It's not really one of my favorite animes but I do watch it. In what I mean by that I don't buy any I only watch it from time to time that I have burned from the net.


Inu Yasha he is 1/2 dog demon and 1/2 human. His father is a dog-youkai while his mother was a mortal woman. He has a half-brother; Sesshomaru. His main weapons are his claws and his tetsusaiga; a sword made from his father's fang by toutousai. he used to love kikyo and now still has feelings for her but he can't decide whether he loves kikyo or kagome more. He is a very stubborn guy. And who knows how old he is!(at least over 50). He feels responsible for Kikyo's death. He always try to act tough but he's getting nicer all the time.

Full Demon Inu Yasha His sword controls his youkai blood so that when the tetsusaiga is lost or broken, he turns into a full youkai for a short while when he is in grave danger and wants to survive. He is very dangerous when he is a full-youkai because he can and will kill anyone. At this time, his youkai blood takes over his mind and all he wants to do is to kill. For those of you asking why didn't he turn into a youkai when he didn't have the sword? it's because tetsusaiga sealed his youkai blood but then later on, it got broken and so the seal was also broken. So now whenever he loses his katana(sword), he will transform into a full demon in order to protect himself.

Human Inu Yasha Since he is a hanyou (half-youkai), he has a time of the month; a day in which he turns completely human and loses his youkai powers and his sword won't transform. This is on the new moon of the month. His fangs and claws disappear and his hair turns black. At this time, he is very weak but still stronger than other humans. Since he is weak at the time, this is kept very secretively.

Kagome Higurashi she is a 15 years old girl in High School. She lives with her mom, grandpa, and little brother; sota. She also has a cat named Buyo. She travels to the warring era in ancient japan through a well in a min-shrine that's part of her house( she lives in a shrine). She first got pulled through the well by a centipede demon on her 15th birthday while she was looking for buyo in the mini shrine. She works with inu yasha, shippo, miroku, and sango to recover the shikon jewel. She is believed to be the reincarnation of Kikyo because the shikon jewel was found to be inside her. She is now the protector of the shikon jewel even though she doesn't do a very good job. She uses the bow and arrow as her main weapons.

Miroku Miroku is a buddhist monk. also a big lech. he has a curse that was passed down from his grandfather that makes his hand have an air rip in his hand that is like a blackhole, sucking everything in. He has found a temporary way to maintain his curse by putting rosary beads on it to seal it. however, the hole will get bigger as time goes by and will eventually suck him in too so whenever he sees a beautiful girl, he asks her to bear his child. also, if he sucks in anything poisonous, his body will also get poisoned. he now travels with inu yasha and kagome in search of Naraku, who was the one who put the spell on miroku's grandfather; the spell is past down until his line has vanished from the earth. The spell can only be broken when naraku's killed. His weapon is the staff he always carry and also the void in his hand.

Sango Sango is a demon exterminator just as her father and her brother kohaku and her whole village were. all the demon hunters were killed by kohaku, including her father. actually kohaku is also dead but has a shikon shard in him from naraku and is controlled by naraku. that is why he killed everybody. Sango was tricked by Naraku into believing that Inu Yasha murdered her village people so Sango at first tried to kill Inu Yasha. She now searches for Naraku for her family and village's vengeance and also to get her little brother Kohaku back. She has a giant boomerang as her weapon; it's even bigger then her. also has a cat; kirara- very kawaii! Kirara can transform into a big cat that sango can ride.

Shippo Shippo is a kawaii young orphaned kitsune(fox). His papa was killed by the thunder brothers; hiten and manten. He loves to tease inu yasha a lot. His main weapon is to use his shape changing abilities to trick people/demons (for example, changing a little top to look like a giant top to scare the enemy).

Kaede Kaede is the village priestess. she had her left eye covered since she was little due to eye damage She helps inu yasha and kagome with whatever she can to gather the shikon jewel shards. She is the one who put the prayer bead necklace on inu yasha so that kagome would be able to tell him to "sit" when he is not behaving appropriately. Kikyo is her older sister. Kaede is very much skilled in spells, healing potions, and some magic.

Myoga Myoga is a servant to inu yasha. he is a flea demon. he often has wise advice to give to inu yasha and kagome about magic, demons, spells, oni, etc. He always runs away when there is sign of danger and that's how the crew tells whether there is danger to avoid or not.

Kirara Kirara is a demon that is Sango's- kind of like a pet. Kirara is really very cute but can turn big and have fire on its tail and legs. It looks really cool that way. It has red eyes and fangs. It can fly and is often very helpful to the crew. When little, shippo and kirara often plays together.

Sesshomaru he is inu yasha's half brother. however, he is a full demon because his mother was a demon. He has a servant named jaken. He lost an arm in the battle for the tetsusaiga with inu yasha. later, he gets a human arm with a shikon shard in it from naraku in order to be able to control the tetsusaiga. He tries many times to take the Tetsusaiga from Inu Yasha and to kill him but failed. When he got another sword of his own, he only tried to kill Inu Yasha. He has a sword; tensigia which can bring things back to life. he now takes care of a young girl, Rin who helped him after a battle with Inu Yasha. But later, rin's village was attacked and she was killed. sesshomaru brings her back to life with his sword and now he takes care of her.

Naraku naraku was originally onigumo, a theif. when he was onigumo, he liked kikyo. naraku is a demon that is formed from many demons combined together that devoured Onigumo using his lust for Kikyo. however, onigumo's heart still remains and that makes naraku a half-demon. That is why the spider scar on Naraku's back from when Onigumo was burned is always there no matter how many times he cuts it off. he is the one that turned inu yasha and kikyo against each other because of onigumo's jealousy for the bond between kikyo and inu yasha. naraku can take on different forms. he is often seen wearing a babbon pelt. he has a lot of underlings that serve him. Usually when he is seen, it is not the real naraku, but a puppet which he controls from the safety of a castle. Naraku wants the shikon no tama because he wants to be a full demon and to be stronger.He can make offsprings off himself.

Kikyo Kikyo is a powerful priestess who was the guardian of the shikon jewel. kikyo used to love inu yasha but naraku turned them against each other. She died after shooting an enchanted arrow at inu yasha and pinning him to a tree. She was brought back to life with earth and her bones by Urasue; an ogress and a sorceress who wanted kikyo to help her get the shikon jewel. urasue took kagome's soul to put back into kikyo's body. however, kikyo killed urasue. but kagome's soul was taken back from her and back into kagome so she now uses youkai to take dead souls from people in order to survive. she now seeks revenge on inu yasha who she believes betrayed her. But, does she really hate Inu Yasha? Sometimes, it is as though she wants to kill him but at times she helps him. She has been seen helping Naraku too. Just what is the true intention of kikyo?

Kouga Kouga is from a wolf-demon pack. He is their leader. The wolf-demons control wolves of course. He has shards in his leg and arm so he can run super fast. He liked Kagome and kidnapped her once because of her ability to see the shikon no tama. She was told that he loves her but she refused him saying that she liked Inu Yasha instead. Kouga hates Inu Yasha and loves to tease him, fight him, argue with him and call him dog-turd. He comes back many times trying to take Kagome away. This of course makes inu yasha jealous.

Kohaku Kohaku is Sango's brother. He was the one that killed everyone when his mind was being controlled. He now works for Naraku because Naraku erased his bad memories that he doesn't want to remember. Kohaku had actually died but Naraku put a shikon shard into his back to keep him alive and under his control.

Kagura Kagura is one of the underlings of Naraku. She has control of the wind with her fan. She can also escape by riding away on a feather.

Rin Rin helped Sesshomaru when he was injured by Inu Yasha's cutting wind. She was later killed when her village was raided by Kouga's wolves and she was killed. Poor Kawaii Rin! Anyways, Sesshomaru found her dead later and using Tenseiga, he brought her back to life. She is in Sesshomaru's care now and follows him around.

Tsubaki Tsubaki is a bad priestess. Anyways, when Kikyo was alive, Tsubaki tried to steal the Shikon no tama from kikyo but she lost. She sold her soul to a demon for eternal youth. She met Naraku later and helped him put a spell on Kagome to kill Inu Yasha in exchange for the shikon no tama. However, she failed.

Soul Stealing Demons These are the youkai that help kikyo steal dead girls' souls so that she can live off them.

Toutousai Toutousai was the one who made the Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga out of Inu yasha's father's fangs. He made the tetsusaiga for Inu Yasha while the tenseiga for sesshomaru. Toutousai is very picky about who he will make his katanas for and who could use his katanas. He rides on a black cow that could fly. He could breath fire out of his mouth.

Kanna Kanna is one of Naraku's "offsprings". She has a mirror that is able to suck in people's souls. She is very obedient to Naraku's commands.

Jaken Jaken is the very annoying servant of Sesshomaru. He carries the staff of two heads. He does not have special powers or anything. He looks after Rin when Sesshomaru is gone. He was once slashed by sesshomaru when he was testing out the tenseiga.

Hiten Hiten is the Older brother of Maten and he is one of the thunder brothers. He looks much more human than his brother but he is much more cruel. He can fly on two wheel-like things. He and Maten killed Shippo's dad because of the shikon no tama. He enjoys killing things.

Yura Yura is able to control hair and called herself Yura of the Hair. She took Kagome's Shikon Shards but she still went after Kagome and Inu Yasha to kill them. She put her soul in a comb which was in a skull inside the ball of hair where she has tons of other skulls. She couldn't be killed when Inu Yasha hurt her body but Kagome found out about the comb and killed her.

Onigumo Onigumo was a theif. He was burned badly once and was looked after in a cave by Kikyo. He has a spider burn mark on his back. He started to have desires for kikyo and a desire to make her pure soul dirty. His desire allowed demons to come and eat his body and form into one which formed the hanyou known as Naraku. It seems Onigumo's heart is still in Naraku and his spider scar keeps showing up in Naraku's back no matter how many times he cut it off.

Ryuukossei Ryuukossei was a really huge demon who was sealed away by Inu Yasha's father. He could not be killed but just sealed by Inu Yasha's dad. Anyways, Inu Yasha had to kill him to make tetsusaiga lighter because when tetsusaiga broke, he had to add his fang to it but he was less powerful or something like that than his father so his tetsusaiga got heavier. He also had to kill Ryuukossei to stop himself from transforming into a full demon. It was hard to kill him because Tetsusaiga couldn't cut Ryuukossei. He used the Bakuryuuha to kill Ryuukossei thinking that it was the cutting wind. The Bakuryuuha is a "sword-form that envelopes the opponent's youki in the cutting wind, reverses the flow of youki, the coiled cutting wind and the youki becomes a swirl and pushes back so that the enemy is bathed in its own youki blast and tetsusaiga's explosive power."

Urasue She is an ogress and a sorceress. She can bring people back to life using her special sorceress net to catch the soul. She uses the bones and the dirt from surrounding the grave and bakes them together to form a body. She was the one who brought kikyo back to life. She wanted Kikyo to help her gather all the Shikon no tama. Kikyo however, killed Urasue because she never wanted to live again because she believed Inu Yasha betrayed her. Kagome's soul was drawn out to go to Kikyo's but somehow later, Kagome was able to get her soul back.

IY's mom/Nothing Woman The nothing woman/Mu Onna pretended to be her in order to find out where Inu Yasha's father's grave was hidden. She is the demon made up of the vengeful spirits of women who have lost their children. She almost kills Inu Yasha when she absorbs him to find out about the grave but later she saves IY when Sesshomaru tried to kill him.

Kagome's mom Kagome's mom not much known about her except her husband died because he's never seen and she's very nice and understanding about what kagome does. She was very comforting when Kagome got her heart broken.

Kagome's Grandpa He runs the shrine they live in. He has a story behind everything in the house. He has all these spells and scrolls which never work. He's very funny.

Sota Sota is Kagome's little brother. He seems to be a coward. He really likes Inu Yasha and thinks Inu Yasha is really cool and nice.

Buyo Buyo is the fat cat that the Higurashi family owns. It is responsible for Kagome going to the past in the first place as she was looking for it when the centipede pulled her into the well.

Mistress Centipede She was the first demon Kagome encountered. She was the one who pulled Kagome into the well in the first place when Kagome was looking for buyo.. She got ahold of the Shikon no Tama by biting it out of Kagome's body.

Goshinki Goshinki is an offspring of Naraku's. He can read minds. He is an oni. He was the one who broke Inu Yasha's Tetsusaiga by biting it. He was killed by Inu Yasha when Inu Yasha turned into a youkai. His fang was used for a sword later and controlled the user into trying to kill Inu Yasha.

Hojo He really likes Kagome and asked her out many times. He is very naive and believes all of Kagome's illnesses and believes Kagome really does like him.

Yura of the Hair A beautiful female youkai born from a hair comb. She wants the Shikon no Tama and Inuyasha's hair since she uses the hair of people she has killed as a weapon by manipulating it. She uses a small sword and her soul is sealed in her comb. Kagome eventually kills her by smashing her comb.

Crow Demon A bird youkai that caught the smell of the Shikon no Tama. It invaded the body of a bandit and used the bandit's body to try to kill Kagome and take the jewel. Inuyasha saved Kagome, but the bird swallowed the Shikon no Tama. Taking off after it, Kagome shoots an arrow into the bird killing it and accidentally shattering the Shikon no Tama into many pieces.

Amari Nobunaga Kagome mistook this young boy for Oda Nobunaga, a man who unified the divided Japan during the Sengoku Jidai. Once she finds out he's not who she thinks he is, she's rather disappointed. He's in love with a princess and is set out in saving her from a toad demon. He's also pretty stupid and has a bad sense of direction.

Toad Demon The youkai of a toad that took over the body of a local prince guy. The toad is stealing all the females in the region and using them as food for his tadpoles. It's pretty nasty, but Inuyasha kills him and still manages to save the prince from death.

Lightning Brothers Hiten and Mantan, the Lightning Brothers. They are powerful and killed Shippou's father for his pelt. Because of this, Shippou wants revenge. Inuyasha kills Hiten first, enraging Manten who attacks Inuyasha.

Nou-men A mask made from a tree that acquired a Shikon shard during Inuyasha's time and evolved into a monster in Kagome's future. This mask wants a body and attaches itself to humans killing them in the process. Inuyasha breaks it in two, revealing a Shikon shard in it.

Mayu A girl from Kagome's time who died in a horrible apartment fire. She blames her death on her mother and brother and thus is a vengeful ghost trying to kill them. Before her soul is dragged to hell, Kagome manages to save the girl's soul and reconcile mother and daughter one final time.

Oshou-Sama A demon disguising himself as a temple priest. He took care of a young girl named Nazuna who lost her family due to spider youkai. He doesn't really have a name or anything, but Nazuna calls him Oshou-sama. He attacks Inuyasha when Inuyasha turns human for the first time, but Inuyasha ends up killing him anyway.

Nazuna The girl that Oshou-sama took care of. Because youkai killed her family, she has an undying hatred for them and even starts to hit Inuyasha when she finds out that he's a demon! Because the monk took care of her, she devotes herself to taking care of him.

Tanuki A friend and sort of servant to Miroku. Tanuki means racoon which is what this talking youkai is. He's a very cowardly demon and can transform into a few things similar to Shippou. He comes into play a few times during the series.

No name. This guy doesn't have a name, but he's a painter who found some youkai ink. Yeah, youkai ink. Whenever he paints something, the image comes to life. He uses this ability to fight all those who go against him and he wants to marry this one hime. He lets the paint control him and is devoured by the evil ink.

Rouyakan Rouyakan is a very kindly youkai. Naraku uses the power of a Shikon shard to make him go against Inuyasha. He can spit out wolves when he transforms and Kagome saves him from staying in his evil youkai form. He fought with Sesshoumaru years ago in the war against the Neko tribe though he's rather cowardly.

Sayo A young girl from a village that Kikyou ended up in after her reencounter with Inuyasha. She takes very kindly to Kikyou and Kikyou considers her younger sister. After seeing Kikyou kill a man, however, Sayo becomes frightened of Kikyou and Kikyou leaves the village and Sayo behind.

Midoriko A very important character. Midoriko was an ancient priestess who fought demons in her time. In her final and most grand of all battles, she fought for many days against youkai and eventually was forced to seal herself with the youkai in a crystal ball. This ball became the Shikon no Tama. Within this jewel, her soul fights even to this day to overcome the evil within it.

Suijin This Suijin is posing as the Water God when he is in fact just a youkai who imprisoned the real water god(ess). He demands the sacrifice of children from a nearby village and Inuyasha and co. stop him since he has a Shikon shard.

Real Suijin She is the real pint-sized goddess of water and weather who was sealed by the fake Suijin. After she is released, she easily banishes the fake Sujin and restores the balance between nature and the village that the fake Sujin put in turmoil.

Miroku's Uncle Perhaps not really his biological uncle, but this was the priest that took care of Miroku after his father died due to being sucked in by his air rip. He's pretty blunt and likes to drink his sake. He gets possessed later, but saved by Miroku.

Jinenji He is a very gentle and shy hanyou who's mother was human and father was a horse demon. He was born out of the love of his parents like Inuyasha, but was hated by all the villagers and blamed for everything. The scars on his body are from all the times the villagers beat him. He develops a crush on Kagome because she is the first girl to ever care for him and helps heal Kirara.

Gokuraku-Chou They are a band of bird youkai and their name translates to "Birds of Paradise". They are mortal enemies of the wolf tribe led by Kouga and have a few Shikon shards making them enemies of Inu and co. They reside on mountain peaks close by the wolf youkai's dens.

Bankotsu Leader of the Shichinintai. He uses a weapon called Banryuu, which is a huge sword.

Gatenmaru Moth-like youkai that spits poison and carries a battle ax, and who tried to take Tetsusaiga. Inu-Yasha changes into Youkai form and kills him.

Ginkotsu One of the Shichinintai. He doesn't look human, and he uses a gun and a metal claw. Inu-Yasha destroys him, but the rest of the Shichinintai rebuild him as a tank.

Hakushin Priest Priest ressurected by Naraku in order to set up a barrier that was capable of keeping purifying youki (or demon powers).

Toukajin He is a man-eating sennin who is human, but is trying to become immortal.

Ninmenka The heads of the people Toukajin has eaten that now grow on a tree.

Old Sennin The original sennin that taught Toukajin. Toukajin killed him long ago, but keeps the head because he knows how to make an immortality potion.

Hiyashimaru This is Nobunaga's pet monkey (also a parody).

Jakotsu Another of the Shichinintai that is brought back. He carries a sword that he calls Jakotsutou (snake sword) that bends around. He finds Inu-Yasha attractive (and Miroku, also), and he hates women.

Juuroumaru The fourth offspring of Naraku, he was the shell of Kageroumaru, and was very fast. Kouga teamed up with Inu-Yasha to beat him and Kageroumaru.

Kaijinbou Evil swordmaker who was once an apprentice to Toutousai, Sesshoumaru employs him to create a sword from Goshinki's fangs that will be able to break Tetsusaiga.

Kodoku Monster This is the monster that Inu-Yasha battles in the Kodoku. It is made up of all of the youkai that it has fought, whether they win or lose. Naraku uses this to form his new body.

Koharu An "old" friend of Miroku's (she is 14) who agreed to have his baby. Miroku, however, is not as enthusiastic now as she is about it. She is attacked by Kanna, who steals her soul, but she gets it back.

Mask of Flesh Demon mask who uses the bodies of it's victims.

Sarugami-sama (Monkey God) Monkey God that is accidentally forgotten by the three little monkeys.

Mukotsu One of the Shichinintai that is brought back. His weapon is poison gas, which he uses to try to kill Kagome. Sesshoumaru steps in and kills Mukotsu right before he gets the chance to.

Mu Onna actually, if you count her disguised as Inu-Yasha's mother. Anyway, she is the demon made up of the vengeful spirits of women who have lost their children. She almost kills Inu-Yasha when she tries to absorb him, but then saves him when she gets in the way of Sesshoumaru.

Mushin The drunken priest that seems to have taken care of Miroku when he was young.

Musou This is Onigumo's new form. Naraku tries to get rid of him because he still has feelings for Kikyou, but realizes that he cannot because if Musou dies, so will he. He reabsorbs him.

Ninmenka The heads of the people Toukajin has eaten that now grow on a tree.

Oharaiya (Old Exorcist Woman) Old exorcist woman who is rather comical. Because she can't sense evil auras, Inu-Yasha's group thinks she's a fraud. However, she is able to withstand the evil aura of the oni (ogre) that the group is fighting, and even helps them defeat it.

Oni no Kubi (Oni's head) Oni that uses the body's of it's victims (such as the head of the castle and his daughter) in order to trick others (like Miroku). It uses illusions to hide it's true form.

The Princess of the Oni's head castle Princess who is really already dead and the body is used by the Oni of the castle to trap Miroku. Her real body is found by Kagome and Shippou.

Renkotsu Second in command of the Shichinintai. He tricked Inu-Yasha and others by disguising himself as a priest, and almost killed Kagome, Miroku, and Sango. He uses a net of fire as a weapon.

Rouyakan His name means "wolf of hell", he is forced by Naraku to fight Inu-Yasha. He is able to "spit out" wolves from his mouth.

Satoru Mayu's little brother who was almost killed in the house fire along with Mayu, and has been in a coma for months.

Satsuki Little girl who Shippou 'rescues', whose older brother has been killed in the war, but she refuses to believe to be true; she believes that the fake Shikon fragment that she carries can bring him back.

Seikai Buddhist priest that Kikyou killed in front of Sayo.

Shintarou Boy that is looking for his father; he helps the group get to Hijiri Island and tells them about the Hakushin Priest.

Shiori Little girl who is half human, half bat demon. The villagers give her to the Hyakki bats to try to appease them, but they use her as a barrier instead. She gives Inu-Yasha the power of the barrier in order to make Tetsusaiga stronger.

Shiori's Mother Shiori's human mother who married the bat youkai Tsukuyomaru.

Souta Kagome's otouto, or little brother.

Spider's Head Demon This is the demon that disguised itself as a monk and waited for Inu-Yasha and company to arrive in order to steal the Shikon fragments

Suekichi This is the kid that was to be sacrificed in the place of the lord's son, Tarou. He and Tarou are friends.

Suikotsu Another member of the Shichinintai. He has two personalities, one being the personality of a good-hearted doctor, the other being the evil personality of a monster. Suikotsu has a clawed-glove for a weapon.

Taigokumaru Bat youkai who is the grandfather of Shiori. He killed Shiori's father, his son, because he was kind to humans. He wants to use Shiori's power for the Hyakki Bat's barrier.

Takeda Nobunaga Young man that is on a mission to save the princess he is in love with. This story is a parody on Oda Nobunaga (Chris Rijk explains in better detail). He has a problem with falling off of cliffs.

Tarou This is the real son of the lord that the fake god was asking for. He gets Inu-Yasha and the gang to help him rescue Suekichi and stop the water god.

Tatari Mokke Demon spirit that plays with the souls of children newly dead until they can pass on to the next world.

Three Little Monkeys Mischievous and forgetful little monkeys that trap Inu-Yasha and the gang into helping them find their master, Sarugami-sama (monkey god).

Toutousai He is the swordsmith that made Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga. He has the ability of breathing fire.

Tsukumo no Gama (Tsukumo Toad) Demon that has taken over the body of a feudal lord and is kidnapping the maidens of that land.

Tsukuyomaru Shiori's father who was killed by Taigokumaru. He helps Shiori and Inu-Yasha defeat Taigokumaru.

Tsuyu hime (Princess Tsuyu) The wife of the feudal lord, and also the love of Nobunaga.

Yama no Naka no Hime (Lady in the Mountain) A Youkai that sucked the youth of all the young men that crossed her path. The lady died of loneliness and was taken over by a mountain dog youkai. Miroku and Sango drive the youkai out and put the lady's soul to rest.

Manga Info

Vol 1
1. The Accursed Youth Fuuin Sareta Shounen
2. Inu-Yasha Ressurected Yomigaeru Inuyasha
3. The Person after the Jewel Tama o Nerau mono
4. Corpse Dancing Crow Shibugarasu
5. Kagome's Arrow Kagome no Ya
6. Inverted Hair Yura Sakasagami no Yura
7. Bone-eating Well Honekui no Ido
8. Return Home Kikan

Vol 2
1. Yura's Web Yura no Su
2. Dilemma Kyuuchi
3. Soul Transfer Tama Utsushi
4. Half-Youkai Hanyou
5. A Mother's Face Haha no Kao
6. The Nothing Woman Mu Onna
7. The Black Pearl Kuro Shinju
8. Iron Pulverizing Fang Tetsusaiga
9. Demonification Henge
10. Legacy Katami

Vol 3
1. The Dark Castle Mononoke no Shiro
2. The Tsukumo Toad Tsukumo no Gama
3. The Remaining Mind Nokosareta Kokoro
4. Plea for Mercy Inochigoi
5. Mask of Flesh Nikuzuki no Men
6. Broken Body Kowareta Karada
7. Face off Hito o Kuumen
8. I'll save you but... Tasukete yaru ga...
9. The Broken Half Kataware
10. Foxfire Kitsune Bi

Vol 4
1. The Lightning Beast Brothers Raijuu Kyoudai
2. The Beloved Woman Horeta Onna
3. Kagome's Trick Kagome no Saku
4. The Power to Devour Youryoku o Kuu
5. Discarding the Scabbard Saya o Suteru
6. The Scabbard Calls Saya ga Yobu
7. Little Poltergeist Chiisana Akuryou
8. Until the Eyes Open Ma ga Aku made
9. To Hell Jigoku e
10. To Rest Tama Shizume

Vol 5
1. Spider's Heads Kumo Gashira
2. New Moon Shingetsu
3. Spider's Web Kumo no Su
4. Inside the Aura Kekkai no naka
5. Inu-Yasha Revives! Inuyasha Fukkatsu!
6. The Fragment's Location Kakera no Atika
7. Bones and Earth Hone to Tsuchi
8. The Cast-off-Shell Nukegara
9. Rejection Kyouzetsu
10. Betrayal Uragiri

Vol 6 1. Malice Onnen
2. The Torn-off Soul Hikisakareta Tamashii
3. Delinquent Priest Furyou Houshi
4. The Jewel Thief Tama Dorobou
5. Air Rip Kazaana
6. The Cursed Hand Norowareta Te
7. Pocket Ogres Kaichuu no Oni
8. Capture the Oni Oni o Ayatsuru
9. A Painter's Dream Eshi no Yume
10. Corrupted Ink Kegareta Sumi

Vol 7
1. Borrowed Arm Kari no Ude
2. Tetsusaiga's True Power Tetsusaiga no Iryoku
3. Hell Wasps Saimyoushou
4. Arm Robbery Ude o Ubau
5. Regain Dakkan
6. Parting Wakari
7. Onigumo Onigumo
8. Mark of Evil Jaki no Ato
9. Two Times Futatsu no Toki
10. The Torn Warding Yaburareta Kekkai

Vol 8
1. Indication Kehai
2. Reunion Saikai
3. Naraku Naraku
4. Identification Mejirushi
5. Dead Souls Shinidama
6. Unsaveable Soul Sukuwarene Tamashii
7. Kikyou's Warding Kikyou no Kekkai
8. Smell of Death Shi no Nioi
9. Kagome's Voice Kagome no Koe
10. A Tender Smell Yasashii Nioi

Vol 9
1. People Faced Fruit Ninmenka
2. Boxgarden Hakoniwa
3. The Light inside the Belly Fukuchuu no Hikari
4. Toukajin's Kitchen Toukajin no Chuubou
5. The Sennin's Medicine Sennin no Kusuri
6. The Enchanted Bow Henge no Yumi
7. Inu-Yasha's Heart Inuyasha no Kokoro
8. Demon Exterminators Taijiya
9. Trap Wana
10. Inside the Fortress Toride no naka

Vol 10
1. Mummy Miira
2. Enemy Kataki
3. Distrust Giwaku 4. Plan to Capture Bouryaku
5. Puppet Kugutsu
6. The Jewel's Birthplace Tama no Tanjou
7. Water God Suijin
8. Holy Weapon Jingi
9. The God's True Character Kami no Shoutai
10. The Real Watergod Honmono no Suijin

Vol 11
1. Tornado Tatsumaki
2. Judgment on the Big Snake Daija Seibai
3. Air Rip Wound Kazaana no Kizu
4. Mushin's Temple Mushin no Tera
5. Rescue Miroku Miroku Kyuushutsu
6. Worm Jar Insects Kokochuu
7. Miroku's Lifespan Miroku no Jumyou
8. Kohaku Kohaku
9. Kohaku's Life Kohaku no Inochi
10. Sango's Betrayal Sango no Uragiri

Vol 12
1. Naraku's Castle Naraku no Shiro
2. Miasma Jouki
3. Purification Jouka
4. Jinenji Jinenji
5. Attack Shuugeki
6. Half Youkai's Desire Hanyou no Omoi
7. Home Ibashou
8. Cave of Miasma Jaki no Ana
9. Fulfillment of a Vow Mangan
10. Kodoku Kodoku

Vol 13
1. Kikyou's Arrow Kikyou no Ya
2. Kodoku's Location Kodoku no Yukue
3. Captured Kikyou Torawareta Kikyou
4. Illusionary Death Geneisatsu
5. Intent to Kill Satsui
6. Naraku's Lifespan Naraku no Joudai
7. Toutousai Toutousai
8. Heavenly Life Fang Tenseiga
9. The Cutting Wind Kaze no Kizu
10. Unseeable Method Mienai Kidou

Vol 14
1. The True Master Shin no Tsukaite
2. Wolf Ookami
3. The Girl's Life Shoujo no Inochi
4. Kouga Kouga
5. Capture Ikedori
6. Cave of the Wolves Ookami no Doukutsu
7. The Paradise Birds Gokuraku-Chou
8. Three-way Battle Mitsudomoe no Tatakai
9. The Strong Man Tsuyoi Otoko
10. Why I Let Them Escape Nigashitawake

Vol 15
1. The Pair's Feelings Futari no Kimochi
2. Beyond the Well Ido no Mukou
3. Pursuit Tsuiseki
4. Corpse Dance Shikabanemai
5. Kagura Kagura
6. Wind User Kaze Tsukai
7. The Spider on the Back Senaka no Kumo
8. The Enigma of Kagura Kagura no Nazo
9. Koharu Koharu
10. Kanna Kanna

Vol 16
1. Human Shield Ningen no Tate
2. Reversal Hanten
3. Shikon Light Shikon no Hikari
4. Fired Arrow Hanatareta Ya
5. Kikyou's Real Intention Kikyou no Shini
6. The Third Youkai Sanpikime no Youkai
7. Goshinki Goshinki
8. Youkai Blood Youkai no Chi
9. Instinct Honnou
10. Oni Sword Oni no Tsurugi

Vol 17
1. Kaijinbou Kaijinbou
2. Tetsusaiga Revives Yomigaeru Tetsusaiga
3. Toukajin's Master Toukajin no Tsukaite
4. The Blood Smell Chi no Nioi
5. Real Strength Hontou no Tsuyosa
6. The Fourth One Yonhikime
7. Juuroumaru Juuroumaru
8. Broken Seal Tokareta Fuuin
9. Kageroumaru Kageroumaru
10. Two vs. Two Ni Tai Ni

Vol 18
1. Underground Enemy Dochuu no Teki
2. Pulverisation Funsai
3. Kikyou's Crisis Kikyou no Kiki
4. Onigumo's Heart Onigumo no Kokoro
5. Jealousy Shitto
6. Barrier of Earth Tsuchi no Kekkai
7. Where we met Deatta Basho
8. Kagome's Heart Kagome no Kokoro
9. The Castle's Remains Shiro no Ato
10. Kohaku's Memory Kohaku no Kioku

Vol 19
1. Suspicion Utagai
2. Vanished Memory Keasreta Kokoro
3. Sango's Decision Sango no Ketsui
4. Unfading Face Kienai Kao
5. The Secret of Transformation Henge no Himitsu
6. Poison Cocoon Doku no Mayu
7. Trample Juurin
8. Lost Mind Ushinawareta Kokoro
9. Blood Stained Shimitsuita Chi
10. Sealing Claw Tsume Fuuin

Vol 20
1. Ryuukossei Ryuukossei
2. Claw and Sword Tsume to Katana
3. Reborn Tetsusaiga Shinsei Tetsusaiga
4. Bakuryuuha Bakuryuuha
5. Dark Miko Tsubaki Kuro Miko Tsubaki
6. Poison Juso
7. Pointed Arrow Mukerareta Ya
8. Tsubaki's Shrine Tsubaki no Hokora
9. Shikigami Shikigami
10. Curse-counterstrike Noroigaeshi

Vol 21
1. Stone Flower Ishi no Hana
2. Broken Dream Kudakareta Yume
3. Naraku's Scent Naraku no Nioi
4. Swirl of Bones Hone no Uzu
5. Escape Toubou
6. Daybreak Yoake
7. Half Youkai's Secret Hanyou no Himitsu
8. The Lady in the Mountain Yama no naka no Hime
9. A Girl's Heart Otome Gokoro
10. The Man without a Face Kao no nai Otoko

Vol 22
1. Musou Musou
2. Onigumo's Memories Onigumo no Kioku
3. Onigumo and Musou Onigumo to Musou
4. Heart Shinzou
5. Half-Youkai Naraku Hanyou Naraku
6. The Hyakki Bats Hyakki Moumori
7. Shiori's Barrier Shiori no Kekkai
8. A Father's Wish Chichi no Negai
9. Shiori's Power Shiori no Chikara
10. Red Blade Akai Yaiba

Vol 23
1. Abducted Rin Sarawareta Rin
2. Naraku's Objective Naraku no Mokuteki
3. Cut the Barrier Kekkai o Kiru
4. The Suggestion to Kohaku Kohaku e no Anji
5. The Abandoned Castle Nokosareta Shiro
6. Relaxation Kyuusoku
7. The Monster in the Castle Remains Shiro Ato no Bakemono
8. Naraku's Location Naraku no Yukue
9. Vanished Presence Kieta Kehai
10. Oni's Head Castle Oni no Kubijou

Vol 24
1. Grave of the Oni's Head Kubizuka no Oni
2. The Lady Template Yorishiro no Hime
3. Monstrous Evil Kyodai no Jaki
4. The Monkey God Sarugamisama
5. The location of the Goshintai (god body) Goshintai no Yukue
6. Zombie Bourei
7. Kyoukotsu Kyoukotsu
8. The Seven Man Squad Shichinintai
9. Jakotsu Jakotsu
10. Poisonous Smoke Doku no Kemuri

Vol 25
1. Mukotsu Mukostsu
2. Those Seeking Naraku Naraku o Ou Mono
3. Ginkotsu Ginkotsu
4. Renkotsu's Temple Renkotsu no Tera
5. Smell of the Shichinintai Shichinintai no Nioi
6. The Lives of Friends Nakama no Inochi
7. The Shichinin Grave Shichinin no Haka
8. Uncorrupted Light Kegarenaki Hikari
9. Suikotsu Suikotsu
10. Two Minds Futatsu no Kokoro

Vol 26
1. Mt. Hakurei's Barrier Hakureizan no Kekkai
2. Bankotsu Bankotsu
3. Clash Gekitotsu
4. The Border of the Sacred Ground Seiiki no Sakaime
5. Retreat Tettai
6. Banryuu's Cut Banryuu no Kizu
7. Hijiri Island Hijiri Jima
8. The Heart of the Barrier Kekkai no Chuushin
9. Dokko Dokko
10. Sokushinbutsu Sokushinbutsu

Vol 27
1. Explosion Bakuhatsu
2. Face Kao
3. Suikotsu's Village Suikotsu no Mura
4. Black Light Kuroi Hikari
5. Suikotsu's Memory Suikotsu no Kioku
6. The River of Fire Honou no Kawa
7. The Cave of Mt. Hakurei Hakureizan no Douketsu
8. Corridor Kairou
9. The Limit Genkai
10. The Hakushin Priest Hakushin Shounin

Vol 28
1. In the Darkness Kurayami no Naka
2. The Disaster at Mt. Hakurei Hakureizan no Ihen
3. Pulse Kidou
4. The Collapse of the Sacred Grounds Seiiki no Shoumetsu
5. The Bottom of the Corridor Kairou no Soko
6. The Two Indicators Futatsu no Kehai
7. Bankotsu's Strength Bankotsu no Chikara
8. Bisected Ryoudan
9. Wall of Flesh Niku Kabe
10. Rebirth Shinsei

Vol 29
1. Swirl of Demon Energy Youki no Uzu
2. True Objective Shin no Mokuteki
3. New Body Atarashii Karada
4. Kikyou's Life Kikyou no Inochi
5. Inu-Yasha's True Feelings Inuyasha no Honshin
6. The Darkness in the Heart Kokoro no Yami
7. Suggestion Anji
8. Discarded Heart Suteta Kokoro
9. ? ?
10. ? ?

Anime Info

The anime started on October 16, 2000 and is still running on Japanese tv on monday nights at 7:00 pm on Nihon (or Nippon) Television and Yomiura TV. There aren't a set amount of episodes as yet and since it seems to be following the manga almost exactly, I doubt it'll end anytime soon especially since the manga is still going and doesn't look like it's gonna finish any time soon. There is also a movie which was in Japanese cinemas on December 15th. Viz have bought the rights to the tv series and the dub of Inuyasha started on US tv screens in the Adult Swim time slot on Cartoon Network, August 31 2002 and in Jan of 2003 they are expanding to be shown weeknights as well.

Information (North America)

When- Saturday nights (Monday-Thursday starting January 13, 2003)
Original Air Date- August 31, 2002
Where- Cartoon Network
What time- 11:00 p.m. EST (12:00 a.m. EST starting January 13, 2003)

There are 8 different opening and ending songs for the series so far.
The opening songs are:
-Change the World by V6
-I Am by hitomi
-Owarinai Yume (Endless Dream) by Nanase Aikawa
The ending songs are:
-My Will by Dream
-Fukai Mori (Deep Forest) by Do As Infinity
-Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki
-Every Heart - Minna no Kimochi by BoA
-Shinjitsu no Uta (True Song) by Do As Infinity
The song for the first movie is called "No More Words" and its by Ayumi Hamasaki. The movie soundtrack was released December 12th and the single for the song is out in January..

Voice actors (Japanese)-
Inuyasha Yamaguchi Kappei (Ranma 1/2-Ranma, Detective Conan- Shinichi)
Kagome Yukino Satsuki (Love Hina-Mutsumi)
Kikyou Hidaka Noriko (Ranma 1/2- Akane)
Sesshoumaru Narita Ken
Jaken Nagashima Yuichi
Kaede Kyoda Naoko
Myouga Ogata Ken'ichi
Shippou Watanabe Kumiko
Miroku Tsujitani Kouji (Video Girl Ai- Niimai Takashi)
Naraku Yanaka Hiroshi (Key: The Metal Idol-Tomoyo Wakagi)Morikawa Toshiyuki
Sango Kuwashima Houko
Kouga Matsunobu Taki
Kagura Ougami Izumi

Voice actors (English)-
Inuyasha Richard Cox (Ranma 1/2-Ranma)
Kagome Moneca Stori (Gundam Wing- Sally Po)
Kikyou Willow Johnson (Fatal Fury- Lily McGuire)
Sesshoumaru David Kaye (Gundam Wing- Treize Kushrenada)
Jaken Don Brown
Kaede Pam Hyatt
Myouga Paul Dobson (Vision Of Escaflowne- Folken)
Shippou Jillian Micheals
Miroku Kirby Morrow (Vision of Escaflowne- Van)
Naraku Paul Dobson (Vision Of Escaflowne- Folken)
Sango Kelly Sheridan (Ranma 1/2-Ukyou)


The Shikon no Tama or Jewel of Four Souls can increase a youkai (demons) strength by many fold. The hanyou (half demon) Inuyasha (his name literally means 'Dog Demon') wanted the Shikon no Tama to become a full demon. Set in the Sengoku Jidai (Japan's warring states... around the 14th centur) The series starts with Inuyasha attacking Musashi's village with the Shikon no Tama in his hands only to be struck through the heart and pinned to a tree by an arrow, sealing him there. The arrow belonged to the miko (priestess) Kikyou. Kikyou then takes the Shikon no Tama back and dies from a serious battle wound. She is then cremated with the Shikon no Tama to try rid it from the world so it doesn't fall into the hands of evil again. Forward to present times. Higurashi Kagome (last name first) was a normal Japanese school girl, living with her mother, grandpa and younger brother in an old shrine turned into a house... until the day of her 15th birthday. Kagome gets mysteriously pulled back to the Sengoku Jidai through an old well near her house by a weird centerpeid woman saying that Kagome had the Shikon no Tama. Kagome repels the monster using a strange magical power. She climbs out and instantly realizes that something is wrong. Looking around, she spots the 'goshinboku' ('old god tree'), a tree close to her house, and rushes off towards it. When she reaches it she finds a sleeping Inuyasha pinned to the tree. She walks up to him and notices that he doesn't have human ears... and tweaks them while Inuyasha still sleeps. She is then captured by some villagers and taken to Musashi's Village. Kagome then meets Kaede the village priestess who notices that Kagome looks remarkably like Kikyou... her deceased older sister. Kagome then gets kidnapped not too soon after by a crow demon disguised as the leader of a group of bandits, the crow demon takes the shikon no tama, Kagome fires an arrow at the crow, hits it and in doing so, shatters the shikon no tama which then scatters all over fuedal Japan. Kagome and Inuyasha then must collect all the fragments of the jewel together and restore it to its former glory.

Attacks and weapons
Tetsusou (Soul Scattering Iron Claw)
Viz doesn't translate this literally (I believe it's Iron Reamer Soul Stealer in the anime, and I don't think there was ever a clear translation in the manga). Anyway, this is his claw attack that can pretty much rip anything to shreds in one stroke.
Hijin Ketsusou (Flying Blade Blood Claws)
Inu-Yasha can throw his blood, which turns into sharp blades. So for all you bad guys thinking about killing him, don't cut him first.
Tetsusaiga (Pulverizing Steel Fang)
Left to him by his father (hidden in his right eye, which was a little strange), this sword was carved out of his father's fang by Toutousai. Sesshoumaru has tried to get it on several occasions (and succeeded once), but seemingly can't touch it either because of the fact that he's a full demon, or it just won't let him (that issue hasn't really been clear; there is also some confusion on whether he can only use it to protect humans or not, but I will save that for another section). It basically powers up into a big fang when Inu-Yasha fights, and he can use the 'Kaze no Kizu' (Cuttin Wind or Scar of the Wind according to Viz), which has the power to kill 100 youkai in a single stroke, to obliterate his opponents. Tetsusaiga constrains Inu-Yasha's youkai blood, and was recently broken and repaired by Toutousai, but it weighed much more than before. Then Inu-Yasha defeated Ryuukossei, where he learned to use the 'Bakuryuuha', or the ultimate technique of Tetsusaiga, which caused Tetsusaiga to become lighter and enabled him to use the Kaze no Kizu at will.
Youkai power
Inu-Yasha's power that comes from not using Tetsusaiga, which seals his youkai blood. He looks evil, has way more power than before, and enjoys killing. However, his mind is not able to take the youkai blood, which means he doesn't realize what he's doing when he's changed. He goes on a killing rampage until Sesshoumaru comes and stops him (which actually saves him). Inu-Yasha seals his youkai blood by defeating Ryuukossei which completely repairs Tetsusaiga.
Bow and Arrow/Mystical Powers
Kagome's powers are really unexplainable, but we know that:
She is the reincarnation of Kikyou (or everything we've been told so far has led us to believe she is), and Kikyou was the Miko (priestess) who protected the Shikon no Tama. Kagome had the Shikon no Tama inside of her, and she can see the fragments and purify them.
Kagome is not a master of the bow and arrow (even though Kikyou was), but she is getting better, and she can purify demon powers with her arrows.
Her soul is hard to mess with. It has resisted numerous attacks at being stolen and she isn't affected by spiritual attacks the way everyone else is. There really isn't a clear explanation as to why, but it seems that part of it is that Kagome is very honest with herself and others, which has helped her when she was under some kind of spiritual attack.
Kazaana (Air Rip)
This one goes back to Miroku's grandfather, who fought with Naraku. His grandfather fell for Naraku disguised as a woman and pierced his grandfather's hand with a magic scroll. Ever since then the curse has been passed down through the generations. It is a black hole that, when released, will suck up everything in it's path. Miroku keeps it sealed with a rosary wrapped around his wrist. He also uses spiritual powers to exorcise demons.
Youkai Powers
Since Sesshoumaru is a full youkai, he turns into a huge demon dog. His saliva in this form is like a toxic acid.
Dokkasou (Poison Flower Claw)
This is his claw attack, which resembles Inu-Yasha's Sankon Tetsusou; however, this attack has deadly poison in it that has almost killed Inu-Yasha on several occasions.
Tenseiga (Heavenly Life Fang)
The sword that can't kill, something Sesshoumaru despised and never used until recently. His father left this sword to him and Tetsusaiga to Inu-Yasha. This sword has the ability to save a hundred lives with one swing. Sesshoumaru used it to save the life of the little girl (Rin) who tried to help him, as well as bringing back the head of Goshinki in order to make a sword from his fangs.
Toukijin (Fierce Fighting God)
This is the sword that Sesshoumaru has Kaijinbou make for him from the fangs of Goshinki, which were able to break Tetsusaiga apart.
Hiraikotsu (Come flying-skill)
This is Sango's boomerang attack. Although it is very large and heavy, Sango is able to throw it with enough force to tear apart a demon.
Doku-fun (poison gas)
She uses this to exterminate small demons as well as her enemies. She throws poison gas egg-shaped balls at the opponents, and wears a gas mask to protect herself from the fumes.
She isn't necessarily considered a weapon of sorts, but she is useful in fighting demons. This is Sango's pet two-tailed demon cat, which can be cute and small, or large and ferocious. She is pretty intelligent for a cat, and is very trustworthy and loyal to the group.
Kitsune powers
Well, first of all he's a Kitsune (fox), and in Japanese folklore, foxes are mischeivious creatures with supernatural powers. Shippou can turn into almost anything (ex. a bow, balloon-thing, Kagome) by using magic tree leaves, and he can use acorns or mushrooms to call for help. His willingness to fight is debatable, because his courage doesn't always match up to his ego.
Shouki (Miasma)
This is Naraku's only real ATTACK, he normally isn't even there for the fight. I am not entirely sure what shouki is, only that it seems to be something like acid (when Inu-Yasha cut through it, it burned his arm).
Kugutsu (remote puppets)
Naraku uses these instead of going to the actual fight himself. They are made of dirt because when they are destroyed they fall apart like it. Naraku's main ability is that he can take the form of whoever he wants to. He has used this trick on everybody, and that's basically how he got away with everything. Now he has most of the Shikon no Tama, and has gained the ability to create extensions of himself with different powers.
She can manipulate the wind. Her attacks are:
Fuujin no Mai (Dance of the Wind Blades)
Ryuuja no Mai (Dance of the Dragon Snakes)- tornadoes
Shikabanema (Corpse Dance)
Kanna is nothingness and she has a mirror that can steal souls as well as show what is happening somewhere else.
He is monster that eats people, but also has the ability to read minds. He is able to break Tetsusaiga apart by biting it, but is killed by Inu-Yasha. Sesshoumaru has his sword, Toukijin, made from his teeth.
Juuroumaru and Kageroumar
Juuroumaru is the shell for Kageroumaru, a praying mantis type thing that can go underground and likes to kill (he even tried to kill Naraku). Inu-Yasha teams up with Kouga and they defeat them.
Musou is the new version of Onigumo who is still very much a part of Naraku (in essence, his heart). He has the ability to regenerate (even after being shredded numerous times), and he can change shape. Naraku reabsorbs him when he realizes that if Musou is killed, he will be killed as well.
Bow and Arrow/Mystical Powers
Even though she is dead, she still retains her powers from life. She is a master at the bow and arrow, and she has the ability to see and ward off death in others (she saved a soldier who had a death gremlin crawling on him by flicking it off), along with evil powers that there really isn't an explanation for (several times she tried to take Inu-Yasha to hell with her, and there was an earthquake and the ground opened up).
Shinidamachuu (dead soul insects)
These are demon insects that steal the souls of dead women so that she can survive.
Super Fast Speed
He has the ability to run super fast, which is helpful considering how many times he's run away from danger. He also uses Shikon fragments to increase his power, but he has not been corrupted by them. He's also a very strong fighter. He carries a sword, but he's never used it

-Episode Guide-

01. Girl Who Jump Back The Time and Boy Who Has Been Sealed Up
02. People Who Seek Shikon no Tama
03. Iím back! ÖFrom The BoneĖeaterís Well!
04. The Hair Monster Yura
05. The Fearful Prince, Sesshomaru
06. An Ominous Demon Blade, Tetsusaiga
07. Clash! Sesshomaru VS Tetsusaiga!
08. A Lord Youkai, Tsukumo no Gama
09. Shippo Appears! The Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manden!!
10. Clash of The Demon Blades! Reigekijin VS Testusaiga!
11. Reborn in The Present! The cursed Nou-Men
12. Tatarimokke and The Little Evil Spirit
13. The Secret of The First Day, the Black-haired InuYasha!
14. Stolen Kikyouís Bones
15. Miko of Sorrow: Kikyouís resurrection
16. The Air Void in The Right Hand, The Delinquent Monk Miroku
17. The Corrupted Ink of The Hell Painter
18. The Alliance of Naraku and Sesshomaru
19. Go Back, Kagome! To Your True Time!
20. The Wild Thief: Onigumoís Secret
21. The Truth behind Narakuís Origin: Kikyouís Soul part 1
22. The Truth behind Narakuís Origin: Kikyouís Soul part 2
23. Kagomeís Voice and Kikyouís Kiss
24. A Youkai Hunter, Sango Appears
25. Overcome Narakuís Scheme!
26. The Secret of Shikon is Finally Revealed
27. The God of Water Who Governs The Lake of Darkness
28. Miroku is Trapped!
29. Sangoís Worry and Gohakuís Life
30. The Tetsusaiga is Stolen, Final Battle at Narakuís Castle
31. A Gentle but Sad Youkai named Jinenji
32. Kikyou and Inuyasha are in Trouble
33. Captured Kiko, and Naraku
34. Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga
35. The True Master Chosen By The Noted Sword
36. Kagome kidnapped. The Super Fast Wolf Demon, Kouga!
37. The Guy That Fell in Love With Kagome
38. Feelings Traveling Through Two Separate Souls
39. Fate, Life and Death Struggle
40. The Bewitching of The Wind User, Kagura!
41. Kaguraís Dance and Kannaís Mirror
42. The Broken Wound of The Wind
43. Broken Tetsusaiga, at Last
44. Kaijinbouís possessed Sword
45. Sesshomaru, Draws out Toukijin
46. Juuromaru and Kageromaru
47. Onigumo's Lingering Heart in Naraku
48. I want to go back to the place we met!
49. Kohaku's lost memory
50. The face that doesn't fade from the heart
51. Inu Yasha's heart is eaten away
52. Can't stop! The demon's true nature
53. Father's old enemy, Ryuukossei
54. Tessaiga's ultimate technique, the Bakuryuu
55. The stone flower and Shippou's first love
56. The temptation of the beautiful woman in the mist
57. Everything that happened one night in Eden Part One
58. Everything that happened one night in Eden Part Two
59. The beautiful sisters' apprenticeship aspirations
60. The Dark Miko- A fifty year curse
61. Kikyou appears, the use of the Shikigami
62. The cruel Tsubaki's curse
63. ?
64. Tahoutou's huge demon
65. Farewell, days of youth
66. Naraku's barrier, Kagura's resolution
67. Devastating treachery's wind
68. The angry challenge to Shippou
69.The terror of the man without a face
70. Revived Onigumo's memory
71. The 3 Vortex Struggle to the Death
72. Toutousai's strange ordeal
73. The feelings of the mother and the child Shiori and the despicable man
74. Red Tessaiga tears through the barrier
75. The 4 Leopard Gods' Conspiracy
76. The targets Sesshoumaru and Inu-Yasha!
77. The Leopard people and the two fang swords
78. Aiming at Sango: Only You
79. Jaken's service to Tessaiga
80. Sesshoumaru and the kidnapped Rin
81. The broken Naraku's whereabouts
82. The loophole between present day and the age of wars
83. The female wolf-demon tribe and the promise of the moon rainbow
84. The super-fast bridal campaign
85. The rising miasma of the Ogre's head castle
86. The patron princess' secret
87. The wandering Kikyou's lonely journey
88. The Monkey God's Three Spirits
89. The contemptible man and his inquiring confrontation
90. The despairing Souta's confession
91. The suspicious cleric and black Kirara
92. The revived people's ambitions


Movie 1

Title: Inuyasha: Toki o Koeru Omoi (Inuyasha: Feelings that Transcend Time)
When: December 15, 2001
Who: Original Storyline (not from the manga), 3 new characters: Menoumaru, Ruri, and Hari (not from the manga). Menoumaru's character was designed by Takahashi herself.

Movie 2

Title: Inuyasha: Kagami no Naka no Mugenjou (Inuyasha: The Dream Castle in the Mirror)
When: December 21, 2002
Who: Original Storyline (not from the manga), 1 new character: Kaguya (not from the manga)

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