Tarot by Nancy Arnott

Deck: The Rohrig-Tarot
Favorite cards are Justice, Happiness, Peace, Ace of Swords, Queen of Cups, The Judgment, The Tower, Temperance, The Hanged Man, The Hermit, Strength, The Chariot, and The Magus
All time favorites are Queen of Swords, The Fool, the devil and death

Justice—viewing things under the aspect of justice, moving from injustice to justice, lawsuit, honesty, experiencing divine justice. Neg—avoiding justice, fraud, self-righteousness, and smugness, enduring a just punishment. And from Nancy’s the judge represents the need. For fairness and balance in all areas of life and the neg consequences of ignoring this need. Possible mean try to see the other side of your current situation. Give opposing views a fair hearing and acknowledge their validity. Clear the air in a troubled relationship by telling the entire truth.

Happiness {cups 9} carelessness, pleasure, joiede, vivre, sociability, team spirit. Nancy’s—nine says that a goal is nearly reached or is one final stage remains.

Peace {sword2}—peace after a quarrel or a battle. Nancy’s—indicate partial progress towards a goal, as well as possible reconciliation.

Ace of swords—the new chance, clear decisions, freeing thoughts, a new path. Nancy’s—means new beginnings and fresh starts.

Queen of Cups—the recipient, the sensitive, mature woman, the mother, the partner, the lover, access to the source of knowledge, the woman in her quiet, caring and consoling function.

The judgment—the big awakening, becoming conscious of the purpose of one’s own existence, striving for perfection, recognition of one’s own programs and goals, as well as those of others awakenment from fantasies and illusions. Neg—adhering to illusions, being enabling to see one’s own situation clearly. Nancy’s—this figure heralds the arrival of judgment day. This image represents coming to terms with a situation, taking decisive action, and thus being liberated from its influence. Pos—make your peace with a person or situation. Embrace changes and ending as a liberating force that presents new opportunities. Welcome a new relationship as a chance to grow.

The Tower—the possibility to learn from a difficult situation, defeat fear. Neg—loss, disaster, accident, tragedy, neediness, financial ruin, captivity. Nancy’s—this scene of disaster represents unexpected events or shocking revelations that cause sudden earth-shacking change. Pos—means something has recently jolted you out of your complacency. You may be reeling from the shock, but when you recover you may be grateful for the transformation it has forced upon your life.

Temperance—gain balance, striving for temperance, being exalted, ameliorating negative qualities into positive. Neg-losing control, dissembling to gain power. Nancy’s-this balancing figure represents the happy medium in life. He stands for moderation and compromise in the interests of harmony and satisfaction Pos-means don’t go to extremes or insist on completely having your own way. Look for a middle road that will please you and others equally.

The hangman—complete ego-submission, releasing, appropriateness, testing, wisdom, realization, composure, clairvoyance. Neg-depression, illness, laziness, the nadir, the situation cannot become worse. Nancy’s-this topsy-turvy figure demonstrated the kind of extreme action that we sometimes need to take in order to give us a different perspective on our situation or to cast off the past. Pos-mean look at a challenging situation from another angle. Don’t be afraid to try an unconventional approach to a problem.

The hermit—striving for perfection, being alone or wanting to be alone, the philosopher, the wanderer. Neg-fear, arrogance, disguising of facts. Nancy’s—this lone traveler symbolizes the inner light of wisdom. He is not an outcast, but a mystic who requires temporary solitude in his quest for enlightenment. The hermit also represents the need to wait patiently for an event or opportunity. Pos—take a time out whether it’s a half hour of meditation or a week long vacation, a break from frenetic activity and in productive anxiety will help you gain clarity and insight.

Strength—the power of love, which over comes everything, understanding, tolerance, courage, innovative energy. Neg—intolerance, self-glorification, weakness, selfishness. Nancy’s—this image speaks of the need to subdue the beast within the passions that can give is strength and propel us forward, but can also throw us off course. If we don’t take control of them pos-face your challenges and sit back with the courage of a lion, but don’t try to intimidate others with your ferocity. Temper your might with gentleness and consideration.

The Chariot—making the right decision, triumph, success after bad situation, the consequences of one’s deeds, thirst for adventure, mastery of one’s own life, neg—over estimation of one’s own abilities, silly behavior, immaturity. Nancy’s—the bold young charioteer charged forth, confident that he will win. He represents vitality, action, and self-assurance. He is an inexperienced as the fool, but far more focused and disciplined. Pos—this is no time for resignation or doubt. Channel your energies into reaching a key goal and believe in yourself.

The magus—beginning of consciousness, spiritual awakenment, easy accomplishment of difficult situation, new beginnings, success. Neg—overestimation of one’s own abilities, failure. Nancy’s—also known as the magician, as action figure a person who makes things happen. He dares to use his innate powers to change his environment and circumstance. He performs his magick publicly, enjoying the attention it brings. Pos—don’t wait for fate to steer you, take matters into your own hands. Use your natural abilities to effect necessary changes. Dazzle others with your skills.

Queen of swords—rationality, an intellectual woman, wit, independence, in emotionalism, aloofness, unpretentiousness.

The fool—somebody who can do all or nothing, somebody who wants all or nothing, somebody who knows all or nothing, the carefree joyful person. Neg—in reliability, restlessness, laziness, craziness, cravings for ecstasy. The fool is the end one, level of the life, game and, at the same time, the beginning of a new life. Nancy’s—the fool {the only unnumbered card in the major arcane} is an innocent and optimistic figure, full of hopes and dreams. He stands on a precipice, about to step off, unaware of the potential dangers that await him. His naivete is a blessing, not a curse. Pos—cast aside your doubts and worries and venture boldly into the future. Beware of the pitfalls ahead, but don’t let them stop you.

The devil—testing of courage, confrontation with physical matter and sexuality, the transformation of negative energies into positive, gaining great powers. Neg—brutality dependency, bondage, tragic passion, greed, miserliness, vague, gluttony, envy. Nancy’s—this image represents the various traps that hold us captive, inertia, and self-pity. It also implies, however, that if we choose to, we can escape this bondage. Pos—consider whether you’ve been letting your weaknesses or your dark side dictates your actions. Breaking free of these traps will bring you greater freedom and fulfillment.

Death—transformation, change, ending of a situation, sacrifice, spiritual growth through suffering. Neg—persisting in old patterns, resisting growth, and fear of separation. Nancy’s—perhaps the most misunderstood and misinterpreted image in the tarot, the figure of death is a harbinger not of physical demise, but of completion and change. He represents a situation that is coming to a close, allowing you to move on. Pos—the end of one cycle marks the beginning of another. Clear away the old to make way for the new and anticipate a fresh start.

My spread

4 1,5 6 {five over one}

1. Myself
2. Behind me
3. Before me
4. Protect me
5. Stops me
6. Guides me

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