February 27th 2019: last entry. Today I have moved everything over to a new location. due to the site's insecurity and errors all over the place, this will no longer be my webpage, instead I moved my stuff over to a blog format. a few have mentioned that my webpage is retro and 90s, well I just joined the new generation, so to speak, of getting my research material out there. henceforth, I will only be updating (until this site finally fails) this part/segment here. aka if the hosting area in question has issues, of which I will have to see, but it's no different than the other sites I park the information on. so you can reach the new blog by visiting here. it's been fun to state the very least, but I can't stomach a site that doesn't care to go https, let alone fix their errors.

January 18th, 2019: First entry of many coming your way in 2019 and beyond. I'm not going to do the mass pages and then dump them all at once. I've gotten busy and I'm unable to do that at this time. however I have been able to start up a page, it will contain spoilers, and will be updated accordingly due to it being an ongoing Japanese cartoon as well as franchise. the page in question is basically an episode a month sort of thing Dragon Ball Heroes. I have future Japanese cartoon pages in the works as well as some supernatural coming due to finding new shows to watch and learning of things I thought was interesting to learn even more about. as always thanks for stopping by and enjoy.

November 30th 2018: since I was slim on the ideas at the moment I decided to do a tribute Megadeth Tribute the page does take a short bit to load but it currently contains all the lyrics and album names, YouTube links, etc in regards to my most favorite band. I also did a tiny change to the left side of the page, spacing it out just a short bit so it won't be too stuck together, it seems to be better with that, in the future I might have to space it just a tiny bit more, for now it isn't as one long running sentence as it was once. until further ideas and/or updates comes along I'll be leaving this here for now. but it doesn't take too long for me to get ideas, the real test comes to coding. it took me four days to code the Megadeth page, so I hope there aren't many errors present. as always, want to contribute or see any errors feel free to contact me on the link to the left. until then, Enjoy.

October 3rd 2018: as promised I found a recent news article link appear and I thought I'd add it to my vampire links page. vampire links is the page in question. it's basically a person who is new to the scene and the likes, thought it was an interesting article all the same. different and it's interesting to see some still coming out of the coffin so to speak. I'll be adding more pages eventually, gotten busy and haven't had the time and been dealing with some weird issues within my little brain. but don't fret I'm still around. thank goodness angelfire is accessible again, don't know what happened but for a few days I couldn't log in and update. something tells me once things settle down I should seriously look into getting my stuff over to a more modern webpage format, angelfire is an old site that isn't even https formatted. it'll be a pain but it needs to be done. it isn't the first time I've moved sites and I'm certain it won't be the last.

Augst 24th 2018: since my page appears to have gotten popular there are some who wish to pass along that things on this are fake or shouldn't be trusted. so I decided to pull a few sources and hunt them down so some of the pages have reflected that. in most cases it's either a continuation of a book, wiki or other sources. I figured someone might see the similarities and not be out to slander my site, so, if the site looks like it might be fake and not have any sources and someone might be under the illusion it's fake, before you go slandering why not give me a drop off and I'll hunt down the source, perhaps you might not be lazy and do it yourself, or be polite and ask where I got it from. slander gets you nowhere. other than that no new updates to roll out, if people would stop the slandering then I might have a chance to work with something new. otherwise, thanks for stopping by and mentioning my site all the same, either good or bad it still brings the hits.

June 30th 2018: gotten around to doing the coding for three pages of research, not to mention was waiting for something else so I could update a page. so on Criminal Minds Quotes Season 13's quotes have just been added. also three new pages Kami (God's) Eye, Karma and Seven Deadly Sins and Four Horsemen. as of right now that's all I got again, but I do have more thoughts and ideas forming. I'm even thinking about doing Japanese cartoon pages again. I'll have to wait and see, until then, as always thanks for stopping by and enjoy.

May 30th 2018: coming around to announce that I've attended to one page addition to the site. running with a personal one this go around Personal: Sleep Fears. I figured I've touched on many other things, so why not this as well. to show that something good can come from a rough life. also ran with other things, so it's under other, although it could be paranormal as well, it was a tough call. this is also pulled from my blog, as I've stated in the past, if it's connected in some form or fashion it will eventually be parked on my page. these days it's near immediately so I don't have to fight with pages with a lot of coding. so, as always, got more stuff to add, and will add them accordingly. my blog tends to run average, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, depends on what's present or what I've done, researched, found on the net or what meme I've done. I'll be adding things as I go along so don't fret, I'm not about to leave my page high and dry I rather like it here and the hours I've spent to researching and supplying others a chance to find it much easier. as always thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy.

May 19th 2018: Minor change, found one of my old email addresses that I use to have connected to one of my old sites, so I decided to change my contact page to that. I'm working on some research so I'll have that up shortly, shouldn't take me too long. until then just popping in with a tiny minor change because I deemed it to be fitting since it does contain my love for dbz, don't fret, it's a working email, it's not fake or broken.

May 13th 2018: as stated I am doing webpage work page per page it saves on me spending less time plugging in a lot of html coding at once. I recently did a blog of this one, yet, as I've pointed out, if it's related to my page somehow it'll be parked on there (here) as well. as things tend to get swallowed quickly in my blog, because I enjoy doing research and stuff and I'm already here... at any rate, one page addition Weeaboo vs Westaboo. Enjoy and I'm currently in the process of pondering over new research, this go around it's in the paranormal and occult department, yet, who knows what I could run across until I get there and afterward, so thanks for stopping by and checking me out.

April 13th 2018: First off happy Friday the 13th! decided to bring another exciting page. I also decided to move my neet page further down into the animation section, seemed more suitable there. the newest page is also found in my blog, however, things tend to get swallowed whole quickly so, I tend to often do a page (if I find it suitable for my page of course). in the future, I might look into adding more Japanese help in language, after all, it is the culture which fascinates me the most. this new update, as stated a page at a time is far easier, and as one can tell sometimes the stuff comes out pretty quickly, sometimes not so much what the suffix? as usual thanks for hopping by, enjoy and until next time.

April 8th, 2018: if nothing else I've learned not to gather up so much research and drop it off at once, taking a few minutes to park in coding, is far more enjoyable than hours on end. so created one page and added it. I figured it fit with my webpage after all. it took a day to think it over, but since it reflects regarding life styles and so forth, so, in the future when I drop off a page or two it's going to be easier for me than all at once with dozen or so. once again, came to a stall, but, look how soon something appears which belong/connects to the site, it is in my blog in recent entries but I feel it belongs for others to see and find much easier are you neet? So, until next time, have a good one and enjoy.

April 6th, 2018: seriously got ahead of the game on this one. didn't expect to be done until may, but I suppose it pays not to procrastinate. I've accomplished a lot thus far in life, in general, however, due to all this new research I've ran out of ideas. that's only currently, trust me I always find new things to research it's what I enjoy doing most. keep in mind, some of these things are purely fun, creative, personal, or just something I'm into. unless otherwise stated, I really keep things random around here. due to Dragon ball super coming to an end I was able to finish that page Dragon Ball Super Episode Guide. now for the new pages: Aokigahara, Cycle of life, Element of magic creatures, element of vampires, werewolves and monsters, element of ghosts and hauntings, how the moon phases life, element of native americans, sleep paralysis, sleep walking, spiritual shape shifting, tortures of the inquisition, et: vampires?, vampire metaphor in politics, werewolf research, and zombie fact vs fiction. when criminal minds finish up I'll be updating that page with season 13 quotes, until then, things have stalled again. if you have any ideas just contact me and send me some ideas. I don't plagiarize, I give credit where credit is due. just because I don't park it on the page, sometimes it appears in my blog. as always thanks for stopping by and enjoy.

March 19th, 2018: as promised I have gotten around to doing some major research, due to neglecting where it should matter most, I lost track and didn't get around to doing the stuff, until now. it took a few days to plug in the coding, but as I'm still working on further research, it's going to take awhile for that, so that'll be included in the next dump of research as they say. I added a total of 18 pages. wow! am I right! that's a large dump from my normal paw full. so, if you have anything you'd like me to research, contact me, if there's anything broken be certain to let me know. apparently I was being "monitored" and was unable to open up a certain link, renamed it and wouldn't you know, it works just fine now. remarkably there is finally some fresh vampire, werewolf, an actual werevamp page... but let's drop off the links and I hope you enjoy. starting off the large drop list: History of Japanese Buddhism, Japanese cartoon and other taboo truths, dementia, History of the Gadsden Flag (also the one I was being without from clicking and opening up in frames page until renamed), Guy Fawkes, Werevamp, Mental Illness, my people, Being an Otaku, Survivor Guide (humor or legit), Shinto and Buddhism deities, Shinto events and festivals, Common Shinto terms, Types of Addiction, Vampire Disease, Werewolf disease, Vampire Link Research, Werewolf Link Research. yay! that's it for now, I'm currently working with old school research style of looking through books and the likes, so, until then I do thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy your visit here.

December 20th, 2017: end of the year fun and overhaul it seems. I have some more research and updates coming, but I haven't had time, however I was able to find a new counter. it's not what I liked and it's not what I wanted but it works fairly decent. at least it's a counter letting me know the number. it only tracks location and what OS and web browser so it's not going to be at all accurate, but it does track visitor numbers. don't fret it doesn't store anything nor does it stalk, it's just a counter not just by location (vaguely) but also counter visits that logs the numbers of visits I get at any given time. boing dragon has failed me, a broken image is not a good thing, but I have fixed that. if I find another one I like better I'll park it or if you can think of one which I might like then drop it off by clicking on my contact link. I wanted to use flag counter but the data wouldn't load, apparently angelfire isn't friendly to all counter sites, regardless, at least I got a new one up and running so let's hope it stays around for a bit and doesn't go. as soon as I have more time I'll add/update the pages I have stored away regarding research. it doesn't take much to plug in coding but it still takes some time all the same. busy life is busy after all. as always thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your visit here.

August 26th, 2017: Been doing some research as usual and finally got around to doing the coding and parking it up here onto the page once more. I won't be removing things, and will continue to add. First up did a bunch of Dragon Ball Super updates: dbs future trunks saga, dbs universe saga started up, dbs episode guide and dbs manga page has been updated with new material as well and as soon as more DBS stuff comes out I'll be updating as well, also updated my scooby-doo page with new stuff as well, mostly just the listing of the new movies that have just come out. new pages added: unconscious writing, Ouija Board, otherkin, DID Disorder, hypergraphia, Criminal Minds Quotesandthe other side of the community. That's all I can think of at the moment, well a few more have come to mind, but that's enough for now so enjoy. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me and ask, I'll be more than happy to look into it and see where it goes. I might bravely venture into politics someday, but currently this page doesn't hold much of that.

January 23rd, 2017: I do exist and still doing work to the site! Isn't it amazing when you stop going to just one site how much "free time" that brings about. Since I'm paying pogo and most of their site is broken I decided not to renew my early subscription. I needed time to do other things. You know, living, writing, that sort of thing. Been streaming netflix like a boss, canceled cable, so have free time everywhere, even been doing some outside stuff. Now for what I've done here, I updated Gundam and dbz movies with their missing parts from the slacking department due to wasting too much time on pogo. the recent saga to appear is dragon ball suger you're reading that right, my love for db related stuff knows no bounds, you'll find all the related things to dragon ball super on the left, but these include dbs characters and dbs manga. feel free to poke around in my dbs section on the bottomish left, if there are any problems don't be afraid to correct me, sometimes coding can be overlooked. also, it's an ongoing anime so I'll have a new hobby of updating it here and there once I have gotten around to finding info. feel free to provide anything of interest as well, I always give credit. other pages added are: pokemon pokedex to be honest I have a pokedex link but that is either out of date or failed, so I decided to do a new one. it's running along with the ds games, so it could be more accurate than whatever that other version was. I also added: lucid dreaming NDE OBE and reincarnation. that's it for now, wow! so I hope you can enjoy the fun and if you have any suggested research then don't hesitate to drop me off some stuff via email, to contact me is at the topish left of the page. as always have fun and I'm bound to find something new to research and/or update sooner or later. feels good to be able to do research, let alone the time to park it up here. at a bust for what to research, but never fear, with this mass dump I'm certain to find something else sooner or later. also if anything is broken please tell me about it, I go through the list, but, sometimes after awhile of doing coding things tend to run together. until next time!

May 1st, 2016: What a lovely day to be doing some webpage updates, it's may day! Anyways, I did get around to adding two new pages with research, they are outdated and I can't find the link for the other, but I found one in my old research stuff that I've been shuffling around and realized wasn't on my page, and the other I found in an old book I found. those are: Scifi Survival tips (humor) and Zodiac info. As of right now that's all I got, but if you feel there's something missing on my page, and you can't seem to find it well, contact me and I'll do some research and pass it along to you and park it up onto the page. I have blogged some stuff, so I won't be putting everything around here, but as of right now I got nothing to research, doesn't mean I won't find something in the future, but nothing at the moment. So enjoy what I have present and I hope that I find something shortly. I enjoy researching, but I also enjoy my other hobbies of gaming, reading, writing and so forth.

January 27th, 2016: A new year has approached once again. We're about to go into fire monkey come the 8th of February, don't really have much to report at the moment. I currently got some stuff to type up, not certain when that will take place but I'm going to work on it. Been super busy here lately, so many things I want to do because I'm not in the mood to procrastinate, and remarkably I'm actually getting them all done. putting more stress on myself than I should, but it actually feels interesting and possibly new with the whole "deadline" feeling. I did get around to changing the index page, it no longer directs you in the exit section to bittypets, sadly that site isn't showing any grounds for improvement so why should they get the love, so now it directs you to pogo. a gaming site you don't have to join, can join or even become part of the paid section. soon I'll have the research I've found parked up here on my site, until then, based upon web hits, I know my site is being enjoyed at least, so, as always, thanks for the visits.

August 12th 2015: Major update, I've opened up where someone can contact me. granted it's been around for awhile on other pages I've lost access to managing so I figured why not add it to this one for a change. Now you have the ability to contact me over changes/updates or things you think which might interest me and so forth. I don't mind the conversations but please just keep it civil, no sense in being mean, nasty or cruel. I'm not so certain I want to do affiliates and rewards, but I will look into your research ideas and make changes giving you credit. I'm working on starting up something over on my blog with anime reviews or reviews in general, I watch a lot of stuff when I'm not online doing my stuff or sometimes both. So, thanks for the visits and anything which might come my way. Also changed the updates done to my page to simply updates, the general idea is still present of course. To some this isn't a major change, but to someone like me, it is. A minor tiny update of this page DBZ Movie Guide/Manga with the name of, finally, the 15th dbz movie. A mini plot, like the rest of my dbz pages will appear shortly.

August 8th 2015: minor update to the scooby doo page with the new material of recent releases. still unable to update some stuff, but, shortly, as soon as enough are released, I'll probably update with the new dbz stuff. I'm thinking about doing an anime review page of my own, listing anime I've seen with likes and dislikes, and I'm debating about affiliate pages. don't really have any affiliates so that's why I've never bothered with the page but I might be putting up my email address details shortly, I'll be using an email that I can deal with tricksters so it won't be a free ride after all. also have it fixed up where people can communicate with me, careful about that, I do have a blog, so try to be nice and civil. I'll debate the email thing for another short time and see what comes of it, if I decide you'll know about it visitors.

July 2nd 2015: it seems when I give up on a couple of sites and no longer want to visit them (check my blog for more ranting about that) I appear to have time in other places. Like my webpage for example and more chances to blog. As of right now there has been yet another tiny change, instead of the exit button on my front page taking you to neopets, it now takes you to a site I enjoy more called bitty pets. it's sort of mundane but it's still quite a lot of fun for me. on my blog it speaks of why I have lost some love for neopets. I also have a new research page idea coming, probably might take me a month or so to get it up and going but you'll know about it soon enough. I've been busy, having found more time to enjoy the sites I like and enjoy real life, aka unplugged from the net, so I've been wanting to catch up on things and think. Since I'm thinking too much it's time to do some more research. Hope to have it up and going shortly. thanks for visiting my site and hope you're enjoying it :)

June 15th 2015: Just a minor update, but I felt, since I changed it I might as well mention it, as I do not have anything new to mention. I have changed online journal to my blog. over on that section of the net I post things, negative reviews on things, things that is bothering me, some research that probably won't ever appear on this webpage and anything else that crosses my mind. But, as a bonus I have it now where it's opened to anyone capable of replying to posts. remember, I have it fixed where it logs some sensitive information, so if you are there only to bully me, well... at any rate you'll be able to get in touch with me on that now, I will not be adding up an email, I know people want to be helpful when it comes to the research material I have posted people can also send me some nasty things through the net. so, feel free to stop by my blog, correct me on my research mistakes or even contribute, I always give credit. so thanks for the visits and I hope there to be many more visits to come.

March 21st 2015: to be honest I'm sort of shocked as to how much I've been updating my webpage. normally it goes months without activity, but been dealing with some drama on a site and the research just keeps on flowing. you can check out my online journal to see further by what I mean. two new pages are: internet trolls and bullies. I felt I should have done this research before, but, due to net drama, I felt it was time to put it up. speaking of drama: I did two research bits for my journal, check out the link. I won't be placing the info up here so if you're interested it's about addiction to porn and addiction to drama. if you've found the journal, trust me you'll know, exactly, the point to this. also updated scooby doo page with a recent cartoon released. Enjoy and thanks for visiting :)

March 1st 2015: Recently ran into a situation on a site that I visit about online predators and I decided to compile data for them and now I'm going to park it here on my site. here's the link to it online safety.

January 6th 2015: as I had a slight overdose of caffeine and couldn't sleep I thought I would go ahead and do some looking around my site and get a task off of me while I was in here. apparently I had done more than just coding errors, along the way in my years of research it appears, sometimes, the keyboard couldn't keep up with my typing speed, but I have worked on some typos now as well as coding errors. I will probably go around at a later date and check again, because coding errors can happen. Enjoy. :)

January 6th 2015: Well after a bought of some sickness and unable to have the energy to update for a short bit and like I wanted to, before the year was up, I was able to get around to updating and adding two new pages which are Gundam and halloween fun. I hope you enjoy and I'll probably work on getting some of the other pages into shape, I have noticed a few html and coding errors that just didn't transfer right, sorry about that.

September 5th 2014: Did a tiny update to Ghost in the Shell, Scooby Doo and Dragonball Z Movies due to some minor updates to releases. There are a few corrupt pages that have question marks where they should be words, could be due to errors somewhere, I'm going to venture for the original and hopefully it's not corrupt as well and I'll be able to update those pages in the coming days.

August 1st 2014: Just in time for Ghost Month and Obon festivals I was able to rush and pull through with the webpage research I had promised. It's only two new pages but it's better than nothing at all I'm sure :) those two pages are Ghosts and Hauntings and Native American . If I ever find anything else you better believe I'll be adding them here until then, Enjoy :)

January 28th 2014: As this is the same time frame just so happens to be another day. I did something that I didn't even know I did, I left out a page to my BOS about auras, it's there now, but that's what happens when you do a mass page edition so long ago, back in 2012 it was, but, thankfully all that stuff is back now so yay ! did a page per page check this go around and it's all accounted and present. although I found a page on my old site which wasn't here, but now it is with updates. Scooby-Doo. also I sort of a nostalgia feel, I brought some old stuff back, equally, from my old site. sadly these pages cannot be updated any longer so they are a come as you go sort of thing. they are: ghostly images I've taken over time, Pics and music from old site, here until it's gone, might contain mature images, my cosplay fun, old link from old site, here until it's gone, contains mature images, my fanart, old link from old site, here until it's gone. I sure do miss that site, but that's how things are, this site is a mirror copy of other site, it just so happens to have no images to download, just text and colors. Enjoy :) and until next time ^_^

January 27th 2014: It has been a long time coming, finally did some research and thought I'd share it to my webpage and world. I get ideas from time to time, who knows what I might find out for another update idea. I also tweaked my webpage some as well as my online journal. Also took down the stalk me page and moved it over to my online journal section, feel free to take a peek and look at that. if you want to contact me you can find the way, it's just going to take a bit of digging and research ;) here are the pages I have added for your viewing pleasure and possibly for this year, unless I find more to update with or something, I am going to try to keep it at least once a year of update, who knows I might find even more so here goes: Depression, Doppelganger, For the Love of Haiku, Hungry Ghost, The Evolution of the Japanese Anime Industry, Night Terrors, Poltergeist, Things you didn't know about reindeer, Shadow Figures and Vengeful Ghosts. Enjoy. and like I mentioned I'm going to try to find more stuff to research, between working and online I do sit around and think things up and the likes. So don't fret, more stuff will always come in the future, I'll try my best to make that happen !

January 24th 2013: Since I'm no longer using da I took that off my stalk me list section. Due to some people I did not want to be found by, found me, I stopped doing it. I'll keep the fun in my head or write it down otherwise. It was starting to become an obligation and when I am faced with those I stop doing it and/or having fun with it. I'm still trying to figure out what to research next, I'm not having any luck, I have not really needed anything for my writing and I haven't needed anything otherwise, but who knows what the future holds. I'm bound to find something to share. My page has gone viral and the hits are going through the roof so I've done something right ! So welcome to my page and I'm glad that you've found me and enjoying it. :)

October 5th 2012: Well this is just down right awkward. The links in my frames page is no longer wanting to work properly. I don't know what the deal is, but it does that in the finished pages and not the viewing and previewing so something tells me it's related to the sponsored ads at the top and bottom of the page. My webpage works just fine without the adblock plus and without no-script via firefox, but the links aren't cooperating as they should when these features are put to the test, terribly sorry about that. The site works just fine in IE and I don't have google chrome to confirm that one or other browsers for that matter. So, I guess in order to successfully see my page now you have to disable or venture somewhere where these things aren't. :(

August 25th 2012: As my typing skills have improved some over the years of doing webpage work it took me less time than I expected to actually get this webpage up and running again including new pages and additions to old ones. Possibly it could be linked to the fact that I'm semi taking a break from social networking since the site has become too cut throat for me, and started to dedicate more time elsewhere. At any rate a few addition pages first: got a new anime quotes page and a new quotes page, in the future might have a new poem page, that is still debatable and in the works sort of thing, don't really have any new poems to add at the moment and haven't ran across any which interest me, but since I have taken back up DA I'm pretty certain I'll find something sooner or later to capture my attention. As for the new pages: Japanese creatures , Japanese stuff which has two pages, Otaku Law , Schizoeffective , and Native American which contains things from a book I found and something I found while on the net called Native American Ten Commandments. I haven't anything new to add so this is where it ends for now. If and when I find something of interest, I assure you, I will be adding it, because I sure do enjoy researching and reading. Hopefully I don't have to keep on mentioning language alerts, I hope people have figured it out, by now, that I'm going to have some language here and there, as well as mature words and/or settings, this is why I keep the site rating with R, if you are under the age or entering by accident, I cannot help what further you might read and/or encounter. Enjoy the changes and enjoy the new things :)

August 17th 2012: So I did say I was going to take a short break, well, it's not an entire lie, but I have a stalk me page now. it's pretty much a page of my viewed anime or read manga, since I probably won't be adding any more anime to the page, I might in the future if I find one worth bragging about sort of thing. I have my favorites, but it's hard to find something that sucks me in and demands my attention to spoil it out there to the world via a review and page dedication sort of thing. I also have my DA page (since it's not really hard to find if you know me somewhat enough) and my youtube page where I like to play my songs. Please be kind upon visiting me there, I don't want to be attacked or anything because of the research found within this page or what I'm into sort of thing. but you can drop by and talk to me further or possibly even have a conversation with me I welcome conversations any time :)

August 16th 2012: Finally ! a revamping ! some color changes ! also updated the pages, my goodness typos were the least of my concerns, it appears some laptops/other things I used to provide the research for appeared to not like it when certain things were passed around inside the html things. But at least it's all complete now. I've neglected the site long enough. So I did this up, I'm nearly complete with typing up the other things, been busy until, finally, I realized I was dedicating things and/or time to the wrong sites of sorts. It took me many hours to get this done, around seven hours so enjoy ! I probably will work on typing up the remains of another wave of research and place it up here on my site. and then I'll be working on a few other updates within the site. Felt like it was time to dedicate to my webpage again. I've missed doing this, I can remember why I was stalling now to revamp it. sorry, we're still in the frames because I like the frames. Once my eyes adjust I'll work on seeing if there was anything I missed, seeing all these words on a screen for all these hours can be painful to me. Where the time went, it flew with me playing with my hobby ! Hope you like and shortly some new pages will be up where you can equally follow me, well on the sites I grant, the others probably not too hard to find, others I tend to spice things up some and add a variety in things I like to use. Like I mentioned, sorry about the sponsor links and ads, I have ad-block plus and no-script for firefox so I don't see them, the site still generates money, but I don't see them period. It's a free hosting site, so I'm not going to complain too much.

August 5th 2011: I have finally been feeling like doing more research and I will soon be placing it up on my site. I've been busy in real life and the likes. Also I would like to mention that with it being Ghost festivals for ghost month I have been extremely busy there. But possibly before the year is up I will be adding the new research as well as doing a tiny bit of work to the site to show that someone still visits that does work sort of thing :) I am in the mood to do webpage work again :D But alas the love for pixels in game world and the fact of my writing tends to over rule what I do online, as well as real life in general. But at least I'm getting visitors these days, so since I am I won't care a bit to update some. Always glad to see love to the site. Thanks for visiting :) and no I won't be losing my frames :P I really like those :D

May 7th 2011: just came in to do a few updates, no longer will you be able to reach me on the net, things here are things here. not in the mood to be harassed. if you don't enjoy the site then please leave. I will eventually be adding new things, I just haven't felt like it, time isn't really the problem. I just, maybe, might have lost interest in webpage for the time being. I have things, just haven't felt like typing them up. no access to sharing my fb or other methods of trying to reach me either. things are checked and double checked so there's no worry about broken links, and no need to bring it to my attention via email or the likes. I feel there is plenty at the moment anyways so I haven't felt like adding anything new since I really don't share this webpage anywhere. a few people have shown me what that accomplishes. I have been wondering why I even have a webpage anymore, maybe I might get into it later on. at any rate, thanks for stopping by and checking out what's present on the site as of current.

November 19 2009: I nearly forgot all about this page until I remembered it out of the blue come joining and playing on facebook...I am slowly working on obtaining more and more work to post up, but it's slow...with my hypergraphia kicking into over time I have only felt like writing and going online and rarely reading and doing research but don't worry I'll be adding more stuff as time goes along. I won't be posting my fb info here but you can find this link via fb...I know of some ms people that might try to start stalking me, not interested in that, but hey I think I got ms stuff down there somewhere, stalk me there all you want need profile visits :P ms stuff is mostly fake, fb is true...well I'm not the pic but you get the general idea :P and just to note I don't answer email at all now...either contact me on fb or ms I seriously don't enjoy email at all...I use email only for the net...I get so much spam and I don't want to risk opening up some of that mail...nothing personal to the people out there...at any rate be patient while I continue to do more stuff...this go around it's going to be based off of Japanese research...thanks for stopping by...I have been trying to read at least a book/half a book at a sitting but with my short attention span and add and easily distracted that's not going as I have hoped and planned -_-

June 21 2009: Two days have passed, haven't gotten much sleep, I don't want to look at the color purple and black for a few days hehe but I have my webpage up and running again...I have everything in my research on this site, as you might have noticed towards the end there I was sort of adding stuff just to one page so umm hehe be certain to check pages, especially the pages at the top of the links section. I sort of gathered the left side up a bit, there isn't pagan now I bundled the links and made new categories.
I might work on adding more stuff at a later date but currently, at this time I highly doubt that, but in either case I do hope you enjoy things and if you want to chat with me then I've mentioned before how to get in touch with me.

June 21 2009: I was able to come back online for a bit but the pages I was able to add was sort of long so I wasn't able to add many before my eyes began to slowly fail due to too much screen time, I will try to add more later. And plus I am very sleepy and I still got a lot to go from what I've found in my research stuff. I would like to take the time to mention here, if I haven't already that everything that is on my webpage was once read and then hand written and then typed up. This way the information is stored in my mind and I just add it to all to see. In the future I might be adding more anime stuff, but for the time being I am going to be adding the research I've done already, it's not easy to do research on anime but in the future I just might. I once had a page of all the anime I've ever seen, that won't be added due to the fact it's highly outdated and some of the anime I've seen isn't even there and I don't know how to find it.
Also I might add here that I am no longer witch but Shinto/Zen Buddhist thus that is the new part of the BOS section, so enjoy the long hours I put into my research and by all means ask me questions pertaining to things, and don't worry what's on right now is slim I have about 20 or so more pages to add so thus the reasoning why I am tired because I added well over 100 yesterday alone and still got more to go...this is what I do with my spare time once upon a time...

June 20 2009: well I got around to adding the just of it, I ran out of time and got bored so I will try to add more at a later date, if not the morrow, sorry folks but I still have my short attention span and add I was surprised I made it this far... and chat with me there because I seldom if ever answer email so enjoy and have fun with what I have present now...if there is anything broken or missing then hang in there from what I saw I didn't see anything broken but I'm tired now because I've been at this since four and it's now ten my time...but at least there is something now ^_^

June 20 2009: yes it has been a long while since I've done anything but it's back in action kids...so by all means welcome and enjoy...

Nov 5 2004: as it has been a short while for me to add anything I finally got around to adding three new pages and updated my anime lyrics page. Those three pages are phobias, ghost in the shell: stand alone complex and Rurouni Kenshin. If there is anything that you think I should add then drop me a note and I'll look into it :)

Sept 4 2004: I decided to delete the anime list that contained all the anime out there pertaining to what was released. I just wasn't updating it any more so I figured there was no reason for it being there. Sorry to those that came to check out that page but it just had to go because it was pretty much taking up useless space. I still have other, lots other, anime stuff so if there is anything present of current anime that you don't see then drop me a note and I'll look into adding it to the webpage :)

July 31st 2004: Didn't feel like doing webpage work without meds so I went back on the meds and doing just fine hehe. I recently added three new pages pertaining to fang vs fiction, necromancy and vampyres and shape shifting you can look to the left to get to these pages. Thanks for making my webpage so popular :)

June 7th 2004: I added a new page and this time around it's anime based hehe. It's anime law I located the info on bolt and thus brought it over to my webpage after adding a few things to it via the net.

May 10th 2004: I added a new page to the webpage. It's Dream Walking in which I thought it was very interesting and worth sharing. Yes I am still making updates hehe. I took aim off my computer so you can't contact me through it any more but there is still email or you can try getting in touch me on bolt.com or neopets.com :)

April 2nd 2004: I decided to go ahead and update a few more pages. It seems that my Trigun page didn't have the episode guide so I decided to add that as well as Wolf's Rain. For some odd reason the fonts are confusing to the system so I don't know what the deal is. Probably word that I use so sorry about the mess of the site. I can't fix it because it is alright when I go to view so chances are it is the word properties that I use, oh well. Glad to have finished another page. If at any time I will be adding anything or you want to learn more just check out my online journal it contains plenty of things that is useful.

March 13th 2004: I have been having some moments of mental problems but I'm on the correct med and I'm going strong now. I decided not to list a section on my webpage about me. I mean read the journal or message me to get to know me. Within all reasoning I will talk to people. I have finally finished everything and I'm ready to add it to my webpage. also I would like to add that I updated my BOS by adding three pages and thus I have added several pages to my main site. I added two new vampyre pages, a werewolf page, updated some dbz misc page, updated my anime page and updated the short and pointless dragonball episode summary page. I added some anime quotes, some fake anime quotes, and the two new animes recently added is Witch Hunter Robin and Trigun. I also added a demon page that pertains to some demon research that I obtained a short while ago. At any time there is anything that you want to know, an anime you want to see appearing then by all means email me or contact me and I will place it up. I promise if you act adult like I won't bite your head off but you are there to annoy me then I will block/ignore you. I'm only glad that I have been able to update after a long while and thanks to those out there that has contributed to the info on the pages I recently added you know who you are. And one final note I'm not bi-polar I am a schizophrenia and the med I take for this, that helps greatly is Abilify.

Jan 9th 2004: Haven't really been feeling all that well so I am really behind on updates. I have been busy in mundane life and I have been having frequent bi-polar moods that I could no longer control but after a few medications I am hoping to recover, if anyone cares. I had to take the hentai site out because the bastards stopped hosting there, typical what do you expect for a free hosting site so it's gone. I did get around to updating the links page, somewhat, I haven't deleted any of the links that are dead links but I did get around to fixing it that they open in a new window so not to screw around with the frames of other sites. I probably won't delete the dead links until probably when I come along and do some work to the site like adding things and the likes. I am slowly working at the stuff for the site and I hope to have it done shortly...as I probably mentioned earlier it would probably be after the new year before I could get anything done. And as always thanks for stopping by and keeping the visits to the site and the site staying active as it is.

Dec: 15th: Been in school so no major updates I am changing to a new counter from boing dragon so if there are any errors or broken images then leave me a message so I can fix it. I will be attempting to update my webpage again real soon sorry for the delay but I'm trying to get my life back on track :)

October 22nd: It's worth a look if you're perverted like me and no it's not on this site it's on an adult site. If it offends you then umm don't go, duh. I am still working on the researching for the site and I have accomplished a lot since I was without net access for a few days but now it's all great. You should check out the page I placed some time into the site. It was easy to use the server because the site reminded me of darksites. But it's all good. Hope you like and as always I'm working on getting the new stuff up I have almost gotten it all written down then I have typing so it might be up by next year, that's in January not the pagan new year ^_^ as always email me I would love to hear from ya.

October 9th: I hope to someday add more but in the meanwhile I believe that is enough for the time being. If I can get the time and not be online at my two favorite sites then I will have some more updates for ya. As for the quiz page I believe that page is slaughtered enough and like before I am not going to create a new page so always check my online journal that should have enough there as well. If you have any other sites with quizzes drop me an email I really need more I am a quiz-a-holic hehe. But thanks for stopping by and if there is anything that you believe I should research then email me and I will see to it that it is placed here. Coming soon is more anime lyrics, more research for my online book of shadows( yes I no longer practice the aspects of it but there are those that do so I will keep the page alive for those members out there that are still into all that. I am a Shinto/Buddist and happy be thus), also more stuff is coming to my z page, yes I have been promising that for a month now but I just can't bring myself to focus enough to do much of anything but online. Also the past things coming are always a given. I have more quotes to add and a new anime quote page to add and perhaps even more things. So as always check back often.
Since no one has been complaining about there being only the frames page now I am not going to be taking that down any time soon and leaving it as frames only.
I also updated my scooby page ^_^v I have updated it, to the best of my knowledge, with the recent scooby-doo movies and I am taking away the American anime link because I just don't think I have been updating that page since I placed it there and I know there are new cartoons out there so away with the page. I believe the Japanese anime page is up to date though.

October 8th: Been awhile since my last update hasn't it? Well I did update the vampyre timeline and some more of the vampire info stuff. I haven't gotten around to updating a few things but I have been working on my ghostly images and I should have them up shortly. I am going to try and get that up today or the morrow but it will be soon. A few people have been asking about them so thus I'm going to get them up as soon as I can. If I can stay away from neopets and bolt long enough that is. You should check out my dead journal I seem to be working with that more than I am with my webpage but it is more up to date then this page is any more. I hope to get more done so thanks for being patient.

September 1st: Well I have started working with my new things. You can check towards the bottom on the left side, if you're in frames, if not then I have new cosplay and fanart added. I am still working on the quotes, poems and new dbz stuff. But as soon as I get them finished with writing and typing them out then they will be posted as I always do. And as always you are more than welcome to email me if you would like. I don't check my mail every day but I do check it and reply to those messages that I have not answered in my FAQ or the webpage itself. But if you feel that it's not anywhere to be seen on my site then I don't mind a bit in getting email. I do have ICQ, AOLIM and yahoo messenger, msn hates my computer, so you can email me asking me for the info and we can chat in other methods I don't care a bit to just be forewarned though at times when I feel the message either too stupid for words or the most logical conversation I ever had with someone then, more than likely, it will be going in my journal. So if you want to get in touch with me only to show your stupidity then I will reward you heavily. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this page. I try to keep the site updated at all times but sometimes I get so busy in mundane life that don't happen all the time.
I finally got around to fixing the front page to my liking. I hate non frames but hey like I mentioned this is my site after all. But you can just ignore the above statement of the non frames. Hardly enough used it so I decided to skip to the version I like. I don't care about complaints cause, believe it or not you might get some undivided attention so it might be wise to keep your comments to yourself.

August 30th: Finally got around to updating my Japanese anime page. If, at any time, I don't have a name or you think I don't have a name then email me about it and I'll look into it. Cause sometimes I do have something on it but that doesn't mean it's spelt right as it should be or it is in another language. But I would like to thank those that are interested in my work. Still working on gathering up my fanart and cosplay pics. I am having trouble locating them, as always, it ain't I got a cluttered house it's that when I lay something down I forget where I placed it hehe. And coming soon as well will be info about the webmistress, me. So check back from time to and see what might appear next!!

August 28th: After a long time I returned to deadjournal so take a look at it. I also added some more quizes and did a small update to the left side of my frames page some of them were not loading properly, pics wise and the other side a few of the links were not working. So now everything is up and running again. I am sorry for the downtime that the site ever suffers when you come and visit and it's not working 100% but I'm glad that you take the time to visit. Coming soon is going to be my cosplay adventures, my artwork and of course I will be adding more quotes and also some more to my dbz stuff. But that is going to be another day.

August 24th: It's been awhile but I finally got around to revamping my frames page so they would be easier to navigate. Also it seems that from time to time this site suffers an overload and it causes problems. So if the pic ain't there then that could be because it's a server overload. And as always thanks for coming by and I'm celebrating another year of being on the net. Thanks for visiting and I hope that you learn something.

July 14th: Added some more quizes to the quiz page sad that all the pages won't load but there are a lot of html on that page. I also fixed the floating Alucard on the front pages it seemed that they weren't loading but they seem to be now.

July 12th: updated some more pics and mids and I placed them on my pics page so just check out the page. That's about all that I've done this time around.

July 11th: Had to re-edit the site's entire 100+ pages because the service I was using for my webcounter decided to change the code while I was out of town so I got logged in and I changed everything once more. But if you see any page that I might have missed please email me and tell me what page it is on.

July 6th: added more quizes image that hehe ;)

July 5th: Got around to adding two new pages, my pics/mids and the second page was something that I'm interested in and thought I'd might share with everyone and that being Chinese and Japanese zodiac. I should add on my pics/mids page I don't know the proper way to make a non frames page because, well, it would load too slow one way or the other way would have been too complicated so I gave it the link that I have for the left side of my frames page that will open the pic in a new page and be about as effective and helpful for people until I figure out how I can do it. Cause just because I'm on cable that doesn't mean that others are. Thanks for checking out this page once I run across something else worth adding then guess what it'll be added.

June 17th: New quizes again. Damn I'm addicted to those things! Hope you like the new frames I think they are pretty good

June 14th: Well as brought about I finally got all the frames pages going. I have checked everything and double checked but that doesn't mean there ain't any errors. Soon I will have all those lovely midis and pics that you see scattered about my site. If I do put those up please don't direct link to them is all that I ask.

June 13, 2003: Happy Friday the 13th!! New Quizzes added to my Quiz page and I uploaded some new mids and pics as well. Of course I don't have a page for them yet but I'm thinking very seriously about adding one pretty soon cause I have a lot of pics and midi's.

June 11, 2003: Added some new quizes as well as, soon to tell, I learned how to make the scroll bar another color. I'm thinking about not doing frames I rather like my webpage the way that it is although I am thinking about grouping my webpage where vampyre stuff and anime stuff I'm not sure yet but I just might. Other than that nothing new. I have joined ICQ back so to get in contact with me is located on the front page. Talk to me or leave a message :)

May 20th 2003: wow it's been awhile hasn't it? But I finally got around to updating the webpage so take a look around I've added about 10 pages here and in my BOS and you just have to look around to see what I mean I think I did rather well with what I have and am learning. As soon as I learn more then guess what I'll add it to my accomplishments here.

Just like to add that I used the anime Hamtaro and Card Captures Sakura not to freak you out or scare you I rather like the animes and it looks cutsie and lighten the load as to what might be within these pages on this site. As always you don't like it then leave it's that simple.

March 3rd 2003: Guess what I am finally back so thank you Sire for getting the site back for me and all the others out there *blows kisses*

Now for the updates, the site is back as you know and for the next few days there are going to be a new version appearing if you have not seen it already. And then I will be getting things ready for the final run of adding some new stuff that has been stored away and ready to come out of the wood works for the new and exciting ideas I have coming and in store for my site. So stay tuned *big grin*

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