Spells and Charms by Nicola De Pulford

Love Charm


A pink candle
A mirror
A pen and piece of pink paper
A photograph of yourself
A pink ribbon

In a dimly lit room, light the candle so that its glow surrounds your reflection in the mirror. Concentrate your thoughts on your good qualities and your wish to start a new relationship. Breathe deeply and, as you exhale, let your fears and doubts leave your body. After a few moments, draw the image of your new love on the pink paper. Place it beside your photograph and, with the pink ribbon, lace the two together with the ribbon and with your mind.
Hold the joined pictures in front of the mirror so that the image is reflected back and chant:
"My inner doubts are now set free,
My heart is open come to me,
Let the future joy unfold,
Happiness and love untold."
Blow out the candle and watch for any images in the mirror; you may see a different person from the one you imagine. Fold the pictures together and place them in a safe place.

Used to beguile the partner of your dreams.

Sky Magick

Can help you from the hurt by a cruel or unfaithful partner.


2 yellow candles
Rose oil and oil burner
Yellow paper
Pen and red ink

Perform this spell on a windy day under a waning moon and choose a time when you will not be disturbed. Light the candles and burn a little rose oil to create a stress-free atmosphere. Cut the yellow paper into five equal pieces, about 3 in./2.5 cm by 1in./2.5 cm. Using red ink, write a description of the hurt inflicted upon you over four of the pieces of paper, making sure you write something on each piece. On the fifth, write your hopes for future happiness. Take your messages to a hilltop, a high-rise building or an open beach. Feeling the power of the wind, and with your eyes closed, turn three times anticlockwise releasing each of the first four pieces of paper in turn. Hold the last between the palms of your hands and turn three times in a clockwise direction. Watch as your hopes for the future are released with the last piece of paper and become part of you.

The Perfect Jewel

On a Friday, the day of Venus, and with a waxing moon, dedicate a talisman to keep love with you.


Gemstone or crystal and metal of your choice
A petal from a pink rose or carnation

The following list may help you with your choice of metal and stones.


Once you have chosen the appropriate components of your love jewel, wait until a Friday during a waxing moon, preferably during the month of your birth, and charge your petal with the moon's blessing. Do this by holding it in your outstretched palms and, in your mind, bringing the moon's rays down until they engulf your hands in love. When your jewel is made, and metal to afford extra power to the talisman wear the jewel at all times.


From the Native Americans, this spiritual journey will help to put your mind and body back into balance.


The four elements or symbols for them
3 sage leaves

Ideally this ritual should be preformed in the open air at noon, with the four elements-earth, air, fire and water-naturally represented. If this is not possible, use substitute flowers or symbols, or a little soil for the earth; an incense stick for air; a yellow candle for fire; some spring water. Place these in a circle and sit in the middle. Purify your face and hands by wiping them with the sage, the clasp your hands, close your eyes, and let your thoughts drift away. Open your ears and listen to the elements and nature around you. With your mind's eye, become part of the water, and feel the warm earth in your hand and the soft caress of the wind on your face. Feel the harmony and enjoy being at one with the natural world around you. Use this ritual at any time to restore balance and harmony to your life.

Lavender and Love

For a special occasion, follow the Roman's example and use this hair tonic to lift your spirits an attract attention.


A small orange velvet sachet or square piece of orange velvet
Fresh or dried lavender flowers
A lock of your hair
Lavender oil
A length of blue cord

Before you leave home for a special occasion, allow enough time to perform thus spell. Take the orange sachet or square piece of orange velvet and place five fresh lavender flowers or five pieces of dried lavender in it. Orange is the color of joy and optimism. Place the lock of hair in the sachet and as you do so chant:
"Spirit of my soul unite
With this herb of sweet delight.
Carry us through out the day,
Ease the path along the way."

Wash your hair. Then dilute 5-10 drops of lavender oil in a glass of water and use this as the final rinse. Sprinkle a few drops of oil mixture onto the sachet, to strengthen your charm, and knot the parcel five times with blue cord. Blue is the color of the spirit and represents protection. Carry the charm close to you all day. Your intoxicating fragrance and charm will heighten as the day progresses.
Five is the number of sex, so your finished charm with its five knots may attract a host of surprises.

Healing Meditation

An aromatic meditation to restore your balance with the natural world. Vetiver oil is extracted from the fragrant root of this tall, grass like plant and has a rich and deeply earthy aroma. Known as the oil of tranquility it is renowned for its ability to bring people back down to earth and for helping people to get their lives back on an even kneel after a bad experience or shock. The dandelion is the flower of survival and is present in folk and magickal tradition all over the world, always springing up in unexpected places; its power to foil the avid gardener is legendary.


A bowl of sand
A bunch of dandelions
Vetiver oil
A cotton ball/pad

A good comfortable chair in which your feet can touch the ground is ideal for this meditation. Position the chair so that it is facing south and place the bowl of sand so that your bare feet can rest in it. Put the dandelions in a glass vase in front of the chair where you can comfortably see them. Put 2 drops of vetiver oil on the cotton ball or pad and sit it in the chair with your feet resting on the sand. Wave the pad just in front of you and inhale the aroma with long, deep breaths and think of mother earth. Let your toes squeeze slowly into the sand and visualize your inner self enveloped in fertility. As you do this, remember that you are part of the inexorable circle of life and that the sacred earth needs your care and attention as much as you need hers.

Time Tricks

Some ancient Greek number magick to help you find the right day and right time to work your spells. You can also use this magick to find out your personal number and the attributes and qualities it reveals


Pen and paper

Following the chart below and using the full name by which you are most commonly called, add up the numbers that correspond to the letters of your name. If the total adds up to more than on digit, keep adding then together until you are left with one digit. For example, "Nicola" is 5+9+3+6+3+1=27, 2+7=9, so 9 is the personal number for Nicola. To choose a day to work magick, divide the total of your added numbers by 7. In the example above you would divide 27 by 7, which is 3 with 6 left over. Apply the left over number to the days of the week below, in this case 6 becomes Saturday. If the number divides exactly by 7, 7 is the number you should use. If you know the time of your birth, then try doing your spells at this time of your lucky day.

Numeric Value



Attributes of Personal Number

1) Pioneer-ourageous but also lonely
2) Harmony-passive people linked to psychic powers
3) Joy-lucky and possibly extravagant people
4) Loyal-hard working people who pay a high price for success
5) Freedom-radical people who sometimes find relationships hard
6) Sincerity-People who are loved but sometimes conceited
7) Spirituality-educated people who are sometimes aloof
8) Organization-Prosperous but sometimes pessimistic people
9) Intellectuals-idealists who can be jealous

Future Thoughts

Encourage your powers of clairvoyance and perception with this simple meditation


A bowl of spring water
A white candle

Do not be in a hurry to try out your own powers of clairvoyance. Think about what you are going to do for awhile and start by teaching your mind to concentrate on an object for short periods of time. Wait until there is a full moon to give as much power as possible to your endeavor. Place the bowl of water where the moonlight illuminates it, this could be inside on a moonlit windowsill or in the open, if you prefer. Light the candle and position it so that its flame flickers on the surface of the water. Concentrate on the pool of water, emptying your mind of all conscious thoughts. Allow your inner mind to do the seeing, you may find this takes you in new directions and gives you an altogether different perspective on life.

Guardian Spell

A spell to give strength and protection to your home and family, and to help connect you with the natural world. This spell should be repeated quartily on Samhain (Oct 31), Imbolc (February 2nd), Beltane (April 30th), and Lagnasad (August 1st). Cast your spell at these important cross roads in the year to uplift you spirits and encourage a sense of unity in your home.


Fire or five red candles to represent fire
Greenery and flowers appropriate to the time of year
Symbols of you and your family
A cup of spring water

If you have a hearth use it as your center, otherwise use the lighted candles or make a small fire in the yard. Go out as a family to gather the greenery and, as you do so, swap stories of any associations that are connected with your choices and give thanks for the earth's gifts. Each of the sabbats has it's own sigil (symbol) and you should fashion your greenery into a garland of the appropriate shape. Decorate it with symbols of you and/or your family, and then stand around it, joining hands for a moment of silence.
Pass the water clockwise to each person in the circle, taking a sip and asking a blessing in the coming quarter-year. Leave the sigil in your home for 24 hours and then hang it on the doorway of the main entrance to the house (Sigils located on page 69 of Spells and Charms and also in my Book of Shadows)

Lady Day

From the Druids, a ritual to welcome the living power of light. Lady Day (March 25th) or the day of the Return of the Goddess is still a "Quarter Day" in England.


A yellow flower
Some beans

The yellow flower is a symbol of your recognition of the great life-giving power of the sun, while the beans hold the promise of regeneration in the future for us all. On March 25th, make a special journey to a hilltop, if it is a site of any antiquity this will further enhance the ritual. The spirits of the past inhabit such places and with a little practice you will learn to recognize their presence and draw strength from them. Place the flower on the hilltop and turn towards the direction of the sun. Open your arms and welcome the sun into your life, pulling it down through your fingertips to warm your soul. Turn around three times in a clockwise direction, scattering the beans as you turn and make your pledge for a more sustainable earth.

Sun and Earth

A spell for summer, the seasonal high point of the year, to invoke the energies of the sky and earth for lasting strength and happiness.


Some paint or a permanent pen
A yellow pebble or crystal
A marigold plant
Seven stones

If you wish to use this as a general spell for happiness, start at noon. If you have a particular request, such as love or money, dawn should be your start time. The marigold is the flower of endurance that always turns its face towards the sun, following the path through the sky. It will give your spell longevity. Paint or use a permanent pen to draw your birth sign on the pebble or crystal. In your garden, or in a large pot of earth, make a hole and place the pebble at the bottom. Plant the marigold on top, placing the seven stones around it. As you work chant the following:
"Sing me the song of seasons,
Show me the sun's delight,
Open my heart for your radiance,
Lead me toward the light."
Nurture the plant with care and do not pick the flowers

Green Dragon

Following the Chinese tradition, this spring spell will harness the courage to success fully tread in new directions, leaving you without a doubt about your purpose.


Paint or permanent ink
Six pale-colored stones
A cloth or bag (black)

The Yang sign, an unbroken line, symbolizes "yes", the Yin sign, two broken lines, represents "no". Paint the Yang sign on one side of each stone and the Yin sign on the other side of each stone. When ready, place the stones in the cloth bag; you are not trying to predict the future, just asking for guidance. Ask a straight forward question or a question containing two alternatives and then, without looking, throw the stones one at a time. When all the stones have been thrown have a look-if you have an even number of yes and no answers, try again. When the stones show mostly yes or mostly no then you should act accordingly. If all six stones show the same answer, act immediately.

Cross Roads

A Halloween spell to perform on one of the most magickal nights of the year


5 purple candles
A memento, such as a photograph of a past time or loved one
2 hazel twigs, 1 ft/30 cm long
A long piece of purple cord

Start this rite after 9 p.m. on Samhain. Light the candles and place them in a circle large enough for you to walk around with ease. Put the memento in the center and cross the hazel twigs over it. Trail the cord in a circle out the candles, then step among the candles and close the circle of cord behind you. Laying aside the twigs, pick up your memento and set for a few moments, composing yourself. When ready take each index finger with the thumb resting lightly on top; they should be able to wiggle slightly. Walk slowly around the circle clockwise, thinking of the spirits of all those who have gone before, and of the latent rebirth that takes place in the spring. If your hazel rods cross, this means that other energies are presents so let your love go out to them.

Tree Spirits

A Celtic charm to rid your swelling place of bad spirits. Trees held a special significance to the Celts, but the following seven were sacred and especially magickal: birch, alder, willow, oak, holly, hazel and apple. It is quite acceptable to collect the wood for this charm over a period of time and reserve it in a special place. However, collecting it on the day of the spell can focus and add extra purpose to your mission. A Monday with the waning moon is a good time to perform this charm.


Seven small pieces of wood, one from each of the sacred trees
An unwanted item from your home or a symbol of your home
A stout white candle

Rise early, take a cleansing bath and dress in white. A grove of trees is the best place for this ritual but a spot near one of the Celtic sacred trees will work as well. Collect the wood or take it with you. Put down your unwanted item or symbol and the candle. Arrange the seven pieces of wood around them and light the candle. Pick up the first piece of wood and chant:
"Sacred tree of ancient time,
Protect and guard my own abode."
Replace the wood and blow out the candle. Relight the candle and pick up the second piece of wood, repeating the chant. Do this with all seven pieces of wood. Bury the unwanted item, then place the candle over the spot and light it while you reflect upon the magick of the trees. Take the pieces of sacred wood home and threat them onto a cord. Keep this in a prominent place in your home.

Spectrum of Light

A seven-day spell to attract the beneficial power of the spirits, this can also be preformed in unison with other spells to make them more potent.


Seven candles, one each of the colors given below
Fresh or dried herbs, as given for the days of the week below
Frankincense and incense burner
A crystal

In whichever day you start this spell choose appropriately colored candle and matching herb from the list below. Light the candle and the incense burner containing the frankincense and sprinkle some of the herb onto it. Hold the crystal in your outstretched hand and let the moon or sun's rays pass through it so that they shed light onto the herbs in the burner. Call down the spirits with the beam and ask them to bestow luck on you and your task.

Day--Color--Matching Herb
Sunday--orange--marjoram or catnip
Monday--white--basil or lavender
Tuesday--red--nutmeg or rue
Wednesday--yellow--sage or ginger
Thursday--purple--bay or orris
Friday--blue--fennel or clove
Saturday--green--parsley or thyme

WitchCrafting by Phyllis Curott

"For all those who have come before,
Those who will follow after,
And all who build the
Magickal bridge between them."

Grounding and Centering

This is one of the most basic and powerful of all Wiccan techniques. It is the means by which we experience our connection to the divine life force that resides in the earth. It is also a powerful way of energizing and healing yourself or others.
Find a tree that you feel drawn to work with, one far enough from foot traffic that you won't be disturbed. Ask the tree for it's help, you may do this silently-don't worry, the passer-bys won't hear you but the tree certainly will. If you don't receive a positive feeling in response to your question, find another spot. When you feel a tree's consent, sit down with your back against its trunk and close your eyes. (If you are working indoors, pick a spot with privacy where you can work undisturbed. Turn off the radio and the phone and turn down the volume on your answering machine.)
Begin with re relaxation and meditation technique described previously, or any other method of meditation that you know works for you. Once you feel yourself relaxing, growing peaceful and still, take a long, deep breath, inhaling slowly and completely. Hold the breath for a count of three and as you do so, realize that you have just received a gift of life from a tree. Exhale slowly and completely and realize that you are giving a gift of life to a tree. Continue the breathing slowly and fully, paying attention to the life flowing between you and the tree, you and all the plants on this earth. Feel the connection.
Now sit up straight and feel your back becoming strong like the tree's trunk. (If you are working indoors, lean against a wall and imagine yourself sitting beneath a tree in a beautiful outdoor setting. You will need to work at the next step a bit more attentively since you'll need to penetrate carpet, floors and foundations.)
Exhale and imagine that you are sending roots from the base of your spine down into the moist soil, sending out finer and finer tendrils into the nourishing earth. Feel the minerals and water and life force flowing into the thousands of tiny root filaments, upwards into the base of your spine, up through your spine, and down through your muscles, your organs and your lungs. As you inhale, draw the energy from the earth up into your body, feel it circulating through you, energizing and renewing you, healing any injuries or illnesses. You may feel tingling, or a sensation of warmth and light and energy-focus it in areas that need healing and be sure to hold the energy in your heart.
As the earth's power flows through you, feel branches growing from your upper torso, and from your head, feel your leaves spreading to catch the warmth of the sun, the sweetness of the air. Feel the energy flowing through you and from you as it cascades out the top of your head and back into the earth beneath you. Feel the circle of energy coursing through you, the energy of life empowering you. Breath and feel the energy flow.
You will probably feel deeply energized, possibly a little lightheaded, and very joyful. Let the power fill your heart, which you may literally feel opening like a flower. Hold the energy in your heart and gradually begin to withdraw your roots from the earth. Feel them moving back up through the rich, life generating earth, curling neatly back into the base of your spine. Thank the earth and the tree for their gifts to you. When you are ready, slowly open yours eyes. The beauty you see will dazzle you. You may see auras, or experience the world as particularly radiant.

Consulting the Oracle

Begin by grounding and centering or meditating. Honor your method of divination by acknowledging its power to help you see clearly and then, holding your oracle to your heart, state your purpose for consulting it. (For example, I am seeking a clear and helpful vision of myself or goal such as: to be happy or to make the decision that'll bring about what is best for me, or to live a merciful filled life, or to stop smoking or to find the work that will give me satisfaction.)
Then consult the oracle (draw a single tarot card from your deck).
Look at the oracle and allow yourself to freely associate. Note the images and ideas that come to mind.
When you feel you've received as much as you intuitively, look up the symbols in whatever book of interpretive text you prefer to use. Then meditate on the practical and spiritual meaning of the vision you have received. Allow it to move from your head into your heart. If the answer seems cryptic or confusing, you may ask for further clarification with one, but only one, additional question *such as, "will you please provide clarification for me about and restate what you need to understand about yourself or the situation".) Consult the oracle again, following the steps above. If you have intergraded the oracle's advice, you can continue to work with it as described above.
Be sure to write down your reaction to the guidance you've been given and the self-awareness you've gained and thank the oracle.


Scrying, which involved staring into a shiny surface until a vision appears, is an ancient method of divination of unknown origin, but it has long been associated with witches. It is not an easy method of divination to use, and many give up in frustration. Scrying comes from the English word, "descry" which means "to make out dimly" or "to reveal". It is a method of "seeing"the unseen, whether that is the future, past or hidden aspects of the present. The very best time to scry is at night during the dark of the moon, and at Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest.
The most common object used for scrying is the crystal ball, but the Egyptians used ink and other dark liquids in a bowl and the Romans used mirrors and shinny stones. You can use a dark bowl filled with water (preferable charged by moonlight) or a mirror that has been painted black on its backside. These will work as well as a crystal ball, and will cost far less. Your scrying tool should be used in a darkened room that has a small amount of illumination, such as a candle positioned so that it will not reflect into the surface of the water or mirror. If you are working with a crystal ball, be sure to place it on a black, non-reflective surface. You may cast a circle if you wish, then use your meditation to clear your mind. Do not visualize. Allow your mind to remain open and clear of images as you focus on the scrying surface. You may have a question or purpose in your mind, however. As you stare at the scrying tool, it's all right to blink. The surface should appear to cloud or become misty, and then clear. When the fog disperses, there should be an image in the scrying surface-it may be still or moving, black and white or in color. It may be realistic or symbolic. It may last for a moment or longer. It may require interpretation or be clear in its meaning. Or it may not appear at all.
Give yourself about 15 minutes and if nothing appears, thank your scrying surface and rest. You can try again another time.
Do not expose your scrying surface to the sun and charge it once a month or as needed under the light of a full moon. Do not use salt to clean and purify a crystal ball or scrying mirror, as the salt will pock the surface. Instead, use a bath of warm water and mugwort. Keep your tool wrapped in black silk, out of the sun's light and be sure to purify and consecrate it when you first work with it.

Incubating a Dream

Begin by taking a purification bath and then head straight to bed immediately afterwards. You may wish to drink a cup of mugwort tea (three tablespoons steeped for five minutes in a cup of boiling water) because the herb mugwort enhances psychic dreaming. Scatter mugwort under your pillowcase, or place some in a dish by your bedside.
Acknowledge your dream as a state of empowered being. Ask, aloud, to be given a dream of insight or prophecy, or healing. Then climb into bed and turn out the lights. Use your relaxation techniques to ease and tensions and allow yourself to drift off to sleep.
In the morning, before you get out of bed and before you do anything else, write down or recall whatever you dreamed. As you are writing, the dream may begin to evaporate; through big dreams have a way of remaining vivid for many years. You may awaken with only a faint memory or scattered imaged-write down whatever you recall. As you write, details may return. Be sure to note how you felt in the dream and how you felt upon waking. Note any objects, symbols, advice or other information.

Invoking the Quarters/Calling of the four directions

Stand in the direction that you are going to call, facing outward. If you have your athame, use it to draw an invoking pentagram in one continuous and fluid motion (start at the top and move to the left lower corner of the star, etc.). Use your active hand if you don't have an athame. As you draw, visualize a flaming star of the color that corresponds to each direction. Yellow or lavender for east, red or orange for south, blue or aqua for west, green or brown for north. See and feel the power of each element coming to you through the star portal as you speak. If you are practicing in the Northern Hemisphere, begin in the east, then move to the south, west and north. In the southern hemisphere, begin in the east, move to the north, west and south. So that north is fire and south is earth, in the southern hemisphere as you move to each direction, call upon the spirits:
"I call the ancient spirits of the east
Powers of air
Where the sun rises
Powers of wonder and imagination
Clarity and communication.
Powers of a child's laughter
Powers of music and dawn breaking
Powers of breezes blowing and birds singing
Powers of the eagle and the butterfly flying
I invite you to this sacred circle
Hail and welcome!"

"I call the ancient spirits of the south
Powers of fire
Where the sun is high in the midday sky
Powers of passion and determination
Courage and devotion
Powers of bonfires burning
Powers of trail and transformation
Powers of high sun and lizards leaping
Power of the desert lion and the phoenix rising
I invite you to this sacred circle.
Hail and welcome!"

"I call the ancient spirits of the west
Powers of water
Where the sunsets
Powers of love and compassion
Of feelings and dreaming
Power of water flowing
Powers of the mother's womb
Powers of deep oceans and gentle rains
Powers of the whale and the dolphins swimming.
I invite you to this sacred circle.
Hail and welcome!"

"I call the ancient spirits of the north
Powers of earth
Where the mystery dwells
Powers of fertility and creativity
Of strength and groundedness
Powers of fertile fields
Powers of mighty mountains
Powers of the verdant plains and rich forests.
I invite you to this sacred circle.
Hail and welcome!"

When you have called each of the four directions, return to the east, acknowledge the east and turn back to the circle and say:
"Our circle is cast, we are between the worlds."

New Moon Magick

New moon magick is generally dedicated to beginning new projects, recapturing your independence, preparing yourself for battle, feeling your strength, gaining inspiration or honoring your instincts. Women and men may practice the following. Choose any one of these or any other goals associated with the Maiden Goddess (examples of specific Maiden Goddesses are listed above).
Write, create, or select something that symbolizes your goal. When the new moon appears in the sky (a crescent arching from right to left in the northern hemisphere and from left to right in the southern), take a purifying bath then dress in white, decorate your personal alter with any items sacred to the Maiden Goddess and prepare this Inspiration/Instigation Potion:
Starting with one tablespoon of each, grind together verbena, vervain, mugwort, rue, hyacinth, dove, moonwort, and bay leaves. Add a few drops of Dittany of Crete oil and a few jasmine oil until the scent pleases you. This formula can also be used as incense or bath.
Place your symbol/creation on your alter. Cast a circle. Invoke the Maiden Goddess saying:
"I call upon the powers of the mighty Goddess Diana, power of the new moon, Lady of the wild things. Strengthen and free me to live the life I wanted. Charge and bless me."
"Lady of the wild things, free me, strength me."
Direct the energy into the herbs and your object. Place some of the herbs into a square of white cloth, bundle it together with white ribbon, hold it to your heart, and feel the young, confident energy of the Maiden Goddess filling you and charging your amulet. When you feel ready, give thanks and close your circle. Then start your new project, new life, new attitude and act in accord.

New Moo-waxing moon
Full Moon
Waning Moon-Dark of the moon

A Goddess spell

Each day for the next week, stand before a mirror, cross your arms over your chest, look into your own eyes and recite the following spell:
"Great Goddess, who dwells within and all around me,
Goddess of the shining moon and the fertile earth,
Goddess of the starry heavens and the infinite womb,
Goddess from whom all blessings flow,
Bless your child."

As you finish, close your eyes, uncross your arms, keeping them loosely to your sides with elbows bent, hands up-about even with your shoulders-and palms facing out or upwards. This is called the Goddess position and is used when you Draw Down the Moon to signal the Goddess' presence within you. Let the feeling of Her presence come to you, from within, and without. Open your eyes and see the light of the Goddess shinning forth from you. When you are done, close your arms and give thanks.

A God spell

Each day for the next week, standing before a mirror, arms crossed over your chest (this is called the God's position), look into your own eyes and recite the following spell:
"Great God who dwells within and all around me,
God of the shining sun and the fertile forest,
God of the stars above and the seed of new life within,
God from whom inspiration comes,
Empower me."
As you finish, close your eyes and let the feeling of His presence come to you, from within and without. Open your eyes and see the light of the God shining forth from you. When you are done, lower your arms and give thanks.

Honoring the warrior within

Meditate on your experiences where you have defended yourself or others, or a noble cause. Create a ritual that honors the warrior God within yourself. Work with your athame or sword. Pledge yourself to life and to the best of who and what a warrior is.

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