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Rurouni Kenshin


140 years ago in Kyoto,with the coming of the Black Ships , there arose a warrior called Hitokiri Battousai. Felling men with his blood stained blade, he closed the turbulent Bakumatsu era and slashed open the age known as Meiji. Then he vanished, and with the flow of years, became a legend. In the 11th year of Meiji, in the middle of Tokyo this tale begins...

Rurouni Kenshin (the OAVs and Movie are known as Samurai X) tells the story of a wanderer named Kenshin, who used to be called Hitokiri Battousai (Hitokiri means Assassin) during the Japanese civil war, and is now trying to make up for his past and all his murders by helping those in trouble with his reverse-blade sword and by using his powerful technique called Hiten-Mitsurugi Ryu to battle oppressors of freedom and justice, yet struggling with himself and his own murdering self.

During the series Kenshin joins others in his quest: Kaoru Kamiya, a young orphan girl who became tutor of the Kamiya-Kashin Ryu Kendo style; Sanosuke Sagara, a mercenary who used to bear the name Zanza and fights just with his incredibly powerful fists; Yahiko Myojin, a young boy who was rescued by Kenshin from a band of thieves and now a pupil on Kaoru's dojo; and Megumi Takani, a female doctor who was rescued by Kenshin from a band which forced her to make a lethal drug. Together they all fight those who oppress the weak while they seek their destiny as well happiness and redemption.
The series is based on a homogenous manga created by Nobuhiro Watsuki first published in 1994.

Episode guide

Season 1
1. 1-1 17-Mar-2003 Handsome Swordsman of Legend
2. 1-2 18-Mar-2003 Kid Samurai
3. 1-3 19-Mar-2003 Swordsman of Sorrow
4. 1-4 20-Mar-2003 Bad
5. 1-5 21-Mar-2003 Reverse-Blade Sword vs. The Zanbatou
6. 1-6 24-Mar-2003 Appearance of Kurogasa
7. 1-7 25-Mar-2003 Deathmatch Under the Moon
8. 1-8 26-Mar-2003 A New Battle
9. 1-9 27-Mar-2003 Strongest Group of Ninjas
10. 1-10 28-Mar-2003 Aoshi
11. 1-11 31-Mar-2003 Farewell, the Strongest Men
12. 1-12 02-Apr-2003 Birth of a Boy Swordsman
13. 1-13 03-Apr-2003 Striving For the Grand Championship
14. 1-14 24-Jan-2004 To Save a Small Life
15. 1-15 04-Apr-2003 Two Legendary Manslayers
16. 1-16 07-Apr-2003 A Promise From the Heart
17. 1-17 08-Apr-2003 Fly to Your Dreams
18. 1-18 09-Apr-2003 Run, Yahiko
19. 1-19 10-Apr-2003 Raijuta's Ambition
20. 1-20 11-Apr-2003 Revival of the Shinko Style
21. 1-21 14-Apr-2003 Dissolution of a Nightmare
22. 1-22 15-Apr-2003 Danger on a Runaway Locomotive
23. 1-23 16-Apr-2003 Sanosuke's Betrayal
24. 1-24 17-Apr-2003 Midnight Battle
25. 1-25 18-Apr-2003 The Crimson Pirate
26. 1-26 21-Apr-2003 Lightning Incarnate
27. 1-27 22-Apr-2003 Burn, Island of Terror
28. 1-28 23-Apr-2003 Prelude to the Impending Fight

Season 2
29. 2-1 09-Jun-2003 Strongest Opponent From the Past
30. 2-2 10-Jun-2003 A Devil of Vengeance
31. 2-3 11-Jun-2003 A Wish Unrequited
32. 2-4 12-Jun-2003 Change Tears to Courage
33. 2-5 13-Jun-2003 For the Title of Strongest
34. 2-6 16-Jun-2003 The Girl Bandit
35. 2-7 17-Jun-2003 Conquered Village
36. 2-8 18-Jun-2003 Across the Boundary Between Edo and Meiji
37. 2-9 19-Jun-2003 Shock The Reverse Blade is Broken
38. 2-10 20-Jun-2003 Sanosuke's Secret Training
39. 2-11 23-Jun-2003 The Creation of the Reverse-Blade Sword
40. 2-12 24-Jun-2003 A Killer Without Mercy
41. 2-13 25-Jun-2003 The Ultimate Technique of the Hiten-Mitsurugi Style
42. 2-14 26-Jun-2003 The Formation of an Alliance
43. 2-15 27-Jun-2003 Between Life and Death
44. 2-16 30-Jun-2003 A Decisive Battle like Violent Waters
45. 2-17 01-Jul-2003 As If to Fly
46. 2-18 02-Jul-2003 Purgatory Bursts into Flames
47. 2-19 03-Jul-2003 Crash The Lethal Punch, Futae no Kiwami
48. 2-20 04-Jul-2003 Reborn to Salvation
49. 2-21 12-Jul-2003 The Wolf Destroys the Shingan
50. 2-22 19-Jul-2003 The Promised Time Has Come
51. 2-23 26-Jul-2003 Wake Up Now
52. 2-24 02-Aug-2003 To Make a Miracle
53. 2-25 16-Aug-2003 The Giant Versus Superman
54. 2-26 23-Aug-2003 Hiten Versus Shukuchi
55. 2-27 30-Aug-2003 The Tragedy of a Stormy Night
56. 2-28 06-Sep-2003 A Duel With an Extreme Moment
57. 2-29 13-Sep-2003 Two Men at the End of an Era
58. 2-30 20-Sep-2003 The Age Chooses Shishio?
59. 2-31 27-Sep-2003 Not Out of Luck
60. 2-32 04-Oct-2003 The Man Who is Chosen for Victory
61. 2-33 11-Oct-2003 The Choice for Life
62. 2-34 18-Oct-2003 Kyoto, the Engraved Memory

Feature Movie
F-1 Rurouni Kenshin the Motion Picture: Samurai X

Season 3
63. 3-1 The Legend of the Fireflies
64. 3-2 The Birth of Prince Yahiko
65. 3-3 Find the Lost Treasure
66. 3-4 Kaoru, Ecstatic
67. 3-5 The Gleaming Blade of Legends
68. 3-6 The Medallion of Destiny
69. 3-7 To the Battlefield of Shimabara
70. 3-8 Shock of the Rairyu-Sen
71. 3-9 Kaoru's Conspiracy
72. 3-10 The Days of Remorse
73. 3-11 The Sneering Demon
74. 3-12 Sanosuke's Tears
75. 3-13 The Last Crusade
76. 3-14 Bon Voyage
77. 3-15 Himura Dojo in Shimonoseki?
78. 3-16 Crush
79. 3-17 Kaishu-Katsu and Kenshin
80. 3-18 The Unending Revolution
81. 3-19 Conspiracy of the Beniaoi
82. 3-20 Kaishu-Katsu's Determination
83. 3-21 Yutaro Returns
84. 3-22 The Sanada Ninja Squad
85. 3-23 A Straying Journey
86. 3-24 A Heatwave from Beneath the Earth
87. 3-25 Schneider's Bet
88. 3-26 The Two Guides
89. 3-27 To My Angel Misao
90. 3-28 Feng Shui Surprise Attack
91. 3-29 The Magic of Feng Shui
92. 3-30 Tokyo Under Martial Law
93. 3-31 The Enemy Awaits in Senjogahara
94. 3-32 The Elegy of Wind and Water
95. 3-33 End of Wanderings

V-1 Remembrance: Act 1 - The Man Who Slays
V-2 Remembrance: Act 2 - The Stray Cat
V-3 Remembrance: Act 3 - Early Morning in a Mountain Village
V-4 Remembrance: Act 4 - The Cross-Shaped Wound

V-5 Reflections: Act 1 - Beginnings
V-6 Reflections: Act 2 - End

voice cast

Derek Stephen Prince
Dorothy Melendrez
Elyse Floyd
J. Shannon Weaver
Jane Alan
Kirk Thornton
Kiuchi Hidenobu
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Noriko Namiki
Philece Sampler
Rebecca Davis
Richard Cansino
Steve Kramer
Steven Jay Blum
Ueda Yuuji
Walter Lang
Wendee Lee
Yuji Ueda

Abe Lasser
Beau Billingslea
Dave Mallow
Dean Wein
Georgette Rose
Ivan Buckley
Michael McConnohie
Rafael Antonio Oliver
Richard Epcar
Ruby Marlowe
Steve Staley
Terrence Stone
Terry Roberts

Guest Stars
Bob Papenbrook
Brianne Siddall
Corey M. Cagne
Crispin Freeman
Ethan Murray
Joe York
Joshua Seth
Ken Webster
Kim Strauss
Lia Sargent
Lowell Batholomee
Lynn Fischer
Melvin Katt
Mona Marshall
Seiku Arai
Sonja S. Fox
Steve Canon
Tara Jayne
Tony Pope

Jane Alan - Megumi Takane
Steven Jay Blum - Shishio Makoto
Richard Cansino - Kenshin Himura / Battousai
Rebecca Davis - Tomoe Yukishiro (OVAs)
Elyse Floyd - Yahiko Myojin
Kiuchi Hidenobu - Shiro
Steve Kramer - Dr. Gensai
Walter Lang - Sanosuke Sagara
Wendee Lee - Yumi Komagata
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Shura/Soba Waitress(english)
Dorothy Melendrez - Kaoru Kamiya
Noriko Namiki - Suzume
Derek Stephen Prince - Beshimi, Gekki, Cho Sawahimojo
Philece Sampler - Misao Makimachi
Kirk Thornton - Hajime Saito
Yuji Ueda - Sanosuke Sagara
J. Shannon Weaver - Himura Kenshin / Battousai (OVAs)
Ueda Yuuji - sanosuke sagara

Clark Cheng
Eric P. Sherman
Kirk Thornton
Rebecca Forstadt
Charles Campbell
Eric P. Sherman
Kaeko Sakamoto
Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Charles Campbell
Eric P. Sherman
John Sirabella
Kaeko Sakamoto
Nobuhiro Watsuki
Sandy Fox
Dialog Editor
Patrick Rodman
Script Supervisor
Eric P. Sherman


Himura Kenshin
Name: Himura Kenshin
Aka: Himura Shinta
Aliases: Hitokiri Battousai,
Himura Battousai, ex Ishin,
Birthdate: June 1849
Age: 28 (29 During the Revenge Saga)
Kenjutsu: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu
Weapon: Sakabatou {Shinuchi}
Height: 5'2
Weight: 106 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Distinguishable Features:
X shaped scar on the left side of his cheek
I forgot to say one thing. Hitokiri Battousai's style of fighting is not that of the Kamiya Kasshin School. It's an old style of kenjutsu which arose in the Sengoku era, designed to face many opponents at once. The name is Hiten Mitsurugi. And without the reverse blade, it is slaughter with deadly swiftness.

Born in the year of 1849, his birth name was Himura Shinta, his parents had died early of cholera, but somehow wounded up with some slavers. During a raid against those slavers that Shinta was apart of, the whole band of slavers and slaves was slaughtered except for him. Protected by three young women named Akane, Sakura, and Kasumi. They wanted him to experience life and how glorious it is to be alive (which helped him to learn the Ryu No Ougi) he was then saved by a man named Hiko Seijorou the Master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, and there his name was changed to Kenshin, not only did his name change but his life also did forever..

At the age of 14 Kenshin came and joined the side of the Ishin to help create a new era during the bakumatsu, there after he was given the nickname Hitokiri Battousai (Master Killing Assassin) near the end of the conflict he disappeared his name becoming a legend to the Japanese people.

After 10 years of wandering as a Rurouni trying to atone for the sins he committed in the Bakumatsu he met a young woman sword master named Kamiya Kaoru. He soon become a resident of the Kamiya Household along with Myojin Yahiko and Sagara Sanosuke. Making everlasting friendships with them.

Sagara Sanosuke
Name: Sagara Sanosuke
AKA: Tori Atama(Chicken Boy)
Aliases: Zanza
Age: 19(20 in the revenge saga)
Birthdate: February 1859
Kenjutsu: N/A, Futae No Kiwami,
Sanjuu no Kiwami.
Weapon: Zanbatou
(During the early parts of the series)
Height: 179 cms.
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Distinguishable Features:
The Kanji of bad on the back of his gi jacket.

During Sanosuke's childhood he was a part of the Sekihoutai, the Sekihoutai Was an army of volunteers who joined to help the movement for better freedom and many other idealistic dreams. The leader of the Sekihoutai was named Sagara Souzou (where Sanosuke took his last name from, out of memory and respect).

After the Sekihoutai were eliminated because they had given out false information to gain the support of the people for the Ishin Shishi. But the truth was that the Ishin had told them to tell the people that the new government would lower prices on rice and other food.

After been saved from execution from the Ishin by Souzou, he grew up in the town of Tokyo where he learned to fight and earned himself the nickname of Zanza .

Eventually Sanosuke met with Kenshin, wanting to kill him because he was an ex Ishin Shishi.

After learning the once famed Hitokiri Battousai now protects people, and he was kinda like his old boss Souzou he admitted defeat to him and became a trusted and helpful ally to Kenshin.

Kamiya Kaoru
Name: Kamiya Kaoru
AKA: --
Aliases: Raccoon Girl, Jou-chan.
Birthdate: June 1862
Age: 17
Kenjutsu: Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu
Weapon: Bokken (Wooden Sword)
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishable Features:
Kenshin no Baka~

Kamiya Kaoru was the daughter of the creator of Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu, which she was brought up by the ideals and principles of that budo. As the female protagonist in the story, she first meets Kenshin, while searching for the Hitokiri battousai, who has been staining her father and her budo's reputation. After much tribulation and Kenshin defeating Hiruma Gohei who was impersonating the Hitokiri battousai, Kaoru inquires Kenshin to stay at her Dojo to help rebuild and that is where Kenshin stays. During Kenshin's stay at the dojo, Kaoru begins to become attached to him, she having a crush on him which becomes quite obvious during the series and manga. Thereafter Kenshin's departure to Kyoto to save Japan, Kaoru who is usually the strong willed type, is in shock that he left, showing how really vulnerable she is. Until Takani Megumi spoke to her, Kaoru finally found the courage and strength she needed to go find Kenshin in Kyoto.

Myojin Yahiko
Name: Myojin Yahiko
AKA: Tokyo Samurai
Aliases: --
Age: 10
Birthdate: January 1869
Kenjutsu: Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu
Weapon: Shinai(bamboo sword)
Height: 128 cms.
Weight: 23 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishable Features:
I want to become stronger~
Myojin Yahiko was born into a Samurai family, his Father was killed while protesting the new Meiji Government, and left with his mother only, she turned to Prostitution to help raise her son until the day she died. Alone by himself, he was taken by a local Yakuza (Japanese Gang) and was forced to pickpocket for them since his father had never paid back sums of money to them.(Which we later found out, was false.)

When Yahiko met Kenshin, having two different versions from the manga and anime. In the manga, Yahiko attempted to pickpocket Kenshin, quickly running off, but was tackled by Kaoru and she took the money back. Kenshin realizing the great pride and strength in Yahiko acknowledged it, now giving his money to Yahiko. Yahiko, with great pride and not wanting to be pitied, pitched the bag of money back at Kenshin, hitting him in the back of the head.

After the confrontation, Yahiko left to the shores, wanting to be left alone with his thoughts, until 2 men from the Yakuza came, wanting the money he stole that day, and since he didn't get any, he was beaten and then dragged back to their hideout. Meanwhile Kaoru was walking back to the dojo, and saw what they were doing.

Getting roughed up at the Yakuza's HQ, he heeded Kenshin's words, not wanting to steal anymore, wanting to pay back his debt with honest labor, the boss then revealed to him that there was no debt in the first place, enraging Yahiko to attack the boss in an unsanitary way. Then after being saved by Kenshin, he was carried to learn budo from Kaoru.

Shishio Makoto
Name: Shishio Makoto
Aliases: Hitokiri Battousai
Birthdate: August, 1846
Age: 31
Kenjutsu: Unknown
Weapon: Mugenjin
Height: 5'7
Weight: 131 lbs
Eye Color: Reddish brown
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishable Features: The bandages that cover his body.
I have no intention of seeking revenge from those who gave me these bandages. Rather I should thank them. They taught me things which have sunk into my soul. 'If you trust, you will be betrayed.' 'If you are careless, you will die.' 'Kill, or be killed.' And, 'A good man is never far from a woman.'

During the Bakumatsu, Shishio Makoto fought as a Hitokiri on the side of the Ishin Shi Shi. He was a man shrouded in complete mystery. Nothing was known of his past, even to his comrades; of his origin, exact birthdate, even his sword school was unknown. However, he was often compared to being on level with the Hitokiri Battousai. Shishio is in fact the successor of Himura Battousai. When Kenshin retired from his post as the Ishin's prime Hitokiri, Shishio was his replacement. However, the Ishin did not trust him because of his dangerous personality, and that if any of the assasinations that he had performed came to light, it may have shaken the very foundations of the Meiji government. So during the Boshin war, the Ishin betrayed Shishio, shooting him, covering him with oil, then burning his body, and leaving him to die.

Remarkably, Shishio survived, although because of this incident, his burned body was covered entirely in bandages. Although he did not seek revenge against those who had given him the bandages, Shishio could not stand to see his country become so weak during the Meiji era. Over the years, he gained illegal connections to various organizations, recruited soldiers for his cause, and established an elite group of fighters known as the Juppon Gatana (Ten swords), thus setting in motion his Kuni Tori (Country Domination) of Japan.

Shinomori Aoshi
Name: Shinomori Aoshi
Aliases: Okashira
Birthdate: January 1853
Age: 26
Kenjutsu: Kodachi Nitou-Ryuu
Weapon: Kodachi
Height: 5'11
Weight: 158 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishable Features: A few long bangs which drift over his face.
You 'won't stand for it'? Make no mistake.. The leader of the Oniwabanshuu is not you. The Oniwabanshuu is mine.. And I won't allow anyone to speak badly of them
Aoshi grew up as part of the ninja group known as the Oniwabanshuu. Very little is known about his childhood, but it is known that he was skilled, and from the very early age of 15, he became the Okashira, or leader. Along with ninja weapon/tactical training, he mastered Kenpou Karate, and even taught some of it to fellow members Hannya and young Misao.

During the bakumatsu, it was the Oniwabanshuu's assignment as elite guards to the Edo castle, but the main battle never really reached the castle. Soon after the bakumatsu, the majority of the Oniwabanshuu members left due to the new era which was upon them. Four of the members, Hannya, Hyottoko, Beshimi, and Shikijou didn't leave because they could not begin new lives. Aoshi then left the Aoiya in Kyoto which was the home base of the Oniwabanshuu, and with the other 4, got hired as personal guards by corrupt businessman, Kanryu. Soon, the fate of Aoshi and his Oniwabanshuu would be intertwined with the Kenshin-gumi .

Read only for further info based on the Kyoto Arc

After the tragic incident back in Kanryu's mansion, Aoshi swears to bring his four fallen friends with the Title of the Strongest . From then on, he becomes evil in nature, his hate and desire for revenge are let loose as he seeks Himura Kenshin's death.

Yukishiro Tomoe
Name: Yukishiro Tomoe / Himura Tomoe
Aliases: None
Birthdate: 1846 (month unknown)
Age: 18
Fighting Style: None
Weapon: Tanto
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Eye Color: Dark blue
Hair Color: Black.
Noticable Features: Always wearing perfume with the scent of white plums.
It often appears as though blood showers on tragic scenes're the one who really showers blood..aren't you?

Tomoe is the older sister of Enishi, and the late wife of Kenshin. Her relationship with Enishi is especially close, since not only is she his sister, but also like a mother to him due to their mother's death in childbirth. Rarely in the manga is Tomoe ever seen to smile.

At one time, Tomoe was engaged to marry Akira Kiyosato, however he and his comrades were murdered by the Hitokiri Battousai. Tomoe regretted not crying or showing any emotion when Kiyosato had told her he was leaving to fight in the war. She felt he may have stayed if she had.
Kenshin and Tomoe's first meeting occurs in a bar, as rowdy members of the Ishin party urge Tomoe to drink with them, but instead are stopped by Kenshin. Later that night, after Kenshin had disposed of assasins sent after him, he turns to see Tomoe, who soon faints.

Kenshin takes Tomoe back to the Kohagi inn, where she helps out around the kitchen. Gradually the two become more familiar with each other and begin to form a bond. However, the Kohagi inn is soon burned to the ground because of a traitor in the Ishin party. Kogoro suggests that Kenshin and Tomoe flee to a house in the country he has prepared, and pose as newlyweds, since a young married couple is less conspicious than a young man living alone .

While out in the country, Enishi visits Tomoe, and the close bond between brother and sister is first seen. Enishi mentions to Tomoe about finally being able to kill the Battousai, and Tomoe is horrified at this. Later that night, Tomoe tells Kenshin about her fiance who was murdered, and sheds tears while in Kenshin's arms. While Kenshin is asleep, she slips out to make contact with those plotting Kenshin's demise. When asked what the Battousai's weakness is, Tomoe can only remark he seems at peace while asleep. The leader of the group (Who also turns out to be Banjin's sensei) isn't too pleased with the answer, and orders a fake letter saying that Tomoe has been kidnapped sent to Kenshin.

After a while, the battle comes down to a match between Kenshin and the leader, while Tomoe wakes up in the cabin and looks outside to view the battle, mistaking Kenshin for Kiyosato at first, and commenting to herself that Kiyosato died because she couldn't stop him, but that she truly loves Kenshin, and would give her life to save his. With that in mind, she grabs a tanto, and just as Kenshin is about to use all his energy to take the leader down with him, Tomoe leaps between them, attempting to kill the leader and save Kenshin, but instead is hit with Kenshin's attack, along with Banjin's sensei. This causes her tanto to fly back and cut Kenshin's cheek, giving him the second part of his cross scar. Mortally wounded, Tomoe looks up to Kenshin and says Don't's better this way. and dies in Kenshin's arms.

Makimachi Misao
Name: Makimachi Misao
AKA: Granddaughter of the previous okashira.
Aliases: Itachi Musume (Weasel girl)
Birthdate: November 1863
Age: 16
Kenjutsu: Kenpo, Oniwanbanshu.
Weapon: Kunai
Height: 149 cm
Weight: 37 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
I won't forget, I can't forget and I'll never forget, If I do I will never know what's true happiness with the one that I love

Makimachi Misao, is the grand daughter of the previous Okashira (leader of the Oniwabanshu), her parents diedwhen Misao was very young. Misao was raised and educated as a ninja by Aoshi, whom Misao adored but he treated her with only brotherly affection.

After Aoshi and his subordinates left, Misao set off in search for them, wherever she heard rumors of them, that's where she went. Until meeting with Kenshin on the eastern coast, she then went to Kyoto with him, after learning that he had seen Aoshi.

Later on after finding Aoshi she saw him completely changed, he was so absorbed in becoming the strongest and killing the Battousai. Disheartened, but with great ambition, she became the new leader of the Oniwabanshu, leading them during the Kuni-tori, and the battle at the Aoi-ya.

Seta Soujirou
Name: Seta Soujirou
AKA: Right hand man of Shishio Makoto,
strongest of the Juppon Gatana
Aliases: Tenken no Soujirou (Soujirou the Heavenly Sword)
Birthdate: September 1861
Age: 18
Kenjutsu: Tenken (No specific School)
Weapon: Nihontou (Japanese Sword) Kikuichimonji Norimune Sword Soujirou used in his Final Fight against Kenshin;
Nagasone Kotetsu- The Sword that destroyed Kenshin's sakabatou and his sword was destroyed as well.
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishable Features:
A smile or look of serenity on his face.
Ah-now, blue fire will burn quietly in the middle of ice.

Soujirou's mother was a prostitute and had him with a man who happened to own a rice distribution company. Not to make a scene, the man's family adopted Soujiro when he was a child. Whether this was before or after Soujirou's real father died is unknown and the happenings of Soujirou's mother is also unknown.

He was treated badly by his family, they worked him constantly, more importantly they beat him almost everyday to the point where Soujirou instead of crying and begging them to stop, just smiled.

Until one day he saw a bandaged man (You guessed it, Shishio Makoto) killing police officers. Soujirou tried to quietly get away, but he stepped on a twig the sound was heard by the bandaged man, frightened that the man was going to kill him, Soujirou begins to smile, as he would usually do when a family member beats him. Shishio now interested offers to let him live if he would get him fresh bandages and some food to eat, and the boy agrees to it.

After several days, Shishio knows about his family always beating on him. He then gives him some advice The strong survive and the weak die he then gives him a kodachi. Soujirou after pondering about that statement, plus seeing many examples as in ants eating a dragonfly, he soon decides he is weak, but things are about to change.

His family soon becomes suspicious of Soujirou after finding that all the bandages in the house has been taken and remembering that the wanted criminal was wrapped in bandages, they soon set out to ask Soujirou a few questions. After inquiring about it, and Soujirou denying it, the family screams at him knowing he is lying saying that they are going to kill him, plus get a lot of reward money for finding the whereabouts of the wanted criminal. Soujirou then runs as fast as he can to hide under the warehouse where he hid the kodachi, hoping that someone would come and save him.

The older cousin of the family soon discovers his hiding place, he crawls in there after him, only to get slaughtered, the family hearing this figured Soujirou was killed. But when Soujirou came out covered in blood, they all stood in shock and surprise, they were then slaughtered by the 8 year old Soujirou.

As Soujirou stood in the rain, Shishio who was in the warehouse all that time, eating, came out and asked him, if he was crying. Soujirou replied no (but later in the series we find out he actually was).

Soujirou then joins Shishio.

Saitou Hajime
Name: Saitou Hajime
AKA: Miburo no Oukami (Mibu's Wolf)
Aliases: Fujita Goro
Birthdate: January 1842
Age: 35
Kenjutsu: Mizoguchi Haiitou Ryuu
Weapon: Nippon Katana
Marital Status: Saitou Tokio
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Eye Color: Dullish Gold
Hair Color: Black
Do you want the Gatotsu to hit the girl as you look on?

Hajime Saitou the Captain of the Third Troop in the Shinsen gumi, is a survivor of the bakumatsu, much like Himura Kenshin he has adapted to life in the new Meiji era, working as the secret police for the government, he still follows his code of Aku Soku zan(Sin Swift Slay). 10 years ago during the bakumatsu Saitou Hajime and Himura Kenshin had started a fight which was never finished, Saitou still plans to finish it. 10 years later Saitou had come back to test Kenshin's skill to see if he was reliable enough to fight and be able to stop Shishio Makoto. Now allied they together oppose Shishio's plan to take over Japan, even if it is a reluctant alliance Saitou will always know one thing that seperates him from Himura Kenshin.. the Shinsengumi sense of justice Aku Soku Zan.

Udou Jin'e
Name: Udou Jin'e
AKA: Hitokiri
Aliases: Burakku Amagasa
Birthdate: July 1843
Age: 34
Kenjutsu: Nikaido Heibou
Weapon: Nippon Katana with a black ivory hilt.
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Eye Color: Black with white pupils.
Hair Color: White
Distinguishable Features:
Pale face-like zombie appearance.
A Hitokiri will always be a Hitokiri nothing anyone says will ever change that. Just to see how long you can stay a Rurouni I'll watch you from the fires of hell

Jine Udou was a Hitokiri during the bakumatsu, a former Shinsengumi member but was forced to flee because of the Shinsengumi members killing corrupted members. But using his Shin No Ippou (One-sided heart), he continued to kill whether they were friend or foe. 10 years later after the bakumatsu, Jine Udou reappeared sending leading politicians letters that stated that they were going to die. These events led to the chief of the Tokyo police force to ask Himura Kenshin for help. Kenshin after hearing this, complied with the police chief. Accompanied with Sagara Sanosuke to protect another leading politician, Jine appeared, paralyzing everyone with his Shin No Ippou, except for Kenshin. After having a brief fight, Jine left wanting to complete their fight when Kenshin changed back into Hitokiri Battousai or otherwise Kenshin would be killed. Kenshin then met with Jine, after he had kidnapped Kaoru. They begin to fight, Jine still discouraged, he used his Shin No Ippou on Kaoru, causing Kaoru to have 5 minutes to live if he was not defeated or if Kaoru could break out of it (But quote Jine I doubt a female could break the Shin No Ippou ). Enraged by this Kenshin gradually reverted back to being Hitokiri, quickly crippling Jine. Kenshin on the verge to kill him, Kaoru then broke the Shin No Ippou, stopping Kenshin. After that Jine, committed suicide. (Jine's appearance in the Kenshin series is important because of the realization that Kenshin can never escape being a Hitokiri, along with his fight with Saitou led him in the Kyoto saga to depart by himself, leaving his friends behind.)

Komagata Yumi
Name: Komagata Yumi
Aliases: The Night Witch
Birthdate: --
Age: 28
Kenjutsu: None
Weapon: Tanto
Height: 5'4
Weight: --
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishable Features: --
At last...I was finally able to help you in a fight Shishio-sama..

Yumi is one of the few Juppon Gatana members that doesn't fight. A more accurate way to describe her is Shishio's lover. She has devoted herself completely to Shishio, and would do anything to help him in any way. From caring for his body, to helping in a fight what small way she can. It is unclear how her and Shishio met up with each other, however, she loves him, and oddly, Shishio loves her in his own odd little way.

Before she met Shishio however, Yumi worked as an oiran -- the highest ranking prostitute in the entertainment district. In fact, she was the best oiran, so good, that even a high ranking official couldn't come near her. However, after the Mary Ruth case, her rank as an oiran meant nothing. Disheartened by the Meiji government's ways, she eventually met up with Shishio, and became a member of the Juppon Gatana.

Yukishiro Enishi
Name: Yukishiro Enishi
Aliases: None
Birthdate: ?
Age: ?
Fighting Style: Watoujutsu
Weapon: Chinese crafted nihontou
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Eye Color: Turquoise.
Hair Color: Silver (Black when he was younger)
If Heaven will not deliver its punishment, I will deliver man's punishment..

Enishi is the younger brother of Kenshin's late wife, Tomoe, and therefore the brother in law of Kenshin. Enishi's mother died giving birth to him, which left Tomoe as the motherly role in his life. He loved his sister greatly, and was devastated when she died at Kenshin's hands. Because of this, Enishi has hated Kenshin with an almost inhuman passion ever since Tomoe's death, in his eyes, Kenshin murdered Tomoe intentionally, not on accident. After the end of the Bakumatsu, Enishi left the now changed Japan for The Continent better known as China.
Enishi's arrival in China was not an easy one, he frequently found himself stricken with disease, and on the border of death. However a wealthy Japanese family took Enishi in and nursed him back to health. Once he was healthy again, Enishi murdered the family in cold blood, and robbed them of any valuables. While looting, he came across a book discussing sword arts, which laid the foundation for him to learn Watoujutsu, a combination of both Japanese and Chinese sword arts.

Other than the details mentioned above, what happened to Enishi over the next ten years was never discussed. However, at some time he did establish connections with the chinese mafia, and furthered his wealth. It was Enishi who sold Shishio Makoto the Rengoku class battleship used during the Kyoto saga.

After spending over a decade in China, Enishi decided to return to Japan, and begin his Jinchu (Jinchu meaning Man's punishment a mockery of Tenchu or heaven's punishment a common slogan of the Ishin party) on Kenshin. He recruited the help of those who had similar grudges against Kenshin; Banjin, Hyouko, Gein, Kujiranami, and Mumyoi, and sets in motions the plans to avenge the death of his sister, and his own torment.

-Warning Spoiler information ahead-

During Enishi and Kenshin's first battle at the Kamiya Dojo, Enishi was able to counter the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu Ougi with his own Zetsugi (Ultimate Attack) and defeat Kenshin. Afterwards, he announced the true intention of his Jinchu, to take the person Kenshin holds dearest away from him. Kenshin and company were seperated by a smoke cloud caused by Gein. Enishi came across Kaoru, and when she was next seen, she had Enishi's sword through her body and an cross scar resembling Kenshin's. Seeing Kaoru dead, Kenshin lost all will to live, and went into a state of recluse, thus completing Enishi's Jinchu.

However the Kaoru with the cross scar was nothing more than an elaborate doll created by Gein. The real Kaoru was at an island house alone with Enishi, who was recuperating from his injuries after his battle with Kenshin. Soon Kenshin learned that Kaoru was indeed alive, and Enishi announced that it was not enough to send Kenshin to a living hell, and that he would send him to true hell shortly.

In their second battle, Enishi brought out more of his Watoujutsu techniques, and was able to completely block Kenshin's Ku zu ryu sen. The battle appeared to be in Enishi's favor. However, when they exchanged succession techniques, Enishi saw the face of his sister briefly, who was not smiling at him for once, distracted and confused by this, he lost the grip on his blade, and was hit by Kenshin's ougi.

After the battle, Enishi saved Kaoru, who had thrown her body in front of Kenshin's, ready to take a bullet from Hei Shin, an associate of Enishi. Kenshin thanked Enishi for saving Kaoru's life, while Enishi collapsed on the ground, beginning to weep.

Muto Shougo
Name: Muto Shougo
Aliases: Amakusa Shougo
Birthdate: ?
Age: ?
Fighting Style: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu
Weapon: Katana
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Reddish-brown
Distinguishable Features: Two thin bangs that frame his cheeks.

Shougo is the brother of Madgaria, and a religious Christian who believes that he himself is god. He is the nephew of Hyoue, a man who failed to learn the succession technique from Hiko, and was presumed dead. However Hyoue did not die, and taught Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu to Shougo, who was able to do what he could not; master the Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki. Shougo is also capable of a technique Kenshin cannot use; the Rai Ryu Sen, similar in some aspects to Jine's Shin no Ippou.

Shougo's goal is to establish a new Christian empire. He starts by assasinating the people who persecuted the Christians during the Edo period. He completely defeats Chou, who was assigned to guard one of the men targeted by Shougo. Chou later tells Kenshin that Shougo's Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu completely surpasses his own.

-Warning Spoiler Information Ahead-

After visiting Shougo's uncle, Kenshin attempts to go stop Shougo from trying to establish an empire. However all of Kenshin's attacks are countered by Shougo's, and Shougo blinds Kenshin with his Rai Ryu Sen. Forced to flee away from Shougo briefly, Kenshin later recuperates, and manages to defeat Shougo (who had been wounded by a bullet earlier) by using his ougi to defeat Shougo's.
After his defeat, Shougo realizes he is not a god because he could not defend the people whom he cared about, and almost kills himself, but his followers dissuade him from that path. Shougo is jailed, but because his sister saved the Dutch Consort's life, he is not executed, and is instead exiled from Japan along with his followers.

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