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ET: Are they really vampires?

Political Vampire Metaphor

Vampire Disease

Vampire Link Research


Vampires, werewolves and monsters

Another take on Lilith

Fang vs Fiction

Necromancy and Vampyres

Dream Walking

Universal Vampyres

Psi Report

32 reasons not to become a vampire (humor)

Movies (about vampires, containing vampires, etc)

Vampires: A Medical Condition

Vampyre Legends

Christianity and Vampyres

Common Knowledge on Vampyres

How to Spot a Vampyre

Human Living Vampyre or HLV

Curbing Psychic Energy

Vampyres and Vampyre Hunters

Vampyres: What is the Truth behind the American Nightmare?

Psy Vampyrism


Vampyres and Vampyre Solistice

Case Sightings of Vampyres


Vampyre/Vampire Passages

Myths of Vampyres

Myths on Vampyrism


Element of Vampires, Werewolves and Monsters

How the moon phases life

Spiritual Shapeshifting

Werewolf Research

Werewolf Disease

Werewolf Link Research



Common Knowledge on Werewolves

Werewolf Time Line

Werewolf/Shapeshifting in films

Detecting/Protecting Werewolves

BOS (Old and new)


Kami (God's) Eye

Tortures of the Inquisition

History of Japanese Buddhism

Shinto and Buddhism deities

Shinto Festival and Events

Common Shinto Terms

Zodiac Info

Hungry Ghosts

Japanese Creatures


Zen Quotes

Zen Physics

Zen Buddhist

Words of wisdom

Wind Magic

More info on Samhain

Tao Cards




Prefectures and Shrines of the Shinto religion


Myth and Legends

Chinese and Japanese Zodiac

Magical Creatures

The Elemental Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures

Kami, Deities, Spirits and Powers of the Shinto Religion

Japanese Rite

Japanese Proverbs

Japanese Zodiac

Festivals Rites and Performances of the Shinto religion

Dictionary of Buddhism

Chinese Zodiac

Yin and Yang


1001 Meditations

What is a book of shadows?

Witchcraft research

High Magic

Natural Magic

Witch Trials Time Line

Religious Terms



Some odds and Ends

Making Soap


Lesser Banishment of the Pentagram

My favorite tarot card and my own spread

Cherokee Culture and Moon Phases

Candle List

Seasons of the Witch

Miscellaneous Stuff

Casting a circle

The Making and Consecration of Elemental Weapons

Sacred Candle Colors of the Gods and Goddesses

List of Gods and Goddesses

Some Meditations

Wicca:The Old Religion in the New Age

Mountain Magic

Gem Stones

Myths and Truths of Samhain

Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft info

Witch Hunters

Common Knowledge on Paganism

What's your Sign? Zodiac Sign

Native American

The Originals of some of the Major Holidays


Seven Deadly Sins and Four Horsemen

Zombie: Fact vs Fiction

Element of Ghosts and Hauntings

Element of Magical Creatures

Aokigahara (sea of trees)

Unconscious Writing

Ouija Board



Out of Body Experiences

Lucid Dreaming

Near Death Experiences

Ghosts and Hauntings

ghostly images I've taken over time

Vengeful Ghosts

Shadow Figures




Shape Shifting


Ghost and Other Sightings


Ghost Hunters


Psychic Powers of the Mind

Other Stuff

Megadeth Tribute

Personal: Sleep Fears

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Walking

Cycle of Life (Personal Opinions)

Element of Natives

Types of Addiction

Survival Guide (Humor or legit?)

Mental Illness

My People (Native Americans)

History behind the Gadsden Flag

Guy Fawkes


DID Disorder


Criminal Minds Quotes

Scifi Survival Tips (humor)

Internet Trolls


Online Safety

Halloween Fun

Native American

Pics and music from old site, here until it's gone, might contain mature images

Things you didn't know about Reindeer

Night Terrors

For the Love of Haiku


Japanese Stuff


Native American Stuff

K.D.D. (humor)

Japan Encyclopedia

Japanese History

halloween Tips (humor)


Guide to Literature on the Internet

Military Alphabet

My favorite poems

My Favorite Quotes

Warning Signs in Children

Cannibalism anyone?

The many Confederate Flags

The History of Taps

Dragon Research

Animation Related

Weeaboo vs Westaboo

What the Suffix?

Are you NEET?

Japanese Cartoon and other taboo truths

Being an Otaku

The Other Side of the Community

Pokemon Pokedex take 2



my cosplay fun, old link from old site, here until it's gone, contains mature images

my fanart, old link from old site, here until it's gone

The Evolution of the Japanese Anime Industry

Otaku Law


Mythical Detective Loki

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Rurouni Kenshin

Anime Law

Wolf's Rain

Anime Quotes

Fake Anime Quotes (humor)


Witch Hunter Robin


Song Lyrics to Jpop and Anime

Pokemon pokedex


Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Cowboy Bebop

Goddess Cadets



Outlaw Star


Learned in Anime/Animation

The entire cast from the cartoon the X-Men

Dragon ball/Z/GT/Super Anime/Manga

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT....Anime Fan Page

Dragonball Saga

Dragonball Z Saga

Dragonball GT Saga

Dragonball Super Saga

my favorite Dragonball/Z/GT Quotes

Dragon ball Saga

Pilaf Saga

Tournament Saga

Red Ribbon saga

Piccolo Saga

Dragon ball Z Saga

Saiyan Saga

Namek Saga

Captain Ginyu Saga

Frieza Saga

Garlic Jr. Saga

Trunks Saga

Android Saga

Imperfect Cell Saga

Perfect Cell Saga

Cell Games Saga

Great Saiyaman Saga

World Tournament Saga

Babidi Saga

Buu Saga

Dragon ball GT Saga

Baby Saga

Super 17 Saga

Evil Shenron Saga

Dragon ball Super Saga

Battle of Gods Saga

Resurrection F' Saga

Universe 6 Saga

Future Trunks Saga

Universe Survival

Other DB/Z/GT Stuff

My favorite songs of DB/Z/GT

DB/Z/GT Stuff

DB/Z/GT Bloopers

Name Puns

Dragonball Movies

DBZ Movies

Guide to the Saiya-jin Mystery

Dragonball Dragons

Saiyan Time Line

Just the facts

Dragonball Episode Summary

Dragonball Z Episode Summary

Dragonball GT Episode Summary

Dragonball Voices

Japanese attack list

American Attack List

DBZ Movie Guide/Manga

Episode Guide

True Episode Guide

Dragon Ball Super Episode Guide

Dragon Ball Heroes


Another Attack List

Dragonball Character List

Dragonball Z Character List

Dragonball GT Character List

Dragon Ball Super Character List

Dragon Ball Super Manga

DBZ Movie Character List