Seasons of the Witch

These are the Sabbats.

Dec. 20 - 23 (varies)
Yule - Winter Solstice - Alban Arthuran
Theme/Deities/Symbols: Longest night of the year. Rebirth of the Sun.
Death of the Holly King, birth of the Oak King, Sun/Son Gods, Sun Goddesses.
Yule tree or log, holly, mistletoe.
Colors: gold - white - red - green

Feb. 2
Imbolc - Oimelc - Candlemas - Feast of the Waxing Light - Feast of Flames -
Laa'l Breeshey, Brigid, Brigantia, La Feill Bhride
Theme/Deities/Symbols: Growing light promises spring. Purification,
Initiation. Brigid, goddess of inspiration, healing, and smithcraft.
Invincible flame burning forever. New fire in hearth, candles, crown of light, Brigid's bed.
Colors: red - white

March 20 - 23 (varies)
Ostara - Spring Equinox - Eostre
Theme/Deities/Symbols: Equal balance of day and night. The arrival of
Spring. Fertility. Ostara, goddess of dawn and fertility. Moon hares, colored eggs, and baskets.
Colors: silver - green - lavender

April 30
Beltane - May Eve - Walpurgis Night
Theme/Deities/Symbols: The Sacred Marriage. Desire, sensuality. Passion.
Bel and Maia, Flora, Kore. Balefires, May poles, May gads (wands), flower garlands.
Colors: green - rainbow

June 20 - 23 (varies)
Litha - Summer Solstice - Midsummer's Eve
Themes/Deities/Symbols: Longest day of the year. Sun at height of power.
Oak King dies, Holly King is born. Arinna, Bast, Grainne; Shamash, Ra,
Helios. Sun symbols, fireworks, Catherine wheels.
Colors: gold - green

August 1
Lughnassad - Lunasa - Lammas - August Eve - First Harvest
Themes/Deities/Symbols: Harvest. Willing sacrifice of the Sun.
Transformation of Sun's energy into food. Lugh. Loaves of bread, corn dollies.
Colors: yellow - dark green

Sept 20 - 23
Mabon - Fall Equinox - Second Harvest
Themes/Deities/Symbols: Balance of light and darkness. Abundance.
Thanksgiving. Demeter, Tammuz. Feasting, cornucopia.
Colors: yellow - orange - brow

Oct. 31
Samhain - Hallows - November Eve - Third Harvest - Feile na Marbh - Feast of the Dead
Themes/Deities/Symbols: Final Harvest. Death. End of the Year. Contact with the dear departed. Divination. Rest and reflection. Dark Lord and
Lady. Scythes, bones, jack - o - lantern, dark mirror.
Colors: black - flame

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