Egyptian Sun Meditation

Find a place in the sun; if it is possible this works best outdoors, if not a sunny spot by a window works well too. Get a comfortable chair and sit with your back straight, your legs together and your palms resting on your thighs. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your body let it relax you. When you feel relaxed, imagine the sun as a glowing golden ball floating just over your head, feel that this ball has a strong masculine personality that knows and loves you. When this feeling is strong, imagine a beam of light shooting out of the ball and entering your head through your third eye (middle of the forehead) feel the light entering your head and cleansing your mind of negative thoughts and energy. Next, imagine a second beam coming from the ball and entering your throat. This beam cleanses your aura, burning negative energy and outside unbalances away. Now you should imagine a third beam entering your heart. The energy should warm and comfort you, bringing your emotions into harmony. Imagine a fourth beam entering your stomach, this beam energizes your body, providing nourishment and leaving you feeling healthy and invigorated. Now raise your hands to the ball, palm up in the Egyptian sign of worship. Imagine a fifth and a sixth beam piercing your palms. The energy that flows here should bring you in tune with nature and the universe. Rest in this position as long as you feel comfortable, allowing the sun's energy to cleanse and invigorate you. When you feel ready to stop, cross your arms over your chest and gather the beams to your body making them one with your essence. Imagine the golden ball gently withdrawing and drifting back to its place in the sky. When it has completely retreated open your eyes. The meditation is complete.

The Middle Pillar Exercise

Lying down in quiet area, legs together and arms at your side, close your eyes and let the tension melt out of your body. When you are relaxed, visualize an intense sphere of pure white light above your head. This sphere contains the creative power of the God and Goddess, imagine yourself as a conduit, when you feel open to receive, imagine this energy pouring into the top of your head. As it flows downwards towards your feet, feel the power cleansing and balancing you. As it passes your throat it should bloom into a second sphere, this one being a warm golden color and continue downwards. As it passes further down it should bloom into a deep lavender sphere as it hits your groin, finally as it exits your feet it turns into a jet black sphere that completely absorbs the beam. Rest quietly for as long as you wish, feeling the power of the universe flowing through your body. Mentally glance to your left and to your right, you should be able to sense a black pillar on your left and a white pillar on your right, when you can do this you will know that you are in perfect balance with the universe.

Rainbow Crystal Meditation

Lying in a comfortable position on your back, place a quartz crystal on your third eye and allow the tension to melt out of your body. When you are relaxed, see a beam of pure white energy entering through the crystal and suffusing your body. As the energy flows through the crystal see the light shifting until it is a deep red, let the red light fill you. Next, see the light shifting to orange, then yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, letting each color suffuse and permeate you before proceeding to the next. When you reach violet, you should be in a deep trance state, and feel a warm tingling filling your body. This meditation can be used alone or as preparation for some other meditation or magickal operation like astral projection, or spell casting.

A Meditation to Prepare Yourself to Channel Psychic Energy

Sit comfortably with your hands and feet together. Concentrate on you spinal column, feeling it as a separate and distinct part of your body. When you can clearly do this, Visualize your brain as the Womb of Isis, an intensely feminine receptacle of infinite space and your spine as the Phallus of Osiris, an intensely masculine source of infinite energy. Keep the two areas distinct. Now concentrating to the exclusion of all else, imagine a hunger of one for the other. The brain desiring to receive the energy of the spine, but do not allow the energy to flow, hold it back as long as you can. If you are successful, you should begin to feel hot, and your body may tremble, this is okay. If the heat is too much separate your hands and feet, this will allow the heat to dissipate. When the tension between the two is as much as you can elevate it to, imagine a current of deep blue light speckled with red sparks, the width of a hair running up and down your spine. Release the tension, relax. See your body as completely empty. As you achieve more practice with this meditation increase the width of the light beam in small increments until it is the width of your entire body, at which point you will be well prepared to channel psychic power through your body without harmful side effects.

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