Just the facts

The facts behind DBZ, some might be known but maybe not all.

-No son of mine
Goku’s full name is actually Son Goku. Typical Asian names are the reverse of American ones, with the last name given first. So “Son” is Goku’s last name, the same with his two sons, Son Gohan and Son Goten.

-Party or not!
Forget dinner and a movie for Goku’s “pal” Piccolo. Seems the entire Namekian species are neither girls nor boys. And you thought the dating scene was rough for us humans!

-No Joke
In order to be trained by King Kai, you must pass his first test: make him laugh as a joke.

-That’s grand
Goku’s grandfather (just like his son) is called Gohan. He was an old man who found and raised the young Saiyan warrior.

-Road Trip
Want to send Goku a birthday card or head over for dinner? Just swing by his pad at 439 East District. That’s his home address according to the animated series and manga.

-Super Size
The dragon balls on Planet Namek are much larger than the ones on Earth. Namek’s wish-granting dragon is a lot larger than Earth’s too.

-Gravity Works
While training in his capsule, Vegeta simulated gravity at 300 times Earth’s. When the capsule exploded, Vegeta was injured, but as soon as it was repaired, he jumped back in and continued training up to 450 G’s.

-Crash Course
They may be two of the strongest beings on Earth, but even Goku and Piccolo cower at Chi-Chi. When Goku’s wife ordered then to get their driver licenses, the two warriors got some crazy lessons, but unfortunately failed the test.

-Hero Zero
Wanting to protect his identity, teenage Gohan became the superhero Great Saiyaman. Yep he combated evil while wearing a super lame costume and sprouting corny heroic lines.

-Monkey Mania
The entire Dragonball series is loosely based on a great Chinese work called “Legend of the Monkey King”.

-Educated Man
As a teenager, Gohan started attending Orange Star High School on a daily basis.

-Carrot Top?
Curious why Raditz and Vegeta referred to Goku as Kakarot? That’s because it’s Goku’s birth name on Planet Vegeta.

-Hair today, gone tomorrow
Nope, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. When Goku’s little bald buddy stopped fighting and settled down, he actually grew some really long hair.

-Fighting for Love
As kids, Goku promised Chi-Chi he’d marry her one day. It’s no surprise then that she got angry years later when Goku didn’t even recognize her! So she entered the martial arts tournament, fought Goku (and lost) and married him on that same day.

-Heavy Duty
On Kaio-sama’s small home planet, Goku had a tough time training since the gravity was roughly 10x Earth’s.

-End Game
After an extremely grueling match in the other world tournament finals, Goku finally beat Pikkon. Except according to Article 3,Section 9, Paragraph 1351 of the official rulebook, they were both disqualified for touching the arena’s ceiling.

-Small Wonders
Despite being some of the youngest (and shortest) entrants in the junior division of the world martial arts tournament, Goten and Trunks both made it to the finals, with Trunks sneaking out a victory.

-It’s about time
Out of time? Just jump into Mr. Popo’s hyperbolic time chamber. It lets you spend an entire year inside, while only one single day passes in real time.

-Peaceful Living
While the Trunks who came back from the future was possibly the most powerful fighter ever, the young Trunks in our timeline never reached full potential because he grew in a time of peace.

-My wife the robot
Goku’s friend Krillin, a Buddhist Monk by choice, eventually married Android # 18! They even had a daughter named Maron.

-Turtle Power
Ever wonder what the words “Kame House” on the side of Master Roshi’s home mean? Well Kame is Japanese for turtle. Which makes sense, since Master Roshi’s known as the Turtle Master.

-Brains and Brawn
Apparently Gohan’s not all muscles. On his entrance exams to high school, he achieved perfect scores on the English, Math and Chemistry tests.

-To arms
Just like a lizard, Piccolo has the ability to regenerate his body parts, like the time his arm was sliced off in a battle with Raditz.

-Some babysitter
While a dead Goku was training in the underworld, his young son Gohan was trained by the evil Piccolo for almost a full year to prepare for the coming of the Saiyans.

-Clean up
Not to take anything away from the killer slugfests on the American “Dragonball Z” toons, but the original Japanese versions were way more violent. When the original episodes were dubbed over, they were digitally “touched up” for American audiences.

-Weight Training
A number of DBZ characters (including Goku and Piccolo) wear weighted clothing to help train when they need an extra burst of speed, they just remove the heavy clothes.

-Say what?
In the Namekian language, “Piccolo” means “Different World”. It was the password used by Bulma and Mr. Popo to open and close Kami-sama’s spaceship.

-The big picture
Originally, DBZ was part of the huge Dragonball Saga serialized in the Japanese magazine Shohen Jump.

-Day by Day
It’s tough to say “goodnight” on planet Namek. That’s because it have three suns in the sky, constantly rotating, so it’s always like one endless day.

-Bad moon rising
As a young boy, Goku saw a full moon, transformed into a giant ape and accidentally killed his grandfather. Goku didn’t even realize he was that ape until many years later.

-Hunger Strike
Like all Namekians, Piccolo never eats. He doesn’t need to. He just drinks water. No wonder these guys are so thin.

-Name Game
While a few characters saw slight name changes between the manga and the American anime (Kuririn became Krillin), the biggest change was to the world’s strongest man. Hercule was originally known as Mr. Satan in the manga.

-Goku’s a…girl?
On the original Japanese anime, a woman named Masako Nozawa did the voices of the 3 G’s. Goku, Gohan and Goten.

-Long Commute
Intent in finishing his studies, Gohan commuted to school some 500 miles a day by Cloud. Now that’s some school bus.

-Bird Brains
Similar to birds, Namekians give birth to eggs. Unlike birds, however, they hatch these eggs out of their mouths.

-Hopping Mad
Captain Ginyu, the leader of the evil Ginyu Force, has a “metamorphosis” attack that lets him swap bodies with anyone. Once while trying to switch into Vegeta’s powerful body, Goku threw a frog in the way, turning the Captain into a leaping amphibian.

-Bean Town
You may hate string beans, but don’t ever turn down a senzu bean. These little guys are tough to grow, but when eaten, they can fully restore a character’s health.

-Cell out
One of the most vicious villain the Z team ever faced, Cell contains actual cells from all the greatest fighters including Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, Gohan and more.

-Eat your veggies
A number of characters in DBZ are named after vegetables. Raditz is a play on the word radish, Kakarot on carrot, Nappa on the Japanese word for Chinese cabbage, and Vegeta on the word vegetable.

-Road trip
Even in a super-fast Namekian spaceship, it still takes one full month to travel from Earth to planet Namek.

-Fighting Chance
Cell is definitely not your typical bad guy. Rather than just destroying the whole Z crew, he hasted a world tournament called “The Cell Games” with the Earth at stake. Even though he got his butt kicked, Hercule was believed to be the winner and savior of Earth.

-Star Power
Martial arts master and mega super star Jackie Chan is a big Dragonball fan.

-Moon not over Miami
Realizing how powerful Saiyans with tails get when they observe a full moon, Piccolo destroyed the white sphere while training young Gohan.

-All in the family
Chi-Chi’s father, the Ox-king, used to train with Goku’s grandfather Gohan.

-Split personality
When Kami-sama became the watcher of Earth, he had to expel the small evil inside him. That evil split became Piccolo Daimaou, Piccolo’s father.

-Snail Tails
The Japanese word for “slug” is Namekuji, which is why the Namekians have snail-like Antenna on their heads.

As a scholar, not a fighter, Gohan reluctantly entered the world tournament only after Videl blackmailed him, saying she’d reveal his Great Saiyaman identity.

-Monkey Business
Full moon-watching Saiyans aren’t the only monkeys in DBZ, lord of worlds King Kai has a pet monkey named Bubbles.

-Only human
Even though he hangs with Goku and company, Krillin is human. One of the most powerful humans on earth that is.

DBZ creator Akira Toriyama has done design work for the video games Chrono Trigger, Tobal No. 1 and Dragon Warrior.

-Family Feud
Gohan eventually married the tough-as-nails Videl, which is interesting, because both their fathers (Goku and Hercule) were the two previous world tournament champions.

-Which wish
You’re better off finding the dragon balls on Planet Namek. That’s because the dragons will grant you three wishes. Earth’s dragon originally granted 1 wish before being upgraded to grant 2.

-Bust a move
To get into the world tournament to face reigning champion Hercule, dozen of fighters had to punch a “strength machine” to score high enough to qualify. Not wanting to alert the world of their powers, the Z team held back their strength except Vegeta who broke the machine with one tap.

-Light traffic
Not only do DBZ’s cars literally fly through the streets, but also the traffic lights, only have 2 colors (red and a greenish blue).

-Round Robin
Talk about small circles Bulma, who started Goku on the original dragon ball quest, eventually married his enemy Vegeta and had a son Trunks. Then Trunks came back from the future to save Goku from heart failure so he could stop evil Androids from killing everyone.

DBZ Items

Items used throughout Dragonball series

-Artificial human blueprints—the plans for artificial human 17 as written by Dr. Gero. Bulma used these to develop a remote control to stop the artificial humans.

-Artificial human controller—different than Bulma’s remote control, this was created by Dr. Gero himself as a way to shut down the artificial humans if they rebelled against him. Unfortunately, when pushed came to shove, he lost his head.

-Artificial human stasis capsules—those are the pods created once again by Dr. Gero that housed the artificial humans in suspended animation. He released 17 and 18 from their stasis pods as a last resort.

-Basho fan—a legendary fan that can cause a torrential rain with one swipe. This is another element of Dragonball taken directly from The Record of the Journey West.

-Big brick—a huge brick King Kai accelerates as training for Goku to aim his Spirit Bomb attack.

-Bulma’s battle jacket—a battling suit created by Bulma for use by the Z soldiers during their training before the Cell Games. Like the Saiyan suits, they’re capable of stretching to fit any size.

-Bunny outfit—a risqué outfit worn by Bulma because Oolong didn’t have any other sets of clothing in his house wagon.

-Capsule 115—Bulma, Yamcha, Puar and Oolong fly off in this plane after Pilaf was defeated for the first time. It is this point where they part with Goku for the first time.

-Capsule 339—This enormous cargo plane is used to transport the Namekians back to the Capsule Corporation.

-Capsule 8—Bulma’s motorboat is stored in the capsule. She uses it in early Dragonball just after teaming up with Oolong.

-Capsule 9—This is the motorcycle Bulma rides off with Goku on the very first episode of Dragonball after he wrecked her car.

-Capsule Case—Bulma’s handy carrying case for essential capsules, with a label for each one.

-Capsule—invented by Dr. Briefs, the capsule is a way of life in Dragonball. Houses, planes, cars, time machines, bikes, boats and more can be stored in them and pulled out at anytime.

-Carrot—this is the carrot Bulma is turned into by Boss Rabbit. The only way she can be turned into a human again is by Boss Rabbit’s magick.

-Champion belt—Mr. Satan’s world champion belt that he always wears at prestigious events.

-Column—a pillar that Tao Pai Pai uses as a form of transportation…by hurling it into the air and jumping on it.

-Communication watch—Videl’s watch that the Satan City police dept. can contact her with, whenever the city is in danger.

-Dabura’s Spear—being the one-man (demon) arsenal that he is, Dabura of course wields a spear that he hurls at Majin Buu, piercing through his stomach, but doing no damage, whatsoever to the creature.

-Denshi Jar—an electric rice-cooking jar used to imprison Piccolo Daimaou by Master Roshi’s teacher, Mulaito Sennin. He was sealed in here until Emperor Pilaf released him.

-Dragon balls—the seven orange orbs created by Kami that will grant the person skillful enough to gather then together any wish they desire within the power of the dragon, Shenron.

-Dragon radar—a device developed by Bulma that can trace the position of dragon balls across the earth. The only person who is seen capable of creating this is such a small form is Turbo Norimaki.

-Dynamite—another one of Mr. Satan’s objects of mayhem designed to destroy Buu.

-Empty exoskeleton—this is Cell’s empty shell that Gohan discovered in the wilderness. If only they knew what horror inhabited it hours ago.

-Energy meter—a device used by Babidi’s followers that measures energy output. This is used by Supopobich (Spopovitch) and Yamuu (Yamu) to measure Gohan’s energy in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai (World Martial Arts Tournament).

-Enormous Nimbus—this is the gigantic family of Nimbus, from which Goku’s first Nimbus was only a small part of. A small piece breaks off of this giant cloud and becomes his new Nimbus.

-Game boy—Mr. Satan’s toy with a twist, when the game is over it explodes. Mr. Satan tried to kill Buu with this tricky device.

-Gas mask—Shao and Mai don gas masks to retrieve Goku and friends from the trap in the bowels of Pilaf’s castle.

-Gi—this special “Kame” Gi given to Goku and Krillin by Master Roshi as a present just before they begin the Tenkaichi Budoukai.

-Ginyu Force’s pod—a typical round space pod graced with the Ginyu Force’s emblem. Goku uses one of these to escape from the exploding Namek.

-Girl’s undergarments—the result of Oolong’s wish to Shenron that oddly enough saves the world from Pilaf.

-Gohan’s sword—the simple sword given to Gohan by Piccolo to use during his 6-months survival training in the wild.

-Goku’s family car 2—the car Goku drives his family around in the days before the Cell Games.

-Goku’s heart medicine—the priceless heart medicine given to Goku by Future Trunks.

-Healing bed—the hospital bed that Goku is confined to “mummy-style” after his battle with Vegeta on Earth. Because he was so badly injured, he was forced to stay in the hospital until more senzu beans were grown by Korin.

-Mr. Satan’s poisoned chocolate candy—candy laced with poison with the intent to kill Buu. Buu the big buy just thinks they were delicious and asks for more.

-Hidden Katana—a blade hidden in Cyborg Tao Pai Pai’s hand that he slashes Tien’s chest with, leaving the warrior with a scar for the rest of his life.

-Hourglass—the large hourglass created by Piccolo to keep Buu bus while Goten and Trunks continue to train in the Room of Spirit and Time.

-Human candy—this is the candy Buu makes from an entire city and then devours.

-Jackie Chun’s wig—the wig donned by Master Roshi when he portrays Jackie Chun in the Tenkaichi Budoukai. He holds it on with super glue.

-King Kai’s sports car—the classic red car that’s on display in King Kai’s driveway.

-King Kai’s universal address book—a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

-Knife—an illegal weapon wielded by the man-wolf during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. Luckily, Jackie Chun easily disarms the vicious opponent.

-Knockout gas—the gas used by Pilaf to KO Goku and company when they’re trapped in his castle.

-Launch’s submachine gun—whenever she turns into her evil self, Launch utilizes the ever-popular anime staple “Hammer Space” and whips out this baby, spraying anybody near with bullets.

-Master Roshi’s Cadillac—the old man’s mint Cadillac, although one might think the sea air would get to it.

-Master Roshi’s hovercraft—Master Roshi’s uses this to transport Goku, Krillin and Launch to the island where he trains the two warriors for the Tenkaichi Budoukai.

-Master Roshi’s uniform—just a pathetic excuse to get Launch into a sexy outfit, his “uniform” is actually lingerie. Unfortunately Goku and Krillin are sucked into wearing it too.

-New Model scouter—the standard scouter for Frieza’s men that goes up to 22,000.

-Nimbus (Kintoun)—Goku’s hovering cloud once owned by Master Roshi. One must be of pure heart to ride this special living transportation.

-Nyoibo—known in American as the power pole, this is Goku’s extending pole. Although used as a weapon, it is revealed late in Dragonball that the true purpose of the power pole is to link Korin’s tower to Kami’s palace.

-Old battle jacket—a standard pirate jacket worn b those working for Frieza.

-Old battle jacket 2—another form of battle armor without the arm coverings. Vegeta outfits himself in one of these when he sets up base in Frieza’s ship.

-Old scouter—a low-level scouter that has a limit of 8,000.

-Oolong’s house wagon—this cramped but quaint vehicle is a house on wheels.

-Ox-king’s axe—an enormous axe used by Ox-king. He nearly takes off Bulma’s block with this over-sized cleaver.

-Pirate submarine—a huge submarine found at the heart of the pirate base during the red ribbon saga.

-Pirate scouter—the scouter Bulma creates from Raditz’s destroyed scouter.

-Police computer—a handy palm-top that has various uses, including searching for citizens.

-Purple agent’s Shuriken—throwing Shurikens used by Agent Purple, and aimed at Goku.

-Refrigerator capsule—a portable refrigerator with drinks used by Trunks during the wait for Goku’s landing.

-Rejuvenation tank—the standard pirate healing tank capable of healing mortal wounds in due time.

-Robber’s pickup trunk—a getaway car used by thieves that robbed Satan City Bank. Gohan didn’t let them get very far.

-Saiba man set—like the capsule set, this is a little box containing everyone’s favorite “grow a monster” saiba man. Just add a little bit of the special formula after firmly planted in soil, and voila. An instant botanical killer, each with a power level of 1,200.

-Satan city robber’s bazooka—nothing special, just your standard bazooka. Not even a challenge for the Great Saiyaman.

-Scouter case—the case containing new scouters for Frieza brought to Namek by the Ginyu Force.

-Senzu bean—special bean grown by Korin atop his tower. Eating one will heal almost any wound and give you 10 days worth of food.

-Shenron’s model—the model of Shenron within Kami’s Palace that contains the Dragon’s Spirit. If Shenron is killed, this model will shatter and Shenron cannot be brought back to life unless it is fixed.

-Spaceship capsule—the modified version of the round pod capsule developed by Dr. Briefs for Goku’s space travel to Namek.

-Spacesuit—the spacesuit Bulma begrudgingly wears on the trip to Namek.

-Sunglasses—Master Roshi’s signature glasses. He’s only seen without them when he’s Jackie Chun, battling Piccolo Daimou and the time Goku stole them.

-Super God water—water in Korin’s tower that will greatly increase the drinker’s powers, that is, if they can survive it. Drinking a drop of this water nearly kills Yarijobe.

-Super holy water—another one of Korin’s waters, only this water is not special at all. Korin challenges warriors seeking this water’s power to seize it from him. However, it is not the water that makes the warrior stronger and faster, it is the act of battling him.

-Tenkaichi Budoukai contestant list—the list of contestants who participate in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai and their locations. This serves as Tambourine’s hit list.

-Tree camouflage sheet—a camouflage sheet used by Agent Purple to blend in with the bark of a tree. Unfortunately the numbskull used the wrong side of the flag, easily becoming visible because the tree design was printed on the back of an American flag.

-Trunks aircar—a run-down air car that Trunks uses in the Future.

-Ultimate scouter—the scouter in the series capable of reading a power level of 180,000.

-Uranai Baba’s Crystal Ball—Baba’s infamous crystal ball that is often used during crises to view the battle by friends and family of the Z soldiers.

-Weighted clothing—Goku and Piccolo are known for wearing these clothes that are extremely heavy in order to constantly train.

-Weights—when in the afterlife for the second time, Goku trains with 10-ton weights on his arms and feet as a Super Saiyan.

-Yajirobe katana—a holy monk’s sword that Yajirobe kills Cymbal with and severs Vegeta’s tail for good.

-Yama’s book—King Yama’s book that tells him the life story of those who stand before him.

-Z sword—the legendary sword of the Kaioshin’s. The sword is extremely heavy but supposedly has the power to defeat any enemy. The true nature of the sword is found when it is shattered, releasing Ancient Kaioshin.

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