The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells
By Judika Illies

Spell casting using powers of the element In Western magic and philosophy, earth’s power is traditionally broken down into four components, known as elements, air, earth, fire and water. Air and fire are traditionally considered male or yang energy while earth and water are most typically perceived as female or yin. Life springs from earth and water but air and fire are necessary to spark the process. Healthy magic powers derives from the harmonious balance of these elements. From a magical standpoint, the power of each element is unique, specific and alive. Depending upon the purpose of your spell, one element maybe invoked or emphasized over the others. Power also derives from the inter play between the elements. Power is enhanced when the elements intermingle and form a threshold. Steam emerges from the marriage of water and fire, for instance, and is a potent force for spiritual cleansing and protection. Individuals are influenced by these elements too. One or more elements will predominate in every individual’s natural astrological chart and will thus influence not only their character but also the type of magic spell, which usually appears most to that individual and is most accessible. I have listed the elements affiliations of the astrological signs below, however an accurate gauge can only be received from a complete birth chart. Someone who is Taurus, an earth sign, but who have five other planets in a water sign in a very watery person, despite their sun sign. The elements are easily understood if one considers their qualities.


Air serves as a transmitter and a messenger. Because magic (and some school of higher physics) asserts that nothing that exists truly disappears, to say that something “vanishes into thin air” is meant very literally when discussing magic spells. Candles that access the power of fire also summon the power of air” what is burned disappears into the air. Air is associated with astral travel: witches fly through the air even if the journey is accomplished with dreams or visions. Air is considered a masculine, yang energy. Fragrance is the language of air. Word charms also draw up in air power air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Earth is our battery and generator, providing capacity for growth and solidity. Earth is a particularly important element for those journeying into magical realms because earth provides stability, reality and gravity. Magicians should spend time in the garden, even if not gardening, and barefoot whenever possible. If this is not appealing, play with real day (not synthetic), or make mud pies like a child. Got to the spa and take a mud bath. Earth is considered a feminine, yin power. Earth is magical power is accessed throughout the botanical that are rooted in earth, figures formed from clay and dirt itself as in graveyard dirt or crossroads dirt. Earth signs: Taurus, Virgos, Capricorn


Fire is the most independent of elements, defying all illusions of human control. Fire heals, energizes, cleanses and purifies. Fire is transfomative and must always be treated with respect. Although you can get into trouble with any element (think floods, mudslides, tornadoes) fire is commonly the most dangerous. I cannot emphasize enough :never assume that because you’re engaged in magical or spiritual acts that common-sense fire safety does not also apply. Fire is never completely safe. Be vigilant. Fire is masculine, yang energy Candles are the most popular form of fire magic. Magical bonfires and lamps, are also lit. magic mirrors are sometimes used to access fire’s transformative (and potentially destructive) powers. Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Water element most affiliated with magic. Water is where life originates, not just as an abstract concept or in banishing theory, but literally for each of us energy from our mother’s amniotic sacs. Water spells are conducted in the bathtub and at the seashore. Water spells include those incorporating lunar charged water, magically charged water and captured rain water. Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire and water, extreme yang and yin, are a matched pair, leaving earth and air paired with each other. Like yin/yang forces un general, the elements don’t exist in mutual exclusivity. Magic may be performed with only one element (an air magical word charm) but is most frequently a combination of 20 or more forces. For instance, incense combines botanical power (earth) with fire to produce fragrant smoke (air). A complex spell that involves dressing a candle with botanical oil and then burning it while you’re bathing in a magical infusion combines all four elements simultaneously. This grouping of the four elements of air, fire, water and earth is the traditionally western system and is the one most commonly shared by magical traditions. However, it is not the only system: Chinese magic traditionally counts five elements. Although metal is important in most other traditions, too, Chinese philosophy emphasizes that importance by counting metal as one of the elements, alongside and equal to the western four. Jewish magic traditionally counts three elements air (or ether) is considered so ubiquitous that it doesn’t need to be counted as an element. Therefore only water, earth and fire are recognized as elements. Casting spells incorporating the power of metal Although magic is its modern form stems from the discovery of metal and smith craft, metal today is an under-utilized modern magical material. Perhaps this reflects ancient taboos on the material and the role of the blacksmith. Each metal, like each stone or botanical, projects a specific magical energy, although as there are fewer metals than the vast qualities of botanical or crystals, it’s easier to sum up these powers.

Brass: protection, love Copper: love, healing Gold: wealth, vitality Lead: domination, binding ( the most frequent material for curse tablets) Silver: protection, fertility Tin: wealth, luck, divination The most powerful magical metal, however, and among the most magically charged of all materials on earth is iron. Iron The metal most associated with magic, worldwide, is iron.

Because iron is not found in its pure state except as a meteorite, it was known as the metal of heaven and perceived as a gift from sacred powers. Meteors were carved into presentations of deities, the original cult statue housed inside the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, one of the ancient world’s seven wonders was carved from a meteorite. The most sacred representation of the goddess Kybele was an uncut meteor., believed by many to remain buried under the foundation of Saint Peter’s Bailica, which was built over her Roman Temple. Iron provides power and protection. Magically speaking iron is reputed to restore health, provide vitality, both physical and psychic and cure impotence, malevolent spirits are invariably frightened of iron: it repels them and chases them away. Iron boxes protect magical tools the way a lead blanket protects a person during the x-ray process.

Because iron is the metal of truth, traditionally in areas of Africa, and perhaps in some areas still, people would swear on iron in the way that other swears on the Bible or Koran. One of the simplest protective spells involves placing an iron knife or tool under one’s pillow, not to serve as already weapon, but to offer spiritual protection while you sleep. With the exception of menstrual blood, no single item is more associated with magic than iron.

In fact the two powers, menstrual blood and iron are intrinsically linked. While other metals, like stones, may be perceived as earth’s bones, iron ore is regarded as earth’s menstrual blood. Despite or because if its great power, iron is a dangerous, volatile element. Iron is used for healing, in magical ritual and also through surgery, dentistry, acupuncture and any field of medicine that requires metal tools. It is also an instrument of death: knives and guns wounds can kill.

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