Dixie copy write unknown by unknown

I wish I was in the land of cotton,
Old times there are not forgotten,
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land.
In Dixie land where I was born in,
Early on a frosty mornin',
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land.


Then I wish I was in Dixie, hooray! Hooray!
In Dixie land I'll take my stand, to live and die in Dixie,
Away, away, away down south in Dixie,
Away, away, away down south in Dixie.

Old Missus marry "Will de Weaber",
Willium was a gay deceaber,
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land.
But when he put his arm around her,
He smiled as fierce as a forty pounder.
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land.


His face was sharp as a butcher's cleaver
but that did not seem to grieve her;
look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie land.
Old missus acted the foolish part,
and died for a man that broke her heart.
Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie land.


Now here's a health to the next old missus
and all the gals that want to kiss us;
look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie land.
But if you want to drive away sorrow,
come and hear this song tomorrow,
look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie land.


Dars buckwheat cakes an' ingen batter,
makes you fat or a little fatter,
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land.
Den hoe it down and scratch your grabble
To Dixie's land I'm bound to travel,
Look away, look away, look away Dixie land.


When Johnny Comes Marching Home by unknown copy write Unknown

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give him a hearty welcome then
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies they will all turn out
And we'll all feel gay,
When Johnny comes marching home.

The old church bell will peal with joy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
To welcome home our darling boy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The village lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,
And we'll all feel gay
When Johnny comes marching home.

Get ready for the Jubilee,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give the hero three times three,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The laurel wreath is ready now
To place upon his loyal brow
And we'll all feel gay
When Johnny comes marching home.
Let love and friendship on that day,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Their choicest treasures then display,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
And let each one perform some part To fill with joy the warrior's heart,
And we'll all feel gay When Johnny comes marching home.

My Last Teardrop by Goodlistern copy write 8/19/1999

Precious moments in lifeís care
Pass with the blink of an eye
Hate, hope, love, despair
All diminish with one last cry

Night stalks like a panther
Hunting out her prey
Consuming like a cancer
No more to see the day

An open wound to never feel
No more pain to ever feel
Nothing left for them to steal
No time to eat theyíre one last meal

An innocence forever lost
The price we pay an unjust cost
As ships at sea we have been tossed
Breathing in the poisoned exhaust

So on this day I make my adieu
And blow you a kiss good-bye
If tears are really the song of the blue
Then I sing my one last cryÖ

Why? By Crazy_83 aka Tiffany copy write 8/25/1999 and 6/12/1999

It hurt
You showed no love
I love you; well thatís what I thought
You kept up the abuse
I kept the lies nearÖI love you
But I didnít know then
Cause I didnít know myself
I didnít think I ever would
You left me
Without a word
In a way I was happy
But I was hurt
I didnít tell you how I felt
I would never have the chance now.
I now cry at night
I feel your hand across my face
It stings
I cry out to stop
But you wonít.
I feel your body on mine
I yell to someone
But no one comes
It hurt, you hurt.
I thought I could trust you,
I thought wrong
What did I do in my life to
Receive this damnit?
I am now moving on with you in the back of my mind.
You taught me a lesson,
A lesson, not only about respect,
But on what love should not be!
You were abusive, and nothing
But a positive guy.
A guy I donít want in my life.

Internal Pain by Gothprinses copy write 8/25/1999

I smile and I laugh,
Just to make the time pass
If you only knew.
But thereís nothing you could do.
This pain-
Itís on the inside.
Thoughts of suicide rack my brain
Someone help!
I think Iím going insane.
This god of yours,
He took my love away.
I try,
But canít find a reason to stay.
At night I cry,
And you wonder why.
But you knowÖ
And I can only think of reasons to go.
You know, I loved him.
Though maybe that was my sin.
So go to your god,
And leave me alone.
With nothing to love,
My heart is a stone.

The Mirror by Scrooge copy write 8/25/1999

I used to look into the mirror
And see a little girl,
Innocent and happy
Unscarred by the phantom of life.
But now, I stand here looking
The reflection unappealing
This girl full of hatred,
No compassion or love,
Stares back at me with
Her devilish eyes and flaming stare
She has experienced the world,
The harshness of lifeÖ
The impassionable universe
And as I stand there looking,
I wonder when that little girl,
Shriveled up and died.

Lil Rose by Alissa copy write 8/25/1999

I watch her in the mirror
The little girl that I once knew,
Blooming like a flower,
Always staying true.
Not faltering in her footsteps,
Growing stronger each day,
Despite what people tell her
This rose wonít fade away
Peacefully intriguing,
Struggling through each day
Never giving in
To temptations that come her way.
Sheís always serves her purpose,
Whatever it may be,
Providing love and comfort,
To those who are in need,
Or sharing her greatly beauty
With those that be the weeds.

I Stand for all by DCR copy write 8/25/1999

I lie down to think of wars gone by
Of deadly ancient fights
And a lost souls mournful cry
As it burned at dawns first light.

And not one sides souls do it pity less
The good side or the hated
Pushed by other hands to kill under duress
There violent acts were not their own,
They simply had been fated.

But both sides victory cannot be
Not in this world; not that I can see
So as I lie a half smile across my face
If I cannot choose one side Iíll support
The human race.

The Roads of Future Troubles by rebel_lil_girl copy write 8/25/1999

Walking through a darkened alley
Star dust on my eyes, fog all around
There are two roads somewhere close by
Shadowed by a starless sky
One leads to happiness
This is the one thatís right
The other heads towards misery
Where love and laughter are out of sight
But where each road lies I cannot see
I have no direction to where I should be
To wait for daylight is not an option
My feet go on without stopping
I continue to walking blindly on
My future is just ahead
Where I end up only time can tell
I only hope itís where sunlight is shed

Words Too God by Pure Divinity copy write 8/24/1999

I spoke to God alone today,
Asking him if Iím to stay,
In this world of pain and sadness,
Ironically Iím filled with gladness.

With the wars and suffering,
The pain many withstand,
The diseases and hunger that plague the land.
I slept in peaceful slumber unaware of the raging anger.

The world shook with fury so great,
It ripped apart resulting a quake,
Innocents lost in drugs and guns,
Little girls pregnant their lives they take,
The secrets we kept are awaken and raked,
Convicts staying on the run
Racial discrimination causes harm.

We blame God for all the pain
Is it right or are we insane?
God showered us with rain
To nourish us to relieve our pain.
We take his gift and stain,
Making it polluted and maim.

It is really God that causes the sadness?
Or have we caused him pain for taking his work and leaving it in vain?
Has he not created a world so bright?
So filled with beauty and light.
Yet we over shadow it with darkness,
With hurt and despair.

We trample on his work without a care,
We pollute,
We kill,
We destroy the masses,
They start and end from ashes to ashes.
I ask God if this is our work?
He said he gave us a choice to save or delete his work.
Isnít it about time we start saving the planet?
Make the choice of changes.
To serve God and banish the hurt?

Soulís Flight by Lord de Wolf copy write 1999

Nighty night
Death sleeps tight
Wonít never see
Another dawnís early light
Fitful sleep
Pillows tossed as under
Ceiling a dark sky
Thoughts distance thunder
Look upon the stand
The ticket to other worlds
Turn the cap
Empty bottles falls to the floor
Quick rush
Mind spins
Body jerks
Nightmare ends

Silent Rage by Wolf de Mage altered by Angel copy write 1999

Is there not anywhere that I may find solitude
Not one place that I may rest my weary body from attack
To find such a place
Is that what a lost soul searches for?

Peace and harmony
Is that what a wanderer chases?
Solitude and lonely Virgil
Tis all that I ask

I, Angel, do look for such a place
Where I may rest my head upon the grounds of peace
Sigh oh to spin the chambers and greet that forgotten land
To walk among mortals and not be seen

To be a shadow amongst the living
Ay, to be the mist upon the lake
To silently disappear at first hint
Of the breaking of a new dawn.

Night Screams by Wolfe Mage copy write 1999

Into the night I stroll
Following a path I know too well
Silently trudge on
Tru the forest of my mind

A sound here, a sound there
Life abounds at the midnight hour
From this path I do not wonder
I feel the eyes in me in the air
Wanting and waiting for me
To make one misstep
Fall into the darkness
Without a solitary cry for help

Tis a dangerous journey
That I take every night in my dreams
But one I am prepared for
Seeking the land that the night doesnít scream

The Fall by Deb copy write 1999

Another full moon,
October chill
Settles in my bones.
Fog lies low,
Sweeps the damp ground
In spirit swirls.
And the sun reflects a
Silver mirror sky.
Ice etches the porch,
Ages the dying lawn
Makes teeth along pink petals
Roses digging in
My hands are stiff,
Nipples feign arousal
And another year passes by,
Drags another bit of me
In its wake.

Night Dreams by AJ copy write 1999

The softness calls in the whispers of the moon
Dancing on the dark grass she flows beyond my soul
The caress she offers reveals the embers within my soul
The sharing and the taking in heated passions not told
The movement in the measure stretches farther than the sky
The open palm of heaven turning slowly above my eyes
The warmth that vibrates in resonations
Red heat the visions congeal then sway
In passions where night meets deathís immortal heart
And birthing the pale ghost child of eternity found

Shadowdancer by Alynia copy write 1999

Iím the one that your mommie warned you about
Dancing in the shadows
Become one with them.

But you in your perfect innocence
Cannot seem resist my eyes
As they hold you in place.

Iím the freak
The weirdo
The witch.

Ahh, if only they knew
The hunger, the lust, the longing,
As I stalk them in the night.

Call it assort of freak revenge
Call it psychotic, itís nothing new.
But look away my friend,
Before itís too lateÖ

Or you will walk with me in the sky,
Hold me in the rain,
Whisper my name on the wind,
Join the Shadowdancer.

Alone by RavenEyz copy write 11/30/1999

I knew this would happen
But Iím trembling with fear,
What once was a raging storm
Through my veins
Is now a trickle as trough a tear

I cannot sleep at night
Not even in my dreams
I walk around comatose,
Bumping into things.

I know I am looking for something
And often ask what can it be,
I hear a soft whisper in the night,
Why, arenít you looking for me?

I yell and curse Yes!
But you left me here alone!
I feel as though dead inside
With not an ounce to go on

I am embraced by the whisper
And this is told to meÖ
I did not leave you alone
All I did was set you free
With hope my love
That you
Would return to me.

Me by unknown copy write 1999

At times Iím sitting in my room
Listening to music and
Working on spells and I think
Goddess please give me
The strength to one day
Be honest with them about my
Religion, my life
I canít tell them,
At least not now.
Because I know they will not
Maybe never will but this is me
The Wiccan child,
And that is what I will always be.

Untitled by breezyStar copy write 1999

Here lies the beloved daughter
Who has tried to help all others,
Giving he say in only one breathe,
But only succeeded in hasting her death.

Suicide by supergrrrrrrl copy write 1999

People pass me by,
While I sit and wonder why,
I used to be so strong.
Now I wonder what went wrong.
I feel so small.
I want to end it all,
But I know thatís not the way,
And I think of future days,
I decide to go on.
And my horrible feelings are now gone

So much Pain by Crystalina Kerr copy write 1999

Chains pull at her soul.
Ripping hope out of the eyes,
That gaze so longingly
At the horizon.
Waiting for him,
To relate his grip from her heart.

An evil glee sparkles in his eyes,
As he watches her fight in torment
As he watches he enjoys the pain
Encouraging dreams
Then shattering the glass of her heart
She cried inside
Storms possesses the sun of her life
No one tells,
That her head weeps
Longs, dreams
Yet she is lost in images of the mind
Reality is untouchable
Because of him.

The Simple Rose by Crystalina Kerr copy write 1999

A rose promises beauty
As does love
Yet the thorns are hidden
By the beauty.
Soon the thorns are reviled
Ripping and cursing
And beauty that can be seen.

Love is only for
The dreams
The ones too blind to see
That itís blood love leaves
And you cry out
And scream in agony.
For the love is gone
And pain last an eternity.

You watch him
Move through the night
Hint that it is he your
Heart longs to hold
Pray to the goddess Aphrodite,
That she shall turn her fortune to you.

One person
So much joy
So much pain
So much dreaming
So many thorns.

Darkest Light by Crystalina Kerr copy write 1999

Darkness consumes light
And the night closes in
Joy is interrupted
Why must happiness be a sin?
Never bright enough
Joy never will
Ares grip is tight
And night becomes your friend
Joy is lost
Tears shed
Love dissolved.
All because of a spirit
That chose me
To be her host
Before I was born.

Aresí Wrath by Crystalina Kerr copy write 1999

Darkness settles in
Blood spills onto the ground
Corpses stench stainís the air
War has ended
But the cries are still heard.

Useless fighting
Posses land, takes life.
When blood is craved
Life doesnít matter
Hatred rules
And Ares once more
Sends his slaves to bring him
The blood he desired
And they go once more
For they fear his wrath.
Yet I shall defeat this wrath
And do his massacres no longer.
For his control over me has ended.

Untitled by OTL copy write 1999

The streets soon blur our vision
Our goals
Our morals
Our friends
Our enemies
You say you know me
Understand me
Want me
Love me
The alleys I ran barefooted as a child you never
Knew, you even feared to see them.
The friends I buried
Never touched you
So now can you
Know me
Understand me
Want me
Love me
The streets have blurred my friends, my enemies and my family.

Exequy By Bishop Henry King copy write unknown

Sleep on, my love, in thy cold bed,
Never to be disquieted!
My last good night! Thou wilt not wake
Til I thy fate shall overtake.
Til age, or grief, or sickness must
Marry my body to that dust
It so much loves; and fills the room
My heart keeps empty in thy tomb.
Stay for me there; I will not fail
To meet not much in that hollow vale.
And think not much of my delay,
I am already on the way,
And follow thee with all the speed
Desire can make, or sorrows breed.
Each minute in a sort degree,
And evíry hour I betake a rest,
Next morn I raise nearer my west
Of life, almost by eight hours sail,
Than when sleep breathed his drowsy gale.

Love and Light by Nosferatu copy write 2000

Perspiration glistens across your arms,
As heated blood warms to a ruddy flush;
Slippery digits slip around your form,
Press on into feverish, pulsing rush.
Watch yourself draw closer to release,
Marvel at the sweep of fresh sensation
Tap and toy and stroke and seek relief,
Until the storm swells to a new ovation.
The tempest of your passion rages on,
Contractions and excitement freely flow,
Throb and pulse until all strength is gone
Brace yourself, resist the spreading glow
Moan and gasp and grope as energy tantalizes
Enjoy the loving synergy that lust devises.

Itís wonderful to think imagine, sense,
Hands that trace such pattern on your skin.
Achingly erotic craving intense,
Feel your body stretching out to sin:
Slavish surrender, engenders all the more,
A sense of sweet submission in genuflection;
Across that rugged chest, fingers explore,
Look up devoted and imbibe affection.
Amusement, desire, lust as your pulse speeds,
The tentative yielding of a contoured cheek,
An indrawn breath reflects your egar needs,
Your mouth moistened cavern so to speak.
As his lips curve, you mirror your delight,
A hungry tongue embeds there- talactite.

Alone by sopeak copy write 2000

I stand alone
Surrounded by a sea of darkness
No one to see, no one to hear
Utter silence
I hear cries of pain
What can I do?
Who will help?
No one
I sit, drowning my sorrows in tears
There is no one
Chaos rules my life
Death plagues it
Is it over?
I sit, dreaming of love
Will there be someone there?
Who will hear my cries?
No, only silence
No reply, no pity, no more remorse
Composure is regained
Life goes on, alone

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