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Name: Alucard (also romanized as "Arucard")
Age: 567
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Hunter for Hellsing Organization

† Short profile
Not to be confused with paltry "freak" vampires, Alucard is one of the few "true undead:" a vampire of the highest tier, possessing highly preternatural physical attributes and a brand of magic beyond human comprehension. He lives in servitude despite his fearsome abilities and works for Hellsing, a secret militaristic organization headed by Integral Hellsing. Hellsing's sole mission is to protect the nation of Britain and its Queen from non-humans. Cocky and very intense, Alucard is a combination of control, enigma, and passionate rage. His past and true goals are shrouded in mystery. Will he be bound to the Hellsing line forever? Only time will tell.

† Above the neck For the majority of the series, Alucard is seen with his trademark hat Colored a vibrant, blood-red with a very wide, floppy brim, it makes his silhouette seem almost scarecrow-like. Bands of lighter colored material encircle the base of the hat, fastened by fabric covered buttons. His hair is jet black, medium length, more short than long. It seems that his hair length actually changes dependent on scene and situation. Either this is a by-product of different animators taking liberties or it may be his "vampire nature" peeking through. It could be conjectured that when Alucard is more "powered up" or has less control over his powers (i.e. in battle, or, as seen in Order 10, lacking strength) his hair grows longer and his appearance shifts. Over his eyes, when he is about to hunt or fight, Alucard wears a pair of red/orange tinted sunglasses. And, of course, his mouth is home to his fangs.† Torso, legs, and feet His dress is reminiscent of a 17th century European nobleman's attire. Black, white, and red are his colors. A white dress shirt is fastened at the collar by an old-fashioned, blood-red tie. Over the shirt is a rather nondescript, close-fitting black jacket coupled with matching black pants. Adding a final touch is his long red trench coat, which falls to his ankles. His hands are always covered by his trademark white gloves. They appear to be thick, most likely made of cloth. On the back of each glove Alucard's symbol, a decorative pentagram is inscribed. The inscription reads: "Hellsing - Hell's Gate arrested - Gott Mit Uns (God With Us) - And shine heaven now."Alucard wears heavy brown boots that extend up his lower leg, ending around his knee.† Alucard in "slumber" When young Integral finds Alucard lying dormant in a catacomb below the Hellsing estate, he's bound in a gray straightjacket of sorts, his face and body resembling that of a desiccated corpse. His hair is long and snow white. His eyes are wild and when he launches into attack against Integral's uncle and his thugs, he seems a complete monster. Later, after regaining his strength, he slowly turns into the Alucard we know and love.† Alucard reborn In Order 13, after Alucard meets defeat at the hands of his own bullets cast back upon him by Incognito, his body disappears and just his head remains in a gel-like pool of blood. Later, after releasing the final lock on his powers, Alucard regenerates into a shadow of his former, former self. He appears much like the creature that Integral found all those years ago, but now his close-fitting outfit is dark, dark red and his hair is long and jet-black. This is the ultimate, most raw form of the being they call Alucard.

Aside from his prized anti-freak guns, Alucard has his own brand of vampire magic to call upon. It seems that a lot of these powers are “locked,” however. Throughout the series, Alucard often “releases” different power restrictions so he can unleash his power on his prey. These restrictions probably originate from his servitude. Whoever first bent Alucard to his will might have created these measures… Just in case.† Telepathy Used as a means of communicating with Seras. He can speak with her from afar with ease, though she doesn't seem to know how to initiate it herself.† Mind reading/controlling Like many vampires in lore, Alucard is capable of reading people's thoughts, as well as controlling what they think (or, conversely, freeing their minds, as exhibited in Order 9).† Shape shifting Whether materializing as a mass of red eyes, leering at his quarry or changing his appearance to reflect his condition, Alucard has the power to morph at will.† Regeneration It's physically impossible to damage Alucard with conventional weapons. He's been blasted apart, beheaded, dismembered, etc, etc, but always comes back whole and intact. In an instant he can summon his body and blood to return to him. Does it hurt when he gets hit? Maybe. Does he like it? Perhaps.† Familiar/summon spirit The ultimate vampire skill. Alucard can only fully unleash this power when the power restriction lock is set to level one, situation A, which requires permission and confirmation from his master. A spirit is summoned to assist Alucard in battle. Familiars usually take on the shape of an animal. Alucard's is a rabid looking hellhound with several sets of red eyes.† Notes When Alucard manifests his powers, his symbol (the rune-decorated pentagram that adorns his gloves), usually appears. For example, during Order 9, a giant sized version of the mark rotates above the Hellsing estate, breaking Incognito's control over the members of the household. There are several other instances where this comes into play, but the most impressive can be found in Order 13. Upon releasing the final lock on his powers, the entire southeastern tip of the UK glows with his seal. Even the Thames turns red as his powers saturate the area and his hellhound companion crashes through the streets.

† Modified 454 casull Alucard's original weapon was modified to make use of his superhuman strengths. The Casull is based on a real gun. The body of the weapon itself is silver, its grip black. Ammunition consists of special 13mm full metal jacket (FMJ) explosive rounds filled with silver (obtained from melting down the cross at Lanchester church). It is far too heavy for any human to use and has the firepower to take out the most aggressive freaks. On the side, a description of the gun and its makers' signature has been carved.† The jackal Prepared by Hellsing Arms per Alucard's request, Walter presents the vampire with this gun in Order 5. It's a specially crafted 13mm anti-freak gun. 390mm in length, weighing in at 35 pounds, with six bullets per clip, it makes a perfect companion to the Casull. The gun uses custom made 13mm armor-piercing bullets. The bullets are encased in pure Macadmium processed silver. The ammunition consists of NNA 9 cartridges, produced by Marvell's Chemical. The charges are made of blessed quicksilver (i.e. mercury, used to kill werewolves in lore). The gun's surface is brushed black metal with silver engraving across the outside. It reads "Jesus Christ is in Heaven now." It's also marked "Hellsing Arms Weapon Industrials," indicating its forgers.

Victoria Name: Seras Victoria (Victoria is her first name) Other Spellings: Celas
Age: looks around 18-20
Hair Color: blond/reddish
Eye Color: Blue (human); Red (vampire)
Height: 5'7 to 5'10
Weight: not sure...
Physical Appearance: Curvaceous, blue eyes (when she was human), red eyes (when she became a vampire), spiky orange/blonde hair.
What she is: Human (in first episode) Vampire for the rest.
Family: a father (he died)
Master: Alucard
Job: Clean up crew for Hellsing (in other words, extermination of vampires)
Victoria Celas was a young policewoman. On her mission in Chedders, she was shot and turned into a vampire by Alucard. She chose to become a vampire, because she wasn't ready to die yet. Alucard became her "master", and she always referred to him that way after she was bitten by him. Victoria is sympathetic, a little naive, hesitant, and stubborn. She seems to always want to prove herself to her superiors (especially her master). At first she is very unsure of her new (vampire) self and wants to cling to the her human ways of life. She's too stubborn to let them go in the beginning.

Sir Integral Fairfield Wingates HellsingIntegral (integra) is the leader of the Royal Protestant Knight Hellsing organization. Her family has been running the organization for a century; the purpose of the organization is to rid the world of the undead. She uses a gun, and commonly smokes cigars. She has long blonde hair and normally wears a kharki suit.

Walter Cumm Ddollneazz Walter is the "steward" of the Hellsing family. He also helps investigate investigations and prepares the new weapons. Walter is sometimes referred to as "the angel of death" or "shinigami" and is also respected by Alucard. He uses wire to attack which can be very effective and is often seen in a sort of butlers uniform

Father Alexander Anderson Anderson is a priest that works for the Iscariot (which from my understanding is a servant service much like Hellsing but instead works for the Vatican). His main purpose is to rid the world of the unclean. Because of this fights break out when he and Alucard and is the same vicinity, due to the fact in his eyes Alucard is "unclean".On of his special features is that he is a "Regenerator", in other words a priest who cannot be killed (or is hard to kill), which seems to make him valuable to the Vatican. His main fighting strategy is using two long sharp 'cleansed daggers' as well as various other religious accessories.

Luke and yan Luke and yan are the Valentine brothers, they are vampires but from what I've seen they might have the FREAK microchip, which gives the vampire abilities... They are seen in episode 5+6 in which they attack try to attack the agency.

Incognito Incognito is first seen at the end of episode 8 and is referred to by Alucard as the "real undead". He looks like a gray and have purple markings over his body as well as having a gun, which is attached to his arm. Note: He is not in the manga and was created only for the anime

Father Alexander Anderson: Member of the Order of Iscariot. Alexander Anderson is sent by the Iscariot on several occasions resulting in many violent battle with Alucard. It is Anderson's first attack on Hellsing that brings up conflict between both organizations. Father Anderson is known also by the following nicknames: Bayonet AndersonPaladin AndersonAngel Dust AndersonAssassin AndersonHead Hunter AndersonHis age and nationality are unknown.

Father Enrico Maxwell: Leader of the Order of Iscariot and Father Anderson's superior. He is quite younger than the anime makes him look.

Hinkal Wolfe: Member of the Order of Iscariot. She is partnered with Sister Yumiko Takage. Dressed in priest's garments she is a gun slinging, merciless killer.

Sister Yumiko Takage: Member of the Order of Iscariot. Sister Yumiko suffers from a split personality. When she takes off her veil and glasses she becomes a katana wielding killer. She is partners with Hinkal Wolfe.

Peter Ferguson
Ferguson is the main commander in charge of all Human troops who work in the Hellsing Organization. He was also the temporary mentor of Victoria Seras.
A loyal commander of the Organization, he is always ready to take orders from Integra who entrusts him the task of leading his units against the Undead.
A task-oriented and capable man, Ferguson is always on the ball and obeys orders without complaint.
The character of Ferguson was created specially for the Anime.

Enrico Maxwell
Maxwell is the man in charge of Iscariot 13: a secret division of the Vatican in charge of ridding the world of Undead and exterminating all cults that aren't Christian.
A smooth talking character with charm and poise, Maxwell isn't really seen much in the Anime for he is a rather minor character. As he's more of a background worker compared to Andersen, he does all the planning, Andersen does all the slaying. Easy as that.
Maxwell is also in charge of the 2 lovely ladies only seen in the Manga: Heinkal and Yumiko. Due to the fact that most of the time they mess up orders, Maxwell has to give them a good lashing before they wake up from their funny ideas.

The Vampire Priest
The priest who caused a lot of trouble in the town of Cheddars. He killed a whole congregation of innocent church goers, turned them into ghouls and later tries to seduce Seras into becoming a vampire. So much for being "Christ-like "
Whether he was a FREAKed Vampire is unknown.

What my brother calls Cannon Fodder units. These guys are like the Zombies of the famed Resident Evil series (or Biohazard in Japan) They function just like any other silly Zombie: Eat people, kill them, eat more people etc. Easily put to rest with a silver bullet in the head. They don't die that easily under normal weapons though.

The Lesser Vamp.
Something similar to Seras but only lousier. These Vampires do have blood when you kill them but they can't do much damage compared to what Seras or Arucard can do. Don't see much of these guys in the series though.

Jessica and Reif
What happens when you have 2 wild adolescents who think that eternal love is the way to go and that going on killing sprees is perfectly alright? You get these 2 messed up kids. Nicknamed "Bonnie and Clyde", these 2 really live up to those 2 criminals.
They were responsible for massacres of whole families including innocent children. All I can tell ya, these kids really don't have souls.

Andy Costibalti (Is this his real name? I heard it was something else somewhere..)
A gay vampire who was actually a son of an aristocrat. He studied in England and well, made friends with another guy and decided to make him a Vampire so that their love will be eternal.
This guy wasn't much of a meanie but since he went on a killing spree in a rage as Hellsing Organization killed his gay-lover. He turned 'Rambo' for that short while.

The Valentine Brothers: Luke and Yan
These guys really wrecked havoc in the Hellsing Organization. They stormed the place with an enormous army of Ghouls and turned the place upside down.
Luke is the elder of the 2 and is more reserved, but has a big ego. He is more serious than his younger brother, Yan, who is more of a play boy. Luke doesn't get much focus in the series, but Yan does.
Yan is the foul mouthed other half of the 2 and delights in killing and torturing for enjoyment. He is attention seeking and care-free and lives life like some crazy drama, which he enjoys very much. I find him rather amusing when he starts hurling insults and coarse language at everyone and everything just to see their reactions.
These 2 are the all time amusing characters of the Hellsing series. Especially Yan.

Kim Chapman
Kim is a News caster cum journalist who came into contact with the Undead while going home from a dinner party. (Ep. 2) Amazed at the fact that Undead and the Supernatural do exist in modern England, she exposes the doings of Hellsing at exterminating Undead only later to be caught and found out by the organization itself. She faced the consequences...

FLESH is just a crazed nut who was responsible for making messed up videos of people getting killed on the Internet. Good thing he was caught and locked away.

A temporary captain of Seras' unit who hits on Seras in Ep. 4. He turns out to be a spy looking into the activities of Hellsing and thinking of exposing them to the public.

Galice was the first captain of Seras' unit. Unfortunately he had a rather early death and had to be replaced. He was quite a nice chap, patient and tolerant... pity he died early...

As I had joked earlier with Sebastian a few days ago, I said something that the job as Captain in Seras' unit is something similar to the cursed job as the Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) teacher at Hogwarts, in Harry Potter! That might actually be true...
He wasn't much, just the usual captain guy who does his job properly and well. I suppose they didn't have enough time to develop his character. Pickman appears somewhere round the end of the series right after Stetra.

Laura Hellsing (AKA Miralu Bubbancy)
Integra has a sister? Well, that's what Bubbancy made her believe. Bubbancy is actually a previous vampire who was 'soup-ed' up even further when she was FREAKed. She plays with Integra's mind and confuses her as to think that she has a sister. Bubbancy also had quite a time 'seducing' Integra... good thing she was stopped before anything else unpleasant could happen.. (very sensual episode that was...mmm..)

Harry Anders
Harry apparently is a man who knew Seras' father. Seras' father, who was also a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. Seras never had a chance to know him much so at the same time, she's also looking for someone who actually knew what her father was like. That's when Harry comes along. Harry happens to be the only source who knows about her father. Mr. Anders works for the National Defense Department also striving to rid England of the plague of Undead.

A reclusive child vampire (sort of parallels Claudia in Anne Rice's ' Interview with a Vampire ' ) who lives at the top of an abandoned building somewhere in London. She is very mature minded because she is actually a lot older than her physical appearance.
Helena is a sharp contrast to the other vampires in the series and prefers to live a peaceful and uninterrupted life in her crypt reading books. Compared to the other vampires in the series who are brutal, defensive and disturb the peace of Humanity. Helena is the opposite. She prefers not being disturbed by others and instead claims that Humans are the ones who are bothering her. A philosophical and deep character, Helena is an inspirational figure in Seras' life and is that small voice inside that convinces her that being a vampire isn't so bad after all.

Paul Winslow
Paul was an Ex-SAS member turned FREAKed Vampire by Incognito. Despite being FREAKed, he became *over FREAKed* when he was stuffed with too many FREAK chips, causing him to be some hideous monster at the same time.
Paul comes in somewhere towards the end of the series to harass Seras in her dreams and at the same time, be that silly torment in Seras' head as to what really is a nature of a Vampire. He kind of plays Seras' rival in the Anime.

Integra's Dad
Integra's dad is only seen briefly in the series (but slightly more in the anime compared to the manga) talking to Integra about Vampires. Not much is known about him. He might be a single parent considering that no one has ever seen Integra's mum. Integra's dad dies of an illness leaving the whole Hellsing organization in the hands of Integra.

Integra's (evil) Uncle
Integra's paternal uncle (her dad's brother) is a scheming ass who wants Hellsing's estate and power for himself. Angry that his brother leaves the whole Hellsing to his daughter, Integra, he intends to kill Integra so that he can have everything for himself. Good thing he couldn't do it all that easily because of 'help' of a particular someone.. ^_^
Appears only in the manga:

Pip Belnadot
Apparently after the Valentine incident at the Hellsing mansion, Integra decides to hire some mercenaries to guard the mansion in case of further attacks. She hires the group known as the 'Wild Geese' and Pip happens to be their leader.
Pip is an entertainer of a character, always having clashes with Seras and at the same time being another companion to Arucard when he goes on missions.
Not much is known about Pip at the moment for he only comes in at the Book 2 of the manga.

Takagi Yumiko and Heinkal Wolfe
Sadly, these beautiful young ladies of the Iscariot Organization only exist in the Hellsing Manga as an alternative side story known as: Cross Fire. They never meet Arucard or anyone of Hellsing Organization at all as they are off some place else getting rid of cults that claim to be Christian and protecting the innocent somewhere else in the world.
The first of them is Heinkal, a tom-boyish, gun-slinging woman who kills with twin hand-guns and loves to say " Amen " (which I think is kind of freaky because she says it for no apparent reason...)Her personality somewhat parallels Arucard in a sense.
The other member of the duo is Yumiko. A quiet, reserved nun who doesn't look all too dangerous. Actually, she has a split personality problem. She has another side of her which is a Katana sword welding slasher . This is the other side of her that only suffices when she takes off her glasses (I think the glasses is her restricting device or something)
An interesting Yuri pair, Heinkal and Yumiko aren't very well known due to the fact not many people support Yuri and also because translators haven't translated their half of the story. *HINT HINT*

Full Title: Hellsing

Date First Broadcasted: October 10th, 2001
Number of Episodes:13
Genre: Action, Horror
Format: TV Series
Directed by: Yasunori Urata
Written by: Kouta Hirano
Music by: Youta Tsuruoka
Runtime:25 minutes

Hellsing takes place in London, England. An organization called Hellsing, hunts the undead to make the world fit for humans. Hellsing is led by a woman, Integra(l). With the help of a vampire named Alucard, and Celas Victoria, they destroy the various low level vampires and ghouls.
Hellsing is based on the manga.
Director: Yasunori Urata (Ninja Resurrection and Sin: the Movie )
Creator: Kouta Hirano
Producers: Umanosuke Ieda, Shinji Katahara and Toshiharu Murata.
Music: Youta Tsuruoka
Production companies: Studio GONZO (Gate Keepers, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Vandread, Full Metal Panic! and Blue Submarine No. 6 ) DIGIMATION (Full Metal Panic!, Final Fantasy: Unlimited and "I wish You Were Here") FUJI-TV and Pioneer LDC
Scenario Writer : Chiaki Konaka


Main roles

Arucard: Nakata Jouji
Well Known Roles
MaryuO Garv ( SLAYERS: NEXT )
Albert Van Stargazer (LOST UNIVERSE )
Shesta (Record of Lodoss War)
Narrator, Godwin Hain, Leonid Armodoval (V Gundam )
[So as you can see, Arucard is really Nakata-san's big break ]
Integral Wingates Hellsing: Sakakibara Yoshiko
Date of Birth: 05-31-1956
Birthplace: Chiba
Blood Type: B
Agent: Hairy
[Scary fact: She has actually sung songs in a few Bubble Gum Crisis CDs...Integra sings! O_o ]
[I think Integra was her big break. From what I see, I think she doesn't do big roles in major anime. Well, I must say her voice is truly unique. Mature, husky and sexy. ^_^ ]
Victoria Seras: Orikasa Fumiko

Well Known Roles

Nakajima Sena AKA Nakajima's Sister. (YOU'RE UNDER ARREST! )
Meia Gisborn ( VANDREAD )
Komatsu Chiaki ( NIE_7 )
[Well.. at least she's done a major role before... that's Meia Gisborn from Vandread. It's really ironic that Meia Gisborn is somewhat similar in personality as Integra. O_O ]
Walter Kumm Dorne: Kiyokawa Motomu

Well Known Roles

Fuyutsuki Kouzo AKA Ikari Gendo's right hand man.( NEON GENESIS EVANGELION )
Norman Bung ( THE BIG O )
[You know, I find it kind of strange that all the characters he does are mostly old men? I guess they just need someone with a kind, mellow voice. ]
Peter Ferguson: Ishizuka Unshou
[Most shocking fact: He did the voice of Matadogase (AKA Weezing) in Pokemon!! O_O thinks of Ferguson behaving like a Weezing.. O_o Matadogassss~ O_O ]
Alexander Andersen: Nozawa Nachi
Enrico Maxwell : Tanaka Hideyuki


Vampire Priest: Tanaka Masahiko
Sir Peter Winfield AKA the guy with the whore in ep.1: Horikawa Jin
Jack (AKA Seras' mate in ep. 1): Yamanoi Jin (Believe it or not, this guy was Tatara in Fushigi Yugi! )
Female Ghoul: Ichiki Minako (She actually does voices in a game company known as 'Warp')
Reif: Takagi Wataru (Most famous role was Valgaav of SLAYERS: TRY. Hey! This guy is a well known dude! He's probably doing this shot role as a guest star or something.)
Jessica: Watanabe Akeno (She just made her big break in Witch Hunter Robin as... Robin! )
Galice: Shimura Tomoyuki
Kim Chapman: MAI
Luke Valentine:*THE GREAT* Koyasu Takehito!!!
Well known roles are:
Yosho ( Tenchi Muyo!)
Rezo the Red Priest (Slayers)
Fujimiya Aya (Weiz Kreuz)
Yan Valentine: Nakai Kazuya (OMG! THIS GUY WAS WAKKA IN FFX!!!!!!!!! O_O )
Sir Iraz (AKA the round table leader): Mizuno Ryuuji (Did a role in Fushigi Yugi as well, some emperor)
Sir Bentwood (Round table lackey): Kitakawa Katsuhiro

Summary of Hellsing

Vampires. Yes, we all know about crosses and coffins, but be serious. Vampire Princess Miyu and Vampire Hunter D are good examples, but a truer vampire would never act like these two.
Enter Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards), the main force of the Hellsing
organization. His task is to hunt and kill stray vampires...with a BIG GUN!
Sounds fun? It gets better. Alucard also forms a common interest with a police girl named Victoria Seras who is sort of new to being a vampire. Their relationship develops pretty smoothly and they both do a good job at becoming blood thirsty vampires hunting down others.
Hellsing is pure, full blown violence. Limbs ripping, blood bursting, knives
through different parts of the body and a few other acts of killing that I won't give away. And seeing it in crisp animation with CG makes for an awe-inspiring experience. However, all those who wince at the thought of a blade through your neck should avoid this series, less they find themselves having nightmares.
Overall, Hellsing provides an excellent amount action and animation to keep hardcore anime fans watching. Especially vampire fans since some of this series has direct links to vampire history.


Order 1: The Undead
Order 2: Club M
Order 3: Sword Dancer
Order 4: Innocent as a Human
Order 5: Brotherhood
Order 6: Dead Zone
Order 7: Duel
Order 8: Kill House
Order 9: Red Rose Vertigo
Order 10: Master of Monster
Order 11: Transcend Force
Order 12: Totally Destruction
Order 13: Hellfire

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