The following info is stuff gathered about the Japanese anime called Trigun. It's only the anime not the manga. I might or might not be adding that but for now I have only the anime. Man that was horrible, I am debating if I even proof read this one before posting it. At any rate, it's updated and it has the newest movie title as well.


Character Bios

Vash the Stampede
Also known as the Humanoid Typhoon, Vash is credited with leaving a trail of destruction wherever he goes, which is why a $$60,000,000,000 reward has been placed on his head. However, though Vash may destroy many towns and cities, there is no record of him ever taking a life. Any bounty hunter whose tried to catch Vash either crawls away wounded(usually from self-inflicted damage) or in disbelief that such a wimp could possibly be the legendary gunman

Even though Vash has a reputation for being insanely destructive, his personality is actually the opposite of that reputation. He shrinks from harming anything that lives, and he only fires off his gun to prevent injury to others. He believes that there's always a way to save everyone, no matter how evil they may seem. There's much more to Vash than meets the eye, but I'm not gonna explain all of it(there's way too much to can find out more by reading my Trigun "What's it About?"). Just remember Vash's favorite phrase: Love & Peace ^_^V

Meryl Strife

Known as "Derringer Meryl", Meryl works for the Bernadarii Insurance Co. She and Milly were assigned to follow the legendary gunman, Vash the Stampede, and send records about his destruction rate back to the company. At first, Meryl couldn't believe that that donut-snarfing dork was actually the legendary gunman. But after she saw how Vash was able to escape from every bounty hunter attack he faced, and get through it without killing a soul, she was forced to conclude that he really was Vash the Stampede, though he wasn't quite like how she pictured he would be.

Meryl is more like the leader of the two. She gives the orders and Milly follows whatever she says. She's also the most serious of the pair...Milly likes to eat and have fun, but Meryl's more into finding out more about Vash the Stampede. Meryl always criticizes Vash's reckless way of living, but it's obvious that she has a little crush on him ~^^~

Milly Thompson

Known as "Stungun Milly", Milly works for the Bernadarii Insurance Co. She and Meryl were assigned to follow the legendary gunman, Vash the Stampede, and send records about his destruction rate back to the company. Milly knew right away that the man who was supposedly Vash the Stampede, really was(though Meryl didn't believe it yet).

Milly's a bit ditzy and oblivious, but she doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body. She mainly just likes to eat and have fun. When she met Wolfwood, the two of them developed a cute, little relationship.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

A traveling priest, Wolfwood's church also doubles as an orphanage. Like Vash, Wolfwood will also try his best to save as many people as he can. However, he and Vash have conflicting ways of doing so. Wolfwood's tactic seems to be "if the majority can be saved by the death of a lesser amount, then so be it". But Vash believes that there's a sure way to save everyone, and to reform even the most diabolical of individuals.

The large cross that Wolfwood always carries around with him contains hidden guns and pistols. Wolfwood and Vash have a sort of love-hate relationship(they're pals but Wolfwood likes to pick on Vash sometimes ^^) He also began to gain a little relationship with Milly, but sadly it never went too far. Wolfwood was confronted with an arch nemesis from his childhood, and even though it was a hard battle between them, Wolfwood finally saw that there really was a way to save everyone(he didn't kill the guy). But he was badly wounded after the fight, and he died while making a confession at a church. Poor Wolfwood 8_8

Rem Saverem

Rem was part of "Project SEEDS", a space exploration mission in which dormant people from Earth were taken to another planet to see if they could live and thrive there(Earth was getting too overcrowded). The space crew of SEEDS soon encountered two babies that seemed to be born inside a large geo plant. Rem convinced them not to kill the babies, and she decided to take care of them. She named them Vash and Knives, and they accompanied the SEEDS crew on their journey. Rem taught Vash all about the virtues of life; how no one has the right to take the life of another, and that there's always a way to save everyone---that everyone's ticket to the future is blank. Her kind, gentle, and sober personality caused Vash to love her as a mentor, and almost as a mother. However, Knives remained distant. He believed that humans were imperfect organisms, and he devised a plan to get rid of all the dormant people on the ship, as well as the crew. But in one last desperate attempt to save the people, Rem led Vash and Knives to safety while she tried to free as many of them as she could. She freed a lot of them and they landed on a desert planet, but the capsule she was in exploded.

Even after over a hundred years, Vash still thinks of Rem. He still follows her non-violent and non-killing ways of life, and sometimes he sings her favorite song, "Sound Life."


Knives and his brother Vash were both born from a geo plant. They were taken in by a group of space explorers, and one of the explorers, Rem, acted as their caretaker. Rem treated Vash and Knives with kindness and gentleness, but Knives still remained a bit distant. The rest of the crew thought of Vash and Knives as "monsters", and Knives was even abused by one of them. He also couldn't understand Remď's policy of "there's a way to save everyone." He used this metaphor: "If you want to save the butterflies, you have to kill the spiders; if you want to save the spiders, you have to let them kill the butterflies for food." He believed that trying to save both sides was a useless contradiction. His indifference towards the people he was with, caused him to hate all humans. He secretly began to kill off all of the crew members, until only Vash and Rem were left. But Rem managed to save a lot of the dormant people at the sacrifice of her own life. Vash, Knives, and the people landed on a desert planet. Knives told Vash of his plan to kill all of the people so that they could rule the planet. Vash didn't agree, and the two of them had a big fight before they went their separate ways

Years later, Vash went to visit a man who may have had some connection to Rem. But when he arrived at the man�s office, Knives had already killed him. Knives then showed Vash the ultimate power that they had hidden in them...but Vash was unable to control the power and he ended up blowing up the city of July. Knives was furious that Vash had almost killed him with that power. So he sent Legato and the Gung-Ho Guns to make "Vash the Stampede suffer eternally." It isn't until the last episode of Trigun that Vash and Knives face off in the final confrontation

Legato Bluesummers

Legato is one of Knives' servants. Along with the Gung-Ho Guns, his main goal in life is to make Vash suffer eternally. Legato has the amazing ability to psychically control peoples' bodies(even what they say), and he can telepathically talk to Vash through his mind. Legato seems to be devoid of any kind of compassion or human emotions...he killed thousands of people without batting an eye in order to lure Vash to him. In the final confrontation, Vash saw no way out but to kill Legato in order to save Meryl and Milly, as well as the townspeople that Legato was controlling. Even though Legato was the only person that Vash had ever killed, just the fact that he took a life, was enough to scar him for life(which was just what Legato wanted).

Gun Ho Guns
okay I know I said this is a Gun Ho Guns character section but I decided to put Legato on this page (since he is technically the leader of the Gun ho Guns (and is the accredited Gun ho gun without a number) and since I don't know where else to put him. If I could find more specific info on him I'd give him his own section. Oh well, I guess I'll just say this is my bad guys page.

Legato Bluesummers

Oh yeah Legato has got to be my favorite villain on this entire show. I mean who couldn't love those yellow eyes, that calm deep voice, his casual debonair attitude, and the fact that he looks so damn good (pardon my language but I lost myself for a moment). Okay enough of my drooling (I really need to make me a Legato shrine but I couldn't betray Vash like that). Anyways Legato is basically the leader of the Gun ho Guns and (in my opinion) the strongest one out of all of them. Legato is a extremely powerful psychic and even has the ability to control the action's of people. Several times Legato has used his psychic manipulation technique to force people kill their friends, comrades, and even their own selves. I'm not too sure about Legato's stats but I do know that he is basically a calm guy who handles most situations in the most casual way possible. Legato (as much as it pains me to admit) is also a cold guy who at times can be pretty creepy. He takes pleasure out of the whole concept of death and doesn't have any feelings at all (unless lunacy counts as one). Despite this Legato is still an extremely loyal guy. Legato is completely devoted to Knives and will do anything for him, even die (sigh they just don't make guys like him anymore, and personally I don't know if that's a good or bad thing). Well anyways despite Legato's vindictive nature Legato is still my favorite villain and I suppose I can overlook a few evil deeds (okay a lot but we all have our ruff days.......right).
Monev the Gale

Monev is the first of the Gun ho guns that Vash had to face. Much is not revealed about Monev in the anime. I believe that Knives had basically imprisoned Monev for most of his life and promised to let him go if he could kill Vash. So for most of Monev's life all he was able to do was train. I kind of feel sorry for Monev (only a little). Monev fights with two machine guns thingy's which are attached to his arm (all you Trigun gun specialist please don't hound me down I don't know anything about guns). He also has one big gun which is majorly destructive and destroys half a town.

Dominique the Cyclops

Dominique is the second Gun ho Gun Vash has to face (this is not necessarily the order they rank it's just the order they fight Vash). At first it seems that Dominique is a pretty fast lady but it is later revealed that Dominique uses some kind of a hypnotic trance generated by her left eye. Dominique uses her Demon's eye to fool people into thinking she's faster then them.

E.G Mine

E.G Mine is the third Gun ho gun Vash faces. I also believe that E.G Mine is also the person responsible for killing Monev and Dominique since Vash couldn't or should I say didn't want to (it might have been Midvalley or Legato who killed them, but E.G was the one who gift wrapped them for Vash). E.G Mine really didn't put up much of a fight but he does fight with special armor he controls by moving these wires attached to his hands which trigger the spikes on his armor to fire. Without his armor though E.G really isn't much to look at.

Rai-dei the Blade

Rai-de is the fourth Gun ho Gun Vash faces and is a pretty cool fighter (I mean who can resist a guy with a big I don't mean it that way... what I mean is his fighting technique is cool..... to bad he's not much to look at, okay I know I'm bad). Rai-dei uses the shock wave of his sword to fight which is pretty cool and pretty powerful. Rai-dei is sort of one of those characters who follows a warrior's code and is searching for spiritual enlightenment or some crap like that but when things get tuff he'll toss those out the window (loser). Rai- dei's sword also doubles as a gun. Rai-dei is also responsible for killing E.G Mine but I felt he deserved it (everything that goes around comes around).

Hoppered the Gauntlet

Hoppered has got to be one of the wierdiest looking....okay I'll keep my personal comments to myself (I'm lying of course). Anyways despite his strange appearance Hoppered is a pretty tough guy. Hoppered is the fifth Gun ho Gun Vash faces and he uses his special armor to fight. The front of Hoppered's armor is a indestructible shield while the back of his armor as a machine gun type weapon. Hoppered also uses his armor as a type of lance considering it shaped like a drill.

Gray the Nine Lives

Gray the Nine lives is the sixth Gun ho Gun Vash must face well actually Vash doesn't face him at all it's Wolfwood who fights him. Gray the Nine lives has special armor that makes most weapons useless against him. It isn't until some acid falls on him that Gray's true form is revealed. Once his armor is destroyed Gray isn't too much of a challenge. However, I believe Gray is a robot that is split up into different units which each have to be destroyed. I guess that's why he's called Gray the nine lives.

Leonav the Puppetmaster

Now here's an interesting guy. Leonav is the seventh Gun ho Gun who Vash has to face. Leonav uses his puppet technique in order to trick and attack people from faraway by using his puppets to fight. His puppets take the form of animals, humanoid puppets, and sometimes the form of a familiar person. I think this a pretty cool technique (although a little shady). Vash never actually gets to fight the puppet master face to face (as a matter of fact it is Wolfwood who catches on to Leonav and kills him).

Caine the Longshot

There isn't much to say about Caine. Heck there isn't much Caine says at all. He's a mysterious guy whose fighting tactics aren't much different then his character. Caine has a really huge, well long gun (henceforth the name long shot). I mean the barrel of this thing has got to be a few, better said qiute some feet long (heck if I knew the exact length, but like I said I'm no gun expert). Whenever Caine fights he usually hides out, and his coat has the ability to camouflage him pretty well. I guess I'll say he's more like a sniper then a gunfighter. Caine's gun can hit a target that's literally miles away, and his aim is pretty precise. I also believe Caine is another one of the Gun ho Guns that's not in the manga....

Hey guys here's something I didn't quite catch, thanks Brian (hornfreak) Ondrusek (Caine the Longshot is the Gung-Ho Gun that is not in the manga, not Chapel. Chapel is just kind of a title that is given to those who master the use of the Cross Punisher (if you remember, Chapel tells Wolfwood that he can have his title if he kills Vash). And actually although Chapel the Evergreen is already a Chapel...Wolfwood has been called Chapel the Peacemaker, although I don't know if that is actually his gung-ho gun name or what.)
Chapel the Evergreen

Here's another interesting guy. From what I heard Chapel is not even in the Manga. In the Manga, Wolfwood is Chapel, but that's a whole nother confusing story, and my site is mostly from an anime perspective. Anyways Wolfwood is basically Chapel's student. Chapel is the guy who trained Wolfwood ever since he was a kid and made him the little killer he is today (poor Wolfwood, no wonder he is so messed up. I mean I would be too if some freaky glasses wearing wanna be preacher raised me. No Chapel is cool and he seems to be one of the few Gun ho guns who follows a code of honor. He did try to avenge Wolfwood's death. I guess he liked Wolfwood more then he let on). One really good reason why I like Chapel is because he has a Cross Punisher too (I love the Cross punisher), and Chapel's Cross Punisher divides into two yes two machine guns (so cool). Chapel also uses coffins to fight. He hides in the coffins and jumps out and sneaks attack people. However, I think Chapel has Wolfwood's taste in buying stupid looking glasses, at least Wolfwood makes his shades look good. Oh well that's not important....... Chapel I can't forgive him for killin Wolfwood, even though Legato made him do it with his mind control technique (give me back my Wolfwood ).

Zazie the Beast

Nope folks this ain't no circus midget, Zazie is actually a demon trapped in a child's body. What you say all children are like that Yeah, I agree, but no, really I'm actually being serious. Zazie is the youngest (and the cutiest er I ummm mean *sigh*) of the gun ho guns (Legato haven't you ever heard of child labor laws, shame, shame). Zazie has the ability to control beast, and in the case of this episode, sandworms, with this green thingy ( green thingy? ? look at me I are college educated) he holds in the back of his ear (henceforth the name the Beast). This green thingy (I’m sure it has a name) emits a high frequency sound, like a dog whistle, which has the ability to control beast (I need one that will work on men Muhwahaha cough-cough ). This is pretty cool because Zazie can fight people without actually fighting, but when the worms don't work Zazie's guns will do just as good.

Midvalley the Hornfreak

We'll here's another one of my favorites, mainly because I love the saxophone, and I've always wanted to play it (but no my momma said flutes are more lady like. What does she know ? *sweat droop* enough of my off the point babble). Midvalley is Legato's second hand man. Wherever Legato is it seems like the Hornfreak is not far behind. Heh heh, Horn freak, what kind of name is that (now get your minds out the gutter....Ok I'll do it too). Anyways not only can Midvalley wail a good tune on his sax, he can also send a few people flying to their deaths. Midvalley's sax has the ability to manipulate sound waves and some how transform sound frequencies into some major sonic blast (how many flutes do that ? ?). It's really cool (not to cool for poor Vash), but when old bessy loses her touch (ounch, boom, whatever) Midvalley can transform his sax into a super arsenal machine gun.


Kuroneko may not be a significant part of the whole Trigun saga, but he is rather unique in his own may. This little black kitty makes one or two quick cameo appearances in every episode of Trigun. He's usually pretty easy to spot, but not always (I think there's about two or three episodes that I still haven't found him in yet. ^^,,,) He could be walking along a wall, sleeping in someone's lap, or just sitting on the floor...but you can bet that no matter where Vash and the others go, the little cat is sure to follow



Japanese title: Trigun

English adaption title: Trigun

Number of episodes: 26, 25 minutes each

Number of movies: 1
Name: Trigun: Badlands Rumble

On a faraway, desert planet, with a landscape that was so hot and barren that the peoples' only means of survival was through special plants called "geo plants", there existed a legendary gunman: Vash the Stampede. Also know as the Humanoid Typhoon, Vash was credited with being so dangerous that a $$60, 000, 000, 000 reward had been placed on his head. Vash was said to be responsible for the destruction of many towns, including the great city of July, and even though the cities had been completely demolished, there was no record of him ever killing anyone. However, only two things ever happened to those who caught up to Vash; they either crawled away wounded(usually from self-inflicted damage), or they staggered away in disbelief that such a dork could possibly be the man they were after Eventually, Vash's exploits got too out of hand, so the Bernadarii Insurance Co. sent Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson to track him down and record his rate of destruction. Like most of the bounty hunters looking for Vash the Stampede, the insurance girls had difficulty believing that the man they were after was that dorky, doughnut-loving, wimp ^_^ However, they eventually learned that he was Vash the Stampede when they saw that no matter how many bounty hunters tried to take him out, he always managed to survive without taking a life, and he only fired off his gun to prevent injury to others. And all of the people that had met him, ended up being changed for the better.

The first half of the Trigun series deals with Meryl's and Milly's pursuit of Vash(though Meryl didn't believe it was him at the time), the many misadventures that Vash gets into, and that even though he was supposed to be a dangerous killer, he ended up bettering the lives of the people he came into contact with. Vash also meets the comical priest Woolfwood, who carries a giant cross containing loaded guns in case of emergency ^^,,,

The second half of the series gains a darker tone when Vash's true origin is revealed, as well as how all of the people became stranded on that desert planet. Vash, along with his brother Knives, weren't human, but in fact, humanoid creations of a geo plant. They were found by a team of space explorers, and one of the explorers, Rem, decided to take care of them. The project that the explorers were working on was called SEEDS; it�s goal was to send a population of people to another planet to see if they could live there, since Earth was getting too overcrowded. On their travel through space, Rem taught Vash all of the virtues of life; that no one has the right to take the life of another, that everyone has a future to look forward to, and that it's always possible to save everyone. However, Knives believed differently than Vash...he believed that human beings were selfish, imperfect organisms(he was abused by one of the crew members), and that trying "to save everyone" was an impossible contradiction(he used this metaphor: If you want to save butterflies, you must kill spiders; if you want to save spiders, you must let them kill the butterflies...trying to save both is a contradiction). Secretly, Knives killed each of the crew members until only Vash and Rem were left. When the ship malfunctioned, Rem sent Vash and Knives to safety, while she tried to release the "dormant people" onto the planet below. She managed to save most of them, but the capsule she was in exploded. Vash and Knives landed on the planet, and Knives told Vash about his wipe out the weak humans so that they could rule the planet. Of course, Vash disagreed, and he and Knives split up. And when they met again, years later, Knives forced Vash to use the ultimate power that was hidden inside him, which completely destroyed July City(and earned Vash his first bounty). Ever since then, Vash avoided using that power at any cost. But when Knives sends the dangerously powerful Legato and the ruthless Gung-Ho Guns to kill Vash, Vash is gonna have to try his hardest if he wants to save everyone

Usually, I don't like Animes that involve a lot of guns and killing. But Trigun is different. It may have a lot of guns and people do get killed, but it doesn’t advocate violence and killing...the message it imparts is the exact opposite. Though Vash acts pretty comical most of the time, he does have a serious, even philosophical side to him. He shows that it's possible to save and reform even the most villainous people, and he goes into depth about what drives people to violence and killing, what causes them to be the way they are, and how they can saved. Our world today sure could use a guy like Vash ^_^


Vash's Words of Wisdom

Anyone who's seen Trigun knows that even though Vash acts a bit silly and childish sometimes, he has a great philosophical side to him as well. At the end of each episode, Vash speaks a poetic silioquy describing the events of the next episode. And each of his silhouettes reflects a deep and important message, not just about the episode it's for, but also about life and human emotions in general. This section has all of Vash's episode silhouettes, as well as a few bonus quotes of his that I liked. I think we could all learn something from good 'ol Vash ^_^

Episode 2 Truth of Mistake

There's something that cannot be expressed in words, human emotion. Emotions of the heart can't be just tucked away in a closet. There's a way to know the emotions. Look into the eyes. The girl lied to me, and I believed her. The gentleman lied to me, when I trusted him, but the moment I looked into his eyes the angel of destiny began to unravel the truth. Just look into their eyes. There is only one truth.

Episode 3 Peace Maker

Those who make mistakes blame themselves and close their hearts. It's impossible to fix the mistake. Men can't return to the past. That's why they drink. Lushes, drunks, sliding alcohol down their throats to dilute the memories that can't be forgotten. Frank Marlon, the gunsmith, does nothing but drink and questions the glass after it's empty. Am I wrong? Was I wrong?

Episode 4 Love & Peace

A past that can't be forgotten and can't be buried. A past that can't even be shaken for just a little time. The sentiment deep inside each of their hearts is strong and equal, for beloved parents and for a beloved daughter. Two men can only find the answer from behind their triggers. The moment the sentimental bullets flew towards each other the men stood silent, yet were weeping. The past, enslaves...

Episode 5 Hard Puncher

Whenever something is gained, something is always lost. It's difficult to live after something like that. What is lost will never return. Important things, irreplaceable things, but what is needed to keep those things is in the firm will packed into one bullet. Man knows, he knows nothing will begin unless he speaks, and that nothing will change, unless he moves.

Episode 6 Lost July

The longer one holds on to a memory, the longer one lives in the past. The deeper the memory they hold onto, the more beautiful the past will become. The beautiful memories will eventually turn into hate. Even if they look ahead, they lose the ability to walk. As long as the heavy chain called revenge continues to bind the heart, the tears of sadness will continue to flow.

Episode 7 B.D.N

The tragedy endlessly repeated in order to fulfill desires. Lust for conquest, making people bend to your will, a thrill intense enough to make you shudder. There's a man who is a slave to that ecstasy. The leader of the Badlads, a man who shines: Brilliant Dynamites Neon. The sandsteamer will shake at the moment the huge dynamos on each of his shoulders start to spark. In the pitch black darkness, the gruesome party begins.

Episode 8 and Between the Wasteland and Sky.......

People who sin say this, that they had to, to survive. People who sin say this, it's too late now to stop. The shadow called sin dogs them steadily from behind, silently without a word. Remorse and agony are repeated only to end up at despair in the end, but the sinners just don't know that if they'd only turn around there's a light there, a light which keeps shining on them ever so lonely. A light that will never fade.

Episode 9 Murder Machine

I met a lone man in the desert, a traveling priest, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. He smiled and then he told me that I'm a troubled man. Faced with his all seeing smile there was nothing I could say in my defense. Did I meet this man because I was destined to or, was it simply by a small jest of God? The man's name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a traveling priest I met in the desert.

Episode 10 Quick Draw

I think I'd like to do something nice for somebody. I think it's good if you smile at someone, and they smile in return. Voluntary love encourages people to create a sense of friendliness. Love that is unconditional gives us respect as people, however, it's wrong to force love, to try to keep it alive. If the strain goes on eventually it will bloom into the flower called lie. The deceptively thorny flower that hurts people.

Episode 11 Escape From Pain

A choice between two things. The forked road, a crossroad are an end given life must take in order to stay alive. Which ever end they live on, they lose something. Which ever end they live on, they are unable to find happiness, but are there really only two paths to a forked road? No, there are infinite paths we must take. There is more than one path. There is more than one path to the future.

Episode 12 Diablo

All people have a sanctuary which must never be touched. A scar of sadness which must never be tred upon. The cooperation formed by the living to realize a dream or achieve an ideal. The man with the white coat told me in a quiet voice that he had finally found me, that he wanted my life. That man smiled a smile deeper than darkness. Legato Bluesummers, a man fascinated by death, only spoke quietly.

Episode 14 Little Arcadia

If you only face forward, there is something you will miss seeing. It is a virtue to devote one's self to something, firmly believing in one's own ideals. But that does not mean it's all right to belittle the ideals or feelings of others. If you lead such a busy life, and you don't realize how your parents feel, it's only for self satisfaction. It's all right to stop every now and again. If you want a moments rest, if you want to feel what other people feel.

Episode 15 Demon's Eye

People judge people. Lives are being cut short because of someone's personal logic. Mothers, fathers, friends...their entire paths instantly vanishes into thin air. The question is, should this take place at the whim of one individual? A beautiful woman stood before the corpses of the Roderick thieves. She told me that she was merely discarding some useless garbage. Dominique the Cyclops told me to just think of it as Spring cleaning.

Episode 16 Fifth Moon

A fragment of memory lost in the gap between life and death. Is it something which will point the way towards spiritual awareness? The silver metallic gun crushes and my right arm metamorphoses. My past, my people, my mother...the moment I was reunited with everything I ever protected, the light took Augusta. The Humanoid Typhoon, the $$60 billion man, Vash the Stampede. This is the beginning of my past. This is the end of my journey.

Episode 17 Rem Savrem

Rem told me, that someone she loved died on earth. She told me she boarded this ship so she could start over. What does it feel like to have someone you love die? I tried thinking of what it would be like if Rem died. When I did, hot water came out of my eyes and it wouldn't stop for a long time. Rem, I'll always be there for you. I won't leave you alone.

Episode 18 Goodbye For Now

Let us regard the fifth moon, shining down upon us from the sky, stained red with blood. And let us remember his name, his legend. To do so, you only need to look up. Like it or not, his legend is chiseled into the fifth moon, a permanent etching from a terrible past. The legend of Vash the Stampede, chiseled, forever, and then the time only need tell of the tracks, which lead to the future.

Episode 19 Hang Fire

Strong will can stir the heart, but a will too strong can cut off the hearts visibility. The sorrow of a man bereaved of his family turns into hate, which eventually metamorphoses into the intent to kill. The man's finger reaches for the trigger. Sin changes people. Sin begets sin, but I, I still want to believe. I still want to believe in the heart. The heart that feels the sin.

Episode 20 Flying Ship

In times of hardships, in times of sadness, there's a place a traveler can let his mind return to: home. I still don't know what kind of a past the traveler abandoned when he left his home behind. I still don't know what kind of sorrow he bears. But the traveler can keep walking forward because he has something which sustains him...a place which excepts him. He can walk forward, step, by careful step.

Episode 21 Out of Time

There is something you can't give up. There is something you want to protect. There is a time you must take a stand, no matter what kind of pain awaits us. The man clad in the red coat took up his gun once again in order to stop the sadness, in order to stop the hate. I keep the word of the red geranium, which I was taught so long ago. I keep the courage and determination deep in my heart.

Episode 22 Alternative

Self protection: the means of protecting one's self. People expose the weaknesses which pain them, and thus form a group. Before they know it they begin to exclude those who are not one of them, but what becomes of those who have been excluded? I smiled at the children who lived in a tight group in their rickety house. Sure, let's live today, let's live tomorrow, and let's live the day after that, even if it means living in eternal pain.

Episode 23 Paradise

To realize a mistake, to not lie, to love one another, to not kill. Those are very simple things, but these times won't allow for them. There is no green on this planet, even though we want it, and want it so badly. A place where we can live peaceful days with no wars, nor stealing, a sacred place, where people can live as people. Yes there, that place is called...

Episode 24 Sin

Repeated tragedies, repeated pain, the wishes of man are so strong and yet so frail and weak. To live, to stay alive, who would have known survival was this hard...this painful? I must choose. I must make the choice, in the moment that intertwines life and death. Can I choose to remain a human?

Episode 25 Live Through

I was dreaming Rem. Everything was so horribly dry, there on that planet, even people's hearts. As I watched the people who lived there from far away, I kept wondering why they went on living, how they kept on living. Rem, listen to me Rem. I did a bad thing. I did a bad thing. Tell me? What should I do?

Episode 26 Under the Sky So Blue

That day, that time, 130 years ago we were born, weren't we? There was nothing but peaceful days, and Rem was always close behind us. But our disagreeing thoughts changed each of our ways of life, didn't they? I don't regret it. I will vow once again not to kill, not to betray, but to find happiness, to talk about my dreams, because the ticket to the future is always blank.

From Episode 10 Quick Draw, Vash describes himself and his goal

My name is Vash the Stampede. I have been a hunter of peace who chases the mayfly known as love, for many, many moons now. There is no rest for me in my search for peace. I meditate diligently every morning(I quite after 3 seconds). In my search for peace, I also train diligently. It is my mission to teach the precious value of peace to the children who will one day own the world. I will say it again: My name is Vash the Stampede. I am a hunter of peace who chases the mayfly known as love.

From Episode 15 Demon's Eye, When Dominique the Cyclopes explains that, by killing people, she was merely discarding trash: spring cleaning, Vash says...

The decision of who should and shouldn't live isn't yours to make...don't clean away people, clean the house of the man you love. Like mine, for example...just kidding ^_^a

And let's not forget Vash's most famous quote of all...

(This land is made of...) Love & Peace ^_^V

Episode summary

1. The $$60,000,000,000 Man

In this episode of Trigun¦ 3 of the main Characters are introduced¦Meryl Strife, Milly Thompson and of course Vash the Stampede. (aka the humanoid typhoon) Here is the summary in a nutshell¦

Scene One ~Vash is in a bar looking all cool and calm... ~Men in the bar are talking about him... not knowing that he's listening in... ~Out of nowhere a giant boomerang cuts the bar in two and a sign flies up and lands hard into the ground. ~ In the midst of the dust and rubble flying everywhere, men that surrounded the front side of the bar start shooting inside, what reason? Rumors of the Humanoid Typhoon. ~As soon as the dust starts to part, the men all stop shooting and a monstrous man, named Descrates, grabs hold of the giant metal boomerang that he threw. ~There's a long pause... then from behind the sign that fell, Vash the Stampede puts down a drink calmly and stands up. He draws his gun smoothly and points it at the men. Scene Two ~Milly and Meryl are in a bar sipping on a sundae and tea when they ask the bartender about who Vash the Stampede is. (The reason they are looking for him is because they work for an insurance company ad they need to keep him under 24 hour surveillance because of all the things that get blown up around him) ~The bartender tells them that Vash is a tall man with short legs, a Mohawk, and a huge metal weapon. Scene Three ~Vash is under the sand with a straw in his mouth to breathe when he grabs one of Descates' henchmen and knocks him out. ~Flashback Moment: After pointing the gun at the men, (in scene one) Vash pulls the trigger on the gun to find that there were no bullets. He runs away like a maniac dodging lotsa lotsa bullets. ~End Flashback ~After this, Vash has a little happy and polite conversation with the guy he knocked out, (even though the man had a gun pointed to his back) ~They're caught by Descrates and the henchman is severally wounded. ~Then Vash is caught and tied up. Scene Four ~Milly and Meryl are riding (I think they're called Jordans... can't remember) out into the dessert where Vash is rumored to be. **they still think that Vash looks like the description of Descrates... just so you know** ~Then they meet up with Descrates and his henchmen with Vash the real Vash tied up and against a stone. ~They offer Descrates a box of doughnuts but he's stunned (but doesn't say anything) that they think he's the legendary gunslinger. ~Then a bounty hunter named Ruth appears on the scene and all hell breaks loose. **Ruth thinks Descrates is Vash, Milly and Meryl think Descrates is Vash, Descrates is having his doubts about the real Vash and thinks its Ruth...yada yada yada...** ~Then M&M are riding away and Vash is running along side them with the box of doughnuts they brought. Meryl gives Vash $$10 to go warn the town about Descrates (who they STILL think is Vash) ~Then M&M go back to try and negotiate with Descrates (still thinking that he's Vash the two stupids) to come and find that Ruth and Descrates are talking calmly together. They agree that they were both mistaken and knew the real Vash was the real Vash. ~They tie up Milly and Meryl and it looks like Descrates is about to rape them, when a stray bullet hits the ropes and cuts them down. They see that it's the real Vash and he's come to help them. ~Then Descrates and Ruth have Vash cornered the peak of a huge cliff. ~Descrates throws his boomerang and Vash dodges and jams something on D's side. ~ Then Vash turns to look at Ruth and tries to warn him but alas... he's hit with the stray boomerang. ~Then a bomb goes off and the cliff begins to fall. No one is killed... just injured. Scene Five ~Meryl is typing on a typewriter about what happened and she is forced to pay all the insurance bills. (the town was crushed but Vash had already warned them)

2. Truth of Mistake

In this episode the only things I can remember is Vash goes to this hotel answering an add to protect a Very important chick can't remember her name (which he also thinks is hot) well he says his aim is always true when it comes to very beautiful women(not sure how that line went). and acts like he is shooting the VIC! and Myrel acts like the bullet hit her. and she's lying on the floor and Millie asks if she is alright! and then there is a part where Vash thinks the VIC is taking a shower and goes on the roof to go and spy on her! and Millie ends up walking in to the bathroom at the same time asking Vash what he is doing and he says he thought he heard someone on the roof and went to go check it out. and Millie just goes oh ok!

3. Peace Maker

This episode starts off with Vash entering a town looking for a man named Frank Marlin, a famous gunsmith. However, upon entering the town Vash finds out that Frank Marlin is way past his prime and is now famous only for drinking. Vash and Frank get drunk together and Frank tells Vash of his philosophy, which is based on the belief that no matter what you do, someone will gain and someone will lose. Frank's solution? He does nothing-that way it's fair for everyone. Anyway, some bandits, one of whom pretends to be Vash the Stampede, hold up the town bank. Vash challenges them, though it seems as though he forgot his gun while he was drunk at Frank's house. Fortunately, an elderly lady comes out wielding a Frank Marlin .38 Special. It soon turns out that all the townspeople carry guns and rifles designed by Frank. The bandits flee. However, Frank sees all this selfless courage and determination, and his life is turned around. He fixes Vash's silver gun, which was out of alignment, for free and puts the booze behind him for good. At the last, Meryl and Milly are about to find out Vash's true identity, though he ends up vomiting.

4. Love and Peace
Starts off with Millie and Meryle in a bar with a rich girl winning at poker she invites them to play. Just then bandits rush in and take people hostage. Turns out the girl is the Mayors daughter. Outside the law is trying to figure out how to get in when Vash comes dancing in oblivious to what's going on thanks to his Walkman. He dodges the bullets but starts screaming when the bandits grab him! Outside the sheriff hires a crew of nuts to save the pay if paid enough. The nuts go in but Vash prevents people from getting killed. All but one bandit flee. The one bandit says that the Sheriff and Mayor once killed his people along time ago and it's payback time. The Mayor agrees to a shoot out in the end (thanks to Vash) the Mayor is injured and the guy turns himself in. However the Sheriff and his men turn on the Mayor. Vash, Millie and Meryle fight them off and it end with Vash saying "Repeat after me. This world is made up of LOVE AND PEACE!"

5. Hard Puncher
Vash shows up at yet another backwater town that's in disrepair because the townspeople lost their power plant and they don't have the money to fix it. Some roughnecks get a lead on him and alert the whole town of his whereabouts. A huge chase scene erupts as hundreds of desperate townspeople seek Vash out so they can claim the reward and fix up their town. Vash miraculously eludes his captors until he is cornered in a bar. The mayor hires a pair of crazed mercenaries called the Nebraska Family to finish Vash off. Meryl finally wises up to the fact that Vash really is the Humanoid Typhoon. Meanwhile, Vash finally fires his big gun in order to save some townsfolk who were injured by the Nebraska Family. In the end, Vash says his "Love and Peace" line about twenty times as the townsfolk stop chasing him.

6. Lost July
in this episode Vash is in a town where everybody was trying to kill him for the $$60 billion double dollars. Their plant had broken down and they needed the money. but now , since he saved the town he was friends with them. he was hired by the woman who was in charge of the new plant to protect her from an assassin. But she set it up. she made it so that the plant was about to blow up. she lead Vash into the core or area where the problem was. there was a guy there that Vash easily stopped . then she locked Vash in and told him that he would pay for blowing up her hometown of July. I thought it was stupid because she told him she wanted to kill him because he blew up the town but didn't kill anyone. she said that the people became mad and killed each other. but a strange thing happened. the next scene was her memory of finding her parents' dead. she was walking and crying. then she bumped into a man in bandages and a red coat. (obviously it was Vash ) then she said u can die and walked out And told everybody to evacuate now Vash looked deeply depressed. then the man that the woman had hired to pretend to be the assassin woke up and was freaking out because Vash seemed to be controlling the plant and stopping the problem. everyone in the town was watching and praying. all the children were asking for Vash. then Vash walked out of the door.. all the people started running to the plant while screaming thank you. then the lady (not sure of her name) walked up to Vash and pressed a gun up to his chest. she kept asking why did you do that I want my revenge. Vash said he couldn't let all the towns' people die. and that he was sorry that he destroyed the town but he couldn't remember anything just childhood memories and walking through the rebel of the town . course the lady was upset she said no I need my revenge then Vash started crying and hugged her she looked up at him and realized he was the man that hugged her because she was crying because her parents died. now she was having a fit "no it was you the whole time." she said

7. B.D.N.
Well, first of all, Vash decides to leave Anapral. He boards onto the big steam train thingy... anyways, when Vash's on board he meets some mysterious kids who claims to be a stowaway. The kid tells Vash about a gruesome life back at home, and Vash, being the angel that he is, starts taking care of the kid. Later that night however, the kid makes every security guard on the ship (including Vash) fall asleep with some kind of gas so the notorious gang the Bad Land Boys could hop the ship and steal all of the goods. Before the end of the show, the B.L.D finds a huge safe and is racing towards a city to get the key. Vash is with the kid in a ventilation shaft. And Meryl and Milly from the Bernardelli Insurance Co. are hidden in the passenger section trying to figure out a plan of action.

8. And Between The Wasteland and Sky
first, we see Vash on a train with Milly and meryll and a lot of other people. On there way they see a guy with a big cross. they wonder who he is and his name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood. later on they found out he is a priest. Vash and Wolfwood becomes friends. then, a two girls are begging for food and Nicholas gives them candy bars. later on a man is injured and Milly thinks its Vash and she points her stun gun at him. the tourist later find out that the person that was responsible for the mans injure was actually a mechanical snail. Vash and Wolfwood team up and fight the mechanical snail. it seems that there were to much snails and they go to the factory were the snails were made. later on, Wolfwood was about to be killed but Vash uses his hidden gun(I think). After they destroyed the factory the get on the bus and they finally arrived to some place.

9. Murder Machine
In this episode Milly, Meryle, and Vash are on a bus and they meet Nicholas D. Wolfwood.(This is the very first time Wolfwood appears in Trigun). He is a priest from some church and the bus picks him up. He seems like a nice guy; he gives some food to these little kids that were on the bus and apparently he is really nice to kids all through out the series.(Forgive me I'm a new Trigun fan so I don't exactly have all details yet but other websites do so look on those or even this one it might help ya a little). The bus is attacked by some robot things and they kidnap the girl that Wolfwood gave some food to. So then this thing turns into a rescue operation. While in this underground base type thing, one of them has to soot the robot thing and the other one has to run and look for the kid. Vash tells Wolfwood to shoot, he kind of hesitates at first but he gets over it. Now Wolfwood claims he has never fired a gun before but when he shoots he has precise aim. So they rescue the girl. By the way if this is the only episode you have seen or some thing then I believe in the next episode you'll find out what that giant cross is about.

10. Quick Draw
Well, the episode is kind of slow until Vash meets Wolfwood unexpectantly while going out for a bite to eat. It turns out that Wolfwood wants Vash to sign up for a Quick Draw contest in order to help a family in need that is in a lot of debt. Vash consents, and the next day.. Vash does exactly what he's supposed to do: Kick butt! However, Vash secretly signed up Wolfwood too! In the end stages, there is a battle between the two of them, they are the only contestants who didn't get shot in the showdown part. Earlier, the mayor, and judge of the contest told Wolfwood to look in the window. There, the family that Vash and Wolfwood were going to help, stood at gunpoint. The deal was supposed to be to kill Vash and Wolfwood would get $$30,000,000,000 of the prize money, he was going to take the deal. The two of them act like they are going to kill each other.. until they both shoot each other at the same time! Of course, they are only acting, but some more of the town men are going to shoot both dead anyways. This is the first time we get to see Wolfwood use his Cross Punisher.. No one is killed, and the family gets some money to pay off their debts.

11. Escape From Pain
Starts with Wolfwood and Millie who run into this girl whose running for some reason. Wolfwood and Millie helps her escape while Meryle and Vash wait for them they are approached by the leader of a supply caravan. Millie and Wolfwood take the girl to the desert where she meets up with her boyfriend the Caravan leaders son who says he will stop the caravan. He and Wolfwood argue while Millie tries to keep the peace but Wolfwood walks off. Back in town Vash is asked to kill the son for the good of the caravan, it looks like he accepts as he and Meryle go to find him Meryle is upset and asks why but he never says. In the desert The Son and girlfriend with Millie run across some men from the caravan sent to find him. The beat up Millie and the Girlfriend the son almost agrees but Wolfwood comes in and kicks ass. More caravan men show up and looks like a showdown. Vash shows up and shoots the Son and his girlfriend. The men freak and run off screaming "It's VASH THE STAMPEDE!" Millie is upset and slaps Vash, Wolfwood punches Vash in the face and takes his gun. He finds rubber bullets and the kids are in fact ok. They run off and Wolfwood leaves to saying the desert is safer than Vash. Millie waves goodbye.

12. Diablo
It starts with a dude in a tiny crowded room working out and lifting weights and stuff. Then someone comes in and gives him a chance to kill Vash the Stampede. The guy lifting weights says he's been waiting all his life to kill Vash and that he had been preparing for the moment. Sometime later Vash visits a shoemaker guy but I cant remember exactly why. Then outside Vash gets hit in the head with a dodge ball and plays with the kids. When he sits down by a fountain, a man sits on the other side (Legato Bluesummers) and messes with his head by telepathically talking to him. Then a little girl runs up to him laughing and he starts patting her head. Then he tricks Vash by making it look like he snapped her neck knowing it would make Vash flinch but the little girl was fine he didn't do anything to her. He remarks about how pathetic Vash was and that he would die that very night. Later the shoemaker was found dead and Vash was accused of murdering him, so he was locked in prison. Millie and Meryl came in to visit him and then Monev the Gale (the guy who was in the first scene who was lifting weights and dedicated his life to killing Vash) showed up in the jail and was about to shoot him but then Millie shot him with her stun gun, buying enough time for them to run. Then after that Vash spent a lot of time running from him and stopping every now and then to rescue bystanders. When Monev saw this, he stopped going after Vash and started destroying everything around them, including the women and children. Everyone...dead. They were innocent people...This filled Vash with a great rage. Unable to contain his anger and wrath, he finally showed his true form with his eyes glowing a bright blue. He had the eyes of the Diablo. Seeing Vash's change of attitude, Monev panicked and ran away. Millie and Meryl started to approach him but Vash commanded them to stay back. Monev watched from a distance. Soon enough, Monev tried to catch Vash off guard and was at it again. Vash fired his last shots at his armor and helmet, leaving Monev's face exposed. At first Monev was delighted that he had finally run out of bullets, but then Vash exposed a hidden gun in his arm and pinned Monev to the ground keeping it aimed at his head. Monev begged for mercy and Vash yelled at him, and a strong temptation to kill this cold-hearted person was overwhelming him. Vash asked for a good reason why he shouldn't kill him, after killing all of those innocent people. Vash was about to kill the begging Monev until he had a sudden flashback of Rem. After remembering her, Vash withdrew and spared Monev's life. If he had killed him, then Rem might die in Vash's heart and mind because he made a promise, and that was to never take the life of another.

13. Vash the Stampede
This episode is basically a flashback of the previous Trigun episodes. It starts out with Meryl typing a report to the insurance company she works for and she's trying to recall what she and Millie had gone through since they started following Vash. She commented on how different he was than she originally thought of him. Every time she thought of something that was actually pretty cool that he did, like when he saved the women from the weird giant cyborg person and the senile old man controlling it, she then remembered what happened next. He made a complete fool of himself by shouting "Love and Peace!" over and over again making himself look like an idiot. This frustrated her because she couldn't figure him out and wondered why he was so dorky. She recalls events from other episodes but I can't really remember all of them right now. Basically the episode "Vash The Stampede" is a recap of the previous ones. It also tries to teach that writing to family and keeping in touch with them is important when Millie loses sleep because she stays up all night to write to her family.

14. Little Arcadia
This one is mostly about Meryl. Milly wakes up and had a box of letters to her family. She stayed up all night writing them a gain. Her and Meryl talk about family. And they here a gunfire. This old man and his wife seemed to be attacked by this guy but it was there son. Milly and Meryl come racing out and Milly shot the thing behind him and then Meryl shoots the board that was holding a ruff up. The couple ask them if they would be there bodyguard. Meryl rejected and they asked Vash. Meryl stud up and argued with him. Then she took the job. Vash went with them to there house. They had trees and grass growing on the property. They had a few other guards there. Then the son came and wanted to talk his parents. Milly and Meryl found out he was the son, and Milly broke out in an angry rage and said you should never even think about killing your parents. Some people came and wanted them to sign it over to them, because it is worth a lot of money. The giant threw another mashen that looked like a ball. They came out and fired some and then the man came out. And talked to them. He still refused to sell the land to them. The son gabbed a letter that had to go to some other people. Got on his motorbike and was heading to the company that they were signing the land over to. The giant threw one of those big balls at him. Meryl shot at it trying to throw it off course, and at the same time Vash shot at it and he was the one that did that. He was hiding in a trashcan. They got scared. I guess they walked away. At the company, the son gave them the letter and there was another peace to it. Part of it was signed to him. He was about to cry. The next scene is Milly and Meryl Trying to hurry to get on the bus Vash was on before it left. Meryl Mailed a letter to her family before she got on.

15. Demons Eye
Vash is carrying Milly and Meryl across the desert with what was left of the car that Vash wrecked. Lagato Bluesummers Was eating a bar when this gang came in. One of the women was staring at Lagato. The leader of the gang saw that and beat her because of it. Lagato was talking about what the girls had left behind them. The leader acts like a tough guy. Lagato kills him and every one of the gang that was in the bar. Lagato goes to the highest point of the city. The rest of the gang comes. The gun ho guns kills half of them. Vash, Meryl, and Milly come to the city. Vash looks for something to drink after that long walk, he goes into the bar and finds a lot of people lying dead and blood all over. He goes around trying to get someone to say what happened. He sees Lagato. He runs up to him. In his place was the 2nd gun ho guns. She would Vanish, than appear beside Vash. He figured out that her eyepiece was controlling the Vanish act. And sensed the 5 senses. He concentrated on pain, then when she was right next to Vash, he took out the angel arm and shot the eyepiece. Milly and Meryl came and thought Vash did something to harm her. They asked her if she was alright. Then Meryl slapped Vash in the face. She walks away. They ask him why he was acting so weird. He says they can't come with him any more, it is a matter of life and death. They were going to say something then Vash says, No! Stay back, and walks away.

16. Fifth Moon
at first Vash travels everywhere looking for legato. then he goes to a quiet town and sees Monev the gal(1st gung-ho-gun) and Dominique the Cyclops(2nd gung-ho-gung) dead being hanged on a wall. Vash sees them and needles are coming to him but he dodges. later e.g. mine comes and said he killed Monev and Dominique because they failed to kill Vash. so later e.g. mine shoots spikes at Vash but he moves quickly near e.g. mine and shoots his spiked shells. e.g. mine doesn't see it though. now Rai-dei comes and kills e.g. mine and says its my turn. now its Vash vs. Rai-dei. and Vash gets ticked off and accidentally uses his angel arm and shoots it at the moon making a hole and destroys the whole city. now Rai-dei sees Wolfwood and asks him to help Rai-dei and defeat Vash but Wolfwood just shoots Rai-dei and says your finished. and that all.

17. Rem Saverem
At the begging of the episode the whole crew was partying because they found a possibly new home to live on so later in the episodes Vash and Rem were talking about project SEEDS witch is people that are frozen to wake up when they land on the new planet that will be the new earth because we destroyed our planet now so Vash is in love with Rem and she believes that "no one has the right to take a life of another" "love and peace" she is a very kind hearted and believes that there is good in everyone there is also other people on the ship who are not asleep the captain Joey another girl two other guys well both of the other guys like the girl Mary but one of the guys forces to do it with her (Steve) and then the captain orders the other guy to freeze him like the others well (Knives is learning how to kill and the opposite of what Rem is teaching and he plans to kill all the crew but Rem because Vash is attached to her and loves her) and then the Joey thinks that the guy who froze Steve is going to kill Rem and makes him and the girl Mary (who is already dead because the guy who froze the man made it so that Steve would never wake up and said that he loved her and he wanted to marry her and she said no so he killed (being controlled kind of by Knives) so he killed her) and then her body and the man who froze fell out of the ship so all that is left is the captain and Rem and Vash and knives are left while Vash is co fermenting Rem about all the deaths knives kills Joey and re-alters the ships cornets to crash on the planet (all the ships that are holding the humans) and then the alarm goes off and telling them to go to the escape pods leaving Joey dead on the ship while at the escape pods Vash and Knives are in the pod and Rem starts thinking about Joey (knives said that he said to leave without him) and she tells Vash "Vash take care of knives" and "Everything will be alright Vash" she was crying and so was Vash he loved her and she got it to where the ships carrying the humans and the generator would not crash and then the ship she and (dead) Joey were on crashed and burned so she died and then knives told Vash that he did it and this is why Vash hates knives

18. Goodbye For Now
This one takes place 5 years after Vash blew a hole in the 5th moon. Starts with a flashback to July and he walks in and sees Knives. Knives shoots off Vash's arm and in it's place grows a HUGE ASS GUN! Knives screams at him and the gun goes off. Vash wakes up, Vash is going by the name Erics and lives with a girl Lina and her grandmother. A bus pulls into town and Wolfwood walks off he is told that Vash the Stampede has set up camp outside town and is killing everyone. Wolfwood goes into a bar where Lina and Erics come in. A fat little man comes in screaming at Lina. Erics goes outside and begs him to let her off the hook. The fat man (who is claming to be Vash) says to act like a dog naked. Vash does so as Lina cries from inside with Wolfwood saying "It's ok he has his reasons". They drive off but not before shooting Erics. Erics is rushed to the hospital where he is a regular. Wolfwood hears 2 men making fun of Vash and gets in their face and yells. Meanwhile the grandmother curses out the little man saying "Who does the gunman think he is taking away what little family I have left!?" she gets into an argument with a townsman as Wolfwood listens. Wolfwood then punches Erics and wakes him up. The doctor leaves and Wolfwood tells Erics about a sighting of the name Knives. Vash says he has a life here now and refuses. Lina is talking to her grandmother about Erics I forget what they say but something about finding him 5 years ago while a man watches on. Wolfwood is trying to convince Vash to go but he refuses until he hears Lina is kidnapped. He and Wolfwood go to the hideout and kick butt. Vash gets his haircut by Lina it flashes back to when Rem cut his hair as a child. Wolfwood talks to the grandmother who tells him to looks after Erics. We see a flashback of Erics telling the Grandmother he is going she's upset that he is leaving but respects his choice. The townspeople talk about running Vash out of town but then say they should count their blessings they are alive. Lina finishes cutting Vash's hair and pulls the sheet over herself and cries. Vash hugs her, she says she could never protect her it was always the other way around Vash said she protected him. It ends with Him and Wolfwood leaving with the Grandmother and Lina waving.

19. Hang Fire
This episode starts with some red explosion. Meryl's friend at work then tells her to stop daydreaming or something and people join her. Her boss tells them this isn't talking time or something and calls Meryl about a mission to find Vash. She then tells Millie, who is on punishment for being late for work. The next scene is where Vash and Nicholas are face down on the ground. A guy picks them up. then they fight over a water bottle and start screaming. the driver then tells them 2 shut up or they'll be kicked off. Next scene is Millie and Meryl asking people if they saw Vash. One man explains that he saw him next to a garbage can. He also said he's been eating donuts. Millie then tells Meryl that Vash is heading towards New Oregon. The next scene is Nicholas and Vash eating spaghetti. Vash walks off and Nicholas is left with the check. Vash then visits his old friends work. They see each other and he shows Vash the places. Nicholas tries to find Vash and results to getting slapped by a woman. Meryl and Millie or in their jammies and brushing teeth on a ship they thought was quiet. But its not. After Meryl mentions quiet gunmen come in. Vash is being showed around when to people come after him. Vash's friend mentions he's vash the stampede for a very good reason. Vash puts a gun behind his back just to do it. The 2 people mistaken him and think he's going to shoot them so they run. Millie and Meryl are held hostage. But Meryl uses her feet and they get away. This next scene is a guy in a mustache and a lot of cowboys. One guy is keeping a guy hostage. The 2 men who were scared go 2 them and say vash is here. The guy in the mustache says there's nothing to worry bout. Vash is in a dark tunnel that echoes and he sings a really cool scary song with bad lyrics. One guy gets scared and accidentally turns on the speaker without even knowing it. Every1 hears and Nicholas outside with a lot of people look at the building in a weird way while eating noodles. Vash comes and doesn't shoot them, but kicks and punches them. The guy holding a guy hostage is now looked at by Vash. He says that he will die for killing his daughter. Vash tells him to stop and a whole catastrophe goes on. Nicholas, being his usual self, smokes a cigarette. Vash gets punched but doesn't give up. He tells him don’t shoot him and sooner or later, the gunman cries and says, "I CANT SHOOT HIM!" Everything is over. Nicholas and Vash are on a cliff in the next scene, looking at the city. Meryl joins vash and Nicholas leaves. Millie also leaves knowing Meryl's crush on vash. Meryl lets Vash borrow his handkerchief. They talk. Now this next scene is totally weird. It seems a puppet man gets a suitcase and gets the man with the mustache in it. He breaks up into pieces. In this scene, we now know that he was a puppet controlled by legato.

20. Flying Ship
we see Milly and Meryl talking about Vash. then they went to check on vash but he was gone. they see a note saying "don't look for me-vash". later we see vash jumping off a cliff and landing on a flying thing, we also see Wolfwood hanging on during a typhoon. the flying thing takes them up to a broken spaceship. vash and Wolfwood comes in and they see brad(from Rem Saverem)and a girl named Jessica. we do see brad getting jealous because Jessica loves vash. now we see the proof giving vash a new arm. later people throw stuff at Wolfwood because they don't like him. now we see a lot of people murdered and brad thinks its Wolfwood so he takes out his laser gun....and wait a minute Jessica's missing so they go and fine her but they see being hold hostage by one of leonof's puppet.(leonof is a gung-ho-gun) but later vash comes and destroys the puppets. leonof also threatens vash, wolfwood and brad that he's sending three demons to kill them....... that's all

21. Out of Time
beginning: Merrill and Milly are sleeping n a cave, Wolfwood and vash are sitting and talking about what they are going to do about Knives, but never say his name. Wolfwood thinks, 'poor guy, he never gets a break', Merrill, still laying down, but not totally asleep, hears what they are talking about, and it looks as if she feels bad for vash. the morning comes, and they go to a city. in the car, vash seems really serious, and not laughing along with the group. Merrill says "vash...", and vash puts on his false happiness routine. Basically, Vash, Wolfwood, Merrill, and Milly are trying to get out of the desert and into an broken down city. Their efforts fail, and they wind up getting shot at. When returning to their vehicle, they see a small boy stealing their food. They follow the boy, and find a small group of orphans living in a building/cliff. They help out the kids, and earn their trust. The orphans explain that all their parents suddenly became "hypnotized", and just left, and were never seen again(I have a feeling legato did this). Eventually, midvalley the horn freak appears in the city, and kills a guard. Vash and the gang are instantly suspected. meanwhile, Merrill is tucking the orphans into bed, and a small blonde haired boy is crying in his sleep for his mom and dad*key to episode*. the next morning, a few of the cities policemen are out side the orphans' home, and open fire. Vash explains the situation, and they donâ't listen. giant worms attack suddenly. Vash and Wolfwood do some work on them, Wolfwood wasn't happy because vash wouldn't let him kill the worms. instead, the policemen let them inside the city, where more worms were. Wolfwood says it was unusual because the city was on top of bedrock, which the worms didn't live in.*key* the orphans were with them. bla bla bla, gunfights, etc. occur. eventually, Merrill, Vash and all the orphans are on a rooftop. A worm attacks them, and Vash tries his luck. that when he notices a small device on the small blonde boys ear. Vash shoots it while facing the other way, and announces that the boy was controlling them. Vash asks why, the boy explains he is Zazie the beast of the Gung-ho guns. he immediately points a gun to Merils head. Vash realizes that he is being controlled by legato, and that the boy still had a shred of humanity in him. The boy denies it, and vash explains that he saw him crying in his subconscious for his mom and dad. the boy returns to himself, and drops his guns. A gun shot rung through the air, and the boy dropped dead. Wolf wood was standing on the opposite side of the roof, gun in hand. Vash gets really pissed, and grabs wolfwood by the collar. vash says the boy wasn't going to shoot them, and Wolfwood disagrees. Wolfwood explains that if he had not shot Zazie, Vash would be the one lying on the ground. Wolfwood walks away, and the show ends.

22. Alternative
Vash, Meryl, Wolfwood, and Milly come across a town and the towns' folk wont let them in. so they all continue but before they leave they come across a place where children are living and decide to say for a little while with them. well then some guys for the town come over and start shooting at the place where the kids are and vash and Wolfwood come out so that Meryl, Milly, and the kids would be alright and then vash and Wolfwood kind of get a little beat up. but then some unordinary sandworms come out and Meryl take the kids with her to the highest building just like vash told her to do but Milly chases after another kid. Then they all find out that one of the kids is a gun ho gun but Wolfwood shoots the kid cause he was going to shoot vash but vash said that the child wasn't going to shot him then Wolfwood punches vash to try and make him realize why he shot the kid. and then Wolfwood realizes what he did thanks to Milly.

23. Paradise
"Paradise," along with "Rem Saverem," is probably the most powerful and moving episode to date. If you have not seen the ending of this episode it is recommended that you do not read the last paragraph of this summary, as it may spoil an incredibly deep moment in the series. The episode starts off by giving us a glimpse of Nick Wolfwood's past. Apparently, he killed his abusive guardian at the age of seven and then began training under Chapel, a member of the Gung-Ho Guns. He must have had a pretty crappy childhood, which explains why he has such a deep empathy for children. After the flashback, Chapel returns for the first time in years to inform Wolfwood that Knives no longer wishes him to protect Vash and instead wants Nick to kill the legendary outlaw. Meanwhile, Vash and the girls arrive in the town where Knives made all the people disappear. Wolfwood also confronts Vash, though neither works up the nerve to say or do anything. Later, Nick mulls over the death of Zazie the Beast in his head, all the while wondering if he was mistaken in killing him. Milly comforts Nick while Vash turns in his sleep, unable to decide if he should forgive Wolfwood. The next morning, Nick and Vash have a little showdown, though Nick is unable to bring himself to kill Vash. Nick ends up saving Vash by deflecting a shot fired by Caine the Longshot, a member of the Gung-Ho Guns who carries a ridiculously long sniper rifle. Vash goes after Caine while Nick confronts Chapel, who is not pleased that Nick disobeyed his orders. Vash locates Caine by calculating the lag time between rifle shots versus the positive azimuth of the angle of attack (triangulation). He blows apart Caine's rifle and is about to let Caine go; unfortunately, Caine kills himself, probably because he knew what it meant to fail Legato (Dominique the Cyclops and Monev the Gale already paid that price). The battle between Wolfwood and Chapel is fierce, though of course our man Nick comes out on top. He is about to kill Chapel, though he remembers what Vash taught him and decides to spare Chapel's life. However, Legato uses his mind control to force Chapel to aim at Nick while his back is turned. Vash buries Caine and is distraught over his death, though Nick comforts him and tells him the whereabouts of Knives. Nick then wanders off, leaving a bloody trail behind. ***Nick then enters the local chapel, falling to his knees before the sacristy. Apparently, the gunshot wound that Nick received from Chapel was fatal. What follows is the powerfully moving and emotional final confession of a good man who just made many mistakes in his life. Nick reminisces the times he spent with Vash, Meryl, and Milly, and wishes that he could have lived in a peaceful place with his friends-Eden. Though he does not wish to die, we all know that, in the end, it is not and never was his choice. We are left with the idea that even the mistaken can find redemption in the light. Milly and Meryl cry their hearts out while Vash musters a brave face and renews his determination.***

24. Sin
This episode starts with Legato and that guy with the sax talking about vash when suddenly Knives comes along giving them him his plan or something. Then it goes to Vash in this populated town where he buys a bag full of doughnuts all happy and his usual goofy self. Then he drops them and starts crying. Then it goes to Meryl. She is thinking about when Vash left them after Wolfwood died. She asks him why does trouble always follow you and why did the priest have to die. Vash says because "he" is always following him and vash doesn't want any of his friends to get involved. Meryl starts hitting him asking him for an honest answer and she asks who knives is. Vash mentions that he is his brother and then leaves Meryl crying inside saying that she has to comfort Milly. Milly stops crying and says that they have to follow vash. Back to Vash there are these kids that walk up to him asking why he is crying and he is a grownup and all. Vash says everyone has to cry sometimes because of a friend of his had to go away and then the kids say that Wolfwood had to die because of his stupid ideas that vash stuck into his head and vash looks up and they faint and everyone in the town fainted. It turns out that Legato was behind all of this so he walks up to Vash saying to meet him on some mountain near the town. He vanishes and the people start waking up and when that hornfreak guy mentions his name all the people start running away. There are some guys that are being controlled and they were about to get hit by that hornfreak attack with his sax and it also turns out that his sax his also a gun. well he loses anyways and vash starts up the mountain. Back to Milly and Meryl. They are traveling near the place Vash is and they spot a wounded man on the ground and Meryl goes there to give him some water but then spots that he is controlled by someone. Back to Vash. Legato asks Vash to kill him but Vash refuses so Legato shows him Meryl and Milly being attacked by village people who are being controlled by Legato and he says if he doesn’t shoot him, he will kill them. so Vash had no choice after thinking what Rem might have done and thinking of all his friends Milly, Meryl, Wolfwood, Lina(The girl who he stayed with when he had the name ericks), and rem. Them finally he shoots Legato and Legato tells Knives that Vash will live in eternal torment. Vash starts crying.

25. Live Through
This episode starts with Vash waking up to find that he is on a bed full of bandages. He remembers everything that happened ten days ago, all the people that died, Meryl and Milly almost dead because of him, and him killing Legato. He's about to cry, but then he hears Meryl out side talking to a man. Then Meryl walks into the room with cans of soup in a grocery bag. She sees that he has just woken up and gives him a bowl of soup, her own recipe. Then she say that she has to go somewhere so she walks out the door but starts crying because she feels sorry for Vash. Meryl walks into the town, which is a very peaceful town then there's this big rock that comes flying out of the well, which almost hits her. Then Milly comes out of the well and goes and talks to Meryl. She says that work takes away all of her problems and helps her not think of them. Meryl agrees. They start walking back to the place where Vash is, which is like a small motel. Meryl spots a man on a mountain near the town. She walks up there and sees that's it's Vash. She asks him why is he up there. He keeps on saying that he's a sinner because he killed someone and he keeps on saying sorry to Rem. Meryl goes to him and tries to pull him back to the motel saying that he isn't healed yet and has to rest. Vash pushes her away and says that he has to go to Rem. Then he faints. They bring him back to his room. Meryl and Milly are having a conversation of what happened ten days ago and Meryl starts crying again saying that maybe its their fault that all of this happened because they followed him there. Milly stands up and tells her that its not their fault because they followed him because they cared about him and wanted to help him. Then Meryl agrees and says maybe Milly should be making the decisions from now on because she is right, then says never mind because that would be a stupid thing to do(since Milly is dimwitted). Then the next morning, they go to work and tell Vash, whom is sitting on a chair on the porch, to watch the place until they return. They go to work. Milly is a construction worker wearing a hard hat digging up a well until the water comes out. Meryl is a waitress in a bar (There is this funny part when a guy touches her butt and she smacks him with a tray). Then back to Vash, some people come in a truck delivering stuff near where Vash is. One of the guys see him and wonders where has seen him before. The guy in the store says that two girls brought him there days a go to heal because he go shot all over and bad injuries. Then the guy in the truck tells the other guy to get in and hurry. When the guy in the truck was speeding he told the other guy that he is Vash the Stampede. That night we see Vash sitting up on that same mountain earlier singing Rem's favorite song( I forgot the name) Then Meryl comes walking to him finishing the song for him. Vash is surprised that she knows it because it is a very old song and says that it sounded good. Meryl blushes and goes and sits next to him. The stars were bright that night. Vash looks at Meryl and says that maybe the stuff in the song might happen. Meryl smiles and agrees. The next day Meryl runs to work late and realized that the townspeople know that Vash is the one who they brought in. They are really mad and closing in on Meryl and Milly. Meryl then thinks about vash and asks them if they did anything to him. They look out side and realize that he's being dragged by a jeep. She says to stop because they are hurting him. The people in the jeep with guns wonder why he is whimpering like a dog and think that maybe this person isn't him. Vash says that he is the one and they start kicking him saying that this is the pain that he has caused everyone. One of the men shoot bullets near his head trying to scare him and then is aiming for his head telling him to smile and die like a man. Vash doesn't smile because he is sad. Then when the man was about to shoot Meryl and Millie come running there. Meryl defends Vash and goes in front of him so the guy won't shoot. She says that Vash helped all those people because she has watched him for a long time that she knows him well. The guy tells her to move or he'll shoot. She starts walking toward the guy with the gun slowly still covering Vash. She says that no one has the right to take the life of another person and a bunch of other things.(almost like the time when one of the people on the ship Vash was on was about to shoot Knives). Vash realizes this and sees Meryl as Rem. Meryl talks some sense into the guy and she lowers his gun down. Later, Vash hugs Meryl still calling her Rem, thank you for giving me the answer. Then he hugs her really tight and Meryl smacks him on the head, but is happy. Vash says don't hit me I'm injured.(lol) The next day Vash is about to leave and Meryl is outside waiting for him. They have a farewell conversation. Then Milly comes running toward him carrying Wolfwood's cross telling him to use it because it would honor Wolfwood. Then he walks into the desert while Meryl and Milly watch him leave. Meryl starts crying and says that she hasn't said anything about the way she feels for him. Milly tells her she can spill it all to him when he returns. Vas walks to his final battle against Knives.

26. Beneath This Sky So Blue
Vash the stampeded is drawn to a umbrella shaped trees as he enters the seen. He has been walking the desert looking for his brother whom he was told by Wolfwood of Knives location. Vash is carrying Wolfwoods' mercy cross as he walks above the desert horizon to see a brother who is drinking tea. When Vash see his brother he doesn't say a word, but plants the cross in the grass and pulls his chrome pistol out, pointing it in the direction of Knives. At this point we go into a flashback to the brothers being born, resting in their ship garden, and talking with Rem. We then see Knives kill the directors of the Seeds Project and Vash and Knives being put on the ship by Rem that will eventually take them to earth. We see Vash and knives as walking the desert a year later, looking for civilization and trying to establish a city. A Seeds ship is then shown that has fallen to earth, with a colony of people being developed and lines of individuals standing in line to get buckets of water. Over a cliff Vash and Knives appear to see the people waiting in line and to see one individual with a great need for water push through the crowd and start drinking from the hose. At this time the line of people get upset and they too start to rush the hose in order to also get water. Knives then tells Vash that these humans are arrogant and impatient, they don't need to be alive. Knives then widens his eyes to cause a water tower to glow and seem like it wants to explode which makes the people of the colony stop their fighting and gaze at the tower. Vash sees that something is happening to the tower and quickly shakes and asks his brother, Knives, to stop his actions and not harm the people. This immediately makes the tower stop glowing and Knives walks away from the cliff while Vash watches the people. Three months later Vash and Knives find a ship where upon Knives tells vash to stay at the ship because he has to go find something. A year later Knives returns to a adult looking Vash with clothes and a silver pistol for him. He tells Vash to follow him and as Vash does, Knives takes his duplicate black pistol and fires into the horizon which causes a large half-spherical white glowing explosion to appear. Knives then says to Vash that this weapon has a good trajectory and should serve well to eliminate the human race. Vash is surprised and puzzled telling Knives that he cannot destroy the human race. Knives then tells Vash that they do not need the human race but should only have the planet to themselves. With this Vash lifts the pistol given to him and points it at Knives. Knives becomes puzzled and asks Vash why he is pointing his gun at him. He goes on to say humans are like garbage and should be eliminated at which point Vash fires his gun shooting Knives in his right thigh. Knives is surprised and doesn't know what this painful feeling is. He has never experienced pain and is in shock as he grabs his thigh and asks Vash what is happening to his body. Vash then grabs Knives black gun and runs away. The flashback ends and a gunfight has ensued under the umbrella tree. Both Vash and Knives take cover; one behind a tree, the other behind a rock. Knives shots the tree Vash is hiding behind, even hitting branches above him to cause cuts from the falling debris. As Knives reloads Vash's pistol is seen shooting at the rock Knives is hiding behind. Knives then counterattacks and shots the tree only to see a tinsel wire attached to Vash's gun. Has Knives follows the wire, Vash has calibrated his arm machine gun to shot at Knives, knocking Knives' pistol out of his hand. Has Knives reaches for his pistol Vash also pulls on the wire to retrieve his pistol only to see that Knives has come up upon him already. They both point there pistols at each other and grab the other guys pistol, at the same time as putting on the guns safety. They are face to face and both hit the reload spring on each other’s gun causing the shells to pop and out of the revolving case. They then both swipe the air to grab the one bullet that has not been fired from both their guns, quickly loading and reaiming the piston on each others left eye. This is a tense situation as they grab each others left forearm and have a pistol aiming down their left eye. It is Knives that shots first and shots Vash in his clavicle/shoulder cause Vash to miss his intended mark. With Vash down, Knives reloads his pistol, and transforms his arm into his destruction cannon. He then tell Vash that he is a plant and is much better then a human and that he should have no emotions for these humans. All this time Vash is trying to shot his brother with an empty pistol. At this time a large half-sphere explosion occurs which is immediately blackened out and neutralized. Knives then sees that Vash has counteracted his attack with his own destruction cannon. Knives yells at vash that this was not the purpose of the weapon he made for vash, it was designed to destroy humans. Knives then proceed to fire his cannon again but it is constantly counterattacked by Vash's own cannon. Knives then gets upset and shots vash in his other shoulder, and both thighs to cause Vash to fall to the ground on his back. Knives then picks up Vash's pistol, reloads it, and transforms both of his arms into the destruction cannons. Vash is now looking down too cannons when he hears Wolfwoods voice, "Don’t be a full, pick it up and shot him, its right there." Vash then realizes that he has fallen on the ground beside the mercy cross that he entered the seen with. Because of all the explosions, it is now uncovered and laying under sand to not be seen. Vash feels around for the cross and grabs it by the trigger. He then lifts the cross and arms it causing Knives to become wide-eyed. Before Knives can fire his cannons, Vash has unloaded 10-30 rounds at the cannons and caused them to deactivate and fall apart, cause the silver one to come out of Knives hand. Vash then drops the cross and runs and dives to grab his pistol before it hits the ground. He manages to catch his pistol and in Bullet Time, manages to shot Knives before he Knives can shot him. Has Vash falls he shots Knives in both shoulders, both thighs, and in the upper chest. Knives falls and vash stands above him, watching as Knives shakes and cries. Marel is in a city from the previous episode when all of a sudden the well that was dry, over floods and causes a shower on the city. Milly then joins Marel and cheers as she states that they got the well to work and that they are saved. Milly see that Marel is saddened for not being with Vash and tells Marel that she is sure Vash is doing fine and will return to her. Marel then agrees say, "He knows better then to keep a good woman like me waiting." Back to Vash, who is still standing over Knives body, we see that he is saddened and teary eyed. It is now that we see his gun drop and his red coat fly in the air. He states that he is free and that because he has free will he will no longer need Rem's advice. He can live his own life knowing that the decisions he will make will make his life a much more pleasant one. As he's states this, we see that Knives has been bandaged up. We also see Vash lift his brother, put him over his shoulder and walk off into the distance in the space suit Knives gave him, with a mirage of Rem in the Blue sky........

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