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Wolf's Rain



Translation: Fang

Kiba's a loner who started off by looking for his purpose. When he first met Hige, Kiba is in his white wolf form. Hige convinces him to take on a human form because humans are scared of wolves. He has a lot of pride as a wolf, but after the conversation he realizes that he might get killed if he stays as a wolf. From this point on, Hige joins him in looking for rakuen and finding Cheza.

He often acts on instinct and is willing to go as far as risking his life and putting others in danger just to protect Cheza. Kiba keeps his distance from the other wolves especially Tsume. They come to trust each other later, but in the beginning they have a lot of conflicting opinions. There isn't much interaction with Toboe other than they travel together.


Translation: Claw

When Tsume is first introduced, he is shown to be living with the humans. He runs a group of thieves that steal food from the nobles. Tsume doesn't like humans, but he just sees them as a way to survive. He joins Kiba in their journey because there's nothing left for him in the town.

At first, Tsume is cold to the other wolves, but he grows as he realizes they have to trust each other. He often watches over Toboe to make sure he doesn't get into trouble.


Translation: Whiskers

Hige is the one who has a clear mind and thinks about the situation before acting. Not much is known about Hige before he meets Kiba. There isn't a strong reason why he goes on the journey other than to leave the city. He also has a thing for chasing after girls. ;)


Translation: Howling

Toboe gets along with others well and doesn't mind humans. When he was young, he lived with an older woman until she died. After that, he wandered the streets in search of food.

He's the youngest of the wolves and the most up-beat. Toboe trails after Tsume a lot even though Tsume thinks he can be annoying.


Blue used to live with Quent and his family in the small town of Curious. After it was burnt down, Quent took his dog Blue to hunt down wolves. Blue was Yaiden's faithful dog until she happened to glimpse Cheza. That encounter awakened the wolf's blood within her.


Cheza is the flower girl who was created in a research lab by the Darcia family. She has a strong bond with the wolves and can feel their presence. The legend says that the flower of the moon will lead the wolves to paradise and the current world will end.

Other than the wolves, Cher Degre and the research scientists wish to observe Cheza and find paradise for themselves. Nobles fight each other just so they can obtain Cheza and fulfill their own selfish reasons.

.:Cher Degre:.

Cher is a research scientist who devoted her life to studying and observing Cheza. She spends most of her time at work and has little time to be at home. This caused the divorce from husband Hubb Lebowski. She knows more than the other scientists about the legend and takes matters into her own hands.

.:Hubb Lebowski:.

Hubb is a police investigator who was married to Cher Degre. He still loves her even though they divorced. Hubb doesn't believe the legends about wolves, but gets pulled into the adventure by looking for Cher.

.:Quent Yaiden:.

Quent is often seen drinking at a bar or hunting down wolves. He travels with his dog Blue and looks for an opportunity to get revenge for the burning of his town. He also seems to be the only one with the unusual talent to see through the disguise of the wolves' human forms.


Darcia is the third in the family and has a very mysterious past. He is a noble and seems to know the most about Cheza and the legend. He and Harmona lived together in 'Paradise' before a curse made Harmona deathly ill. Now he seeks Cheza's help to restore what once was.


Harmona fell deathly ill due to a curse and now withers away.


One of the Mon-tribe who leads the pack into his village. He's a kind hearted man who believes in wolves and that all living creatures can live together peacefully.

Inspector Lebowski

Dr. Degre's ex-husband who has taken an interest in the unusual circumstances surrounding the potential wolf sightings. His ulterior motive may be to get his ex back.


A kind hearted girl with a love for animals who gave a hungry wolf Toboe some food. He then revealed his true wolf nature to her after accidently killing her bird.

Mon-tribe Elder

The Elder who explains the legend of this world to the pack.


Myu is a girl Kiba meets in a meadow in episode 19. She also is an animal, though not a wolf, and asks him to stay with her forever.


Wolf's Rain takes place in a future that has many parts of the world that are either dead or decaying. Life is a precious thing and there is no safe place to live. Cities aren't a common thing to come by and are protected by domes. It is said that before the world ends, the wolves will lead everyone to "Paradise". Very few people believe this because wolves have been extinct for 200 years now.

The wolves have the ability to project their image as a human. This image is what humans see if the wolves don't want to show their true form. Only Quent Yaiden isn't fooled by this, and makes it his goal to kill all the remaining wolves.

The Flower Maiden has begun to call the wolves and draw their attention. Kiba arrives at a dying city to find other wolves with similar goals. However, they aren't the only one who's interested in the Maiden, scientist Cher Degre and her ex-husband, Hubb Lebowski, have become increasingly persistent. More obstacles start to arise as Kiba and the others get closer to the Flower Maiden and Paradise.


The following list has the Japanese voice actor or actress and some of his or her other works listed below.

>>Kiba: Mamoru Miyano
>>Devil Children - Akira

>>Tsume: Kenta Miyake
>>FLCL - Ampaia

>>Hige: Akio Suyama
>>Crest of the Stars - Saryush
>>Fruits Basket - Souma Hatsuharu
>>Nazca - Shiogami Shinri/Jigumi

>>Toboe: Hiroki Shimowada
>>Comet-san - Shun Imagawa
>>Onegai Teacher (Ep.2) - Male Student

>>Blue: Mayumi Asano
>>Ayashi no Ceres - Aogiri Suzumi
>>Last Exile - Klaus Valka
>>Vandread - Gascogne Rheingau
>>Yami no Matsuei - Kurosaki Hisoka

>>Cheza: Arisa Ogasawara

>>Cher Degre: Kaho Koda
>>X TV, OAV - Kanoe

>>Hubb Lebowski: Mitsuru Miyamoto
>>Fancy Lala - Asaka Katsunoshin
>>Fruits Basket - Souma Ayame
>>Lodoss Tou Senki Eiyuu Kishiden - Slayn
>>Pet Shop of Horror - Kelly Vincent

>>Quent Yaiden: Unsho Ishizuka
>>Cowboy Bebop - Jet Black
>>Trigun - B.D. Neon
>>Hellsing - Peter Fargason
>>Initial D - Fujiwara Bunta

>>Darcia: Takaya Kuroda

>>Harmona: Maaya Sakamoto
>>Cowboy Bebop - Stella
>>Escaflowne - Kanzaki Hitomi
>>RahXephon - Mishima Reika

>>Leara: Eri Sendai
>>Jungle de Ikou - Natsumi/Mii
>>Neolanga - Shimahara Yuuki

>>Leara's Father: Hiroshi Nakano

>>Owl: Norio Wakamoto
>>Cowboy Bebop - Vicious
>>Dragonball Z - Cell
>>Hellsing - Richard Hellsing
>>WeiB Kreuz - Takatori

.:Voice Actors:.

The following list has the American voice actor or actress and some of his or her other works listed below.

>>Kiba: Johnny Yong Bosch
>>Akira - Kaneda
>>Gatekeepers - Reiji
>>Trigun - Vash
>>Witch Hunter Robin - Sakaki

>>Tsume: Crispin Freeman
>>Hellsing - Alucard
>>Slayers - Zelgadis
>>Witch Hunter Robin - Amon
>>X TV - Fuma

>>Cher Degre: Kari Wahlgren
>>Cardcaptors: Second Movie - Sakura
>>FLCL - Haruko
>>Heat Guy J - Kyoko
>>Witch Hunter Robin - Robin

.:Episode Guide:.

>>#1 - Street Corner of Howls
>>Jap: Houkou no Machikado
>>Date: 1/6/03

>>#2 - He Who Doesn't Cry: Toboe
>>Jap: Koku Kanai Tooboe
>>Date: 1/13/03

>>#3 - Bad Fellow
>>Jap: Bad Fellow
>>Date: 1/20/03

>>#4 - Scar of the Wilderness
>>Jap: Kouya no Kizuato
>>Date: 1/27/03

>>#5 - Degenerate Wolves
>>Jap: Dachita Ookami
>>Date: 2/3/03

>>#6 - The Successors
>>Jap: Uketsugu Mono
>>Date: 2/24/03

>>#7 - Flower Girl
>>Jap: Hana no Shoujo
>>Date: 3/3/03

>>#8 - Song of Sleep
>>Jap: Nemuri no Uta
>>Date: 3/10/03

>>#9 - Doubt
>>Jap: Ginaku
>>Date: 3/17/03

>>#10 - Moon's Doom
>>Jap: Moon's Doom
>>Date: 4/7/03

>>#11 - Vanishing Point
>>Jap: Shoushitsu Ten
>>Date: 4/14/03

>>#12 - Don't Make Me Blue
>>Jap: Don't Make Me Blue
>>Date: 4/21/03

>>#13 - Men's Lament
>>Jap: Otokotachi no Aika
>>Date: 4/28/03

>>#14 - Castle of the Fallen
>>Jap: Botsuraku no Shiro
>>Date: 5/5/03

>>#15 - Ashen Wolf
>>Jap: Haiiro Ookami
>>Date: 5/12/03

>>#16 - Dream Journey
>>Jap: Yume no Tabiji
>>Date: 5/19/03

>>#17 - Scent of the Flower, Blood of the Wolves
>>Jap: Hana no Kaori, Ookami no Chi
>>Date: 5/26/03

>>#18 - Man, Wolves, The Book of the Moon
>>Jap: Hito, Ookami, Tsuki no Sho
>>Date: 6/2/03

>>#19 - Dream of an Oasis
>>Jap: Oashisu no Yume
>>Date: 6/9/03

>>Date: 6/16/03

>>#21 - Flares of the Battle
>>Jap: Tatakai no Rouen
>>Date: 6/23/03

>>#22 - Meteor Fragment
>>Jap: Ryuusei no Hahen
>>Date: 6/30/03

>>#23 - The Black City's Heartbeat
>>Jap: Kuroi Machi no Kodou
>>Date: 7/7/03

>>#24 - The Scent of the Trap
>>Jap: Wana no Nioi
>>Date: 7/14/03

>>#25 - Memory of a Mistake
>>Jap: Ayamachi no Kioku
>>Date: 7/22/03

>>#26 - Moonlight Power Plant
>>Jap: Gekkouro
>>Date: 7/29/03

>>#27 - Where the Soul Is
>>Jap: Tamashii no Yukue
>>Date: 1/23/04

>>#28 - Gunshots of Remorse
>>Jap: Kaikon no Juusei
>>Date: 1/23/04

>>#29 - High Tide, High Time
>>Jap: High Tide, High Time
>>Date: 2/25/04

>>#30 - Wolf's Rain
>>Jap: Wolf's Rain
>>Date: 2/25/04

.:Background Info:.

>>Episodes: 30

>>American Distribution: Bandai

>>Creator: BONES, Keiko Nobumoto
>>Director: Tensai Okamura
>>Series Organization: Keiko Nobumoto
>>Character Design: Toshihiro Kawamoto
>>Mechanical Design: Shinji Aramaki
>>Art Design: Tomoaki Okada
>>Color Design: Nobuko Mizuta
>>Music: Yoko Kanno
>>Production: BONES

episode guide

Episode 1: Street Corner of Howls They say that paradise doesn’t exist even at the end of the world. There’s nothing there. It’s the same path no matter how you travel it. But something drives one to seek it. A wolf lays dead in the snow.

There is a shoot out between a train and a jeep driving along side. Robots defend the train from the intruders as a boy hangs on the side watching. They finally stop the train, and see the nobles’ ship from below.

A man leaves his pet wolf Blue outside, walks into a bar and asks for vodka. The bartender complains about the neighborhood, but the man says he’ll need it to get through the mountain. A bear or a wolf. The bartender mentions that his grandfather used to use the ancient word wolf. He says that at the end of the world, paradise will appear somewhere on earth, but only wolves know where it will be. The man angrily replies that wolves are the messengers of death and that the bartender shouldn’t listen to rumors like that. The bartender declares that it’s only a myth and that they’ve been dead for 200 years.

Suddenly the wolf sees a bunch of men walking passed and starts barking profusely. Tsume leads the group, who is stealing food and supplies from the nobles. He is accompanied with Chen and Sedo. Gero looks sad for a moment, thinking about the two people that died during their mission today.

The next day, Tsume comes across a white wolf lying under a tree. They think he’s dead, but the wolf comes to life as they try to move him and attacks several of the townspeople. Tsume leads the wolf away to another one and tells him he did well. Apparently, he has the ability to communicate with wolves. The wolf tells him he was only defending himself. Tsume explains that in villages, the wolf should follow rules. It then attacks the other wolf and then Tsume. Gero comes to his rescue, but Tsume doesn’t appreciate it and tells him that they aren’t friends.

A girl, Cheza, is held captive in a green bubble and observes by two scientists. She has begun to show some reaction to the smell of wolf’s blood. One scientist claims that the Flower Daughter and the wolf will bond with one another.

The white wolf roams the town alone. The man from the bar the night before takes aim and shoots, killing the wolf. He is Quent Yaiden, a sheriff from Curious with ferocious weapons. He wants to know about the wolf he captured. They tell him it’s dead. He refuses to believe and asks to see the body. They claim that wolves have been extinct for over 200 years, and he couldn’t have possibly caught a wolf.

The lady scientist observes the almost dead white wolf. She is curious about the connection between the wolf and the Flower Daughter. A boy, Hige, starts talking to the wolf. It tells him it could easily escape this. The boy asks why it doesn’t. It replies that it was just resting. The wolf asks why Hige is doing in a place like this - why he isn’t in his true form. He replies that humans are afraid of them. The wolf refuses to hide and demands to know if he’s lost his pride in wolves. The boy tells him he will never survive with that attitude. Outside, the battle between Tsume’s rebels and the nobles is again taking place. Gero slips during the gunfire and falls to his death.

Inside, the wolf disappeared he apparently was able to take human form after all.

Hige asks the wolf in human form, Kiba, why he came to this town. The wolf (in human form) replies that it sensed the scent of the Flower of the Moon. The two boys discuss their future. Kiba is ready to go find Paradise.

Episode 2: A Howl Doesn’t Cry A girl tells Darcia-sama that a wolf may have appeared in town. This would be the first wolf sighting in 200 years. He asks if the Flower Daughter has awoken. He then bends down to look at a sleeping girl named Harmona and tells her that it will soon be her time to awaken.

Dr. Cher Degre (the blonde scientist) asks about the Killian. It’s on code red. They realize that the Flower Daughter has been awake for awhile now, but she’s still in an aggravated state. Inspector Lebowski (aka Dr. Degre’s ex-husband) phones in. He wants her to examine Gero’s body, which seems to have fresh teeth marks. They can’t understand how a dog of that size could still be roaming unnoticed in the city.

A stray dog fights for leftovers in an alleyway. As he tries to get at some nearby trash, several birds attack him and he is forced to retreat. A girl named Leara sees the dog hiding and offers it some food. The dog is grateful and tries to follow her, but seems to understand when she says that her family can’t take care of it. Hige and Kiba wonder through town trying to find something to eat. They pickpocket a couple of hotdogs and then discuss the current situation. Kiba wants to go back into the place they just broke out of. He believes the guide to Paradise lies within the lab. Hige sighs and tells him that there’s no way they can get near Cheza, the Flower Maiden born from the Lunar Flower. Nonetheless, Hige decides he’s not interested in going. Kiba doesn’t care and heads off anyway.

Tsume’s people are concerned about the movement. One thinks that he abandoned Gero and that he’s out. Tsume tells them to be ready as usual for tonight’s operations.

The pup from before, now in human form, runs up to Leara and thanks her for giving his dog sausage. He introduces himself as Toboe - both he and the dog have the same name. She thinks that’s peculiar. As he happily makes his way back, Inspector Yaiden and his dog confront the boy. The closer Yaiden gets to the boy, the vaguer Toboe’s face becomes. It seems to morph from human to wolf before his eyes. Toboe freezes like a dear in headlights, but Tsume jumps down from above and rescues him.

Later, Toboe is all excited to meet another wolf like him. He heard rumors that Tsume lived as a wolf with human companions. Tsume tells him he doesn’t have any companions and tells him to get lost. Toboe is disheartened that Tsume disses him.

Toboe sees Leara’s bird attacking a rat. He pounces on it in wolf form, and when she comes running, changes back into human form and hands over the bird to her. The bird lies dead in her hands. He starts to cry in front of her, telling her that he didn’t mean to kill it, and in front of her, changes back to a wolf. Tsume sees this and grabs the wolf before anyone else notices. Toboe tells Tsume that he was raised by an old lady since he was a pup. She gave him the bracelet he wears to identify him. He protected her until she died and now is lost. He believes he let her die. A bit later, Tsume’s last man comes to inform him that everyone is leaving town. He is just too different from the rest of them. Hige ends up joining Kiba in the lab and the two make their way towards the Flower Maiden. A man who kind of looks like a cross between Neil Gaiman’s Lord Morpheus and Robert Smith of the Cure (possibly Darcia-sama in costume?) cuts the power to the main lab and makes his way to where they hold the Flower Maiden. Dr. Degre is there waiting, but is no match for her intruder. He takes off his mask and with a blink of his one eye knocks her out cold. Cheza reacts to him and opens her eyes. He then drains her tank and carries her out of the building.

Episode 3: Bad Fellow As the man in black walks out with Cheza, he spots Kiba and Hige below. He recognizes them as wolves and thanks them for waking the Flower Daughter. He then lifts her up by her neck like a puppet as tears well up in her eyes. He tells them that they will meet again in Paradise, and then disappears in a stream of light.

Inspector Yaiden sits at home, drunk, explaining to Inspector Lebowski that a wolf made the claw marks on his hand. The wolf then turned into a young boy before his eyes. Lebowski has a hard time believing him and chuckles to himself. Yaiden has another drink and explains the story of the Red Moon. They say that God placed wolves here to live along side of us. The wolves then placed humans here, so it is written in the Book of the Moon.

Kiba and Hige wander through the sewer looking for food and trying to figure out the cryptic words of the man in black. He will meet them again in Paradise. Hige thinks it may be better to forget the man and move on.

There are several shots of the activities going on inside a rich palace. Several girls are dancing with snakes. A voice says that nothing can be woken up or born. Receiving the white flower is good.

Tsume and Toboe discuss Leara. He wants to see her again, but Tsume warns against it. She was scared when she saw his true form. Toboe makes a comment about how Tsume only interacts with humans like he’s too good for everyone. He tells Toboe that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and then kicks him out.

Lebowski goes to visit Dr. Degre in the hospital. She is recovering nicely. He tells her that red snow will fall and asks about the Book of the Moon. Lebowski tries to explain Yaiden’s story, which brings back memories of Cher’s attack. She agrees that they should check out the book.

Several men attack Tsume, but without luck. He attacks back and then runs away. Meanwhile, Toboe goes back to an alleyway to look for food as a wolf. While there, he runs into Leara again, who is quite scared and calls for her father. Yaiden hears and heads over as well. Toboe turns into human form and asks her why, but she’s too scared to answer and falls backwards. Hige calls for Toboe to come with them, so he is just able to escape before the two men arrive.

In the sewer passage, Hige and Kiba introduce themselves to Toboe. He then asks if they know anything about Tsume, who has just fought hard with Yaiden’s dog, and is wounded. No one knows, but Kiba sees blood.

The wolves head back to Tsume’s place and ask him to join them. Kiba asks why he came to this town. It was because he was following the scent of the Flower. The other wolves are going to Paradise. Unfortunately, Tsume’s place is surrounded, so they make their way out dodging bullets. Together, the four escape town.

Yaiden vows revenge.

Episode 4: Scar of the Wilderness The tracks of the wolves lead off into the night. The four wolves journey in search of Paradise. They haven’t eaten in three days, and they lie wearily in a cave waiting for a blizzard to pass. Kiba assures them that if they soak in the moonlight, they should be able to make it for another three days at least.

Hige sniffs the air and runs off into find a dead dear corpse. He and Toboe chow down, while Tsume reprimands them for eating and then for not knowing where they’re going. Tsume thinks that the Paradise story they are chasing is just someone’s dream. They’ll never find it, and he’s giving up... Kiba tells him that his rules don’t mean anything here.

As Tsume walks away, Toboe runs after him, trying to convince him to come back. Tsume smacks him to the ground and tells him not to follow him anymore. As Tsume heads off into the desolate landscape, Toboe follows him to a deserted town. Suddenly, Tsume realizes they aren’t alone and runs to save Toboe as he is almost shot.

Meanwhile, Cher and Hubb have dinner. She gives him her house key and asks him to water her plants while she’s away. She needs a break to find meaning again. Hubb is convinced that wolves do exist and tries to convince her to listen to him, but she walks out in a hurry.

Tsume and Toboe try to escape whatever has been shooting at them. Tsume has been shot but continues onward. The large mecha attacking them continues its pursuit.

Elsewhere, Kiba and Hige dream under a red moon of a Shamanistic journey by a fire and the blossoming of a flower. They awaken and Kiba has another vision of the Shaman and the flower child and looks down to find a military base marking. He walks away.

Toboe tries to lick Tsume’s wounds, but Tsume won’t allow him. He rolls over while Toboe tries to make small talk about the others. Tsume tells him that he doesn’t want people to rely on him, just as he doesn’t want to rely on others. That’s what people hate most about him. Suddenly, the mech finds them. Toboe acts as a decoy as Tsume escapes. As the machine goes after Tsume, Kiba attacks and Hige waves for Tsume to come over his way. They escape, destroying the machine in the process.

Hubb heads over to Cher’s place to find no plants, but a book lying in her desk drawer.

Episode 5: Degenerate Wolves A little girl looks out of a train window and points to the wolves. ‘Doggies.’ Toboe describes his dream that they reached Paradise, complete with flowers of the moon and a great feast and music. Hige asks if he’s even seen flowers of the moon, and he admits that he hadn’t. He then asks Kiba to explain what Paradise is. They continue their journey across the ocean, catching the scent of the flowers. At the end of the bridge lies a strange town.

The wolves decide to investigate the town. The townsmen hide in their homes, scared of the foreigners. As the wolves walk through town, they find a group of people huddled in a corner. The people want to know who they are and why they came here. Toboe tells them that they’re looking for Paradise and then they men start to laugh, revealing to us that they too are wolves. The leader, Zari, states that Paradise doesn’t exist. They’ve been there. It is hell.

Tsume is ready to leave town, but Kiba finds it strange that there are that many wolves gathered together. There is definitely something hidden in this town.

Zari does business with one of the townspeople and then is greeted by the female wolf in their group, Cole. She tells him that the kids remind her of him, with a sparkle in their eye and no fear inside. She asks if he’s satisfied living there. He tells her that he is.

The four wolves head over to the graveyard to get some sleep. As they walk, an older wolf pops his head out of the dirt and scares Toboe. He explains that it is soon time for him to go. Kiba asks if there are flowers of the moon in this town. The man explains that at one point, they bloomed all over the island, but they don’t anymore. He too once sought Paradise, and points to a cave in the hills as the entrance to Paradise. He then tells them that they should give up. Many have traveled through there, but none have ever found Paradise.

Tsume is again ready to give up and asks Kiba if he still believes in Paradise. He explains that he has to. He’s not sure why, but he does believe it’s out there. At that moment, Cole shows up with some food. Hige eagerly helps himself, but Kiba walks off and Tsume refuses. Soon, he too heads off on his own as Toboe follows behind. Cole tells Hige to come by the station tomorrow for something.

Kiba walks back to the men who talked down to them before and asks what they know. When they don’t answer, he insults them and a fight ensues. Kiba just manages to escape to an alleyway and collapses. The next morning, a train comes into the station. Hige, Tsume, and Toboe watch as wolves move the cargo from the train. The old man from the previous night collapses from the strain. When Kiba enters and sees this, he attacks and is captured. Kiba can’t understand how the wolves can live this they cling to this place, living a life of lowly dogs.

Episode 6: The Successors Zari oversees his operations in town. A man tells him that soon he can have the dogs working for him too - just like the rest of the pack. And they thought they’d find Paradise here.

Meanwhile, Toboe tends to Kiba’s wounds, while Tsume is ready to leave asap. Everyone is hungry but Hige, who ate all of Cole’s food without leaving some for anyone else, so they send him out looking for food for the rest of them. Cole and Zari discuss the well being of the pack. She thinks the young wolves may have opened his eyes. She asks if there really was no Paradise. He replies that everyone once set off seeking Paradise, but found poisoned gas. A large percentage of his pack died that day. He couldn’t let the rest of his pack die like that, so they returned back to town. Cole suggests that maybe they should try to seek Paradise again that the poisoned gas is probably gone by now.

Tsume asks Kibe where he got all his wounds. Kiba doesn’t answer. He then tells Tsume that when he was younger, he saw the pure white flowers that only bloomed at a full moon. They were the Flowers on the Moon. But one day they were all burned down and the way out was closed off. All the members of his pack died. He questions why he was the only survivor. The only place he has left to go now is to Paradise.

Hige smells fresh meat and heads over to investigate, only to find himself caught in a trap. A couple of the town’s wolves walk by and refuse to help him. He tells them that he doesn’t want to be helped by a couple of dogs anyway, and angrily, one of the wolves knocks him out. Toboe watches as a truck picks up the trap and takes Hige away.

Toboe gets Tsume and Kiba and the three head out after Hige. Tsume picks up Kiba, who is still wounded, and they head into town to confront the town’s pack. Zari shows up and Tsume accuses him of ordering Hige’s capture. Toboe points to Mos, the man who knocked Hige out, and Zari asks him why he sold out his own kind. The town wolves confront Zari about his own questionable intentions. Mos tells him that no one sees him as their leader anymore and the rest of the pack gangs up on him. He tells Kiba that they should turn back now - that the road to Paradise is hell, but Tsume says that maybe they just couldn’t find it.

With that, Zari gets up and helps them save Hige.

Yaiden sits at the bar drinking. He has decided to leave town because what he’s searching for has already left. Inspector Lebowski walks in and asks if he’s seen Cher’s book before. He wants to know the truth, but Yaiden walks out. Lebowski tells him that Cher left it to him before she disappeared. He needs to know what is happening. Yaiden quotes a passage from the Book of the Moon. Lebowski asks if that means the end of the world. He says he doesn’t know, but he will continue his search for wolves. Zari takes the four wolves to the path to Paradise. He says he must stop here, but they must discover for themselves if Paradise lies beyond the path.

Episode 7: Girl of the Flower A maiden named Harmona with flowing golden hair runs through a grassy meadow blossoming with flowers. She lies down in a flower bed and asks a Darcia how long it’s been since she’s seen sunlight. She tells him they’ll always be together. He vows to one day take her to Paradise. She tells him no - that to her, this is Paradise when the two of them are together. Suddenly, the sky grows dark and the land becomes desolate. A girl tells him that Harmona has fallen ill. He asks if this is the curse that was foretold. He then seeks Cheza, the Flower Daughter, for help.

The four wolves walk through a forest. They’ve lost scent of the flower. Tsume asks where they are headed. Kiba tells him to Paradise and that he’s following his instincts. They sense a noble airship above.

In the ship, Darcia explains to Cheza where the castle she was born is located. Cher is in another ship looking to get Cheza back. She explains to her crew that they were the ones to kidnap the girl in the first place. Now their objective is to get her back. Darcia is able to outmaneuver Cher’s crossfire, and in the meantime, Kiba senses that Cheza is here. Cheza walks to the door of the aircraft and falls backwards, out of the plane. Darcia tries to catch her hand, but misses. She falls gracefully spinning to the mountain above the forest where Kiba and pack are. They start climbing.

In a building below, Cher sees the crest of the house of Darcia. The place was once filled with villas, but nothing is left now. They were cursed by Paradise. They know from the Book of the Moon that this was once where the flowers grew - where Cheza was born.

When the wolves arrive, they are greeted by a blooming field and Cheza sitting alone by the water. She looks up at them. Kiba walks over to her, completely captivated. She bends down and pets the wolf and then hugs him. She tells him that at last they meet. The other three look on in amazement.

Cher’s signal meter picks up a huge frequency as Cheza and Kiba walk away hand in hand. The other three wolves follow. Cher’s gunmen head down after them to recapture Cheza.

Cheza tells Kiba that she was born for this place. She runs to the center of the building to find no one there and the place in ruins. She understands. There’s no one left. Everyone has withered and died. Suddenly, they hear gunfire and sense that they are surrounded. Cheza, Kiba, and Toboe walk one way, while Tsume and Hige take off in the opposite direction. They meet outside the complex and then travel in further. Cheza touches a certain place to open up a passage, and the five escape, closing the hole before Cher’s men get there. Her signal fades.

Episode 8: Lullaby Cher and her troops retreat after the failed recapture mission. They had 10 wounded today and still lost Cheza. She still can’t believe she saw Cher smiling. She then has a brief flashback to Kiba, who may have been one of the dogs she had captured back at her lab.

Cheza and the wolves make their way through the mountain path. Tsume thinks they should leave her - that she’ll only put them in danger, but Kiba defends her. They need her to reach Paradise. As they talk amongst themselves, Cheza hums to herself and the wolves grow tired and fall asleep to very pleasant dreams.

Next morning, Toboe and Hige head into town to pick up a few supplies. They notice an old woman’s ghost has caught up with them and start running. Meanwhile, Cher’s men set up an infiltration mission to find the boys. Cher suspects that the boys are actually wolves, but her men think the idea is ridiculous.

Cheza is thrilled to pieces with the new boots Hige bought her in town, but isn’t all that impressed with Toboe’s fur coat present. Suddenly, the old woman who followed Toboe and Hige previously makes her way to Cheza. She takes off her glasses to reveal her red eyes and that she is a Flower Person as well. She declares that Cheza is a true finished product and is different from them. She’s been waiting for her for a long time now.

Cher suddenly gets a reading on her scope. She has her men to go after it and soon the wolves and Flower people escape into the forest.

The woman explains how all the Flower People who weren’t finished withered away. She was the only one to escape. She knows that the wolf must search for a flower and the flower will search for a wolf, but much to the dismay of Kiba, she warns Cheza not to follow the wolves. That path only leads to destruction. She is almost out of scent now. Soon it will disappear, but Cheza can extend the life of the Flower People by remaining here with her. Cheza refuses and is determined to accompany the wolves to Paradise. She and the wolves leave the old woman inside the forest.

Cheza asks permission from each of the wolves to join them. They all agree to it. She then goes back to the old woman and tries to heal her. The old woman tells her that it’s ok and brushes her hand away. Cheza tells her that she must go with the wolves and apologizes as the old woman dies.

Meanwhile, Inspector Yaiden arrives in town.

Episode 9: Doubt Inspector Lebowski finds himself in a room with a scantily clad woman and her snake. He’s looking for information on Cher, and has heard that there was an unreported theft about a month ago at Lord Oakum’s castle. He hands her an envelope and she starts talking. There are stories that say that the girl who entered the castle is the survivor of an impoverished noble family.

Cher drinks alone at a bar. Yaiden sits down beside her and orders a drink. He asks if there is something to see - perhaps the factory on the mountain. She tells him he can’t visit it - wolves are there. The rest of the bar laughs at her....

Outside, Cheza goes over to Yaiden’s dog, Blue. She greets Blue kindly, telling her she’s half wolf. As Cher walks out, her men get a glimpse of the pack and decide to surround the village. Kiba and gang have taken up refuge in an abandoned bus. Toboe sits with Cheza, but outside, three kids have stolen food. One of the guards can’t figure out how those kids, who weren’t carrying weapons, gave him the wounds he has. He becomes scared.

Yaiden reminisces about when he and his wife, Ruth, got their puppy, Blue. That seems so long ago. He falls asleep. In the sewers, two soldiers confront the kid with the stolen goods. Blue heads over to investigate and growls until they leave the kid alone. She then check the kid. Unfortunately, Yaiden awakens to see Blue hovered over the kid and has a flashback to shooting at a wolf standing amidst a flaming pyre. He checks on the kid, who appears to be ok.

Cher mulls over several paintings at a local shop. She asks the shopkeeper if one of the Darcia family was to return, where would he go? The man recollects his not so fond memories of the Darcia family. When they left, the town collapsed. He explains that the Darcia family used to own a cemetery in the forest, now known as the forest of death. They say that people lose their way in it, never to return. Suddenly, Cher catches a glimpse of a painting within his shop and runs towards it. The man in the picture is Lord Darcia. Yaiden bandages the boy’s head and asks about his parents. Outside, one of the soldiers threatens Blue. He then bashes the dog repeatedly on the head with his gun. Blue gets up and the soldier fires out of fear. When Yaiden walks out, he finds Blue’s collar broken and the soldier lying dead.

Cher visits the Darcia Family Cemetery searching for the Forest of Death. As she looks onward, Darcia appears with a bouquet of flowers behind her.

Kiba and Hige return from investigating and the pack decides to head into the Forest of Death. Unfortunately, several soldiers surround the bus and move in searching for the wolves. At first it appears that no one is there, but Hige appears and the pack fights their way out. Meanwhile, Yaiden searches everywhere for Blue, and in the process, sees Toboe. As he heads down the alley, a wounded Blue appears.

Yaiden takes fire on the pack. Cheza falls and Kiba guards her, taking a bullet in the process. When Yaiden runs out of bullets, the pack escapes. Yaiden then makes his way back to where Blue lay, but all he finds is a pool of blood.

Episode 10: Moon’s Doom Cher’s soldiers search out the place for Cheza and the wolves. They find all six bullets fired and then prepare to enter the Forest of Death.

Cheza and pack are already inside. The Forest of Death is pretty much barren except for very large bugs. Tsume catches one and tries to feed it to Hige. Hige in turn tries to give it to Cheza, who admits she doesn’t eat. She only drinks and basks in sunlight.

Several soldiers capture Yaiden and interrogate him. They ask him about the soldier who was killed. He had teeth marks on his neck. Yaiden answers that a wolf killed him.

Inside the Forest, Toboe sprains his ankle. Cheza uses her Flower power to heal him. She then pets the wolves, which makes them ridiculously happy.

Cher awakens in Darcio’s palace with him standing over her. He apologizes for his behavior. She asks where Cheza is. He tells her that Cheza seems to like him about as much as she likes Cher’s people. He explains that Governor Oakam took Cheza to display his political power. She asks what he’s going to do with her.

In the Forest, the wolves talk of dreaming and sleeping once they leave the forest. Cheza almost passes out. Hige thinks he hears a bird and heads off by himself searching for bird meat. Tsume tells him to watch out. The owl they see doesn’t have a smell. It then proceeds to taunt the pack. Meanwhile, Cheza seems to be wilting in the Forest of Death with lack of water and light. The owl appears again, speaking in riddles. They ask it where they can find water. The owl takes off and the wolves follow. It tells them that the things they look for can’t be found. Once they find them, they are just ordinary things. The answer is in the dark, in a cramped place only for those who step in with courage will there be a blessing. Kiba decides choose a path, heeding the owl’s advice.

Meanwhile, Darcia shows Cher his data. They talk of the Book of the Moon and how the wolves hold the key to Paradise. In the Forest, the owl continues to speak in riddles. After walking in circles, Tsume challenges Kiba. He asks him to put Cheza down. That her scent is numbing his ability to lead. He refuses, but Toboe and Hige stumble on the skeleton of an owl, and realize the owl was a trap. Several large bugs then attack the pack. Tsume finds safety for Cheza and soon the pack is fighting the overgrown bugs head on. When Cheza looks on to see the wounded wolves below, she falls off the cliff amidst the bugs, and slides down a cliff to a group of bug-eating plants. The end of the Forest is near, with plenty of water and moonlight for all.

Darcia explains to Cher that the life of a flower is a short one and Cheza is no different. It’s the moonlight that gives her energy. If she bathes in the moonlight a few more times, her life will end.

Outside, the pack sleeps peacefully under Cheza’s watch.

Episode 11: Vanishing Point A seer performs a ceremony amidst lit candles reciting a prophecy of death. She chants that those cursed by the land will be torn apart by the poison of the night. Dawn won’t come. Even the temptation of the spirit of light smiling again will be lost. The world won’t see a world awakened by light - only death and decay. Oakam asks for his personal guards immediately. Lebowski continues his search for his ex’s whereabouts when a woman from her lab greets him. The lab was shut down by the Noble’s intelligence agency and its records were destroyed to hide that Cheza was stolen. Cher went on the investigation with the others. As they talk, several men surround Lebowski with a warrant for his arrest.

Inside Lord Oakam’s castle, a battle ensues between his guards and Jagara soldiers. Jagara’s army annihilates Oakam’s men.

Cheza and the pack walk into town. The wolves are full of energy because tonight is a full moon, and they get energy from the moon. Kiba explains that once a year on a full moon a flower is called by the moon and returns to Paradise. They aren’t certain if that will be tonight, but everyone including Cheza is excited.

Back in Freeze City, the Nobles interrogate Lebowski about why he’s carrying a banned book and seeking out a woman who no longer exists. There’s no record of their marriage. The interrogator then explains that they live out their lives because of Lord Oakam’s generosity. He asks what happened because Lebowski always stayed out of the way of politics. Lebowski retorts that something changed - either him or the world - but he isn’t going to take it anymore. Oakam is just another Fallen Noble that arose. Another inspector replies that Darcia was shot down long ago. But they haven’t found him yet. The inspector then receives a call. There has been an invasion and something has happened to Lord Oakam. He then runs out of the room. Lebowski picks up his book and casually walks out. On the Noble ship, they explain to the inspector that Lord Oakam was killed and Jagara’s troops are occupying the castle interior. The remaining troops are engaged in battle in upper city. They decide to abandon the search for Cheza in favor of fighting.

Cher, meanwhile, decides to investigate Darcia’s castle. She a device, as written in the Book of the Moon, which would have allowed them to communicate with Cheza’s heart. Darcia comes in behind her and tells her that it’s time to find Cheza.

Cheza and the pack are completely psyched about the whole full moon process and as Cheza dances, the wolves run around her, howling.

Darcia explains that the Book of the Moon was the beginning of everything for their family. Their ancestors’ research is laid out in that book. It was a collection of the powers for Paradise and everything is in there that is necessary to reach Paradise. But then the ancestors vanished to Paradise. Cher asks about the nature of Paradise. Darcia explains that it’s a world where wolves rule. A place where Darcia’s curse and the curse of his beloved will be lifted from them. He explains that his beloved Hamona has the illness called Paradise-Disease. She lives with her heart stolen by Paradise. Her skin is now cold. He looks at Cher with his wolf eye and she falls asleep. Soon, he is notified that Lord Oakam’s castle has fallen. He expected that Jagara would have made his move.

Cheza and the wolves enjoy the moonlight as several moon flowers bloom around them forming a path to Paradise. They start running anxiously. Darcia, however, has other plans and comes down for Cheza. He greets the wolves and asks Cheza to come back. Kiba attacks, but can’t break his shield. Darcia then fires at the wolves and just about kills them. Cheza looks on, crying. She then asks Darcia to stop and decides to protect the lives of the wolves by going with Darcia. She spends time with each of the wounded before boarding his ship.

Lebowski makes his way to Darcia’s floating city when he notices an orange moon.

Episode 12: Don’t Make Me Blue Cher awakens to an alarm. The wolves lie wounded outside. Kiba looks up at a cloud-covered orange moon.

Darcia brings Cheza back to the castle and is greeted by his servant, who has been nailed crucifixion style to the door leading to Harmona’s resting place. Apparently, Jagara has also made a move on Darcia. Like when the older Flower woman passed away, Cheza sings to Harmona, but Darcia commands her to stop and throws her aside. His servant mentions that the soldiers said they would kill all the wolves. Harmona speaks to Darcia through his mind that she wanted to see him again. He tells her that even if there are no more wolves, he has the eye, the wolf’s eye. He violently rips Harmona’s body from its life support and gently lays her lifeless body down. He then flips out, banging his head against the wall in grief. The pack sits in hiding trying to figure out what to do as they recover. Outside, several men are after a woman wolf. Hige decides to protect her, and the pack takes out the henchmen, who believe them to be the curse of the Darcia family.

Outside, a human Blue greets the pack and asks about Cheza. They are pretty cold to her, and she heads off by herself. Hige follows. Kiba explains that Cheza told Blue that she was half wolf and that was probably what awoke her.

Lebowski makes his way to the Floating city and asks around for Cher. At the bar, he meets Yaiden, who tells her that he should just forget a woman as strong willed as Cher. Yaiden’s grown tired and doesn’t know what he’s looking for anymore. He knew Blue had wolf’s blood in her ever since his son picked her up as a pup.

Hige asks why Blue was running from those men. She was trying to work. She always felt she had to work to maintain her keep. As a pup, the family was happy, but the tragedy struck in the form of a fire. Yaiden saw that wolves were responsible for burning down everything that was dear to him. Blue doesn’t know if the wolves were actually responsible or if he just believed they were. She would have stayed with him if Cheza hadn’t revealed that she too was part wolf. If she went back now, she’d only chase them. She then asks Hige to come with her. He agrees, but spots Toboe spying on them. Soon they hear gunshots and head back to Tsume and Kiba.

Hige, Toboe and Blue arrive to find the men who were previously after Blue have come for them. They are looking to sell wolves to Jagara. They run to an elderly couple’s mobile home and are greeted by the wife, Elmira. Her husband is slightly demented and can see through the wolves’ human disguise, so he only sees wild dogs and threatens to shoot them. Elmira calms him down and Kiba explains their intentions are friendly and that several men are trying to capture them. They strike a bargain where the old man pretends to have shot the wolves by the time the men got there so the men leave disappointed.

Lebowski cries drunkenly at the bar. Yaiden asks if he wants to move to the next town to continue his search for Cher.

The wolves stay with the old couple for a meal and then take off for Darcia’s castle in the west.

Episode 13: Men’s Lament Cher walks disheartened as Jagara’s army flies overhead.

Lebowski tries to bargain with a local for a car and enough gas to get to the next town. Soon, he and Yaiden are on their way in their beat-up old VW bug.

Meanwhile, the pack looks onward, still with visions of reaching Paradise. Blue won’t go, even though she realizes she can’t go back to her old self. She just wants to know who she is. Hige is ready to stick with her no matter what her decision may be. Kiba tells her that she needs to move forward, and then decides the pack will head to Darcia’s castle to find Cheza. As Lebowski and Yaiden drive, a drunken Yaiden accuses Lebowski of being afraid of catching up with Cher. He then hands Yaiden a sobriety pill and tells him to take over driving or he can get out there, in the middle of nowhere. Lebowski starts drinking, and the two discuss why they became cops. Lebowski was told so by his parents. They told him that he needed to follow rules and stay out of danger. To live without making mistakes. He wonders now what his mistake was. Yaiden then asks how he met Cher. He says though an acquaintance. It was love at first sight.

As Yaiden drives, he sees Blue run past the car. He calls out to her, but no one answers. The two then hear vehicles below and head over to investigate. Lebowski senses something bad is happening.

Lebowski has a flashback to his wedding. He remembers several fond memories of Cher throughout their married life. When he awakens, Yaiden is standing over him. During the second year of their marriage, Cher got an opportunity to work in a noble lab. She thought it would be a good opportunity. Hubb agreed, telling her that he would always be by her side. As time went by, she became more and more absorbed in her work. They saw very little of each other, and then got divorced. Yaiden asked why he couldn’t stop it. Lebowski replies Cheza - she always talked about Cheza, an organism created with highly advanced biotechnology. According to Cher, the research was about a life form fit for any environment, one that can survive anywhere and was created using a special plant’s life energy. Cheza was made in the form of a beautiful young girl, as if she was a flower. At that moment, the car breaks down.

Lebowski and Yaiden finally get the car working again and continue on their journey to the next town. Once there, they split up, as Lebowski continues his investigation for Cher. Yaiden finds the old couple who helped the wolves and helps them push their mobile home out of the mud. The old man asks if they think the wolves made it to Darcia’s castle. He mentions that the girl was very calm, as if he was with his own daughter. Yaiden thinks back to Blue. Meanwhile, Lebowski has no luck finding Cher. He sits alone in a desolate park, thinking of her. Suddenly he looks up and Cher is standing in front of him. The two run to each other.

Over dinner, Hubb explains that Lord Oakum was killed and on the way here, he saw an army headed somewhere. Cher explains that she’s headed to Darcia’s castle because Cheza is there. She tells him that she met Darcia. She was happy that he came all this way to look for her, but she has to go and find out what is so special about Cheza. He refuses to leave her again, and the two decide to go together. Soon, Hubb, Cher, and Yaiden get back in the car and continue their journey.

Episode 14: Castle of the Fallen The pack sets out amidst a blizzard. Hige wants to rest for the sake of the woman and child Tsume, for once, agrees that they should wait. The pack finds shelter and decides to spend the night. Kiba is anxious to leave and heads out alone. All he can see is Cheza.

Meanwhile, Cher, Hubb, and Yaiden continue their drive. Cher explains that Cheza is a girl made form the Flower of the Moon using alchemy. She was made by Darcia the First. Lord Oakum stole her and ordered research to be performed in order to wake her up and open the gates of Paradise. Paradise is the world where wolves rule everything and the Flower of the Moon is the one will lead the wolves that were left here to Paradise. Yaiden is unimpressed and vows to go to hell before he forgive the wolves. He then vows to eradicate them. Kiba arrives at Darcia’s castle, where Darcia is informed by his seer that a wolf has arrived. Darcia tells Harmona that now that he’s lost her, Paradise has no meaning. Yet his eye has an unbearable feeling. Meanwhile, Cheza senses that Kiba has come for her.

Soon, the rest of the pack arrives at Darcia’s castle shortly after Cher and co. Blue is certain that Yaiden is there.

Inside Cher, Hubb, and Yaiden tour the castle. The walls are filled with painting of nobles lost during the decline of civilization. Two hundred years ago, long before the world looked like it does now, they opened the way to the stars and opened the gates of space time. They furthered civilization, but all that disappeared in an instant. No one knows what caused it. They only know that a large number of people disappeared, and the leftover mysteries of alchemy became a secret for nobles only. Those secrets were never passed onto the common people. Now, this world is slowly dying.

Cher explains the wolf religion. It wasn’t just regular animal worship. This world has been divided into the world that humans can see and the world they lost track of. The animals know this. With his allergies flaring, Hubb sneezes, clueing Yaiden to the arrival of the pack.

When Kiba reaches the room where Cheza is held captive, she makes a vain attempt to run to him, but Darcia grabs her and tosses her aside. He then attacks Kiba. He asks if Kiba came for revenge. Kiba pleads that Darcia refrain from hurting Cheza. Darcia explains that Cheza is nothing more than a crystal they created from the Flower of the Moon. He asks why he desires so much. Kiba replies that Cheza can show them the way to Paradise.

Darcia blames the wolves for his misfortunes. He has a wolf’s eye, cursed by Paradise. He points his sword at Cheza and asks if Kiba found Paradise. He asks what’s in Paradise. Kiba replies the future, no hope or despair. Just the future. Darcia thinks back to Harmona, believing that this future is no longer needed. A gunshot sounds as Hubb and Cherr make their way to the room where Yaiden is threatening the wolf and Cheza lies with a sword to her throat. As Yaiden gets ready to take he shot, Blue jumps in front of Kiba. Yaiden puts the gun down surprised.

Suddenly, the castle is under attack by Jagara’s army. Cherr grabs Cheza as Yaiden asks why Blue would save Kiba. Meanwhile, Darcia picks up the body of his beloved as the castle crumbles around him. Jagara enters as Blue attacks him to bide time for the others. Soon, Jagara’s men capture Cheza, Hubb, and Cher.

Yaiden awakens to find Darcia’s castle destroyed, while Tobe, Hige, and Tsume search for Kiba.

Episode 15: Ashen Wolf Recap episode from Tsume's perspective:

Tsume wonders how long its been since he’s started. It was a filthy city filled with rats, crows, and people with tired faces. He was starved. He would rob trains for food, risking his life. It was survival of the fittest. He found a place where he could stay. And then kiba appeared.

Several villagers found a dog barely alive. Tsume immediately recognized it, and as the villagers went to move its corpse, the wolf attacked. Tsume then lured it away from the civilians and had a talk with him. Tsume warned against killing people and explained the rules of the city. The two wolves fought until a human named Gehl chased him away.

Later, Tsume has a talk with his group. They plan attacking another train. Tsume lived with the humans, but longing for freedom. There was a standoff and one of Tsume’s group members died before his eyes. After that, the nobles put a bounty on the heads of the raiding gangs, and Tsume’s workers quit.

In town, wolves were spotted. Wolves were able to disguise themselves as humans. When Quent was about to shoot Toboe, Tsume came to his rescue. But Toboe revealed his true nature to a girl named Leara, having killed her pet bird. Tsume again rescued him. They had a talk and Toboe accused him of only making human friends because he is stronger and can lead/bully them.

Later, Tsume’s boys got caught and turned him in. He escaped, but was wounded. The scent of his blood led Kiba to him. Hige, Kiba, and Toboe then proposed that Tsume join them in their quest to find Paradise. They long for their lives to have a purpose. The pack makes their dramatic escape and Tsume agrees to join them.

The pack heads onward looking for the Flowers of the Moon, as Kiba explains that he was the only survivor of his pack. There’s only one place he can go now. Paradise.

Episode 16: Dream Journey Recap episode from Toboe’s point of view:

Toboe walks alone though a forest. He remembers being alone back in the city, fighting birds and cats for food. One day, a girl named Leara offered him food, and he accepted. He licked her hand in thanks. Later, he visited her in human form and thanked her for feeding his dog. Not much later, he killed her bird in wolf form trying to save it and revealed his wolf form to her as he mourned. It was then when Tsume grabbed him and took him away.

He used to protect an old woman who died. She was kind but he blamed himself for her death. He was going to continue alone, but wanted to see Leara once more. When she was frightened of him and screamed for help, he was forced to escape city life. It was then when he met Kiba, Hige, and joined them in their search for Paradise.

Kiba followed the scent of the Flower of the Moon. There they met another pack of wolves who believed Paradise to be an old legend. They claimed to have seen it and it was hell. They pointed the pack towards the entrance. Disgusted, they watch as the pack from the city allowed themselves to be treated like stray dogs who live a meaningless existence. Kiba explained how he once saw Flowers of the Moon soon the city pack sold out Hige and the remaining three head after him. After rescuing Hige, the leader of the city pack, Zali, leads them to the entrance to Paradise, and soon they continue on their journey.

Toboe reflects on what has happened since. Each of them now looks out for each other. Soon Kiba catches a scent of the Flower Daughter and runs after it. Meanwhile, Chesa falls almost weightlessly from Darcia-sama’s plane. They find her in a pond though the forest. When Kiba walks towards her, she greets him lovingly.

Episode 17: Scent of the Flower, Blood of the Wolves Recap episode rom Hige’s point of view:

Hige was staying in the Northern city because of the scent of the Flower of the Moon. He wasn’t complaining as long as he could eat. But one day, he followed the scent. To his dismay, he watched as Yaiden caught another wolf. Hige followed him and helped him escape. Back then, Kiba refused to disguise himself, but Hige tried to explain its necessity when living in the city. The two then escaped from the lab prison and went to search for the Daughter of the Moon Flower, Cheza.

The noble, Darcia-sama, too, had his sights set on Cheza and kidnapped her as Kiba and Hige looked on. He told them that they would meet again in Paradise. Soon the scent was gone, so they set out on their way to find her.

Meanwhile, as Darcia flew back to his castle in his ship, he asked Cheza if she remembered where she was born. From below, Kiba catches her scent. When she breaks free, the wolves reunite with her.

She leads them though a passageway where she finds that the others like her have all died. She looks on sadly. Soon, she is greeted by an elder Flower Person, one who is different from her. The old woman explains that the Flower seeks the Wolf and vice versa, but going with wolves will only cause destruction. Cheza ignores the woman’s warning and asks to come with the pack on their adventures.

Hige admits to Kiba and Cheza’s special relationship, but acknowledges that she was happy being with all the wolves. Finally, it is time to experience a Full Moon with her. The day prior to the Full Moon, the wolves become extremely excited, believing something would happen. That night, she and the wolves danced below the Full Moon. Flowers of the Moon bloomed before them, revealing the path to Paradise.

As they followed the path, Darcia followed and demanded they give Cheza back. When the wolves fought back, he almost killed them. Cheza went with Darcia to spare their lives.

Soon, the wolves recovered and decided to head out looking for her. They were joined by Yaiden’s dog, Blue, whose wolf form was awakened when she met Cheza. She had been happy with Yaiden. But now she can no longer stay with him. He hates wolves and now she knows that she is one she can no longer fight against them. Blue then invites Hige to come with her.

Episode 18: Man, Wolves, The Book of the Moon Recap episode from Hubb’s point of view:

The legend is as follows: at the end of the world, Paradise will appear, but only wolves will know where it is. Back in the Northern city, Yaiden captured Kiba, certain he was a wolf. Hubb’s ex-wife, Cher, suspected it had connections with Cheza, but Hubb thought she was speculating.

Soon, the wolves escaped and Hubb went looking for answers. He asked Yaiden, who told him about the Red Moon. They say God created Wolves and Wolves in turn created Humans. Meanwhile, Darcia kidnapped Cheza, knocking Cher unconscious with his wolf’s eye. Later, Cher disappeared, leaving the Book of the Moon to Hubb before she left.

Cher went looking for Cheza. When she attacked Darcia’s ship, Cheza made her escape and met up with the pack. Cher watched as Cheza actually smiled and from that point forward, became convinced that wolves do exist. While drinking at a bar one night, Yaiden joined her. Meanwhile, as Hubb searched for answers to the whereabouts of his ex, he was arrested. A fortuitous attack on Lord Oakam by Lord Jagara set him free and he continued his search for Cher.

Meanwhile, Darcia explained his ancestor’s research in the Book of the Moon to Cher. His ancestors vanished to Paradise, a world where wolves ruled everything. Darcia seeks Paradise to cure himself and his beloved, Harmona, of their curse. As Hubb drove onward, looking for Cher, he saw the Red Moon foretold in the Book of the Moon.

When Darcia-sama returned from recapturing Cher, he found his servant girl nailed to the door where Harmona lay. Lord Jagara had killed his beloved, Harmona. Darcia mourns in grief.

Yaiden explained to Hubb that he always knew his dog, Blue, had wolf’s blood in her. That’s why she was so good at hunting them. He decides to set off with Hubb to search for Cher. Hubb remembers all the good memories of his ex-wife and finally, the two of them have a happy reunion. When she admits that she’s met Darcia and must go back to find out the truth about Cheza, he decides to come with her.

Kiba also seeks out Darcia and fights him. Darcia explains that he was cursed with an eye of the wolf. He asks if Kiba has found Paradise and wants to know what’s there. Kiba replies the future no hope or despair. Yaiden enters and begins shooting at Kiba, but Blue protects him. Meanwhile, Jagara attacks again, destroying Darcia’s castle. Cheza, Hubb and Cher are captured.

Episode 19: Dream of an Oasis Darcia’s castle is attacked and Cheza is taken. Kiba runs to her rescue, but can’t board the ship. Later, Hige, Tsume, and Toboe search everywhere for Kiba, but can’t find him. Hige frustratingly gives up while Tsume still remains hopeful and wants to take one last look around. Hige tells them he’s out. Paradise doesn’t mean anything to him anyway. Toboe asks why they can’t all live together wolves, humans, birds, and flowers all as one. If they went to Paradise, this wouldn’t happen.

Kiba awakens and steps out in the sun to find a desert. Meanwhile, Toboe smells something familiar and investigates. He finds an almost dead Yaiden and decides to help. Hige refuses to help and he and Tsume go off in search of Kiba. When Yaiden feels Toboe’s warm body, he thinks it’s Blue. He remembers his little girl, Ruth and starts crying as Toboe comforts him.

Kiba runs to a pond of water in another world and drinks. A girl named Myu sits on the other side of the pond and laughs happily. She’s also an animal, but in the place where they now are, it doesn’t matter what they are.

When Yaiden awakens, Toboe is gone, but he has wolf hair on his gloves. Meanwhile, Jagara, the southern Noble’s army still flies ahead. Rumor has it that they’re capturing wolves. As Toboe walks alone to find Hige and Tsume, two Indians attack. Tsume and Hige come to his rescue and demand to know what the Indians have been doing with wolves. One of the Indians laughs at the misunderstanding. The Indians are of the Mon-tribe and do believe in wolves. They were defending themselves against men with rifles who killed some of their friends days before.

The Indians take the pack to their village where they are tending their dogs - their friends who were attacked. The pack suspects that Jagara may be taking anything that may resemble a wolf captive. Tsume then asks the Indian, Ihk, what he meant when he said they believed in wolves. Ihk replies that wolves are their ancestors, although the nobles are different. Soon the Mon-tribe Elder greets the wolves.

Myu follows Kiba as he explores his new surroundings. He asks her to stop following him, but she leads him to a green meadow filled with animals. A mountain range lies beyond. He asks if this is Paradise, the place where you can be free. She tells him that if he thinks so, than it is Paradise for him. He runs after her, and she asks if he’ll stay together with her forever. He tells her they’re of different species. Immediately after he was born, he experienced death. An Indian took care of him, feeding him and watching over him. One day, Kiba asked the Indian why he survived what was his purpose? He had heard a voice inside of him telling him he can no longer stay there. It was then that the man told him that it was time for him to continue on his journey. He didn’t survive the flowers protected him and the land let him live. He is to listen to the voice inside him and not look back. After that, Kiba set out searching for the place he must go. Kiba recounts the story to Myu freely and at peace with himself. He surprises himself with his newfound openness.

Back at Mon-tribe village, the Elder explains that a long time ago when humans were animals, there were also evil monsters. The Earth Mother sent wolves from Paradise to Earth. The wolves killed the monsters, fought evil, and taught the ignorant and selfish animal-humans many things. Then, the wolves created humans from a part of their bodies around the time when this world began. He hypothesizes that if the wolves have set out for Paradise, the time has come for this world to collapse. When Paradise is found, this world will vanish. The Elder asks which of the wolves set out searching. Toboe then asks if that means they should stop looking for Paradise. What will happen to all the people? He replies that is something no one knows. They are just following their destiny.

Tsume tells Ihk it is time for them to leave. They are searching for a friend, but have lost his scent. They ask what is beyond the mountain range. He replies that beyond those mountains is a desert of bones. There is only desert as far as the eye can see, but a legend says that those who enter it experience bliss. According to the spirit of this place, there is a tall grass that has been growing for thousands of years. It guides those who rest beneath it to an eternal garden. No one who goes there ever returns. Tsume decides to continue onward, but Toboe refuses. He wants to stay with the Indians.

Kiba picks a flower in the meadow and it falls to pieces in front of him. Myu points to the flower below, unpicked and blooming in the grass.

Episode 20: Consciously Kiba dreams of Cheza and then his friends. He awakens and an owl appears. After replying that it doesn’t know who or what it is, it flies away.

Ihk explains that there is a desert of bones beyond the mountain. He then offers them a place to stay at his village. Toboe accepts. Staying with Ihk and the others makes him feel like he’s in Paradise. Tsume understands and he and Hige go off to find Kiba. Tsume explains that Toboe’s always wanted to be with humans. He asks Hige if he’s sure he still wants to come even though he’s given up on Paradise. It doesn’t matter Tsume will search for Kiba with or without him. Hige thinks Tsume’s starting to sound like Kiba, but continues onward with him.

Kiba tells Myu that he’s been having dreams of people he can’t remember. She tells him that he’ll forget sooner or later. She’ll always be by his side. Still, the cryptic owl flies overhead and tells him the answers are all under the sand.

Toboe remembers back to the old woman who took care of him. She offered him food, and he anxiously accepted, knocking her to the ground and accidentally suffocating her. Ihk’s horse asks him if he’s ok and then questions his reasons for ending his search for Paradise. Toboe admits he thinks he will just hold everyone back if he continues onward with them. Besides, he wants to stay in the village.

Tsume and Hige cross the mountain range and look down on the desert below. They see one of Jagara’s tanks coming and head down to investigate. At the Mon-tribe village, Ihk and the others prepare a defense as several heavily armed men make their way to the place where Kiba’s body lies surrounded by plant growth. Tsume and Hige manage to drive off the men and look down at Kiba’s motionless body. Ihk warns them not to get too close. The poisonous plant is paralyzing Kiba. He then picks up Kiba’s body and takes it back to the Elder.

The Elder chants, trying to recall Kiba’s spirit. Inside the dream world, Kiba sits happily with Myu. As the Elder chants, Myu realizes that someone has found him. She tells him that she wanted to stay with him forever, but he must go. This really isn’t Paradise. It’s a world where time has stopped. At some point, everyone forgets why they are there. She can’t remember anymore either. He asks who she is, but she tells him he has to go. His vision slowly fades as he is called back to the real world. He hears Cheza’s voice and remembers her name as the meadow disappears.

Kiba awakens to find the pack sitting by his side. They ask where he’s been. He replies a place that could have been Paradise but it wasn’t. He got kicked out. The Elder confirms that his spirit has returned. Outside, there is a Red Moon. Tsume thinks they should leave once Kiba is better. They now know the path forward will be difficult. After Kiba recovers, the Elder explains that Kiba saw the Garden of Eternity. He must have felt a calmness and joy he never before experienced. Most people are satisfied and stay there, but he came back to this world. Kiba explains that he must go to Paradise to continue living. The others curiously ask what happened in Kiba’s dream. He seems different now. He tells them nothing except he met a nice woman, but the entire time he was there, he felt as if he had lost something not just Cheza but the pack as well.

Kiba then decides he’s ready to go. Toboe declares that he won’t whine anymore, nor will he run away and the four together set off in search of Paradise. Toboe again questions if it’s right for them to continue, but Ihk assures them that the spirit is with them. Toboe asks a favor that Ihk’s dog hold his scent.

Yaiden lies mumbling to himself and hungry when Ihk’s dog finds him. Ihk gives him medicine and tells him he was asked to save him by a wolf. Yaiden refuses to believe. Ihk leaves a bag of food for him and tells him that no matter what kind of man he is, he will keep his promise. Yaiden takes the food and walks away. Ihk’s dog then howls to let Toboe know they found him.

Episode 21: Flares of the Battle The pack runs towards lights flashing in the sky. Kiba senses it’s a battle.

Jagara’s ships hover over the desolated city with guards standing by. Those inside the city prepare to take their final stand against Jagara. They know he’s looking for something wolves. They recount their superstition about wolves and how several of their own men seem to have been attacked by them. The Captain then interjects that they are soldiers employed by nobles and have no place seeking a purpose to their fighting.

A battle ensues in the city as the wolves watch on from above. They recognize Jagara’s army and head down to investigate the city. The pack fights along side of the city’s troops against Jagara’s men. The Captain watches them suspiciously, noticing their true form. He then demands to know who they are and why they saved his city. Kiba replies that wasn’t their intention. Hige then realizes the Captain was one of the men chasing them in the city when they met Cheza. They then ask if he knows Cheza’s whereabouts now that Jagara has taken her. The Captain doesn’t know but advises them to head towards Jagara’s castle. He asks if the four of them are prepared to take on Jagara’s troops. They reply they are and leave. The Captain then tells his remaining soldiers to gather their troops. They will be making an advanced attack on the enemy. The wolves are their allies.

Cheza and Blue are held prisoner with Jagara’s troops. Cheza asked why Blue was caught with her. She should have been able to escape. Blue explains that she’s never been able to protect anyone the old man Ruth. She’s never been there for those people who needed her. After she met Cheza, she realized she didn’t really know herself, but she knows that she must protect her. Besides, the boys will come for them. Cheza senses that Blue truly believes in Hige. Blue denies it, but the two break down in giggles.

Cher and Hubb are also being held prisoner. Hubb tells her that he’s learned they’re not divorcees anymore. Apparently, the record of them being married was erased, so their divorce didn’t happen either. A bump jostles them to the floor and Hubb attempts to bite through Cher’s binds. She tells him when they get out of this, she wants to bake some bread. They will be in a place where no one knows them. He dreams of a big garden and a red roofed house where they can live happily and possibly raise a family. She tells him that’s over now. Can they really just make a fresh start? She tells him he’s dreaming. He tells her there is hope she’s all he has left in the world and he will protect her. Hubb attempts to undo her binds again and this time succeeds.

Cher and Hubb look out of the vehicle to see Oakam’s troops in the distance. They arm themselves from some of the fallen and set out looking for Cheza. They find Blue and Cheza and release the two. One of Jagara’s men ambushes them, but Hubb manages to escape with Cheza. Not long after, a plane flies overhead and takes Hubb and Cheza inside, while Cher and Blue are surrounded from the ground below.

Oakam’s troops attack at that moment and Cher and Blue are able to escape. When the battle is over, Cher asks why Oakam’s men do this. Both Darcia and Oakam are gone. The Captain tells her this is the only thing he knows. He ran into wolves on the battlefield he then realized the truth and that they were searching for the Flower. Cher explains everything has been foretold by the Book of the Moon. He offers her a ride, but she declines and asks for a tank. She needs to go to Jagara’s castle. He allows her one. He’ll be going to Freeze City for his final battle against Jagara. He’s fighting for an existence he must protect. That city is their home.

Cher gets in the tank to find Blue waiting and the two head to the Castle. Meanwhile, in Jagara’s plane, Cheza senses Kiba below and runs to the window.

Episode 22: Meteor Fragment Yaiden sits among several travelers. One among them repeats over and over that this is the end time. The world will end soon. Several others become agitated and one picks up the babbling man. He then draws a gun. This world won’t end. Jagara is the last bastion. The man puts the barrel of the gun in the babbling man’s mouth and pulls the trigger. Having snapped, the man then makes an attempt at shooting another passenger, but Yaiden knocks the gun from his hand and kicks him off the train, grabbing his ID necklace in the process. It seems everyone has lost hope.

Cher and Blue continue to Jagara’s castle in hopes of finding Cheza and maybe Hubb. Cher asks Blue why she left Yaiden. Blue replies that she’s what he hates the most, but wishes she could have talked to him the way she can now. But now her mission is to rescue Cheza. Meanwhile, the 4 wolves make their way along shifting glaciers, again, heading towards Jagara. In Jagara’s castle, Hubb walks with the other prisoners, accompanied by guards. He sees that another group of Jagara’s men are carrying an unconscious Cheza away and tries to break free. A guard quickly knocks him unconscious.

Hubb awakens to find himself in a prison cell. A female wolf smells Cheza’s scent and asks his situation. He tells her he a prisoner from Darcia’s castle. She’s there because of treason. The nobles hate them. They’re just something that gets in the way. All captives like her were taken to Jagara’s great hall to be executed, and her time will soon arrive. She again asks why he smells so good. He tells her it’s Cheza, the flower girl. She recognizes that the time has finally come.

The pack looks onward at a graveyard of bones as they wait for Toboe to keep up. When he arrives, they notice he’s been injured. Kiba decides it might be better to rest, but Toboe is stubborn and wants to keep going. They continue, but soon, Toboe slows down, and finally falls to the ground wearily. Meanwhile, a large walrus breaks through the ice and shatters the piece Toboe is resting on. He falls into the water, to just barely be rescued by Hige. The walrus then attacks. Kiba and Tsume run at the walrus, but it throws them off. It then drives a tusk into Kiba’s leg. Tsume jumps on its back to rescue Kiba as Toboe looks on horror-filled. Something snaps inside him and Toboe then musters up every bit of courage he has, runs at the walrus, and sinks his teeth into the walrus’ back. The walrus dives under water, but the wolf hangs on. The other three watch as Toboe is no where in sight. They then see the walrus climb from behind them and Toboe is thrown off. It then falls to the ground.

The rest of the pack runs to Toboe. The walrus tells him that he’s been protecting this island for a long time, but now he’s not a sacrifice, he’s their savior. With that, Kiba tells Toboe that it’s his kill and they then eat hungrily.

Meanwhile, Cheza is placed in a green tank in Jagara’s palace, as Jagara notes the words of the Red Moon. Become the messenger for the god born of the high god. That work lies in silence and I gratefully accept the blessing of a fiery, glorious ending. The flower basked in the lord of the night’s love and is almost overflowing with scent.

Jagara’s servants then offer her wolf’s meat, the scent of which awakens Cheza. They then pour her a glass of wolf’s blood and she drinks. Cheza lets out a scream as she senses it. Jagara prophesizes that the beast will appear.

Episode 23: The Black City’s Heartbeat Cher and Blue make it to the Lost City of the lost world. It is the last city left and belongs to Lady Jagara.

Outside, crowds of people wait to enter the Lost City. When Yaiden goes to enter, he is taken to another entrance point. He notices that those allowed to enter the city have necklaces like the one he took from the man on the train, and realizes that was his ticket inside.

Cher and Blue make their way around the city in search of an ID while the wolves, led by Hige, enter through a tunnel. Both Kiba and Tsume are slightly suspicious that Hige knew of the place, but they soon set their sights on finding Cheza. Hige suggests they split up. Kiba and Tsume should look for a way in, while Hige and Toboe will gather information. Tsume suspiciously asks if they are going to find food without them, but Hige assures him they’ll get enough food for everyone. They’ll meet later when the moon rises.

As Cher and Blue are walking, two men on skateboards ride up to them. Cher tells them if they don’t have IDs, the girls aren’t interested. The men aren’t ready to take no for an answer and continue their harassment. Blue soon has had enough and attacks them. Meanwhile, Hige remembers more and more about the city. He leads Toboe to a flight of stairs, through a passage way, and to an elevator. Meanwhile, Kiba and Tsume scope out the front entrance to Jagara’s castle and decide that’s out of the question.

Inside, Jagara receives a message that Twenty-Three’s signal was confirmed within Lost City. That means that all of them have returned. The awaited time is near. She then picks up a book and reads about how the last wolf, hidden by the moonlight, will lead her to paradise.

Yaiden enters a bar and orders a vodka. Inside, a group of men are chatting about how Oakum’s remaining troops have finally been defeated. Now the world is in Lady Jagura’s hands. Meanwhile, the bartender notices Yaiden’s flask and asks where he’s from. He replies the brink of death and has been looking for wolves. The men tell him that he’s too late. They’ve already taken care of the wolves and received a ‘mission completed’ from Lady Jagara. They are the Anti-Wolf Special Unit, and because of them, there are no more wolves. Yaiden reprimands them for being so cocky he can still tell there are wolves around.

As Hige and Toboe walk though the city, Hige gets a sudden headache. When Toboe asks what’s wrong, Hige runs off leaving Toboe behind.

Tsume and Kiba spot the two skaters that pursued Cher and Blue. They’re thieves similar to Tsume’s boys, so he’s sure they must know the back way into the castle. When the two surround the skaters, one pulls a gun, but the wolves have no problems dodging. They admit defeat and agree to help. The task is to get into the castle without being seen. They tell the wolves that’s impossible, but the wolves are persistent. They must rescue a lady from Jagara. The skaters think the wolves are crazy. Jagara has a reputation as a witch who uses weird spells, but they will show them a way in.

Meanwhile, Blue attacks a man for two IDs and she and Cher finally enter into the city.

The skaters show Tsume and Kiba the cables that are connected to the base of the castle. They are supposed to transport energy into the city. Kiba says it feels like the opposite of basking in the moonlight. Like getting energy sucked out. Kiba and Tsume then decide to continue ahead without Hige and Toboe. They jump down on the cables and head into the city.

Meanwhile, Hige becomes weak as the pain in his head throbs more and more. He notices two guards with rifles and jumps down a level. The guards follow as the pain becomes unbearable. The guards confirm: he is Twenty-Three, the last of the wolves.

Episode 24: The Scent of the Trap Hige drops in pain as the guards check his ID. He’s the last of the wolves. They leave him for now. Cher and Blue walk into the higher parts of Lost City, noticing how clean it is compared to the lower parts. Only those with ID necklaces can enter.

Inside the castle, Jagara is in the midst of a ritual.

Kiba and Tsume wander inside. Tsume has an uneasy feeling about this. Meanwhile, Toboe wanders the streets, lost. He can’t pick up a scent, nor can he find Hige. Hige, meanwhile, is still being affected by his ID collar.

Cher and Blue search for Jagara’s castle, but appear to be lost. No one seems human. When they ask a woman how to get to the castle, she tells them they won’t find that kind of information around here. Blue wonders what’s up with these people. A cat tells her the people are all dead. They are simply living day to day without thinking, feeling, or asking anything. Blue inquires about the back alleys of the fake city, and the cat tells her to follow. He leads them into a bookstore where they can ask for a map. The bookstore owner quickly realizes they’re not from around here. The inhabitants of the city, aren’t interested in city maps because they aren’t interested in anything that doesn’t have to do with their lives. He pulls out a map and explains where they are in relation to Jagara’s castle. There’s a moonlight power plant that feeds energy into the city. She then asks why no one is concerned with that goes on in the city. He tells her that thinking about those things won’t do any good. What’s important is day to day life. She then tells him what’s happening in the outside world. He tells her if they stay for a while, they’ll find they won’t have any worries. Cher pays for the map and leaves.

Yaiden also wanders the streets of Lost City. He spots Toboe and prepares to shoot. Meanwhile, Hige makes his way through the city streets, noticing surveillance cameras everywhere he turns.

Inside, Tsume and Kiba get separated once they smell the scent of the flower.

Cher can’t make out any kind of path to the castle. It looks like only the nobles and their soldiers can get in and out. When Blue expresses concern over Cheza’s safety, Cher asks why the wolves have such an affection for her. Blue replies that Cheza is the guide to Paradise. Cher recognizes the line from the Book of the Moon. Blue continues, when she’s with Cheza, she feels as if she’s a wolf. In Curious, she never thought she might be a wolf. But Curious no longer exists and she has no place to return. Cher then decides she’d like to go to Paradise too.

Cher and Blue continue in their search for a way into the city. Some guards stop them and ask where they’re from. Cher tries to play cool, but the guard assures her that as long as she has an ID, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re not from around Freeze City. Blue tells her they’re from Curious he knows it was destroyed several years ago. One soldier remembers that’s the city they burned down right when he enlisted. That’s where the wolves ran to. He tells her proudly that the town burned quite well. Blue fights to keep her emotions in check, and the guards soon realize she’s a wolf. She makes her escape, leaving Cher and happily knowing the truth.

Blue then finds Hige, who’s completely weary. He’s happy she’s safe. And she’s happy she can tell the old man that it wasn’t wolves, but soldiers from this town. Hige asks if she wants to leave the city with him. She asks about the others and Cheza. He tells her he doesn’t care. He then panics when he sees another surveillance camera and tells her he must get out of the city.

Tsume continues towards the scent of the flower, as Jagara continues her ritual. Meanwhile, Toboe can’t figure out the way out and starts howling. Hige is panicking, particularly since Blue refuses to come with him. A number of guards soon surround Toboe, while Kiba fights his way inside the castle towards Cheza. Walking a different pathway, Tsume strolls down a hall adorned with posed wolves traded in class. Each has a collar. As he further investigates, a cage contains him. Kiba fights wearily through the pack of guards. Jagara soon calls him, the wolf chosen by the flower.

Episode 25: Memory of a Mistake Hubb awakens as Tsume attempts to break free from his prison. The old woman in the next cell explains that her entire pack was captured. The ones with collars they sold. He realizes that Hige is one of them. Hige’s collar is acting up again, and he staggers and falls unconscious. When he awakens, he asks Blue to remove ie.

Meanwhile, the old woman explains that her pack was friendly to stray wolves, and that’s why they took him in. However, once Hige was with them, soldiers began attacking.

Blue struggles to break Hige’s collar, but can’t. He realizes now that his memories were wrong. Suddenly, two guards attack and as Blue defends them, a bullet rips through Hige’s collar. The two escape. Elsewhere, a drunken Yaiden wanders through the city. He asks why the wolf hunters bother continuing to hunt. They reply to keep the country safe.

Two guards throw Toboe into a cage next to Tsume and Hubb. They then take the old woman away.

Hubb regains some of his senses and finally notices that Tsume is a wolf. Meanwhile, Toboe is hysterical that they will all be killed. Tsume reassures him they will make it to Paradise.

Kiba climbs a long stairway in search of Cheza. He finds her unconscious at the top encased in a green capsule. Jagara then enters and captures Kiba. In the process, Cheza’s capsule breaks and the liquid spills out.

Back in the city, Cher searches for Blue. She sees some trucks and follows them to the city’s entrance. There, she sees Darcia walking into the castle, killing the guards with a pseudo-Jedi mind trick. Cher follows.

Jagara prepares for her final ritual as Kiba lies covered in wires. He asks Cheza to sing. When she does, Toboe and Tsume can hear and try even harder to break free.

Meanwhile, Hige decides that he must save the others because he got them into this. He asks Blue to wait outside for him. That way, he’ll definitely come back.

As Jagara dances, Darcia enters and walks towards her. Everyone else in the room dies.

Episode 26: Moonlight Power Plant The day of destruction was invoked by Darcia the First. It’s been 200 years since that day, but everything they need to know was written in the Book of the Moon. The blood of a wolf would awaken the Flower of the Moon who would guide them. That wolf was born to rule this world. However, the nobles want Paradise for themselves. Currently, the moonlight power plant that powers the city converts moonlight into energy.

Jagara has been waiting for Darcia. He removes her mask to reveal Harmona’s sister. She admits to killing her sister out of love. They look identical, but Darcia always preferred Harmona. She asks him to dance in the last ritual Darcia the First tried to perform, but paid for with his life. As they dance, the city lights black out. The gates of Paradise will soon be opened for them.

Cher notices that Cheza is trying to bloom as Kiba makes a last ditch attempt to connect with her.

Hubb realizes the power fails when the lights go out and instructs the wolves to ram the doors then. Tsume escapes as Hige walks into the prison. Tsume is immediately suspicious and accuses him of being the Nobles’ dog and killing his own kind. The wolves then escape.

Blue sees Yaiden and remembers his family. He opens his eyes to see her in human form. He tells her he’s from Curious. She tells him it got torched by Jagara’s wolf hunting unit and was completely destroyed. He walks away, but turns back to see Blue in wolf form. She runs to him and the two have a bonding moment.

Cheza says goodbye to Kiba. She must wither. He then breaks his wire binds and runs towards her.

Jagara explains that they should stop time forever. Paradise is a place where you can remember the past fondly. It is not a place to change the future - Paradise has no future. But Darcia the first tried to find it. He didn’t believe it existed. Paradise was created from a cursed world. Darcia doesn’t believe her. His wolf’s eye knows that this isn’t Paradise. He then transforms into a wolf and bites her. Paradise is now closed and the castle begins to crumble. Kiba runs to a dying Cheza as the building collapses around him.

Meanwhile, Cher releases Cheza from her prison. As she hugs Cheza, Darcia pulls the sword Jagara stabbed him with out of his body. Jagara asks why he never loved her. The two battle with swords as Jagara reveals her love and asks him to go with her to Paradise. She then mentions the dagger she used was covered in poison. He will be hers forever.

Meanwhile, Hige attacks Jagara, but she strikes him with her sword. Kiba charges as Toboe and Tsume attend a wounded Hige. Jagara traps Kiba in her energy barrier, but he is about to muster up enough energy to attack. Hige makes a rear attack, which Kiba takes the front. Darcia then makes his last stance to stab her with his sword.

Darcia explains that he was the chosen wolf and holds out an orb. The wolves don’t desire Paradise, Paradise calls to them. He then walks away.

Darcia then tells kiba he’s the chosen wolf, just as he suspects darcia is neither wolf nor noble. Darcia holds out an orb. He was chosen. It’s not that we have a desire for paradise. Paradise is calling them. Darcia then walks away.

As the castle crumbles, Kiba attends to Cheza while Tsume and Toboe attend Hige. Cher and Hubb are reunited.

Wolf's Rain Episode 27: Where the Soul Is

The planet has gone through countless cycles of destruction and rebirth. This age is about to end and another will be ushered in. Now, it is digressing back to an ice age. They're only hope is that someone will open Paradise.

Chaos is everywhere, as Hige sits in despair. Blue didn't wait for him. He wonders where she would have gone. Kiba lowers Cheza to heal Higa's physical wounds and invites him to Paradise. When Hige pushes her away, Kiba hands Cheza to Tsuma and tries to comfort Hige himself. They set out for Paradise together and now they must continue.

Blue follows her old master and the two talk like they've never done before. Yaiden asks if she's always hated him because he pursued her kind. She explains that of course she doesn't. At that time, she didn't know she was a wolf. But she wishes they could have talked like this earlier. When a car passes them, Yaiden saves her from being hit.

Cher and Hubb walk happily, side by side, as the sky grows darker ahead of them. They spot an abandoned car in the distance and Hubb runs towards it. Three men lie shot, apparently betrayed by their own friends. Money and jewels are scattered abound, but there's not much gas. The two hop in, prepared to drive as far forward as they can.

Hige picks up Blue's scent and follows it to a pool of human blood. Tsume is convinced she went back to Yaiden. Meanwhile, Blue carries Yaiden's injured body as far as she can. She calls him father and admits she's always wanted to stay with him. When he falls unconscious, she bits him and encourages him to stay awake. She has faith that they will see the others again.

Hubb stops the car when he sees Yaiden and Cher tries to nurse him back to health. Meanwhile, the wolves talk about the Noble's Paradise and how it is a false paradise. The true Paradise must be opened by wolves. Even Cher realizes that. She and Hubb won't be able to enter it. One day, humans will be reborn. Cher now realizes why they couldn't have children. They always blamed their busy schedules, but deep inside, they had given up on life. They sensed the world would end. Hubb tries to cheer her up. He is just happy to be with her again, something he gave up on long ago has finally become reality.

Cher and Hubb continue to drive and soon pass the pack. Blue runs to Hige and the two wolves playfully cuddle. They sense a storm brewing in the distance as Cher attends to Cheza. Then, they set off, with the wolves running along side the car. Hubb realizes he has stopped sneezing and is no longer allergic to wolves.

Tragedy soon strikes when a meteor falls from the sky, breaking the ice. The car overturns and everyone tries to climb out before it falls over the cliff. Cher doesn't make it in time, and the car tumbles over the cliff. Hubb desperately runs to her side, speaking softly to her about their future. Yes, they can have a child if she hangs in there. But she dies in his arms.

Hubb gently places Cher's body in the water and it floats away from him. He then tries with all him might to turn the car right side up. The wolves sense his determination to keep going and finally the car gives. He tells them he'll give them a ride, journeying with them as far as he can.

Wolf's Rain Episode 28: Gunshots of Remorse

Hubb drives Cheza as the wolves run along side the car. He marvels to Cheza that this is the first time he's ever seen truth. It's a shame the world will end now. She explains that it ends so it can start over.

The image of Yaiden's house burning consumes his memories. Blue explains that the wolves didn't attack Curious, Jagara did. Yaiden gasps for breath, and Hubb stops the car to perform CPR. Cheza administers a breath while Hubb pumps the old man's heart. He starts breathing on his own, but Cheza faints from exhaustion.

Tsume is skeptical that Yaiden will pleasantly accept that he's traveling with wolves towards Paradise. Blue tells him she thinks he will. He seemed to understand what she told him and he protected her even when he knew she was a wolf.

Toboe then admits that when he was in the mountains, Yaiden mistook him for her. Blue asks him that if something happens to her, will Toboe watch over the old man? He will.

Hubb's car soon runs out of gas, so he picks up Yaiden, while Cheza offers to walk. They start off on foot. They soon stop to rest. Blue lovingly watches over her former master as he sleeps. Yaiden awakens, calling for Blue. He can't see very well, so they explain that he is with the wolves and the flower girl on a journey to Paraside. Yaiden hasn't yet given up his beliefs that wolves are evil and declares he'd rather die than continue with them. He then denounces all ties to Blue and walks away. When Hubb runs after him, he asks where Cher is. Hubb sadly explains that sher is dead and the world is coming to an end. Again, Yaiden declares he'd rather be alone. Hubb tells him to forget his pride and come with them, but Yaiden pulls a gun and smacks him.

Meanwhile, Blue admits to Hige she doesn't think she'll make it to Paradise because she's not a true wolf. Hige understands. He has doubts himself. The two decide they'll remain together to the very end.

The memory of the wolf with the evil eye still haunts Yaiden. Suddenly, a red light splits the sky, and Cheza asks the wolves to take her over there. Tsume scouts the area for Blue and Hige and then realizes they won't be continuing with he and Kiba. Hubb flails blindly in the ensuing sandstorm, calling out for anyone who might hear, while Toboe goes after Yaiden. He asks the old man to come back with them. Yaiden explains that he must live for something - his reasoning just happens to be hate.

Cheza senses that Darcia is near. Sure enough, he appears before Yaiden and Toboe, blocking the way for Yaiden to pass. Humans are unclean and not welcome in this territory. Yaiden realizes this wolf-man was responsible for the deaths of his family and vows revenge. Both pull out a shotgun and shoot. Toboe takes the bullet for Yaiden, must to his surprise.

Wolf's Rain Episode 29: High Tide, High Time

Yaiden drops his gun in shock and stagers towards Toboe in disbelief. A wolf took a bullet for him. Darcia again pulls the trigger, but Toboe jumps up and bits his arm, again saving Yaiden. Yaiden then draws and shoots Darcia, but his bullets have no effect on the wolf-man. Darcia explains that he is one of the wolves that degenerated into humans and were kicked out of Paradise. Now he can't change back to his wolf form anymore. Again, he shoots, hitting Yaiden square in the chest.

Bloody, Toboe stagers to his feet and walks over to Yaiden's limp body. He made a promise to Blue to protect the old man but failed. Like Blue, he too wanted to stay with Yaiden and protect him, though it would have been nice if everyone could have gone to Paradise together. He then asks if he can sleep on Yaiden's arm. As he lies down, Yaiden pets him, and Toboe dreams of his old owner, the old woman who would pet him lovingly as she worked. Yaiden then remembers that in the mountains, it had been Toboe who attended his wounds. He sheds tears when the young wolf dies.

Meanwhile, Hubb calls out from the windstorm for anyone. Unfortunately, the only one to hear his cries is Darica, who grabs him by the neck. Kiba shows up in time to ask Darcia why he has not yet opened Paraside yet. Darcia explains that he will soon. The seal is broken and Paradise lies on the other side.

As Cheza lovingly strokes Toboe's fur, tears of sadness fall from her eyes. A vine grows from those tears, but quickly disappears before her. Blue is overcome with grief by the deaths of the old man and the wolf.

Kiba informs the pack that Darcia is headed to their Paradise, where the Tree of the Beginning grows. They must continue onwards, but all are aware that only Kiba will be the one to enter Paradise. Blue decides she will at least try to make it to Paradise, even if it rejects her, and Hige must come with her. Hubb then pulls his gun and declares that he will kill himself when the time comes.

Tsume decides to stay behind briefly to mourn Toboe's death, while Hige confesses that he fears betraying them again. Kiba tells him not to worry. They will all fight if they sense danger.

Later, Tsume says his final goodbye to Toboe. The scar he wars is the mark of his sin. He once abandoned his friends in the heart of battle and ran away. His betrayal cost dearly, as he was banished from his own pack. He vowed to continue alone from that point, but Toboe believed in him and encouraged him to come on this journey.

The Tree of the Beginning waits for them. Cheza walks over and touches it, and a bright, rainbow colored light appears. It then freezes before them. Hubb backs into Darcia's crest and pulls out his copy of the book of the moon. This is the Door of the Seal which was erected by the aristocrats to seal the wolves' Paradise. They realize that when the aristocrats opened their own Paradise, Darcia stayed behind. He wanted to return to the wolves' Paradise instead. The book doesn't actually say what to expect in Paradise, but Cheza points over to the Mountain of the Beginning and declares it to be the entrance to Paradise.

Everyone continues their climb up the mountain, but Hubb grows weary. A falling rock smacks into his body, and he falls a distance. He encourages the others to go on without him. They can open the new world. He then lets go, leaving the book behind. The wolves read onwards to learn that the Red Moon was born from God and became his messenger. The Lord of the Night favors the flower, which takes on the characteristics of a young maiden.

Tsume gets to the mountain in time to see Hubb fall to his death. Meanwhile, Darcia appears in his wolf form at the top of the mountain and stares down at Kiba.

Wolf's Rain Episode 30: Wolf's Rain

Darcia appears in wolf form at the top of the mountain.

A voiceover from the book of the moon explains that Paradise does not have any of creation's joy or happiness because sadness, misfortune and death do not exist there.

Darcia growls and calls to Cheza. He needs her to open Paradise. Kiba tells Hige to take Blue and Cheza while he stays to fight Darcia.

But Hige and Tsume go after Darcia, who easily smacks them down. He then bites Blue hard and grabs Cheza, taking her to the mountain top. Hige tells Kiba to leave them. He'll attend to Blue, who is now fatally wounded. He comforts her as she dies.

Hige then asks Tsume to mercy kill him before he goes after Kiba. He asks Tsume's forgiveness, and then Tsume bites him. They will meet up in Paradise.

On the mountain top, Darcia tosses Cheza aside and confronts Kiba. Tsume fights hard to stall Darcia while Cheza makes her way towards Paradise's entrance. She takes one more look at the wolves and throws herself off the mountain cliff. Darcia struggles with Tsume before taking a running leap over the cliff after Cheza. Kiba runs back to check on Tsume, but it is too late. Tsume tells him that he knew from the beginning that only Kiba could make it to Paradise. He tells him to go on and then dies.

Kiba jumps over the cliff after Cheza to the place closest to the moon, where the wolves' Paradise can be opened. He then asks Darcia why entering the wolves' Paradise matters so much to him. Darcia explains that the aristocrat Paradise is a fake. He knew Harmona wasn't there as soon as he saw it with his wolf's eye, so he tries to resurrect the wolf within him. He explains that in this world, some humans came from wolves. Once the wolves became humans, they forgot they were once wolves and couldn't go back. But he remembered his wolf form. He asks Kiba why his pack was so important. They held him back. Without them, he could have opened Paradise by now. Kiba explains that without his pack, he wouldn't have made it this far. Darcia asks why he wants this. He's already lost everything. Kiba disagrees. He hasn't lost anything.

The wolves continue to fight, while Cheza extends her arms and takes the form of a tree. Darcia wounds Kiba badly, but Kiba won't give up. Darcia then picks up Cheza and tosses her aside. He then loses his mind, starts laughing manically, and vomits blood.

Cheza explains that she has poison flowing through her body. Darcia wasn't protected by the flower, so the poison affects him. Darcia notices a trail of Cheza's blood leading to the entrance to Paradise. He follows it, but when he reaches the end, a large red light flares, and his body vaporizes, leaving only his wolf eyeball on the ground.

Cheza calls to Kiba and extends her branch-like hands. Soon, this world will freeze over and close. She will disappear as well. This is not her true form, but because he protected her, she will assume her true form in the next world. They will meet again when Paradise in the next world has been opened. The stream of blood flowing from Cheza and Kiba mixes, and Cheza cries in pain. She asks Kiba to search for her in the next world. Then they will find Paradise. And with those worlds, she crumbles into seeds.

Kiba screams wearily, the last living being in a dying world. He retraces his steps to view the bodies of each of his dead friends, certain there is no Paradise. Having lost all hope, he falls wearily and closes his eyes.

As Kiba sleeps, the snow flakes turn into rain, and Cheza's seeds sprout new life, growing towards the moon. The ice melts around Kiba's body and flowers bloom. He awakens to find himself under water looking upwards at the moon. Around him, flowers bloom and the earth is filled with life. The old world has passed and a new one has taken its place.

Kiba, in human form, casually walks through a city bustling with life. Each of his old friends - Tsume, Toboe, Hige - sense a presence when he passes, though non seem to remember their old life.

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