does go unnoticed
and many vampires suffer because they don't know what they are. They
never figure it out until later on in their life or in some cases
never at all. But the ones that do know what they are have a constant
struggle. They are very detached from the world in which they live
and have to find ways to cope and to blend in to the best of their

Awakening usually starts at puberty although it can happen as old as
21. The first symptom of Awakening is almost always depression. They
do not know why they are depressed but yet feel a strong sense of
desperation, turmoil, fear, and loneliness. All of those things at
once can be very powerful on someone so young. Especially someone
that has lived a happy childhood and has never known depression. The
length of the depression varies with every person, sometimes it lasts
a few months and sometimes longer. But it will not be the only time
the vampire becomes depressed, they will know how it feels their
entire life.

Another symptom is increased sensitivity to sunlight. Now this is not
the case with every vampire, but most times it is. The reason for
the sensitivity I believe is because the senses start to become
heightened. The sun usually just aggravates the skin; it doesn't
really bother them unless they are in the sun for more than 30
minutes without protection. After 30 minutes the skin can start to
burn very rapidly, and if exposed for long it can lead to sun
poisoning. In very few cases some vampires will start to burn only
after a few minutes in the sun, and the lucky ones never have to
worry about it. But what really aggravates a vampire is the sun on
their eyes. You will hardly ever see a vampire go without sunglasses
or a hat of some type. Although a vampire's eyes may not be perfect
vision the sense of sight is almost always heightened. They can see
things that a normal person cannot see or notice. And through
the duration of the exposure to sunlight they will feel increasingly weakened as the sun seems to drain them of the energy in which they have stored.

An awakening vampire may also notice that they start to eat less.
They may only snack around and eat one meal a day. This can be bad
because your body does need a certain amount of nutrition and if it
doesn't get it things can go bad just like a normal human. But a
vampire is very resilient to sickness and when they do get sick they
do not stay sick long. Most times vampires are anemic because of
there lack of protein and iron, but this is more commonly the case
with the Psi-Vampires rather than Sanguine because the Sanguine feeds
on blood and can pull a certain amount of these out of the blood. A
Psi-Vamp on the other hand needs to get their protein and iron out of
regular food. The best is of course red meat.

Like I stated before the length of awakening varies with every
vampire. It can last a few months or it can last a year. But after
that time is up the vampire will start to look for answers. They may
not even know what they are searching for as it seems to be a
subconscious thing. But they will eventually come to the occult for
answers. They will find it from a friend or by stumbling upon it in
the library or book store or by coming across it on the internet.
They will feel drawn to it and not know why. Some may instantly
become in love with it or some may completely reject the idea and
never think about it again. It depends on how they were brought up
and their experiences. But most of the time you will find a vampire that has a high interest in the occult and still they may not figure out what they are, just have a high interest.

Now that we have discussed Awakening we will move on to what Makes a
Psi a vampire.

A Psi-Vampire differs from a Sanguine in the fact that they do not
feed on blood. But if a Psi-Vampire wanted to they could feed on
blood as it is the quickest and easiest way of getting to the energy
needed. Many Psi-Vampires save feeding on blood for their partner as
it can be very intimate. The Psi-Vampire will notice that they feel
more energetic and healthy when they are in a large group of people.
They will also notice they feel more groggy and weak when they are
with people they are around all of the time. This is because a normal
human's subconscious will put up a defense against the Psi feeding
just like the immune system puts up defense against disease. Although
depending on what the Psi-Vampire feeds on they can still feed on
them occasionally. Many Psi-Vamps feed on emotions; this can be happy
or sad emotions. But most commonly is the sad emotions. And a
Psi-Vamp will suck that up like a vacuum cleaner no matter who the
person is.

When a Psi-Vamp is in close proximity to a large group of people you
can often see an empty ring around them where people aren't standing.
People can be shoulder to shoulder against each other but yet the
vampire has space to move and not be touched by anyone. This is
because a normal human will subconsciously try to get out of range of
the Psi-Vampire. And you can notice people will not stay in a room
with a Psi for very long. This is all pretty much why a Psi-Vamp is a
loner because people do not seem to want to talk to them or be around
them. Most of the friends a Psi has is ones they make before
awakening, this doesn't mean they still can't make friends. Although
people tend to stay away from a Psi-Vamp there are a few who seem to
be immune to feeding. These people are very few in number and are
generally very strong of mind and of will and very educated. I don't
know why this is the case.

Most Psi-Vamps are unintentional feeders which means they do not know
they are feeding or just simply can't control feeding but know they
need to. These vampires will subconsciously feed and will pick random
people taking a little from one person and then moving to another to
take a little more. They are fed best in large groups because they
only take a small amount of energy from each person. These vampires
are the most common and chances are you know someone like this and
don't even know what they are. They blend in very well and usually go
unnoticed by the casual passer by, but yet all the signs are there,
the empty space around them and people not staying near them long.
And most times the unintentional Psi-Vampire doesn't even know what
they are and will rarely figure it out.

Another type of Psi-Vampire is the intentional one. They have the
ability to control their feeding and can do it without anyone
noticing it. These are the most dangerous Vampires. Unlike the
unintentional which only takes a little from each person the
intentional Psi-Vampire has the ability to drain a person if they
wanted to, completely sucking them of energy. This can cause a person
to be sick for months or in some cases go into a coma. Intentional
feeding is like doing a drug, it becomes addictive and when they take
enough energy it becomes like being high. Once they get this high
they want to get it again but they need to take more and more energy
each time to get that high. This is what makes them so dangerous and
many will succumb to the high and want it more and more. Only few
Psi-Vamps have the ability to feed intentionally as it is very rare.
But most of them will generally feed responsibly and with concern for
the normal human for fear of being noticed or the fear of being inhumane. There are only few who abuse their power just like many normal humans with power can abuse it.

Some Psi-Vampires can feed from other sources such as elemental
energy. Depending on how starved a Psi-Vampire is they can start to
feed from natural events; thunder storms being the most common. The
thunder and lightening can cause a build up of energy that just flows
around the sky like a river and a Psi-Vampire can use that energy as well as human energy. And a lot of times the Psi-Vampire will like
elemental energy better as it is more powerful and it can sustain
them for a longer period of time than human energy. Another source
can be musical instruments. Although there is really no energy per
se' in a musical instrument, the act of playing one seems to refill a
Psi-Vampire. Maybe it's because it helps the vampire feel a connection with something and it generates energy like a friction power generator would.

People often confuse the spelling of Psi-Vampirism with the term Psy.
Psy just means that the vampire is psychic. Any vampire can posses
psychic ability, but a Psi-Vampire is the most common type of vampire
to posses the trait. I myself have some psychic ability. My biggest
ability is I often can dream of things in the future. This is quite
common with Psi-Vampires. The degree of psychic ability varies just
like anything else with Vampires. They can have a small amount or
they can have a large amount. It just all depends on the individual

Also throughout my studies I have noticed that sometimes the
Vampirism trait can be hereditary, but more commonly with
Psi-Vampires. Maybe that's the reason why it is so common. Sanguine
Vampires can also pass down their trait to offspring, but it's not as
common as Psi-Vampires. But still no one really knows for sure the
roots of vampirism or how it started. Many people believe it to be
descended from pre▴historic European countries, others from tribes in
Africa. The truth is no one knows, and it will probably always be
like that.

In conclusion Psi-Vampires are just like Sanguine in the fact that
they need energy to feel normal. Many people will disagree on the
whether or not a Psi-Vampire is in fact a true Vampire but they do
not know all the facts. But in reality no one has all the facts,
Vampirism differs for every person and no one can know everything,
all we can do is document what we know and keep searching for
answers. What I have stated here may not be the case with all
vampires, but it is what I have noticed as my years as a Psi-Vampire.
I thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. Now take
your leave and keep researching, for one day you may find all the
answers to the questions you seek.

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