Just thought I might point out that there are two different lists here. I just did not believe that I should create two pages for such small lists. Enjoy...

Name Puns

Characterís play on words
∑ Bulma (Buruma):
A kind of girl's gym shorts ("bloomers").
∑ Chaiotzu
Stickers (from the Chinese word "gyoza").
∑ ChiChi:
∑ Dr. Briefs:
Boxers or Briefs? You know which one Dr. Briefs prefers...
∑ Pilaf:
Literally in Japanese: "sweet dish".
∑ Yamcha:
Chinese for "dim sun" (also said to mean "drink tea").
∑ Lunch:
One of the 3 most important meals of the day.
∑ Puar:
∑ Oolong:
Chinese for "amber tea".
∑ Videl:
Rearrange the letters to get "devil".
∑ Mr. Satan:
Lucifer himself.
∑ Muten Roshi:
Filter paper.
∑ Kakao:
Seed that serves as an ingredient to cocoa.
∑ Kakarotto:
A play on the word "carrot".
∑ Goku:
Japanese for "sky".
∑ Raditz:
Play on the word "raddish".
∑ Goten:
Simply means "air".
∑ Nappa:
chinese for "cabbage".
∑ Gohan:
Means "fried rice" in Japanese.
∑ Bra:
Piece of underwear that men don't (usually) wear.
∑ Pan:
Means "bread".
∑ Trunks:
Boy's underwear.
∑ Vegeta:
Play on the word "vegetable".
∑ Taurus:
That's bull.
∑ Paragus:
esParagus. Get it?
∑ Piccolo:
Everyone's favorite musical instrument (a small flute).
∑ Drum:
Um... a drum. Everyone's other favorite musical instrument.
∑ Kami:
Japanese for "god".
∑ Slug:
Achilles Heel: Salt.
∑ Kargo:
Snails, a French favorite.
∑ Bibiddi/Babidi/Buu:
Remember that thing from Cinderella? Bibiddibabidibuu.
∑ Cooler:
I'm cooler than you.
∑ Jeice:
What's better, apple juice or orange juice?


Bulma: women's gym shorts
Chi-Chi: breasts
Dr. Briefs: Menís underwear
Kuririn: chestnut
Lunch: to release
Mr. Satan: 'Satan'
Oolong: wulong (Chinese meaning Amber tea)
Pilaf: "Pilav" (meaning rice dish)
Puar: "Pu-her" (Chinese tea)
Tenshinhan: Fried rice
Chauou: Dumpling
Videl: 'Devil' (the lettters are reorganized)

The Namekian's

Drum: A drum
Kargo: from French word for "escargot"
Nail: from the word "snail"
Piano: A piano
Piccolo: the instrument
Tamborine: A tamborine
Tsuno: "antennae" or "horn"


Saiyans: 'Saiya' (Yasai - means vegetable)
Bra: Women's bra
Goku: monkey
Goten: sky
Gohan: a meal in Japanese
Kakarotto: carrot
Nappa: Chinese cabbage
Pan: bread
Raditz: radish
Trunks: Boys gym shorts in Japanese
Vegeta: vegetable


Cell: cell
Feeza: Freezer
King Cold: Cold
Kooler: Cooler
Tulres: Lettuce
Bibadi: from the fairy god-mother in Cinderella's chant
Babidi: from the fairy god-mother in Cinderella's chant
Buu: from the fairy god-mother in Cinderella's chant (Bibabi-Babidi-Boo)
Dodoria: fruit
Zarbon: fruit
Ginyu: milk
Recoome: cream
Burter: butter
Jeice: juice/cheese
Guldo: yogurt

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