...A name that several have tried to understand to their existence and as to why only certain people can see them. There are some ghosts out there that are considered to be very dangerous things while others are so weak that many cannot feel them. They are normally categorized as earth bound spirits that must remain on earth until someone can help them along or they die from lack of energy.
There are several types of ghosts, one of those are Wendigo. They are Canadian entity, half phantom and half beast that live in the forests and preys on human beings, particularly children. Wendegos are deranged people who strive out in the sub-artic region; this imbalance causes a Cannibalistic and even tries to eat humans or anything that'll provide food, even rotting flesh. They often begin at night in their sleep and attempt to eat whoever is next to them. This affects mostly Native Americans and no known cure is known at this time.
Crisis Apparitions are ghosts that appear most often to their loved ones at a moment of great crisis or death. Typically, the ghosts appear only once to special loved one who may be many miles away from them at the time of accident.
Repeated Actions, some ghosts are always viewed repeating the same motion or scene. Many classic haunting fall into this category. An example is The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, who was always seen moving down a hallway with a lantern in hand. Usually these ghosts pay little or no attention to the observer.
Poltergeists are the only spirits who have immediate physical traces. They are best known for throwing things, rapping sounds and other noises. Actually it means 'noisy ghost' in German. Mostly they occur where there are children on the brink of puberty and often interact with people. Ghost Sounds and lights, sometimes haunting will consist entirely of the sounds of footsteps or music. Also legends of lights, which is caused by a lantern, motorcycle, train, etc.
Most poltergeists cannot be identified as spirits of the dead. If they did spring from the realm of death, they were anonymous envoys. They were bodiless and rarely visible and there utterances almost never took shape as speech. Mostly singled out the activates of young girls- a daughter or a maid servant. They have limitless stamina.
Possessed Objects, sometimes it is said inanimate objects can be cursed or possessed. The most famous example is the Hope Diamond {story not known about this one}. Sometimes a piece of furniture will refuse to stay in one place, even moving in front of the owner's eyes.
Ghosts might also be the result of time slips, if time is nonlinear. An event that happened in the past might be seen briefly in our time because of a fluctuation in time and/or space.
It has also been known that there have been cemeteries that have been haunted, one good example is the headstone of Alice in Pawely's Island where if you walk backwards thirteen times and lay a red rose on her tombstone she will appear to you {I have done this and nothing happens}. The story goes that a girl by the name of Alice got really sick awhile later after getting engaged to someone that gathered tree sap. Her brother found the ring and threw it away and every since then she has been roaming the world looking for her ring that the brother tossed into the swamp.

There are a group of ghosts that, I think, deserve a spot their own, since I entirely do have one. And that is a doppelganger. I have had several ask me what one is so here is what I tell them. A Doppelganger is a ghostly double of a living people. Often the doppelganger is not visible, but there are some cases where the person can see it, but normally the doppelganger will simply follow the person around. In some cases a person will come upon their doppelganger that is typically engaged in some future activity. Doppelgangers are traditionally considered omens of bad luck or even death because normally doppelgangers are acting out the person's death.
Doppelgangers normally come to someone's side immediately after they die and remain at the side until that person dies. Could also be called a 'clone' of that person. Also they are normally famous for haunting its fleshly counterpart and drive the person insane until they either kill themselves or ignore them, but they don't go away.
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