Curious about fusion? Well you just gotta check this out...


-Their are three types of fusion in the story of Dragon Ball, they are the Fusion Dance, Namekian Fusion, and the Pottera Earring Fusion. All are very effective, and are used often, the one who is the base of the fusion has control and there name comes first in the combination of names-

Fusion Dance

This type of Fusion is mainly used by Saiyans and only lasts 1/2 hour. Its like the name says a dance. Goku learned this attack in the afterlife during the time of after the infamous Cell Game to when Gohan first enters High School in Satan City. The two warriors who are fusing must be around the same height, weight, and power level, are heroes can lower and higher their power levels so power doesn’t really matter. This is very hard to do, because the slightest mistake will cause a defective fusion (ex. Goku & Vegeta mess up and become very fat and must unfuse).

- The two fighters must be similar in size, build, and power
- Must perform the dance correctly for a successful fusion
- Fusion only lasts for 30 minutes

Who: Goku & Vegeta= Gogeta (Goku is the Base)

Goten & Trunks= Gotenks (Goten is the Base)

Goku & Vegeta= Veku (Fat Gogeta, Vegeta is the Base)

Namekian Fusion
This Fusion can only used by Namek's and lasts as long as the two warriors who fused want it to. No special earrings, dances clothes, or stupid objects are needed to perform this only the Namek who wants to be the base of the fusion, lets the other Namek put his hand on his chest and "puff" the two Namek's fuse. And unlike the dance fusion power, height, and weight do not matter.

Who: Piccolo & Nail= Piccolo (Looks exactly like Piccolo, Piccolo is the base)

Who: Piccolo & Kami= Piccolo (Kamicillo is what Goku calls him at first but Piccolo is the base and claims I am most of this fusion so just call me Piccolo)

Pottera Earring Fusion

This fusion is mainly used by Kai's but is also used by Vegeta & Goku and the fusion lasts forever, unless something unusual happens. Goku receives these earrings from Supreme Kai after Supreme Kai & Kibito fuse with them for a demonstration, and is told to use them with Gohan. Goku instead has to use them with Vegeta because Gohan was absorbed by Buu. Each person who wants to fuse must wear one earring on the opposite ear of the other and they hold hands to fuse. This fusion is different in the fact that the two people who fuse voices, clothes, and looks combine.

Who: Vegeta & Goku (Vegeta is the base, they accidentally unfuse when they are absorbed by Buu)

Who: Kai & Old Witch= Supreme Kai (Kai is the base, he tells Goku that an old witch and him accidentally fused with the earrings and can never unfuse

Who: Supreme Kai and Kibito= Kibshin (Kibito is the base of the fusion)

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