Vampyres: What is the Truth behind the American Nightmare?

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Since the dawn of Civilization, blood-drinking ghouls have been documented in every major culture around the world. From the ancient Babylonian Edimmu through Richard Trenton Chase and Jeffery Dahmer, vampire-like beings have walked among the living.
Belief since the dawn of time
After a person is dead, sometimes they retain enough of power to return from the dead so people/loved ones would bury food and beverages in the hopes of ending them getting out of their coffins and becoming the undead.
Sometimes the undead returned from the dead to drink fresh blood to replenish their stolen lives.
Edimmu—first account of the vampyre like demon in Babylonian
Reliteu—Lilith—1st wife of Adam—sweeps down to drink the blood of innocence Hebrew
Found in all regions, religions, countries and the most renowned creature in the world is the vampyre

Steven Koplin director of Vampyre Research Center
States there are three types of vampyres

Blood Fetishes—sexually drawn to blood, have a draw to blood, they drink it because they want or need it.

Imitators—trappings to obtain blood, those that will perform rituals in order to gain immortality or the domination of other people.

True Vampyres—physical draw to blood, drinking it thinking they will reach immortality or prolonged life and they feel that they need it to survive or go insane if they can’t get any.

He states that there are only about 50 true vampyres in the United States.
Vampyres only need a few ounces a day
Reported if they don’t get this amount they become aggressive, angry, upset, depressed and/or irritable

Ritual—blood letting—blood rituals

Sexual favors for blood

Join bloodletting clubs to gain blood
None known to kill but anything is possible if the need gets worse.
Get blood from the vein via biting, needles or cutting
Need for blood is very real for modern day vampyres
Revitalizes, gives them strength and preterits a power of control—the same image that vampyrism gives us from the ancient legends and myths, since the dawn of civilization real vampyres have walked among us via superstitions, supernatural or myth to hide from hunters but they are not like the myths of yesteryear by immortality, capes, shape shifting, sleep in coffins or fangs.
Most have to cut or draw to get blood and as these myths grown so deep so does people’s fear and confusion of what a real or fake vampyre to be.
A vampyre can be young, old, male, female, adult or child
On average anyone could be a vampyre but not telling is what saves them from troublesome hunters and other people that fear what they do not understand
Some vampyres are innocent but some are very dangerous and might go about to inflict harm and even death to people because in the end any real danger is more frightening then anything a writer could draw upon paper.

Plague-vampyres…the stench of the vampyre brought rumor that a plague was coming. During such times people were buried in haste of mass burial. Some people were actually buried alive, when they were in a coma like state. Breaking out of these states they would awaken in the grave or the morgue and by-standards would shriek in terror thinking there were witnessing the birth of a vampyre.

Reverent—vampyre that would appear to people in a dream-like state or nightmare and suck their blood. These people were seen in town as a pheasant, fare rutty, swollen, long fingernails, dirty and unpleasant features. Seen either in the day or night causing people to run in terror or hide when seen of fear that they would be next. After the dreams and/or sightings strange deaths would occur normally because of some strange disease but nevertheless blamed on the reverent.
Kill all vampyres and those the vampyres killed, thus not doing so would result in the vampyres victims coming back to life
Used to explain the epidemic of the plague but it turned out to be the vampyre itself.
14 books in Germany along on vampyres in the 1700’s
The exhuming of the body of Peter Popogovic the town’s people goes before the local government and the local Priest to have his coffin open and see if he is, in fact, a vampyre. At first they refused and the town’s people forced them by stating that if the were not given a pubic viewing they would be forced to leave their village

And this is what an Austria Official has to say when they exhumed the body:

”Since I could not hold these people from their resolution myself then the local Priest witnessed the disinterment of the body. I did not detect the slightest odor that is the characteristic of the dead and the body, except for the nose had fallen away, was completely fresh. The hair and beard even the nails of which the old ones had fallen off and had grown on him. The old skin which was somewhat whitish had peeled away and the new one had emerged from it. Not without astonishment I saw fresh blood in his mouth which was, according to common solution that he had sucked from the people killed by him with great speed the outraged subjects sharpened a stake and pierced his chest where upon as he was pierced much blood completely fresh, flowed from his nose, ears and mouth as well as other signs which passed by out of high respect. Finally according to this usual practice he was burnt to ashes.

The accounts and exhuming of the body of Arnold Payold and those that exhumed the body was 3 army surgeons, army Colonel, Lieutenant and a sub Lieutenant.

”The discontentment of Mr. Arnold Payold showed that he was quite complete without decay. The corpse had moved to one side, the jaw is gaped wide open and the blue lips were moist with new blood that trickled in a thin stream from the mouth as well as the eyes, nose and ears. The shirt, the covering and the coffin was completely bloody, the old nails on his hands and feet along with the skin had fallen away and new ones had grown back. And since they saw from this that he was a true vampyre they drove a stake threw his hear, whereby he gave an audible groan and bled continuity. There upon the same day they burned the body to ashes and threw these into the grave. These people said further that all those tormented and killed by the vampyre must themselves become vampyres therefor they contoured the people in the same year.”

The Book of the Vampires and in 1443 the first nosferatu was born

”That name rings like the cry of a bird of prey. Never speak it aloud.” Comes from the Book of the Vampires Author unknown
Lord Byran, John Paradora, Percy Shelly and Mary Shelly
On a rainy day in England while on vacation, two great works appeared from that weekend. The Vampir and Frankenstine all because Paradora was bored and suggested that everyone come up with an idea for a new book. Lord Byran came up with The Vampir and never really went any farther with it but Paradora took up the idea and published the book

”Now I lay me down to sleep, pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake pray the Lord my soul to take.” --Uttered by 12th century adults and children alike to ward off the vampyre

Vlad Tepes was a very disturbed man and on several occasions did he do such things to people that would not even be considered sane. These cases were:
He called together some 400 students in Mulaticha who were studying the local customs and languages when he locked them in a room and set fire to the building.
On another occasion he impaled an entire village of 20,000 after the merchants refused his orders.
As the torturing commenced Vlad ate a hearty meal and enjoyed the events.
100,000 people died at his hand in his lifetime

James Twitchel says: ”The vampyre popularity exists because it represents the most complete condensation of the problems and resolutions of preadolescence.”

”...bodily changes he cannot deal with or control...”

Hungarian noblewoman Elizabeth Barthoy, the Blood Countess, sexually active and got bored to the point of destructive feats. She was beating one of her servants girls one day and got blood splashed upon her. When she went to wipe it off her skin seemed softer and whiter and she believed she found a way to stay young by bathing and drinking human blood. Favoring a long cylindrical iron cage that was lined with metal spikes and suspended high above the air. She would place the young girl into the cage and through holes in the side a helper would prod a red-hot poker in. The girls would flair about against the spikes and begin to bleed. Below the countess is showered in blood and bathes her skin and drank the blood as it poured down from above. 650 women were killed at the hands of this woman. Tried and sentenced to death to where she died a few years later.
English man John Hay was executed for the murder of 9 people on the 1940’s. He claimed to be motivated by the soul desire to drink his victim’s blood. He would lure them into a storeroom where he worked and then bash them over the head or shoot them. He would then plug up the wounds to halt the flow of blood and then delicately slice open an artery in the neck. He would then catch the blood in a cup and drink it until he felt pleasure.

Clinical vampyre—because of the sexual pleasures most derived from seeing or drinking blood.

“Disturbed, mentally unstable, clinically insane, socipathic, mentally ill…” David Myler speaking of how vampyres are viewed in today’s society

“Are Blood Fetishes, vampyres: people that sleep in coffins and wear black, vampyres: you can draw the line wherever you like but make no mistake vampyres will be with us for a long, long time.” David Myler

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