Shape shifting

One night during meditation I sat down and I had a break through in the thought that perhaps it could be possible that physical shape shifting could be possible but we, as countless years of being hunted down and destroyed by those that fear to have actually forgotten how to physically shape shift. I have done some research to prove the fact that it could be possible to still physical shape shift but it is not as hard as one might thing. You don't wake up one morning and think or able to, to those that practice it takes a life time and sometimes many live times to actually physically shape shift into something other than human. You can take from what you wish but I am beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, that we have merely forgotten have to shape shift and that it is possible through many years of practice to shift into that of another being. As I use to look upon physical shape shifting from the view point of modern medicine I begin to understand my error.

I think just like the modern world and I have forgotten all about the truth of the nature that it is entirely possible but as mentioned it takes years of practice that people do succeed at doing it. There are reports all throughout history of people being able to shift into another creature. But over time of people being burned alive, tortured and other forms of destructive wakes all because they were a part of the werewolf, vampyre or other religion section they were burned and tortured thus sending people into hiding from who and what they really were. After I woke from meditation I came to do this research and thereof this page contains info to prove my theory that it could be possible for actual physical shape shifting and it took me awhile to come to this conclusion because I was always focused on modern and not olden ways.


Forms of Shape shifting

Here are some of the many kinds of Shape shifting. Lots of weres can shape shift (or just 'shift') in the ways described below, with the exception of physical shifting most of these are quite common. That is not to say everyone can do all of them or even any of the them, but they are the most talked about in the community.


Astral shifting is where one changes 'shape', i.e. shifts into an animal body or mind on the 'astral plane'. This is higher plane of consciousness and it can take a lot of work to reach.


Some believe all living things have an aura, a kind of energy field that surrounds us and is generated by our 'life energy'. Perhaps in the same way anything electrical creates and electromagnetic field. An aura shift is where someone believes or feels this energy field has changed shape to that of their were animal.


Dream shifting can be either lucid (very vivid kind of dream where you have control and you know you are dreaming) or otherwise. These kinds of shifts can be involuntary but it is also possible to learn to induce them using meditation.


Again this kind of shift can be voluntary or involuntary, though the latter is usually the most common. A mental shift is where you being to think and/or behave more like your animal spirit. It can be anything from a change of mood to one which has an animalistic feel to it, to completely losing control of oneself as the animal side of you takes control of your actions and thoughts.

'Near Physical'

This is a rather strange kind of shift, where one feels as if one is about to physically shift, there may be tingling sensations, aching in finger tips, jaws and so on.


This is where your mind mentally shape shifts your body while you are conscious, in this state you will feel as if you are in your were animal's body even when you know you are not. Weres often notice the sensation of having a phantom tail or muzzle (phenotype specific of course).


What you see in the movies, well perhaps. I have never seen a were physically transform before my eyes, though I have heard of it happening. While I find it unlikely that anyone would shift into a muscle bound Hollywood style monster, it is presumable that some form of hybrid form would not be too far off some anthromorthic projections from movies and animations. Many favor the complete shift though, where your body completely takes upon the shape of your were animal.


A sense shift is where your senses, usually hearing and the sense of smell become heightened above what would seem a normal human level. These can also be experienced as becoming more acutely aware of the environment that the shifter is in.


While I mainly use the word 'were animal', many weres do have multiple phenotypes, and it is possible to shift where there are two or more animal personalities, though they are more frequently seen individually rather than together.

Shape shifting

From the earliest of recorded histories, numerous cultures and societies have passed along the belief in shape shifting. Shamans of all spiritual beliefs have practiced shape shifting (also known as transmorphing) for millennia. Holy men and women from cultures as diverse as the Druids of ancient Ireland and Britain, to nearly every tribe of North and South American Indian, have ceremonies and rituals designed to elicit the shape shifting experience.

Shape shifting will generally be sought in one of two different forms, that of spiritual shifting, or that of shifting the actual physical shape, yet it is physical shape shifting that most Shamans will spend a lifetime learning and striving to attain.

Spiritual transmorphing is the process of seeking to merge with a particular Animal Totem on the soul level, so that a complete union of souls might be experienced. The purpose behind this form of ~shifting~ is multifarious, as the participant seeks to both honor the Creature Being with whom the shifting is sought, as well as to align with the Medicine of that particular Animal Spirit. Equally, guidance may be received from the Totem whilst the spiritual transmorphing takes place, that may assist the two-legged through their journey around the Sacred Hoop of Life.

For the Shaman who has been taught (and has the innate ability) to physically shape shift, the experience is not only one of a spiritual nature, but culminates in the two-legged physically transforming his/her body into that of a chosen Creature Being. Lifetimes are often devoted to this practice, and often without reaping the sought for result. Yet when one has truly attained the Gift of Shifting Shape, thanks and honor are always offered to the Creature Being whose shape the Shaman assumes. Physical shape shifting brings the participant into complete alignment with the Medicine of the Totem. The shape shifter is then able to see all dimensions and realms experientially through the eyes of a particular Totem.

Shape shifting is an integral part of the Celtic Shamanic experience. The great Amergin had to commune and fuse his consciousness with the totality of Ireland in order to help the Milesians to conquer it.

I am the wind that blows across the sea;
I am a wave of the deep;
I am the roar of the ocean;
I am the stag of seven battles;
I am a hawk on the cliff;
I am a ray of sunlight;
I am the greenest of plants;
I am a wild boar;
I am a salmon in the river;
I am a lake on the plain;
I am the word of knowledge;
I am the point of a spear;
I am the lure beyond the ends of the earth;
I can shift my shape like a god.

- from the Song of Amergin

The ability to be simultaneously a part of many realities and existence is at the heart of the shamanic experience. The Celtic shaman deliberately seeks to take on the shape of another animal or being in order to call upon the power within the entity for healing or instruction. The ability of the shaman to send his or her own consciousness into the consciousness of another being and then return to one's own self is integral to the shaman's journey.

The Welsh bard Taliesin, often said to be the father of Celtic shamanism, also alluded to Shape shifting when he claimed:

I have been in many shapes:
I have been a narrow blade of a sword;
I have been a drop in the air;
I have been a shining star;
I have been a word in a book;
I have been an eagle;
I have been a boat on the sea;
I have been a string on a harp;
I have been enchanted for a year in the foam of water.
There is nothing in which I have not been.

- Taliesin

Taliesin was also known to have transformed himself into many other forms and guises in his attempt to escape the Goddess Ceridwen after imbibing of the brew of inspiration and wisdom.

The Totem Beasts

In shamanic traditions, all people are guarded and watched over by a totem beast, which joins them at the time of their birth. In addition to this totem animal, which can remain with a person throughout their life, the shamanic practitioner acquires additional power animals at different times. These animal spirits serve as guides and spirit helpers. They may come of their own bidding, or may be called specifically because of their innate skills. In some cases the shaman draws upon the strength, the speed or the intuition of a particular animal, or the sharpness of the animals senses. In other situations the animal may tell the shaman things which the shaman cannot see for his or herself.

At earlier times in our existence on this earth, mankind and the animal kingdom where much closer in relations (living proximity,) and in understanding. As our society has become more and more mechanized, we have lost much of our sense of kinship with our animal brethren. The shaman is trained to retain this understanding through his or her association with the spirit realm, and with the particular spirits that represent the many species of the animal world.

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