Ghosts are beings that are unaware that they have died or are unable to accept it, perhaps due to an untimely, unexpected, grisly death, or have unfinished business on earth or a sense of severe anger or/and revenge. Some ghosts may realize they are dead and are confused as to where they are and what their purpose is or why they feel “different” {i.e. dead}. Ghosts can’t move from place to place. Ghosts normally take on the mood in which they died in.
Spirits know that they are dead, have crossed over and they are no longer living. They can manifest anywhere and usually do when they have a message to give to a loved one.
Ghosts/spirits are manifestations and they cannot be touched but they can be seen or felt or witnessed in some form of action. They can also talk but not with their voices they are heart in one’s head.
In some cases people can move onto another life but part of themselves can be left behind. It is referred to as an echo haunting. Also people can move away from a place and leave behind echoes of their life there, from bad to good moods.
In most cases with doppelganger it is a ghost that has split and both are lost from one another and what they are actually doing there so they attach themselves to another person during their death just to find a way or a place to belong. To get rid of a doppelganger is to reunite the half with the other resulting in the doppelganger leaving you along but that is harder then it might seem because you have to search for that other half and sometimes the other half is never found.
In some cases there are a “watcher” ghost. This is an amorphous shadow or shadow-like figure. They are actually entities, some may lump “guardian angels” or “guardians” into this category. Watchers are just as the term states, a ghost/spirit that watches but does not get involved.

These are a few related terms to ghost hunting and what they mean.

Anomaly—something that is different, abnormal, peculiar or not easy classified within a scientific aspect.

Apparition—manifestation of a spirit visible to the eye.

Ectoplasm—it is said to be the energy of a spirit that is present in a medium’s body before any manifestation occurs. It is usually a milky white color.

EVP—the occurrence of Phantom voices on tape. Also called electronic voice phenomenon

Haunting—a materialization/appearance of and often unexplained happening, which is repeated often and over a long period of time. A haunting usually connected to a certain place or residence.

Orb—any of the concentric spheres in old astronomy surrounding the earth and carrying the celestial bodies in their revolutions. There are usually a white or yellow color and can show up in pictures but are not seen by the naked eye.

Plasma—is defined by bluish-white light caused by the ionization of the surrounding area. The ionization process releases photons from the bond of atoms causing a visible glow and when there contact our retinas, the brain interprets the interactions as light {henceforth we have sight}. It may be created when an invisible electromagnetic force or high-energy field moves invisibly through an air mass.

Since I know that this question is going to come to me from different emails I thought that I might go ahead and place it here. It’s on how to record EVP.
Can use any analog tape recorder but do not use the inboard microphone. Plug in an external microphone into the microphone jack and extend the microphone no less then three feet from the recorder and be sure the noise is not from the sounds of the recorder. Anyone who enters the area should clearly state his or her name. Note any unusual loud external noises you hear that might show up in the recording. You can later plug the recorder into your sound cards line in jack to record the sounds onto your computer.

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