Miscellaneous things pertaining to DB/Z/GT


The Rules
You are disqualified if:

-Use any sort of foreign object or weapon
-Leave during the Tournament
-Kill your opponent

You lose if:

-You're knocked unconscious
-Are on the ground for a 10 count
-You get knocked out of the ring
-You give up

Japanese Translation

Ten - Heavens or Sky
Ka - Under or Beneath
Ichi - First or Best or one
Bu - Martial Arts
Dou - Way of
Kai - Meeting


The 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai
Champion: Jackie Chun (Master Roshi in disguise)
Runner-Up: Son Goku

The 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai
Champion: Tien(Draw between Tien and Son Goku)
Runner-Up: Son Goku(Draw between Son Goku and Tien)

The 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai
Champion: Son Goku
Runner-Up: Piccolo Daimaou

The Anoyoichi Budoukai(Heaven's Tournament)
Champion: Son Goku(Son Goku and Pikkon were both disqualified in the final round for touching the ceiling, so it was a draw)
Runner-Up: Pikkon(Pikkon and Son Goku were both disqualified in the final round for touching the ceiling, so it was a draw)

The 24th Tenkaichi Budoukai
Adult Division Champion: Mr. Satan
Adult Division Runner-Up: Jewel
Junior Division Winner: Videl
Junior Division Runner-Up: Unknown

The 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai
Adult Division Champion: Mr. Satan
Adult Division Runner-Up: Android 18
Junior Division Winner: Trunks
Junior Division Runner-Up: Son Goten

The 26th Tenkaichi Budoukai
Champion: Mr. Satan
Runner-Up: Mr. Buu

The 27th Tenkaichi Budoukai
Champion: Mr. Satan
Runner-Up: Mr. Buu

The 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai
Champion: Mr. Satan
Runner-Up: Mr. Buu

Power Levels

Beginning of Dragon Ball

Participants of the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai

Krillin: 97

Bacteria (his strength is his stench): 14

Yamcha: 73 Jackie Chun (his strength never changes): 139

Namu: 87

Lanfan: 14

Guilan: 71

Goku: 124

Tao Pai Pai: 146

Karin: 169

Goku (after Karin training): 157

Old Son Gohan: 156

Participants of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai

Tenshinhan: 186

Yamcha: 128

Jackie Chun: 139

Wolf man: 19

Krillin: 143

Chiaotzu: 138

Pam Put: 56

Goku: 186

Piccolo-Daimao young: 260

Yajirobe: 181

Tambourine: 173

Cymbal: 173

Chi Chi: 73

Krillin: 206

Participants of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai

Tenshinhan: 250

Tao Pai Pai: 189

Goku: 330 Piccolo: 320

Yamcha: 167

Goku (after holy water): 265

Shen (god): 301

Beginning of DBZ

Radditz: 1,200

Farmer with Shotgun: 5

Radditz vs. Goku and Piccolo

Radditz: 1,500

Piccolo (with weighted clothing): 322

Piccolo (without weighted clorthing): 408

Piccolo w/ Makkan Sappo (Special Beam Cannon) 1st Try: 1,330 Piccolo w/

Makkan Sappo (Special Beam Cannon) 2nd Try: 1,440

Goku (with weighted clothing): 330

Goku (without weighted clothing): 416

Goku (with Kamehameha): 924

Gohan: 1 to 1,307 (his power changes with his emotions)

After the Battle (Search Tien and Chouzu)

Roshi: 139

Roshi's Turtle: 0.001

Krillin: 206 Tien: 250

Yamcha: 177

Chiaotzu: 145

Z Fighters vs. Saibamen and Nappa

Saibamen: 1,200

Yamcha: 1,480

Krillin: 1,750

Tenshinhan: 1,830

Chiaotzu: 610

Piccolo: 3,500

Gohan: 2,800

Goku vs. Vegeta and Nappa

Goku: 5,000

Goku powered up: 8,000
-9,000 kaioken attack
-16,000 kaioken x2
-24,000 kaioken x3
-32,000 kaioken x4

Nappa: 4,000

Vegeta: 18,000

Gohan and Krillin vs. Freeza's Thugs

Gohan: 14,000

Krillin: 13,000

Freeza's Thugs:

Vegeta vs. Kui

Vegeta: 24,000

Kui: 18,000

Vegeta vs. Dudoria

Vegeta: 26,000

Dudoria: 22,000

Vegeta vs. Zarbon (1st time)

Vegeta: 30,000

Zarbon: 25,000

Zarbon (Monster): 33,000

Vegeta vs. Zarbon (2nd time)

Vegeta: 35,000

Zarbon: 25,000

Zarbon (Monster): 33,000

Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin vs. Ginyu Force

Krillin (after Guru power up): 18,000

Gohan (after Guru power up): 22,000

Vegeta: 35,000

Guldo: 10,000

Recoome: 40,000

Goku vs. Ginyu Force

Goku (while fighting Ginyu): 180,000

Jeice: 45,000

Burter: 45,000

Recoome: 40,000

Ginyu: 120,000

Ginyu in Goku's Body: 23,000

Goku in Ginyu vs. Ginyu in Goku

Ginyu in Goku's Body: 23,000

Vegeta: 110,000-200,000 (not sure e-mail me)

Nail vs. Freeza / Vegeta vs. Freeza (1st Time)

Nail: 42,000

Vegeta: 500,000

Freeza (form 1): 530,000

Freeza (form 2): 700,000

Freeza (form 3): 870,000

Piccolo (merged w/Nail): 800,000

Freeza (form 4): 1,2000,000

Goku: 530,000
-Fully powered after a while: 800,000

SSJ Goku: 1,500,000

Future Trunks vs. Freeza Bot and King Cold

SSJ Goku: 3,5000,000

King Cold: 3,000,000

Freeza Bot: 2,500,000

Trunks: 4,000,000

Cell Saga

Trunks 14 yrs. Old: 5,000,000
-17 yrs. Old: 6,000,000
-Ssj: 18,000,000
-after Spirit and Time training 21,500,000

Android #16: 11,000,000

Android #17: 7,000,000
-future form: 5,250,000

Android #18: 7,500,000
-future form: 5,500,000

Android #19: 3,000,000
-after absorbing Vegeta's Ki: 4,000,000

Android #20: 3,500,000

Vegeta: 5,000,000
-Ssj: 17,000,000
-after Spirit and Time training 22,000,000

Kamiccolo: 7,500,000
-after Spirit and Time training 15,000,000

Tien: 5,000,000

Yamcha: 2,000,000

Krillin: 4,000,000

Mr. Satan: 140

Cell: 6,000,000
-after absorbing many humans: 8,000,000
-form 2: 16,000,000
-Perfect form: 20,000,000
-Mega Perfect form: 35,000,000

Goku: 6,000,000 (not sick)
-after Spirit and Time training: 23,000,000
-Ssj: 26,000,000

Gohan: 4,000,000
-after Spirit and Time training: 20,000,000
-Ssj2: 35,000,000
-Cell-killing Kamehameha: 40,000,000

Buu saga (7 yrs later)

Buu Fat: 45,000,000
-Ultimate: 50,000,000
-Good: 55,000,000
-Evil: 65,000,000
-Super: 70,000,000
-Majin: 80,000,000

Majin Buu Gotenks 90,000,000

Vegetto 100,000,000

Piccolo 26,000,000

Trunks 1,500,000
Ssj: 10,000,000

Goten 1,500,000
Ssj: 10,000,000

Gohan: 3,000,000
Ssj: 25,000,000
Ssj2: 48,000,000
with the Z Sword: 55,000,000

Vegeta: 5,000,000
Ssj: 27,000,000
Ssj2: 49,000,000

Goku: 5,000,000
Ssj: 27,000,000
Ssj2: 50,000,000
Ssj3: 80,000,000
Mega Spirit Bomb: 100,000,000

Gotenks: 3,000,000
Ssj: 20,000,000
Ssj3: 75,000,000

Vegetto: 10,000,000
Ssj: 54,000,000
Ssj2: 100,000,000

Dragon Ball GT


Pilaf: 100

Chibi Goku: 2,000,000
Ssj: 5,000,000
Ssj2: 20,000,000
Ssj3: 45,000,000

Goten: 2,500,000
Ssj: 15,000,000

Trunks: 2,500,000
Ssj: 15,000,000

Gohan: 9,000,000
Ssj: 27,000,000
Ssj2: 50,000,000

Vegeta: 10,000,000
Ssj: 30,000,000
Ssj2: 50,000,000

Bebi-Oozaru 165,000,000

Goku 15,000,000
Golden Oozaru 50,000,000
Ssj4: 170,000,000

Super 17

Android #17 39,000,000
Super form 175,000,000

Android #18 36,000,000

Rudou: 73,000,000

Cell: 35,000,000

Freeza: 34,000,000

Nappa: 17,000

Krillin: 3,000,000

Pan: 35,000,000

SSJ Goten: 64,000,000

SSJ Trunks: 64,000,000

SSJ Gohan: 72,000,000

SSJ Vegeta: 75,000,000

SSJ4 Goku: 175,000,000

-Dragon Punch 200,000,000

Evil Shenlongs

Evil Shenlongs: 75,000,000
-weakened 50,000,000
-all merged together 350,000,000

Vegeta: 13,000,000
-Ssj: 30,000,000
-Ssj2: 50,000,000
-Ssj4: 160,000,000

Goku: 15,000,000
-Ssj: 35,000,000
-Ssj2: 60,000,000
-Ssj3: 120,000,000
-Ssj4: 180,000,000

Ssj4 Gogeta: 360,000,000

Goku merged with Shenlong and all 7 Dragon balls: 1,000,000,000

Earth Dragon balls

· Created by Kami, the earth's guardian
· Can only grant one wish per gathering
· Must have all 7 dragon balls together to make wish
· When all 7 dragon balls are gathered, the eternal dragon Shenlong comes out to grant the wish
· Only wishes within the creator's power can be granted
· Can only wish a person back to life once
· Characteristically yellow in color with a red star(s) centered
· Very small, about the size of a soft-ball
· After a wish is made, the dragon balls turn to stone, and scatter around earth; they cannot be used to make a wish until a year has passed
· Can bring back certain or special groups of people
· If Kami dies, the dragon balls turn to stone and can't be used to make wishes.

New Earth Dragon balls

· Created by Dende, the earth's new guardian
· Can only grant 2 wish per gathering
· Must have all 7 dragon balls together to make wish
· When all 7 dragon balls are gathered, the eternal dragon Shenlong comes out to grant the wish
· Only wishes within the creator's power can be granted
· Can only wish a person back to life once
· Characteristically yellow in color with a red star(s) centered
· Very small, about the size of a soft-ball
· After a wish is made, the dragon balls turn to stone, and scatter around earth; they cannot be used to make a wish until a year has passed
· Can bring back certain or special groups of people
· If Dende dies, the dragon balls turn to stone and can't be used to make wishes.

Namekian Dragon balls

· Created by Guru, the eldest Namek
· Able to grants 3 wishes per gathering
· Must have all 7 dragon balls gathered to make a wish
· When all dragon balls are gathered, the eternal dragon Porunga, must be summoned in Namekian language with the password which is "Porunga"
· Wish must be made in Namekian language
· Only wishes within the creator's power can be granted
· Can wish a person back to life numerous times so long as they didn't die by natural causes
· Characteristically yellow in color with a red star(s) centered
· Bigger compared to the Earth dragon balls. About the size of a bowling ball
· After the three wishes are made, the dragon balls turn to stone and scatter across Namek and cannot be used to make wishes until 3 months have passed
· Can only bring back 1 person per wish
· If Guru dies, Porunga disappears and the dragon balls turn to stone.

Black Starred Dragon balls

· Created by Kami
· Can grant 1 wish per gathering
· Must have all 7 dragon balls to make wish
· Characteristically yellow in color with a black star(s) centered
· Scattered all over the universe


-Oolong wishes for a pair of panties to stop Pilaf's evil plan.
-Goku wished for Bora to be revived.
-Piccolo Daimaou wishes for his youth to be restored.

-Dragonball Z:

-Kame wishes for Goku to be revived so he can fight Vegeta and Nappa.
-Dende Gohan and Krillin wish for Piccolo's life to be restored.
-Dende Gohan and Krillin wish for Piccolo to be sent to Namek so he can help in the Frieza fight.
-Mr.Popo wishes for all the Namekians and any others that were killed during the battle to be wished back to life, and to go to planet earth.
-The Z-Fighters to be restored one by one.
-A wish for all the people that were killed during the cell saga to be revived.
-Future Trunks' life to be restored.
-Bulma's wish for all the good people which were killed to be revived.
-Dende's wish for the earth to be restored after it was destroyed by Majin Buu.
-Dende's wish for all the earthlings that were killed by Majin Buu to be revived.
-A wish for the earthlings to forget about Majin Buu.

-Dragonball GT:

-Pilaf's wish for Goku to be turned into a kid again.
-Baby Vegeta's wish for a new planet plant, to be created and located near earth, complete with buildings and plants.
-A wish to restore the earth after it was destroyed by the counter-affects of the black star dragon balls.
-A wish for all the people who were killed in the evil Shenlong saga to be revived.

Death List
Android #16
1. Killed by Cell.
Android 17
1. Absorbed by Cell to make Perfect Cell.
Android 18
1. Absorbed by Cell to make Perfect Cell.
Android 19
1. Defeated by SSJ Vegeta.
Dr. Gero/ Android 20
1. Destroyed by Android 17.
Cell: 1. Killed by Gohan during Cell Games.
2. Trunks killed him after return to the Future.
1. Blew up on Nappa.
2. Killed when Majin Buu destroyed Earth.
3. Killed by Piccolo Daimao.
4. Killed by Androids in Future Trunks Timeline.
1. Squashed by Majin Buu while a food.
1. Brutally beaten by Goku.
2. Killed by Trunks when constructed as a robotic form.
Garlic Jr.
1. Brought into the Dead Zone by young Gohan.
2. Totally stuck in Dead Zone by Gohan again & lost power from dead Makioh Star.
Ginyu Force.
1. Jeice, Burter, & Guldo killed by Vegeta.
2. Recoome killed by Goku.
1. Killed by Android 17 in Future Timeline.
2. Killed when Majin Buu destroyed Earth.
1. Killed by Piccolo while Holding Raditz.
2. Dies of Heart Disease in Future Time Line.
3. Killed after Cell teleported.
1. Killed when Majin Buu destroyed Earth.
1. Killed in a Tenkaichi Budoukai competition.
2. Killed by Frieza on Planet Namek.
1. Killed by Nappa.
2. Eaten by Majin Buu.
1. Killed by Vegeta when paralyzed.
1. Killed by Nappa.
2. Killed when Majin Buu destroyed Earth.
4. Killed by Androids in Future Timeline.
1. Killed by Piccolo while Goku held him.
1. Killed by Nappa.
2. Killed when Majin Buu destroyed Earth.
3. Killed by Android in Future Timeline.
1. Killed by Cell.
2. Killed when Majin Buu destroyed Earth.
1. Killed by Frieza.
2. Sacrificed himself to kill Majin Buu.

You might be addicted to DB/Z/GT if…

You pour gas on your hand and yell out "Power!"
You get implants just to match Chi Chi's
You paint yourself pink and call yourself Buu
You e-mail someone a list of Addictions
You watch it everyday even if it's a re-run

You die your hair blue and think Vegeta will take you
You name your son Trunks
You name your daughter Bra
You enroll your children to Martial Arts School

You fire yourself up and think you’re a Super Saiyan
You jump off of a plane and yell out "Kinto!"
You fall to your death, when Kinto fails
You throw a tennis ball on fire, and yell "Kamehameha!"

Almost every other word you say has something to do with the show.
You find a grass hopper and try to smash it with a hammer
You bend your knees and make a strange face while making grunting noises and say you are training in X100 gravity
You paint a stick red and keep saying “power pole extend!”
You win some game, jump around and make poses yelling your name or your team’s name.
You see a cloud in the sky and yell ”FLYING NIMBUS!”
You shave your head and take an orange magic marker then you draw 6 dots on you forehead
You put your hands on your friend’s arms and yell “KI-OBSORB!”
You paint your face pure white and red dots on your checks.
You know the entire Namekian Language. (Or made it all up yourself)
You know all the attacks of every character.
You name your dog Ikiris and try to ride him.
You just planted a tree and named it “The Tree of Might.”
After you eat a cantaloupe you act like you’re drunk.
You color under your eyes and limbs red, let your black hair grow and say you’re a SS Lv..4.
You try and make energy come out of your hands.
You put horns on your head and say you’re Gyumao.
You gain weight to be like Mikokatsu.
You put a fan in front of your hands and try to act like Evefudia.
You push the top of your medicine tablets and try to make a motorcycle come out.
You beg your parents to let you change your name to Goku.
You throw your CDs across the room yelling ”DISTRUCTO DISC!”
You paint 7 baseballs orange with red stars on them, hide them around town and force your girlfriend to look for them.
When you are asked to say all the characters in all 3 versions, you say it in under 1 minute but when you’re asked to say the pledge of allegiance your mind draws a blank.
You know who Mikokatsu, Evefudia, Kishime, Ginger, Nikki, and Sancho are.
You know the exact words to the beginning and ending song in all 3 versions in both English and Japanese.
You look at your baby pictures and say “that was when I was in form 1”.
You break your glasses in half, put one half on, put foil on your ear and go around your house saying to everyone that their pl is 1,000.
You put the rims of your gloves at the end of the sleeves on your jacket and make it so your hands aren’t in your gloves, tear off your gloves and yell “ARM BLASTER!”
You glue a fake eyeball to your forehead.
You get a bunch of your friends and dress up like your favorite characters and beat the living S*** out of each other!
You drop peas into the ground and hope Saibamen come out
You try and start a company called “Capsule Corp.”
Every time you sneeze you look in the mirror to see if your hair-changed color
Dye your hair yellow and get green contacts and say you are a super saiyan

You light yourself on fire and yell out "kaioken!"
You try to power up when your about to kick a kickball
You yell nimbus and fall off a mountain hoping that a cloud will lift you
You paint your self pink and stick a plunger and some putty on your body and claim that you are Majin Buu
When your late for school you yell out "TURBO SPEED!" and hope you run 200 mph
You eat an apple from an apple tree and hope it will buff you up
You forget to pack your stuff on a camping trip, but you bring your laser pen and claim all the stuff is inside the capsule
You eat green beans when you’re tired, and you hope that you will regain your strength
You dye your hair blond and you don’t cut your hair for 2 years and you say that you’ve been training and you were pushed you go SSJ3
You cut your face to look like Yamcha
You throw a basket ball into the air and hold up your ands and you scream out "Spirit Bomb!!"
You are offended by this joke
You paint a red circle in your hand and start choking people's necks and scream out " now ill have all of your energy"
You cry every time Piccolo dies for Gohan
You make some funky noises and run away behind something and you claim that
You used instant transmission
When you see a money your try to catch it
You wear diapers, put a sock on your head (which is painted pink), throw candy at people and claim that they have become candy and you will eat em!

You try to power up and you hope you will make a hole in the ground
When a bully punches you, you cross your arms and try to block it
You throw a baseball at someone and you scream out "Big Bang Attack!"
You learn Japanese so you can watch DBGT episodes
You hold out your hand and hope that you will throw a ki blast
You paint yourself white and cut your bowling ball in half and wear it on
Your head and you claim that your Frieza
You and your friends put stars on your basketballs, and you pretend that
You’re looking for them on Namek
You can recite every single word in a DBZ episode
You shoot a black fox and wear it on your shoulders then you wear a red fur coat, and you claim that you went SSJ4

Monsters of Dragonball Z by Steve Fritz

--Witch—Baba—She’s a little more than just Master Roshi’s sister. If the wardrobe, complete with pointy hat, isn’t a dead give away, the crystal ball and ability to tell the future should tell you something. Just remember, not all witches eat children and give pretty girls poisoned apples.

--Dragon—Shenron—Put this under obvious. Just remember that while Akira Toriyama added a few twists of his own Shenron is otherwise a very traditional Asian dragon, not the fire-breathing European type. It’s highly doubtful Shenron will ever keep a damsel in distress or make a gallant knight nice and toasty. On the other hand, he’s a very powerful, magical creature, like a dragon ought to be.

--Frankenstein—Android 8—This character is basically lifted right out of the first classic movie. About the only thing they didn’t do is give him the voice of Boris Karloff. Remember, the original monster was also a gentle creature, at least at first, just never push either of them too far.

--Mad Scientist—Dr. Gero—There are plenty of these guys running in both series, but Gero takes the cake. He even comes with a secret laboratory! His madness becomes more and more obvious with each android he creates, culminating with the ultimate atrocity, Cell. Also, who else but a mad scientist would put his own brain in a robot body?

--Ghost—Gotenks—After all this was one of the first fusions we ever saw. And what Halloween be without one of these around?

--Demon—Buu—Another “dead” (or is it undead?) obvious one. As is well known in DBZ circles, “Majin” is Japanese for Demon. Buu fits right in, particularly with his incredible appetite. His various forms also fit in with various types of demons in Asian folklore.

Sorcerer—Babidi—There are many sorcerers in the DBZ, both good and bad, but Babidi is the top one. He compensates for his small stature with some pretty powerful spells. His incredibly sinister nature and desire for revenge also puts him square into the classic evil sorcerer mode. When Buu puts Babidi down for good, you couldn’t help but cheer.

Devil—Dabura—What’s Halloween without a Devil? If you are going to go that route, you must go with the biggest one of all. That’s Dabura. Remember before this bad boy went down he took out Piccolo and Krillin as well as gave the other Z fighters a load of grief. Seems being Lord of the Undead does have its side benefits, eh? Then again it took Majin Buu to show the sweet side of this guy. Makes you want to eat him up, doesn’t it?

Vampire—Vegeta—Now we’re really stretching it, but so what? While we’re sure that Vegeta will never develop a taste for a Bloody Mary (or Sue, Nancy or whomever), he also died in his battle against Buu. The big difference is with that darn great widow’s peak and generally aristocratic attitude one can easily see the Saiyan Prince walking around in a Transylvanian Castle sporting a tux and cape. Well can’t you?

Ogres—HFIL Guardians—There are many ogres running around the DBZ universe. That’s what all those guys with the little horns on their heads are, after all. Still these two are the best example when you think about it. Not only are they big and strong but ultimately not too bright. Sure they are tricky, as seen in DBZ episode #12, but it doesn’t take Goku long to beat them. Also, when Frieza, King Cold and Cell take over the HFIL, they act like true ogres and wimp out. It’s up to (the still dead!) Goku and Pikkon to bail them out.

So that’s a basic short list of Halloween monsters running through the DB universe. Here’s just ten but have fun coming with your own.

The Higher Gods By Greg Werner The Good, the Bad and the Circuitry:

It’s no small task keeping track of the gods and goddesses in DBZ! There are so many deities and heavenly servants that it takes time to master DBZ Universe’s nomenclature

--North Kai (King Kai)—This is the first higher deity encountered in DBZ. Here is a blue and antenna-laden character with a miniscule statue that masks his amazing fighting abilities. King Kai’s fighting style was never shown in the American edited version of DBZ, but in the Japanese version there are a few scenes of him teaching Goku how to use the Kaikoken. At first it’s thought King Kai is the highest god, but in the manga, Toriyama hints at other gods when Goku is training with him for the second time. This is further expanded upon in the anime. King Kai is particularly found of word games; he is constantly using words with double meanings. He first came into existence at around 100 million years BC. In the manga he owns a pet monkey named Bubbles (certainly an allusion to Michael Jackson’s primate pet) and in the anime he also has a cricket, Gregory. These creatures are an integral part of his training program.

--East Kai—The only female of the four normal Kai’s; she is an avid fan of jet bike racing and races Goku at one point. She is often seen in competition with the other Kai’s and is tough as nails with her trainers. One of her pupils is Aqua.

--South Kai—Southern Kai is the tallest of the four normal Kai’s. in the manga, he is the only other normal Kai seen. Some of his pupils are Tolubi and Frog.

--West Kai—The shortest of the Kai’s, West Kai is in competition with North Kai. His best pupil is Pikkon (or Paikuhan) who goes face to face with Goku in the final match of the Heaven’s Tournament. He comes up with the idea of the tournament to “honor” North Kai’s death.

--Grand Kai—The ruler of the normal Kai’s, this old-timer is a dress-down rock ‘n roll fanatic. He is supposedly one of the most powerful beings of the universe, but he realizes that Goku considerably more powerful than him. As a result, he is always trying to make excuses for not training Goku to save face.

--Kibito—Although not actually a god himself, Kibito is the rock-solid guardian for Supreme Kai. He has the ability to heal anyone near death and also to teleport anywhere in the universe. At first he’s very proud and doesn’t believe anyone could possibly be stronger than his master, but he’s awoken to the harsh reality that Saiyans are significantly more powerful than him and Supreme Kai when Gohan successfully extracs the Z Sword.

--Supreme East Kai “Shin”—At first, this mysterious purple-skinned white-mohawked character appears as a villain. As it turns out, this mysterious character is the holist and highest god left in the universe! Supreme Kai is a fly compared to Goku, Vegeta and even Gohan. Being a god may tend to make one a bit cocky, and he never believed humans (or what he assumed were humans). Could rival his strength. His weakness is revealed in several laughable scenes where be becomes frozen in terror by seeing Babidi’s “Incredibly powerful warriors!” taken out like last week’s trash by Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. After returning to Planet Kai, and releasing Elder Kai from the Z Sword, as a last ditch effort to defeat Buu, Elder Kai suggests the Potara earrings. These magical earrings when worn on the opposite ears of 2 individuals will fuse them automatically into a new and powerful warrior. Excited about this prospect of this new technique, Supreme Kai and his servant Kibito, try on the Potara and became Kaiobito!

--Supreme South Kai—The largest and probably strongest of the Supreme Kais. When Buu absorbed him, Buu took on a short and muscular appearance that is only briefly seen when he transforms back into his original form. Not much is known about him. He is only seen in the anime.

--Supreme North Kai—An older Supreme Kai who apparently enjoyed fishing. Majin Buu kills him. Not much is known about him. He only appeared briefly in the anime.

--Supreme West Kai—Supreme West Kai was the only female Supreme Kai. She appeared to be slightly older than East Supreme Kai and enjoyed horseplay. Buu cruelly kills her after a valiant attempt to fight her.

--Elder Kai—This is Supreme Kai form 15 generations of Supreme Kai’s. before, he was sealed in the Z Sword at around 75 million BC by an unknown dark force. The Z Sword was made into a challenge. Those who could release it were said to be wielding a great power. While it isn’t true that wielding the sword properly would be excellent training, the true “great power” was Elder Kai. He was released when Gohan broke the sword, this time he used a magical power to upgrade Gohan’s physical strength, he also supplied Goku with the Potara or Fusion earrings.

--Grand Supreme Kai—this is the Big Kahoona of the DBZ universe as far as we know, everyone answered to this guy; he was the highest god! Now, it would be unfair for me to compare his appearance to Majin Buu, because in reality, Majin Buu looks like him. He was the final victim of Majin Buu’s rampage at around 5 million BC. In a move that saved East Supreme Kai’s life, not to mention save the universe, he allowed himself to be absorbed into Buu. By doing this he was able to particularly control Buu. He couldn’t actually manipulate Buu’s body, but his presence made Buu docile and child-like.

Majin Buu By Phillip Eissier

Although Vegeta believes that he and Goku are the strongest characters in DBZ, he will soon find out that there is one who comes from the past, to prove looks can be deceiving.

The Walt Disney Connection
Most fans will say this is true. Even the ones who only bothered watching those…ugh…fan subbed copies of DBZ will say it. Akira Toriyama, beloved creator, is infamous for one thing and that is basically putting as many puns in this series, as possible. He did it with character names (Gohan, Piccolo, Bulma) attack names (Kamehameha) and even species names (Saiyan, Namek). But they do not have the same feel as what Majin Buu is a Disney themed pun. Bibidi is the father of Babidi who both had some connection to Majin Buu.
Perhaps Toriyama did this because when he was young he was involved in an art class where he learned to draw. One of his favorite things to draw were characters from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

Many Forms of Buu Yes, those who are/have watched DBZ would know there is more than one form, and the differences are there. For the beginners ignore any power level changes. It doesn’t really happen this time around. Mainly because his power level already rivals SSJ3 Goku and SSJ3 Gotenks. So absorption would not be needed in the same matter as Cell needed. While he was already at his peak he merely absorbed so he would remain the strongest.

*Fat Buu: This is Majin Buu’s 3rd form. Yes, I know he’s funny looking and it’s this form that we become the most familiar with but Fat Buu who befriended Mr. Satan and Bee does have some good qualities absorbed from Supreme South Kai and Grand Supreme Kai.

*Evil Buu: This form is the evil that steamed from Fat Buu’s body, thus becoming the 4th form. He ends up being the true evil from within Fat Buu. This form is truly one of the most unusual forms of Buu. His slender body is very deceiving. Just ask his former personality, Fat Buu who becomes a small tasty morsel!

*Super Buu: This is the 5th form, and the only one Vegito faced. This is the result of Evil Buu absorbing SSJ3 Gotenks, Mystic Gohan and Piccolo. His looks may differ throughout some of the episodes, but mainly because of the clothes he wears from the people he absorbed.

*Kid Buu: The first and final form. A creation of Bibidi, this form is not only pure evil, but primitive as well. Plus, add the fact he looks like he can be Super Buu’s son. The return to this form is the result of Vegeta ripping Fat Buu’s cocoon loose from within his own body. Then he and Goku retrieve Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo and narrowly escape from out of one of Super Buu’s steam channels.

*Second form of Buu: Just before absorbing Grand Supreme Kai, Buu absorbed Supreme South Kai. There is no true mention of a name at that point but just for the record there is a form that needs to be mentioned.

Blue Prints for Destruction: The Artificial Humans of DB/Z/GT By Greg Werner

Akira Toriyama-san probably meant for the Android he created in early dragonball series to be nothing more than a gag poking fun at Frankenstein’s monster. But Toriyama-san sensei has a way of coming up with plots very quickly when he needs to, often building on events from the past. And that is exactly what he did with the artificial humans. He recreated an aspect of the Red Ribbon Army that he wasn’t even aware existed when he originally made that saga, Doctor Gero. He built on the idea of a numbering system of Androids and ultimately invented the Cell Saga. Today we will look at the Androids in detail, from the beginning.

· Early Robotics: Androids 1-7: Were built during dragonball or even possibly before dragonball. Whether they were failures or simply spread out across the Red Ribbon Army’s outposts is unknown. However, since Goku encountered only one android in all his dealings with the RR, it’s unlikely they were active.

· Android 8 “Hacchan”: This is an organic-based artificial human, meaning he was once alive as a normal human. Dr. Gero made several adjustments to his body, including inserting a self-destruct mechanism that could be triggered by a remote control. However, the artificial human was a “failure”. He retained a conscious and did not want to kill Goku as he was ordered to do. Agent Purple tried to detonate #8 but Goku destroyed the remote control. Goku nicknamed him Hacchan (lil-eight) and befriended him. The android 8 was last seen in the end of Z when Goku was asking for everyone’s energy to create the ultimate spirit bomb. Android 8 also had a role in the dragonball 10th anniversary special.

· Androids 9-12: Their whereabouts, usefulness and basically any information about them is unknown.

Main Stream Mayhem

· Android 13: This trim and muscular android was the main villain of DBZ movie 7: The Three Super Saiyans. Much like Cell, he could be upgraded by absorbing components from his fellow androids. Background info on this character is not available. He only revealed himself about halfway through the movie. His powered up form is extremely large. His body changes to metallic blue and his hair becomes bright orange. Super Saiyan Goku later defeats him after he absorbed the power of the Spirit Bomb.
· Android 14: This large light blue android originally appears to be the most menacing of the trio from DBZ movie 7. the only words he appears programmed to say is the name of his current target, which eventually switches from Goku to Trunks. This artificial human is eventually sliced in half by Trunks’ sword.
· Android 15: This midget android from DBZ movie 7 is probably mechanically based. It does not appear to be human at all. Android 15 is dressed in flashy 80’s type clothing and sports big round shades. He also seems to be a bit of a drinker as he occasionally takes some sips from a flash he carries. His target switches from Goku to Vegeta, which creates a funny juxtaposition of always straight-faced Vegeta fighting this midget Boy George wannabe. In the end he laughs his head off, literally. Vegeta beheads him and his laughing head falls into his own hands before he explodes.
· Android 16: This is a mechanical type android that Dr. Gero also deemed as a failure. This particular android was loyal in carrying out his primary objective of killing Goku, but he was devoted to preserving all other forms of life. He says very little and rarely fights, but his power is frightening great. # 16 is also the only of the trio (16, 17 and 18) that can actually register power readings. # 17 and 18 were not given that ability, possibly because they were once human.
After his bout with Cell, # 16 is horribly damaged but Bulma and her father repaired him. In the process of repairing him they made 2 alterations. First they removed a powerful detonation device from his chest (without letting him know) and replaced his RR insignia with the Capsule Corp. logo. # 16 was actually able to initiate his self-destruct sequence by choice and tried to defeat Perfect Cell by using that ability. Unfortunately he realized too late that it was gone and Cell shattered him. # 16’s last words were to Gohan. He convinced Gohan to stop holding back his anger and to release it for the sake of saving the earth. After saying that, Cell crushed 16’s head and Gohan finally released his anger, allowing him to be the first to reach SSJ2.

All in the family

· Android 17 (Present): Formerly a rowdy biker gang leader, 17 was a young man with a life and parents, but all that changed when he and his sister were kidnapped by Dr. Gero and subjected to countless experiments that altered their bodies and made them part human, part deadly machine. 17 and his sister, #18, vowed to destroy Gero when they had the chance. Dr. Gero was aware of their treachery and even though they were incredibly powerful, he considered them a last resort. In the end, it was #17 that killed #20, which contained Gero’s memories, by beheading him and smashing his brian.
#17 and #18 cannot use ki. Rather they use an interior energy source that creates an infinite stream of energy. They can never lose stamina in a battle. This also means it is impossible for anyone to sense their ki. Although they may learn the ability over time (see # 18’s battle against “Mighty Mask”) they did not have this ability of their debut. 17’s last battle before being absorbed by Cell is with Piccolo. 17 dies when Cell dies but his spirit is wished back to life and the bomb within him was removed. After the Cell Saga, he moves into the woods and lives alone.
When considering the animated show in DBGT it’s actually revealed that #17 was intended to be stronger than Cell, but Gero backed the knowledge of how to boost his power. He combined his evil genius with that of Dr. Myuu’s and created “New Number 17”. This new 17 controlled original 17 and merged with him to create a terrifying new enemy.
· Android 18 (Present): This sexy blonde bomb-shell is #17’s sister and was also deemed a last resort by Gero. She was a member of her brother’s biker gang and is just as villainous as he was. However, she and her brother never kill a single innocent human. Krillin realizes this and spares her life when he had the opportunity to blow her up. Thus ultimately was a big mistake as Cell eventually absorbed her and became Perfect. However, after SSJ2 Gohan pounded on Perfect Cell for a few minutes, Cell vomited her up and Krillin rescued her once again. Later, Krillin and #18 get married. Together they have a daughter named Marron.
· Android 17 & 18 (Future): The 17 and 18 of Trunks’ time are very different. Although their personalities are similar, they will kill anyone for the fun of it. They essentially rule the earth. They kill the last surviving member of the original Z Soldiers, Gohan and this allows Gohan’s pupil, Trunks, to turn Super Saiyan. In the manga before Gohan died. When Trunks returns from the past he kills them swiftly and with ease.
· Android 19: 19 is Dr. Gero’s fist “successful” android. # 19 is 100 % loyal to his master, and ruthless. 19 is mechanical-type and although not as powerful as 16, 17 or 18 are, 19 can increase his power by absorbing ki attacks through red balls implanted in its palm. Vegeta solves that problem quickly by tearing off his arms then blowing him up with the Big Bang Attack.
· Android 20: It is important to note that # 2 is not Dr. Gero himself. # 20 is a mechanical-type robot that was built by Gero, but not given a brain. Supposedly #19 carried out the procedure of removing Gero’s brain from his old body and transferring it to 20’s brain case. This way Dr. Gero could have a sort of eternal life. #20 can absorb attacks through one of his palms, but Piccolo ripped it off. 20 ran back to his lab and as a last resort activated 17 & 18. He was killed, but his secret super computer was still working on creating the ultimate artificial human.
· Cell: Gero’s ultimate creation mixing biotechnology with his mechanical genius. Cell is the result of 24 years old computer calculations and growth inside Gero’s super secret lab. Cell originally emerged in a third time life and went looking for 17 & 18, secretly absorbing humans to become stronger. Unfortunately for him, Trunks had already killed 17 & 18. So Cell killed Trunks and used his Time Machine to travel back to when they still existed. In order to fit into the Time Machine he had to go to his larval stage. He landed on Earth and began absorbing nutrients underground so he could go back to his first stage. He came out of the ground right around the time 17 and 18 became active. The rest, as they say, is history.
· Super Hell Fighter 17: the result of merging between 17 and New Number 17 is this insane super-soldier. Super 17 essentially a much taller, much more muscular version of 17, with long hair. He has the power to absorb ki by taking blows anywhere to his body, rendering him invulnerable. The fight against him does not last long though. Goku rips a hole through his chest with the Dragon Fist attack and # 18 helps by finishing him off. Although he was not alive very long, Super 17 managed to kill Krillin, giving everyone a reason to gather the Dragon balls one last time.

Don’t fear the Reaper: Because there will always be Dragon balls By. Greg Werner

One thing because glaringly obvious Dragonball proceeded dying was not a problem some characters have even died 3 or more times, yet they manage just fine in a world with the dragon balls! Here’s a guide to let you know who kicked the bucket, how many times and when.

-Android 16: killed by Cell who crushed his head (Cell Saga)
-Android 17: killed by Future Trunks (Trunks’ time line), killed by Goku and 18 after joining with new 17 (DBGT: Super 17 Saga) killed when Buu blew up the earth (Buu Saga) killed when Cell absorbed him (Cell Saga)
-Android 17(New): killed by Goku and 18 after joining with old 17 (Super 17 Saga)
-Android 18: killed by Trunks in the future (Trunks timeline) eaten by Buu (Buu Saga) absorbed by Cell (Cell Saga)
-Android 19: killed by Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack (Android Saga)
-Android 20: killed by 17 and 18 (Android Saga) in future Trunks time line 20 is killed by 17 and 18 (Trunks time line) killed after new and original 17 joined together (Super 17 Saga)
-Babidi: Beheaded by Fat Buu (Buu Saga)
-Bacterian: killed by Tambourine (Piccolo Daimaou Saga) killed when the earth blows up (Buu Saga)
-Blue Shogun: killed by Tao Pai Pai’s tongue (RR Saga)
-Bora: killed by Tao Pai Pai (RR Saga) killed when earth blows up (Buu saga)
-Bubbles: killed by Cell when he blows up (cell Saga)
-Blueberry: eaten by a Giant Crab on Namek (Namek Saga)
-Burter: killed by Vegeta after Goku roughs him up (Namek)
-Captain Yellow: killed after falling out of a plane (RR)
-Cell Juniors: all killed by Gohan after he becomes SSJ2 (Cell)
-Cell Present Timeline: killed by Trunks and Krillin while still in his development tank (Cell)
-Cell 2nd Timeline: killed by Trunks after he returns to the future (future timeline)
-Cell 3rd timeline: killed by Gohan after he becomes SSJ2 (cell)
-Chiaotzu: killed by Piccolo Daimaou(Piccolo Saga) self destructs in an effort to kill Nappa (Saiyan Saga) killed when earth blows up (Buu Saga)
-Chichi: crushed by Buu (Buu Saga)
-Cymbal: killed and eaten by Yajirobe and Goku (Piccolo Saga)
-Dabura: turned into a cookie and eaten by Fat Buu (Buu)
-Dende: Killed by Frieza on Namek (Namek)
-Dodoria: killed by Vegeta (Namek)
-Drum: is killed by Goku (Piccolo Saga)
-Frieza’s followers: killed by Krillin and Gohan. Various others are killed by Vegeta and Ginyu (Namek)
-Frieza: killed by Trunks after coming to earth (pre android saga) killed by Gohan aka Great Saiyaman in movie 12
-Ginyu: killed when Buu blew up the earth (Buu)
-Girah: killed by Tambourine (Piccolo) killed when earth blew up (Buu)
-Gohan: killed when Buu blew up the earth (Buu) killed by androids in Future Trunks time line
-Grandpa Gohan: killed by Goku when he becomes a Giant Monkey (pre Dragonball)
-Gregory: killed by Cell when he blows up (Cell)
-Guldo: decapitated by Vegeta (Namek)
-Human Gunman: killed by Buu (Buu)
-Human Gunman’s Partner: Killed by Super Buu (Buu)
-Jeice: killed by Vegeta (Namek)
-Kargo: killed by Frieza (Namek)
-King Kai/North Kai: killed by Cell when he blows up (Cell)
-Master Roshi: killed by the power of the Mafuba Spell (Piccolo) eaten by Buu (Buu)
-King Cold: killed by Trunks (pre android)
-King Vegeta: killed by Frieza (pre dragonball)
-King’s Guard: impaled by Piccolo Baimaou (Piccolo)
-Krillin: killed by Tambourine (Piccolo) blown up by Frieza (Frieza) eaten by Buu (buu) killed by New 17 (Super 17) killed by androids (future Trunks time line)
-Kuwi: killed by Vegeta (Namek)
-Lemlia: killed when Planet Arlia blew up (Saiyan)
-Majin Buu Kid: killed by Goku’s Spirit Bomb (Buu)
-Marron: eaten by Buu (Buu)
-Monster Carrot: killed when Master Roshi blow up the moon (21st Tenhaichi Budoukai)
-Mr. Black: killed by Goku
-Nam: is killed by Tambourine (Piccolo)
-Oxking: eaten by Buu (Buu)
-People of Planet Arlia: killed when Vegeta blew up Planet Arlia (Saiyan)
-People of Earth: blown up, impaled or eaten (Piccolo, Saiyan, Cell and Buu)
-Piano: killed when Piccolo Daimaou is hurled into him by Goku (Piccolo)
-Piccolo Daimaou: impaled by Goku (Piccolo)

to be continued…

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