Window Pain by Jeremiah Kennedy copy write 2001

Looking through my own personal window
Which is like no other
I am reminded that we must not let our screens turn to walls
So, as I am staring at the light and catch a glimpse of the
I realize that darkness moves at the speed of light
And I wonder as I see the wheel turn
Does it, see me
Indians got a glimpse of the window wheel
And to them as to us, it is medicine
For it is the river of life
It is the medicine wheel
A symbol of north, south, east and west
Wisdom, innocence, elimination and introspection
In order to feel the wheel, to explain the loss of pain
One must travel high into the sky, believe and receive
Fly high with an eagle’s eye night and day
Travel in unity like the buffalo
For it may take a herd to extend the flow of light
Like a mouse from house to house
So we don’t misplace what’s in our face when the light is on
And one must strive for strength of a bear, because fear
Can keep us from the treetops
For the trees climb as high as the eye can see and as long
As the leaves are there
I have come to understand
From window, pain to pain
If that is all I see, I am the one to blame

The Forgotten Reflection By Manya Christine Whitney copy write 2001

The white waves,
Tossed, tumbling to cascade over the constant limestone.
The current pulling ever-eroding water,
Slipping sinewy silt.

The innocent echoes of children’s laughter,
Like ghosts dancing
Over lapping the tickling splashes of years.
Wearing away traditions like your favorite shoes
That no longer fit.
The faithful birds have grand rapport with
The sky.
The unending sky,
Ageless, because the wind just
Whispering wanton tales of era long past.

Summer sweat.
The heat eats my feet on the gravel road,
Down to the rushing romance of my youth.
Jaded by the shrinking size
Or is it just I,
Who’s grown?
The bleak sun beats my burnt shoulders as I tease
My toes with the violent current.
I have come along
Way. Parched,
Reaching to taste the twilight flavored spring.
Tongue sweating, my thick greasy mouth welcomes
The cool eternal shore.

Soggy autumn chills the air
Yet the cool of the evening does nothing,
To stop the water from racing it’s repetitive pools.
By no degree has the temperature of the flow
The golden, burnt leaves leak dew on my nose.
Lark’s song sings a farewell, to the weeping sky and her middle age.
The effortless water wash debris, pulling the years
Away. Faint smells of exhaust haunt,
The road is roaring with the mocking monotone of
Rubber on rock.

Cold white winter.
I am too old to shimmy down the embankment. My
Footing slides and
Stabs the snow with red mountain clay,
In my boots.
The icicle drops tears of,
Forgotten barefoot spring, into the rapids
The never-ending river, quietly carves,
Into the mountain.
Sleepily the trees bend with me
Weight of the snow,
And so many years.

Turning homeward
I catch my forgotten reflection in the puddle
Wet paved road. Old woman now,
Because I only stopped to say thank you
For a while.

Intelligence Test By Manya Christine Whitney copy write 2001

Crows leading shooting stars through time,
Butterflies tolerating busted balloons.
Oatmeal can see you a lottery ticket,
But you can’t teach it to speak English.
Faking Portuguese in twenty minutes,
Angels drowning in talcum powder,
Screwdrivers swishing flies with their tales,
Shouting from the dinner table,
Whining about having to work on Saturdays,
Pink lipstick that is too loud for that dress,
Waiting till it rains to wash behind your ears,
He loved watermelons.

Pieces By Daniel Vose copy write 2001

When death calls
And the world falls apart
I’ll still be standing here
Walking among the stars
Scattered like the pieces of a coffee cup you
When you slipped

When you fell
Sliding in a puddle in the rain

Invitation by P. Richard Greene copy write 2001

A candle
Burns slowly
By a picture on the corner
A bride
And her brother.

The light
Softly flickers
Dead flowers in a vase
White orchids
And pink carnations

A clock
On the mantle
Passes the time

A book
Lies on the sofa,
An invitation
Marks the place.

Swallows the light
As the flame

The Funeral March By David Dylan copy write 2001

A star melts
Comets cry
The sky is dressed for a funeral
The spotlight shines on the sideways smile
Of the moon.
On the canvas upon the mountains
As tear drops drizzle
The soldiers march
While a broken rhythm plays
Of an unsynchronized parade
And memories washed ashore
A blackjack crash
Salutes the sun
And the mountain receives his friend.

Storm By David Dylan copy write 2001

Lightning cracker-jacks across the sky
Mother nature cries
And rolling rugged thunder
Wanders its course.
A flash, a light
The shy is black a new.

A dancing rhythm
Of rain an fear
Sing peace and beauty
As innocence is washed away.
The dance-floor showers
Serenade continuously
Adding artistic approval
To their canvas in skies

Unsilenced By Ashley Wilson copy write 2001

Your face was carved from smoke
Your arms numbed the world in a single stroke
Your eyes were the darkness beneath the storm
Your chest was the mountain that kept me warm
The sound of your heart made the planets collide
The weight of your lips changed the pace of the tide
You made me whole and tore me apart
Your perception of life unsilenced my heart.

From Broken to Healed by Serina Daniels copy write 2001

The giving away
A releasing of emotions
Learning to love from a distance
Healing the broken spirit by solving the riddle
Standing on nails and feeling cold blood
Knowing every moment is healing
Even the steps back
Looking upward only and finding warmth on the
Pedestal of God
Extending one and then the other hand to reveal an
Infant spirit, reborn in a broken body
Knowing life is better, full of joy and warm blood
Thanking God for an appetite to live, breathe and grow
In a world of confusion and smoke
Giving the soul a spirit, to be given to another.

The giving away
A releasing of emotions
Learning to love face to face
A healing spirit with no riddle
Standing in white sand and feeling warm blood
Knowing every moment is precious
And a step forward
Looking upward only and finding warmth on the Pedestal of God
Extending one and then the other hand in thanks for an
Adult spirit in a healed body

Nature at Play by Jennifer Hartford copy write 2001

The stormy winds blow against the sacred flowers,
They seem to be engaged in a fight.
The flowers are using all their powers,
And the wind is using all its might.

The daises cry out for it to be done,
While the roses shudder in fear.
The winds only smile, they think it is fun,
They don’t know the real danger that is near.

For the flowers will die, this is true,
If the wind does not cease to blow.
The flowers can only pray for the skies to be blue,
And hope tomorrow the wind will not show.

Crimson Sweetness By Mystic_Moon copy write 2001

Your dark shadow
I see it
You follow me like the wind
Unable to catch
Impossible to see.
I am here before you
Crimson sweetness
Runs through my healing veins
I bid you, imbibe.
Are you afraid?
Afraid to steal my innocence?
My dear,
It's long ago departed.
You crave this Crimson Sweetness,
Want it with all your being...
So take it,
I bid you, Imbibe.

Creature of the Night By Mystic_Moon copy write 2001

Dark hunter,
Drink away my life,
Drink the life in my veins.
I invite you,
Drink away my life.
Drink it away,
And give me a new one,
An existence like yours.
I want to walk the darkened
Cold streets
With you,
Looking your prey.
Drink away my life,
Drink the compassion from my veins.
Let me be life you,
Take away life,
Then give back another.
Let me be a creature
Of the beautiful night.

Another Vampiric Thought By: Mystic_Moon copy write 2001

I'll walk beside you,
Watch you, beautiful darkness,
Watch you take life,

Shrouded in mystery,
Only I can see who you are,
The beautiful darkness,
In vampiric form.

I see you hesitate before hand,
Then see you drink.
Oh, that bliss,
If only it lasted,
If only...

You are the darkness,
You are the beauty of the shadows,
Vampiric one.
Shrouded in mystery,
Only I understand your suffering.

Lost Little Moon Child by Lost Little Moon Child copy write 2000

Sitting alone on the roof
Just outside her bedroom window
A girl stares at the moon.
Her delicate features are
Accented in the moon light.
Suddenly she speaks and as
She does she jumps
At the sound of her own voice.
She tells the moon her secrets,
And her darkest fears.
The moon shines a little
Brighter now, for he has
Found a friend in this small
And unsecured child.
The last thing she says
Before heading inside
Are words the moon
Has never forgotten.
She looked up and quietly
Reminded the moon to
“Look out for the stars
They are smaller, and weaker
And sometimes they get hurt,
But you are big and can help.”
As she turned her back
To climb in the window.
The moon couldn’t help
But notice the bruises
That stood out against
Her pale skin.
Then the moon heard
A man yelling through
The quiet night
The moon suddenly realized
That the girl’s last words
Were really her cry for help.
Knowing he couldn’t help
His newest and smallest friend
The moon began to cry.

Cannibalistic Desires by Rayna Chamber copy write 2000

While gazing out a window
Into a storm
Stranded by the down pour of rain, thunder and lightening.
As each bolt of electricity lit up their placid faces,
Different degrees of horror arose in their eyes.
This made them look tasty
Oh yes indeed it did.
So I ventured out into the rain…
In hopes of appeasing an appetite that
Steadily grew in the pits of my stomach
As each part of their bones were licked clean of their trembling flesh,
I realized maybe I’d be better
To prey on those happy rather than scared.
For in their fear, there was true life…
And true life doesn’t taste so great
But the happy existences, hidden well behind masks and facades
I find delightful…
For you are taking nothing from them…
For happiness is but a game in which one can’t truly play…

First Time by Lisa Milne copy write 2000

Slight moans of anticipation
Exploring pressure of lips to pulsing flesh
Hungry kisses, becoming more insistent
Urgent caresses of demanding hands
Shedding cloths and doubts alike

Sucking, teasing nibbles on nakedness
The sinking of teeth, biting tightly into muscle
Shuddering, the tingling of pleasure and pain
Blood flushing to the surface
Licking, tasting the hot blood swelling out
Louder and louder, shivering moans of ecstasy

Deep bloody kisses, strong and passionate
Breathing in the kisses, the need grows
Raking claws splitting open tender skin
Thin lines of red oozing
Droplet by droplet trickling out
Tongue in warm moist holes, the taste of sex
Overwhelming horny, the call of blood lust is undeniable

And with every violent thrust,
Helpless moans turn into rhythmic grunts
Every desire and want satisfied in
The hot force of sex
Slamming together.

Final Thought By Magicpixiefairy copy write 2000
Why must I die here all alone?
No one will hear me, no matter how loud I moan
I’m lying here looking up at the sky
I woke up this morning no knowing I’d die
I was happy and hopeful and ready for life
But where did that get me? I’m seeing the light
I’ve wasted my time like the rest of you all
Maybe not, besides, even mountains must fall
I’ve lived my positive, through every trial and test
After all that I’ve been put to my final test
Is it worth it to be eternal optimist?
No matter what, God will take us as he goes down the list
The cost of immortality is more than any human can give
But even if we could afford it, would we want forever to live?
Our pointless clueless lives to never end
We’ll have forever to wait for our problems to mend
Maybe we just live to die, exist to be taken
Everytime he takes away, God keeps on making
It’s an endless cycle no human can comprehend
Just when life is going our way, it all ends
Existence is pointless, life is above
But just when its over we beg for more
Has my life been wasted or lived to the fullest?
Should I be thankful or feel I’ve been tested?
Life goes two ways, as most things do
We forget the old and wait for the new
I lie here confused, waiting to die
I have now come to my conclusion,
I can only say goodbye.

Where is Ireland by Thomas Langan copy write unknown

No latitude or longitude
Can bound the Emerald Isle.
You’ll find it off Timbuktu
Or down along the Nile.

Wherever mothers stoop to smooth
A baby’s tousled hair
And croon an Irish lullaby-
Ireland is there!

Wherever men are brave and true
And quick to take a stand
And proud to fight, if fight they must-
Ireland is there!

Wherever lad and lassie meet
A merry dance to share,
{Oh, echoes of the Blarney Stone!}
Ireland is there!

Wherever there’s a song to sing,
A friend that needs a hand,
A cause to follow, come what may,
There is Ireland!

No latitude or longitude
Can bound the Emerald Isle.
You’ll find it in a pair of eyes
You’ll find it in a smile.

You’ll know it by its laughter,
You’ll know it by its tears,
You’ll know it by the warmth of heart
That last through all the years.

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