I figure why not make a page dedicated to those lovely dragons seen throughout DragonBall history.

Shenron—the mighty dragon that is called on when all seven dragon balls are brought together. Shenron plays a key role in the DB series. When summoned, he grants one wish to whoever awakes him. This changes when God merges with Piccolo and a new set of dragon balls are made by Dende. Dende’s Shenron has the ability to grant 2-3 wishes. Unfortunately, the power of Shenron is limited to his creator.

Li Shenron—the strongest and most evil of the Shenrons. Li Shenron was the last for Goku to face. Even as SSJ 4, Goku couldn’t beat him, especially when he absorbed the other dragon balls. When Vegeta arrived and became SSJ 4, they fuse together and become the strongest warrior ever, SSJ 4 Gogeta. Gogeta would have easily killed Li Shenron had the fusion not ended as quickly as it did. Because of the immense power of Gogeta, the fusion only lasted a couple of minutes rather than 30. thinking that he had finally killed Goku, Li Shenron proceeded to destroy Earth. After easily beating Gohan, Vegeta, Goten and Trunks, all seemed lost until Gouk arose with the Spirit Bomb. Gathering energy all over the universe, Goku defeated Li Shenron and restored the original Shenron.

Ryan Shenron—was created when Bora was wished to life out of the two star ball. Ryan Shenron’s element of battle is water pollution, and when tricked into swimming in clean water, he is weakened and is killed by Goku and Pan. With its death, the 2 star ball is restored.

San Shenron—was Suu Shenron’s brother and the dragon of ice. During Goku’s match with Suu Shenron, San Shenron interferes and takes on Goku himself. After damaging Goku’s eyes, he goes in for the final blow but is punched through the gut. Goku then uses the dragon fist and finishes him off. The 3 star dragon ball is then restored.

Suu Shenron—was created when Piccolo’s father wished for eternal youth and Suu is associated with the 4 star dragon ball. Suu called “the dragon of the sun”, challenges Goku in a match and the two fight. When San Shenron appears, he is mocked by Suu Shenron honor by interfering with the match and Suu Shenron continue their match. Goku admires Suu Shenron’s sense of honor. During the fight with San Shenron, Goku’s eyes are damaged and he can no longer see well. When about to give Goku the antidote, Suu Shenron is attacked and appears to be killed by Li Shenron. Later, when Suu Shenron escapes the dragon ball, he and Goku team up against Li Shenron. When trying to take Li Shenron on by himself, Suu Shenron is killed.

Uu Shenron—created from the wish to bring back Goku to fight the Saiyans, Uu Shenron was the dragon of electricity. Weakened in rain, Uu Shenron was killed and the 5 star ball was restored.

Ryuu Shenron—she was created with Oolong’s wish for a pair of panties (happen to be women’s) and was the dragon of hurricanes. Goku killed her and restored the 6 star dragon ball.

Chii Shenron—this evil dragon was created from the wish to restore all those killed during the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai (25th Martial Arts World Tournament). The dragon almost kills Pan by tricking her inside its body, however, Goku frees her and kills the beast, restoring the 7 star dragon ball.

Porunga—like Shenron, Porunga will grant any wish to the one who gathered the dragon balls. His power is much greater than the first Shenron of Earth in that he can grant 3 wishes. His power is sought after by Gohan, Krillin and Bulma after God dies and the Earth’s dragon balls disappear (to wish Piccolo’s son back to life).

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