Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo


Viscount Albert de Morcerf

The main character is not The Count of Monte Cristo, instead Albert de Morcerf. He is the protagonist and this fact provides a different point of view from the typical adaptations made from the Count's mindset. Albert is the son of a renowned general from Paris. During the course of the series, he will have to face many difficult situations, suffering and learning from them, growing up from a child becoming a man.

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is a mysterious nobleman who lives in luxury. He approaches Albert in Luna (Italian name for "Moon"), where he will commence the realization of his revenge. He believes everyone is responsible for his own destiny, and he's willing to give up his soul and body becoming a cold blooded vengeful demon, in order to seek revenge against his former friends who have betrayed him in the past.

Baron Franz d' Epinay

Albert's best friend who accompanied him in the carnival in Luna. He seems to be more mature than Albert. He holds deep feelings for his best friend, he often risks his own life in order to save him, and he's also willing to sacrifice himself for Albert.

Claire Marie Eug'nie de Danglars

Albert's childhood friend and fiancee. She is the daughter of Victoria de Danglars and Baron Danglars. She is an excellent pianist, and she will also perform at the opera, despite her young age. Although she managed to enter the opera through the help of Andrea Cavalcanti, she was not aware of that fact, and her skills are undoubtedly professional. She manifests her love for Albert throughout the music, playing for him and composing a song for his sixteenth birthday.


The princess of Janina, sold in to slavery when her planet was sold out by a certain general, but bought and saved by the Count. She has deep feelings for him, and wishes to save him from the will of revenge that is taking over his body.

Valentine de Villefort

Villefort's daughter, by his first wife. A kind and caring person, but frail. She was initially formally engaged with Franz, but she will fall in love with Maximillian.

Maximillian Morrel

A military man in love with Valentine. His father owned the shipping company that hired Edmond Dantes. He is strong, courageous and honest.


A mysterious person who Albert meets on Luna, while she is not a character in the original story by Alexander Dumas, she is central to the plot of the animation. The sexuality of the character is still ambiguous, although she looks very feminine, she has a masculine name and the Count reveals to Albert that Peppo is indeed a boy.

She will deceive Albert in the first episodes, seducing him. She will eventually fall in love for him, revealing her love she will help him realize his dreams.

Count Fernand de Morcerf

The father of Albert, and a lead candidate in the Presidential race. He is considered to be a hero in the past war against the empire, but in reality he is a coward who betrayed his best friend for selfishness, he also killed Hayd's father, king of Janina.

Baron Danglars

The most powerful banker in all of France, values money over his family.

Gerard de Villefort

Merc's de Morcerf

Edmond Dantes love, now mother of Albert, married Fernand de Morcerf when Edmond Dantes was mysteriously imprisoned.

Andrea Calvacanti The bastard son of Madame Danglars and Villefort, he is cunning and crude, and replaces Albert as Eugenie's fiancee.

Edouard de Villefort

Lucien Debray

H'lo'¯se de Villefort

Episode List

1. At the End of Our Travels, We Meet
2. Until the Sun Rises on the Moon
3. 5/22, Tempest
4. Mother's Secret
5. Do You Love Your Betrothed?
6. Her Gloom, My Gloom
7. The Secret Nectar of the Flower Garden
8. A Night in Boulogne
9. I Had a Dream of the Colour of Darkness
10. A Letter from Edmond
11. Engagement, Broken
12. Encore
13. Haydee
14. Wandering Heart
15. The End of Happiness, the Beginning of Truth
16. Scandal
17. Confession
18. Duel
19. If I Had Become Unlike Myself
20. Farewell, Eug'nie
21. The True Identity of the Nobleman
22. Counterattack
23. Edmond Dant's
24. By the Seashore

Running time: 24 minutes
Number of episodes: 24
Opening Theme:
"We Were Lovers" by Jean-Jacques Burnel (eps 1-22,24)
Ending Theme:
#1: "You Won't see me coming" by Jean-Jacques Burnel (eps 1-23)
#2: "We Were Lovers" by Jean-Jacques Burnel (ep 24)

Director: Mahiro Maeda
Natsuko Takahashi
Tomohiro Yamashita

Natsuko Takahashi
Tomohiro Yamashita

Storyboard: Michio Fukuda (ep 4)

Episode Director: Mitsuhiro Karato (ep 4)

Jean Jacques Burnel
Koji Kasamatsu
Reiji Kitazato

Original Work: Alexandre Dumas

Character Design: Hidenori Matsubara

Art director:
You Sasaki Yusuke Takeda

Director of Photography: Takeo Ogiwara

2DCGI: Yousuke Nanjou

Assistant producer:
Hanako Nagira
Keigo Tanabe

Assistant Production Manager:
Kim Bo Yeon
Lee Chang Kim
Takako Fujikawa

Assistant Sound Engineer: Soushi Shiihara

Background: Masanori Kikuchi
Character Design Supervision: Mahiro Maeda

Color design: Eriko Murata

Companion Design: Makoto Kobayashi

Design: Hidenori Hatsuhara

Digital Director: Yasufumi Soejima

Digital Production Manager: Motoko Fujikuro

Editing: Kengo Shigemura

Effects Animator: Masaya Suzuki

French Translation: Ilan Nguyen

Music producer: Junji Fujita

Original Idea: Alexandre Dumas

Production Design Coordinator: Tetsuo Ichimura

Production manager: Koji Kajita

Series Scenario: Shuuichi Kouyama

Sound director: Yota Tsuruoka

Sound Effects: Yoshiki Matsunaga

Sound Manager: Yoshimi Sugiyama

Special 3DCGI Animator: Akira Suzuki

Special Effects: Shin Inoie

Textile Converter: Sayuri Okada

Textile Design: Yasufumi Soejima

Textile Design Manager: Yuichi Furuichi

Theme Song Performance: Jean Jacques Burnel

Jouji Nakata as The Count of Monte Cristo/Edmond Dant's

Jun Fukuyama as Albert de Morcerf

Akiko Yajima as Hayd'e
Chie Nakamura as Claire-Marie-Eug'nie de Danglars

Daisuke Hirakawa as Franz d'Epinay

Juurouta Kosugi as Fernand de Morcerf

Kikuko Inoue as Merc's de Morcerf

Mai Nakahara as Beppo

Aya Endo as Albert de Morcerf (young)

Jin Domon as Lucien Debray

Junko Miura as Valentine de Villefort

Keiko Konno as Maid 1 (ep 4)

Keisuke Fujii as Reporter

Kouji Ishii as Giovanni Bertuccio

Kousuke Kobayashi as Crowd (ep 1)

Kumiko Watanabe as H'se de Villefort

MIKI as Raoul de Ch'teau-Renaud

Naoko Matsui as Victoria de Danglars

Nobuo Tobita as
Gaspard Caderousse

Noriko Kitou as Edouard de Villefort

Rio Natsuki as Marchioness G
Ryou Sugisaki as Crowd

Shinpachi Tsuji as Baron Danglars
Tetsu Inada as Maximilien Morrel

Tetsu Shiratori as Beauchamp

Tomokazu Seki as Andrea Cavalcanti
Toshiko Sawada as Maid 2 (ep 4)

Yoshinari Torii as Narrator (ep 4)

Yousuke Akimoto as G'rard de Villefort

Animation: Gonzo

TV Asahi

Co-Production: Media Factory

Music Production: Future Vision Music

Music Production Support: Victor Entertainment

Online Editing: Q-Tec

Pattern Switcher: Celsys

Production: Gonzo

Recording Studio: Studio Gong

Sound Effects Production: Rakuonsha

Translation: David Fleming

ADR Writer: Tony Oliver

Assistant producer: Mami Okada

Casting Director: Kaeko Sakamoto

Executive producer: Hideki 'Henry' Goto

Post-Production Assistant:
Brian Becker
Kevin Patzelt

Eric P. Sherman
Kaeko Sakamoto
Sawako Furuya

Production Assistant:
Mark Fujita
Masami Akiba
Megumi Kunisada

Re-Recording Engineer:
Deb Munini
Sean Thomas Foye

Re-Recording Mixing: Mark Rozett

Sound Editor: Kevin Patzelt

Supervising Sound Engineer: Patrick Rodman

Voice Direction: Tony Oliver

Kevin Hatcher as Albert

Taylor Henry as Le Comte de Monte Cristo

Abe Lasser as Vilefort

Carrie Savage as Peppo

Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Valentine

Doug Erholtz as Debray

Doug Stone as Danglars

Ethan Murray as Franz

Francis C. Cole as Fernand

Jack Bauer as Beauchamp

Jane Alan as Victoria

Jennifer Sekiguchi as Haidee

Jessica Gee as Maid

Julie Anne Taylor as Heloise

Liam O'Brien as Cavalcant

Mia Bradly as Mercedes

Michelle Ruff as Eugenie

Richard Epcar as Faria

Tina Dixon as Marquise G

Tony Oliver as Maximilien

Wendee Lee as Young Albert

Yuri Lowenthal as Chateau-Renaud

Joey Capps

Julie Anne Taylor

Karen Thompson

Sean Roberts

ADR Production: Bang Zoom! Entertainment

Broadcaster: Animax-asia (PHILIPPINES: JULY 04)

DVD Authoring: SpeeDVD

DVD Menus: Nightjar, LLC
Licensed by: Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc.

Plot Summary: Trying to escape his uneventful life, Albert, the son of a renowned general from Paris, makes a journey with his friend Franz. During his travels, he meets an immensely wealthy nobleman named The Count of Monte Cristo. Living in luxurious hotels, surrounded by beautiful women and strong bodyguards, the charming but enigmatic count fascinates Albert. Albert invites the count to join the high society of Paris. However, unknown to Albert, his father had once framed the count and took the count's fiancée as his own.

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