this comes from The Vampire Book second addition.

Lilith was and is one of the most famous figures in Hebrew folklore, originated as a storm demon and later became identified with the night. She was one of a group of Sumerian vampyre demons that included Lillu, Ardat Lili and Irdu Lili.
She earned a place in the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament) Isaiah, in describing God's day of vengeance, during which the land will be turned into a desert, proclaiming that as a sign of desolation. "Lilith shall repose there and find her place of rest"(Isaiah 34:14).
Lilith was described as Adam's first wife. They had disagreement over who would be in the dominant position during sexual intercourse. When Adam insisted upon being on top, Lilith used her magical knowledge to fly away to the Red Sea, an abode of demons. She took many lovers and had many offspring, calling them lilim.
There she met three angels sent by god- Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangel of- with whom she worked out an agreement. She claimed vampiric powers over babies, but agrees to stay away from any babies protected with an amulet bearing the names of the three angels. Once more attracted to Adam, Lilith returned to haunt him. After he and Eve (his second wife) were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Lilith and her cohorts, all in the form of an incubus/succubus, attacked them, thus causing Adam to father many demons and Eve to mother still more. Out of this legend, Lilith came to be regarded in Hebrew lore much more as a succubus than a vampire, and men were warned against sleeping in a house alone lest Lilith overtake them. Lilith (A name that in popular thought came to be attached to a whole class of demonic beings) was noted as being especially hateful of the normal sexual mating of the individuals they attacked as succubus and incubi. They took out their anger on the human children of such mating by sucking their blood and strangling them. They also added any complication to women attempting to have children - barrenness, miscarriages and so forth. Thus, Lilith came to resemble a range of vampire like beings that became particularly visible at the time of childbirth and whose presence was used to explain any problems or unexpected deaths. As a result, those who believed in the Lilith developed elaborate rituals to banish then from their homes. The exorcism of Lilith and any accompanying demons often took the form of a writ of divorce sending them froth naked into the world. She was also created in the likeness of man. She called animals by different names than Adam did. She also named things that Adam was afraid of or did not life, the darkness, after the sun frightened Adam and so he has shunned it, putting no name to what he feared. Lilith gave it a name and feared it no longer. She named the night and the moon and all the stars of the heavens in addition to all the secret things and over these did Lilith hold dominion. After refusing to lay with Adam for the third time she flees and as Adam tells on her God seeks her out and after he confronts her he punishes her by saying because you have shunned the society of men, so will man and his decedents always shy away from you. Your desire will over be for the company of men, yet his harness will ever be loathsome to you.
After finally being kicked out of the garden she travels off with her children growing inside her and she awaits to Cain that she educates over the things that he feared so he could no longer fear and he took one of her children as his own.

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