Outlaw Star

This anime was cut short because of budget problems but they made a second part to it called Angel Links so if you are able to find anything on it, enough to make a webpage then give me the link cause I couldn't gather enough info about it but I can tell you they are both good. And it took me forever to gather enough stuff for this page.


Gene Starwind
Age: 20
Height: 182 cm (5 feet 10 inches)
Weight: 70 kg (154 pounds)
Blood type: O
Gene is pretty much "Outlaw Star's" main character. He likes shooting stuff and drinking, spends...uh...'quality time' with women, and runs a small, semi-legitimate business which basically consists of bounty hunting and taking any kind of odd job for money (provided it's not too dangerous). His house is a mess. He acts like your basic 20-year-old guy. He has a deeply rooted phobia of space travel (stemming from his childhood, when his father forced him into the only escape pod of a burning ship). This makes things interesting when he winds up going into space (he has to drink heavily in an attempt to keep from getting sick). But he winds up the captain of the ship "Outlaw Star," which somehow keeps him from feeling confined and scared (although he's still scared of space).

Jim Hawking
Age: 11
Height: 140 cm (4 feet 6 inches)
Weight: 32 kg (71 pounds)
Blood type: A
Despite his appearance, Jim is every bit as mature as Gene, maybe more so. He's Gene's partner, and always refers to Gene as 'aniki' (I've heard that word used for 'brother' and also just for someone who sees someone else as a mentor--Anime Village translates it as the natural-sounding 'Gene,' instead of an imposed translation like 'mentor' or something). He's really an excellent mechanic. He has an unnatural attraction to his car, I'm afraid; he's named it Ehefrau, which is German for 'wife.' ; Other than that (and seeing Melfina as a mother figure (!)), he's pretty normal.

Age: 20
Height: 180 cm (5 feet 9 inches)
Weight: 60 kg (132 pounds)
Blood type: AB
Hilda's pretty much the one that starts the story off; she demands Gene and Jim escort her to a farm. She has an eyepatch over her right eye, but is an outlaw, not a pirate. She's the one who gets Jim, Gene, and Melfina to the Outlaw Star in the first place (she steals it in return for some money she's owed). She is not pictured in the theme song.

Age: 17-18?
Height: Manga (taken from the now-defunct site above)--164 cm (5 feet 4 inches)
Height: Anime (taken from my ever-present Outlaw Star book)--160 cm (5 feet 3 inches)
Weight: 60 kg (132 pounds)
Blood type: ?
Hilda, Gene, and Jim opened a briefcase supposedly full of something valuable and it turned out to be HER inside, cryogenically frozen. She's an android, trying to figure out why she was made; nonetheless, she's a very *human* android, who can feel emotions, eat, etc. In the ship Outlaw Star, she takes off all her clothes and gets in a clear cylinder of gel to serve as navigator. She's still trying to figure out *what* she is, exactly.

Aisha Clanclan
Age: 18
Height: 161 cm (5 feet 3 inches)
Weight: 52 kg (115 pounds)
Blood type: Ctarl B
She used to be Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, a very powerful type of cat people. She is very strong, nearly able to beat Gene, Jim, and Melfina all put together, and can transform into a super-powerful beast (so she says, anyway...). She holds a major grudge against Gene and company, and is broke, but still wants to track them down...

Twilight Suzuka
Age: 21
Height: 179 cm (5 feet 9 inches)
Weight: ?
Blood: A
Wears Japanese-ish clothes, and insists on keeping her word and killing her victims when she says she's going to kill them (not a minute later). Her weapon is a wooden sword (which doesn't get detected by weapons detectors), but she can cut through walls and stuff with it, and can just about beat Gene (who has a gun!) with it. Tries to maintain a very cold/stand-offish attitude.

Gilliam Gilliam is the Outlaw Star's onboard computer. It is less than impressed with Gene's piloting skills (and notes that it fears for its future prospects), which sometimes annoys Gene. The ship has some weird things a little bigger than a can of soda that have faces and go around on tracks to 'talk' to crew members, give advice, etc. I get the feeling that Jim gets along with them rather well, what with his...er...love of machines... Anyway, Gilliam's kind of the most cynical of the group, which is a little weird (as I, at least, generally imagine computers (correction--computers of the future) as compliant and faithful...

Fred Luo
Age: 20
Height: 190 cm (6 feet 2 inches)
Weight: 75 kg (165 pounds)
Blood: AB
Fred is basically a gay merchant who's able to get all sorts of illegal weapons and the like. He's really got a crush on Gene (who takes it with about as much good humor as a manly man can muster) and is excited to wait for Jim to grow up. Of course, he doesn't feel much for women... He's kind of a coward, and is also a very shrewd businessman who doesn't let the fact that someone saved his life or that he's in love with someone cloud his judgment on a deal.

Ark Manaf Ark Manaf is one of the famous "wizards" on the Hot Springs planet of Tenrei. He aided Gene by helping construct powerful caster shells for him, in exchange for certain "risqué" photographs. He is not very wealthy though, and has to earn a living by selling souvenirs. He lives in the Mount Nantai temple, where he works closely with the other "wizards."

Clyde On Gene’s home planet of Sentinel he regularly visits a bar run by Clyde. Clyde dresses like a bartender from the old west complete with a curly mustache. Gene is one of Clyde’s best friends, and he doesn’t even get angry when his bar is ripped apart during some of Gene’s battles. He attempts to stay in touch with Gene throughout the series, sending him a few video communication signals. He is not an important character at all, but he gives a brief glimpse into what Gene’s life was like before the Outlaw Star.

Ctarl-Ctarl The Ctarl-Ctarl (alternate spellings are K-Tarl K-Tarl and Kitowl Kitowl) are a super strong cat-human hybrid species with the ability to transform into vicious tigers. They are only able to achieve this transformation during certain phases of the planet’s moon they are on, and when they are fully fed. The Ctarl-Ctarll are known for their warlike attitudes towards everything, and they are willing to fight to the death over the smallest details. Outside of their fighting prowess the Ctarl-Ctarl have managed to create a powerful armada of space ships, which they attempted to enter the Galactic Leyline with. Aisha Clan-Clan is a Ctarl-Ctarl, and has shown that their species is proud, strong and extremely loyal.

Duuz Duuz is one of the genetically engineered lizard species Saurian (also referred to as "Dragonite" in the OS spin-off series "Angel Links"). He is very smart, strong and devoted, but unfortunately he is hard to get along with. When security forces seized the Outlaw Star it was Duuz’s job to interrogate its crew. After pirates invaded the security forces space station, Duuz became trapped under a pile of rubble. Gene and the gang managed to save him, and he eventually thanked them. Duuz is a co-worker of Valeria, and he appears to have some sort of attachment with her. This isn’t explored in OS, but more hints of their relationship are given in Angel Links.

Firecat Firecat is a professional fighter who had dreams of winning the “World’s Strongest Woman Competition” before she was attacked by Aisha Clan-Clan. The competition prohibits C-tarl C-tarl from competing in the match, which forced Aisha to steal the identity of another fighter. “Firecat” did not have any trouble making it into the final rounds of the competition until she reaches the final stage when her opponent transforms into a wolf. Aisha transforms into a tiger, which ruins her disguise as “Firecat.” After a fierce battle Aisha defeats her competitor and wins the title of "World’s Strongest Woman.” However, she does not win the prize money because of the fact that she cheated.

Gene’s Father The father of Gene Starwind only appears in “Outlaw Star” through a series of flashbacks Gene has during the run of the series. Gene’s father is tall, muscular and has black hair, (which leads us to believe that Gene receives his trademark red hair from mother). Gene’s father worked as some sort of traveling merchant, and he spent much of his time in space. On his final trip in space Gene’s father took his son along with him, until pirates attacked their ship. Gene’s father put his son in the escape pod, fearing for Gene’s life. Young Gene watched helplessly as his father was destroyed along with his ship, and the terrible experience caused Gene to fear both space travel and the Pirates.

Gwen Khan Gwen Khan is one of several brilliant scientists who were directly responsible for the creation of Melfina, and the Outlaw Star (originally called the “XGP”). Gwen is obsessed with the collection of knowledge; his desire to have knowledge is the only thing that is keeping him alive. After discovering that Gene has found the Outlaw Star and Melfina, he immediately plots to aid him in his quest to reach the Galactic Leyline. Gwen deactivates Melfina, and forces Gene to recover the coordinates of the Leyline from the gravity prison. The crew members of the Outlaw Star soon becomes tired of Khan, and force him out of the ship at their next stop. Soon after Gwen teams up with the MacDougall brothers and the three manage to reach the Galactic Leyline just as the Outlaw Star does.

Hadul Hadul is one of the wise "wizards" of Tenrei who is capable of creating caster shells. He is the oldest of the "wizards" and appears to be the leader of the group. He is short, bald and has a large, gray beard. Hadul lives on the Mount Nanai temple, where he spends his time getting drunk and looking at pictures of naked women. Also, Hadul works as a souvenir salesman in order to pay for living expenses.

Hanmyo Hanmyo is a member of the Anten Seven who is gifted in the art of grappler combat. Hanmyo’s ship looks to be an ordinary grappler ship, but it actually has the unique ability to split into three independently operated ships, piloted by her super-intelligent cats, Kami and Mata. Thanks to this clever strategy Hanmyo has never lost a space battle, and that record did not look like it was going to change until she met Gene Starwind.

Iris Iris lives on Gene Starwind’s home planet of Sentinel III where she works as a waitress in Clyde’s bar. Prior to Gene’s adventures with the Outlaw Star, he spent a lot of time with Iris and Clyde in the bar. Iris is worried about Gene’s dangerous life as an outlaw, and seems to care deeply for both him and Jim. She appears a few times throughout the series, but her character is not fully explored. Some speculate that Iris and Gene had a romantic relationship, but so little information is given about her that nobody can know for sure.

Jenny Starwind Jenny Starwind is Gene's alter ego that he invented in order to compete in the World's Strongest Woman Competition. Gene entered this contest because his employer, Fred Luo, had promised to marry one of the contestants (Reiko Ando) if she won. Furthermore, Gene had to enter because Aisha Clan-Clan was unable, being that the Ctarl-Ctarl were banned from competing after a previous incident.

Kei Pirates The Kei pirates are among the most feared and hated groups in the galaxy. They are known to manipulate people to do their bidding and those who defy them are quickly disposed of. There are supposedly eight leaders of the Kei Pirates, one of whom is Lord Hazanko. Due to their mysterious and brutal nature the Kei Pirates are widely feared, even by space security officials. The members seem to have an endless supply of money, and some people think that the Kei Pirates’ section of space is rich in dragonite deposits. The majority of the Kei Pirates are highly trained assassins, who use a wide variety of means to kill their target.

Kei Pirate Ninjas The Kei Pirate Ninjas are the Kei Pirates' first weapons in combat. In most situations the Kei Pirates do not send the Anten Seven to achieve a goal, they prefer to send less trained and more affordable minions known as Kei Pirate Ninjas. All Kei Pirate Ninjas wear a standard gray and black uniform, which completely conceals their faces and eyes. They are quick, agile but extremely weak.

Kami and Mata Kami and Mata are Hanmyo’s two incredibly intelligent cats. Each of these felines pilot one-third of Hanmyo’s ship and are fully capable of speech. The two cats provided guidance and wisdom to the young assassin, but they were not able to protect themselves in their space battle against Gene Starwind. Thanks to a strategy created by Jim, Hanmyo, Kami, and Mata were destroyed by Gene Starwind and the Outlaw Star.

Lady Iraga Lady Iraga is a highly trained fighter, and a member of the Anten Seven. Unlike the other members of the group Lady Iraga relies on her physical strengths rather than weapons or spaceships. In addition to her combat skills, Lady Iraga is also capable of transforming into a vicious and deadly wolf creature. Lady Iraga entered the "World’s Strongest Woman" competition, and with her superior abilities she quickly defeated all of her opposition, including the world champion Reiko Ando. Finally Lady Iraga reached the final round, where she faced her toughest opponent, "Firecat" who was actually the Aisha Clan-Clan in disguise. The two combatants began to fight fiercely until Lady Iraga realized that she was going to be overpowered by the strength of a Ctarl-Ctarl. As a last resort Lady Iraga transformed into her wolf form and soon Aisha was knocked to the ground. Unfortunately for Lady Iraga she does not know that Aisha is also able to transform into a wild beast, making the match even more ferocious. After a brief fight Lady Iraga is defeated by Aisha and killed, and the secrets of her transformation abilities are lost.

The MacDougall brothers The MacDougall brothers (Ron and Harry) were responsible for the death of Gene Starwind's father (the death that caused Gene to become terrified of space travel). They pilot the El Dorado.

Leilong Leilong is a member of the Anten Seven, and was the first sent to recover Melfina and the stolen XGP from Gene Starwind. With his ragged clothes and tired expression, one would not expect that he has mastered many years of combat.

Lord Hazanko Lord Hazanko is the legendary and powerful leader of the Anten Seven. Although he is not the leader of the Kei Pirates, Hazanko is one of the groups' highest-ranking members. Little is known about him or his past, and he remains a mysterious figure throughout the entire series.

The People’s Liberation Front The People's Liberation Front is a terrorist group on Heifong that was created with the purpose of freeing the planet from its political alliances with other planets. The group attempts to reach their goal using whatever means possible, even if that includes killing everyone on Heifong! Many were not aware that the People's Liberation Front also wanted to free Heifong of its wealth, and their largest scheme involved the theft of diamonds, jewelry, and other valuables. The crew of the Outlaw Star was able to save Heifong from another of the organization's plans, and now all of its members reside in prison.

Rachel Sweet Rachel Sweet is one of many aliases for the infamous pirate "Hot Ice" Hilda. When she first met Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking she was disguised as Rachel Sweet, a beautiful blonde woman and hired the duo to provide her protection. After a short time with Jim and Gene, Rachel revealed her true identity, much to their surprise.

Reiko Ando Reiko Ando is one of the most talented female fighters in the universe. After years of training herself both physically and mentally Reiko has reached the pinnacle of her skill, winning four consecutive titles at the annual "World's Strongest Woman" competition. She was determined to win the event for a fifth year, not only because it would break the previous record but because her chance at true love was at stake. For many years Reiko had admired confirmed bachelor Fred Luo, and after many attempts to win his hand at marriage the frustrated Luo agreed to marry her if she would win the competition for five consecutive years. Ando was the favorite to win the competition but she was defeated in the earlier rounds by Lady Iraga. Reiko Ando did not yet accept defeat, and has decided to begin her five year struggle for Fred Luo all over again.

Rob Cain Rob Cane is one of the most feared and dangerous criminals on Sentinel III, and has murdered at least 30 people in his lifetime. Because of this fact he has earned the nickname "Death Rob". In search of Rob's immense bounty Gene Starwind tracked down Rob at his local hangout, and challenged him to a duel. The second the battle began Gene realized that he had underestimated his opponent: Rob removed his coat to reveal that his body has been modified heavily with cybernetic enhancements. Thanks to a strategy created by Jim Hawking, Gene finally manages to emerge victorious. When Gene turns in the body for the reward money he is surprised to learn that who he had fought was not the real Rob Cane, but only a cybernetic duplicate. Gene stills receives a large reward from it, but soon after he discovers that Twilight Suzuka had managed to track down and kill the real Cain earlier that same day.

Shimi Shimi is an apprentice to Leilong, a member of the Anten Seven. Other than his name, absolutely no information is given about Shimi. Pretending to be Leilong, the warrior challenged Gene to a duel, and the next day the two fought viciously to the death. Thanks to Jim, Gene was able to defeat Shimi, but Leilong would prove to be a much greater challenge.

Swanzo and Mikey Swanzo and Mikey are two skilled mechanics on the Blue Heaven space station. Swanzo is a short and round alien who wears a blue metal shell to cover his green and scaley skin. Mikey is a tall and muscular guy with dark skin and even darker hair. Over the years both of them have become good friends with "Hot Ice" Hilda, and according to Swanzo, both of them owe her a few favors. Because of these favors, Swanzo and Mikey have done a lot of work on the Outlaw Star for free, as a way to repay these debts in honor of Hilda. They pop up periodically throughout the series, but very little information is given about their pasts.

The Anten Seven The Anten Seven are a group of deadly assassins led by the mysterious and powerful Hazanko. Trained in a wide array of techniques, the group is known for their ability to succeed in their missions, no matter how difficult they may be. The group was assigned to return the stolen XGP and Melfina from Gene Starwind, but each member was unable to recover the two items and was eventually killed.

The Nyotai Girls The Nyotai Girls are servants to Urt, the woman who helped discover the hot springs planet of Tenrei. They help her in mundane activities such as bathing, dressing and playing Ping-Pong. They don't really say, or do anything interesting during the episode they appear in, and the only reason they are there is to stand around and look pretty.

Tobeigera Tobeigera is a member of the Anten Seven, but that isn't obvious by his appearance. He looks like a clown, but according to Hazanko he is one of the Anten Seven's deadliest members. Tobeigera was sent to recover Melfina and the stolen XGP from Gene Starwind while he visited the Hot Springs planet of Tenrei. Unfortunately, he never reaches his goal and is defeated as soon as he begins his mission. While he may not be the most talented of the Anten Seven he is definitely one of the most comical.

Urt Urt is one of the famous explorers who discovered the hot springs planet of Tenrei. Since discovering Tenrei Urt has seperated herself from her former associates and moved into a huge temple in the springs. Urt has a fondness for beauty, and for ping-pong, and she is heavily devoted to the game. When she met Gene Starwind she forced him to play a game of ping-pong for the caster shells he wanted - she ends up losing. Urt is not a sore loser though, and was more than glad to meet a challenging opponent, and hand Gene the prize he deserved. Urt is also greatly admired by her fellow pilgrims in the planet Tenrei, but she considers them to be perverts and ignores them whenever possible.

Valeria Valeria is a beautiful and intelligent agent for a galactic security force. With large resources and an even larger crew Valeria helps to operate one of many space stations that her employers own. Her and her Saurian partner, Duuz tend to disagree on many policies but that the same time they seem to have a strong friendship. Valeria began to flirt with Gene Starwind when he and the crew of the Outlaw Star were taken in for questioning, but nothing develops from it.


· Episode 01: Outlaw World
· Episode 02: Star of Desire
· Episode 03: Into Burning Space
· Episode 04: When "Hot Ice" Melts
· Episode 05: Beast-Girl, Ready to Pounce
· Episode 06: The Beautiful Assassin
· Episode 07: Creeping Evil
· Episode 08: Forced Departure
· Episode 09: A Journey of Adventure, huh?
· Episode 10: Gathering for the Space Race
· Episode 11: Adrift in Space
· Episode 12: Mortal Combat with the El Dorado
· Episode 13: Advance Guard from Another World
· Episode 14: Final Countdown
· Episode 15: The Seven Emerge
· Episode 16: Demon of the Water Planet
· Episode 17: Between Life and Machine
· Episode 18: The Strongest Woman in the Universe
· Episode 19: Law and Lawlessness
· Episode 20: Cats and Girls and Spaceships
· Episode 21: Grave of the Dragon
· Episode 22: Gravity Jailbreak
· Episode 23: The Hot Springs Planet Tenrei (adult innuendo)
· Episode 24: Cutting the Galactic Leyline
· Episode 25: Maze of Despair
· Episode 26: Return to Space


Here is a listing of all the locations you can find in the Outlaw Star universe (if you ever travel there).

[Asteroids] Asteroids in the Frontier regions are commonly hollowed out and refitted to accommodate life. Space Security Forces have built several space stations out of hollowed out asteroids throughout the galaxy, and an emptied asteroid is where the XGP15A-II was originally found.

[Blue Heaven] Blue Heaven is a giant space station where Gene was able to outfit the XGP. The place was built by and operated by Outlaws and criminals, but is considered to be a safe haven for anyone in need of furl of repairs. Guns are not allowed on Blue Heaven because of how fragile the space stations outer hull is a single bullet could penetrate it and send everyone into the vacuum of space.

[Farfala] Farfala is the star which took the lives of both "Hot Ice" Hilda and her pursuers, the Kei Pirates. Hilda traveled to the star because she knew that a nearby asteroid housed the XGP15A-II, one of the most advanced ships in the galaxy. After Hilda's demise the ship fell into the hands of Gene Starwind, who later renamed it the "Outlaw Star" in honor of Hilda.

[Heifong] Heifong is one of the more populous planets that the characters visit in the Outlaw Star series, and it is also the home of Fred Luo. The crew of the Outlaw Star spent a lot of their time here, and end up getting into all sorts of crazy adventures.

[Heifong 7] Heifong 7 is one of many planets in the Heifong system. The planet is full of compressed Hydrogen gas, which forms a liquid. Even though it is not water, the place is often referred to as "The Water Planet". An old man hired the crew of the Outlaw Star to salvage a fortune in Dragonite on this planet, even though it is full of monstrous water beasts that can destroy entire space ships with a single blow.

[Hekaton Keirez] Hekaton Keirez is a planet known for its unique and powerful gravity, it also holds a legendary prison in which nobody has ever escaped. Because of the planet's gravity many of the prisoners die because of heart attacks, while those who survive begin to slowly adjust to it. Gene Starwind willingly entered the prison in order to retrieve information about the Galactic Leyline, and after a daring escape both he and Siya Wong managed to leave the planet, and have been the only ones lucky enough to do so.

[Planet Tenrei] Planet Tenrei is known throughout the galaxy for their amazing Hot Springs. Urt, Hadul and Ark Manaf discovered the planet but Urt is the only one who has managed to turn a profit out of this discovery. The other two are forced to sell souvenirs to earn a living. The crew of the Outlaw Star visited this planet so that Gene could have some powerful caster shells created for him.

[Towards Star Inn] Towards Star Inn is one of a million different docking bays in the Outlaw Star universe. There is nothing particularly special about it.

[Sentinel III] Sentinel III is Gene and Jim's home planet and where they began their journey as Outlaws. The planet is home to quite a few Pirates and Outlaws, but not much tends to happen there because of its distance from other civilized planets.


Being an anime based in space, there are quite a few space-based transporation vehicles in Outlaw Star. Here is our little encyclopeida with information on each.

[Ehefrau] Ehefrau is the name of Jim Hawking's beloved sports car. It features turbo drive engines and a classic design that looks more like a hot rod than an advanced mode of transportation. The ship has several parking tickets on its record, which caused it to be eventually impounded by the police. Fortunately Jim Hawking managed to get the ship out of the lot, and it is currently under his ownership.

[El Dorado] El Dorado is the name of the McDougalls personal ship, and it has a reputation of being one of the most dangerous ships in the galaxy. It features four grappler arms, an idea by the McDougalls who felt it would give them an advantage in combat over ships with two grappler arms. The ship is also remarkably fast and has won several different space races over the years. While it does not have the huge amount of missiles that other ships do, it can be outfitted with the Halcyon missile, which is one of the most powerful missiles available.

The best-kept secret about the El Dorado is that there have been multiple copies of the ship built. When the Outlaw Star faced the El Dorado, its crew was unaware of this information and believed that the El Dorado was extremely maneuverable. Gene Starwind and the crew of the Outlaw Star destroyed one of the El Dorado's, but at least one remains, Ron McDougalls' (although Ron prefers to call his ship the "Shangri-la" rather than the El Dorado).

[Kei Pirate Ship] An unnamed Kei Pirate Ship belonged to the Pirates who originally pursued Hilda. Similar to Hanmyo's ship it has the ability to split into two separate ships and use them in combat. It had grappler arms and missiles, but was ultimately destroyed when it landed into Farfala, a star.

[Hamyo's Ship] Hamyo's Ship belongs to Hanmyo, a member of the Anten Seven who also happens to be a child. The ship itself is one of a kind in its ability to separate into three separate grappler ships during combat. Very few pilots are skilled enough to go up against Hanmyo's piloting abilities, let alone face the wrath of two other ships (piloted by Kami and Nata, two super intelligent felines). The ships use missiles as their main form weapon, and in many cases these work to devastating effect. Prior to its run in with the Outlaw Star the ship(s) had never lost a battle, and everyone they had faced prior to that was killed. Unfortunately a clever strategy by Jim Hawking led to the demise of the ship(s) and its remains are currently floating in space, while the pilots are dead.

[Horus] Horus is one of "Hot Ice" Hilda's ships that is mainly used to transport her places, for good reason. The ship is nearly useless in combat, and does not even feature the grappler arms that are so common in other Outlaw and Pirate ships. However, it does have missiles and guns to defend itself, but because of Horus; size there is very little room to carry ammo. The ship was destroyed, along with its owner, when it was captured by the gravity of the nearby star, Farfala during a mission to recover the Outlaw Star. Obviously, nothing remains of the two.

[Midsummer Night's Queen] The Midsummer Night's Queen is one of the most elaborate and beautiful luxury ships in the universe, and at one time it carried many thousands of wealthy passengers across the galaxy in style. Almost all of the ship was destroyed when it was attacked by Pirates and used in their plan to infiltrate a Security Forces space station. Very little of the original ship is left, and needless to say its passengers were almost all killed.

[Outlaw Star/XGP15A] XGP15A-II was the original name for the Outlaw Star, one of the most advanced ships in the galaxy that eventually fell into the hands of Gene Starwind. The ship itself was created during a highly secretive partnership between certain Pirate and Security forces in order to build advanced technology, including the XGP. The ship combines the combat capabilities of Pirate ships with the sleek design and standardized systems of Security ships. The computer mind of the ship is known as "Gilliam", which is also the name of small robots that perform maintenance on the vessel. A unique feature to the XGP is the fact that it makes use of Melfina, a bio-android to run the ship's navigation. Melfina places herself inside a large glass tube filled with special liquid, this liquid somehow enables her to make a direct "mental" (for lack of a better term) connection with the ship. This allows her to share vital information with the ship at a much faster rate than could normally be achieved through normal means. Melfina's programming also includes special programming regarding information about the Galactic Leyline, but nobody other than the original programmers and the Leyline itself can access it. Gwen Khan was one of the original scientists who built the XGP and Melfina, and he once used a special command prompt to deactivate the bio-android.

Before the ship could be fully tested the infamous pirate "Hot Ice" Hilda stole the ship. Hilda considered the ship to be a way of receiving long overdue reimbursements for work she had done for both parties. When Hilda was killed while stealing the XGP near Farfala it fell into the hands of Gene Starwind and his small crew of adventurers. Starwind renamed the ship "The Outlaw Star" in honor of Hilda, the outlaw who had befriended him. The Kei pirates sent the assassin group "The Anten Seven" to recover the Outlaw Star and Melfina, but each attempt was unsuccessful. After Gene Starwind, Melfina and the rest of the Outlaw Star crew reached the Galactic Leyline Melfina's programming regarding the Leyline was deleted.

In combat the Outlaw Star uses a variety of means to defeat the enemy and protect itself. An interesting innovation is the use of cameras deployed into space before a fight begins so that they can be used to spot incoming enemies from all directions. Missiles and Grappler arms are the primary weapons of the Outlaw Star, and the grappler arms have interchangeable parts so that everything from buzz saws to pistols can be attached and used for any situation that arises. In addition to powerful weapons, the ship also features a powerful hull that has protected the crew from assaults of all kinds, including a voyage through an ether stream. Time and again the Outlaw Star has prove that it is easily one of the most versatile ships in the galaxy, and capable to overcome nearly any obstacle.

[Pirate Mothership] The Pirate Mothership is arguably the most powerful ship in the Pirates' space fleet, and was built of such a high quality that it can even be compared to Security Forces ones. In addition to its massive size the ship is heavily armed with a multitude of missile and gun types. Against smaller vessels the Mothership will deploy smaller grappler ships to take care of their opponents. Hazanko was presumably the owner of this ship, and made use of it when he attempted to escape the Galactic Leyline after receiving his wish if ultimate power. The Outlaw Star combined its power with that of the Leyline's to destroy both Hazanko and the ship before Hazanko could make full use of his power in civilized star systems. The Pirate Mothership, as well as its owner are both destroyed.

[String 4] String 4 is a heavily armed ship owned and operated by the Space Security Forces. It does not feature missiles, but instead it uses advanced beam canons to attack the enemy. This is one of the most powerful ships in the Security Forces fleet and was used effectively against an attack by Pirates upon a Security Forces space station.

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