Mythical Detective Loki

Plot Summary: Loki, the Norse god of mischief, has been exiled to the human world for what was apparently was a bad joke. Along with being exiled, he’s forced to take the form of a child. He’s told the only way he can get back to the world of the gods is if he can collect auras of evil that take over human hearts, and so to do this he runs a detective agency. Loki is soon joined by a human girl named Mayura who is a maniac for mysteries, and she soon helps out in her own way. However, soon other Norse gods begin to appear, and most have the intent to assassinate Loki for reasons unclear.

Running time: half hour
Number of episodes: 26

Episode titles:

01. Magical Detective Debut
02. The Friend of Justice is Dirt Poor!?
03. The Swooping Assassin
04. Papa was a Great Detective!?
05. Mysterious Thief Frey's Challenge
06. The attacked girl
07. Goddess Freya Awakes
08. Quiet!! Yamino Detective Agency
09. Mayura's Way to Certain Victory in the Ceremonial Vest!?
10. Evening Coffee House
11. Transfer Student in Love
12. The Trap of Dracula's Castle
13. Flower of Illusion
14. A Dog of Light
15. Beautiful Assassins
16. Demonic Bell
17. Kitchen Sanctuary
18. The Seven-Colored Detective Appears!
19. Narugami-kun's Pure-hearted Story
20. Red Shoes
21. The Dawn of Heimdall
22. The Truth About the Goddesses
23. The Summer Girl Beside the Lake
24. The Shadow is Alone
25. End of the Dream
26. The Trip of the Gods

Opening Theme:
"Rakuen no Tobira (A Paradise Door)" by YAMATO from White Bound

Ending Theme:
"Believe in Heaven" by Shinichirou Miki Director: Hiroshi Watanabe

Script: Kenichi Kanemaki

Music: Kei Haneoka

Original Work: Sakura Kinoshita

Character Design: Mariko Oka

Theme Song Performance: Shinichiro Miki (ED)

Yuriko Fuchizaki as Loki

Hirofumi Nojima as Fenrir

Junko Asami as Freya

Kouichi Toochika as Kakinouchi Kotaru

Mai Nakahara as Skuld

Mamiko Noto as Verdandi

Mariko Suzuki as Urd

Misato Fukuen as Ecchan

Omi Minami as Hel

Shinichiro Miki as Yamino Ryusuke

Anzu Nagai as Doll (ep 1)

Hirotaka Nagamatsu as Detective (ep 8)

Kazuaki Ito as Mino

Ken Takeuchi as Crook B (ep 8)

Kiyomi Asai as Gullinbursti

Kyoko Tsuruno as Tsubasa Maijima (ep 3)

Makoto Yasumura as Crook A (ep 8)

Masanobu Kariya as Banker (ep 8)

Natsuko Sebata as Elderly Woman (ep 1)

Rika Komatsu as Ooshima Reiya

Romi Paku as
Higashiyama Kazumi

Shoutarou Morikubo as Narukami

Takahiro Sakurai as Loki (old)

Takehito Koyasu as Frey

Takeshi Koyama as Middle-aged Man (ep 8)

Takuo Kawamura as Thief (ep 2)

Tomoyuki Shimura as Masumi Niiyama

Yui Horie as Daidouji Mayura

Yumi Fukamizu as Mayura's Mother (ep 4)

Animation: Studio DEEN

Broadcaster: TV Tokyo

Production: TV Tokyo

ADR Director: Jin Ho Chung

Translation: Brendan Frayne

ADR Script: Boaz Dror

Executive producer: John Ledford
Mark Williams

International Coordination: Toru Iwakami

Shannon Emerick as Loki (child)

Brittney Karbowski as Reiya Ohshima

Chris Patton as Narugami

Greg Ayres as Heimdall

Illich Guardiola as Ryusuke Yamino

Jason Douglas as Frey

Jose Diaz as Loki (adult)

Kira Vincent-Davis as Mayura Daidoji

Serena Varghese as Ecchan

Shelley Calene-Black as Freya

Blake Shepard as Kotaro Kakinouchi

John Gremillion as Misao Daidoji

ADR Recording: ADV Studios

Broadcaster: The Anime Network

DVD Authoring & Encoding: M.O.F.C.

Licensed by: ADV Films


* Loki

God of Mischief (and in some versions Chaos) in Norse Mythology. Trapped in the body of a child, he seeks a way back to the realm of the gods and his original body. He is the father of Fenrir, Yamino, and Hel. He has brown hair and green eyes and can't swim - thus is afraid of deep water.

* Mayura Daidouji (, daido-ji mayura; is used in place of after her introduction)

The main human character of the series: a pink-haired, red-eyed 16-year-old mystery maniac high school student. Despite her love of strange cases, she never manages to find out who Loki is.

* Ryuusuke Yamino (, yamino ryu-suke; in the manga, various characters also address and refer to him as, megane, i.e. "four-eyes")

Loki's second son takes the form of a polite, bespectacled boy in his late teens, and serves as his housekeeper, cook, and assistant. He enjoys cooking, cleaning and other domestic activities, and in the anime, he also has an amusing addiction to ordering useless items from mail-order catalogs. His real name is Jormungand, and is also known as the midgard serpent, since his true form is that of a giant serpent that encircles the Earth. Loki rescued Yamino from the bottom of the sea by casting a spell on him (thus giving him a human form) so that he could accompany his father on Earth; for this, he is eternally grateful. The revelation of Yamino's true identity occurs earlier in the manga than the anime, and seems to play more of a part in his characterization for the first manga series. He probably wears glasses as a reference to the Indian cobra (, meganehebi, or "glasses snake", in Japanese).

* Fenrir Loki's first son takes the form of a small black dog. His real identity is that of the Fenrisulfr, a giant wolf bound by the gods. Fenrir enjoys food, and taunting Yamino. A running gag in both the anime and manga is how Fenrir can be very bossy and intentionally crude around Yamino— and then instantly become the most affectionate and harmless puppy-son possible the moment "Daddy" walks in.

* Hel Loki's only daughter, Hel is the goddess of the underworld. Portrayed as an adolescent girl with wavey pink hair, green eyes and glasses, she has the strongest "Father complex" of the three children, though the nature of it differs between the manga and anime.

* Narugami (, narugami; his given name is never used in the manga)

Actually the Norse God of thunder, Thor, in the form of a teenage boy with brown hair and eyes. He was sent to Earth from the realm of gods to kill Loki; in the manga, he doesn't remember this at first, while in the anime, he chooses not to kill Loki because he sees no reason to. Unfortunately, for some reason, he can't get back to the realm of the gods, so he is forced to work a wide array of part-time jobs to support himself. This becomes another one of the series' recurring jokes. He always carries around a wooden sword (, bokuto-), which is actually Thor's hammer Mjollnir (albeit transformed). In the manga, this is stated directly (mostly in conversation between Loki and Narugami), while the anime remains unclear on the matter.

* Reya Ooshima (, o-shima reiya, usually called , reiya; "Reiya" is a more popular spelling among fans)

Reya is a young girl with blue eyes, brown hair and a cute crush on young Loki. In the anime, she is the sole survivor of a rich family killed in a car accident, and hires Loki to solve a mystery about her mansion. In the manga, she hires Loki because she has been having unsettling dreams about her deceased sister Lisa; she lives with her aunt and uncle, and two older cousins.

* Freya Reya's true identity is that of the transmigrated Norse goddess Freya. She, like Loki, is sealed into a child form (Reya); unlike Loki, however, Reya does not remember her prior life. Reya becomes Freya when the necklace Brisingamen is put around her neck, but reverts back to Reya when the necklace is removed, and has no memories of what happens while wearing it. Freya, like Reya, is enamoured of Loki, so Reya is also capable of becoming Freya when extremely jealous.

* Kazumi Higashiyama (, higashiyama kazumi) Sent by Odin to assassinate Loki, the watchman Heimdall takes the form of a young boy as a disguise. However, due to the theft of his right eye, he is forced to have neck-length purple hair that completely covers the right side of his face. His nails are actually long, sharp claws, so he also has to wear bulky gloves to hide them. He believes Loki to be the thief that stole his eye, so in addition to carrying out the assassination order, he intends to retrieve his eye or avenge its loss by any means necessary. Although he is one of the more serious characters in the series, Heimdall is also the butt of many jokes. The manga makes fun of his serious personality and his obsession with Loki very frequently, and even though "Kazumi Higashiyama" doesn't attend school, Heimdall still has a daily schedule consisting of piano lessons, singing lessons, and cram school. In the anime, Heimdall usually gets dragged along on shopping sprees by his roommate Freyr, much to his own dismay.

* Mysterious Thief Freyr (, kaito- furei; sometimes translated as "Phantom Thief Frey" and other variants)

Freyr is Freya's older brother. He was worried when Freya went missing from the realm of the gods, so he came to Earth to look for her. However, he doesn't know that she transmigrated into Reya. Somewhere along the line, he decides to get Loki's attention by becoming a master jewel thief— the natural enemy of any great detective. Impulsive and quixotic, Freyr seems to think of everything in terms of Romantic cliche, dramatic stereotypes, and absurd non sequitors. His primary agenda is to find Freya, or at least ensure that Loki isn't corrupting her. However, in the course of his plans, Freyr runs into Mayura, falls in love at first sight, and renames her Yamato Nadeshiko (, yamato nadeshiko, a name for the prototypical ideal woman; a sort of Japanese Dulcinea).

* The Norn Sisters Verdandi, Urd and Skuld are the goddesses of fate. In the manga, they are a bit ambiguous in their loyalties. Though they help Loki often, such as by giving him the magical ring Draupnir (which can be used to store evil spirits), they have plans of their own, separate from those of Odin and the other gods. Urd, in particular, is implied to be manipulating events on her own. In the anime, however, they have been sent to earth by Odin to kill Loki. Most of their attempts fall into the "Monster of the Week" pattern familiar to Super Sentai shows and magical girl/magical boy anime.

* Odin King of the Gods. Odin is only refered to, never seen or interacted with, in the first series of the manga. In the second series, he is hinted at for a while with silhouettes and frames containing parts of his clothing, for instance, but he is eventually seen unobscured. In the anime, he is only shown as a red eye. He seeks to kill Loki, but is somehow unable to do so himself, so he sends assassins instead. He is the one who took Heimdall's eye, not Loki.

The Myths Behind It All Below is some information to help you understand the relationships.

* There is a prophecy that at Ragnarok (the end of the world) Loki and his children by his first wife would cause trouble. That is why Odin bound Fenrir and Jormungand and exiled Hel and Loki. * At Ragnarok:

Odin is kiled by Fenrir. Fenrir is killed by Odin's son. Thor kills and is killed by Jormungand. Heimdall and Loki battle, both are killed.

* Loki's tricks were just harmless at first, but gradually grew more evil until he killed Odin's much loved son.

* Loki had two children by a second marrage as well as several illegitimate children. They are never mentioned.

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