One of our protagonists. When he was younger, his father, Ikuse, was killed for what Ichise believes was betraying his friends. A short time after, his mother also died. All he was left with was a vial that contained some of his mother's cells. Soon after, he began his life as a fighter in an underground arena, and proved to be quite formidable.

Ichise is very quiet and rarely speaks. He has an odd tendency to go berserk at very inopportune times. Whenever something has angered him, he channels nearly all his energy in an effort to destroy whatever it is that has crossed him. Throughout the course the series, he becomes a little more open, but still remains fairly reserved unless someone directly asks him a question.

After one of his fights, he gets into some trouble with Aida, the man who runs the arena. He was rewarded with some cheap sex, but becomes slightly hostile during the love-making. Aida calls up Isshii, a member of Organ, to come and punish Ichise. He does so by lopping off Ichise's right arm. Afterwards, Ichise goes berserk and ends up getting his left leg cut off in similar fashion by Isshii.

He manages to get around with a crude crutch, but ends up giving up in despair after he continually has trouble with stairs. Oonishi, the leader of Organ, calls up Doc and tells her that Ichise might be a decent guinea pig for her research. With Doc's 'help', he gets a new Texhnolyzed arm and leg.

At first, he abhors his new limbs, but manages. He sees Isshii again and attempts to attack him, but is put down by Isshii's men. He is thrown into the sewers, but manages to escape with the help of Ran. He then spends some time practicing with his Texhnolyze to get the hang of it. He locates Isshii later and manages to beat the crap out of him.

He then walks around with Ran for awhile. He runs into Shinji, leader of Lakan, who invites him to Lakan's headquarters. There, he practices the sensitivity of his Texhnolyze. He then leaves and shows up again in the middle of a large confrontation between Organ, the Alliance, and Lakan, where he inadvertantly sets off the spark that starts the war. At the end of the battle, Oonishi brings him along where he eventually stops Yoshii from destroying Lux.

Oonishi then includes him as a temporary member of Organ and assigns him to work under Kohagura. He works alongside Touyama and captures Sakizaki, who stops Mizuno's half-assed plans of taking over Lux. He also discovers the people who framed his father and beats the crap out of them.

After that, he becomes an official member of Organ. He helps uncover Gabe's factory that is mass-producing weapons and saves Oonishi's life when Mizuno tries to kill him. At that point, Ran tells him his future wherein he will destroy everyone and will end up all alone in the end. After getting some nice upgrades to his Texhnolyze courtesy of Doc, he helps Kohagura and Sonada escape from Tsujinaka's men, then kills Tsujinaka under Kohagura's orders. Afterwards, he is assigned to protect Goto when the Shapes make their appearance. He saves Goto from being killed and helps Organ fight back against the Shapes.

Oonishi then asks him to go and find Doc to help the wounded. After finally getting her to agree to come out, she tries to pull some lovey-dovey stuff on him and says that they should just go to Gabe and spend their lives together because the people of Lux are doomed. They then see Ran in the center of Lux and run into Oonishi and Shinji at the train station. Oonishi asks him to go with Doc to warn the people of Kanno's plan, but he refuses because he's worried about Ran. Oonishi tells him that his debt has been repaid so he is free to decide for himself what he will do.

He heads to the upper world with Doc. Upon getting there, he realizes that the Class is no different than Lux - everyone is just sitting around and waiting for death. He realizes the trip was pointless and heads back to Lux. Before he can get there, he runs into Touyama and is forced in a katana duel, which he wins. He also meets with his deceased father and apologizes for how badly he had thought of him through the years when his hatred should have been placed on the thugs that framed him.

He eventually makes it back to Lux only to find out that no Texhnolyze works anymore. He meets Goto who tells him that it's pointless to head back into the city. He goes there, anyway. He meets with Ran and tells her that he wants to bring her to the upper world where there is no fighting. He tells her that he believes he is her guardian angel and that's why he came back.

He watches as Oonishi is annihilated by the men of Lux, at which point he goes berserker and beats the hell out of them all as he regains partial control of his Texhnolyze with Doc's help. He heads for the Opera House to find Kanno and, consequently, Ran. When he asks about Ran, he gets a long-winded story about Kanno's motives.

He eventually finds out that Ran has been Shaped and that her 'spirit' has been killed and she basically has no more consciousness. He is mighty miffed that Kanno did this and, despite knowing that Kanno is the life-blood of the Lux, lops his head off with a powerful fist to the face.

He returns what's left of Ran to the place where the Elder's body was finally laid to rest and finds exile in a building on the outskirts of the city. He glances over the city one last time, then rolls over to his side and watches his Texhnolyze arm play a crude, line-art of Ran's flower. He closes his eyes, smiles, and the world around him, and eventually he, fades away.


Ikuse is Ichise's father. He worked as a guard at the Lafia mine. It was believed that he betrayed his friends, who were illegally trafficking Lafia, and sold them out for cash. He was then brutally murdered. Ichise later finds out that it was his friends that set him up and that he was, in fact, keeping silent about the trafficking.

As it turns out, his consciousness was still alive in the Class. Ichise meets up with him here and apologizes for his misplaced hatred through all the years.


Mana is Oonishi's wife. She was very unhappy towards the end of their marriage due to Oonishi's work ethic and probably some other intagible factors. However, the feeling seemed mutual. She was eventually taken hostage by Yoshii and killed in a shoot-out.


Shapes are the combination of Doc's research with Kanno's ideals. The entire body is made of Texhnolyze and only the head of the human 'host' remains. He intends on turning all men in the city of Lux into Shapes in order to take control of the Class.

As fighters, Shapes are quite formidable. They carry some kind of laser weapon that can literally shoot holes through humans. Since their entire bodies are made of high-grade Texhnolyze, they are nearly indestructable. They currently terrorize Lux and destroy any rebel factions that rise up.

With the destruction of Lux and the sudden loss of all Texhnolyze function, Shapes were rendered incapable and ultimately destroyed. However, we learn that even if the Shapes' bodies are destroyed, they can 'root' and focus all their efforts into simply staying alive, thus preserving them forever (despite the fact that they can do nothing).

Oonishi Kaego

Oonishi is the leader of Organ and one of our protagonists. When he was younger, he was somewhat tricked into selling his legs to Kanno. His legs were replaced with Texhnolyze legs that allow him to hear the 'voice of the city', which are visions the Mothers send to him about things that will happen in Lux.

Most of the main council of Organ had some kind of qualm with Oonishi, first and foremost being his passive nature. Even on the battlefield, he prefers to not kill his opponents. In the office, he believes in talking things over first before starting an unnecessary war. This causes a number of the council members to try and oust him out of office.

First was Mizuno, who used Yoshii's interference in Lux's affairs to place blame on Oonishi for being too conservative. He gets his wishes and has Oonishi on the run after the large skirmish between Organ, the Alliance, and Lakan. Soon after, his wife is taken hostage by Yoshii and is killed in a skirmish. With the help of Touyama, he uncovers Yoshii's plot and manages to save Goto and Class Dude from being assassinated before being gashed across the chest by Yoshii. Ichise saves him and he is eventually able to recover.

While he was recovering, Mizuno's plot was also uncovered due to Touyama and Ichise's detective work and he was reinstated as leader of Organ. He goes and visits the Elder of Gabe, who was a long-time ally of Organ, to see if anything can be done about the current disarray of Lux. The Elder has him listen to Ran's prophecy in which she tells Oonishi that 'what you lost is coming to destroy you', insinuating that Kanno will soon arrive. While there, he uncovers Gabe's new alliance with the Class and is betrayed a second time by Mizuno. However, he is saved from being killed by Ichise.

He takes Ichise under his wing around this time. He realizes the potential that Ichise has and wants to try and get him to focus it on things other than blind rage.

He is then betrayed by Kohagura, who has made an alliance with Kanno, and loses his position as head of Organ. After having Ichise save Goto from the Shapes and guiding a losing battle against some shapes with the Alliance, he heads off to the gate to try and talk to the Class. He is let in by the Mothers who then tell him who Kanno is and his plans for taking of Lux and using the Shapes to take over the Class. They tell him that he has to warn the upper world about Kanno's plans.

Instead, he returns to Lux and asks Doc to tell the upper world because he believes they will be more receptive to her. He asks Ichise to go with her, but tells him that his debt is repaid.

Along with Shinji, he gathers the men of Lux up in order to oppose the Shape forces. Under his leadership, they're able to ultimately win a very bloody battle with their enemies, though at the cost of many, many lives.

He ultimately arrives in front of the Obelisk and asks the voice of the city (Ran) what he should do to stop the madness. Ran asks him to kill her and he obliges. He drives his katana into the Obelisk, which bleeds, and is then shot apart by an angry mob of anti-Organ / anti-Texhnolyze men.


Hirota is Oonishi's secretary / personal assistant. She is around him almost all of the time. There is a slight romance between the two, mainly forced out of Oonishi's unhappiness with his current marriage, but it is quickly stifled with the death of Mana, Oonishi's wife. She constantly tries to gain the affection of Oonishi afterwards, but is met with implied denial.

She consitently serves as a Deus ex Machina for Oonishi, coming in with a car to 'save' him at the last second on more than one occasion. She even takes a bullet for him once, although she didn't exactly jump in front of him to stop it. She is also shown to have a rather evil side when she gleefully dissects Nakahara's men for burning down the Alliance's headquarters.

She later has a one-day fling with Shinji when she was out window-shopping and happened to run into him. At the end of the 'date', she tells him that he's a great guy, but that there's no one quite like Oonishi. She tells Shinji that she respects him for trying to be like Oonishi.

Oonishi forces her to stay behind when he heads off to the gate. His reasoning is that the Shapes don't attack women and children, so she would be safe. She was, as you can imagine, greatly saddened by this.

After the people in Lux become mad, she is kidnapped and beaten / raped by a group of thugs. Oonishi enters and kills them off, but she is so far gone that all she can do is request Oonishi to end her life, which he unwillingly agrees to.


Goto is second-in-command behind Oonishi in Organ. He spends most of the series bed-ridden in the hospital as he is quite old and prone to getting sick. He makes his first appearance when Mizuno successfully ousts Oonishi for a short period and is forced to come out of the hospital to meet with Class Dude about Organ's current situation. During that time, he also serves as the head of Organ until Mizuno is put in his place and Oonishi is reinstated.

He is the only member of the council who has near-unwavering support for Oonishi. While he doesn't always agree with Oonishi's ways, he believes that Oonishi is doing everything in his power to secure a successful and peaceful future for Organ and the city of Lux.

Later in the series, he is protected by Ichise when a group of Shapes comes and attacks the hospital in order to assassinate him. During the time, he tells Ichise to forget what Ran told him his future holds and to simply focus on what he wants out of his life instead of simply giving up. After they successfully make it out, Oonishi sends him off to Gabe where he will be protected from the Shapes.

He meets Ichise when he returns from the Class and informs him of what has happened down in the city. He warns Ichise not to go to Lux and reprimands him for being so foolhardy.


Kohagura is the sly member of Organ's council. He makes moves that will put him in the favor of other members while avoiding those that won't. During Mizuno's short reign, he keeps his men off the frontlines in the hopes that the other members' groups will weaken and he can take control.

His most trusted member is Touyama, who goes on a number of missions with Ichise. Kohagura has them uncover the truth about Sakizaki to put Mizuno out of business. He then has them investigate the murder of a man at the Mine, which leads to Ichise's discovering his father's past.

Later on, he kills Sonada for trying to improve his position and forgetting what his role in Organ was. He then has Ichise off Tsujinaka for trying to kill him. In the end, he offs Oonishi by siding with Kanno and becoming the 'messenger' between the Class and Lux. However, he is double-crossed and Kanno has him turned into a Shape despite his unwavering desire to remain 100% human.

Ichise finds him in the ending, still alive, but rooted in order to stay that way. He says that every Shape would rather stay alive as long as possible instead of dying, despite the monotony of it all.


Mizuno is the guy that thinks he's smart but is really an idiot. He really hates Oonishi and eventually conspires to get him ousted. In the confusion that comes from Yoshii's playing the groups against each other, he has Sakizaki create an explosion in the Mine to help ruin Oonishi's credibility. He has his men constantly out searching for Oonishi so they could capture/kill/whatever him and when other members see he is serious, has their men placed on the front lines.

After Yoshii is taken care of, he makes personal visits to Kimata and Shinji in order to get their 'support' on his road to taking over Lux. Neither of the leaders can take him seriously. Eventually Ichise and Touyama capture Sakizaki and his testimony gets Mizuno kicked out of the council.

He remains a member of Organ thanks to Oonishi's kindness. However, he soon after forms an alliance with the people of Gabe and with Kanno. He captures Oonishi and Ichise and is about to kill them, but Ichise bests him and he is shot in the shoulder by Oonishi. The last we see of him, he walks away with the people of Gabe.

Haruhiko Touyama

Touyama is Kohagura's 'main man'. He is also quite lethal in battle with simply he fists, or with a katana. He had a troubled childhood growing up in the slums of Lux. He father continually molested him and he was stuck around people who did nothing with their lives. In order to escape from that and make something of himself, he joined Organ. However, his only true loyalty is to himself.

When Oonishi is exiled from Organ, he lets him know what's going on and helps him uncover that it was Yoshii who was behind everything. Afterwards, he pairs up with Ichise in order to find Sakizaki and get Mizuno kicked out. During that mission, he has to get help from his father who, once again, sexes him up.

He teaches Ichise how to use a katana, afterwards, and gives him a few fashion tips ('lose the tie') when Ichise is finally instated as a full-time Organ member. At one point, Kohagura has him join with Tsujinaka in order to get Tsujinaka to attack Kohagura and Sonada, giving Kohagura a chance to kill Sonada without anyone questioning what happened.

He eventually ends up siding with Kanno. In a talk with Ichise, he tells him that the only reason he was in Organ was to simply 'get by'. He really wants to become as powerful as possible out of spite for the place that he came from. Under Kanno, he kills the Mothers.

He is eventually turned into a Shape and takes a train from Lux to the Class, destroying the tunnel connecting the two in the process. Once he makes it, he runs into Ichise and requests one final battle. He is bested and thanks his friend for ending him there.


Isshii was a one-time council member at Organ. He was called upon by Aida to punish Ichise and he did so by removing Ichise's right arm and left leg. He runs into Ichise again and has his men beat him and throw him into the sewers. Oonishi eventually confronts him about Ichise and blames him for Ichise's current state. Ichise finally gains control over his Texhnolyze and manages to pummel the crap out of Isshii and we never hear from him again.


Tsujinaka is one of the band-wagoners of the Organ council. He typically seems to follow the general consensus. When Mizuno has Oonishi blamed for recent occurrences, he is one of the first to send his men out to look for Oonishi.

Later on, one of his men, Kamata, attempts to kill Sonada. His group says that they had lost contact with Kamata over a week earlier and that he had been saying that he had seen a ghost. As it turns out, Kohagura, who was in league with Kanno, had him brainwashed in order to easily get rid of both Sonada and Tsujinaka. Kohagura plants Touyama in Tsujinaka's group in order to further fuel the fire. Tsujinaka eventually gives in and attacks Kohagura and Sonada while they are on their way to visit Goto.

Afterwards, Kohagura orders Ichise to go and kill him. Despite his many pleas at his life, Ichise follows through with the order.

Sonada / Sonoda

Sonada is the member of Organ's council that tends to stay out of conflicts. During Mizuno's take-over, he sides with Kohagura and keeps his men from fighting in hopes that the other groups would weaken themselves. Later on, he is nearly assassinated by Kamata, one of Tsujinaka's men that had been brainwashed by Kohagura. Kohagura eventually kills Sonada after having Touyama get Tsujinaka to attack them. Kohagura wanted him out of the way so his eventual take-over would be easier.

Nakahara / Nagaran Yazaki

Nakahara was briefly a member of Organ's council. He was sent to meet with the Alliance as Oonishi's personal envoy. On the way there, he is assassinated by Yoshii, who is stirring up hate between Organ and the Alliance.

After his murder, his men go out to get revenge on the Alliance by burning their headquarters down. His men are punished by having their Texhnolyze removed from their bodies with very sharp blades. Said Texhnolyze is then presented to Kimata as temporary recompense for what they did.


The other part of the band-wagoning crew in Organ's council. Very little details are given about Izaki in the series, but he tends to side with Tsujinaka most of the time and doesn't seem to mind opposing Oonishi every chance he gets.


One of Mizuno's men. Under Mizuno's orders, he plants explosives in the Mine in order to further force Oonishi to lose credibility as a viable leader. Kohagura has Touyama and Ichise investigate the event and he is eventually captured. He then points out Mizuno as the culprit and he is kicked out of the council.


Kamata is one of Tsujinaka's men. He goes missing and is reported to have seen a 'ghost'. When he returns, he attempts to assassinate Sonada, but is killed by Kohagura. It is believed that he was brainwashed by Kohagura or Kanno in order to help Kohagura get rid of both Sonada and Tsujinaka so that he could easily take control of Organ.


Kimata is the leader of the Alliance. He and Oonishi could probably be considered 'friends' if not for the war between their two groups. He preaches about the strength of the human body. He has his men continually train their bodies instead of resorting to Texhnolyze. However, he keeps from his men the fact that he himself is Texhnolyzed. In the past, he decided out of foolishness to get his left arm Texhnolyzed. However, it only served to weaken him and the Texhnolyze now eats away his body. He uses his knowledge of the effects of Texhnolyze to preach against it, is his explanation.

He is the least-shown of the leaders of the main groups for some reason. The only time we really see him in action is towards the end of the series when he rallies his troops to fight against the Shapes. He believes the battle will spark a flame in the hearts of the people of Lux and show that they should be fighting for their city. In the battle, he loses his Texhnolyze arm and is eventually overwhelmed by Shapes and is quite literally torn apart.

Glasses Guy

Along with Kimata, not much is really said about him, including his name. He is to Kimata what Hirota is to Oonishi, which is to say a personal assistant of sorts. He is the one who generally rallies the members of the Alliance before a big fight. Eventually, he learns of Kimata's Texhnolyze and takes a group of Alliance members and sides with Kanno, telling Kimata that his ideals are weak and calling him a hypocrite.

We see him once more, as a Shape, in the final episode. He stops Oonishi from saving Ran as the Shapes grab her and take her back to Kanno. They have a conversation about something and it's not known whether or not they actually fight.


Shinji is Lakan's leader. He believes in the free will of people and that is what his group is based on. He is rather carefree, but believes very strongly in his ideals. He's basically a younger, rasher Oonishi, and could probably be considered the third protagonist of the series. His best friend is Haru and his girlfriend is Yoko. However, Yoko and Haru are also intimate with each other; Shinji explains that since their group is based on free will, it's up to Yoko to decide what she wants to do.

He first takes Yoshii in near the start of the series when some of his guys get their butts kicked by him. Later, he accepts Ichise and Ran in and help Ichise learn to control the sensitivity of his Texhnolyze. He is then betrayed by Yoshii when Yoshii sets up a bomb in Lakan's main headquarters. As a result of the bomb, he targets Oonishi and gets his men caught up in a fight with Oonishi and the Alliance.

Eventually he comes to learn that it was Yoshii who set everything up when Yoshii takes him along for his assassination attempt of Class Dude. When Shinji learns what is really going on, he tries to stop Yoshii, but is stopped himself by Tatsuya. He makes his escape while Yoshii is trying to assassinate Class Dude.

Later, his men start leaving and disappearing due to the appearance of the 'ghosts' (Shapes). When his member count starts getting low, he kind of gives up and goes out. He meets Hirota on his walk and they have a short date. She tells him that she respect him for trying to be like Oonishi.

When he goes back, Haru and a few of the men have decided to leave. He can't get a reason out of Haru, but Haru tells him that he'll kill him the next time they meet. When Haru does come back, he's a shape and he says that Shinji isn't worth his time to kill any more. Shinji, however, sets up a fight at their old headquarters.

Haru tries to show Shinji his new power, but Shinji continually shows him up. It's finally revealed that Haru just wanted to be stronger than Shinji. Shinji eventually puts him out of his misery by sticking his Texhnolyzed finger through his eye socket and into his brain.

He then heads off to find Oonishi and meets up with him at the tunnel to the Class. From there, he goes and meets with the Mother with Oonishi, who tell them that they have to warn the upper world about Kanno's plans. He returns to Lux, however, because he says that he wants to be the one to kill Kanno. He helps Oonishi gather the men together for a final battle with the Shapes in order to take back the city. They're successful in doing so, but at the cost of many lives.

Sadly, however, no one told him that Kanno was shacking up at the Opera House. Instead, he gathers some firepower and heads to the gate where he met with the Mothers. He blasts his way through to a group of Mothers and destroys them before he is shot in the chest by Blind Guy.


Haru is Shinji's fun-loving sidekick of sorts. They are best friends and they also 'share' a girlfriend in Yoko. He can be rather reckless at times and he isn't afraid to voice his opinion. He actually shares a lot of responsibility in Lakan with Shinji.

Later in the series, after he realizes that Yoko is really in love with Shinji, and after he sees the 'ghost', he decides that he's had enough of Lakan and leaves to join Kanno. He returns as a Shape and challenges Shinji to a fight. They duke it out and Shinji bests him, eventually killing him with a strategically placed finger through the eye socket to the brain.

Yoko / Ryoko

Yoko is Shinji's girlfriend, but constantly has hot, hot relations with Haru, as well. Her true feelings, however, reside with Shinji as is shown when Shinji brings Hirota back to the headquarters on a date. She really cares about Shinji, but he sees her as nothing more than a 'thing', really, especially with her lack of commitment to one man. She eventually causes a rift between Haru and Shinji that partially causes Haru to leave, only to come back and be killed.


Doc came down from the Class to live in Lux and research Texhnolyze. She despises the people of the Class and doesn't really care for the people of Lux, either. She simply wants to create the best Texhnolyze out there - one that will completely fuse with a human.

While in Lux, she treats both Oonishi and Ichise. She uses Ichise as sort of a guinea pig at first, but kind of falls in love with him as time goes on. I guess the phrase 'married to your work' could be used in this situation. Eventually she finishes her research, but when she goes to present it to Kanno, he rejects her and attempts to kill her. He then uses her research to create the Shapes instead of putting it to use the way she wanted it to be used: to create humans who could realize a greater potential.

Afterwards, she falls into a downward spiral of self-pity and drinks her life away. Ichise eventually comes back to retrieve her and get her to help heal the men who were wounded in fights against Shapes. She continues to bitch on the way back to Lux that it's pointless to fight against them. She forces Ichise to hold her tight and then tells him that they should run away to Gabe and find a place to live. They run into Oonishi and Shinji who ask her to go to the upper world to warn people about Kanno's plans.

She agrees to go and warn the Class. Upon arriving, she realizes that everyone there has already given up on survival and all her work on Texhnolyze as an evolutionary trigger for the human species was in vain. She tried to warn Saginuma about Kanno's plans, but he doesn't seem to care all that much or even consider them a threat. Afterwards, she falls back into her depression and decides to stay behind since she has nothing left to live for. We are led to believe she drowned herself after Ichise left.

She returns as a shadow in the final episode and activates the final amount of power left in Ichise's Texhnolyze, which enables him to beat the men who killed Oonishi.


Yoshii comes down from the Class in order to instigate a massive war between the groups. He states that his goal is to awaken the people from their sleep in order to build leaders of them, or in other words, to help them realize their full potential.

He starts off by wandering around Lux and finding out as much information about the different groups as he can, much of it provided by a guy he knew in the Class, Tatsuya. With that information in hand, he starts to make focused attacks on the groups. First, he dresses as an Alliance member and slaughters a group of Organ men. When Oonishi sends Nakahara as an envoy to the Alliance, he pulls out his sniper rifle and kills him. He then wanders into Lakan and plants a timebomb in their headquarters.

He then has the phone lines tapped and tells both the Alliance and Organ that there is no room to talk. By the time Oonishi figures out that it's not really the Alliance, it's too late because Nakahara's men have already gone and torched the Alliance's headquarters.

He watches the giant turf war that erupts afterwards. He tries to assassinate Oonishi, but only manages to hit Hirota in the side. In order to get back at Oonishi, he takes Mana, Oonishi's wife, hostage. Oonishi's men break in and in the ensuing gunfire, she is killed.

He then runs into Ran and Tatsuya and forces them to come with him. He then grabs Shinji by telling him that this is his chance to take Organ out. He then sets up shop and plans on killing Class Dude to really throw things into chaos. Shinji disagrees with his methods of doing things and bails out.

He attempts to assassinate Class Dude, but Oonishi shows up just in the nick of time to thwart the attempt. He runs down and opens fire and mocks Oonishi. Oonishi eventually gives him a beatdown with his Texhnolyze legs, but is punked when it turns out that Yoshii has a Texhnolyzed left arm and chest. He then gashes Oonishi across the chest with a concealed blade.

Then Ichise shows up and tells him to get lost. He doesn't comply and ends up falling three stories to the floor after getting an uppercut in the chest. Tatsuya then comes by and tells him that he must be tired and puts him out of his misery.

Sakimura Tatsuya / Tochiuga

Tatsuya was a member of the Class that left for Lux in order to follow his passion of being a train conductor, as well as getting away from his old life. He runs into Yoshii and tells him all about the current events of Lux. Yoshii then tells him that living a life like his, running away from his problems, was not the way to live life; that he should try to find his inherent power inside and become a better person. After all of Yoshii's escapades, he finally puts an end to him.

It then turns out that he's a train conductor for the Class. He helps in delivering Gabe's arms to Kanno and also helps Oonishi and Shinji get back to Lux. He will also act as the guide for Doc and Ichise when they head up to the Class.

When he arrives at the Class, he returns to his old job where everyone is stuck far in the past. He informs his boss that he killed Yoshii and breaks down crying. When Touyama takes his train from Lux up to the Class, he attempts to stop it by closing the gates on the route. This only causes the eventual collapse of the tunnel and the severing of both worlds altogether. He does, however, help Ichise get back down to Lux by lowering him down on a crane to a stable part of the stairs that connected the worlds.

The name he took when he left the Class for Lux was Tochiuga, but Yoshii refers to him as Tatsuya, his real name.

Class Dude

He serves as the mouthpiece for the Class in dealings with Organ about Lux. The only time we see him is when he meets with Goto following Oonishi's exile. He asks if Organ is really fit to control Lux given the current circumstances. He is then almost assassinated by Yoshii. Nothing more is said about him and I have no idea if he'll show up again, so his name is Class Dude since we don't get a real one.


Kanno could be described as the antagonist of the story. He was born without legs but eventually received some real legs from Oonishi. However, he discarded them almost immediately and his personality changed after that. He became a little crazy and idealistic, I guess.

Not much more is really known about him. He was using Doc in order to get more advanced research done on Texhnolyze. He then turned around and used her research to create the Shapes which he uses as an army to control Lux and will eventually use to take over the Class, if his plans come to fruition.

He tells us that the Mothers were created with the sole purpose of creating him to serve as the nerve center of Lux. He has them killed since he has no more use for them. It is still unclear as to what his true motives are.

We find out that, through utilizing Texhnolyze, he was able to merge his mind with Lux and was thusly able to control it how he did. He claims he created the Shapes as a further evolution of humanity. He says his real motives were just to see how far Texhnolyze could change the human consciousness, but realizes that the only thing that humans know is violence.

He has his Shapes capture Ran and bring her to him. When she refuses to merge with him and become his 'sister', he turns her into a Shape and strips her of her consciousness to force her into it. When Ichise learns that he's done this, he takes off his head in a single blow.

He refers to Ran, or Theonia, as his 'Sister'.

Blind Guy

Blind Guy is to Kanno what Hirota is to Oonishi. He reports on various on-goings in their campaign to control the world or whatever. Not much else is known about him and they haven't given us a name yet, either.

The last time we see him is when he kills Shinji, then himself.

The Mothers

The Mothers are another kind of enigma in the world of the Class. Apparently they gave birth (not even sure about that) to Kanno and his 'Sister'. They also have the ability to talk to Oonishi through his Texhnolyze legs as the 'voice of the city'.

They call up Oonishi and Shinji and explain the situation and Kanno's current madness. They tell them that they need to go to the upper world and warn them before Kanno is able to conquer them. Shortly afterwards, Kanno sends Touyama to murder them, and murder them he does.


He is the supposed 'leader' of the Class. He can speak as a seemingly omnipresent voice and appear / disappear at will. He speaks through a little girl sometimes, a radio others, and even a chair at one point.

He has grown increasingly apathetic of life along with most of the Class. When Ichise and Doc try to warn him of Kanno's impending arrival, he just passes it off as nothing. After Ichise 'saves' the Class by defeating Touyama, he informs him of the history of the people of Lux and of the 'Theonormals', the people of the Class.

Elder of Gabe

The Elder of Gabe at one point was in control of Lux before Organ took that power away. He now just seems to take care of Ran. At the start, he takes Yoshii in after he has come down from the Class. Yoshii saves him from an Alliance assassination attempt. As things progressed in the series, it turns out that he was ordering the mass-manufacturing of weapons for Kanno to use in his venture to take over Lux. He claims that everything he does is because of the words of the Prophet. When Ran leaves for Lux, he decides to go after her because they can't lose their Prophet. We are led to believe that he failed in his mission to protect Ran and she was capture by Kanno and he was killed. He explains that the people of Gabe, though they were banished to Lux, tried to live their lives like normal humans. They believed that they should be allowed that right. He also explains that when people in Lux die, they are reborn as Lafia.


It's still unknown whether she is a good or a bad entity in the series. Ran is this generation's Prophet in Gabe and, therefore, she has the ability to see into the future. She goes every now and then into Lux to sell flowers, but recently she seems to just follow people around. She takes special interest in Ichise and helps him escape from the sewers when Isshii's men throw him down there.

She acts as a kind of restraint for Ichise while he learned how to use his Texhnolyze better. While learning, he was prone to fits of insane rage, but she seemed to calm him down. After she's done with him, she follows Tatsuya around until he kills Yoshii, at which point she begins to hate her ability to see into the future because "nothing ever changes". (This, however, is a lie: In the first episode, she sees a vision of the Elder being assassinated, but Yoshii ends up saving him. Of course, it could be explained away that her powers grow the more that they occur.)

She is supposed to become the Prophet in Gabe, but the Elder explains that she can't accept her role. She doesn't want to believe in her fate or the fate of her people because it's too big a burder for her to shoulder. She hates seeing a future that is only filled with despair. Ichise desperately wanted to know his future and after much prodding, she finally tells him that he will destroy everyone and will be all alone in the end.

She eventually leaves Gabe and heads to the city, talking to her 'other self' on the way. There are kind of two sides to her: one when she wears her mask and one when she has her mask off. She heads over to the bridge in front of the Obelisk and the people of Lux begin to flock towards her and this is where we're left off.

As it turns out, she is Kanno's supposed 'Sister', Theonia. He tells us that she was the one who 'birthed' Lux. She also has the ability to talk to people through Texhnolyze as a 'voice of the city'. She commands Oonishi to kill her for causing the madness in Lux.

She is eventually captured by the Shapes and taken to Kanno. She refuses to merge with him and become his 'sister', so he has her Shaped. When Oonishi kills her 'spirit', Kanno is free to merge with her since she has no more consciousness. Ichise eventually retrieves her from Kanno and lays her to rest where the Elder ended up.

Elder's Grandson

This is the Elder's Grandson. He seems to be the commanding force behind the people of Gabe. He hates having to sit back and watch his people be killed because of the words of the Prophet. He disagrees with his father that they should just blindly follow the Prophet's words.


Gurayama lives in the hospital in Lux. He apparently tells Ran stories every now and then. When Ran is having trouble accepting her powers, she seemed to stay there a lot whenever she went into Lux. He also told the story about the color of people's eyes changing. He is killed off by Shapes.


* Rogue 01: Stranger
* Rogue 02: Forfeiture
* Rogue 03: Texhnophile
* Rogue 04: Synapse
* Rogue 05: Loiter
* Rogue 06: Repetition
* Rogue 07: Plot
* Rogue 08: Crucible
* Rogue 09: Wiggle
* Rogue 10: Conclusion
* Rogue 11: Vagrant
* Rogue 12: Precognition
* Rogue 13: Vista
* Rogue 14: Rejection
* Rogue 15: Shapes
* Rogue 16: Strain
* Rogue 17: Dependence
* Rogue 18: Throne
* Rogue 19: Heavenward
* Rogue 20: Hades
* Rogue 21: Encephalopathy
* Rogue 22: Myth


Built deep inside the Earth, the experimental city of Lukuss became "The Abandoned City" as the surface world forgot about the city. Now its citizens live in desperate despair while gangs use violence and retribution to rule the city and control "Texhnolyze" an advanced technology that replaces human limbs with more powerful cybernetics! The fate of this world will soon be decided by four special individuals: Onishi, the gang leader who controls the city, Ran, a young girl with visions of the future, Yoshii, a mysterious new visitor from the surface world, and Ichise, a maimed boxer on the run for crossing the wrong people. Will Texhnolyze be the city's salvation or its destruction? Experience the hard-boiled Sci-fi adventure in a dark dystopian world that reveals the depths of human nature within the heights of technological achievement- from the creators of HELLSING, HAIBANE RENMEI, and SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN!


In a man-made underground society, descendants of a banished generation vie for control of the crumbling city of Lux. Ichise, an orphan turned prize fighter, loses a leg and an arm to satisfy an enraged fight promoter. On the brink of death he is taken in by a young woman doctor and used as a guinea pig for the next evolution of Texhnolyze. With his new limbs, Ichise is taken under the wing of Oonishi, a powerful leader of Organ, an organization with some hold on Lux. As Ichise is drawn deeper into a war for territorial control of the city, he learns of his possible future from the young girl prophet Ran, who guides him from the shadows in his darkest times. With the explosion of the warfare, Ichise must uncover the truth about Lux and fight for his survival as he realizes his destiny.

Running time: 24 minutes

Number of episodes: 22

Opening Theme:

"Guardian Angel " by Juno Reactor Ending Theme:

#1: "Tsuki no Uta (Song of the Moon)" by Gackt (eps 1-21)

#2: "Walking Through the Empty Age" by Yoko Ishida (ep 22)


Hirotsugu Hamazaki Koujirou Tsuruoka (OP)

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Promoter's Lover

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