This is just something I like to do as a hobby and nothing more. I like to find haunted places and communicate with the other side, as well as helping others to cross over. Sadly not all will cross over, accept death and so forth.

Washington—Des Moines—waters overlooking Puget Sound—phone rings but there is no phone only wires where the once was. Sounds of typing in the basement and nothing there when get there. Head that floats by the top bunk. But there is the sobbing ghost. She made her bounds throughout the entire neighborhood. She was especially attracted to a home on sixth avenue, one street over from this resident. She could be heard every evening at duck settled. Would being as a far off crying that seemed to come from the field, behind their 1920’s ranch-style house. But the darker it got the closer the crying got, until the sound emanated from their cellar. Sometimes it was accompanied by the sound of jars rolling and bones crunching. Decades before someone who lived in a house on the beach died. It was the middle of winter and the horse drawn hearse pulled the body up the road, and its hooves slipped on the hill because the hill was too icy. So the body was buried on Cliff Avenue in the exact spot where the mailbox would be. The unmarked grave remains there today was said to be placed on top of the Native American burial plot (the house) that was later torn down and Overlook Park now stands.

Washington—Burien—1940’s building haunted by a roommate that always sets the owners cat out while the owner was at work or away and the ghost even does house work.

Florida—Tampa—the owner’s wife was rearranging furniture one day in the master bedroom when she glanced towards the hallway and spotted a ghost. A boy (teenager) with blond curly hair and wore a red shirt, every time the lady went to the bathroom in the master bedroom she could hear radio static coming from the towel closet. It sounded as if a radio dial was poised between stations, allowing only fragmented words to burst out. But there was no radio in the bathroom or anywhere near. The woman’s brother witnessed a woman that looked like his brother. The hauntings seem to be fascinated with toys. It seems to originate from an antique doll holding chest left behind by former owners in the garage attic. A little girl ghost has appeared from time to time in the house. When the trunk was gone so was the noises. The girl had died falling from her wheelchair (she was disabled) but the phantom apparitions continued. There is an old battle field behind the house and many had died there.

Maryland—Elkton—they have missing objects that would vanish without a trace. After the owners have shared the house. 3 decades they have learned the ghost in tidy, nurturing and friendly. She is the quintessential hostess who thrives on people and parties. She also has a penchant for pretty things and sometimes cannot keep from borrowing them. The ghost appeared only 3 times, she is seen as wearing a black chiffon skirt with an apron. Her find blond hair swept atop her head.

Washington—Zenith—no actual ghost sightings mostly noise and other odd things like tapping on pipes and the fridge. It is haunted by the previous owner and a woman who’s child was abducted, killed and buried the mountains in 1916.

New Mexico—Albuquerque—KiMo Theater—is said to be haunted by a naughty ghost of a boy that toys have to be offered to please the child and to semi behave. Newspapers reports of a six year old boy that was killed and at least seven injured Thursday afternoon of a summer month in 1951 when a hot water heater exploded in the lobby of the KiMo Theater. Bobby is the name of the boy.

Florida—Key West—Strand Theater Now Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum—the sound system comes on by itself, objects are inexplicably moved and the wax head of one of the displays is constantly moved. On July 6, 1934, 12 year old Jack Perz met a horrible death in the theater. The boy caught fire as Jack worked with his father Manuel. Some believed years later after Manuel’s death he joined his son (he tried to save his son but onlookers held him back)

Kentucky—Owensboro—lights turning off and then coming on as you approached the light switch, or not until you left the room. Some of the kitchen utensils hanging on the wall would swing, while others beside them stayed perfectly still. Even if one stopped it from swinging it would start again and of a girl sighting. The girl has been seen a few times, transparent, as if she was a slide, projected into the room. Yet he was three-dimensional wearing a long gown with long hair. And later these owners moved out and a new couple moved in, had a priest exorcise the house and that was when the violence began. Sightings of a demonic creature.

New Mexico—Albuquerque—Casade Benauidez—children have been playing ‘right-around-the-rosy’ sometimes whomever is haunting this place leaves a mess. Reports of falling silverware, high pitched giggles and the inexplicable sound of little feet running and more. The spirits may actually be two young sons of the owner’s family line (grandmother?) who died years before they opened the restaurant. Other reports from these naughty ghosts, a cook spending the night awoke to shrill giggles, as the man sat up a chair suddenly sailed across the room and landed on him. Another time was when the woman’s restroom had been garlanded with toilet paper.

New Mexico—Cimarron—St. James Hotel—no less than 26 men met their fate here. Famous people like Jesse James, Wyatt Earp and more, some reports of hauntings by a gambler who had won the hotel in a Poker game. The winner was killed before he took ownership and is the one who haunts the hotel’s infamous Room # 18. reports of lights turning themselves on, objects vanishing into the floor, and sightings of a small blond figure, dubbed the Imp. Also a prostitute that haunts the place. And of a ghost boy 2 ½ years old.

Georgia—Chickamauga—Cove Road—Gordon-Lee Memorial High School—reports of an eerie feeling to be there at night, lights suddenly, inexplicable came on in a 2nd flood classroom, or when a routine check found a door mysteriously unlocked and more, including voices and laughter. On the nearby hill a sharps shooter died and glowing eyes are seen, they’ve nicknamed the phantom Green Eyes.

Idaho—Boise—Boise State University—a girl haunts the area that hung herself in the dorms when she was suppose to go to a dance with someone to attend the dance by herself to see her love in another’s arm. Reports of drafts from nowhere, phantom footsteps, and lights that turn themselves on

Washington—Seattle—University of Washington—the campus hangout the College Inn Pug is haunted by the ghost of a man who was murdered while visiting the campus decades ago.

Vermont—Poultney—Green Mountain College—students and security guards here insist that the apparition of a dwarf appears at the foot of the bed when couples are intimate.

Minnesota—Minnepolis—University of Minnesota—reports of mysterious howling has been heard in the Walter Library and some unseen presence threw a phone book at a guard in Nicholson Hall. Is haunted by a dorm official who was murdered by a religious cult.

Connecticut—New Haven—Yale University—phantom music has been heard by a half a dozen witnesses as they stood beside the old organ in Woolsey Hall. Professor Harry Jepson is believed to haunt the hall that he had refused to set foot in while he was alive.

New York—Pough Keppsie—Vassar College—the house advisor’s apartment in the east wing of Jewett House is reported to house a closet that is home to a gentleman ghost who wears a Panama suit. Children shouting and laughing are often heard in another room of the same apartment. Also haunted by a deceased librarian who is seem in the stairs. The campuses and main building and library are also thought to be haunted.

Ohio—Lebanon—Berry Junior High School—this apparition is of a female that appears in a mysterious staircase. They tell the tale of a girl who hanged herself at the top of the stairs when her boyfriend dumped her.

North Carolina—Chapel Hill—University of North Carolina—2 guys fell in love with the same girl and decided the gun to solve the duel on Sylvan Hill near the Chapel Hill campus. The loser, Peter Dromgoole, took a bullet to the chest and died on a rock. Where as this love learned she cried on the same rock he fell on and buried under. The stone was eventually moved and where the stone is, is haunted.

California—Berkeley—University of California—sightings of a ghost that stalks the ground around the tower, sometimes chasing female students. A trouble student tried to end his suffering by leaping from the school’s Sather Tower.

Tennessee—Sewanee—University of the South—reports of a headless apparition at several campus locations. Ghost is seem in a gown and believed to be a student who once wore the traditional gown of the order of the Gownsmen. Decapitated in a car accident, the young man’s head is said to materialize during finals week.

Oregon—Eugene—South Eugene High School—the auditorium of this school is haunted by a boy who died there in 1957. he was crossing a cat walk when he stumbled to his fate onto the seats below. An eerie cold sensation washes over those who sit where the boy died. Inexplicable sounds emanate from the area and some reports seeing a ghostly blue light. A brick once dropped from overhead, narrowly missing a student beside the haunted seat.

Nebraska—Lincoln—University of Nebraska—2 ghosts are believed to haunt the Lincoln campus. Lucy is one that jumped from the 5th floor of her dorm. Her waif life specter has been seen in nearby Pound Hall where books inexplicably pop from shelves. The other a male who was rehearsing for a part in Macbeth, when he climbed the overhead rigging, slipped and crushed to the stage. People report spying his ghost whenever Macbeth is performed.

Missouri—Kansas City—University of Missouri—is believed to be haunted by a girl who died after a botched abortion. Reports of flickering lights and mysterious shadows on the empty hallways.

California—Brookdale—Brookdale Lodge—built in 1923, an apparition can be seen there drowned in the stream. They call the ghost Sarah and blame her for the poltergeist-like activity there.

Pennsylvania—Reading—the ghosts of Mrs. Bissinger and her children Philip, Lillie and Molly have been spotted near Union Canal Lock 49 where she drowned herself and her offspring in August 1875 by anchoring them all with heavy rocks. The horrible energy from that day is said to envelop all those who venture near.

Louisiana—St. Joseph—for over a century, people have reported hearing the desperate screams of a dying woman in the Mississippi River. Some think she is the victim of a pirate raid upon the Iron Mountain a 180-foot-long steamship that vanished in 1872 and has never been found.

Ohio—Bellbrook—a naïve servant girl lived here in the 1800’s. seduced by the mayor as leaves drifted from the trees, she fell in love. By the time the trees sprouted blossoms, her belly was expanding. When she presented him with the infant he coldly turned her away. The distraught woman drowned herself and her bay in Little Sugar Creek. It is said that every June her apparition can be seen beside the stream, humming an eerie lullaby.

Delaware—Bowers Beach—the apparition of a man who killed himself is reportedly seen here. The distraught man waded into Delaware and gave his life to the salty water.

Massachusetts—Ashland—John Stone’s Inn (508) 881-1778—seven ghosts are said to haunt this old inn where Daniel Webster once gave speeches. Hidden rooms once harbored runaway slaves, including a ten-year-old girl who is still seen peering from a window in the storage room. Many have reported feeling mysterious hands close around their necks while seated in the dining room.

Florida—St. Petersburg—The Don CeSar Beach Resort and Spa—(800) 282-1116—spirits of this place, Thomas Rowe and his lover, Lucinda, haunt this palatial pink hotel. Many have reported seeing the two ghosts hand in hand, revealing in a love that could not be in life. They are said to appear before or around a phantom fountain that had long been and a duplicate now was.

California—San Luis Obispo—Paso Robles Inn—(805)238-2660—a night clerk who was killed in a fire in 1940 is believed to be responsible for phantom phone calls that originate from room 1007. J.H. Emsley sounded the alarm that allowed everyone to escape the fire. Immediately after the doorman suffered a fatal heart attack. Today the hotel staff is baffled by phone calls continually placed to 911 and the front desk.

North Carolina—Asheville—Grove Park Inn (828) 252-2711—the ghost of the Pink Lady has been seen wandering the huge halls of this old hotel. Clad in a party dress, the apparition has appeared and vanished infront of astonished employes. Many hotel guests-especially children—report being visited by the beautiful lady in pink.

South Carolina—Pawley’s Island—Pelican Inn (843) 237-2298—Legend of the Gray Man (myth or not? Did not find proof but reports) of a man in a fisherman’s attire and often startles tourists that warn of people before storms.

Colorado—Cripple Creek—Palace Hotel (719) 689-2992—a ghost of Mrs. Kitty Chambers lights candles and places them in the spots where she kept them in life. Her ghost has been seen throughout the hotel, particularly in Room 3.

Louisiana—New Orleans—Le Pavilion Hotel (800) 535-9095—built in 1907 as the New Hotel Denechaud, this was the first building in New Orleans to boast the luxury of elevators. It is said to be home to five entities who were discovered by a paranormal investigative team. This beings are said to reside in various parts of the recently remodeled pavilion. Room 930, in particular, is said to have paranormal activity.

New Jersey—Ocean City—The Flanders (609) 399-1000—reports/sightings of Emily as she floats through the halls. Depicted in a large mural, the dark-haired beauty is said to be a friendly spirit.

New York—Pine City—Rufus Tanner House (607) 732-0213)—is haunted by the spirit of a Civil War Soldier who hanged himself in the nearby barn of this remodeled turn of the century farm-house. His ghost has been spotted in the filed behind the house.

Hawaii—Honolulu—The Hilton Hotel (808)949-4321—a beautiful ghostly woman in a blood-red dress wanders the halls. Legend says she was murdered in the Diamond Head tower room some believe the spirit is Madam Peale, Queen of the Volcano.

Alaska—Skagway—Golden North Hotel (907) 983-2294—reports of two entities. One is a being made of light who moves through room 14. the other a ghost of a young woman who died in room 23. many insist she is still here, waiting for her fiance to return from a long ago gold mining expedition.

Washington—Orcas Island—Orcas Hotel—built 1900, this charming hotel is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Octavia, a woman who once ran the place. She has been known to turn water faucets on and is heard pacing the floor in an upstairs room.

Louisiana—New Orleans—French Quarter—is often referred to as the country’s most haunted place. From the infamous La Lauise House on Royal Street where slaves were once tortured, to the charming Tea Shop on Bourbon Street, ghosts abound. Spirits seem to lurk in the moss-draped trees and behind every elegant wrought-iron fence.

Tennessee--Maryville--The Country--recent sightings of a UFO. Happened on Wednesday and Thursday night right before sunset. There was a red dart in the sky for about three seconds then it vanished again.

Tennessee--Knoxville--Baptist Hospital--The Care Support Office--Is said to be haunted by a ghost referred to as "Henry". It is said that the ghost will hide things, move things around, make things fall from the walls but is very harmless. The ghost even stops when you tell the ghost to stop.

Tennessee--Knoxville--Baptist Hospital--The ICU--It is said to be haunted by a ghost by the name of "Bob". The ghost is known to open doors and shut them, knock papers off the desk when no one is around or no air is stirring. The ghost also turns lights on and off and appears at random to only certain people even move trashcans. If you ask the ghost not to appear or tell it to kindly do something before it appears then it will. It's a friendly ghost.

Washington, D.C.—The Hay-Adams Hotel—is allegedly haunted by the spirit of Clover Adams, the wife of the original owner Henry Adams. She committed suicide in 1885, inhabits the 4th floor of the hotel. Reports of opening and closing of locked doors, clock radios mysteriously turning on and off, sounds of a woman crying softly in a room or stairwell and the voice of a woman empty asking a housekeeper, “What do you want?” In an empty room, also being called by name and hugged. Mostly happens frequently during the first two weeks of December around the Anniversary of her death.

South Carolina—Cayce—Airport High School—the 300 corridors is haunted by the school’s first principal.

South Carolina—Hilton Head Island—The Old Lighthouse—the ghost of a young girl named Caroline (commonly known as the Blue Lady) haunts this lighthouse where she died during the hurricane of 1898. Mostly seen during hurricane seasons. Some have seen and heard her sobbing as they drove by the lighthouse.

South Carolina—Charleston—Charleston Naval Base—the ghost of a slave girl is spotted in a clump of trees here.

Tennessee—Knoxville—Bijou Theater—rumor has it that this theater located in the middle of the city id haunted by a man. The theater was once an army hospital for the Civil War. It gained publicity by local radio and by celebrities coming here and acting. Voices and even sightings have been heard and seen there.

Tennessee—Gatlinburg—In the heart of Gatlinburg, near a place called Mysterious Mansion, a young girl at the age of seven, fell off a hotel balcony and landed in a creek below. Every two weeks before her death’s anniversary, you can see her crying and pointing up to the spot where she fell to her death.

Tennessee—Gatlinburg—Rocky Top Inn—in the old office located in the back of the building a multimurder occurred. An estranged local killed two employees of the motel and the motif was unknown. The murders were so perverse in nature that you can sometimes still hear them screaming around the back parking lot and near the fountain. This happened fifteen years ago.

Tennessee—Knoxville—Old Grey Cemetery—supposedly haunted by a black shape. Mainly seem late at night moving through the tombstones.

Tennessee—East Tennessee Holler—a ghost protects a buried treasure of gold bars. Legend has it that an Union Platoon over took an Confederate Platoon in Knox County. The Union killed all but one solider and as he pleaded for his life they were evil and insane and took the soldier with them with other plans in mind. They dug a hole, threw him into the hole first and then the gold bars on top of him. After the war was over the Union Soldiers returned to dig up the gold after a night before of parting, having fun, getting drunk and telling everyone about the gold but no one listened to them then because everyone just brushed it off as drunken talk. The soldiers go up to the holler that they placed the gold and upon coming to the site they found a bony hand and arm. Just as they decided to find out how the soldier could get free, the bones began to move. The Solider came up out of the ground with revenge on his face and these soldiers were never heard from again. Every since then anyone approaching to dig up the treasure, a rattle of bones will alert them not to.

North Carolina--the back woods--In the middle of the road there is a large maroon splotch in the road that will not come up. It seems that the rain has no affect on it and once the spot is touched it leaves a waxy feeling on your fingertips.

North Carolina--the back woods--A few miles from the above sighting was a place known as "Gravity Hill". Legend states that the ghost of an old lady pushes your car along the road for about 100 yards. If you put flour or some type of powder on your bumper the ghost will supposedly leave hand prints. It seems that this spot is also in a slight incline because once the car has come to a stop then the car can coast on back down the hill.

North Carolina--the back woods--There is an old house not to far back from where the other two sightings were and in one of the upstairs rooms, a man supposedly murdered his family. After he was arrested the blood on the walls was painted over with white paint. If you drive along the road at night and shine your high beams into the window, the whole room is said to turn red. It seems that the window is now boarded over so it's not possible to shine your high beams into the room.

North Carolina--Local Church--A pole and sign next to a church nearby cast a shadow that looks exactly like the grim reaper on the church wall.

Wisconsin, USA--Evansville-East Side Steak House--unexplained footsteps.

Wisconsin--Hudson--Paschal Aldich Home--Dr Paschal Aldich's ghost haunts this formal home.

Wisconsin--Milwaukee--Majestic Theater--a misty ghost can be seen in the balcony.

Wisconsin--Sheboygan--The First Star bank downtown--is haunted by a janitor that worked there named Duke. He worked there until the day he died. He's fond of shaking certain doors and occasionally moving things.

Wisconsin--Eagle--Rainbow Springs Golf Course--the previous owner was building a resort but was short a sum of money right before it was finished, the man vowed that no one would be able to run the place. He died and haunts the whole golf course.

Wisconsin--Eagle River-- railroad tracks--Lights can be seen across a railroad track.

Wisconsin--New Richmond--Kozy Korner Restaurant--There is a ghost that appears there often. Just lately they have found a picture of what looks like the young boy they have also found out that his name is "Carl".

Wisconsin--Merrill--Scott Mansion- the beginning started back when Merrill was still known as Jenny. Jenny was an Indian and when she died she was buried on a hill. Many years later a mansion was built, Scott Mansion. The house has several connections to it 1st the house was build on an Indian burial ground, in fact the three trees that grew over Jenny's grave, still stands next to the house and 2nd the man who built the house died on the Titanic and then the original owner died in the house. Now the sister of the holy cross lives in the house because they are the only people who have not gotten chased out.

Wisconsin--Canton--Bantley Graveyard--As the story goes, this man by the name of Bantley, killed his family of five and then he hung himself in his barn. Every night the graveyard, there are all kinds of spirits that rise up. If you go over 25mph, your breaks will go out. The spirits will chase you.

Wisconsin--Sheboygan Falls--Eagle River--Long ago, in the 1800's a man worked on the railroad tracks. One day he was on a caboose in the back, he falls off, knocked unconscious and another train was coming. He was decapitated his head flew 200 feet away. To this day he uses his old railroad light, searching for his lost head.

Tennessee--Maryville--Maryville News--There was a UFO sighting recently that caused people to be concerned until the government tried to say that it was a testing that they were doing. It seems that they are trying to hide the sightings for what reason that knows.

Tennessee--Blountville--Sullivan County News--A ghost called "George" haunts this building.

Tennessee--Johnson City--East Tennessee State University Campus--Women's Residence Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy that died in the elevator. He is known as "marble boy" and can be heard dropping his marbles on the ceiling of every room in the hall. Don't yell at him to stop he will get mad and drop all his marbles.

Tennessee--Gatlinburg--Mount de Conte--At 3:33 am. A little girl will appear at the edge of the bed and watch people sleep.

South Carolina--Pauley's Island--The Grey Ghost who believed to died racing to meet his lover appears to warn residents of a dangerous storm such as a hurricane or another monster storm just as he had appeared to his love, you and your family will be spared only if you heed his warning.

South Carolina--Murrells Inlet--Heritage {believed to be an Inn} this is a ghost of a young lady named Alice, who died from a simple disease {these days} and asking for a ring her brother tossed into the swap because they were rich and Alice was secretly involved {engaged} to a tree sap gatherer, is to show up looking for her lost ring.

South Carolina--Newberry--Old Buncombe Rd.-- A ghost of a very white dog haunts this road and frightens anyone who comes through here.

South Carolina--Spartanburg--TB Hospital--originality a sanatorium for people stricken with the disease. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people died within its walls. Strange occurrences have been reported.

United Kingdom--Staithes--A ghost of a young girl is seen on the cliffs where she was killed when the cliffs fell away.

United Kingdom--London--British Museum--Exhibit 22542 is an Egyptian mummy case, before it arrived it was supposed to have caused 13 deaths. One of the people moving it got a fatal cut, but no sharp edge could have caused it. Any photographs taken of it came back blank and the photographers mysteriously die.

United Kingdom--Scotland--Glamis Castle--No collection of haunted sites could be complete without this beautiful Scottish castle. It has many ghosts that include the sounds of phantom men shouting in an empty room.

United Kingdom--Scotland--Stirling Castle-- featured on "Sightings" "The Ghost Report". This castle is over 500 years old. There are far too many ghosts in this place. Most of these ghosts are found in the tollbooth {torture chamber} all of these ghosts meet a violent death.

United Kingdom--Scotland--Culloden Battlefield--Visitors to this bed and breakfast on the battlefield property have yearly heard the mournful tune played by a piper who died on the property of wounds sustained in battle.

United Kingdom--Rep. of Ireland--Wicklow Mountains--The Hellfire Club--This was a gentleman's club in the 18th century, it is said that one night a group of bored young gentlemen made a pact with the devil, there have been scores of claims of sightings, and sounds of young men screaming in agony, some have even testified to feeling the presence of the devil himself.

North Carolina--Asheville--Reed House--The sounds of pool being played can be heard.

North Carolina--Asheville--The Biltmore estate-is said to be haunted by a lady in black. Employees report hearing footsteps on the second floor. {I have had a personal experience with this and it's true}

Oklahoma--Belle Isle Station in Oklahoma City--off the northeast expressway is an old power planet where the underground levels have filled up with water. Several teenagers have pried there way into the building and fallen through the floors and drowned. You can hear sloshing noises coming up from the floor sometimes, but the main thing is that you can see a girl looking down to you from the third floor window; she walks back and forth showing herself through four windows, there is no third floor anymore, it collapsed about 15 years ago

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