Dragonball Z: Time Line By Greg Werner

On the first day Kami created the dragon balls.

From planet Vegeta, to earth, onto the afterlife, earth again, then to Namek, back to earth, in the afterlife again, and into the depths of space only to return to earth again. That’s basically Goku’s life in Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. Pretty confusing, huh? It’s even harder to keep tab on what’s happening when. That’s why we’re proud to bring you a time line covering all major events from pre-Dragonball to Dragonball GT. Please keep in mind that although the years do ad here to B.C. and A.D., dragonball doesn’t take place on our earth.

· Over 100 million years B.C.—the earliest King Kai is thought to exist.
· Just after 5 million years B.C.—the evil magician Bibidi creates Majin Buu. Buu leads a reign of terror across the universe, ending only when he consumes four of the five great gods.
· 4237 B.C.—Garlic Junior’s ancestors migrate to earth from their home, the Devil Planet.
· 739 B.C.—Jadoushin becomes the Princess of Snakeway and builds her palace next to it.
· Approximately 238 B.C.—the Legendary Super Saiyan appears and wreaks havoc across the universe.
· Approximately 250 B.C.—Baba begins her fortune-telling business.
· 261 A.D.—King Yama travels across Snakeway to get training from King Kai. Princess Snake meets him and falls in love.------------Violent storms wreak havoc on the planet Namek and destroy the life-giving plants. Kattatsu sends his son Piccolo to the planet earth in order to save the child’s young life, but the violent storms stop, and no one follows the young Namekian…
· 430 A.D.—Master Roshi is born
· 431—Piccolo becomes Kami’s apprentice.
· 459—General Tao is born.
· 461—Garlic assaults Kami for not choosing him as his successor. Kami crushes the rebellion and seals away Garlic. Piccolo becomes the new Kami and his dark-half leaves his body forming Piccolo Daimaou, the Great Demon King. Daimaou leads a reign of terror but is sealed in the Denshi Jar by Master Roshi’s trainer Master Mutaito.
· Approximately 550—the first saiyans land on planet plant in a mysterious spaceship.
· 650—May 7th—the first Tenkaichi Budoukai takes place
· 658—Grandpa Gohan is born
· 715—the great Emperor Pilaf is born.
· 720-730—the saiyans unite and begin a war against the Tuffles to gain control of Planet Plant. The Tuffles are finally defeated and the saiyans rename the planet, Vegeta. They adapt Tuffles technology and travel through space to meet other races. Along with the Tuffle casualities is the brilliant scientist, Dr. Raichi.
· 730—General Tao begins his life-long career as a free-lance assassian.
· 731—the saiyans begin their partnership with Frieza and King Vegeta marries his wife.
· 732—Prince Vegeta is born.
· 733—Bulma, Yamcha and Tien are born.
· 735—Frieza begins to get a ‘bad feeling’ about the saiyans
· 736—Krillin is born
· 737—Chichi is born to the Ox-king and his wife. Unfortunately Chichi’s mother dies shortly after the birth.--------------------------King Vegeta revolts against Frieza and fails.-------------------------A low class saiyan warrior makes the final stand against Frieza, the villain destroys Planet Vegeta. Despite his valiant effort, the warrior, Bardock, is killed.-------------------------The son of a low-class warrior is born. Seen as a failure and rejected by his father, the low-class saiyan is sent to a weak planet in the northern galaxy. The saiyan’s birth name is…Kakarot.
· 738—Goku hits his head on the rocks at the bottom of a waterfall. He loses all his memories and becomes a normal boy.
· 739—the Ox-King and his daughter Chichi are trapped outside their castle when a fire spirit ignites the mountain where their castle stood. Ox-King becomes angry and hostile.
· 740—Oolong is born and Krillin begins his training at the Orinji Temple.------------Baby creates Dr. Myuu for the sole purpose that he can be properly reborn. Baby programs Myuu to construct Ruudo and all the other Machine Mutants.
· 747—Yamcha meets Puar and the two becomes best friends.
· 749—April—Bulma starts Senior High School in Western City
· Sometime in 749—Bulma finds the 2-star dragon ball in her basement.
· 749—August 22nd—Bulma discovers the 5-star dragon ball in a Northern Cave.
· 749—September 1st—While searching for the dragon balls Bulma runs into a little boy named Goku. Finding that the boy is really strong, she decides to let him tag along as a bodyguard. She also takes the boy’s 4-star dragon ball for ‘safe-keeping’.
· 749—September 2nd—Goku and Bulma meet Master Roshi and he gives them the 3-star dragon ball.
· 749—September 5th—Goku stops the reign of Oolong the ‘horrible’ and in return gets the 6-star dragon ball.
· 749—September 6th—Goku meets Yamcha for the first time and they battle. The fight ends in an abrupt draw when Yamcha sees Bulma and freezes.
· 749—September 9th—Goku beats Yamcha.------------------Master Roshi uses the kamehameha to extinguish the blaze on Fire Mountain. Unfortunately the beam is too powerful and destroys the mountain. However, the 7-star dragon ball is found in the castle’s debris.------------------At 12 noon, Goku sends Boss Rabbit and his thugs to the moon as punishment.-------------------Later in the day, Shao and Mai finally succeed in stealing Bulma’s dragon balls, but fortunately they forgot about Goku’s.---------------Emperor Pilaf summons the eternal dragon late that night, but this wish for world domination is ruined by Oolong. Even later that evening, Goku looks at the full moon and transforms into his monkey state and destroys Pilaf castle.
· 749—September 10th—Goku and Krillin are accepted as Master Roshi’s pupils when they retrive a so-ca;;ed maid for the old man. Master Roshi packs up his house and moves to an island that will suit his pupil’s special training.
· 749—September 11th—Master Roshi, Lunch and Krillin spend the day in bed due to food poisoning they contracted by eatting puffer fish. Goku who was punished with no dinner, is perfectly fine.
· 749—September 12th—Goku and Krillin start their training with Master Roshi at 4:30 Am. Their training includes delivering milk swimming, plowing fields and constructoin work all with a special twist of course. They will spend the next 8 months performing these routines daily.
· 750—April 16th—Goku and Krillin increase the weight of the turle shells they wear on their backs to 40 kilograms (about 392 lbs)
· 750—May 6th—Master Roshi, Goku and Krillin leave the Kame House to participate in the 21st world’s martial arts tournament.
· 750—May 7th—The suspicious Jackie Chun wins the tournament, only barely defeating Goku.---------------------Goku, the Red Ribbon Army, and Emperor Pilaf all try to gain control of the 6-star dragon ball. In the end, Red Ribbon gets it from Pilaf’s flying base, and also retrieve the 5-star dragon ball.-------------Goku and Chichi meet again in the Ox-King’s new village.
· 750—May 8th—In just one day, Goku defeats the Red Ribbon Army’s Northern Strong-hold, Muscle Tower, along with its leaders.
· 750—May 9th—at 11:02 AM. Bulma finishes repairs Goku’s broken radar.----------Goku and Blue Shogun have an aerial battle above Penguin Village. After seeing some familiar faces, Arale-chan beats up Blue Shogun all by herself.-----------General Tao kills Blue Shogun with only his tongue proof of his skill to the Red Ribbon army’s commander-in-chief, Red Leader. Later that day General Tao beats Goku to the point of death and kills Upa’s father, Bora. Later when Goku recovers, he begins climbing Korin Tower.
· 750—May 10th—Goku finally reaches to the top of Korin Tower and tries to get the Super Holy Water from the cat deity.
· 750—May 12th—Finally, Goku retrieves the Super Holy water and find it’s just plain water. Goku kills General Tao at the base of Korin Tower and single-handedly destroys the Red Ribbon Army. In the late afternoon Goku is reunited with his dead grandpa Gohan at Baba’s fighting arena.
· Between 750 & 753—Goku starts his new training to run around the world.---------Goku saves Chao village from the menace of Ginkako and Kingaku.--------Goku meets Chintaiken and fights Tenron in the Gozen-Jiai contest.---------Goku enters the demon world and fights the Lord of the Deomons, Shura.----------Goku gives Inshikachou and meets the evil Tien and his partner in crime Chiaotzu.
· 753—May 5th—nearing the end of his journet, Goku swims to Papaya island where the 22nd tournament will begin.
· 753—May 7th—the 22nd tournament begins and in the end Tien wins but befriends Goku by seeing the evil of his ways during battle. But after the tournament, Krillin is killed and Piccolo Daimaou appears.
· 753—May 9th—after much hardship Goku finally kills Piccolo Daimaou, taking revenge for all his deceased friends. But before Daimaou dies, he spits out an egg containing his son, Piccolo. After this Goku travels to Kami’s tower to receive training for the next 3 years from Mr. Popo and Kami.
· 756—May 7th—the 23rd tournament begins.-----------Goku becomes engaged to Chichi during their match even if he doesn’t entirely understand the concept of marriage.-------Goku defeats Piccolo and wins the tournament for the 1st time.
· 757—Sometime in May—Gohan is born to Goku and Chichi
· From 760-770—Dr Myuu finds the alien being Rirudo and transforms him into Machine Mutant Shogun Rirudo. Rirudo uses his great powers to complete the construction of planet M2. All of the machine mutants begin to gather engery to be absorbed by Baby.
· 761—Goku, Piccolo and Gohan battle Garlic Jr. Gohan uses his hidden power to send him into the Dead Zone.
· 761 October 12th—the evil saiyan Raditz appears on earth to employ his brother Goku. Goku sacrifices himself by holding Raditz in place while Piccolo kills the evil saiyan with his special attack.----------The saiyans Vegeta and Nappa stop by a small planet named Arlia and destroy it for fun. They return to their pods and enter cold sleep. In one year they will arrive on earth.-----------Gohan falls into some ancient ruins and meets an ornery excavation robot. During a cave-in the robot sacrifices itself to save Gohan and Gohan becomes more mature.-----Yamcha is playing professional baseball.--------Gohan becomes homesick and tries to run home after meeting a group of orphans whose parents were killed by a tsunami, he regains his courage and retuens home.
· 762—Some time in March—Krillin, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, Tien and Yajirobe are being trained at Kami’s Palace.
· 762—April 29th—Goku arrives at King Kai’s planet.
· 762—May 9th—Goku finally catches bubbles
· 762—May 23rd—Goku bops Gregory on the head with King Kai’s hammer
· 762—Sometime in May—Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha make a spiritual journey to the old Planet Vegeta. They are easily killed by two weak saiyans. They awaken to find out it was a fantasy and they become determinded to train harder.
· 762—November 2nd—Goku is resurrected after having completed his training under King Kai.
· 762—November 3rd—the evil saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa arrive on earth. Nappa makes his arrival known by killing an entire city.-------------Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha face off against the saiyans.----------In the end of the battle Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien, Piccolo and Nappa are dead. Vegeta leaves the planet to heal his wounds.-----------A micro-sized robot made to look like a ladybug is deployed by Dr. Gero to collect blood samples from the warriors.
· 762—November 4th—Gohan, Krillin and Goku are hospitalized in East City Hospital.
· 762—November 7th—Krillin and Gohan are released from the hospital.
· 762—November 9th—the reconstruction of Kami’s spaceship is completed.
· 762—November 14th—Bulma completes her lessons in the Namekian language. Gohan, Krillin and Bulma blast off for planet Namek.
· 762—November 21st—Vegeta lands on Frieza planet # 79
· 762—December 13th—Vegeta’s injuries are completely healed. He leaves immediately for planet Namek.
· 762—December 18th—Vegeta, Cui, Bulma, Gohan and Krillin land on planet Namek.--------Goku leaves for Namek.--------Dende takes Krillin to meet Guru.-------Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha and Chaiotzu arrive at King Kai’s planet and begin their training.-------Goku’s ship gets caught in the gravity of Star Alpha HZ but he’s able to escape by using a powerful kamehameha.
· 762—December 19th—Zarbon takes Vegeta’s battered body to Frieza’s ship to heal him.
· 762—December 20th—Vegeta faces Zarbon again and kills him.------Krillin takes Gohan to meet Guru.-------By Frieza’s orders, the Ginyu Force’s mission to Yardart is delayed. They head for Namek immediately.
· 762—December 23rd—Goku completes his 100g training.
· 762—December 24th—the Ginyu Force is destroyed. -------Piccolo is revived and Krillin is killed.-----Goku becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan and defeats Frieza.-------The planet Namek explodes.
· 763—May 3rd—Krillin and Yamcha are revived by the Namekian dragonballs.
· 763—September 9th—Tien and Chiaotzu are revived by the Namekian dragon balls.------the refugee Namekians are transported to “New Namek” by the 3rd wish to the Namekian dragon.
· 763—sometime in October—after 5,000 years the Devil planet approaches the earth and Garlic Jr. is freed from his dead zone prison. However, he is again defeated by Gohan and trapped forever in the dead zone when the devil planet is destroyed, taking away his power source.
· Exact date unknown—Cell arrives in the present via Trunk’s Time Machine. He leaves his egg and digs underground to absorb nutrients. ------Frieza’s cyborg body is completed.
· 764—sometime in August—Trunks arrives in the present and kills cyborg Frieza and his father King Cold. ------Goku returns to earth.
· Exact date unknown—Vegeta undergoes gravity training and becomes a super saiyan. -----a mild relationship begins to form between Vegeta and Bulma.----Goku and Piccolo attend driving classes to get their driver’s license. ---------Coola arrives on earth and is supposed killed by SSJ Goku.
· 766—Trunks is born.
· 767—Goten is born.
· 767—May 7th—the 24th tournament takes place, Hercule is the winner.
· 767—May 12th—all of the arificial humans appear. Later that day Cell makes his presence known.-----------Kami and Piccolo combine. Piccolo is now terporarily the strongest.------Goku suffers from his viral heart condition.------the present day Cell is destroyed in Dr. Gero’s underground lab by Krillin and Trunks.
· 767—May 15th—Goku’s heart virus is cured by Trunks medicine.-----Vegeta and Trunks enters the Room of Spirit and Time in Kami’s Palace.
· 767—May 16th—Cell first reaches his 2nd stage by absorbing #17 and later on achieves his perfect form by absorbing # 18.-------Goku and Gohan enter the Room of Spirit and Time to train.
· 767—May 17th—Cell announces the Cell Games over World TV.-------Goku and Gohan exit the Room of Spirit and Time. Piccolo enters it by himself.
· 767—May 18th—Piccolo exits the Room of Spirit and Time. Vegeta enters it by himself. ---------------Gohan saves Lime’s village.
· 767—May 19th—Goku and his family go on a picnic. ------At noon Cell destroys the Royal Army. -------Dende becomes the new Kami. ------Vegeta leaves the Room of Spirit and Time. Trunks enters it by himself.
· 767—May 20th—Trunks exits the Room of Spirit and Time.
· 767—May 26th—At noon the Cell Games begin. ----Goku dies by sacrificing his life to save earth when Cell Explodes. ---Gohan completely destroys Cell.
· 767—May 27th—Goku’s funeral. ---Trunks returns to the future.
· 767—Between May and June—Goku visits the Grand Kai’s planet and meets Grand Kai. -------Goku participates in the Heaven’s tournament being held in ‘honor’ of North Kai’s death. He battles Pikkon in the final round but the battle ends in a ‘double disqualification’. --------Chibi Trunks takes his first step. -----A documentary is broadcast on TV highlighting the life of Mr. Satan.
· 768—Doll Tokii is employed by Dr. Myuu to start absorbing energy to awaken the machine muntant Ruudo. Doll Tokii starts his work on Planet Ruudo.
· 770—Krillin and # 18 get married.
· 771—Marron is born to Krillin and # 18.
· 773—Kaioushin and Kibito travel to earth to search for the sphere that contains Majin Buu.
· 774—March 28th—Gohan finishes the 1st grade level requirements for Orange Star High School.
· 774—April 7th—A Sighting of the Golden Haired soldier in Satan City. ------Gohan enters the 2nd grade level at Orange Star High School. Here he meets Videl, the daughter of Mr. Satan.------At 3 PM Gohan meets Bulma and asks her to invent a disguise suit for him so he can fight crime secretly. At 5 PM she finishes. -----The Great Saiyaman appears for the first time.
· 774—April 18th—Videl discovers that Gohan is the Great Saiyaman.------Southern and King Kais’ check out Goku’s training.
· 774—April 10th—Vegeta is surprised when he find out that his own son can turn SSJ.
· 774—April 20th— Videl masters the art of flying.
· 774—May 7th—the 25th tournament begins. ------Goku returns to life for one day to compete in the tournament. -------Majin Buu appears. Vegeta sacrifices his life in an effort to kill Buu, but fails. ----Buu kills Babidi. -----Due to the energy used while SSJ3, Goku must return to the afterlife early. ------Gohan mistakenly frees Rou Kaioushin from the Z sword, and his magical powerup ceremony begins.
· 774—May 8th—Buu kills almost every human. ----Piccolo, Gotenks and Gohan are absorbed by Super Buu. -------Rou Kaioushin gives Goku his life. ----Baba helps Vegeta return to earth. -----Porunga restores the earth. ---Vegeta’s life is restored when all ‘good’ people who died on earth were wished back to life. -------Goku destroys Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb.
· 774—September 7th—Shenron erases everyone’s memories of Majin Buu.
· 778—May 7th—The 26th tournament takes place. Mr. Satan is the winner and Mr. Buu comes in 2nd place.
· 779—Pan is born to Gohan and Videl.
· 780—Bra is born to Vegeta and Bulma.
· 781—the 27th tournament takes place once again Mr. Satan wins and Mr. Buu comes in 2nd place.
· 784—the 28th tournament takes place. Goku leaves with Uubu to train him at Kami’s Palce.
· 789—Goku, Pan and Trunks blast off into outerspace in search of the dark star dragon balls. -----After 9 months the gang meets Baby for the first time. ----Baby is outnumbered. So he flees to earth where he takes control of almost every human and plants himself in Vegeta. ----Goku reaches SSJ4. ---- A titanic battle ensues for the fate of the people of earth. Baby is finally defeated and blasted into the son.

Although many other events transpire, their dates are unknown at this time.

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