Aftermath by Silent_WarriorX copy write 2000

A cold mist settles
Over the war torn battlefield
And tattered flags
Which have seen the fires
Of this unknown war
Still fly quite proudly
On the lonely hills
A ray of sunlight
Pierces through the
Darkened mists
And falls upon a seemingly
Lone grave.
A sadness overtakes the landscape
This is the grave of a
Fallen warrior
The dark stone eagle which
Perches on the grave stone is
A solemn reminder of
What the warrior fought for
Yet the inscription
Talks about repent
For the violent crimes
He committed in life:
In the shadows of war
My soul died
But it dies in vain.
Only at the end
Did it dawn on me
That have become
What I was fighting against
The hate, which spawned me
Had now destroyed me
So I repent for my crimes
And I pray that I am forgiven.
For the pain which a caused in life
By paying the price
With my death
As more and more light
Chases away the deadly mists.
A tragic sight comes into view
This landscape is littered with
The graves of the fallen
Each telling their own stories
Of hate, anger, and fear
That so may lives
Met their end
In the name of hate
But this is the after math
Of an unknown war
And the price which
Was paid was
Great indeedÖ

Tears for tomorrow by Dream Walker copy write 2000

If each put away a tear for tomorrow
If each cared enough to do so
Then that act alone
Would dry the tears of the Old Ones

To put aside a tear means
That you honor your mistakes
You honor your faults
And cast no one out from the Circle

Yet who among us sets aside a tear
Who stands beside those who are lost
Who among us puts aside a tear
For the Seven Generations

The Grandfathers see those who always push ahead
Never stopping long enough to see the way
The trail of pain they leave behind so blindly
The broken Hoops on the ground

Put aside a tear
Put your Heart back in the Hoop
Put aside a tear
Put your road straight

There is no time to waver
No time too question
What the Heart already knows
Put aside a tear

For the people
For the children
For the sacred circle
For seven generations yet unborn

It is their tear
It is their future
It is their tomorrow
Put aside a tear

The Flow by Lady St. Germaine copy write 2000

This bleeding cannot be stopped
This flow goes unabated

Hemorrhage of my soul
Empties me so

I am a dark angel
Truly known
By few
This bleeding this hunger
This madness this pain
Is there a potion or a drug I can find
To render me senseless?

Could there be a bandage
To heal this longing?
Is there a stitch or two
Waiting for me?
He holds the needle
Yes, I know the answer
His love is the key
Run to his arms
And feel him heal me

So come home soon my angel
And cover me
Give me your bandage
Your love strengthens me.

A Cherokee Rose by Rick Brown copy write unknown

Tsa-la-gi! Tsa-la-gi! {Cherokee Cherokee}
By the great mystery kissed!

Listen! Hear them sing their songs!
In drums in mornings mists!

At a riverís crossing, through forests,
Seen by those who care to look,
Spirits from days long ago wait
Near the blood-soaked path they took.

That cold, cold trail of sorrow,
Damped by tears as scattered corn,
A witness to lost horizons,
But a return to freedoms born.

Along that trail so many stayed,
Trusting souls hard spurned,
Through frozen was this liars way,
Deep were heart-prints burned.

Like rain, the tears of anguish fell,
Sad moments locked in time
Hoped for sounds from a missionís bell,
Were hidden with the promised sign.

As wagons, weighted, marked their way,
From new Echota to where they close,
Where each tear fell, as some will tell,
Will be seen a Cherokee rose.

Vigil by Dream Walker copy write 2000

In the sacred silence of within
Beyond the shadowed walls
We hear the whispered footfalls
Of those who went before
Shipping in the eastern door

They circle right and sit
Upon the red earth floor
Their eyes uplifted to the sky
With aged watery eyes
And listen for the hearts one cry

They speak not a word
But sit in silence still
As do the silent warriors
On painted ponies
Who wait up on the hill.

The silence there is deafening
The wind it whispers still
The earth still holds the sound
Of ancestors and children
Who walk upon this ground

They wait us for you and I
To raise our voices to the sky
They wait to hear the songs of old
That stories and the legends told
Beneath the starry night

The silence there is deafening
The wind it whispers still
And winged-ones upon the night
The breeze through tallest trees
Waiting, waiting there for you and me

Wakinyan by Dream Walker copy write 2000

A stillness settles across the land
Even the breeze slows in reverent anticipation
The winged-ones skirt the darkening sky
As all before me waits

The clouds gather and roll boiling up out of the west
Cresting the mountains and standing ones
Only dry leaves rustle in the stillness
As wakinyan enters the sky

The first crack startles the darkness
And scatters the four leggers
As wakinyan slices the night sky
Make an Ina shakes her welcome

Wakinyan thunder beings race across the sky
Rolling out the sound slow and long
Creators breath flowing over me below
As the rain gathers and races to the east

Thunderbirds oven the night for now
Their presence capturing everything around
Sweet and low the sound penetrates my being
The rain absorbed deep into my skin

Wakinyan crazy horse blesses us
The wind whips all around
And carries earthbound things on high
Scattering the darkness

Raising my arms to the blanket of stars
My eyes to wakinyan
I drink in the spirit of the thunderbirds
The heart of creatorís plan

Standing drenched in its life force
Humbled and blessed
Wakinyan draws slowly away
And my spirit is filled again.

Dreams by JR Nite aka Jerry Robkoff copy write 2000

In dreams written in the fog
Walking by night to hold the night
These scenes that flash
And dance before my eyes
In the light of the black night
Cover my soul and cut my sight
In the night where my dreams
Come out of the mist
And into the sight
Of the black demon light

Those schemes where dreams all die
Plastered in blood upon the gray cloudís eye
Drifting apart the mist cut with a knife
In the light that was my night
Now blinded by the dream that has no sight
Only to be drained
In the sucking stench
That was once my life

Richness of Spirit by Dream walker copy write 2000

Richness of spirit
Is not in the trappings
Of regalia or fans
But in the heart

It is not of colors
Nor of blood
It is of the inner self
The path taken

Richness of spirit
Is in deeds done
In thoughts and prayer
And in heart

It is bowing to age
To wisdom and right way
It is moving with
The drum

It cannot be counted
In ordinary ways
Nor can it be bound
By ordinary days

It is felt on the wind
In the hand and eye
It is sensed
Through touch

Its presence calms
It lifts up loss

It is worn through suffering
Through gifting
It is sun into
Our very being

Richness of spirit
Cannot be bought
Nor sold for it has
No beginning and no end

You can feel it spread
In a crowed room
Across open plain
In a simple smile

It is that elusive quality
Unrestrained in life
Brought forth
From the grandfathers

It graces the aged
It blessed the young
It finds its own home
Unbidden to stay

Memories by Dream walker copy write 2000

Sometimes my mind wonders back
To simpler times when life meant worth
Back to simpler memories
To a softer place

Images slice gently in
Of my Ina making small round bread
On flat rocks in the hot sun
Grandfather sunís kiss on Maka Ina

Pictures painted in my mind
Of stretches of sweet grass blowing in the wind
Like gentle waves in a sea of hope
Their strength in their unity

The smell of Fry Break in the early morning
Of bare feet washed with the dew of sawn
Of gathering water for the family
As the crawling ones scurrying along the bank

Of the children playing and laughing
And pulling at my dress
Filling the air with giggling
And endless questions

Pictures of the heart of everything
Majestic and sacred
Where wanblis soars
And cries the Tears of ages

Memories of the ancestors
Strong and silent in their years
Holding the hoop for all
Praying with us for us

Of the circle and the sacred fire
Of stories and songs
Flung with love into the basket of stars
As each felt a coming together of spirit

Pictures and memories
Etched forever in the heart
Something that cannot be taken away
Something that belongs to us all

Native American by unknown copy write unknown

We speak to all the nations
We speak to all the tribes
To honor this sacred land

We arose with the morning sun
The Great Spirit as out guide
At night we danced under the stars
As the embers of fire would fly

The great medicine men and healers
Would all gather in the night
While the women birthed our children
Before the morning light

The skies were not polluted
Mountain lakes ran pure and clear
We honored earth and waters
With respect to all life here

We harmed nothing and lived in peace
We taught our children too
We now speak to all the nations
To all the descendents of our tribes

You are the warrior now

Over the Edge by Faith copy write 2000

A razor slicing through my skin
Making me relieve the pain you caused me
But this time I can control the pain
The deeper the slice the more I remember
And want to cut myself more
Deeper and deeper until I have hit a vain
Laying bloody on a cold dark floor
Each drop of blood drips my soul away
Wondering why I wasted my life on you
Wondering why I wasted my death on you
Wasted my love on someone who didnít deserve it
While love was all around
I listened t your lies
That poisoned my mind
And sunk its fangs and deposited venom into my hear
The night is over
My life is done
Know you are the one that pushed me over the edge
I hope you never have to feel the pain I have
Or have someone push you over the edge

A Tear in my Eye by unknown copy write unknown

My name is Misty
I am but three,
My eyes are swollen
I cannot see,
I must not be loved
For I am punished
By cigarette burns.
I must do right
I cant do wrong
Or else Iím locked up
All day long
When I awake
I'm all alone
The house is dark
My folks aren't home
I'm really just
An expensive joke
No more no less
Then speed or coke
Be quiet now!
I hear a car
My dad is back
From Charlie's Bar.
I hear him curse
My name he calls
I squeeze myself
Against the wall
On my bed
Itís too late
His face is twisted
Into hate
I feel the pain
Again and again
Oh dear God
Please let it end
My name is Misty
I am but three
Last night my father
Murdered me......

The Covenant by Rayn copy write 2000

I made a pact with the night,
It hides me and I keep it amused
I walk slowly across the meadow
And head for the woods, at the very
Edge I leave my humanity and go in
Search of what my soul craves.
As I wonder along the path
Least taken with the moon
Lighting my way, I hear a hearty-
"Please keep me safe" whistling.
I am curious as to who may also
Be in search of their hearts desire?
The hurried footfalls, the sharp intake of breathes
The climbing urgency of the tune.
I know fear when I smell it and this one
Who walks with the upright dignity of
One, who has a lot to live for, is very very afraid.
With the sigh of a bird watcher I move, and in the
Blinding light of realization, fear turns to horror
A mass of tearing claws and gnashing teeth
The dark gleam of life's blood sprays the forest
And covers the moon, in mer breaths it's over
I never look back for fear of losing the moment,
Was it male, female, young, old, was it rich or poor.
All this matters little as I race to the edge of the meadow
As I look out across the field, the fog begins to set morning is due.
I look down and there is my conscience, pulsing and yearning once again
To go into the world like other upright noble men.
I pick it up and clutch it to my self as if it were the most
Important part of me.
I walk slowly across the meadow whistling a tune I heard somewhere
The covenant has once again been fulfilled.

BLACK ROSE© 5 November 1996; by Mary Amanda Axford; all rights reserved

All life exists in both light and shadow.
For humans the shadow is
That which we repress.
Often thinking we have conquered
And the repressed exists no more.
For others the suppression began so young
And was so thorough that awareness
Of the lack does not exist.
So in the Shadow grows the Black Rose.
Perhaps its form is perfection,
Perhaps the petals are twisted and unrecognizable.
Perhaps the color is silky, dusken, beautiful.
Perhaps it is mottled and uneven.
None can tell, for the rose grows
In void of light where eyes cannot see.
In the heart that fears
Love, connection, or union is
The Rose of deepest black.
It grows in the moisture of tears
As dark and unknown as itself,
The weeping of the heart for
What it cannot find and knows
Not how to seek.
The rose is there, it blooms.
It has beauty that would shine
With revelation and birth
Into consciousness.

Regretful Reflections by Hellfyre13 copy write 2000

Reflecting on things that have past
And things that will soon be
Things that could have been set right
Between you and me

Was I so blind?
How could I not have seen
All my cruel intentions
And everything in between

I had all these words
That I just couldnít say
And there was nothing I could do
To try to make you stay

Every time I said I loved you
The words came out wrong
I never understood
To me you did not belong

All my chances are gone
And I realized it too late
I have nothing left to say except,
Iím sorry

Tonight by nite_angel_00 copy write 2000

Lying in the darkness
Alone I am
Alone I'll be
Standing there along the water
Praying, "Please, come back to me."
All alone, and here I am
Thinking where, will you be tonight.
All alone, and here I stand
Wondering when love will take its flight.
Stepping lightly along the shore
Sunlight dawning on the ocean floor
Crying songs of melody gone
And dreaming of the right that was so wrong.
Here I am myself and you
Closing my eyes as your memory slowly grew
All alone, and here I am
Thinking where, will you be tonight
All alone, and here I stand
Wondering when love will take its flight
Walking waves, across the bay
I come to mindÖI realize
The memory of your soul around me
Has left me a scar of loveless nights.
The crisp air of all lovers delight
Has melted away at hearts long hard flight
And the air laughs at my presence
Among the sea
And cries at my thoughts
Alone I'll be

I believe that Love has endless ties
Knitting hearts of felt and sacred lives...
And fate has its turn
Among the souls
And to us we shall learn
To us we shall yearn
All alone and here I am
Thinking where, will you be tonight
All alone and here I stand
Wondering when love will take its flight.

Samhain Song by Eagle Windspirit copy write October 31, 1997

Harvest is gathered, and fields lie fallowed,
tis the blessed Eve of Souls All-Hallowed.
Dancing Wind gathers aging leaves in hand,
casting them freely upon the hungry land,
kissing the trees, their gentle souls to keep,
to awaken their seed after winter's sleep.
She whispers sweetly, "This eve be ye present,
in sacred space under waxing crescent.
The circle ends in the beginning this night,
and the Wheel turns on, no end in sight.
Witches, where'er ye be,
let circle be cast, and know the Mystery:
as the God of the Waning Year rests free,
having sailed over the Sunless Sea,
safely ashore on the Shining Isle,
Seed of His own Rebirth as child."
The Gates of Life and Death now open,
the Sun Child's birth time now is chosen."
Remembered dead tread earthly tonight you see,
revealing to the living this mystery.
The Goddess sayeth to her resting Son,
"Know once again, little Sacred One,
Through thee in death all pass to darkened tomb,
and as with thee, await rebirth in your Mother's womb."
Every ending is but a new beginning,
each a turn on the Wheel spinning,
meeting in time that is out of time,
everywhere, nowhere, a circling rhyme,
to greet the Lord of Death, who is Life,
and Triple Goddess, endless circle of newborn life.
Spirit Wind conveys to coveners all,
every word high priestess and high priest call,
"Behold the pomegranate, the fruit of life...
the seed of which is death!
Taste the bitter seeds of death!
Behold the apple, the fruit of death...
at the core of its equatorial plane is life!
Behold the fivefold star of rebirth!
Taste the fruit of rebirth, and sip the cup of life!"
Feel the mystery of this hallowed night,
through thinnest of veils, gazing by candlelight,
we connect with departed souls beloved,
death cannot sever the ties so blessed.
As we feast this night on sweet drink and bread,
let us first make sup for our departed dead.
In birth, we die. On death, we feed.
Know Me, the Goddess, and of fear be freed.
My womb is the dark black caldron of rebirthing,
in Me, the circle is ever turning.
Yet, be this night for connecting only with the departed dead?
Naught! Gathered all, look not behind but now ahead,
Burning Fire, dance thee now under cauldron's brew,
dark womb of rebirth, prepare ye life to begin anew.
To the coming year our thoughts now turnest,
planting our seeds for the coming year's harvest.
We affirm this sacred cycle begins anew,
as the turning Wheel greets once again the new morn's dew.

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