Common Knowledge on Paganism

As time goes by it seems that there are more pagan/wiccans surfacing all over the world. There are many believes that pagans believe and there are many forms of paganism out there. I am traditionalist pagan {or Caledonii Tradition} it is Scottish tradition and originated which means that I do worship God show respect to the elements and use herbs to heal. I have done several thought process and figured who cares if I was a pagan, be what I am and let all others do what they want to.
There is also a new age pagan that does not believe in Christianity {xianty in short form} in any form. New Age pagans worships several gods and goddesses {please be aware that I say most not all of these pagans/wiccans do these things that I talk about here}. There are several forms of traditions mentioned through out history as the Scottish originated, Caledonii, there is also an Irish originated by the name of Creabh Ruadh
Name translation is 'Red Branch' to the both Irish and Scottish tradition. I have done a lot of research on these things, but do your own if you feel that I am in error and we can exchange notes on what you find, these are not false or wrong, just as it is on the net on other pages throughout discussing the pagan/Wiccan ways.
There are also those dates that must be remembered in the times of the pagan, which are:
First off there are always going to remember the full moons, that change every year
Feburary2-imbolic Moon
March20-Ostara {spring Equinox} May1-Beltane
June21-litha {summer solstice}
September22-Mabbon {fall equinox}
December21-winter solstice {nothing was mentioned about this over the net, so if you are aware of anything here than email me and I'll change it}

We cannot forget the elements. Over the times I have noticed that there are five elements while other cultures have seven or more.
Element Earth {my element}
Earth-Mental Function is thought
Direction is north
Signs-Taurus, Virgo, Capricon
Colours-Black, brown, green, white
Point in Life-Advanced Age
Time is Midnight, night

Element Water
Water Mental Function is always moving
Signs-Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Colours-blue, blue green, green, gray, indigo, black
Point in Life-Maturity
Time-Twilight, Dusk

Element Air
Air Mental Function is Change
Colour-yellow, white, Crimson, bright yellow
Signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquaris
Point in Life-Infancy
Sense-Smell and hearing

Element Fire
Fire Mental Function is sexual urges
Signs-Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Colours-red, gold, colours of flames, crimson, orange, white
Point in Life-Youth
Season summer

Spirit **Not for magickal purposes**
Direction-Center and Circumference
Colours- clear, white, black, purple
Point in Life-Pre-conception, soul ness
Time-beyond time, all time is one, eternal starlight

Pentagram-a five-point star in an upright one-point-up position is the symbol of my religion. The top point symbolizes spirit {the creator} belong 'above', or ruling the four elements of life-Air, Fire, Water and Earth- that are the four lower points. The circle, being without beginning or end, symbolizes the Deity. It is completely encompassing the star within it {which represents the out stretched human body, reaching out in search of its connection with spirit.} Together they represent the creator's protection and wisdom.
Wiccan is an alternative name for modern witchcraft. It is also a positive, shamanistic {shape shifting} nature religion with two main deities, honored and worshiped in Wiccan rites: the goddess {female aspect of the Ancient Mother Earth} the god {the male aspect}. Wiccan that is also known as the 'Craft of Wise' or just 'The Craft'.
Most of the pagans and wiccans I know are part of the Grey Ribbon, they are neither good nor bad, I do know a few that are black ribbon, they are pure evil, someone that has dealt rather well in evil, I have yet to meet a white ribbon that practices only good, these days there is no good. Tis better to be gray.

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