I got this info from a book called :Wizards and Sorcerers
By Tom O’Gden

I know that they are not all in order but that was just how I got them I hope that you like what I got here

Capricorn {December22-January19} Sea Goat. Tenacious, Practical, Reliable. The sea goat is a fictional creature with the upper body of a goat and the tail of a fish. Some scholars suggest that the beast is descended from Ea, the Babylonian god who is ruler of 'the waters under the earth'. The Greeks associated the constellation with their pastoral god Pan, which has the lower body of a goat. Comes from the Latin word meaning 'caper "goat" Cornus {Greek} meaning horn.

Aries {March21-April19} The Ram. Impetuous, Energetic, Natural Leader. Some early Romans, including the Poet Virgil, considered Taurus the first sign and Babylonians employed the symbol Hireling, a paid laborer, in the places of Aries. Egyptian Magic, the star was Amun, the ram headed ruler of their northern territory. Greeks called the sign Eras, meaning lamb.

Taurus {April20-May20} The Bull. Patient, Persistent, Dependable. The Latin word Taurus means "bull' The Sumerians felt the bull was created by Anu, their sun god, the Egyptians thought it was the Sacred bull of Osiris, god of the underworld.

Gemini {May21-June20} the twins. Clever, Flexible, Moody. The Israelites saw the Gemini as Jachin and Boaz, the twin pillars at the entry to Solomon's Temple, Arabs thought them to be peacocks, the Indians, horsemen. Greeks called them Dioskuri-sons of god; today they are associated with Castor and Pollux, the twin sons of Zeus.

Cancer {June 21-July22} The Crab. Imaginative, Humorous, Sensitive. The word Cancer is from the Greek Karkinos meaning Crab. Which was Latinized as Cancer with the same meaning. Ancient Chaldeans saw the constellation as a portal between the heavens and earth. The Egyptians saw it as the Scarab, but the Arabs first identified it as a crab, naming the strongest star in the cluster Al-Zubayan 'the claws' Modern call sign Moon Child to associate the difference with the disease Cancer.

Leo {July23-August22} The Lion. Powerful, Dignified, Sense of Humor. The Greek Leon and Latin Leonious, meaning 'Lion' the constellation have been identified as a lion for more than 6,000 years.

Virgo {August23-September22} The Virgin. Logical, Contemplative, Stable. From the Latin Virginis meaning 'madin' the Babylonians saw the stars as Belit, the wife of Bel, their supreme god. Each identifies as a female deities, usually harvest goddess, Egyptians Isis, Greeks, Ceres, Romans, Demeter.

Libra {September23-October22} The Scales. Intuitive,Innovative, Artistic. The Latin Libra means Scales. The Ancient Mesopot Aniams thought the constellation resembled an alter. Astrologers from Alexandra, Egypt changed the symbol to Julius Caesar holding a set of scales, indicating justice, when the emperor designed the Julian calendar. After Caesar's assassination, his image was removed, but the scales remained.

Scorpio {October23-November21} The Scorpion. Domineering, Self-assured, Moody. The constellation has always been associated with the scorpion. In Greek, it is Skorpios, in Latin Scorpius. Akkadians called it gritab 'stinger' and the Egyptians personified it as Selk, a sun goddess with the tail of a scorpion.

Sagittarius {November22-December21} The Archer. Energetic, Forceful, Industrious. The name is from the Latin Sagitta meaning arrow, but it was the Greeks who portrayed the constellation as a mythological centaur with the trunk and head of a man and the body of a horse holding a bow and arrow.

Aquarius {January20-February18} The Water Bearer. Spiritual, Gentle, Generous. The Constellation has always been associated with water. Before being named from the Latin Aqua meaning water. The Babylonians called the constellation Gu meaning water Jug. The Greeks added Ganymede, the god's servant, to the constellation.

Pisces {February19-March20} The Fish. Trustful, Cooperative, Compassionate. In Assyrian Magic, astrologers called the constellation Nanu meaning fish and the Phoenicians identified is as Dragon, their fish tailed agriculture god. In Greco-Roman Magic, occultists perceived the stars as a fish and the sign received its name from the Latin Pisces, plural of piscis meaning fish.

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