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Coast to Coast Ghosts True Stories of hauntings across America
By Leslie Rule Forward by Anne Rule

Six signs of a haunting

Think your house is haunted? The following signs could have logical explanations. If they occur repeatedly, it might be a sign you are not alone.

1. pets react to something others can’t see, such as growling at thin air or refusing to go in a particular room. A dog’s hackles may rise.
2. people in the household are having nightmares.
3. objects are mysteriously misplaced and often return just as mysteriously.
4. electrical appliances turn themselves on or off or tap water turns on or toilets flush by themselves.
5. footsteps, raps on the walls, or voices are heard.


Poltergeists, German for noisy ghosts, have been long associated with households with children. Bucking beds, inexplicable knocking, and items thrown about have often been categorized as poltergeists activity. Mischief carried by a naughty spirit. But the latest theory by leading paranormal investigators suggest such activity is caused by the mind of an agent-particularly an adolescent, without even realizing what they are doing, troubled youths use their psychokinetic (mind over matter) ability to affect the environment around them.
Clues it is a poltergeist.

1. objects are tossed about by unseen force
2. mysterious knockings, rappings, and other noises are disturbing the household.
3. there is an adolescent in the home-particularly a girl.
4. the teenager in question is experiencing emotional turmoil.
5. the paranormal activity stops when the teen is absent.
6. apparitions are usually not seen.

Ghost Makers

Researchers believe that some deaths are more likely to result in hauntings especially those that are so sudden and traumatic that the ghost does not realize he or she is dead. They are thought to have no sense of passing time. A century may be just seconds of confusion. It may feel a little like being stuck in a dream.
Though many ghosts are thought to stay simply because that are fond of a place, most hauntings are believed to be caused by once of the following situations:

1. murder. Unsolved killings especially seem to precipitate ghosts. Often when the murder is solved the ghost moves on.
2. suicide committed in an intense state of torment, the bruised soul is in so much pain it remains earth bound.
3. accidents. Falls, drownings, fatal fires, car wrecks, and other sudden deaths seem to be more often tied to hauntings than passings from natural causes.
4. broken hearts. Those who die mourning a lost love or child are often traced to the source of ghost activity.
5. greed. A preoccupation with land or money has at times been carried to the beyond. There are many reports of possessive beings who cannot seem to let go of their earthly valuables.
6. lack of proper burial or a later desecration of the grave. Countless hauntings have been traced to missing gravestones or vandalism of a resting place.

Most common places apparitions are seen

Ghosts can appear anywhere, but most sightings are reported in the following places:
· peering out of windows
· on staircases
· in hallways
· perched in chairs
· in mirrors

Getting rid of Ghosts

Parapsychologist Loyd Averbach has an interesting method for banishing ghosts: he annoys them! In 2 decades as a paranormal researcher, he has used such devices as obnoxious music and strange light effects to chase ghosts away. It is a technique he stumbled upon by accident early in his career.
“It was a complete fluke”, he said, describing the case of a Peeping Tom Ghost who was bothering a mother and her teenage daughter. “He popped into their bathrooms and bedrooms. He was a ghost so he could put himself anywhere.” While Loyd was in the home investigating the case, the family’s five-year-old boy was reading from a book of knock-knock jokes. “It suddenly occurred to me that it was really annoying”, he said “so we all sat around for two hours and read from the book every once and awhile, I said to the ghost, ‘This is going to happen every time you show up. We’ll pester you with knock-knock jokes.’ After two hours, we were ready to run screaming from the house. It worked. The ghost never showed up again.”

Want to see a ghost? You may have already seen one!

My surveys reveal that about 14 % of Americans are lucky enough to actually see a ghost. While skeptical Curmudgeon types do sometimes see them, the sightings are most often reported by sensitive people. Of course many of us probably have seen ghosts and not even realize it. For instance, that pale teenage girl sitting alone on the bench in the train station or the elderly woman trudging along the side of the road may not be a living being at all. Who actually stops to check each person they encounter?
Five signs that it may be a ghost.
· The figure is usually pale
· You glance away for an instant, and he or she is gone.
· The ‘person’ ignores you when you speak to it-though sometimes the ghost do interact with people
· The ‘person’ is seen in an unusual place, such as on a deserted road or peering from the window of an abandoned house
· The ‘person’ is dressed in inappropriate or outdated clothing, such as a raincoat in the middle of summer or an outfit from another era.

Ghost or night terror?

While experts agree that sightings by children should not be dismissed, parents should consider all possibilities. For instance, a scream in the night may signal a night terror. A night terror is an abrupt arousal from slow-wave skep (stage three or four), most often early in the night. It is most common in young children and is frequently marked by a terrified scream. The child can appear to be awake, and may be violent, but later will usually have no recollection of the experience. Parents who suspect their children are suffering from this sleep disorder should consult a physician as the episodes can be harmful for children/kids-or adults-who unknowingly put themselves in dangerous situations

The do’s and don’ts of getting rid of ghosts by Nancy Myer


There are several important things that you should not do in a haunted environment. Do not use ouija boards, pendulums or tarot cards all these implements can invite negativity further into the place. It is not wise to hold seances, either. Most people who conduct them are not well trained and do not seem to know what to do when problems arise, as they often do seances often make ghosts stronger and much harder to get rid of.
Excessive use of drugs and alcohol is also to be avoided. They lower your control of your mind and make the entry of negative spirits easier.


Visualize the house or location filled with dark emerald-green light. Fill the whole place with this color in your mind’s eye. Then follow that with white energy and fill the place up with that. Use strong white light like summer sunlight for negative energy to stay in a place when you load it up with green and white light. While you do the visualization, pray that God/Goddess will help these lost souls to release their hold on earth so they may continue their soul’s journey. You will need to repeat the visualization for several weeks. The entities have usually been around for awhile. It takes time to persuade them to leave.

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