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Gems and Stones
by Edgar Cayce Readings

“magickal or occult knowledge is knowledge based upon senses that surpass our 5 senses and upon a capacity or thinking that surpasses ordinary thinking but it is knowledge translated into ordinary logical language, if that is possible or insofar as it is possible.” --Ouspensky {1956}

metals for atonement

chrysolite or the amethyst color-purple should be close to the body and perfumes or odors as of lavender have their influence.

Carbon steel-preferably in the groin pocket, it’ll prevent, it’ll ionize the body, from its very vibrations, to resist cold, congestion and those indications for disturbance with the mucous membranes of the throat and nasal passages.

Lapis lazuli—worn close to the body would be well for the general health of the body.

Beryl and scarab—should be part of the dress; either worn as the amulet, the ring of such will make a safety in the entity’s present experience.

Hardness values in the stones

1. Talc—Feels greasy to touch of hand
2. Gypsum—Easily scratched by fingernail
3. Calcite—Cut readily by knife
4. Fluorite—Scratched easily by knife
5. Apatite—Scratched by knife with difficulty
6. orthoclase—barely scratched by knife, will scratch common glass, can be filed
7. Quartz—Little touched by knife
8. Topaz—Cannot scratch corundum
9. Corundum—Will scratch topaz
10. Diamond—hardest substance, cannot be scratched by any other mineral


1. Agate—is a variegated chalcedony; variety of crypto crystalline quartz color-cloud-like forms hardness of 7 chemical formula is SiO2 named after the river Achates in Sicily where reportedly found. 8th stone in the breastplate of the High Priest, greatly respected by ancient scholars, who thinks it symbolical 3rd eye. Thought to banish fear, to protect children against epilepsy, to harden tender gums.
2. amethyst—clear quartz of purple to bluish violet color hardness is 7, chemical formula is Si02. Found in Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Kumania. In the states its found in Amherst, Virginia; Alexander and Lincoln of North Carolina; Yellowstone park, Wyoming; Thunder Bay district Ontario. 9th stone of the high priests breastplate. Divine male sacrifice, since the stone and color went typical of love, trust, passion, suffering and hope.
3. Beryl—occurs generally in hexagonal prisms; often coarse and green in the usual color. Color-yellow, blue and white shades. Hardness-7.5-8 chemical composition-Be3Al3{SiO3}6 found in Albany, Maine; Grafton, New Hampshire; Chester, Pennsylvania; Stony Point, North Carolina; Cahuilla, California. 10th stone in the breastplate of the high priest. Yellow jasper, chrysolite, or serpentine. Amulet of a aquamarine was believed to banish fear, middle ages render the wearer unconquerable, quicken intelligence and curse him of laziness.
4. Bloodstone{heliotrope}—massive quartz, variety plasma, but with small spots of red jasper that resembled drops of blood. Hardness is seven, composition SiO2. found in Heliopolis, Egypt. Checking hemorrhages in ancient times and medieval times. Have the power to cause tempests.
5. Crysolite—igneous rocks-peridotite, basalt, diabase gabbro color-olive green but may range through browns and red. Hardness-6-7 found in Brazil and Ceylon; states Thetford, Vermont; Webster, North Carolina; Arizona and New Mexico. Formula-{MgFe}2SiO1. Serpent Isle-red sea{topaz} to exert its full power, is required to be set in gold; worn this way dispels the vague terrors of the night. Being pierced and strung on hair of an ass and then attached to the left arm protection from the wiles of evil spirits.
6. carbon steel—main alloying element used for hardening and strengthening iron. Spring steels, which are “high carbon” steels, contain up to about 100 percent carbon and high carbon tool steels contain from 1.-1.20 percent carbon.
7. copper—“pure” copper found in nature sometimes contains small amounts of iron, silver, bismuth, tin, lead or antimony. Color-copper red-has a metallic luster and a hardness of 2.5-3 formula-Cu-beds and veins associated with chalcopyrite, cuprite, malachite, and azurite. Found in Keweenaw Peninsula in northern Michigan. Crystals found in Bisbee and Globe Arizona; Georgetown, New Mexico.
8. coral—“the hard skeletons of certain marine organisms” chiefly calcium carbonate {CaCo3} secreted from seawater and deposited in the tissues of Anthozoan polyps---by droids and certain algae found-widespread on the boarders and around the islands of the Mediterranean Sea 20-50 ft-over 1,000 ft. to still tempest and traverse broad rivers in safety of red or white, staunched the flow of blood from a wound, cured madness, gave wisdom. Averting the feels spell of the evil eye, hand around children necks and/or rub on children’s gums preserve them from the falling sickness. If person that wears it is sick, then it will turn pale and wan. Brown-supposed to delight evil spirits and oriental mystics warn against wearing a dull, dirty or discolored specimens.
9. crystal—colorless or nearly colorless quartz. Hardness-7 formula-SiO2. location-Middleville, Ellenville and Little Falls, New York, Hot Springs, Garland Co, Arkansas. Crystal balls, perfect jewel, symbol of purity and of the infinity of space and patience and perseverance.
10. diamond—color-yellow most common and many shapes hardness-10, hardest substance known. Formula-pure carbon {C} found in stream deposits, gravel, sands, and silts, north Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, California, Wisconsin, near Murfreesboro, Arkansas, Africa, brazil and India. Many separate legends behind a diamond, being cures, evil, dangerous, dreams and binding men and women together in happy wedlock to name a few.
11. emerald-clear, emerald green variety of beryl. Small amounts of chromium. Locations rare Moso, Colombia. An antidote for poisons and as a deterrent for possession by demons hardness-7.5-8. women weave used in ancient times because of their superior eyesight {Egyptian}
12. gold—Au is usually alloyed with silver in varying amounts and sometimes contains traces of copper or iron. Hardness-2.5-3, metallic luster, and gold yellow color. Found in quartz veins and various places deposits.
13. lapis lazuli{lazurite}—color-rich Berlin blue or azure blue, through violet blue and greenish blue. Hardness-5-5.5 formula-3NaAlSiO4.Na2S occurs in limestones near granitic rock masses encloses small grains of pyrite found in Afghanistan, turkestan, persia, Italy, Chile. Us-Italian Mountain, Gunnison County, Colorado. Ancient Egypt and Babylonia pieces of this stone were inscribed with certain chapters of the Book of the Dead 5th or 11th stone of the magick breastplate, tables of the law of Moses, temple of heaven of china used the gem {ancient physicians} to treat eye trouble, and old alchemists appear to have alluded to it as the stone of heaven.
14. lapis laguris{malachite?}—bright green mineral alt-chrysocolla occurs in crystals of adamantine luster or in dull, earthly masses hardness-3.5-4 formula-CuCo3.Cu{OH}2 us-Berks County, Pennsylvania; Ducktown, Tennessee; Bisbee, Arizona, Good Springs, Nevada, Mineral Point, Wisconsin, Butte Montana, and the lake superior copper district. Ancient Egyptians from mines between Suez and Sinai as early as 4000 B.C. treatment for cholera and heumatism. Middle ages-protect against the “evil eye”
15. lapis linguise{Azurite}—a mineral of secondary origin, being found in the upper oxidized portions of ore deposits. Color-shade of blue occurs in wither crystals or dull masses. Hardness-3.5-4 formula-2CuCo2.Cu{OH}2/ found in Bisbee and Morenci Arizona, Relly New Mexico. Not knows of what was used, either stone was used in ancient times or kept a secret.
16. Moonstone-orthoclase—exhibits a pearly opalescent reflection or a delicate play of colors. Color of the stone changes with the light. Color-gray, white, pale yellow, or it may be colorless. Hardness-6 pure formula of KalSizO8 found in Gotthard region in Switzerland. Valencianite, from the silver mines of Valencia, Mexico. So abundant in Ceylon called the “Ceylon Opal” Pope Leo X possessed a wonderful specimen that obscure and dull when the moon was old increased in brilliance as that orb grew new-full. In order to know the future and to obtain spiritual guidance this stone is to be held in the moon under a waning moon. Be alone and send a prayer to angel Gabriel asking help by God’s grace. Charm against cancer, dropsy and affections of a watery nature.
17. opal—composed of silica, like quartz but with a varying amount of water {SiO2.NH20} color=hyacinth red to honey yellow with fire like reflections. Somewhat irises on Turing. Harness-5.5-6.5 found –gem-humbolt county, Nevada, fire-hidalgo, Mexico opal favor children the theatre, amusements, friendships, and feelings heed between the eyes it gave proper direction in thoughts. Stone of rope and achievements and has been truly describe as the “gem of the gods” stone of love, but if the lover be false its influence is reversed and opal proves a sorry gem for faithless opal
18. pearl—formed by a mollusk same material as the mollusk’s shell. The more perfect the shape and the deeper the pearly luster, the more the pearl is esteemed formula 92% carbonate of chalk, 6% organic substance, 2% water hardness-2.5-4.5 ancient Hindus included the pearl among the 5 precious stones in the magickal necklace equishnu—other four being diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. Golden pearl-emblem of wealth white-idealism, black-philosophy, pink-beauty, red-health and energy, gray-thought. Lusterless pearls are considered unfortunate and those that have lose their sheen when on a dying person’s finger. Sweedenborg wrote these stones were truth and the knowledge of truth, celestial and spiritual knowledge, faith and charity. Emblem of purity, innocence and peace was sacred to the moon and Diana. Worn in ancient times by young girls and virgins whom the protection of “Chaste Diana” was invoked as a curse for irritability it was ground to a fire powder and aqualitity it was seldom more then a grain and was drank in new milk
19. platinum—color-whitish steel-gray and metallic luster. Hardness-4.0-4.5 is sometimes magnetic and usually occurs in grains and scales. Mineral of rare us-gold sands of Rutherford and Burk Counties, North Carolina, black sands of a number of California places.
20. ruby—variety of corundum-color-red, sapphire, and emery hardness-9 formula Al2O3 found-amity, New York, vermon, New Jersey names-ratmarja, king of precious stones, ratnaayaka-leader of precious stones padmaraga-red as the lotus. Dreaming of a ruby indicated to the business man rich patronage and success in trace to the farmer a successful harvest and to the professional man elevation or frame and success in different degrees. Wear on left hand/left side of the body more fortunate then the right.
21. saronyz—crypto crystalline quartz only onyx that’s different colors layers are in even planes and the banding is straight layers of clear red to brownish red chalcedony {carnelian, sard} along with other layers of white, brown and sometimes black colored material. Hardness-7 formula SiO2 love of good and light exhibits sard and white chalcedony in layers but some ancient authors exhibit as fine only those specimens that exhibit three layers at least a black base a white zone and a layer of red or brown black symbolizing humility, white-virtue, red-fearless. Rosicrucian jewels of the sard onyx appears as the gem of victories ecstasy and rapture that flow from the eternal front of delight, banishing grief and woe. Give self control, conjugal happiness and good fortune who’s talismanic stones its neglects to wear it, shell never marry.
22. scarab-not a stone, rather it’s the engraving of the form of a certain beetle. Sacarbsaeus sacer, upon a stone. Egyptians saw the scarab as an emblem of the world of fatherhood and of man. The Egyptians thought that the sacrabei were all males, signified the male principal in generation becoming types of fatherhood and man. Only full-grown were observed, it was believed these creatures represented a regeneration or reincarnation, larval stage-mortal life, pupa-intermediate period represented by the mummy, fully developed-immortality/rebirth. Anch-life, ha-meaning increased of power. {tet} is also employed.
23. topaz-color-straw-yellow, wine yellow, white, grayish, greenish, bluish, reddish. Hardness-8 and its luster vitreous. Formula-[AlF,OH}2]AlS;O4. occurs in the rocks of the granite. Crystals of gem quality, veins and cavities. Found in Pike’s Peak region in Colorado, streeter, Texas, Juab County, Utah can change color under heat, under pressure and friction and heat, exhibits strong electric phenomena. Power increased as the moon increased, especially if the night orb was at new or full moon in the sign Scorpio. Banished the terrors of the night, protected the wearer during epidemics, soothed the wild passions and gave a glimpse of the beyond. Banished the fear of death and secured a painless passing from this life to the next, gave strength to the intellect and enabled them wearer to receive impressions from astral sources.

Don’t base on birth date or favorite color. Instead its necessary to understand one’s “Total aspect” to know the appropriate substance that would be of most benefit to the total “vibratory pattern” or “soul force”
Gems and stones are aids to soul growth only as they strengthen and guide the will of an individual these substances do not take the place of one’s will nor do they place a person beyond the laws governing soul growth.


Healing forces—amethyst, bloodstone, cyrysolite, pearl
Infinity—diamond, lapis, lazuli, ruby
Creative vibrations—bloodstone, pearl
Developing psychic abilities—lapis linguis
Meditation—lapis linguis
Receptiveness—agate, beryl, copper

Specific Physical or Mental Conditions

General protection—beryl, lapis ligurius
Protection from colds—carbon steel
Prevention of personal anger—opal, pearl, amethyst
Influencing the mental choice-bloodstone, sard onyx
Strengthening abilities during exertion—agate, amethyst
Strengthening the body—lapis lazuli, bloodstone, moonstone, pearl, topaz
Gaining self-assurance—lapis lazuli

Date of Birth and their gems

Jan 19-Feb17 Emerald, aquamarine, jade, malachite, period, amazonite, pyrite
Feb18-march20 diamond, rock crystal, white quartz, opal, magnetite
March21-April 19 Ruby, Zircon, opal, magnetite, carnelian, carbuncle, thulite, rhodonite, red coral
April20-may20 sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, sodalite, beritoite, fluorite
May21-june20 topaz, citrine, steatite, caringom, amber, chrysotile, obsidian, jet
June21-july21 amethyst, porphyry, violan, hematite,
July22-aug22 jasper, chalcedony, agate, serpentine, pearl, selenite, alabaster
Aug23-sept22 topaz, citrine, steatite, cairngorm, amber, chrysotile, obsidian, jet
Sept23-oct22 sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, sodalite, benitoite, fluorite
Oct23-nov21 ruby, tourmaline, pyrope garnet, carnelian, carbuncle, thulite, rhodonite, red coral
Nov22-dec20diamond, rock crystal, white quartz, zircon, opal, magnetite
Dec21-Jan18 emerald, aquamarine, jade, malachite, peridot, amazonite, pyrite

April20-may20 sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, sodalite, beritoite, fluorite
May21-june20 topaz, citrine, steatite, caringom, amber, chrysotile, obsidian, jet
June21-july21 amethyst, porphyry, violan, hematite,
July22-aug22 jasper, chalcedony, agate, serpentine, pearl, selenite, alabaster
Aug23-sept22 topaz, citrine, steatite, cairngorm, amber, chrysotile, obsidian, jet
Sept23-oct22 sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, sodalite, benitoite, fluorite
Oct23-nov21 ruby, tourmaline, pyrope garnet, carnelian, carbuncle, thulite, rhodonite, red coral
Nov22-dec20diamond, rock crystal, white quartz, zircon, opal, magnetite
Dec21-Jan18 emerald, aquamarine, jade, malachite, peridot, amazonite, pyrite


1600 B.C lapis lazuli used by the wealthy for the treatment of hysteria.
Principle stones—agate, amethyst, beryl, calcite, carnelian, chalcedony, coral, feldspar, garnet, hematite, jade, jadeite, jasper, lapis lazuli, malachite, olivine, onyx, pearl, peridot, rock crystal, sard, sardonyx, turquoise




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